The British elite is at war with itself – on a scale we’ve never seen before.

Sourced from the Guardian newspaper written by Paul Mason.

The prime minister, Theresa May, flanked by the leading Brexiters Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg
© Rex/Getty The prime minister, Theresa May, flanked by the leading Brexiters Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg

When I first started working at the BBC, in 2001, what struck me was not how most of the people in charge were from the same universities, or that it was assumed you were a ski enthusiast, or how casually people dropped the names of powerful people they knew. It was the uniformity of thinking.

There were progressive people and conservative people, but they mostly subscribed to the groupthink of the elite.

Surveying the levels of anger, abuse and fractiousness in the upper levels of British society today, it feels like a very different country. The Daily Mail’s front page, attacking the Tory Brexit rebels and triggering an avalanche of threats and abuse, was just the latest example of a culture war inside the British elite that makes any remaining class resentment against them look mild.

You might say we’ve been here before – but not often. When Churchill had to browbeat his cabinet to go on fighting the Nazis during the Dunkirk crisis in May 1940, there was a strategic fissure, but it was containable within the high Tory monoculture he shared with opponents such as Lord Halifax.

The cultural conflict depicted in the recent TV series Howards End – between action and reflectiveness among the English upper middle class – was also conducted civilly.

But what’s happening now is off the scale. I can’t remember a time in British politics when different wings of the Tory party wanted to destroy each other more than they wanted to destroy the left. I can’t remember this level of viciousness in the briefing and whispering campaigns politicians conduct against each other.

It’s as if every minor issue has become framed around the existential issues.

And they are real. The first one is obvious: Brexit. Two generations of lawyers, bankers, accountants and corporate managers had become so moulded to the Lisbon treaty, the European court of justice and the commission that even now, 18 months after the referendum, some are struggling to get beyond the denial stage.

The second existential issue is the one in the Daily Mail’s strap heading: “the possibility of a Marxist in No 10”. Combining the government’s defeat on the Brexit process with the fear of a radical left government in 2018 was a stroke of genius by the Mail’s editor because it goes to the heart of the British elite’s internal civil war.

Brexit was supposed to make the rich popular again. It was the great rhetorical wheeze that would reunite the Boris Johnsons and the Rees-Moggs with the plebs amid a bonfire of regulations and a sick-inducing spasm of nationalist joy.

Instead, because the elite has already lost control of Labour, it threatens to put in power a government that will switch off the great privatisation machine, save universal public health provision and empower workers to an extent that has not been imagined since the 1970s.

Because the Tories screwed up Brexit, and Yvette Cooper screwed up the Labour leadership election, and then Theresa May screwed up almost everything, the British elite is mad as hell, spitting fury, spleen and threats at itself like professional wrestlers. One is tempted to order a large tub of popcorn, except that countries have elites for a reason.

In a dangerous world, nations divided by class have historically relied on the best-educated, richest and highest-trained people to think strategically on their behalf; not just the politicians, but the top lawyers, central bankers and civil servants. If they do that in times of crisis, as Orwell did in the second world war, you can forgive daft hats at Ascot and the crazy rigmarole of regimental dinners.

This year’s crop of hypersentimental war movies remind us of why elites are useful: Kenneth Branagh as the naval commander in Dunkirk, stoically managing the evacuation; Julian Wadham as General Montgomery in Churchill, showing the calm leadership qualities that made the real-life Monty a hero to many of his soldiers; Gary Oldman as Churchill in Darkest Hour.

This world of cigarette smoke, woollen tank tops and deference is living memory for older people, but seems so alien to the young that it can be readily fictionalised using a few conventions. The main convention is that the British elite never loses its cool.

But it has well and truly lost its cool in 2017 – and the repercussions are echoing across public life. Oppose the government and you’re a traitor. Support Labour and you’re a Marxist traitor. Defend progressive values and you’re a luvvie – formerly slang for people in theatre, transformed by the tabloids into slang for people who care about knowledge, reasoned argument and restraint.

The denigration of expert opinion emerged as a theme of the Brexit campaign and it has intensified during the elite civil war, as the tabloids belittle the reputations of lawyers, central bankers, economists and anyone foreign.

Right now, to a global audience, Britain looks like a sitting duck for every external force that wishes to destabilise it. The current prime minister has lost control and former prime ministers are hiring themselves out to despotic regimes. Soon we will get the results of the FBI probe into Russian manipulation of the Brexit referendum, we will have even more egg on our collective face, and the elite will be even more angry with itself.

It’s probably not obvious if you spend your days buried in the British newspapers, but nobody else in the world is suffering this level of elite cognitive dissonance. Not even in the US – because despite the catastrophe of Trump’s presidency, the military and corporate establishments have moved in to sack the crazies and the Russian spies and to protect Trump from reality – and vice versa – in a miasma of Big Mac fumes and cable TV.

As many of us will discover over the festive season, a simmering argument among a closed group of people usually ends in an explosion. I can’t see the Tory cabinet or the xenophobic tabloid editors being happy until some cathartic incident happens to put one faction in control.

Unfortunately – as everyone in the cabinet knows – that means the Tories cannot go on ruling for much longer. What clears the air in a democracy is an election – and we need one as early as possible in 2018.


Liar Lair by Christopher D Spivey

Liar Liar

For quite a while now I have noticed articles in the Chimp reporting on the Queer of England being at such and such a place only to read a few hours later – in an unrelated article – that she is somewhere else on business.

And although I always think ‘bollocks was she’ I haven’t had the time to collect all of the necessary information needed to prove that the press are just putting out fake news to show Bizzy Lizzie in a good light.

Moreover, I have thought the same about Little Willie, Gold-Digger-Smiff, Henry of Ginger and Terry May.

And although it is hardly work that they do, I have the constant little voice in my head telling me that they cannot possibly fit in all that we are told they do.

However, yesterdays [unplanned] article “Leave it to Lindsay” meant that I was halfway there with the information needed to cast a massive doubt over these press claims where Terry May is concerned.

And so, with the opportunity too good to let pass, I have once again postponed putting the finishing touches to “How The West Was Won… Part 4” – which will be ready for release hopefully by Monday – to write this quick [unplanned] article about 61 year old, type 1 diabetic, Terrance May’s very busy week.

Now, having apparently recovered over the weekend from her long, intense day in Brussels on the 8th of December, Terry spent Monday morning hosting the Bulgarian leader at Number 10 for what can only be described as “difficult talks“.

That is to say that I assume that the talks took place in the morning since our Bizzy-Bee Prime Mincer spent Monday Afternoon being spit roasted grilled in the House of Conmans.

Mind you Terry did manage to fend off a lot of difficult questions as to how he-she had managed to get her hair twice as wide as her head.

And fuck knows where her left eye is off to, but it must have come back when it got bored.

Now, having finished being grilled by his-her fellow frauds, Terry Turbo must have jetted off to France… Fuck knows why but she did because she was pictured on Tuesday the 12th in the following article:

And here is the photo in question complete with caption:

There ya go complete with a reference to Monday’s stint in the Conmans, yet the article never once states why he-she was in Paris. And neither can it be a mistake by the sloppy photo editor as the same photo appeared in another article the following day:

And of course the caption is referring to the “Crucial” Brexit vote that took place in the House of Conmans at 7 P.M on the 13th of December 2017. I will also remind you once again that the Prime Mincer is 61 years old and a type 1 diabetic… Allegedly.

However, quite how he-she managed to be in France on the 12th of December is anyone’s guess because the press had made a big deal of this vote before it went ahead with stories that began in earnest – not France – on that very same day:

PHOTO: Article released 12/12/17 at 7:21 P.M telling how May was prepared to force a vote on the amendment.

That Press Association article (PA articles appear in the Chimp but are not written by their own Monkeys and do not appear on their news-feed) was followed 6 minutes later by one of their own:

And though not relevant to Brexshit the article is nevertheless important and relevant to the article as a whole.

You see, what we have here is part of a covert, sustained agenda to make it a crime to criticise our government… Which is in keeping with any totalitarian government worth its salt.

Indeed, if these “vile & shocking harassment attacks” really happened then it would be a piece of piss for the half-witted plod to bring these half-witted attackers to ‘justice‘.

After all, making ‘threats to kill’ is already a criminal offence:

One of the more serious violent offences is Making Threats to Kill, contrary to s.16 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. If you are accused of threatening to kill someone, the Prosecution must prove that:

  1. You have made a threat to kill (either spoken or by your actions), and
  2. You intended that the victim would fear the threat would be carried out

Often, the police will arrest you for threats to kill after an allegation of a heated argument. The phrase “I’ll kill you” is commonly used in the heat of the moment as an expression of anger, but it is very rare that someone says it with the necessary intention to commit the offence. However, these cases are often brought to Court and the consequences can be severe if you are convicted.

The offence of making a threat to kill is an either way offence, meaning it can be dealt with either in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court. The offence is so serious that most people found guilty would be at risk of a prison sentence. Source

As is threatening to rape or sexually assault someone – something that a significant number of female MP’s have alleged to be a victim of.

Moreover, the newish ‘Harassment Act‘ is so open to interpretation & abuse by the authorities that you do not in reality have to harass anyone to be convicted of the ‘crime‘.

Therefore, this called for ‘new protection‘ for MP’s is nothing more than an agenda to silence the likes of myself and everyone else who rightly criticises the perverted, crooked, deviants.

I mean I could show you plenty of real instances of where I have been subjected to “vile & shocking harassment” including death threats, yet it is water off a duck’s back and goes with the territory as far as I am concerned. Moreover, the vast majority of it comes from the government paid nonce trolls so how is that for hypocrisy?

And if proof were needed of that fact I can give you a good example. You see, as my regular readers will know, I have been gathering evidence for a few years now of how those more well known people in the Alternative Media are really government stooges, pushing misinformation so as the Monsters finally have excuse enough to shut us all down.

So with that being the case, I already have more than enough incriminating evidence on ALL of the ‘big names‘ in the Alt-Media  – and plenty on the lesser well known names too – to prove that they are all wrong-uns.

However, that evidence will form an entire book length article which will be called either Book-Ends 2 or Bookends 3, and as such I am not going to give too much away at this stage.

Nevertheless, I will give you the following which I was notified of on the 23rd of September 2017:

Now there is a clear cut case of Cock-Deady-Eddie from the Kunt-Fleabum-Bowel-Movementmaking a clear threat to kill me… I mean Fuck me, the weird-rubbery-looking gumster even tagged me in the Facebook post to make sure that I got the message.

And of course no sane person would do such a thing on Facebook given the present climate and press-alleged sustained pressure by the government on all social media sites to stamp out such behaviour… Unless of course the author knows that he is protected.

Not that Plug-Ed is sane of course:


Anyway, a good way to find out if these sewer-dwellers are on the NCA pay-role is to report their threats to Facebook and see what happens… Which I have done two or three times previously when the skin crawling-ugly farm-boy has been trying to get a posse together to come and beat me up… Not that the Shrek eared nasal scab has put any of these half baked threats into practice… Well he wouldn’t would he because I would batter him and he couldn’t batter cod.

Mind you, I don’t think that they let people ride Donkeys through the Dartford Tunnel… Luckily enough for him.

But anyway, the upshot was that the the threat to kill does not violate Facebook’s Community Standards:

There was nothing anonymous about it on my part but make of that admin decision what you will.

However the point is in regard to these panic-stricken fraud MP’s is that people who make threats on social media are not capable of carrying them out.

I mean if someone is going to do you, they certainly do not advertise the fact on Facebook. Likewise, pox infested reprobates who threaten to rape someone over social media are no threat. And as for general abuse, you can block the mental defectives quicker than they can call you a cunt.

And as such it should be water off a ducks back to our actors MP’s too. Therefore, it is quite obvious that meaningless old-bollox from a funny looking, deviant type, keyboard warrior is not the real reason behind the article.

Just Sayin’.

So, to get back on track it would seem that Terry got back from France in time to host a children’s Christmas party later on that day, which was also covered by the Chimp – after which the Shit-Rags first article of the 13th was published at two minutes past midnight:

The 13th being the day of the vote of course. I should also point out that Reuters articles are treated in the same way by the Chimp as Press Association articles are, i.e you have to search for them yourself.

And then at 8:30 A.M the Shit-Rag published another PA article.

Now how could the PA possibly know that Terry was going to lose the vote at 8:30 in the morning when the vote wasn’t held until 7:00 in the evening – with the result not being announced until 7:26 P.M – given the fact that we are talking about a total of 11 Tory ‘rebel’ MP’s from a possible 650 in total?

More sinister still, was the next article which appeared just over an hour later at 9:37 A.M and was courtesy of the Associated Press and carried a thumb-nail photo taken from Parliament TV’s footage of the vote result announcement… Which [supposedly] wasn’t filmed until 7:30 P.M that evening.

So I will ask again: How could they possibly know the result?

PHOTO: The vote announcement held at 7:26 PM 

Now let me be quite clear here, Reuters, the Press Association and the Associated Press have offices in the London, Brussels and various USA cities but they always quote local time.

Perhaps time travel is possible after all!

Especially since the Chimps released their own article at just gone 11:30 A.M reporting on the aftermath of that evenings vote:

Now how in the name of fuck could that be possible? Well let’s look at the article:

Ohhh, it was updated on the 14th… I knew there had to be an explanation… Except what else can an article written 8 hours before an event possibly be about when it carries the headline: Tory Vice-Chairman is sacked after siding with rebels?

And of course I have already pointed out in my article “Leave It To Lindsay” that it was impossible for Terry to have fired the Vice-Chairman since she was clearly not at the vote – despite what the slug press say – and indeed the lying arse-clinkers had also reported that Terry was on the red carpet at a Scum sponsered bash “minutes after the result“:

They really do have some fucking front.

However, let’s have a quick re-cap:

  • Our 61 year old Prime Mincer is a diabetic
  • On Monday the 11th she hosted Bulgaria’s, Boy Racer Bollockoff at number 10 before spending the afternoon being interrogated by her fellow criminals
  • Sometime after that grilling she flew to France and met up with the countrys President, Something Frenchname… You know the one I mean, the fella who has a thing for proper old ladies… Not the one who pretend killed Princess Diana
  • Later that day, he-she flew home and spent the evening and night hosting a children’s Christmas party, followed by taking care of some Brexshit business.
  • On the 13th he-she spent the day trying to bring the 11 Tory rebels into line before attending the evening vote
  • Following the vote he-she immediately left for an awards ceremony.

Fuck me he-she has some stamina.

Right, let’s get back to it.

And at 2:07 P.M the Chimp released another Reuters article stating that Terry had been defeated in the vote that took place 5 hours later:


Now just to prove that the times on these archived articles are correct, the Chimp released the following old fanny at 7:25 P.M on the 13th.

And that is the same Scum sponsored bash that Terry attended “minutes after” the vote result.

However, if you thought that El Tel would be proper fucked by then, think again because she flew to Brussels straight after the Scum bash, which I told you about in my article “Leave It to Lindsay“.

Moreover, I saw the headline on the Chimps news-feed with my very own eyes at around 4 A.M in the morning of the14th which was their top story and carried a photo of El Tel boarding a plane on her Jack-Jones in the dark.

And I certainly had no reason to make that up because I wasn’t planning to write this article and I don’t make-up news.

Yet that Chimp article has now completely disappeared from the Chimp archives although there are the following tell tale article links still available, the first of which was published just before half past Midnight on the 14th:

The second – an actual Chimp article – was published at just gone half past midnight on the 14th:

And I do indeed believe that is the article that originally had the photo of May boarding the plane.

Nevertheless, the third article was published at 4:30 in the morning on the 14th.

Course, all three articles were later updated that day so it is impossible for me to assess the actual time that she took off and landed.

However, I would imagine that the photo and references to Tel flying to Brussel Sprouts were removed because the Press later had Terry down as attending the Grenfell Tower memorial service at 11 A.M on the same day…. Which obviously Tel couldn’t have done had he-she been in Belgium.

Was he-she fuck there!

I mean for a start if you believe that they are really Terry’s legs in the photo then you need a check-up from the neck-up.

But then again you only need to read the original articles to know that he-she didn’t really attend… Or fly to Brussel Sprouts

No mention of Terry whatsoever until much further down the page of the – suspiciously later updated – article, where the following photo appears:

So, Terry snuck in the back entrance did he-she whilst everyone else made grand entrances in front of the press… Fuck me there are some gullible cunts around.

The updated version of events then has Terry flying to Brussels after the Grenfell old fanny had finished, followed by later articles reporting that she left Brussels for Blighty in the early hours of this morning (15/12/17)… What a fucking man she is.

Just sayin’.

Leave it to Lindsay by Christopher D Spivey

Leave it to Lindsay

I hold out little hope for our species to be honest, but it is true to say that in the end you get what you deserve.

And you will, but then again you have heard it all before so it is pointless me harping on and I will therefore get straight on with it.

Our government does not exist, yet we have all these millions of people, who believe that they are politically adept, whilst in reality they ain’t got a scooby-fucking-doo.

You see, as I type the dog-shit press are pumping out pure propaganda about an important government vote that never happened.

I hope the scumbags all die of syphilis.

However, there are a staggering 6200 comments left on that article from the deluded-dumbfucks all expressing a meaningless opinion on something that they have no idea about.

You see, Terry May suffered fuck all… Terry May is just a made up persona.

In fact the House of Conmans should be renamed the fiction factory because there was no vote and the nonce brigade were too fucking lazy and smug to even include the Prime Mincer in the VT of the theater.

And of course we know that he-she was there at the Brexit (I cringe using that word) vote because the Monkey-Kuntz told us he-she was:

Mrs May left Westminster and was on the red carpet at the Sun’s ‘Military Awards’ minutes after the humiliating defeat. Source

Mind you, the Chimps are not Journalists which is why you get piss poor quality writing like we see above. I mean if you open a bracket, shouldn’t there be a closed bracket somewhere further down the line? And why the single apostrophe tagged on the end of the word ‘defeat‘?

In fact the whole photo description appears to have been written by a 10 year old: Theresa May (pictured on the red carpet at the Sun Military Awards minutes after tonight’s defeat’ has vowed to press on with her Brexit legislation after tonight’s defeat

Nevertheless, it would only be right and proper that he-she would be there for the vote as well as the opposition leader and his fat-fuck side kick… But they weren’t there either.

After all, Conservative Ministers had been earlier briefed to vote in line with El Tel, so it was a pretty damn important vote… Least it would have been had it taken place but it didn’t because like I have been telling you for this long time:

  • Our MP’s do not exist, they are actors.
  • Parliament TV is all faked.
  • All policy is dictated by monsters

Mind you, if you were to believe the Monkey-Kuntz then you would think that he-she works fucking hard for the money it earns.

I mean the vote wasn’t until 7PM last night and then, “minutes” after her “humiliating defeat” he-she was(n’t) on the red carpet with its pretend husband, at the Scum Shit-Rags bash… After which it [pretend] boarded a plane to Brussel Sprouts to hold more [pretend] Brexit (cringe) talks with the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker… Who is in all likelihood really a Rockefeller:

Just sayin’… Although I am not just sayin’ that Junker is Jay Rockefeller… But he could well be Junker’s old man.

Nevertheless, let me take you through the video of last nights vote result.

Now the video starts with a look at a relatively busy House of Conmans – mostly all wearing the same coloured suits I hasten to add – just before the result of the vote was announced… However, there are plenty of empty fucking seats to be had.

And that is despite there only being 437 seats in the chamber in total. Therefore, since the vote result was 309-305 there should have been 613 MP’s present… But there wasn’t.

In fact I would estimate that there is only around 450 CGI actors present and since there are meant to be 650 MP’s that would mean there is around 200 bods missing and  what’s more, 37 MP’s didn’t vote at all.

And since the Tories have 318 MP’s, even if no other party sided with them; bearing in mind that 11 of El Tel’s MP’s voted against him/her that would suggest that at the very least, 2 Tory MP’s didn’t vote at all… Although I find it unthinkable that those 305 votes came exclusively from Tory MP’s

Furthermore, according to the Chimp:

One of the Tory rebels, ex minister Stephen Hammond, was immediately fired as a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party.

Sacked by who?

I mean shouldn’t Terry have made that decision and done the do? Yet he-she couldn’t have done either being as “minutes after the defeat [she] was on the red carpet” at the Scum’s old fanny bash.

And neither am I sure why the speaker isn’t sat in his chair or even why John ‘little legs‘ Bercow wasn’t chairing. Instead the speaker was the criminal deputy, Lindsay Hoyle – who can be seen in the Chimp photo below, stood at the desk in front of the speakers chair.

“Bunched the air”???

PHOTO: A close up taken from the first photo showing that El Tel is nowhere to be seen

PHOTO: Hoyle begins to speak

The camera then focuses on the Deputy Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle. However, there is something seriously remiss about Hoyle’s head.

And do bear in mind that Parliament TV does not use mobile phones, circa 2000 to film the events – although you wouldn’t know it to look.

There is not a single fold on Hoyle’s neck which appears to be larger than his head, despite him not being particularly overweight. Indeed some very weird things continued to happen to Hoyle’s head throughout… What follows are but a few:

The camera then changes once again allowing me to confirm that Terry, Jelly & Fatty are not present.

Now there has to be a reason for all that yet the only thing that I can come up with is deception.

Just thought that I would let you know.

Matt Taylor Child Porn Trial Collapses

Accused of downloading child porn, controversial writer Matt Taylor has escaped a Crown Court trial after it’s collapse this week.


Set to commence on the week of 11 December 2017, Lewes Crown Court unexpectedly brought the trial forward to the 7 December, before withdrawing the trial completely for December.

Solicitor Mr. Steve Wedd from Bristow Wedd Solicitors warned Taylor following his fourth arrest of 2017, that “the Crown Court only fit in all the non-hopers into the week before Christmas.”

Equality lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis said, “The Crown Court have lost their confidence, with no more corrupt judges willing to service the fraud.”

£20 Million Story

With a bidding war between the leading newspapers The Mirror, Sun, Daily Mail and the Star erupting, no expense is being spared to secure the exclusive rights to what is being hailed as the biggest scandal in British history.

To secure a deal its rumoured Rupert Murdoch of the Sky Empire, has offered Taylor a £20 million four-year-deal, packaging a book deal, newspaper column and a TV show.

The State and Law Courts are unfit for purpose

Victim to Hampstead Heath trolls, Taylor has endured a year of harassment by the State and Law Courts, following a Harassment fraud against him by two particular Sussex based civil servants, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

With a Government D notice in place, these two particular individuals hit the headline this week.

Good verses Evil

In a year that saw Taylor accused of harassment, stalking, downloading child porn and maliciousness, he remains philosophical saying, “I feel honoured to have helped the Royal Commission end corruption and feel blessed to have gone through such an experience. I’ve been on the side of truth and truth has prevailed.”