Mugger Fucker by Christopher D Spivey

Mugger Fucker

Well, as you will gather, the site is still online and will remain that way for another month or so at least, with an extra big thank you going to ‘Paul’ who donated £350 to ensure that it does so.

Nevertheless, it still rankles that I have to find such a large amount of money every month just to keep going whereas if the site content was more palatable to TPTB I am sure that a months payment would be enough to keep me online for a year… What price the truth aye?

Still, best I just get on with it so hands up who read my last article ‘Book-Ends‘ from start to finish? I mean as in ‘really‘ read it, not just skimmed through?

Hmmm, just as I thought, not too many of you, which I will put down to ‘time & short attention spans‘, which is a shame because despite my obvious bias I think that it is rather good.

Moreover, disregarding that ‘by-sheer-coincidence‘ old bollox, the national press thought Book-Ends rather good too, since it would seem that since I released it, they have felt the need to back-up the official version of events, to some of those that are covered in the epic article… As per usual.

And one of those events is the old fanny about the three convicts who escaped from Alcatraz prison in 1962, with nearly every national newspaper in the cuntry carrying the same article as the one released by the Chimp (seen in the screenshot below):

Now I took the above screenshot about an hour or so after the Monkey-Boyz had published the article and it did in fact go on to become their lead story a little while afterwards… And as I say, the same story appeared in all of the national newspapers, which is strange as it is not particularly newsworthy content, let alone leading news. Especially so given that the ‘escape’ was blatantly fake – as I proved to you in ‘Book-Ends‘.

Mind you, I shouldn’t really have needed to prove that the story was bollox being as commonsense should have alerted anyone vaguely familiar with the fairy tale to the fact that it was a staged event.

After all, Alcatraz was at the time the last port of call for America’s baddest-of-the-bad & most disruptive prisoners, along with persistent escapees. And with that being the case, I can tell you that those keepers-of-the-faith who believe the old bollox and drone on about the lack of security inside the prison being down to the fact that even if they got out of the building they had nowhere to run once they did, get right on my fucking wick.

PHOTO: Alcatraz Prison

I mean not only does that claim fall down at the first hurdle by the very fact that I am even writing about the old bollox now. But to further make mince meat of the claim; what was to stop an accomplice pulling up to the ‘Rock‘ at a designated time in a suitable speed boat, which I am sure could have been quietly rowed or even drifted into place… Likewise a potential escapee could have arranged for a couple of frogmen to swim out with spare suits and breathing apparatus… Not to mention helicopters being a possible means of escape, since Alcatraz was home to some very rich men in its time – such as Al Capone.

Indeed, the very fact that the FOUR men (one of them allegedly couldn’t get out of his cell in time) would even gamble on spending months preparing to get out of the building against the odds of discovery, knowing that once they were out meant that they then faced certain death from drowning, makes a mockery of the lax security inside of the prison claim.

So you then have to ask yourself; how in the name of fuck did the trio get out of the prison building. And remember, the cells were all open fronted making the official version total bollox before they even began to explain how.

PHOTOS: Inside Alcatraz

Nevertheless, the official story, according to the Monkey-Kuntz goes thus:

It was on June 11, 1962, that Morris and the Anglin brothers – all bank robbers – made their cunning escape that was the basis for the 1979 movie Escape From Alcatraz.

They had spent months digging tunnels through their cell walls. 

Now call me Mr Naive if ya want but this “digging” only involved removing a “vent” below the sinks in their cells and for some inexplicable reason, also the plaster round that grate. There is however no explanation of how they got rid of the debris or how they covered up the noise in a place where a fart would echo like a thunder storm.

Mind you, it is easy to see how the prisoners hid those ‘tunnels‘ of theirs for months on end… You see, they used cleverly faked “vents” to put over their tunnels, although the photographic evidence shows that the fake vents were far too small to hide their handy work, but fuck-it-anyway.

And exactly where it was that they knocked up these fake “vents” and fascias in a maximum security prison and then exactly how they held them firmly in place in the enlarged openings is presumably still top-secret since it has never been explained, let alone where the matching paint came from to disguise them.

However, luckily for the felons the “vent” openings led to a service corridor – although it is blatantly obvious that being A VENT, it would lead to somewhere that had an airflow on the other side; else it would have been pointless having the vent there in the first fucking place.

Yet in their wisdom, it seems that the prison authorities never twigged that these large vents would be a potential escape route and as such they were not inspected from one month to the next and apparently no one ever bothered using the service corridor anyway, although I can only presume that it was left unlocked since kicking down doors on escape night would have been out of question.

I mean, you can just imagine a prisoner who had been moved to Alcatraz from another top-security prison because of his repeated escaped attempts, looking around the cell and thinking to himself that either squeezing through the cell’s barred front or going down the toilet were his best chance of escaping as there would be no chance of doing so through that large air-vent under the sink, leading to a corridor that no one ever used.

Nevertheless, forget about all that shit whilst the Monkey-Nutz continue with the official version:

After the prison’s last bed check at 9pm, for six months they used a homemade drill made from a broken vacuum cleaner motor to widen the vents in the cells before recovering the holes with a grate before daybreak. 

HUH! You mean that for 6 fucking months they used a drill made out of a broken vacuum cleaner – which was presumably shared between the four would be escape artists – and the guards put the noise down to prisoners farting!

Fair do’s:

Then on the night of June 11 they filled their beds with elaborate dummy heads made of plaster, paint and real human hair to fool guards.


As in ‘why‘ would they need to fool the guards – who were already clearly drugged up to the eyeballs and had been so for at least 6 months?

I mean the four masters of deception would have been in their cells at 9PM when “the last check took place” – which is clearly stated as being the time when they had started & spent the last 6 months drilling and shit – and the four  would have been long gone by the morning… Therefore there would have been absolutely no point to the fake heads whatsoever.

And of course it has never been explained where, when and how these fake heads were knocked up and hidden, despite the fact that if you buy into the official version they wouldn’t have been needed anyway… (Big sigh).

So, what happened then oh Wise-Monkey-Men?

The trio squeezed through a network of pipes and plumbing and up to the roof. 

How silly of me for asking!

The trio (presumably having ascertained that the fourth man wasn’t fourth-coming), “squeezed through a network of pipes and plumbing“, although I am not sure what the difference is between “pipes & plumbing” apart from making the escape sound slightly more plausible, and got up onto the roof… Absolutely fucking brilliant:

So, having reached just about the highest point on the rock, what did they do then Monkey-Head-Bangerz?

They used an assemblage of rain coats and inflated life vests stolen over previous months and sailed for the mainland. SOURCE

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… Cunts.

But since there is no plausible answer as to what the versatile trio did then, I will presume that they used the rain coats to base-jump off the roof, down to the waters edge, where they then stitched the raincoats together and along with the inflated life vests – that they had cleverly concealed in their cells alongside their paint-pots & glue, debris from their digging and fake fucking heads – they built a three man dinghy and made good their escape… And right-minded-turnips think that I am the mad one for not believing the official versions of things!

Mind you, I am not really surprised that the right-minded-turnips believe such old bollox when they believe that there is a man in the sky who loves them unconditionally – as long as they worship him and if they don’t they will be killed in the most horrible way – and watches their every move… Mind you, despite lack of evidence it is taken as gospel that the Weirdy-Beardy-Man-In-The-Sky even makes an appearance to give them guidance now and then… Usually in the form of a burning bush, as far as I can make out, but there ya go.

Therefore, despite my mental elf problems I can understand why the right-minded-turnips also didn’t suspected anything wrong with the fact that the trio aged so dramatically in the space of 1-2 years:

Whereas on the other hand I would tend to call their aging total bollox… Especially so given the blatantly easy going, stress-free conditions that they were apparently housed in.

And I should also point out that the last time I read about the Alcatraz fairy-tale in the Chimp was in July 2017 (see HERE) when the purveyors of pulp-fiction reported that the trio’s photos had been coloured in. Indeed I remember it well because the story appeared within a week of me writing the section on Alcatraz for Book-Ends… Which was of course was just another coincidence.

However, I certainly don’t recall the following photo of John Anglin – seen at the top of this next photo batch – being included in the article:

I mean had it been included, then I would most certainly, without doubt have nicked it for my own vast photo library… Like I have done now.

And I can also tell you that the Monkey-Kuntz have now released a second article – following the release of Book-Ends – about the Alcatraz escape… Which the shit-rag nicked off their sister paper, the Scum – found HERE

The new article is about a letter that has – as coincidence would have it – just been released by the FBI, which they had been sat on since being sent it in 2013 and was allegedly written by John Anglin.

Mind you, that old bollox article is basically an interview with two alleged nephews of the Anglin brothers who say the letter is… Well it is actually hard to know what they think about the letter:

Nephews to escapee brothers John and Clarence Anglin – who tunneled out of their prison cell along with Frank Morris 56 years ago – believe John, who was claimed to have sent the chilling letter, could still be alive.

So, they believe that Uncle John is still alive then… Roger that:

Ken and David Widner have slammed the ‘inhumane’ San Francisco Police Department, after it was revealed authorities had been keeping the letter secret since 2013.

So, they believe that the letter was written by Uncle John then… Roger that:

‘I know that if that was John, he would have come to us – not gone to the FBI,’ nephew Ken said, while speaking with The Sun in an interview.

So they believe that the letter is fake and Uncle John is dead then… Roger that.

Course, despite neither of the nephews being allocated an age, neither of them look older than 56 (the escape took place 56 years ago and they would need to be at least 60 years old to have met John & Clarence) and as such they wouldn’t have a scooby-fucking-do what Uncle John was likely to do or not do.

Moving on now, and the more observant of you may have noticed that in the Alcatraz link screenshot – that I started this article with and for your convenience is again seen below – was also a link to a James Bulger article:

And of course – as coincidence would have it – I also talked about the murder of James Bulger in ‘Book-Ends‘.

However, for some unknown reason the article only stayed up long enough to get 2 comments… No more than a couple of hours tops.

Very fucking strange indeed, despite the articles contents being total bollox.

Moreover, and to be fair, in less than two months there have been 18 articles released about James Bulger, mainly to do with the fact that Jon Venables – one of the two killers of James – has allegedly been recalled to prison for a 2nd time since being released on licence, after once again being caught with child porn on his computer.

Course, the more cynical among us might actually say that the timing of Venables arrest couldn’t have come at a better time for James’ mum, Denise; what with her just having written a book about her sons murder.

Mind you, I cannot think what Denise’s book can possibly bring to the table following her ex husband’s book which was co-written in 2013 by the Scum journalist hack, Rosie Dunn, who couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it.

How do I know that fact? Well she certainly told some whoppers about me in print despite knowing them to be blatant lies and when confronted via email about the fact, she failed to respond.

I should also point out that the said Email was not sent by me, but was sent by someone who worked tirelessly on my defence and attended every court hearing. However, I cannot tell you what those lies were because of a draconian gagging order that clearly breeches my human rights since slurs and lies can be printed in the national press about me but because of the gagging order I cannot defend myself or put the record straight… In fact could such gagging orders not generally lead to lies flourishing and the truth being buried?

Of course they fucking could… Trust me, North Korea has fuck-all on this cuntry.

Nevertheless, as I pointed out in Book-Ends, James Bulger never existed outside of photographs etc, which he shared with the missing toddler, Ben Needham… Amongst others:

Not convinced? Here have another comparison that didn’t appear in Book-Ends:

And another:

Indeed, most of these hi-profile, supposedly missing or murdered children are each other… James Bulger and Sarah Payne for instance:

Now is anyone silly enough to believe that the photos didn’t come from the same source?

Meantime, Bulger’s alleged murderer, Jon Venables was/is – without doubt – the same child as Michael Davidson, who is an alleged victim of ‘killer’ nurse, Beverly Allitt:

Venables is the one in the top left-hand photo, just so as you know, y’know.

Same source photo, see… In fact without even attempting it first, I can tell just by looking that the photo of Venables will join perfectly with the photo of Davidson, despite the difference in the turn of their heads:

There ya go.

And as I also pointed out in Book-Ends; Ralph Bulger is a wrong-un:

In fact if you keep staring at the bottom photo on your left it should become obvious to you that the head has been superimposed on the [giraffe] neck… You won’t need to stare for very long though as it is also blatantly obvious by Bulger’s jaw line on your left (his right side) that his head has been cut to fit the neck… Now why would they do that?

Furthermore you would have thought that they would have at least modified his ear to suit… Lazy bastards!

Nevertheless, getting back to that screenshot of the Bulger story and it is quite obvious to me that it published in order to form a Satanic connection with the Alcatraz story.

You see, if you did read Book-Ends you will know that John Anglin was also the Mafia boss, JAMES BULGER.

And of course there are many more factors other than their appearance to take into account… As you will know if you read Book-Ends.

Moreover, I thought the revelation in the aforementioned epic article that the dead ‘Rolling Stones‘ founder member, Brian JONES wasn’t really dead – he just became David JONES, AKA David Bowie – was worth a round of applause:

Although apparently no body else appears to have thought so… Yet those photos and the timing – Jones dies 1969, Bowie’s Space Oddity is released 1969 – are damning in the extreme… Indeed, if that revelation had been published in the Chimp it would have gone viral in minutes and been headlines for weeks… Yet no one has mentioned it.

Not that I am bitter, I am just amazed, that’s all.

And of course since releasing Book-Ends, I have had the usual emails, Facebook Messages and comments left on this website, telling me that I am wrong about such and such a person being someone else because their aunties, next door neighbour’s grandmother used to work with someone whose brother in law knew the person in questions grandad… Or some similar relationship.

However, the most persistent of those was a bird called Lucy Barclay who left a long comment on here telling me that I was wrong about the dead Deepcut Barracks soldier, Sean Benton who in 1995 supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest five fucking times… In fact so fucking keen was Lucy to point out that I was wrong, she submitted the same comment three fucking times having had the comment trashed the first two.

Moreover, the story of Benton is now all over the Press following the release of Book-Ends which covers Deepcut in detail… What a fucking coincidence that is!

I mean I publish Book-Ends and a day & a bit later, Lucy posts her long comment for approval, which was trashed by Wolfie, after which Lucy sent the comment again… Which was trashed by Wolfie, prompting Lucy to go for third time lucky, only to have the comment trashed by Wolfie… Followed by the Sean Benton story being splashed all over the national shit-rags.

So, since Lucy wanted her comment printed so badly here it is in full, punctuated with my observations along the way:

Hi Chris,

Good start, carry on:

I am a long term reader, sometime commenter and also in past, more richer times, donater to your site.

Classic – albeit somewhat predictable – opening gambit and a sure sign that I am about to be told where I am going wrong.

However, just for the record there are no other comments left on here under the email address that she has used, nor is there any record of any donations using that e-mail. Furthermore, ‘Barclay‘ is a distinctive surname so any comments or donations must have been a long time ago, because I don’t recall seeing the name…  And I should also point out, that both the foul-trolls, Jimmy Jones and Jane Russell used to donate to the site and neither of them were ‘supporters’ of mine – they were just after gaining my trust.

Nevertheless, Lucy must be ultra skint if she cannot find a couple of quid to send every now and then.

I mean I am proper, proper ultra skint, but I still manage to send a couple of quid here and there to the few sites that I use regularly, when they mention that they need some financial help… After all, that is just common decency… And anyone who doubts that fact, let me know and we can have a nice Nifty-Fifty Pound bet (or more if you want) and I will provide you with a copy of the transactions – note the plural.

Yet Book-Ends was posted on the 19th of January and skint Lucy was still posting photos of herself on her luxury holiday in Goa on the 20th. In fact after looking at her Facebook profile it is hard to fathom quite how Lucy can spend so much time dinning out in pubs and restaurants when she cannot afford to send me a couple of quid here and there.

I am friends with you on both your fb pages and have been for a very long time.

More softening up then, although technically you can only be friends with me on my Private Facebook as my Facebook Page linked to this site doesn’t have provision for ‘friends‘.

Moreover, and as I have often pointed out, I have a large number of Facebook friends who I know to be spooks and crisis actors, who I expose on here as-and-when the time calls for me to do so. Therefore, being a friend on my Facebook certainly carry’s no weight, especially since I never see the name ‘Lucy Victoria Barclay‘ so much as ‘liking‘ anything that I post on there.

Neither does Lucy share any of my articles to help spread awareness, yet she must be an avid reader of mine since she managed to find and read the 44,000 word Book-Ends and post a long comment about it, three fucking times, all within 3 days of the articles release!

I have followed your work since the LR days; wich is how I came aware of your work. I support your work, ideas and position and have never had cause to unduly question it until today; but today I must as I was very good friends with Sean Benton at school and if you look at my Fb you will see that I am also fb friends with his twin brother Tony.

And here we see Lucy telling me that she supports my work… Just not financially or by sharing my articles, or even liking the links to my articles on my own Facebook. Nevertheless, I am sure she supports my work… Somehow.

Mind you, to say that she was “very good friends” with the dead soldier, Sean Benton, it seems strange that there is no mention on her Facebook about the good news for the Benton family in getting the suicide verdict on Sean, quashed… An event that now has her friend Tony Benton splashed all over the news at the moment.

In fact despite posting her comment on here three times, Lucy’s last post on Facebook was that of her & her fella having a smashing time in Goa:

I do however feel the need to point out that of the 19 Facebook Friends that we have in common, around 75% of them are already long-time known to me as being wrong-uns.

Nevertheless, carry on Lucy:

Please email me and I will gladly copy photos from Tony’s fb that show him and his twin together and also supply you with a list of names (some off my fb, but also general – people who I don’t want to be friends wirh) of people that know/ knew, Sean and also tony.

Now why would I need to email Lucy for photos that I can get myself, from both of Tony Benton’s Facebooks, of which Lucy is only a friend of his on one of them… Strange.

And since both of Tony’s Facebook accounts have open ‘friends‘ lists why would I need Lucy to supply me with a list of names of people who know him & Sean?

Furthermore, having only taken a fleeting flick through those lists it is quite obvious to me that there are ‘friends‘ of his with multiple accounts under different names… In fact, just like those ‘friends‘ lists of the people involved in the cancer-con and other frauds.

And what follows are just a couple of the few of those that I picked up on after the quickest of looks at Tony’s friends list:

Mind you, Lucy also has a tendency to photoshop her photos:

But each to hi s- or her – own… Carry on Lucy:

They were not identical twins and you would never mistake one for the other.

She isn’t wrong, here have a butchers:

PHOTO: Tony Benton (left) & his twin brother, Sean (right)

Indeed you would be hard pressed to place them as brothers let alone twins… Tony & Jon Venables, yes:

But Tony & Sean, no… And I am not saying that Tony is Venables, it’s just that they look more like each other than Tony & Sean.

Now that photo of the ‘twins’ was one of those used in the press having been supplied by The Press Association and indeed that fact is quite significant because the following photo is taken from Tony Benton’s Facebook, on which he comments that it is the ONLY photo that he has of himself & Sean together:

I have enhanced the photo as best that I can – which is now infinitely clearer than it was. Sean is the fella on the right with Tony on your left of the photo. Tony then goes on to say in his Facebook comments that the photo was taken on their 18th birthday.

And apart from that and the official press release photo of Sean in his army get-up, the only other photo of him on Tony’s Facebook is the following:

And once again I have enhanced the photo as best that I can. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that the image is actually a photo taken of a photo in a photo-frame… Which is also strange.

You see, the Press Association also released the following photo of Sean:

And as you can see, it is the exact same photo of Sean as the one Tony has, but the PA’s is of far superior quality and has a different background – which kinda makes a mockery of Lucy’s offer to send me some photos taken from Tony’s Facebook (singular), since she isn’t ‘friends’ with him on his other account.

Moreover, the image is photoshopped which means that Tony’s copy is too:

I mean just look at his top lip in relation to his gums and teeth, in fact his top teeth are protruding over his bottom lip on the left side of the photo. I would also say that the tip of his nose has been altered unless he is Pinocchio – as has the left hand side of his cheek and neck.

In fact unless Sean was an Owl, I would say that his head has been photoshopped onto the body.

Now you will like this next bit. You see below is a photo of the dead soldier, Lance Corporal, James Ashworth:

James is a national hero apparently:

He isn’t a hero of mine and I am a British Citizen, but if you compare that first photo of Ashworth to the one of Benton above it you get the following:

Now to do that, no angles needed changing and Benton’s photo sits right over Ashworth’s photo just as if they had originated from exactly the same source photo… Which now kinda makes Lucy either very fucking dumb, or a Spook.

However, we shall continue with her comment since she was so keen to get it published and thus cast doubt over all of my work. After all, that had to be her intention didn’t it, since she must know that I do not moderate the comments on here and had her intent been half-way honorable, she would have simply messaged me in private on Facebook.

In fact she could have even posted the comment on my Facebook wall, but then again it would not have been seen by nearly as many people had she done so – and as such, not done nearly as much damage as it would by getting the comment published on here… Which would explain why she tried to do so three fucking times.

Over to you Lucy… Although I doubt very much that it is going anywhere near as well as you hoped:

They come from a very well established old town fishing family in hastings and lived/live here still. Not like they rocked up here 5 mins before Sean was killed etc, Tony still lives here, I saw/spoke to him the other nite.

Now I can only presume that Lucy added that bit to reaffirm how well she knew the extremely photo shy-photoshopped family… That is to say that they were photo-shy until the release of the latest Chimp article in which Tony and his sister are all over the shop… Unlike any of the previous occasions that the story has hit the headlines. I mean there are infinite photos of the other victims families but zilch of the Bentons.

Not that any of the other families appear to have attended this new inquest… Don’t they like each other?

And I could go on and on with those kind of photos!

Yet one thing is for absolutely certain and that is the fact that the people above are frauds, as I proved in Book-Ends… But here, have another photo that didn’t get added to the article:

Now this is a photo of Cheryl ‘giraffe‘ James and her ‘mum’ & ‘dad’. Cheryl obviously inherited her neck from her mother and her father really ought to get his dislocated shoulder seen to… Or on the other hand the photo could just be a really, really badly knocked up photoshop to try and bring credibility to the old bollox.

In fact I would put my money on Cheryl’s head having been lifted from the following photo:

Or this one:

Or even a bit of both.

But when the press have to resort to using fake photos you can bet your life that they are promoting a fake-as-fuck story.

Moreover, the aforementioned Chimp article makes much of the Benton family’s 21 year campaign to get the suicide verdict quashed and in fact gives the credit for doing so to Sean’s now deceased mother:

The new hearing was made possible by Private Benton’s mother Linda who, before her death last year, used the Human Rights Act to access evidence held by Surrey Police. Source

However, far from being innovative that is the exact same route that the family of Private Cheryl James took to force a second inquest into their daughters death… Which was held three years ago:

She was one of four young soldiers who died in mysterious circumstances at the barracks in Surrey between 1995 and 2002, sparking allegations of bullying and abuse.

Private Geoff Gray, 17, Private Sean Benton, 20, and Private James Collinson, 17, also died from gunshot wounds.

The families have refused to accept the theory that all four soldiers committed suicide using their own rifles and have accused the Army of a cover-up.

Concerns about the string of tragedies led Surrey Police to open an investigation in 2002.

Officers took hundreds of statements and instructed forensic experts but concluded there was no evidence anyone else was involved in the shootings.

Controversially, Surrey Police flatly refused to give Mr and Mrs James, from Llangollen, North Wales, access to the files.

Now the force has caved in and handed over 44 volumes of files – including witness statements, documents, notes and photographs – after Liberty threatened them with legal action under the Human Rights Act. Source

And of course, if you have read Book-Ends you will know that it is the other three families that my attention is focused on and I was in fact very easy going on the Bentons.

Nevertheless, you now have to question the motives of Tony Benton and his sister, Tracey Lewis since the second inquest into the death of Private Cheryl James ended in the same outcome as the first i.e Cheryl killed herself.

Yet part of the ruling allowing this new inquest for Private Benton is based on the fact that the family were not allowed access to Sean’s medical records for Round 1:

The original inquest recorded a verdict of suicide, and a criminal investigation seven years later found no evidence of third party involvement.

But Pte Benton’s medical and mental health records were not obtained and no evidence was sought or given about his experiences at Deepcut.

Mr Justice Collins said that a considerable amount of fresh evidence had come to light which cast ‘some doubt’ on the correctness of the original finding and there was also material which concerned the care which was afforded to Private Benton by the Army at the relevant time. Source

But here is the thing, you see if Tony and Tracey are hoping to get Sean’s death now recorded as murder as opposed to the first verdict of suicide  – which, were this not a load of old fanny they ought to be able to do since shooting yourself FIVE times in the chest is just total & utter bollox – then they really do not want to be bringing up their brothers medical history, since he had apparently tried to top himself twice before.

The following screenshot is taken from the Guardian.

Therefore, given that an alleged police investigation into Benton’s death in 2006 concluded that no one else was involved, the suicide verdict looks to be a certainty again and as such the desire for this second inquest can only be money motivated… Which I predict that the Benton’s will get.

Carry on Lucy:

Please understand that I am not knocking your work but I absolutely do not want you to fuck up on something that easily checkable;

Oh I think that is exactly what Lucy is doing, hence – as I said – her desperation to get her comment printed on here.

Moreover, it is a bit hard to actually fathom what Lucy is getting at. I mean no one is stating as fact that Sean didn’t exist, but even so, that doesn’t mean that if he did, he wasn’t up to his neck in it. After all, we are talking about the Military and the ‘M’ in MI5 & MI6 stands for Military.

Therefore it is hard to understand how Lucy feels that I have fucked up since nothing gets published on here without being checked, double checked and checked again.

She then continues:

I cannot comment on anything else to do with Deepcut as I do not know anyone else to do with it; and maybe yes ? They may have used sean’s pic to create other victims, I could not say. But I can say that Sean Benton was a real human person who looked like he does in that pic and has not been seen in hastings since that day.

I can say a lot though… You see, the other people who took part – and are still doing so – all exist, although I doubt very much that they are who they claim to be. And that includes Sean Benton, who also plays the role of Pvt Geoff Gray’s father… And I will use “that pic” which Lucy refers to in order to prove it:

PHOTO: Half face comparison of Gray & Benton

Try it for yourself, they are 100% the same person… Which also kinda fucks about a bit with Lucy’s claim… Whatever that claim may be.

Mind you, Lucy is at pains to point out that Sean actually “looked like he does in that pic”, although she would have known him better as how he looked in the right hand side comparison photo below.

Now I would hazard a guess that – if real – there would be no more than 5 years between these two photos of ‘sean‘, yet if I presented those two photos to you as being ‘John Smith‘ & Jack Jones‘ and claimed that in reality they were the same person you would be skeptical at the very best.

Want another example of how Lucy’s take on things breaks down?

Of course you fucking do. So how about Tony Benton and the linked-to-Deepcut victim, Pvt David Shipley:

I have put 40% transparency on the overlay so as you can see just how exactly the ‘two fellas’ features match… These are easy check-able facts Lucy… Just sayin’.

But just hold on one cotton-pickin’ moment. I have Shipley down in my records as being called Michael Davidson – which is also the name of the Beverly Allitt victim who doubles up as Jon Venables?

Unfortunately I cannot now find any evidence to back that claim, so I won’t dwell on it except to say that because I am so shit at remembering names, I am meticulous in how I file them. Moreover, had Shipley been Davidson then that would have been a case of Harmonie auf allen Ebenen”… Which as I pointed out in ‘How The West Was Won. Part 4’ translates as: ‘Harmony on all levels’… Or put another way; a Satanic connection… Even more so since Shipley died in Germany.

And of course if you have read that aforementioned article you will know that the reason that I used the German quote in the first place was because it includes the words “Harmonie” & “Allen” and in that same article I wrote about the little girl, Harmonie Allen (note the German spelling as opposed to the English, ‘Harmony‘) who had supposedly lost her arms & legs after being struck down by Meningitis B… Which prompted an Email from a fella called Tony:

Hi Chris

Good start, carry on:

I am a long time reader of yours, ever since 2013. 

Classic – albeit somewhat predictable – opening gambit and a sure sign that I am about to be told where I am going wrong.

When I could I donated via Paypal but had to stop after my mid-life-crisis buying a motorbike leaving me without any spare cash. 

Deja-vu anyone? Don’t worry Tony, you are not the only one who can’t spare £2 every once in a while… Indeed Lucy is skint and could only manage a holiday in Goa this year.

I think you are the most credible journalist I have read and am writing this email because I care about your reputation.

You couldn’t make it up, don’t cha know… And don’t worry about my reputation mate, that was shot to fuck years ago:

I saw Harmonie Allen in my local Asda on Wednesday this week.  I wish I’d filmed her to show you but I didn’t so all I have is my word.  It was in our local Asda at Longwell Green, Bristol.

The precise location deeming the claim to be true, presumably

She was with her mum and another mum with her child.  Her stumps were not covered and she is definitely real.

WHAT! You mean to tell me that despite all of the money donated by well wishers to buy Harmonie new legs, provided free of charge by the NHS and yet her mother is still shopping in Asda she wasn’t wearing them!

And of course she is real… I mean I told you in the article that she played the part of a Thalidomide baby in some BBC drama or other… Allegedly.

You thought her mum was photoshopped to look fatter in the face, but she is a big girl and does that uncomfortable looking waddle-walk that some fat people do.

Don’t be Fattist, Tony, there is fuck all wrong with the way People-Of-Weight waddle… Although, I should point out that I didn’t think Freya Allen’s photo had been photoshopped – I know 100% without doubt that it had been photoshopped… To make her look fatter in the face as it happens:

I thought it was important to let you know this.

And just like Lucy’s comment, I am a bit lost as to what Tony’s point is. In fact the best that I can come up with is that Harmonie’s mum is indeed, fat as fuck and despite having hundreds and thousands of Pounds donated to buy Harmonie new legs, which were then provided free of charge by the NHS, Freya still shops in Asda.

Below is a screenshot of that Email.

Indeed it is a wonder that I ever get anything at all done. So, to now get back on track, check out how much Tony Benton looks like Pvt Geoff Grays old fella:

Perfect fit…  Which I suppose could be a reason that the Benton family are not represented in any of the family group photos. And since Gray’s old-man also lines up perfectly with Sean Benton, the twins must have eventually grown to look like each other.

But carry on regardless Lucy:

His family were devestated by what happened and they have not written any fucking book, in fact his mother, father and younger brother have since all died – wich you can check on Tonys fb or as I said before I can mail to you.

I don’t know about devastated, but they were certainly fucking camera shy – as we have seen.

However, if we go back to that earlier photo of the Deepcut ‘families‘ where Sean is not even so much as represented, there are some striking similarities between Cpl Anthony Green’s mother and Sean’s mother Linda Benton:

Indeed I could put forward AT LEAST three distinct possibilities for potential other roles played by both Linda Benton and her daughter, Tracey Lewis – some of which include a mush not unlike Tony Benton.

Mind you, the lines between mother & daughter are very, very blurred. For instance, take a look at this next photo taken from Tony Benton’s Facebook:

Now according to Tony, this is a photo of himself and his sister, Tracey Lewis nee Benton, taken at a wedding where he claims in a comment that they were both “drunk“… However, the image is a photoshop – and not a particularly good one either – which begs the question; why is it?

I mean if they were both at a family or friends wedding why didn’t they just have a photo taken together instead of resorting to having a fake photo knocked up?

And for those who still cannot spot the wood for the trees – despite my years of showing you how to spot a fake image – the biggest giveaway in the above photo is that tony is in a far different shade of monochrome than that of his ‘sister‘.  And of course there is the added photo-fault to try disguise the fact that Tracey’s dress doesn’t match up.

However, the immediate giveaway for me was the orange tinge mainly seen between their heads, although if you look closer you will see that there are orange tinges all over Tracey.

Now that type of orange tinge usually occurs when a colour photo has been overlaid onto a black & white photo or vice versa, which has then had the photo values changed to match-in the two different images. However, I elaborate more on that kind of shit in a nearly completed article so you will just have to wait for the evidence, but for now it is safe to say that Orange tinges do not occur in photos taken in black & white.

Mind you, it is only professional photographers who take pictures in black & white these days and that above photo certainly has not been taken by a professional.

Nevertheless, to get to the point, that photo was supposedly taken just months after Linda Benton had died yet Tracey looks as old as her mother – if not older – in the photo:

And of course, we can also play the “What’s-In-A-Name” game with Tony Benton… A particular favourite of mine.

So, what we have here in the main photo is Tony Benton and his wife from Upminster in Essex and the inset photos are obviously ‘our’ Tony Benton and his sister Tracey.

And here we have the two Tony Bentons and Geoff Gray’s old man… But what’s in a name aye?

Nevertheless, Lucy ends her comment thus:

Only tony and his sister survive and they have lived in hastings their whole lives. Please take note of this and research/email me for further details as I spent the whole of my teenage years as a very good friend of Sean and I am dismayed at your findings.

The End.

And indeed I would imagine that Lucy will be dismayed by my findings. She may even be slightly dismayed to find out that by the time she reads this she will no longer be a Facebook friend of mine since I always delete those I expose for obvious reasons… The rest of the Spooks can stay until it’s time for them to go.

I will also point out that Hastings is a hotbed for Spook activity with previous hoax events including; the Billie-Jo Jenkins murder… That hoax sees the murder of a 14-year-old foster child named Billie Jo Jenkins for which her foster-father, Sion Jenkins (the surnames being coincidence) was convicted, although he was later acquitted of the crime.

Here have a self explanatory, Billie-Jo related photo batch that I didn’t have time to add to Book-Ends:

And another Hastings hoax event that made the national headlines was the kidnap & rape of the two 10 year old schoolgirls, Charlene Lunnon and Lisa Hoodless:

PHOTO: Lunnon & Hoodless looking no worse for their rape & kidnap hell.

And here is another photo batch that didn’t get added to Book-Ends:

And as coincidence would have it, there has also been a Madeleine McCann story in the Chimp since I released Book-Ends and again – if you have read it – you will know that there is a large section on that hoax in my epic exposé.

The following is taken from that new Chimp article regarding Madeleine McCann:

A private detective, who probed the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, died of a brain haemorrhage.

The blood-soaked body of Kevin Halligen, 56, was found at his home in Surrey earlier this month – sparking a major police investigation. 

Halligen, 56, who is said to have presented himself as a ‘cloak-and-dagger, James Bond-style spy’, took over the private investigation into the McCann case in March 2008 but was later accused of conning the family fund out of £300,000. Source

Mind you, the Private Dick could possibly be Hoodless & Lunnon’s rapist:

Although you need to be aware that I am not stating the possibility as fact since a lack of photos makes it impossible to get an accurate comparison.

However, like everything else that has to connect for the Satanic elite to do what they do, the Madeleine McCann hoax does connect to the other Hastings drama involving Billie Jo Jenkins murder, via Sion Jenkins and Hayes Hubbard:

PHOTO: Comparison between Sion Jenkins & Hayes Hubbard.

Although that is only one of many connections.

Furthermore, I do get a bit pissed off by people basically saying “I don’t geddit, can you walk me through it“, because you can be sure that I will have already done so countless times before and it is a very time consuming process to do so, not to mention very boring for me and very repetitive for those who do pay attention.

Therefore, you can be sure that if I tell you that the Madeleine McCann story is fake, or that the Soham murders (which someone else asked about) didn’t happen, then I will have already told you somewhere along the line how it was possible to pull the frauds off… Course, this site is not really suitable for those who have just woken up to the fact that something is very, very wrong with the world because I do not deal with Conspiracy For Beginners.

However, the following photo of Soham murderer, Ian Huntley’s brother Wayne huntley & his wife is interesting:

You see, Old-Wayne matches up nicely with Pvt Gray’s Old-Man:

And had it not been for Gray’s fake neck the above would have been ideal to use for a comparison.. However, with his faked neck and Huntley’s slightly lesser faked neck it looks as though they have a massive tumour when you join their faces together.

However, that isn’t a real problem since I found another photo to match Huntleys, despite the necks still causing a bit of aggro:

Luckily there were no such problems with a Huntley/Sean Benton comparison.

Now it was artificially opened eyes that originally put me off comparing Sean Benton with the medal winning soldier, Matthew Turrell.

PHOTO: Matthew Turrell

Now what alerted me to Turrell was the fact that his picture came up in a search for Sean Benton despite there being no obvious connection between the two fellas. However – as I say – I almost ignored the fact, which would have been a mistake.

Nevertheless, I am not saying that Turrell has had his eyes artificially widened. What I am saying is… Scrub that, Turrell has had his eyes artificially widened:

And as such, Turrell is almost certainly without doubt, Sean Benton:

Nevertheless, I interrupted my own rant there… My bad

So to get back into it, neither do I cater for people who want all the answers to everything, when those answers are not provided for them any further away than they can see.

In fact, to understand this site you need to be able to think for yourself, yet I find myself receiving comments like the following from ‘Thickwick‘ or something along them lines, which was left on Book-Ends the day after I released the 43,000 word – or however many words it is – book length article.

I mean given the length, the content and the many links that makes up Book-Ends, ‘Nitwit’ shouldn’t have even been half way through reading it:

Wow! Thanks for this & the research you put into it.

No “Hi Chris”, bad start:

The photo personas I can get but what about the actual people? Are they all actors? For instance I met a woman last year in the hairdressers who said she’d been talking to Sue Healy in her shop (apparently the Healys have a shop in a suburb of Liverpool). Now as far as I know the woman KNOWS Sue Healy……so I’m confused as to who she was actually speaking to in the shop….an actor who day by day pretends to be Kate McCann’s mother or ??????

Shall I respond? No, I think I will let it run a while longer:

This is what I find hard to grasp. A couple of years ago I met someone who worked for Gerald Grosvenor & came into contact with him on a regular basis. She met his wife regularly too in the course of her work. So WHO was she actually meeting?

How the fucking hell do I know who she was meeting?

If actors, it would have to be the same one permanently otherwise you’d notice the difference!

Don’t fucking bet your life on that fact Colonel Blimp:

I’m probably missing something quite obvious here & am prepared to be lambasted for being stupid but an actor living the daily life of these ‘notables’ I can’t figure out how that can work.

Unless ‘Thickshit’ is a troll of course. After all, that was only comment number 5 – its first being the following:

Really interesting read but something puzzles me. …..if Diana & Bowie etc didn’t die,where are they & how could such ‘celebrities’ continue to live without recognition

To which the answer to the Diana question was answered in the article that the comment was left on and I have in fact once again answered the question to “what happens to the likes of Bowie when they pretend to die” in this very article… They become someone else. That isn’t rocket salad by any means.

That was followed two months later by comment number 2:

I was sitting next to a woman in the hairdressers last week who knows Kate McCann’s parents as they live close to her shop. She said that the Healey’s had never liked Gerry McCann from the outset. So who do they believe their son in law to be????

BINGO! So Dipshit has no sense of time either since the above comment was left in March 2016. Nevertheless, I will play along because it suits my purpose.

However, before I patiently explain, I want to tell you about this rock band that I went to see last night called ‘Arse‘.

And ‘Arse‘ are actually a tribute act to the band ‘Elbow‘, who are my favourite band at the moment. But let me tell you this: They were that fucking good I couldn’t tell me Arse from me Elbow.

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… Couldn’t tell me Arse from me Elbow… ha, ha, ha, ha… Cosmic.

Yet the sad truth is that most people really can’t. So here ya go.

Now just because a stranger told you that Susan Healy has a shop certainly doesn’t mean that she has. Indeed you would have to be a bit simple to take as gospel anything that a stranger told you in casual conversation. Mind you, these monster-minions are grabbing cunts and I would imagine that a shop owned by Sue healy would do very well, no matter what it sold.

However, David Webb, the former top 1970’s Chelsea & QPR football player and ex-manager of Southend United opened up a bike shop in town – just after he had got the sack from managing Southend Utd as it happened – yet I never once saw him in there… And he is a lot less high profile than Sue Healy.

And then, as coincidence of coincidences would fucking have it, ‘Gerronmewick‘ just so happened to meet someone who worked for Gerald Grosvenor and the mush regularly came into contact with Grosvenor’s wife, Nathalie, who is – without doubt – also Sue Healy and Princess Diana’s ‘sister’, Sarah McCorkindale.

Now, since Princess Diana was a made up persona played by various actors, it follows that her sister, Sarah McCorkindale is also a fraud… As are all the Spencer family, many of whom I have already pointed out.

Yet Nathalie Grosvenor is hardly likely to want to spend time working behind a shop counter that may or may not exist in Liverpool and neither is her husband Gerald who also plays Kate McCann’s dad. Therefore, I would suggest that the bird having her hair bobbed was just wishful thinking.

And as for the fictional person who knew the Grosvenors, well they must surely have been aware that billionaires do not stop in one place for any length of time… Which means that ‘Dimwits’ made-up person wouldn’t see either Gerald or Nathalie from one week to the next, giving them plenty of time to attend an event dressed as Mr & Mrs Healy or in Nathalies case, as Lady Sarah McCorkindale.

But for future reference, do take note that those who are in daily contact with the likes of the Monster-Elite, are ultra posh themselves and all members of the Minion Club… Not friends of those who comment on this site… Just sayin’.

Oh, and since Gerald Grosvenor was also Lord Lucan, the answer to what happens to the likes of Bowie when they pretend die is once again, well and truly answered.


Everybody with the program so far? Gooood – then I shall continue.

Now, next I am going to take half of Lucan’s boat race and overlay it onto Grosvenors… I AM NOT going to do anything else… No trickery, no fuck all.


And for a fuller, more detailed, evidenced account of Sue Healy & Co, click HERE

Mind you, Lady Healy popped up again the other week in the guise of the Author, Helga Schneider, whose book “Let Me Go” is being turned into a major motion picture – or something like that.

PHOTO: Helga Schneider

Wanna see how she compares with Healy, McCorkindale & Grosvenor?

Of course you fucking do:

However, there is obviously a lot more to how the Monsters do what they do because you are looking at layer, upon layer, upon layer of deception.

Meantime, the lesser well-placed actors will have either been born, kidnapped or sold into captivity (MK Ultra), or they will be from a family of Spooks. Some will work undercover (sleeper cells) living as some bod or other for years at a time in the same way that the police undercover agents do when infiltrating criminal gangs… Have you not seen the films, Donnie Blasco or Reservoir Dogs?

And then there are clones, which I talk about in Book-Ends. And surprise, surprise, after its release the Chimp published a totally bollox article about Monkey’s being cloned – which is in fact how the Daily Mail gets its journalists:

However, if you believe that old bollox then you will believe anything.

You see, cloning techniques were being talked about in the press as early as the mid-to-late 19th century and anything that us mere-mortals get told about you can bet your bottom dollar that the Monsters have known about it for AT LEAST a quarter of a century prior. And once you can clone an animal you can clone anything, humans included.

Course, as soon as the Monsters started cloning humans, they were being knocked out by the truck load. Indeed, I can highly recommend the 15 minute long video about clones found HERE

And of course, that is why we are now seeing so many doppelgangers of people from history and in particular, those from the Nazi war-machine:

Just sayin’

Okay, I am now going to tell you how the Deepcut fraud was brought into play and then hopefully that will be an end to asking questions that you are all more than capable of working out for yourselves. I am not a Guru or the Oracle, I am just a normal fella like you. Therefore if I can figure it out, then so can you… Although to be fair I am probably better looking.

Now, the Deepcut Barracks scandal was made possible because of the Press, the passing of time and peoples poor memory. You see, the official story is that 20-year-old Pvt Sean Benton was the first to die in June 1995 – twenty two and a half years ago.

His death was followed by the death of 18-year-old Pvt Cheryl James in November of the same year.

There was then a lull in the mysterious deaths until 2001 when Pvt Geoff Gray was found dead with two bullets in his head. His death was followed in March 2002 by that of 17 year old Pvt James Collinson.

And a month later – 7 years after the death of Sean Benton – in April 2002, a police investigation was allegedly launched… I say allegedly because the public were not informed at the time.

However, according to the Chimp Archives – which I believe date back to 1995 – the first reference to Deepcut Barracks was made in March 2010.

You will also note that I used a general search for the Barracks rather than a specific search. Stranger still is the fact that the search yielded 71 results yet there is only one page worth and a page carry’s a maximum 50 links. Therefore there should have been 2 pages.

Nevertheless, that first link doesn’t mention the deaths at Deepcut at all and the second link (dated November 2010) is about some BBC TV drama involving BULLYING in the army and includes the following segment:

I do not doubt, of course, that bullying goes on in the Army, possibly on a widespread scale. For example, the deaths of four soldiers at Deepcut Barracks suggest there is a problem.

And that is the extent of it.

The third link is about a married army officer who had an affair when he was sent to Deepcut, but there is no mention of the deaths in the article at all.

However, the fourth link dated April 2011 has the following to say about the four deaths:

The rise comes despite a crackdown on intimidation following the mysterious deaths of four Army recruits at Deepcut Barracks in Surrey.

Hmmm, hardly going to town are they?

The fifth link (also from April 2011, so obviously the fraud is now properly getting underway) is about a young recruit who allegedly had his eyes super glued together, although the incident didn’t happen at Deepcut.

In fact the only mention of Deepcut is made in the following Screenshot taken of that article:

Now I find that very fucking strange.

I mean Sean Benton & Cheryl James had both died prior to Gray and both were alleged to have been bullied. So why single out Gray who was the third to die?

Although to be fair I can probably answer that. You see the article contains a [grainy] photo of the recruit who allegedly had his eyes super glued shut.

PHOTO: The bullied recruit

And indeed, the fact that the photo is from SWNS really gets my hoax-radar spinning. Nevertheless, in case you hadn’t noticed, this grainy looking recruit looks a lot like the grainy looking Geoff Gray.

Harmonie auf allen Ebenen… As the Dutch say in Switzerland… And do check out their ears. In fact if I could be arsed to overlay the photo I think that you would find that it matches perfectly except Glue-Boy’s eyes would fall where the bags under Gray’s eyes are.

Nevertheless, I find the lack of information pertaining to the four Deepcut victims very strange from a shit-rag that can squeeze dozens of articles out of a bird having her arse pinched and literally hundreds out of a block of flats catching fire… So I made my search of the Chimp archives more specific:

Yet still my search for Sean Benton only yielded 40 results with only 9 carrying a thumbnail photo of Sean and one a thumbnail photo of Tony Benton & Tracey Lewis. These 10 thumbnails all came at the end of the 40 results with 29 of them carrying the thumbnail of Cheryl James and the other one carrying a photo of her boyfriend Mark Wilkinson.

Moreover, the first of the forty results was not published until October 2013… Eighteen years after Sean had allegedly been murdered.

Course, as we have seen, 21 articles at the very least appear to have gone astray from the Chimp Archives, which knowing the Monkey-Boyz as I do, does not surprise me and the most likely explanation that I can come up with is that those 21 articles going astray is that they told a different story to the one that we are now presented with.

You see, the press really do change history.

In other words, at some point after 2006 (at least 10 years after Bentons death) we were presented with just enough news about the families of the Deepcut four seeking justice, to register in our memory banks.

And then, four or five years down the line we were bombarded with photos & news of those families – primarily those of the James’s & Collinson’s and to a lesser extent the Gray’s who are all exposed as actors in Book Ends – triggering our earlier memories of Deepcut, thus making the hoax a reality… Which with the passing of time can have all manner of details added, which in turn would now be taken as fact because no cunt paid enough attention at the time to say otherwise… Understand?

Of course you fucking do.

And this is also why photographs are so important to these frauds, because like songs on the radio, they trigger memories of the past… Which is of course, also why photos disappear and re-appear on the interwebb as and when needs be.

For instance I found the following photo of Tony Benton somewhere around the earlier part of last year:

And as an aside, I had written his name on the photo so as I knew who he was when I came to use it, which reinforces what I said earlier about the Shipley/Davidson photo. Nevertheless, the photo sticks out in my mind because it was a good find given the lack of photos of Sean Benton and his family available on the net at that time.

Now apart from reducing the photo in size to 700 mega-blixen-flixens down from 826 mega-blixen-flixens the photo is unaltered… It is as I took it off Google.

However, a Google search for the image now brings up the photo as you see below:

So, in other words the same photo that I struggled to find in early 2017 now comes up with Tony sitting next to his sister, Tracey. Moreover, this photo is taken from a BBC news article (found HERE), which is dated the 14th of October 2016.

And your point is?“, I don’t hear you ask, but I will tell you anyway… The point is that after releasing Book-Ends on the 19th of January, the Chimp (and other shit-rags too) released SIX articles on its own, about this new inquest into Sean Benton’s death – the first of which appeared on the 21st of January, which when taken in context with Lucy Barclay’s three-times-posted comment insisting that the Benton family are honourable, is either a massive coincidence or extremely suspect.

Moreover, prior to the Chimp’s six new articles the last time that the shit-rag mentioned Deepcut was November the 28th 2017… So hardly in keeping with their usual 100 articles from 1 policy.

However, more importantly still to the future history of this fraud is the fact that these 6 new articles feature a lot of photos of the previously camera shy, Tony Benton & Tracey Lewis… Many of them dating back from 2016:

However, over the years I have become aware of a common practice used by these actors whereby they will be photographed or filmed in a photoshoot wearing different clothes and what not, for use at a future date.

Let me show you what I mean. And to do that we need to take another look at that interview photo:

Now ignore Tony and Tracey for a second and study the bookshelves in the background.

You see, to me the shelves do not look to run straight and the more I look at the photo the more it appears to me that Tony & Tracey are not actually together, with the film joined to make it appear as if they are, where the black upright of the shelving is – at which point the top shelf behind Tracey appears at odds with the top shelf behind Tony.

Now bearing in mind that the photo was supposedly taken in October 2016, have a butchers at this next photo:

And here we see Tracey giving an interview, presumably on the 23rd of January 2018  – fifteen months later – with the same shelves in the background, albeit different books and blueish tinge to the room. However, take a note of the flowery top that she has on and her earring which looks to be a flat edged circle.

Okay, now have a butchers at this next lot of photos:

And here we see Tracey giving an interview to Channel 5 on the 23rd or 24th of January 2018. Note the books next to her and she has the same top on as she does in the photo above this one. Also take note that this is a TV interview and as such, it is filmed in HD.

However, when you watch the interview frame by frame you get anomalies showing up like you see below.

Look at her eyes, which you would not notice when watching the interview as normal.

Now this is a close up of the screenshot above so as you can get a clearer picture of what I am talking about. And I do indeed see this pen-like-lining in a lot of photos that have been manipulated by the Minions, whilst I am overlaying them on top of another photo and then view the overlay with ‘back-lighting‘.

In fact I can show you exactly what I mean by using the overlaid photo of Sean Benton on top of Matthew Turrell’s picture:

See? The lining now showing around Benton’s eye is nigh on the same as that around Tracey’s eyes yet there is no transparency on the Benton overlay, just a back-lighting so as I could line the overlay up properly.

Yet whatever the reason for it, that shit shouldn’t happen with HD video unless – as I suspect – Tracey’s face has had an overlay on it… Which were the overlay not to match up exactly, you would see a blurring of the features, kinda like the blurring that we also see on Tracey’s eyeballs in the screenshot.

The video then cuts to some footage of Deepcut Barracks and when the video returns to Tracey we see the following:

The camera is slowly panning down onto Tracey in what looks like a fairly normal home setting… However, it is anything but, and the video is now being filmed in Techna-Crap.

Moreover, Tracey now looks tiny, but that is not really important.

What is important is the lengths that the film-makers have gone to – in trying to make it look like a home setting – by photoshopping the background.

You see, at first glance – and bear in mind that this is rolling stock and people are concentrating on Tracey – we see a photo of someone which is very low hung, but doesn’t look it because Tracey has now shrunk. We also see a mirror on the wall with the picture reflecting in it.

Now that mirror isn’t really there. It has been added to the footage in order to make the wall that it [wrongly] appears to be hung on a continuous straight.

Moreover, the TV appears to be sat on a stand on top of the book case… But its not.

And the plug socket that the TV is plugged into has also been manipulated – again in an effort to make it appear like the wall is one long straight and give off the appearance that the wall with the picture hung on it is the back wall of the room… It’s not… Well sort of not anyway.

Yet why would they bother. I mean it wouldn’t matter a fuck if the interview was filmed in a home or studio would it… Not unless they were using old footage overlaid onto a different background so as it appeared to be new.

Moreover, when you realise that the TV is actually sat on a corner wall shelf and the mirror (were it really there) would be fastened to the wall by its side and the plug socket is actually on a return wall the mystery deepens… Here let me show you what I mean:

I hope that I have made the screenshot easy enough to understand.

The camera then moves into a close up and stays there for the duration of the interview.

Now I will just point out what I have noticed in this screenshot and the ones to follow. So first off, there are not too many people who can talk naturally with their top teeth behind their bottom teeth, but Tracey can.

However, I am 99% certain that Tracey isn’t actually doing her own talking and Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment is being used – which would of course explain the brilliant party trick with her bottom teeth.

And of course, if the footage of Tracey was actually filmed in say October 2016 then Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment would be needed to make her talk about what is currently going on, not what was going on in 2016.

In fact other examples of this one-photoshoot-for-pictures-to-be-used-in-the-future is demonstrated by Theresa May currently wearing the same outfit that she was wearing four or five years ago.

Course, if you don’t know what Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment is, then you didn’t read Book Ends all the way through, which, despite me being biased deserves to be read… So off ya pop and don’t come back until you have.

Now it does at times almost appear that Tracey’s face is made up of two faces joined together (see below). And I believe this to be so, because the left side of her face appears to be wider than her right and the right side of her mouth appears sunken.

Moreover, at times her eyelids are out of sync with each other when she blinks and she also appears to have two different earrings in.

This half face theory is reinforced by Tracey’s shirt collar as noted in the screenshot below:

You see, if you look at the collar, it is much wider on the left hand side. Moreover it has like little ‘Vs’ cut out on that side whereas the shorter side hasn’t.

Furthermore, the larger flower on the short side is proper shite (it has two centers) and the collar itself looks to have had an edge added to it to try and make it look wider. You can also once again see Tracey’s weird neck lines and there is also an example to be seen of what I mean by her blinking being out of sync.

And that is not to mention that her face is banana shaped which is probably why her head is on the tilt in an effort by the film-maker to try and disguise the fact – as well as her jaw once again collapsing inwards on the right hand side of the photo, whilst once again she has too much left side.

Now I could go on and on but I will make this the last one as I am 100% convinced that the video is faked and the footage originally filmed back in 2016. So, what I have done here is straightened her head up and you can clearly see that her skull must be horribly misshaped if there is no skulduggery going on.

Moreover, we once again see that her blinking is out of Sync and the two sides of her collar are clearly different – as are her earrings.

Okay, to crown things off, let us take a quick look at Sean & Tony’s ma & pa… Who quite obviously either don’t exist (and I don’t mean as in them being dead) or they couldn’t stand the other three families involved in the Deepcut drama… I am however inclined to go with the first option.

You see, Tony Benton is 100% without doubt his old-man in the following photo:

How do I know? Well take a butchers at this next photo:

Now the inset photo was supposedly taken 3 or 4 days ago. However, if you reverse that photo, Tony’s head matches his dad’s perfectly without even having to change the angles.

I’ll bet that Lucy is really, really proper fucking dismayed now.

As for ‘mum‘ in that photo? Well they have used the same head as the one of her holding the photo of ‘her dead son‘.

Although it would appear that her eyes were sometimes blue and sometimes brown… Next photo purleeeezzzee:

The year is 1995 and here we see ‘Pa’ stuck in a time-warp wearing bell-bottom trousers, a kipper tie, and massive collars on his shirt and jacket … 1995 in-fucking-deed. Then again, if you blow-up the photo you will see that his head has been photoshopped onto the 1975 body, whilst Ma and Sean could literally be anybody.


Fuck me, Pa Benton’s turned into Arnold Schwarzenegger… Or pin head. I mean, c’mon! Whoever photoshopped that pic needs to change career.


Oh… Right, must be true then… Silly me… Same printer too.

Mind you, I see that whoever photoshopped Pa the first time around had a more realistic attempt at it for the ‘order of service’ dished out at his funeral:

Although whoever did it still hasn’t got it quite right… A bit too big this time and they have really taken the piss with the ears.

Meantime, ‘Ma’ Baker Benton is unrecognizable on the funeral, order of service:

Although looking at the fringe they probably had the same photo source… You really couldn’t make it up.

Don’t forget to buy my book: A Bridge Too Far Part 1

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Book-Ends Part 1 by Christopher D Spivey.

Introduction to Book-Ends Part 1

I first started writing this epic article a year ago with the intention of linking every major crime committed in the UK from the 1950’s onward – a huge, daunting undertaking to say the least.

And by major crime I am talking about those that made headlines for weeks on end.

You see, I had noticed through my day to day writing and research, that certain events covertly linked to others and the more I looked into those connections the more I discovered.

Course, at the time I didn’t know that everything has to connect to everything else for the Monsters Satanic Majik to work and now that I do, the content of Book-Ends Part 1 makes a lot more sense to me… And hopefully to you too.

Now, I am releasing today, what I have written so far (42,000 words) because as things stand at the moment, in four days time this site will once again disappear from the web like it did on the 19th of December 2017, due to me being unable to pay the crippling site fees.

And when that happens, like yourselves I will not be able to access the content of the site and as such, you will never get to read it… Which would be a shame because I worked bloody, fucking hard on it… Made all the harder because like I just said, I didn’t realise at the time that everything has to Satanically connect.

However, what you have to take into account when you read the article is that it is far from finished and it is unedited.

Now the fact that it is unfinished – by quite a long chalk – means that you are still not getting the full impact of what is already written and in cases there may be gaps where there is still information to be slotted in… Although as far as I can remember, all the information still to be slotted in should not leave anyone confused (the narrative may well suddenly change to a different event though).

Course, the fact that it is unedited means that the spelling, grammar and punctuation hasn’t been checked and as such you will just have to ignore any mistakes that you come across.

Moreover, some of what I would term as weak connections have been left in whereas they would not necessarily have made the final draft or there is still corroborating evidence still to add which would strengthen them… So do also bear that in mind.

However, by the time you have finished reading, it will hopefully have dawned on you just how much danger we are all in by allowing these mad-monsters to rule over us.

You see, it is not just this country that they have a strangle hold on, it is indeed the whole world… It is all an illusion and any tensions such as that between North Korea and the USA is ALL scripted.

For instance, to give you some idea of the created reality, the following is taken from other works that I have in progress and demonstrates perfectly how the Satanic connections work… Take a look at the fella in this next photo:

This is American Politician Jared Polis.

And the following are Jared Polis and David Cameron in sync with each other.

You couldn’t make it up.

Now as coincidence would have it, Cameron’s most senior adviser, Steve Hiltonand Godfather to the former Prime Mincers child Ivan (now deceased) – left Downing Street to go to America where he had business dealings with Jared Polis… Least that is the ‘official story’.


Steve Hilton is a very important man, and from what I can gather he appears to be a clone handler. However, I will return to Hilton shortly, but first take a look at Polis in comparison to Gerbran Bassil – Lebanon’s Foreign Minister to New Zealand.

And Lebanon’s Foreign Minister to New Zealand looks a lot like the former New Zealand Prime Minister, Donkey John Key.

PHOTO: Gerbran Bassil & John Key

Now that is all very sinister but as far as I can tell, these politicians are all puppets of the security services… And it is there that the real evil begins.

So lets go back to Steve Hilton:

Hilton is married to Rachael Whetstone who was an adviser to former Tory Party leader Michael Howard, before becoming a big-wig at Google, before moving to Uber which (rightly in my view) led to allegations of corruption at the heart of Number 10:

When Uber hired Rachel Whetstone, less than two years ago, it wasn’t just getting a new PR chief. 

Instead, for a sum rumoured to exceed £1 million a year, the Silicon Valley firm was obtaining the services of a woman with excellent political connections.

For Whetstone was the wife of Cameron’s confidant and former policy guru Steve Hilton, as well as godmother of his late son Ivan. 

She’d also been a key member of his inner circle since the early Nineties.

Now 49, the charismatic political fixer first met the future PM while they worked together (alongside a young George Osborne) at Conservative HQ. 

Later, she became political secretary to Michael Howard, the then Tory leader, regarded as Cameron’s early mentor.

By the time the man she calls ‘Dave’ became PM, their families were virtually joined at the hip. 

Indeed, Whetstone and Hilton often spent weekends at their £1.2 million Oxfordshire farmhouse, seven miles from the PM’s constituency home, where they’d meet Dave and his wife Samantha and go for pub lunches or load their two kids into a fashionably-battered Volvo, and pop round to have pizza and red wine with their powerful chums.

The appearance given by this cosy relationship may have raised concerns considering the extraordinary — and unprecedented — level of access enjoyed by Whetstone’s then employer, Google.

Senior executives of the trendy U.S. search engine met with Tory ministers on average once a month during Cameron’s first four years as PM, according to Freedom of Information disclosures. This included three encounters with Cameron himself and four with Osborne. Continue Reading

Whetstone also had an affair with David Cameron’s ‘father in law’ Lord Astor – the Astors being one of the blood-line families and arguably the most Satanic of all.

Now I believe Hilton was in fact Cameron’s handler and him & his wife, Whetstone to be amongst the most powerful people in the world… That is to say the most powerful below the actual Monsters of course.

However, I won’t say too much because they are both subject to another article that I have on the go at the moment.

Nevertheless, I will tell you that Hilton played the role of the dead MI6 “spy-in-the-bag”, Gareth Williams.

PHOTO: Gareth Williams

And I believe I am right in saying that the bag Williams was found dead in was a type sold by Samantha Cameron’s, Worshipful Leather Company… Although I am not one hundred percent on that claim.

Unlike my claim about Williams & Hilton.

Course, to fuel the conspiracy theories surrounding Williams’ death/murder, it was leaked that he was into dressing up as a bird… You know, the usual old fanny.

However, there was a grain of truth in that because William’s did in fact play his own bird seen at the inquest into his demise.

Tell me again how “not everything is made up y’know Spiv“, just so as I can laugh at your gullibility.

Now, I should also tell you that Sir Tom John Sawyers was the biggest knob at MI6 when Gareth Williams was pretend murdered… Or put another way, he was the boss.

PHOTO: Sir John Sawyers

A fine figure of a man… Wouldn’t you like to know some of the secrets that Bilderberger John knows?

Well I can tell you at least one. He is also Professor Stephen Mayson… Who is a Mason… A very high wanking one too.

Tell me, why is it that I – who is not a photographer – have to enhance just about every single photo that I use?

Fuck me, you would think that these people would want to be seen in their best light.

Nevertheless, shall we go Compare?

Of course we fucking shall.

There is nothing like having an honest man with integrity in these top positions is there!

PHOTO: Mayson & Sawyers 

Course, if that wasn’t bad enough Old Tom Sawyer is also Kier Starmer, the current MP for Holborn & St Pancras, and the current Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

PHOTO: Sawyers compared to Starmer

Previously, Starmer – a former barrister – held the position of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Head of the Crown Prosecution Service… And I think that is absolutely fucking abhorrent… What a cunt!

He was also involved in the Westminster Bridge hoax, playing “hero of the hour” boxing coach, Tony Davies

PHOTO: Tony Davies

Davies supposedly administered CPR to the dying plod, Emerson Laken Palmer… Or whatever the fuck Palmer’s name wasn’t.

Shall we go compare?

Of course we shall:

Nuff said!

Mind you, the homeland branch of the Secret Intelligence Services, MI5 was/is no better than the MI6 overseas branch, what with their HUGE budget being used to spy on us ordinary citizens – due mainly to the fact that there is no threat to us Brits from the made-up terrapinism agenda.

Indeed former boss, Stella Rimington is an excellent example of what I am talking about.

PHOTO: Stella Rimington

You see Cruella Stella is also Linda Whetstone – mother to the aforementioned RACHEL Whetstone:

And in turn, they are both Lizard Butler Sloshed

PHOTO: A. Lizard. Butler-Squashed

Shall we…

Go Compare?

Of course we fucking shall.

Interestingly enough Linda Remington-Sloss is a director of Uber – well she would be wouldn’t she.

In fact let us probe this fact a little further since Uber is very much in the news at the moment:

Six hundred Private Hire minicab licenses are issued in London every week.

Standards have been lowered to gutter level to accommodate Uber.

David Cameron and George Osborne actively supported the deregulation, the flooding of the minicab market, and openly lobbied for Uber.

Goldman ‘Government’ Sachs know about the rapes and sexual assaults, but do they care?

Yes they do care, about profit margins. And if those statistics get out into the public domain, it might effect their investment.

Minicabs and Taxis have worked in London for decades.

There were some reputable minicab companies, who have gone to the wall, because of self interested people in authority like Sajid Javid, who openly promoted Uber and refused Mayor Johnson’s plea to cap minicab licenses.

And Baroness Susan Kramer who fought to abolish Cross Border Control, taking the authority to control minicabs away from councils.

We have active bodies prostituting themselves, such as the IEA, which is chaired by the mother of Rachel Whetstone, an Uber executive, who made a video, staring young women, calling for even more deregulation.

These women were actively and consciously telling other young females to use Uber, totally aware of the statistics of recent minicab rape and sexual assault. They shamed themselves and betrayed their sisters for money.

And of course Cruella Stella & Co occasionally steps in to help out the actor who plays Britain’s most senior policeman, Cressida Dick:

How plastic does Dick look in that last photo taken from a HD video interview?

Course, if you think that I am taking the piss or having a laugh about any of this then you’d best think again because I can assure you that I am not… And neither are they.

Indeed the Monsters are intent on repeating history and I have been telling you for Gord knows how long that the Third Reich was just a trial run for what the arseholes have in mind for us in the non-too-distant future.

Here, cop a load of this:

This mush is Alex Younger, the current head of MI6.

And this in Reinhard Heydrich – The head of the Nazi secret police and the man credited with being the architect of “The Final Solution“.

I think that you can guess where this is going.

Fuck me I have turned him into Bobby Charlton with hair… However, you can see the likeness and how their features match up. After all, I am not for a minute saying that they are the same person, although I am leaning towards clones.

And do bear in mind that the comparison is between a 38 yr old Nazi and a 54 year old Nazi spy boss.

Things then get even weirder when you add Ian ‘007’ Fleming to the mix.

PHOTO: Ian Flemming

Now from what I have read in the past, Fleming was a proper nasty cunt… And also played a big part in smuggling Hitler out of Germany… Allegedly.

Either way, it makes for a good yarn be it true or not and of course, the source of that yarn will only have come from the Monsters themselves

Nevertheless, have a butcher’s-hook at the following comparisons.

And I’m nowhere even nearly done yet. Here, have a look at this next mush:

His name is Jeremy FLEMING and in May of this year he was appointed the post of Head of GCHQ… Things are falling into place nicely aren’t they.

However, Fleming must have a permanent headache because he wears the tightest glasses that I have ever seen.


Now it has to be said that there are even less photos of Fleming than there are of Alex Younger… But why?

I mean there is no attempt to conceal their identity with either man’s main available photo. What I mean is, if the lack of photos were to do with a matter of security, a hitman only needs the one clear photo, so that cannot be the reason for the scarcity.

However, personally I would imagine that Jelly Fleming isn’t who ‘they‘ say he is. Let’s have another butchers at that photo shall we?

Yes of course we fucking shall.

Now I know exactly who this is – 100% without doubt.

However, that will keep for another day… Although if the site disappears you will have to buy the book on Amazon.

Oh, and to the paedo-trolls who continually harped on about how I was stringing you all along about writing these major articles just to illicit donations: Fuck you, you stinking arsed, know nothing sewer cunts… Just sayin’.

BOOK-ENDS Part 1 (raw & unedited)

Christopher Spivey


I read a very revealing article – albeit unintentionally so – about Madeleine McCann in today’s Chimpanzee comic (31/01/17) AKA the Daily Mail.

The article was supposedly in regard to the result of Kate & Gerry McCann’s appeal which they launched after losing their libel action against Goncalo Amaral – the former head of the Madeleine McCann investigation.

However, in reality it was just more old fanny designed to keep the story running… For that is all that the Madeleine McCann saga is; a story.

How do I know?

Well, you can say what you like about me but the true facts of the matter are that I am nobody’s fool and I have spent nigh on every waking hour over the past 5 years either writing about or studying & researching the monster elite and their power-games.

Moreover, despite what some state run paedo trolls would have you believe, I do not pick a conclusion for the subjects that I write about and then go in search of – and/or manipulate – the evidence that fits.

Indeed, I look at my subject material from every possible angle, including the official version of events as well as amassing every bit of evidence available and only then do I form a conclusion based on logic, common sense and what that evidence points to as a whole.

I then present my case and you – the reader – are free to decide whether you agree or disagree.

Now one thing that I am sure we can all agree on is that someone with a sharp, inquiring mind, on a quest for truth and with a good eye for detail cannot spend up to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, over a 5 year period investigating, researching & writing about world events orchestrated by obscenely rich, sick-minded, power crazed, psychopaths – whose thinking patterns bear no resemblance to ours whatsoever – and not become an expert.

Therefore like it or not, I am an expert on my subject and the only people who would deny that fact is someone with nefarious reasons for doing so… Fair comment?

Of course it fucking is.

Now quite obviously these blatantly staged world events that I write about are brought to life by:

  • sick-minded, strategically placed individuals at the helm of various intelligence agencies, e.g The CIA, MI 5 & MI6, Mossad, etc, etc,

who – backed by infinite financial resources & manpower – are afforded unrestricted access to:

  • whatever is needed to successfully pull of the hoax, including access to [forged] paper evidence such as passports, life event photos and whatever else is needed to create a back-history for someone who doesn’t really exist

after which the hoax scenarios are then made all the more real by having:

  • access to technology at least 25 years ahead of what is available on the market at any one point in time and then foisted upon us as being fact by the massive, strictly controlled MSM propaganda machine

And all at the behest of:

  • an ultra-secretive, paranoid ‘elite’ – evil beyond belief and driven by an inbred fear of discovery by us; the enslaved masses

Therefore, following my dogged quest for truth thus far it is hardly surprising that what has now become blatantly obvious to me, is way beyond the scope of your average person – which includes the vast majority of those who consider themselves to be enlightened or open minded.

And I state that without ego or boast.

After all, the vast majority of people – having been brainwashed from birth – are far too preoccupied with their own lives, relationships and finances, not to mention handicapped by a deep rooted fear of being ostracised, isolated and ridiculed, along with many other factors, all of which means that they have neither the time, energy or desire to delve below what is presented on the surface as fact.

And that is what allows the Monsters to achieve what they do via ways that – given their resources and forward planning – are simple, yet unthinkable to the “right minded” folk who inhabit our Earth… Which I can of course understand although given the consequences of ‘sleepwalking‘ through life I cannot possibly condone.

After all, what I now know to be true would also have been madness to me as little as two or three years ago, yet it is vital that people drop the “me, me, me” and think in terms of “us, us, us“… Failure to do so does not bode well for the future of mankind.

What’s more, were that fact not to be true, then my life would doubtlessly be a lot easier, a lot more comfortable and I would be a lot more popular and palatable than I am now, having revealed SOME – albeit far from the majority – of my findings.

Yet for me to offer up anything other than what is now as plain as the nose on your face to me, would make me a fraud… Something that I am most certainly not, never have been and have no intention of becoming.

And that is why I am telling you now – regardless of what the all mighty and powerful MSM propaganda machine would have you believe – the McCanns do not exist… In the very same way that Diana Frances Spencer AKA Princess Diana never existed.

Indeed they are all creations brought to life for a specific purpose, which in the case of the McCann’s was so as they could have their fictitious daughter disappear.


Well, unfortunate as the case is, the reasons are far too many to document in enough detail to afford an altogether much more plausible perspective to those who cannot get past the fact that the McCanns are just an illusion.

Therefore it will suffice to say that those reasons are borne out of necessity, fear based control, acquiesce, financial, scientific and ego

As for those of you who can see just how easy it is for those maintaining control to create this ongoing drama, you will be able to work out ‘why’ for yourselves.

Course, anyone at all who is familiar with the storyline surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann need only take a step back and look objectively at what is presented as fact to realise the flaws in the fairy-tale which are patched up by the reader having to be prepared to suspend credibility.

I mean, what we actually have here is a presented scenario which sees Dr Gerry McCann and his wife Dr Kate McCann nee Healy, together with their 3 year old daughter, Madeleine and her younger twin siblings, Sean & Amelia fuck off on holiday to Portugal with 7 other people (4 of whom are also doctors) and their 5 children… Luckily it wasn’t peak season then, although doctors are well known for being tight.

Course, the fact that they are doctors is very significant because they are generally perceived as being fine, upstanding citizens who wouldn’t kill their children or take part in a hoax that see’s one of their children disappear without trace.

Now, despite these 9 holidaymakers all being professional people – six of them doctors – on the night in question they all decide to meet up for dinner at the restaurant situated on the opposite side of the complex to the apartments that they were staying in.

Moreover, none of them bothered with the resorts baby minding service, figuring that their collective 8 ankle-biters would all stay fast asleep – and besides, they were only across the way so as long as they were checked upon every 15 minutes – half hour or so, they were of the opinion; ‘what harm could possibly come to the 8 ankle-biters?

Moreover, the McCann’s were that cock-sure that their 3 offspring would be safe, that they left their apartment unlocked… Like you do.

And the fact that one of these middle class parents – whilst off checking her own munchkins – saw a mush carrying a child dressed like Madeleine down the road yet it didn’t play on her mind at all at the time, is a sure sign that no right-minded, responsible parent could have predicted that their actions were a recipe for disaster.

Meantime, hidden in the shadows waiting to pounce was Madeleine’s abductor who having instinctively known that the McCann’s couldn’t be arsed to lock their road facing apartment front door, was now busy timing the irregular timed parent checks so as he could nonchalantly go and pluck the biggest of the 3 youngsters out of bed safe in the knowledge that she was the one capable of causing the most commotion if she woke up.

And after that, the subsequent events became even sillier and increasingly more illogical… In other words the Monster-Minions sprung into action by introducing contradictory witness testimony thus creating huge flaws in the folly which served as a launching pad for the conspiracy theories needed in order to keep the public divided, enthralled and away from the truth.

Or put another way: Exactly the same formula that is used for all fraud events.

Now I am not going to go into those conspiracy theories or the contradictory evidence because they have all been covered in other articles on here and elsewhere.

However it very quickly became quite obvious that the ‘McCanns’ were being protected from the off, by the likes of the then British Prime Mincer, Gordon Brown and the Heir to the British Throne, Prince Charles.

Therefore, even if the McCann’s deliberately killed Madeleine – never mind the now emerging collective thinking along the lines that Madeleine died in the apartment following an accident whilst drowsy, caused by the drugs given to her to make her sleep – the importance and influence of those protecting the ‘family‘ means that her death could have been covered up with a much more plausible explanation than the deeply flawed abduction scenario.

For example they could have claimed that Madeleine was murdered having woken up to the noise made by a burglar in the room.

Certainly, were their any traces of tranquilizers found in her body I hope that no one is silly enough to think that the British government do not wield enough influence over the Portuguese government – working to the same insidious agenda – to be able to have that fact overlooked.

Therefore, you can only logically conclude that the flawed abduction story – with no body to be found – can only have been perpetuated because of the huge amounts of money the story has generated (not just for the McCann’s), along with the many other agendas at play.

And of course the many different scenarios still available for the final outcome will doubtlessly have another insidious, money making agenda attached to it.

However, if by some chance you are not aware of the many, many conspiracy theories surrounding this illusion, HERE would be a good place to start finding out what they are.

Now, something else that I have learned over the years is that all fraud events are indirectly linked – possibly for no other reason than continuity prompts and as a kind of filing system for the scriptwriters, making it easier to keep track on who’s who and what’s what.

For instance there are two other major frauds very strongly linked by the cast members of those taking part in the Madeleine McCann old fanny.

Those two events are the death of Princess Diana (note the death of Diana as opposed to other events that made up her artificially created life and times), along with the murder of Jill Dando.

PHOTO: The many faces of Princess Diana – literally.

And from those 3 strong links will be ever decreasing in strength, weaker links that connect to other government sponsored play-acts such as the murder of 14 year old Billie Jo Jenkins.

Those weaker links will in turn all have their own much stronger links to two, three or four other fake events – which in all probability will have no direct link to Princess Diana’s death, Madeleine McCann’s disappearance or Jill Dando’s murder.

Now before I tell you more, let’s get back to that unintentionally damning article that I mentioned at the start of this piece just so as I can point out how implausible these fake stories are in reality once you stop and look at them with applied logic and common sense.

The article starts thus:

The parents of Madeleine McCann were last night ‘bitterly disappointed’ after losing their eight-year libel battle against a former police chief who accused them of hiding their daughter’s death.

So straight away we learn that this show-case libel battle has lasted 8 years – Eight fucking long years!

Yet the longest Libel battle in English history lasted only two years longer and unlike the McCann’s battle was an enormously complex case involving multiple issues requiring witnesses from all over the world – the said libel action being between McDonald’s and two Greenpeace activists. (see HERE)

The McCann article then continues:

The couple learned the ‘devastating news’ on the eve of their younger twin children’s 12th birthdays.

They are tomorrow due to be celebrating Sean and Amelie’s special day.

And of course you have to ask yourself; what has the twins birthday got to do with the news report, especially with it being mentioned in the article before the headline has been explored in detail.

The answer to that is of course, nothing and is only mentioned in order to try and illicit sympathy from the reader and to give credibility to the family being real.

The long-suffering family could now face financial ruin as they face paying Goncalo Amaral’s huge court costs and could be sued themselves by the former policeman.

And that is just total bollocks stated for no other reason than sensationalism and of course to elicit more sympathy still.

However, suffice to say – for the moment – that they do not face financial ruin because the McCann’s have never used their own money to fight the libel battle that they themselves instigated and any court costs that they find themselves liable for will be paid out of the “Find Madeleine Fund“.

Judges ruled Mr Amaral’s ‘exercise of his freedom of expression was not considered abusive’ and ‘was within admissible limits in a democratic and open society, which excludes the illegality of possible damage to the honour of the McCanns.’

Although if he was living in England, Amaral would have found himself in court charged with harassment and sending malicious communications… Unless of course, the new interpretation of the law only applies to me.

The couple had won 500,000 euro damages from their tormentor, whom they branded ‘a poisonous liar’ but, under Portuguese law, this was never handed over to them while proceedings were ongoing.

The payout would have been added to the official Find Maddie Fund set up through public donations and boosted by big-hearted celebrities to finance the worldwide hunt for the missing girl.

Now the Chimp Shit-Rag has worded that segment to read like the McCann’s were making some type of selfless gesture by adding that half a million Euros to the “Find Maddy Fund“… But they weren’t doing anything of the kind because they used the very same fund money to bring the libel action and as such, putting that money in their own pocket would have been tantamount to theft.

The Fund once stood at £1million but is now closer to £300,000 and could be wiped out by the Portugal’s Supreme Court shock ruling.


Yet the loss of the libel case is no loss to the McCann’s who are both doctors and in theory, hardly living in poverty… And if the likes of the many cancer cons highlighted in the shit-rags these days can raise between a quarter of a million Pounds and half a million Pounds in a matter of days, I am absolutely certain that the “Maddy Fund” stood at one time or another, far in excess of one million Pound.

Nevertheless, that last Chimp paragraph demands some explanation in my opinion, such as where the fuck has the £700,000 gone (more on this point shortly) and why are the McCann’s funding their legal battles – and losses – with money that was specifically donated by the public to FIND Madeleine.

Indeed, had the McCann’s not been able to afford the Libel action with their own money then they should have set up another appeal stating exactly what the donations would be used for.

A source close to the family said: ‘It’s not good news. We just don’t know what to do but we need to sit down with our lawyer and discuss it.

A source close to the family“? Now just read that sentence again and ask yourself how “A source close to the family” could possibly have stated that!

After all, to state those exact words would means that the “source” was in fact a very close member of the family… So why is the source not named?

Unless of course it is just more made up old bollox.

The same “source” then continues:

‘We’ve gone to the pinnacle of the Portuguese legal system and we’ve lost. We now have to pay a sizeable amount in costs.’

And logically only Jelly or Kate would be in a position to say those words… So why the secrecy?

As the Scotland Yard search for Madeleine – who disappeared as a three-year-old from a holiday apartment in the Algarve’s Praia da Luz – is being wound down the McCann’s had been keeping the soon-to-be-obliterated fund as a life-line to pay for their own ongoing search the moment the investigation, codenamed Operation Grange, ends.


Now firstly, why are the McCann’s conducting their own ongoing search? Indeed, the Chimp bollox is very guarded – not to mention confusing – when you read it properly.

You see, the paragraph clearly states:“the McCann’s had been keeping the soon-to-be-obliterated fund as a life-line to pay for their own ongoing search” the moment the investigation ends.

Which if “on-going“, can only mean that their own investigation, funded by public donations is currently being carried out alongside – but independent of – the police investigation.

That in turn begs the question as to what that privately financed search could possibly consist of that the police had not already looked into? Although it would explain where some of the £700,000 (minimum) donated specifically to finance the search for Madeleine had disappeared to.

If on the other hand the £300,000 is to fund a search once the police investigation is closed then the search is not “on-going” is it?

And again that also begs the question of what will that search consist of – because whatever it is three hundred grand ain’t going to go far.

Moreover, why describe the new (privately funded by donations) search as “on-going”?

Now that is not me being pedantic. On the contrary, it is a matter that demands answers for the sake of transparency and to verify that the money donated by the public is being used for the purposes of what it was donated for.

And one last observation in regard to this hack’s woeful journalism. The police investigation is not “codenamed” [sic] fuck all. The police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is named ‘Operation Grange‘… No code name is involved, although ‘Operation Grange Hill‘ would have been a more appropriate name:

A close family friend said: ‘This news is devastating, not just for Kate and Gerry but for Madeleine wherever she is.’

A close family friend“… Or in other words, another “source“… Is this cunt for real?

I mean, not only is that an insult to the reader, it is also total bollox since Madeleine will not be devastated wherever she may be.

Yet now is as good a time as ever to ask where all of these friends, neighbours and patients of the McCanns are hiding? After all, I have never seen anyone comment along the lines of: “My name is Jane Poopower and I lived next door to Jelly & Kate in Made Up Close before they moved to Rothley. They were a wonderful family”.

Or even: “Jelly McCann? Wonderful man who saved my life 3 months ago” – Mr Dick E Ticker. Rothley, Leicestershire.

No verifiable past life see? Indeed the only people giving them life are MP’s, Spokesmen, other doctors, “sources” or “close family friends”:

Ex GP Kate and heart doctor Gerry, both 48, from Rothley, Leicestershire, live in hope that ‘a miracle’ will one day reunite them with their daughter. If still alive, she will turn 14 in mid May.

Why is Kate an ex GP? I mean unless a doctor is above retiring age, they don’t become ex’s. Dustbinmen or construction workers become Ex’s but General Practitioners don’t… Not unless they have moved onto something more lucrative anyway.

Yet it would be a bit fucking difficult for Kate McCann to be GP now if she doesn’t really exist wouldn’t it?

As for Jelly? Well he isn’t working with the public anyway so he could be anywhere couldn’t he?

Nevertheless, their work backgrounds make no sense. For example, Kate started off as a gynecologist before becoming an Anesthetist. She then thought “fuck this” and became a GP because she was worried that she & Jelly Baby would never get to see each other… Roger that!

Course, there are many, many more anomalies in both of the McCann’s work backgrounds but again, you will have to search them out for yourself since this exposé isn’t about the very many [deliberate] contradictions and very many [deliberate] conspiracy theories surrounding the case.

However, the following is a photo of Jelly “returning to work for the first time” on the 2nd of November 2007, following Madeleine’s disappearance.

Or put another way, the above photo of Jelly McCann was taken over 9 years ago… He always looks very compressed to me, as in his height ratio has been lowered whilst his width ratio has remained the same.

Very small hands too.

However, what I wanna know is Gel’s secret to eternal youth.

Notice how the hairstyle never changes or the length. And the suits are always the same style.

Now think of our Prime Mincer, Un-El-Tel. She met newly installed American President, Donny Fart in the same orange outfit matched with the exact same scarf that he-she was wearing at least 5 years ago… Her hairstyle never changes either.

Then Google Dave the Rave Cameron… Same suit, same shirt, same ties, same hairstyle for the past 7 years, probably longer… Getting the picture yet?

Nevertheless, the Chimp article continues:

The appeal hearing in Lisbon which ruled against the McCanns was held in private.

The couple’s lawyer Isabel Duarte had not even been informed it was happening until after the event.

Hey ho, secret courts are the way forward for the Monsters don’t cha know?

Therefore, it is extremely fitting that this blatant propaganda piece should do its best to promote the secret courts as being the norm.

Sadly, the moronic masses have bought into the ‘Human-Rights-Are-Bad‘ old bollox, promoted under the guise that a handful of make-believe tewwowists in English prisons couldn’t be deported – still haven’t for that matter – because to do so would breach the UN resolutions. Therefor those soon-to-be-many, falling foul of the secret courts now have no recourse… Indeed I fucking repeatedly told you the score on this matter back in 2012.

In fact not much further to go now until we are at the point where hypothetically your mother/father/sister/brother/daughter/son could leave for work one morning and you don’t see hide nor hair of them for the next 5 years or so, having not known whether they were dead or alive within that period of time… Kinda like North Korea is reported to be by our national press who would tell you that it was sunny & warm in a hurricane.

After all, the anti-terrorist laws – which I also correctly predicted and repeatedly reported, had fuck all to do with Asian men in bomber jackets – means that you can be snatched off of the street, flown out of the country for a spot of recreational waterboarding, and no one at all is obliged to inform your nearest and dearest of your detention or your whereabouts.

And of course, in a country like ours where it is now a criminal offence to call someone names – even if in doing so, you are not aiming your insults directly at them – it isn’t hard to break the law in order for someone to find themselves up shit-creek without a fucking paddle… They’ve got some fucking brains have my fellow cuntrymen.

Mind you, the dopey cunts are that thick that they are not even aware of the enormity of the damage that they have allowed to go unchallenged over the past 15 years.

Certainly our Unelected, non-existent Prime Mincer (see HERE, if you ain’t read it I strongly suggest that you do) takes not a single blind bit of notice of those who pay its salary.

I mean, the subject of a government petition reaching 100,000 signatures has to be debated in parliament yet just last week a government petition in regard to banning President Fart’s visit to our [un] fair land which had over ONE MILLION signatures was dismissed out of hand by Old Terry, without ever even being put to a parliamentary vote… Or put another way: “Fuck you, ya peasants“.

Nevertheless, the rest of the Chimp shite is just to do with slagging Amaral off and reinforcing the myth that the McCanns are wonderfully honest people.

There are however two other snippets worthy of a mention.

The first of those is the following:

‘The police in both countries continue to work on the basis that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to physical harm.

So, if that then is the case, why is it that in a TV interview with Goncalo Amaral back in early 2014, it was stated that Madeleine had officially been declared dead by the British Authorities:

Anchor: Gonçalo Amaral, is there any cause-effect relation between the fact that these searches, these excavations started shortly after Madeleine McCann was officially declared dead by British authorities?

And furthermore, why were a team of British coppers spending weeks digging up waste ground in Portugal – at British taxpayers expense – in June 2014, if they are still working on the basis that Madeleine is still alive?

You can find that Amaral interview and my report on the crazy-pointless bigus digus by clicking HERE

As for that other snippet worth mentioning?

Well it is quite fitting that the Chimp hack, having started the total load of old shite by mentioning that the news of the McCann’s failed appeal fell on the eve of Madeleine’s twin-siblings birthday, should finish his fairytale with a total load of tosh about Sean & Amelia McCann:

Last year the McCanns revealed they had told their twins ‘everything’ about Madeleine’s disappearance and said the youngsters still remember her and talk about her often. Source

The twins were barely two years old when Madeleine ‘disappeared’… Just sayin’.

Now as I mentioned earlier, the McCanns are a created family… Not real… They don’t exist. Moreover, I told you that the hoax is heavily linked to the Jill Dando ‘murder’ and the Princess Diana car crash that never really happened.

So with that in mind, what follows are photographs of the possible/probable cast list that played the starring roles in all three.

Dr Gerry McCann is in all probability also Dr Alan Farthing – currently the Queen’s Gynaecologist and fiancee to Jill Dando at the time of her ‘murder’.

And based on what I know and what I have been told, along with what my eyes can see for themselves I will venture that the pair are also Diana’s bodyguard, Kes Wingfield.

And of course ignoring Farthing’s connection to Bizzy-Lizzie, in his capacity as Gatekeeper to her lady-garden, he was engaged to Jill Dando before Barry George – or whoever – supposedly blew her brains out.

Jill Dando was of course a dead cert to have played on of the many Princess Diana’s.

In turn, Barry George (originally convicted of Dando’s murder and stalker of Princess Diana) also played Diana panto-villain, the improbably named Romuald Rat – apparently pronounced ‘Rah’, but nevertheless afforded the name so as we dumb Brits would forever associate it with the puppet, Roland Rat, who was big on British TV at the time.

Check out Barry Georges beard in that last photo and bear in mind that technology wise the Monsters have access to stuff that we won’t be aware of for anything up to 25 years later… Now take a look at this photo of my Grandson Clayton.

Just sayin’.

Barry George later teamed up with Sion Jenkins, the former deputy headmaster convicted and later cleared on appeal of killing his foster-daughter, Billie-Jo Jenkins:

Barry George and Sion Jenkins, both wrongly convicted of high-profile murders, have become close friends following their release from prison.

Mr George has been staying with the former deputy head teacher since being cleared by the Appeal Court last month of killing TV presenter Jill Dando in 1999. He has spent the past seven years behind bars.

The two men also enjoyed a week’s holiday together on the Isle of Wight after meeting through the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation.

Mr Jenkins, 50, was sentenced to life in 1998 for the murder of his foster daughter Billie-Jo, 13, in Hastings, East Sussex. He was released on appeal in 2004 and acquitted of murder in 2006 following two failed retrials. Source

Unlikely” as in “unlikely” housemates being the operative word.

Old Sion even wrote a book about it… Billie Jo I mean obviously and not his and Baz’s relationship.

Although give it time because they all write books ya know. It gets the old cash registers kerchinging.

Nevertheless, as most of you know by now Sion Jenkins is also the other Princess Diana bodyguard, Trevor Rees Jones.


He wrote a book too… Despite not being able to remember fuck all about the interesting bit.

Nevertheless, I have already dealt with Rees Jones in detail in various other articles and as such I won’t labour the point here.

I will however remind you that Billie-Jo Jenkins is also Suzy Lamplugh.

And Sion Jenkins wife at the time of the murder was supposedly, Lois Jenkins who is without doubt former top-cop, now allegedly working for Counter-Terrorist Intelligence, Cressida Dicks.


Trevor Rees Jones and Sion Jenkins are also the priest, Hayes Hubbard who supposedly offered the McCanns solace in the months following Madeleines disappearance.

And a cross reference with Hubbard and Jenkins produces the following result:

Just sayin’.

And after Jill Dando was shot brown-bread, Dr Farthing went on to marry Dr Janet Stowell… They are always doctors don’t cha know.

And Stowell is of course Dr Fiona Payne of the Tapas 7.

Other suspect members of the Tapas 7 – which is all of them – who I suspect of having alternative personas are Lawyer turned Recruitment Agent, Rachel Oldfield.

I strongly suspect Oldfield as also being the government stooge, Gina Miller – who is currently making herself busy with the Brexit Bollox

Oldfields ‘husband’, Dr Matthew Oldfield is almost certainly Italian Lawyer, Carlo Dalla Vedova who defended Amanda Knox – convicted, jailed and subsequently cleared of murdering Meredith Kercher.

Have you noticed a pattern building up here?

Amanda Knox – Convicted, Jailed, Cleared for the murder of Meredith Kercher.

Sion Jenkins – Convicted, Jailed, Cleared for the murder of Billie-Jo Jenkins.

Barry George –  Convicted, Jailed, Cleared for the murder of Jill Dando.


As for Dr Russell O’Brien? Well, he is the real mystery man of the Tapas 7. However, I do have a few theories about him which I will keep to myself for the moment although I wouldn’t rule him out as being played by the same fella as the mush who plays Dr Matthew Oldfield.

And to be fair, that would explain why O’Brien was absent from the 2008 Tapas 7 libel court action that they launched against the Daily Express newspaper.

Most strange considering that all of the other 6 are present.

As for Dr David Payne? Well it has been noted that he bears a passing resemblance to Robert Murat – who was made an official suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance along with Kate & Gerry McCann.

And whilst I do not necessarily agree I certain would not dismiss the possibility.

In fact that possibility becomes even more likely when you learn that I believe Payne to be ex-jailbird Andy Coulson.

I can almost hear your derision from here. However, you do not know how I became aware of the possibility – and I certainly ain’t going to tell ya – but it wasn’t through me seeing a photo of Coulson and thinking to myself: “Hmmm, he looks like Dr David Payne“.

Just sayin’.

And with that in mind, have a butchers at this next photo.

And what does a more technical evaluation of the two mens features tell us?

And wouldja look at Rachel Oldfield in the background looking very much like Gina Miller!

Meanwhile you need to bear in mind that Coulson is a close friend of the creation called David Cameron.

Cameron is also the fella who gave the go ahead for the money laundering police operation, “codenamed“, Operation Grange – the pointless investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

Therefore the chances are very high that Dr Russell O’Brien’s ‘wife’, Jane Tanner is also the person who played Cameron’s sister, Clare Fawcus.

And I will also point out that those comparison scores are all much better than Tanner scored with herself.

Moreover, if you have read my article “Let’s Go Play With The Astors” you will know that Our-Cluer is in all likelihood also the bird who plays Emily Hutt nee McCorkindale, AKA the niece of Princess Diana.

Tanner – who along with O’Brien supposedly both work at Exeter University – was also responsible for many of the conspiracy theories that sprung up around Madeleine’s disappearance. See HERE and HERE

Moreover, if you have read the aforementioned article of mine, “Let’s Go Play With The Astors” along with my article “So Where Does That Leave Madeleine”, you will already know the identity of Susan Healy – mother of Kate McCann.

For those who haven’t, Susan Healy is without doubt Princess Diana’s ‘sister’, Sarah McCorkindale – see how it all fits?

McCorkindale also plays Natalia Grosvenor:


And when you compare Sarah and Natalia with Susan Healy you get the following results:


And of course Susan’s husband, AKA Kate’s dad, AKA Madeleine’s grandad is played by Natalia’s husband – the recently [allegedly] deceased, Duke of Westminster:


And if ya don’t already know, the Duke was also Lord Lucan but for proof of that you will have to go and read “So Where Does That Leave Madeleine“.

The final member of the Tapas 7 is Dr Fiona Payne’s ‘mother’, Dianne Webster of whom there are less photos of than even Dr Russell O’Brien.

PHOTO: The only half decent photo of Dianne Webster that I can find.

Therefore, it isn’t really possible to make a really accurate, studied comparison of Webster with someone else.

However, if I was to predict who she really is I would go for the historian, Mary Beard… Historians being a popular choice to take on other roles, e.g the Historian Andrew Roberts and his alter ego.

Andrew Roberts is on your right obviously.

Now my guess as to the identity of Dianne Webster is not just based on photo comparisons between her and Mary Beard – although the comparisons are pretty conclusive.

You see, I have had my eye on Mary Beard for quite a while now and I have identified her as being the ‘Mother’ of two other very newsworthy fellas – both of whom will be the subject of future articles.

Beard is also doing her bit to push for internet censorship and criminalising name calling.

There is also one other person that Webster could be although once again that person ultimately comes back to Mary Beard and that person is Karen Godden, the mother of Becky Godden.

Becky Godden was a 20 year old “sex-worker” from Swindon when she was supposedly murdered by taxi-driver Christopher Halliwell in 2003.

Course, Karen’s husband is without doubt also the father of the fake murdered MP, Jo Cox.

Now funnily enough, Karen Godden did a lot of that dry-cry malarkey over her daughter Becky who had been dead 8 years before she was found – yet Kaz was either unable or unwilling to provide a decent photo of her daughter to be used in the many press articles about the old fanny.

Now I have enhanced the photos as best as I can and to be fair they are a lot better than they were, thus begging the question as to why the photo agencies didn’t put them out looking their best. However, the fact that one of them is from SWNS answers that question for me… In other words, they are deliberately put out looking their worst in order to obscure Becky’s true identity.

However, she is definitely Hanna Witheridge .

Hannah Witheridge was murdered along with her new boyfriend, David Miller whilst backpacking in Thailand – all part of the agenda to stop people travelling far and wide.

Mind you the crime scene photos are quite impressive – look away if you are squeamish.

Yet they are as fake as the crime itself.

Certainly Hannah has the tell-tale lookalike sister.

And she shares the same Nan as missing child, Ben Needham – more on him later too.

Not that the family connections end there.

You see Ben Needham’s sister, Leigh is also likely to be Hannah Witheridge.

Moreover, Kerry Needham – mother to Ben & Leigh – is in all likelihood Karen Godden.

There is however an awful lot more to Kerry Needham as you shall find out later.

So, let’s get back to Becky Godden who could also well be Kate Sheedy – a surviving victim of Levi Bellfield whom I will also discuss later on:

Four years ago, as the former head girl walked home after celebrating her last day at convent school, Levi Bellfield deliberately ran her down in his car and then reversed back over her.

She was an innocent 18-year-old, left for dead by a random killer with seemingly no motive and no provocation. The serial stalker had targeted her, she learned in court, simply for being young, blonde and alone as she got off a bus in a quiet west London suburb. Continue Reading

However, as I said, the trouble is that Becky’s photos are just so crap. I mean to say, the photo of her belonging to the spy photo agency, SWNS looks more like an 11 year old’s self portrait than a photograph.

In turn Sheedy is also likely to be Leigh Needham:

As well as Soham Killer, Ian Huntley’s daughter – much more on Huntley later.

They could be clones of course – as is probably the case with celebrity-scrounger, Marie Buchan and Leigh Needham:

Buchan is a created persona to demonise the unemployed.

Back now to the McCann’s and as for Jenny Murat, the mother of one time prime suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Robert Murat owns the villa where it has been speculated that Madeleine’s body is buried under the driveway… Indeed, before I knew what I know now I also bought into that theory being as the driveway – which was later concreted over – was the nearest, safest from detection and most plausible place to bury the little girl.

However, since no body exists and having taken a step back to reevaluate the claim, it is easy to see how this conspiracy theory was allowed to flourish and even be embellished upon in order to perpetuate the myth that Madeleine McCann was a real person.

Therefore, you won’t be surprised to learn that Jenny Murat was played – in a photo – by the now deceased, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch… Mother of Mad Rupert ‘the bear’ Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch was one one of those pulling the strings of the persona David Cameron as well as being a former employer of Andy Coulson… Dot to dot to dot to dot.

However, that was far from the first time that Dame Murdoch had helped out in a hoax I can tell you.

You see, she also played a Holocaust survivor called Margaret:

Margaret on your left, Dame Elisabeth on your right obviously.

But then again without the cooperation and participation of the likes of Rupert Murdoch via his media empire, these hoaxes would never get beyond the planning stage.

And Rupert Murdoch has been pulling strings for a long long time. Indeed he even provided the created persona, John Major – the first fake British Prime minister, whose predecessors were just blackmailed – with a son.

PHOTO: John Major with his ‘son’ James (Murdoch).

Course James Murdoch-Major made an awful lot of money for himself by ‘marrying‘ the actress/game show host, Emma Noble.

And the controversial couple’s exploits generated newspaper sales which of course benefitted Daddy Murdoch.

Moreover, older brother Lachlan Murdoch did the same by doubling up with brother James to play the character James Major – the brothers were very similar looking back in the day.

PHOTO: Lachlan, Rupert & James Murdoch.

And it was around that time that Lachlan also reinventing himself as a [famous] British actor; whom once you know his identity, you will see exactly how everything fits neatly into the Murdoch empire.

But that information – and its offshoots – warrants a major article on its own… No pun intended.

So for now, take a butchers at the following photo batch but remember that there is an awful lot more information still to come – all of which adds massive credence to the above.

There is at least 10 years between the last two photos.

And that brings me nicely to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, Elisabeth who I am positive contributed to at least some of the photos that went to make up Kate McCanns.

For instance take a look at the following.

Now having studied photos, day in, day out, for the last million years I can tell you without shadow of doubt that the photo of Kate is derived from the photo of Elisabeth.

Indeed, the reason that Kate’s photo is such poor quality is nothing to with it being taken on a shite camera. You see, the one and only reason that the photo is so crap is in an effort to disguise the piss poor photoshopping, especially around the mouth… Although it was a poor attempt at turning her eyes too.

Nevertheless, the proof is in the pudding so the following is what happens when you take a half section of Elizabeth’s face from the photo above and overlay onto Kate’s photo – nothing other than that.


It is also worth pointing out that Elisabeth and her former husband, “media guru” Matthew Freud were said to be frequent dinner guests at David & Samantha Camerons home.

And indeed, Freud’s Wikipedia page states:

He is a friend of several members of the Conservative party, including George Osborne and David Cameron. Freud has also invited Cameron to many events and is part of the so-called ‘Notting Hill Set’ of influential Conservative-linked figures. During their marriage, Murdoch and Freud owned Burford Priory in Oxfordshire, and hence were also considered members of the Chipping Norton set.

Freud is also the son of Clement Freud, the paedophile who was said to have hosted the McCann’s at his holiday villa in Portugal in the days and months following Madeleine’s disappearance:

With its swimming pool and sea views over Praia da Luz, this is the Portugal holiday home where paedophile Sir Clement Freud entertained the McCanns in the weeks and months after their daughter, Madeleine, vanished.

The shamed MP invited Kate and Gerry to his £1million whitewashed villa on the Algarve where he gave them a lunch of egg and watercress salad and risotto.

Freud’s opening words to the couple after they crossed the threshold of the Casa da Colina at midday were, ‘Can I interest you in a strawberry vodka?’

It is here, on a hillside not far from where Madeleine disappeared, that the child abusing BBC star bizarrely teased Kate about her being a nymphomaniac. Source

Mind you, I do have to question the Murdoch family dynamics. I mean take a look at the following screenshot taken from the Getty Image website:

Now anyone spending nearly £500 on that photo would expect to be buying a photo of Elisabeth Murdoch, her father, Rupert and Rupert’s wife at the time, Wendy Deng.

However, if that is the case then Elisabeth is married to her brother James and going by the name Katherine.

Meanwhile Lachlan’s wife Sarah is also an Elisabeth lookalike.

And Sarah certainly looks like Emma Noble.

And Elisabeth also looks like Emma Noble in the following half ‘n’ half face comparisons:

Now I am not saying that they are all each other. I am merely pointing out that it is fucking weird… And the fact that they could well all be each other.

Moreover, I believe that Murdoch is also the improbably named, Anne Darwin.

PHOTO: Anne Darwin.

Now take a butchers at the following photo batch:

Wanna another quicky?

Of course you fucking do.

And Darwin has of course written a book.

Now whilst Darwin was supposedly serving the 6 year prison sentence that she received for fraud, she was supposedly attacked by other inmates who mistook her for Serial Killer, Rose West:

CANOE conman John Darwin’s wife has revealed fellow inmates mistook her for infamous serial killer Rose West while the pair were locked up in the same prison.

Anne Darwin and now ex-husband, John, were both jailed for their outrageous fraud – which saw John fake his own death in a kayaking accident in 2002.

CANOE conman John Darwin’s wife has revealed fellow inmates mistook her for infamous serial killer Rose West while the pair were locked up in the same prison.

Anne Darwin and now ex-husband, John, were both jailed for their outrageous fraud – which saw John fake his own death in a kayaking accident in 2002.

In her new book Out of My Depth Anne reveals that new arrivals in prison mistook her for West while the pair were incarcerated together, The Mirror reports.

Anne, 64, writes: “I went to the chapel whenever there was a Catholic mass.

“Occasionally, Rose would turn up with her officer in tow.

“On a couple of occasions, I was even mistaken for her, despite the fact we looked nothing alike, other than we both wore glasses.

“Two new women had arrived on the wing and when they first saw me, one of them asked if I was Rose West.

“I’d never imagined I’d be mistaken for a serial killer.” Continue Readin

PHOTO: A quite obviously faked photo of John & Anne Darwin – why would they do that and where the fuck did she get those teeth?

Now despite ‘Anne’ stating in regard to Rose West that:  “On a couple of occasions, I was even mistaken for her, despite the fact we looked nothing alike, other than we both wore glasses”.

That simply is not true and indeed the Monster-Minions must have come in their pants if by chance they have used the same head head photos for both.

I would in fact say that they were frighteningly similar!

And don’t they just love mugging the nation off.

Moreover, Anne’s husband JOHN Darwin was played by the fella who played IRA terrorist, JOHN Downey who was supposedly behind the Hyde Park bombing

Take no notice of Downey’s enlarged nostril & silly ear and Darwin’s drawn on eyebrows (top pic).

Moreover, Anne Darwin supposedly became best friends forever with murderer Tracie Andrews whilst they were banged up together:

Anne also served time with road rage killer Tracie Andrews in Askham Grange Prison, in Yorkshire.

Andrews murdered fiancé Lee Harvey, 25, and served 14 years until her release in 2012.

Anne said: “Rose West was creepy, she had such dark eyes. But Tracie was actually quite a gentle person.”

Anne and her husband John staged the canoe accident in order to claim life insurance. Source

PHOTO: Tracie Andrews – strange spelling of ‘Tracie’

Andrews was given a life sentence for murdering her boyfriend Lee Harvey – the name being synonymous with Lee Harvey Oswald who supposedly shot American president John F Kennedy.

You see, many of those who take part in these frauds are given the same name as someone famous in order for the dumbed down public to remember them.

Strange that it is always these high profile prisoners who interact with each other don’t cha think?

I mean, by way of another example there is some old bollox in today’s Sunday Chimp (26/02/2017) about Peter Sutcliffe AKA the Yorkshire Ripper and Soham Killer, Ian Huntley having a handbags at dawn moment in FranklandPrison:

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has been involved in a prison bust-up with child killer Ian Huntley, according to Sutcliffe’s brother.

The face-to-face confrontation took place at HMP Frankland where the murderers are serving their sentences.

In the heated exchange Sutcliffe, 70, reportedly called Huntley, 43, a ‘child killing b*****d’ and told him to ‘p*** off’. Source

Yet both characters are fakes… But I digress.

So to get back on track let me tell you that TRACIE Andrews is also TRACEY Connelly – the mother of Baby P

PHOTO: Tracey Connelly and her son Peter Connelly AKA Baby P

And as is the norm, there are very few photos of Connelly on the net to compare her with yet there can be no doubt what so ever that the photo of Connelly above came from one of Tracie Andrews.

Course, Connolly is also good friends with Rose West:

Tracey Connelly, the mother of tragic Baby P, will enjoy a Christmas feast behind bars – cooked by serial killer Rose West.

Connelly will be treated to a roast turkey dinner before watching DVDs on a 42-inch plasma TV and playing quizzes.

West has been making mince pies, cakes and biscuits for fellow inmates on her wing, reserved for some of Britain’s most notorious female prisoners.

A source at Low Newton jail near Durham revealed: “Rose West is known in the kitchens for her cooking.

“She is allowed to cook for the women on the wing on Sundays and, with Christmas Day falling on a Sunday, she’ll be serving up her pastries and cream at tea-time when they all settle down in front of the telly.”

Connelly, 30, was jailed ­indefinitely along with boyfriend Steven Barker and lodger Jason Owen for allowing 17-month-old Peter to be tortured to death. Her trial heard how Peter had been forced to scavenge for broken biscuits because she couldn’t be bothered to feed him. Source

Total, total nonsense. I mean according to government statistics the number of women in prison in England and Wales stood at 3,935 as of the 13 July 2015, spread over 12 prisons yet all these infamous bints are all put together to become great pals… Fuck off wit’cha.

I should also point out that the older versions of Andrews and Connelly are played by different birds.

And as an aside whilst still being highly relevant, the American government have been feeding their citizens the same old faked news using made up personas for just as long as the British government has – which just like our major faked stories that made history, the Americans immortalized them in film.

For instance the Clint Eastwood film, Escape From Alcatraz was based on the”true story” of Frank Morris, who reportedly escaped from the Alcatraz prison with brothers Clarence and John Anglin.

Course, officially they all died in the freezing waters surrounding Alcatraz – which was built on an island in San Francisco Bay.

However, like all good government sponsored hoaxes; conspiracy theories were leaked into the public domain and encouraged to flourish  – the most prevalent being that they survived, or at least the Anglin brothers did.

You can read an account of that theory by clicking HERE

Now obviously the film is sanitized because it’s Clint Eastwood innit. And Clint can’t be seen as a low life drug pusher, which was in fact what Frank Morris was amongst other things.

The following is from Wikipedia:

Frank Lee Morris was born in Washington, D.C. on September 1, 1926. He was orphaned at age 11, and spent most of his formative years in foster homes. He was convicted of his first crime at the age of 13, and by his late teens had been arrested for crimes ranging from narcotics possession to armed robbery. Morris was exceptionally intelligent, ranking in the top 2% of the general population as measured by IQ testing. He served time in Florida and Georgia, then escaped from the Louisiana State Penitentiary while serving 10 years for bank robbery. He was recaptured a year later while committing a burglary, and sent to Alcatraz in 1960 as inmate number AZ1441.

And John Anglin, played by actor, Fred Ward in the film and his brother Clarence played in the film by actor, Jack Thibeau were no better.

The following is taken from the same Wikipedia page as is linked above:

They began robbing banks and other establishments as a team in the early 1950s, usually targets that were closed, to ensure that no one got injured. They claimed that they used a weapon only once, during a bank heist—a toy gun. They were arrested in 1956. Both received 15- to 20-year sentences, which they served at Florida State Prison, Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, and then Atlanta Penitentiary.

After repeated failed attempts to escape from the Atlanta facility, the brothers were transferred to Alcatraz. John arrived on October 21, 1960, as inmate AZ1476, and Clarence on January 10, 1961, as inmate AZ1485.

Now there was also meant to have been a fourth escapee – a fella named Allen Clayton West – but he couldn’t get out of his cell in time and missed the boat so to speak.

The following is also taken from that Wikipedia page:

Allen Clayton West was born on March 25, 1929. Convicted of car theft in 1955, he was sent to Atlanta Penitentiary, and then to Florida State Prison. After an unsuccessful escape attempt in Florida he was transferred to Alcatraz in 1957 and became inmate AZ1335.

West was the only conspirator who did not participate in the actual escape, because he was unable to finish removing the ventilator grill in his cell in time. He cooperated fully with the escape investigation and was not charged for his role in the attempt.

West was transferred to McNeil Island, Washington when Alcatraz was deactivated in 1963, and later, back to Atlanta Penitentiary. After serving his sentence, followed by two additional sentences in Georgia and Florida, he was released in 1967, only to be arrested again in Florida the following year on charges of grand larceny. At Florida State Prison he fatally stabbed another prisoner in October 1972, in what may have been a racially motivated incident. He was serving multiple sentences, including life imprisonment on the murder conviction, when he died of acute peritonitis on December 21, 1978, at the age of 49.

So, no one lived to tell the tale so to speak.

However, what is interesting is that West was fictionalized in the Eastwood film as a character named Charley Butts.

Nevertheless, according to the ‘official’ version of events all four were at one time or another first in Atlanta Penitentiary (near Washington DC) before being sent right down the East Coast of America to Florida State Prison (around 500 miles away), before being sent to Alcatraz right over on the West Coast of America… Which is an awful long fucking way away (a distance of around 3000 miles).

In fact there cannot have even been three years between the top photos because the younger photos of the three were all taken in 1960 & 61 and they escaped on the night of June 11th 1962.

I mean I know that Alcatraz was meant to be harsh but fuck me that takes the biscuit.

However, the fact that they were said to have used a drill made out of a hoover engine – in other words one drill shared between 4 cells – makes the already tall tale now become a fucking giant!

This from Wikipedia:

They slowly widened ventilation duct openings in their cells’ walls, using saw blades they found discarded on the prison grounds, spoons stolen from the commissary, and a drill improvised from the motor of a broken vacuum cleaner. They concealed their work with cardboard and various other items.

And of course this was the launch for a future series of bizarre [hoax] prison breaks such as the one that saw Ronnie Biggs hopping over the 30ft high Wandsworth prison wall and the two dangerous American prisoners who used angle grinders to escape from their cells and then through a pipe from a Maximum-Security New York jail in June 2015.


Mind you, the fact that one of those prisoners was the actor Edward Norton was what really alerted me to the fact that the story was complete and utter shite.

download (1)7996011_G

You will have to forgive the half ‘n’ half comparisons as I wasn’t as good at doing them back in the day.

And then of course just last November we had the equally utter bollox about the two prisoners escaping from Pentonville Prison in London… To name but a few.

Now allegedly, when JOHN Anglin and his brother Clarence were approaching their teen years they moved with their large family to Ruskin Florida:

Their parents, George Robert Anglin and Rachael Van Miller Anglin, were seasonal farm workers; in the early 1940s, they moved the family to Ruskin, Florida, 20 miles south of Tampa, where the truck farms and tomato fields provided a more reliable source of income.

And the reason that is interesting is that makes them Anglin Ruskin which is very close to Anglia Ruskin; as in Anglia Ruskin University, named after JOHN Ruskin.

The University – according to Wikipedia – has: ” Campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough“.

Furthermore, the University also shares campuses with; “the College of West Anglia in King’s Lynn, Wisbech and Cambridge” and has been named as one of the “most upwardly mobile universities in the world“.

And crucially, I see the place mentioned time and again in – what are – blatantly fake news stories. In fact I see it mentioned easily as often as the sinister Bristol University.

Whats more – and of no real surprise to me – the University is a world leader in Psychological Research. The following is taken from the above linked Wiki page:

Research: Psychology, Vision, and Environmental Sciences research was rated as world leading or of international quality in the 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise. Successes include discoveries of new animal species, design of new car bonnets for improved pedestrian safety, and leading study in the first to study the toxic effects of benzylpiperazine (BZP)

New animal species“? As in plural… I wonder if that is Dolly the Sheep type of “new animal species“?

After all, Dolly was created at the Roslin Institute which is part of  the University of Edinburgh although to my way of thinking, a Duck would have been more apt… Just sayin’.

Their list of students who attended the uni is quite impressive too:

Course, I feel sure that a lot of you are now thinking that I am talking shite and [John] ‘Anglin Ruskin‘ and ‘Anglia Ruskin‘ are not connected and nothing more than a coincidence… Oh yee of little faith.

You see I wrote about another of these “coincidental” links back in June 2014, which unfortunately I have had to edit due to the restraining order used to silence me… Nevertheless here is the edited version:

The Langley Housing Estate in Middleton, Manchester was once amongst the roughest council estates in the country and indeed in the early 1990’s many children living there were removed from their families amidst allegations of Satanic child abuse.

And despite all of the children eventually being returned home due to lack of evidence – albeit some were not returned for over 6 years –  I truly believe that given the people involved in the investigation/cover up (such as Virginia Bottomley), the abuse allegations were in all probability not without foundation.

Moreover, when you start digging you would be surprised at the number of high profile criminal acts that have taken place on the troubled Estate or those council estates neighboring it – for instance the Moors Murders – along with criminal acts that were committed by people who were raised there… Robert Stewart for instance.

Now most of you would either say you haven’t got a Scooby-Fucking-Do who Rob Stewart is or you would answer that he is the pervert caught trying to have sex with his bicycle. Source

I know, I know – I should really stay on topic but that story was too funny not to share.

Never the less, the Rob Stewart that I am referring to was/is the racist thug with a religious cross and the letters RIP tattooed on his forehead.

PHOTO: Robert Stewart photographed at the coincidentally named HMP Hindley, shortly before he was transferred to Feltham YOI.

And 17 years ago, Stewart beat his Asian cellmate to death with a table leg whilst incarcerated in Feltham Young Offenders Institute:

At 3.35am on March 21, 2000, an alarm sounded in an office on Swallow wing at Feltham young offenders’ institution. Malcolm Nicholson, a guard, thought it was the usual night-time request from inmates for toilet paper, so went to cell number 38 armed with a roll.

The cell had been shared for six weeks by Zahid Mubarek, 19, who was due to be released later that day, and Robert Stewart, who was so dangerous, yesterday’s report concluded, that he should have been incarcerated on his own.

The prison officer opened the flap on the cell door to see Robert Stewart holding what appeared to be a stick. Lying on a bed, covered in blood, was Zahid Mubarek. Stewart said Zahid had had an accident and Mr Nicholson, realising Zahid was seriously injured, returned to his office to raise the alarm.

Stewart, from Manchester, had broken a leg off a table and bludgeoned Zahid to death. He was covered in Zahid’s blood, and was taken to another cell, where he used the heel of his boot to scrawl a swastika and the words “Manchester just killed me padmate”. Staff told the inquiry that Stewart was calm, and within half an hour of the murder was sound asleep. Source


PHOTO: Crime scene photo of Stewarts cell

How mind controlled was that cunt? If of course the murder really took place.

The following is from the BBC:

Some of the other inmates described Stewart’s behaviour at Feltham as “strange, weird and aggressive” – and there was no indication that he had made any friends.

In other words: Mind-Controlled.

What’s more Stewart had once lived on the Langley Estate.

Now, when we talk in terms of ‘mind control’ we usually associate the term with the CIA.

So lets see what connections we can make with Langley and the CIA.

And straight away the animated adult TV series ‘American Dad’, created by Zionist Seth Macfarlane immediately springs to mind.

Indeed, American Dad is about a family headed by CIA agent, Stan Smith and set in the fictitious suburb of Langley Falls, although Langley is indeed home to the CIA headquarters.

Furthermore, Langley is in the American State of Virginia and in turn the Manchester Satanic Child abuse was covered up by Virginia Bottomley whose surname is just about the English equivalent to the surname allocated to the actor playing the part of American would-be escapee, prisoner, Allen Clayton West – namely Charlie Butts – in the film Escape From Alcartraz

And Stan Smith shares the same surname as the Paedophile MP, Cyril Smith who was born and raised in Rochdale.

Fat Cyril Smith went on to become the town’s Mayor after which he became the Member of Parliament for the seat of Rochdale.

So, no surprise then that the Langley Estate actually falls under control of Rochdale Council.

What’s more, Cyril Smith was a close friend of the Satanic Paedophile, Jimmy Savile for over 40 years… And Savile of course also had many close links with Manchester… Tellingly, both were knighted by the Queen.

Moreover, ‘American Dad’ – now in its 22nd season – does, as you would expect, frequently make references to ‘mind control’.

Now, here’s a thing. You see people from Manchester are called ‘Mancunians’ and ‘Mancunian’ is very close to the word ‘Manchurian’ – as in the novel ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ which is about mind control.

Furthermore, that novel spawned two film adaptations with the same title – both of which focused more on the mind control aspect rather than the sexual perversion included in the book:

Both adaptations discard several elements of the book. The book spends more time describing the brain-washers and the facility in Manchuria where the Americans were held. The head of the project grants Raymond a “gift”; after his brainwashing, he becomes quite sexually active, in contrast to his reserved nature beforehand where he hadn’t even kissed his love interest, Jocelyn Jordan.

In the novel, Mrs. Iselin and her son travel abroad, where she uses him to kill various political figures and possibly Jocelyn Jordan’s first husband. Rosie, Marco’s love interest, is also the ex-fiance of one of his associates handling the Shaw case for Army Intelligence, making things between them tense.

As a child, Mrs. Iselin was sexually abused by her father but fell in love with him and idolized him after his early death. Towards the end of the book, as Raymond is hypnotized by the Queen of Diamonds, he reminds her of her father and she sleeps with him. Source, Wikipedia

And as we know, Satanic sex abuse involves sexual perversion.

Indeed, it is worth checking out the American Dad characters, which you can do by clicking HERE 

Not such a coincidence now is it… Yet you still haven’t heard the half of it.

You see, the Actor Johnny Depp’s new film is called Black Mass – which is the name of a Satanic Ritual.

The film itself is based on the true life story of the alleged FBI informant and now incarcerated Mobster, Whitey Bulger whose real name is… Wait for it. Wait for it… James Bulger.

Now, after spending 16 years on the run, Whitey Bulger was caught and put on trial in June 2013 for ‘Racketeering‘ at the ripe old age of 81. The following is from Wikipedia:

On June 12, 2013, Bulger went on trial for 32 counts of racketeering, money laundering, extortion, and weapons charges, including complicity in 19 murders. 

On August 12, 2013, he was found guilty on 31 counts, including both racketeering charges, and was found to have been involved in 11 murders.

On November 14, 2013, Bulger was sentenced to two consecutive life terms plus five years for his crimes by U.S. District Judge Denise Casper.

Bulger is now inmate number 02182-748 currently incarcerated for life at the United States Penitentiary Coleman II in Sumterville, Florida.

Do you see now how easy it is to make a person with a full head of hair look convincingly bald?

Now here is another thing. Before his life of crime really took off, Bulger had spent at least five years in the U.S Air Force and his brother, William “Billy” Bulger, was the former President of the Massachusetts Senate.

However in 1956 Bulger found himself banged up for the first time in a federal prison after being convicted of Armed Robbery and hijacking lorries… And that prison just so happened to be the Atlanta Penitentiary – which would have been around the same time that the Anglin brothers were there.

Moreover – according to Wikipedia – whilst serving his sentence in Atlanta Penitentiary, Bulger was recruited into an MK-Ultra program:

In 1956, Bulger served his first term in federal prison when he was sentenced to time in Atlanta Penitentiary for armed robbery and truck hijacking. He later told mobster Kevin Weeks, that while there, he was involved in the MK-ULTRA program, the goal of which was to research mind-control drugs for the Central Intelligence Agency.

For 18 months Bulger and 18 other inmates, all of whom had volunteered in return for reduced sentences, were given LSD and other drugs. 

Bulger later complained that he and the other inmates had been “recruited by deception” and that they were told they were helping to find “a cure for schizophrenia”. He described his experience as “nightmarish” and said it took him “to the depths of insanity.”

Bulger was then allegedly transferred to Alcatraz in November 1959 – just before Frank Morris and John Anglin arrived there in 1960, followed by Clarence Anglin in 1961… How convenient.

PHOTO: James Bulger’s Alcatraz Prison photo.

If you have just clocked the clincher keep it to yourself and don’t spoil it for those who haven’t.

Now Bulger left Alcatraz in November 1962 – 5 months after Morris & the Anglin’s had done their bunk.

However, I believe that Morris, the Anglin Brothers and Allen Clayton West are all the same fella.

Yet even if they aren’t each other that still isn’t particularly important. However, what is important is that John Anglin is without doubt James Whitey Bulger.

One of the easiest “half ‘n’ half” photos that I have ever had to do.

And anything that the Americans can and do do, we do the same. Take the Scottish serial killer, Peter Manuel for instance.

Photo: Peter Manuel

Manuel was convicted of murdering eight people across southern Scotland between 1956 and 1958, and is believed to have also murdered at least two more.

Prior to his arrest, the media had nicknamed the then unidentified killer, “the Beast of Birkenshaw”.

Following his conviction Manuel was hanged at Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison.

And his picture was certainly used to portray Peter Anthony Allen who along with his partner in crime, Gwynne Owen Evans were the last men to be hung in England.

PHOTO: PETER Manuel & PETER Allen.

Manuel is in all probability also George Kelly, a man wrongfully hanged in 1950 after being convicted of murdering a cinema manager:

A conviction for the murder of a cinema manager, that sent a young Liverpool labourer to the gallows 53 years ago, was yesterday overturned by the court of appeal.

George Kelly was executed at Walton jail on Merseyside in March 1950, following what was then the longest criminal trial in English legal history. His plea for clemency had been rejected by the home secretary of the day, James Chuter Ede.

Announcing their decision yesterday, three appeal judges, Lord Justice Rix, Mr Justice Douglas Brown and Mr Justice Davis, concluded the original verdict was “unsafe”. The case was the oldest referred to the criminal cases review commission, the statutory body that investigates alleged miscarriages of justice. The crown did not attempt to uphold the conviction. Source

Moreover, I believe that Manuel – or at least his photo – was also used for Police Sgt Chris Head who was gunned down along with 2 colleagues by Harry Roberts and his gang back in 1966.

And in theory PC Head should also be Kelly.

Indeed you only need look at the ears.

Now if you haven’t visited the link yet that I have provided above for Harry Roberts, what took place on the 12th of August 1966 is as follows according to the ‘official version’, to which I have added photos and comments.:

At about 3:15 pm the car turned into Braybrook Street, a residential road on the Old Oak Council Estate bordering Wormwood Scrubs and Wormwood Scrubs prison. The officers spotted a battered blue Standard Vanguard estate van registration number PGT 726, parked in the street with three men sitting inside it.

So far, so good… Carry on:

Since escapes were sometimes attempted from the prison with the assistance of getaway vehicles driven by accomplices, the officers decided to question the occupants. It is possible that PC Fox recognised the van’s driver, Jack Witney, as a known criminal. The vehicle also had no tax disc, then legally required for driving in the United Kingdom.

Photo: The car in question.

DS Head and DC Wombwell got out of their car and walked over to the van, where they questioned Witney about the lack of a tax disc.

That however is not actually correct as originally only DC Womble got out of the car.

Indeed, the following is a Kate Kray (ex wife of Ronnie Kray) interview with Harry Roberts which was published as an article in the Chimp:

We were driving in the van to the factory and spotted a Triumph 2000 following us. There were three men in the car. I turned to Jack. “That’s the Old Bill. I bet they’re going to nick us.”

‘He looked worried and carried on driving. We drove into Braybrook Street. It was 2.45pm. The car overtook us and stopped about 130ft ahead. One of the men got out of the car and started to come towards the van. We were panicking, trying to hide all our tools including the shooters.’

The man turned out to be David Wombwell, a 25-year-old father of two and Scotland Yard detective. He came around to the side of the van and Jack wound down the window. In his telling of the story, Roberts – whom I always call Harry – displays a cold impatience with the policemen they were to murder. In his words, he recalls that Wombwell ‘snapped’: ‘I’d like to see your driving licence and insurance certificate.’

Roberts continued: ‘Jack reached into the glove compartment and gave them to him. Wombwell walked back to the police car and we could see him talking to the other officer, Sergeant [Christopher] Head.

‘Jack handed me the 9mm Luger that he had under the dashboard. Wombwell returned to Jack’s side of the van. Now he wanted to see what was in the back. “F*** off,” said Jack and a violent row erupted. ‘Sergeant Head came around to my side of the van and with my elbow, I quickly flicked the switch down so he couldn’t open my door. Source

Nevertheless, let’s carry on with the official version :

He replied that he had not yet obtained his MOT test certificate, which is required before a tax disc can be issued.

DS Head asked Witney for his driving licence and vehicle insurance certificate; noticing that the latter had expired at midday, he told DC Wombwell to write down Witney’s details and walked around to the other side of the van.

PHOTO: Detective Sgt Christopher Head AKA Serial Killer Peter Manuel

Witney protested that he had been caught for the same offence two weeks before and pleaded to be given a break.

PHOTO: Jack Witney – I think. There are no readily available photos on the internet of either Witney or the 3rd person with him and Roberts that day, John Duddy… Very strange! 

However, as he did so his front seat passenger, Harry Roberts, produced a Luger pistol and shot DC Wombwell through the left eye, killing him instantly.

Now, starting from where Womble walked back to the Triumph police car before returning with DS Head, Roberts described the moment to Kate Kray thus:

Jack handed me the 9mm Luger that he had under the dashboard. Wombwell returned to Jack’s side of the van. Now he wanted to see what was in the back. “F*** off,” said Jack and a violent row erupted. ‘Sergeant Head came around to my side of the van and with my elbow, I quickly flicked the switch down so he couldn’t open my door.

‘That annoyed him and he started shaking the van, grabbing hold of the door handle and screaming, “Open the door!” Me and Jack looked at each other. By this time Wombwell had his head through the open window, screaming at Jack.

‘With half a smile, Jack said quietly, “Let the slag have it, Harry.”

‘Instantly, I raised my arm and, with the Luger Jack had just handed me, I shot Wombwell point-blank. The bullet whizzed past Jack’s nose and hit Wombwell just below the eye. He slumped to the ground. I could hear my heart thumping. The air was electric.

PHOTO: A reconstruction photo with Wombwell and Head confronting Witney and Roberts.

The official version then takes up the story:

DS Head ran back towards his Q-car, but Roberts chased and, after missing with the next shot, shot him in the head.

That varies slightly from the account that Roberts relayed to Kray:

I turned towards Sergeant Head. My elbow caught the door knob and the door flew open while he was still pulling on it.

‘I could see the shock and disbelief in his eyes. I jumped out of the car, still holding the gun. Sergeant Head turned and started running back towards the police car.’

At this point he was speaking calmly and precisely, with no sense of remorse for what he had done. I was shocked by the detail. He went on: ‘I aimed my gun and fired. I got him right in the middle of his back. He went down like a sack of s***. I ran up to him. He was lashing out with his legs.

‘I held them, aimed my gun at his head and pulled the trigger. Click. It was a dud. I took a step back and ejected the blank from the chamber. Then I tried to grab his legs again but he kicked me in the face, making my nose bleed and splitting my lip.

‘Again, I aimed the gun at his head but, to my horror, it was another dud. I couldn’t f***ing believe it. He was struggling like f*** and managed to get to his feet and he started to run again. But he only made it to the front of the police car and fell in front of it. At that moment there seemed to be a slight lull.

Now to my way of thinking it is very strange that Roberts had two dud bullets in a row after firing the first successfully.

Moreover, why did DS Head run to the front of the Triumph which was in the middle of the road with the engine running and PC Fox at the wheel. I mean it would have made a lot more sense to get in the motor wouldn’t it?

The official bullshit continues.

John Duddy, the back seat passenger, also got out, grabbing a .38 Webley Service Revolver from the bag next to him (which also contained a third gun). He ran over to the Q-car and shot PC Fox three times through the window as he tried to reverse towards him and Roberts, who also fired several shots. As he died, Fox’s foot jerked down on the accelerator and the car lurched forward over the prone body of DS Head, who was already dying of his wounds.

Now this makes no sense whatsoever.

You see the Triumph was an automatic yet you have to ask yourself why PC Fox reversed when DS Head was in front of the car.

PHOTO: PC Fox with an obviously faked chin and dodgy eye.

After all, if DC Womble was shot in the face he was beyond help really and it isn’t as if Fox and the already shot-in-the-back, DS Head were going to load Wombles body into the back with three armed nutters surrounding them.

Moreover, Fox was reversing whilst John Duddy was shooting at him. Yet if the car was in reverse, how did it get into drive-gear to be able to run DS Head over. Course, that running over your own man scenario was re-packaged for the Boston Bomb Bollox and saw Dzhokhar Tsarnaev run over his brothers Tamerlan whilst trying to escape a shoot-out with the police.

Mind you, as I have already pointed out in my article “Qui Qui,Poo Poo“, the Tsarnaev brothers are one and the same so one of them had to die as they both couldn’t go on trial being only one of them.


Moreover, it is quite obvious to me that PC Fox and DC Womble are one and the same too.

In fact it is fair to say that the Monsters have been shafting us for a long, long time using the very same methods that they are still using today.

Once again, any photo expert who can debunk that, please do.

And of course that explains why there are so few photos of the trio on the internet.

Nevertheless, it must be true because there is a memorial stone that makes the story true:

But I digress… As always. So to get back on track, I will remind you that we were up to the part where PC Fox inexplicably reversed the triumph before being shot dead and driving forward over his superior officer DS Christopher Head.

So, we best see if Harry Roberts can shine some light on the matter in his conversation with Kate Kray.

I heard Jack shout, “Get the driver!” I looked towards the van and saw John Duddy standing in the road like some kind of cowboy. He was holding his gun out in front of him and “fanning” the trigger. I hadn’t noticed the police car starting up.

‘PC [Geoffrey] Fox, the third man in the car, had been sitting there, watching. Now he crunched the car into reverse gear.

Suddenly Duddy shot all the windows out and there was glass flying everywhere. PC Fox was in total panic and rammed the gear lever into first in a vain attempt to get away. 

But as the car shot forward, he ran over Sergeant Head who was lying in front of the police car, wedging him under the back wheels.

‘At that moment I turned to face the driver, only to see him take a bullet in the head from Duddy. I saw him slump down over the steering wheel.

‘It was as if he just went to sleep. In less than 30 seconds, all three policemen were dead.’

PHOTO: An obviously faked Duddy who looks a bit like a Bee Gee’s version of DS Christopher Head.

Nevertheless, you have to ask why the panicking, supposedly unflappable, advanced driver, PC Fox didn’t just keep going?

The official story then continues:

Duddy and Roberts got back into the van and Witney reversed rapidly down a side street and pulled out onto Wulfstan Street before driving away at speed. However, a passer-by, suspicious of a car driving so fast near the prison, had written down the registration plate, PGT 726.

Like ya do when you see a speeding car roar passed… You grab that pen and paper that you always keep in your pocket and jot down that blood-clart registration number before the car disappears from site… Not sure why they reversed though, but then again I wasn’t there at the time.

Mind you, the fella done well because the copper who was after the three killers on his motorbike didn’t manage to get the car reg… Least that is the case according to Roberts’ account:

There was also nearly a fourth dead policeman that day.

Picking up the story with the same remorseless precision, Roberts explained they had screeched backwards out of Braybrook Street to make their getaway: ‘Jack spun the van around and we drove away at top speed into Old Oak Lane. At that moment a police motorbike came alongside us. Jack said, “Give it to him as well” but the copper must have realised he was in danger because he quickly veered off and I lost sight of him.’

Fuck that… I’m off for a cuppa” thought the copper.

Are you having this shite? Yet like all government sponsored hoaxes, the sublime goes to the ridiculous:

An hour and a half after the shootings, Duddy had left Roberts and Witney who were at Euston Station where they saw a newspaper billboard, saying: ‘ONE DEAD, TWO INJURED’.

Got that? “An hour and a half after the shootings” the Press had got the story (no mobile phones remember) and written it up. The proofreader had then checked it for accuracy and the Editor had approved it. The story had then been sent down to the type setters and print-works, where it was then printed onto newspaper along with the rest of the days news, after which the paper vans had picked the bundles up and delivered them to the newsagents and street sellers… All within an hour and a half!

Fuck off wit’cha.

Nevertheless, no doubt reveling in the fantasy Roberts continued to bullshit Kate:

Roberts then told me the conversation between the two of them. ‘Jack said to me, “It’s no good. We’ll have to kill the other two.” I agreed and we caught a cab back to Duddy’s.

‘As the cab pulled up I went into the newsagent’s on the corner of the road just as the newspapers were being delivered off the van. I noticed the front page as the man slung them across the pavement. It read: “THREE DEAD”.’

Ignore it, just fucking ignore it.

Soon afterwards, Roberts returned to his home where his girlfriend Lilly was waiting. ‘As I walked in, Lilly said, “Have you heard the news? Three policemen are dead.”

Not: “Hello babe, you had a nice day”?

And what did Roberts reply?

‘“Have I heard it? We f***ing did it!” Source

Hmmm… All that I can say is that nearly 50 years in prison must have taken it’s toll on old Harry – of whom there are any amount of photos to be found on the internet.

Indeed, it is amazing how the press always knew that he was on day release and where. The same applies to after he was finally released last year… Still, lets get back to the official shite:

Witney, the van’s owner, was arrested at his home six hours after the shootings. Following a tip-off, the van was discovered the next day in a lock-up garage rented by Witney under a railway arch in Vauxhall.

Ah yes, the old tip off… Roger that.

It contained some spent .38 cartridges and equipment that could be used for stealing cars.

Because it is always handy having the old spent cartridges hanging about the place, don’t cha know?

Initially Witney pretended that he had sold the van for £15 to an unknown man in a pub earlier in the day, but confessed on 14 August, admitting what had happened, and naming his accomplices.

Duddy had fled to his native Glasgow, but was arrested on 17 August using information obtained from his brother.

As in ‘brother’… Carry on:

Roberts hid out in Epping Forest to avoid the huge manhunt. He used his military training (he had served as a soldier during the Malayan Emergency) to avoid police capture for three months.

Did ya get that? Roberts went camping in Epping Forest for 3 months… None of that getting ya pals to put you up in a safe house for Rambo Roberts… He went fucking camping.

PHOTO: Police finally discover where Roberts had been doing his ging-gang-goolieing for the past 3 months

Nevertheless, the old bollox continues:

A £1,000 reward was offered for information leading to his arrest. He was finally captured on 15 November whilst sleeping in a barn at Blount’s Farm near Bishop’s Stortford after hiding in the adjacent Thorley Wood. Roberts was familiar with the area as he had often visited it as a child with his mother.

The three suspects were John Edward ‘Jack’ Witney, John Duddy and Harry Maurice Roberts.

Witney (born 1930) was a known petty criminal with ten convictions for theft. He lived with his wife in a basement flat in Fernhead Road, Paddington.

Duddy (born 1928), originally from Glasgow, was a long-distance lorry driver. He had been in trouble for theft several times when he was younger, but had been straight since 1948. Immediately prior to the offence he had started to drink heavily and had met Roberts and Witney in a club.

Yet Witney and Roberts trusted him sufficiently to let him in on their armed robberies… Roger that:

Roberts (born 1936) was a career criminal with convictions for attempted store-breaking, larceny and robbery with violence. He was a former soldier who had served in Malaya. He almost certainly opened fire because he thought that the officers were about to search the van and believed he could be sentenced to 15 years imprisonment if he was caught with a firearm.

So he went for the better option of 48 years… Carry on:

The trial of Witney and Duddy began at the Old Bailey on 14 November, but was almost immediately adjourned after Roberts’s capture so the three men could be tried together. Roberts pleaded guilty to the murders of DS Head and DC Wombwell (but not that of PC Fox), but the other two defendants denied all charges.

Only Witney testified in his own defence, saying that he and Duddy were terrified of Roberts.

On 12 December 1966, after a trial lasting only six days, the three men were convicted of murder and possession of firearms and sentenced to life imprisonment.

SIX DAYS? Fuck me that is good going even by hoax standards.

The jury took only 30 minutes to reach the verdict.

The judge, Mr. Justice Glyn-Jones, recommended that they serve at least thirty years before becoming eligible for parole. He commented that the murders were “the most heinous crime to have been committed in this country for a generation or more”.

Okay, lets have a look at some more photos:

Now, that has to be DC Womble who was shot in the head by Roberts. I mean it can’t be DS Christopher Head because he ended up in front of the back wheels of the Triumph and it can’t be the unflappable, panicking PC Geoff Fox because he ended up slumped over the Triumph’s steering wheel.

And just so as you can see the difference that nearly 50 years makes to a place, the following is what it looks like now:

Nevertheless, Womble is in great shape to say that he was shot just below the eye.

Now whilst I was researching old Harry I watched a YouTube documentary about the triple murder which featured a retired Chief Superintendent name Jean Cooper.

And according to Cooper herself, she was just a lowly PC back in 1966, given the job of breaking the bad news to the three dead coppers families.

Which would be fine were it not for the fact that Cooper is Maureen Flanagan – former hairdresser to Violet Kray, ex-girlfriend of Reg Kray, retired Page 3 girl and once upon a time, soft core porn star.

Course, Flanagan – the name she goes under – has written a book too.

And it would also seem that she is in big demand.

And there can be no doubt that Jean Cooper is Flanagan, which pretty much proves on its own that the Shepard Bush Massacre was just more government sponsored old fanny.

Flanagan also starred in the Shoreham Flight-Shite staged production.

PHOTO: Flanagan pretending to be an old bird who came within a whisker of death in the Shoreham Flight-Shite

Now, it would appear that I am not the only one to be suspicious about the Shepard Bush Massacre. You see a couple of years back someone put in a series of freedom-of-information requests in regard to the ‘bloodbath’.

These requests were as follows.

On the 3rd of May 2015, a Mr Chris Clarke submitted his first FOI request:

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

Please could I have a copy of the entries for Foxtrot 11 the Braybrook Street Massacre car for the week Monday 8th – Friday 12th August 1966. I understand that the logbook is or was a display at the Metropolitan Police Museum.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Clark

Now just to be clear, Foxtrot 11 was Womble & Co’s car – the unmarked police Triumph – call sign and the logbook in question is the record listing the days brief for the three soon-to-be-dead coppers, what steps they had taken to fulfill it and where they had been in their quest to do so – hence Clarke only requests the cars log entries up to the 12th of August 1966 since the officers were in no position to have the logs completed after that.

And since the shooting had occurred nearly 49 years prior to the request, in theory there wasn’t likely to be anything deemed ‘sensitive‘ contained within those logs during the requested 4 day period (8th-12th August 1966).

However, the Metropolitan Police (MPS) replied the very next day:

Dear Mr Clark

Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 2015050000147

I write in connection with your request for information which was received by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) on 03/05/2015.  

I note you seek access to the following information:

Please could I have a copy of the entries for Foxtrot 11 the Braybrook Street Massacre car for the week Monday 8th – Friday 12th August 1966. I understand that the logbook is or was a display at the Metropolitan Police Museum.

Your request will now be considered in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act).  You will receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working days as defined by the Act, subject to the information not being exempt or containing a reference to a third party.  In some circumstances the MPS may be unable to achieve this deadline.  If this is likely you will be informed and given a revised time-scale at the earliest opportunity.

The MPS then wrote to Mr Clarke on the 3rd of June 2015 expressing their apologies for the delay in giving him the required information:

Dear Mr Clark

Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 2015050000147

I write in connection with your request for information which was received by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) on 03/05/2015.  I note you seek access to the following information:

* Please could I have a copy of the entries for Foxtrot 11 the Braybrook Street Massacre car for the week Monday 8th – Friday 12th August 1966.

I understand that the logbook is or was a display at the Metropolitan Police Museum.

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act), we have 20 working days to respond to a request for information

I am sorry to inform you that we have not been able to complete our response to your request by the date originally stated, as we are currently awaiting approval of the information you have requested by the Crime Museum Senior Management team. As a result we will not be able to respond within 20 working days.

I hope to provide you with a reponse within the next few days.

May I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Approval“? How queer.

The MPS then wrote further to Mr Clarke on the 11th of June 2015. I have highlighted the interesting parts by using a different coloured font:

Dear Mr Clark

Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 2015050000147

I respond in connection with your request for information which was received by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) on 03/05/2015.  I note you seek access to the following information:

Please could I have a copy of the entries for Foxtrot 11 the Braybrook Street Massacre car for the week Monday 8th – Friday 12th August 1966. I understand that the logbook is or was a display at the Metropolitan Police Museum.

Following receipt of your request searches were conducted within the MPS to locate information relevant to your request.


To locate the information relevant to your request searches were conducted at the MPS Crime Museum.


Having located and considered the relevant information, . I am afraid that I am not required by statute to release the information requested in full. This E-Mail serves as a Partial Refusal Notice under Section 17 of the Act.

Some of the information you have requested is exempt from disclosure by virtue of the following exemption under the Freedom of Information Act (the Act):

Section 40 (2) (3) – Personal Information

Please see the Legal Annex for the sections of the Act that are referred to in this response.

Section 40 (2) & (3) of the Act Provides – Personal Information: Absolute Exemption/Class Based

You have asked for a document which contains names of prisoners.

Under Section 40(2) and (3) of the Act, Public Authorities are able to withhold information where its release would identify any living individual and breach the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). I have applied this exemption in that the full names of arrested persons constitutes personal data which would, if released, be in breach of the rights provided by the DPA.

The eight principles of the DPA govern the way in which data controllers must manage personal data. Under principle one of the DPA, personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully. The release of this information would be unfair as the persons concerned would have no reasonable expectation that the MPS would make this information publicly available.

In reaching my decision, I have, in each case, given due regard to Condition one and six of Schedule 2 of the DPA. Condition one of the DPA requires that consideration is given to whether consent for disclosure has been given whilst Condition six requires that consideration is given to whether disclosure would constitute legitimate processing of that data. Having considered both conditions, I have established that no consent is present or would likely be received to release this information.

This exemption is both absolute and class based. When this exemption is applied, it is accepted that harm would result from disclosure. There is accordingly no requirement to consider whether release of information is in the public interest or demonstrate what harm would result from disclosure.

Disclosed Information

Due to the age of the document you have requested, the print is very faint. I have therefore sent the document to you under separate advice as a PDF document which you can enlarge the scale.

Additionally, as your request relates to information from 8/8/1966 to 12/8/1966, the details after this date have been redacted as they are not relevant to your request For your information, there will be a temporary exhibition of artefacts from the MPS Crime Museum in October of this year.

Yep! That’s the way to fob someone off good and proper.

Nevertheless, below is what the MPS sent Mr Clarke which I have enhanced to the best of my not inconsiderable capabilities, given the tools at my disposal:

Kinda makes you wonder how they could read it in order to censor it but all the same, no help whatsoever.

However, unperturbed Mr Clarke submitted by return (11th of June 2015), a second FOI request:

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

Please could you supply me with a copy of Scene of Crime photographs of Vauxhall Standard PGT726 seized by Metropolitan Police on or around 14 August 1966.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Clark

Indeed a simple enough request for such an historic event.

Yet the following reply came back from the MPS on the 15th of June 2015:

Dear Mr or Ms Clark

Freedom of Information Act Request Reference No: 2015060000938

I write in connection with your request for information received by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) on 11/06/2015.  I note you seek access to the following information:

·        Please could you supply me with a copy of Scene of Crime photographs of Vauxhall Standard PGT726 seized by Metropolitan Police on or around 14 August 1966.

This is to inform you that I cannot identify any specific records / documents that will satisfy your request based on the details you have provided.  To enable the MPS to meet your request could you please provide this office with further information.  I provide some guidance that may assist you more clearly describe the information you require:

* details about the crime or event that the vehicle is thought to be associated with;  
* names of any persons asserted to be involved with the events;
* information about the vehicle and it’s importance in the context of the period including 14/08/1966.

After receiving your reply, your request will then be considered and you will receive the information requested within the statutory timescale of 20 working days, subject to the information not being exempt or containing a reference to a third party.

I mean to say; come on! As if the old bill cannot identify the famous motor in question and its infamous owner.

The motor in question is seen in the photo below. However, I am not surprised that Witney is so hard to identify what with the lack of fucking photos of him.

However, still unperturbed Clarke persevered by replying back the very same day:

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

The vehicle in question was owned/used by John Edward Witney together with Harry Roberts and John Duddy to murder 3 police officers of Foxtrot 11 Det Sgt Head TDC Wombwell and PC Fox in the Massacre of Braybrook Street on Friday 12 August 1966 and subsequently traced to a lockup garage owned by Witney on or around 14 August 1966.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Clark

Now you can’t get more specific than that.

Nevertheless, the following reply came back on the 16th:

Following receipt of your request searches were conducted within the MPS to locate information relevant to your request.


To locate the information relevant to your request searches have been conducted.


The searches failed to locate any information relevant to your request, therefore, the information you have requested is not held by the MPS.

Further to your enquiry, please allow me to confirm that the Metropolitan Police Service is required, under the Public Records Acts 1958 and 1967, to justify to the Lord Chancellor any records retained that are over 30
years old. This is reducing to 20 years under the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010.

Consequently any records that the Metropolitan Police have had will now have been transferred to The National Archives. MPS records show that papers have been transferred to The National Archives.

Fair enough. However, I will draw your attention to the following line: The searches failed to locate any information relevant to your request.

So on the 25th of June 2015, Mr Clarke tried a different tactic and submitted a 3rd FOI Request:

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), FAO Mike Lyng Information Rights Units.

I am making a new request for information held by the MPS in the official book of calls for F11 the note left by Sgt Head (deceased) of Early Turn (9-5) Foxtrot 11 on Thursday 11 August 1966 to Late Turn of Foxtrot 11 (6-2) with regard to suspects observed on 11 August 1966 in Shepherds Bush/Acton areas and instructions for vehicle to be filled with fuel at end of late tour on 11th inst. This book was on display in the Metropolitan Police Museum.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Clark

It is almost as if Mr Clarke had come upon some information negative to the official story isn’t it?

Still, the MPS replied to Mr Clarke on the 17th of August 2015:

Dear Mr Clark

Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 2015060001938

I respond in connection with your request for information which was received by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) on 25/06/2015.  I note you seek access to the following information:

·        I am making a new request for information held by the MPS in the official book of calls for F11 the note left by Sgt Head (deceased) of Early Turn (9-5) Foxtrot 11 on Thursday 11 August 1966 to Late Turn of Foxtrot 11 (6-2) with regard to suspects observed on 11 August 1966 in Shepherds Bush/Acton areas and instructions for vehicle to be filled with fuel at end of late tour on 11th inst. This  book was on display in the Metropolitan Police Museum.

Following receipt of your request searches were conducted within the MPS to locate information relevant to your request.


To locate the information relevant to your request searches were conducted within the MPS.


After making several enquiries I have discovered the note left by Sgt Head (deceased) of Early Turn (9-5) Foxtrot 11 on Thursday 11 August 1966 to Late Turn of Foxtrot 11 (6-2) with regard to suspects observed on 11 August 1966 in Shepherds Bush/Acton areas and instructions for vehicle to be filled with fuel at end of late tour on 11th, is not in the book on display in Metropolitan Police Museum.

All very illusive if you want my opinion.

And as for Happy-Harry himself?

Well he has really been portrayed by the press as being the bogeyman. I mean as you have already read, his two accomplices were reported in court to have been terrified of him – making him (Roberts) the ring leader… A ringleader who lived 3 months in the wild after the shooting, don’t cha know?

Roberts then hit the news again in 2008 after being on day release for allegedly subjecting a woman to a 5 year terror campaign:

Justice Secretary Jack Straw was last night facing urgent questions about how Britain’s most notorious police killer was able to terrorise a woman whose evidence blocked his release from jail.

From his cell, Harry Roberts orchestrated a horrifying five-year campaign of intimidation designed to silence 65-year-old Joan Cartwright and her son James.

Mrs Cartwright works at an animal sanctuary where Roberts, who gunned down three unarmed officers in cold blood 42 years ago, worked while on day release from open prison in 2001. Source

As if!

And as I say, the press cameramen appeared to know where Roberts would be at any given point in time.

Indeed, despite being on Life Licence, Roberts himself is still portraying himself as the dangerous hard-man.

However, take a look at the following, quite obviously photoshopped pictures in regard to the 1966 Roberts man-hunt.

Course, whilst it could just be a coincidence you do have to remember also that the Monsters like to hide their crimes in plain site.

But what would be the point I hear you ask?

And the answer to that is money & control:

Public sympathy for the families of the victims resulted in the establishment of the Police Dependants’ Trust to assist the welfare of families of British police officers who have died in the line of duty

Holiday camp owner Billy Butlin donated £250,000 to a new Police Dependants’ Trust, and it had soon raised more than £1 million. Source

Now, if you have read my exposé of the Astor Family you will know that I went along way to proving that the Moors Murders and the Profumo Affair scandals – both of which took place immediately before the Shepard Bush fraud – were inextricably linked as both of them were nothing more than sham productions.

Indeed I maintained – and still do – that Myra Hindley was in fact Lady Annabel Goldsmith, who is very close to the Royal Family and played big parts in the Princess Diana & Lord Lucan Frauds.

Goldsmith has of course obviously written a book about her life.

‘Unconventional’ isn’t the word that I would use.

Moreover, I also maintained – and still do – that Lady Annabel’s daughter, India-Jane Birley was one of those who played the part of the young, Lady Diana Spencer:

Moreover, Goldsmith played the role of Diana’s mother… So mother & daughter playing mother & daughter then:

Which means that Francis Shand Kydd should also beHindley.

Meantime, it is quite possible that Ian Brady and Harry Roberts were one and the same.


It really is just a question of shadows.

And don’t forget that in previous articles I have shown that Brady is in all probability DOCTOR Stephen Ward (that evidence is repeated further down this page), which given the following photos makes the above evidence all the more compelling.

Likewise I can say the same about Brady and Alfred Burns when it comes down to ‘shadows‘.

And when it comes to clones, well you need look no further than Harry Roberts and Gary Dobson.

Check out their eyes.

And indeed the same could be said for Christine Keeler and Nigella Lawson.

Course, if you don’t know about human clones I suggest you do some research and there is plenty of info on the net to get you started.

Gary Dobson was of course one of those accused of murdering Stephen Lawrence.

The Lawrence murder was also a sham-production with Lawrence also playing the part of Germaine Lyndsey – one of the 7/7 bummers.

Nevertheless, the problem that I have with working out who Ian Brady is, is the fact that there are so many of him.

Indeed in some, Brady could even be Paul McCartney.

The significance of that pairing will become clearer as you continue to read, but for now it is important to remember that they are photographs and that I am not claiming that Brady (a made up persona) is Paul McCartney.

I am however certain that the persona Ian Brady was played by the Profumo Scandal‘s scapegoat, the MI6 spy & Satanist, Dr Stephen Ward.

PKT3126-217068 1979 John Profumo.

And as you saw in that batch of photos, young Mandy Rice Davies – a suspected MI6 operative – is now linked to the Kray twins.

Mandy, who was a major player in the Profumo crisis also played gangster Reggie Kray’s 1st wife, Frances.


Now, I can prove that the Kray story, like all heavily promoted “organised Crime” stories is a fraud and I will be exposing that fact sometime this year.

Course, later on Mandy was played by Carole Middleton – Mother to the future Queen of England, Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff.

3In turn, Carole’s husband Michael could very well be Cara Delevingne old man.


And more relevantly still, he could be the serial killer Peter Tobin.

And of course Mandy has written a book also.

Meantime Christine Keeler was Talitha Getty, wife of John Paul Getty jr, who was also related to the spy, Ian Fleming – author of the James Bond books… Flemming was a particularly nasty piece of work.

Furthermore Keeler later admitted to being a spy, whilst Getty was reported to have died of a heroin overdose in 1971.


And again Keeler also links in with the Kray twins:

ca. 1964, London, England, UK --- Ronnie Kray the East end criminal, sits to the left of Christine Keeler, the model and showgirl in a London nightclub, ca. 1964. --- Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

Christine also wrote a book obviously:

Course, in turn it could just be a coincidence that as well as Stephen Ward and the Kray Twins, the Astor family were also very involved with Myra Hindley:

She (Myra Hindley) befriended famous and influential supporters such as prison reformer Lord Longford and aristocrat David Astor. And she was visited in prison by liberal figures like broadcaster Ludovic Kennedy and Cardinal Basil Hume. Source

And in regard to those photos above I trust that I do not have to clarify the difference between ‘voicing a suspicion’ and ‘stating a fact‘.

I should also point out that David Astor looks very much like Myra Hindley’s abusive step-father, Bob Hindley.


Albeit that is the only photo of Bob that I have to go on.

In turn they both look like Myra Hindley’s brother in law, DAVID Smith – the main prosecution witness at the Moor’s trial.


PHOTO: David Smith on Saddleworth Moor with Astor & Hindley (both inset)

PHOTO: Astor & Smith

The following is an extract taken from the Telegraph newspaper and published in June 2012:

David Smith, who has died aged 64, was brother-in-law to Myra Hindley and brought an end to the killing spree of the Moors Murderers by running for the police after he saw Ian Brady batter Edward Evans to death with an axe.

Smith was only 17 when, in October 1965, he witnessed the killing at the house Brady shared with Hindley at Hattersley, an overspill estate near Hyde outside Manchester.

Although both Brady and Hindley sought to implicate him in this and four other killings, Smith always denied any involvement and insisted that his role during Evans’s murder had been that of hapless bystander.

Having helped Brady and Hindley clean up, a terrified Smith returned to his council flat 300 yards away, woke up his wife, Hindley’s 19-year-old younger sister Maureen, and told her what had happened. Shortly after 6am, they hurried to a nearby telephone box where Smith dialled 999.

Smith’s call to the police unlocked the secret of the Moors Murders, led to the investigation that solved the mystery, and placed Hindley and Brady in the dock.

As chief prosecution witness at their trial, Smith might have taken pride in this. Instead he was tormented for the rest of his life. Not only did the insinuations of Hindley and Brady prove toxic, but revelations about Smith’s history of juvenile delinquency and his acceptance of a £1,000 newspaper deal during the trial further dented his reputation.

Smith found himself widely vilified, the target of beatings, taunts and abuse. Questioned for weeks by detectives, some of whom seemed determined to “break” him, he was taken out on to Saddleworth Moor to see if he could recall landmarks from his drunken outings with Hindley and Brady.

In turn, Smith’s photo became – without doubt – the template for killer, paedophile, Colin Hatch who was serving a life sentence for the murder of a 7 year old, Sean Williams.

And I say that Hatch “was” serving a life sentence because he was murdered himself in February 2011 by nonce-loathing prisoner, Damian Fowkes… And I have to say that this – in my opinion – is a very interesting case:

A crack addict prisoner has today been charged over the murder of another notorious child sex killer.

Damien Fowkes, 35, was arrested after Colin Hatch was allegedly taken hostage and strangled by a fellow inmate at the maximum security Full Sutton prison near York on Tuesday night.

Police said that Hatch, who was serving life for the appalling sex murder of seven year old Sean Williams, was strangled to death.

The young boy was snatched after going for a bike ride on a summer’s evening in 1993. Continue reading

PHOTO: One of only two photos that I could find of Colin Hatch.

So let me start by showing you Smith & Hatch side by side, but first I am going to take that silly little dark shadow out that is designed to make Hatch’s conk look different.

Now I cannot stress enough that it matters not one jot that the Moors Murders date back to 1966 and Hatch’s crimes are from the early 90’s because we are not talking about real people – we are talking about photos and photos are timeless for the purposes of the Monster’s many agendas.

You see, Colin Hatch is a photograph and nothing more, as is his murderer, Damien Fowkes (note: another strangely spelled name) – hence the most often used photo of him is the one below:

PHOTO: Damien Fowkes

Brilliant isn’t it?

Now the question is, why would the press use such a shite photo when there are others of better quality – not many, but some all the same (see below).

I will tell you why the press don’t use those other photos. It is because the fella – or fellas even – in the three photos above are a different fella to the the mush in the pixilated photo.

However, the fella in the 1st of those three snappy-snapz is the same fella as in the 3rd.

But the fella in the middle photo, wearing the Arsenal top could indeed be someone else entirely.

Yet  whatever the case might be, he or they are not the same Damien Fowkes as the pixilated Damien Fowkes seen in his most oft used photo.

Course, as always the Monster-Minions can never leave a story-line alone. Indeed they have to keep adding content until the whole scenario becomes ridiculous – and the Fowkes-Hatch story is no different.

You see before killing Hatch, Fowkes had slashed Soham killer, Ian Huntley’s throat:

A KILLER paedophile has been allegedly slaughtered by the man accused of slashing Ian Huntley.

Colin Hatch, 38, was serving life for abducting and sexually assaulting seven-year-old Sean Williams then choking him to death.

Last night, Sean’s mum Lynn, 53, said: “I’m glad he’s dead.”

She added: “After I heard I went to the cemetery and I told my son he could finally rest in peace.

“My ex-husband John and my daughter Sarah are ecstatic. They are seeing this as justice being done.”

Serial robber Damien Fowkes, 35, has been arrested over Hatch’s death on Tuesday night.

Fowkes was awaiting trial for the attempted murder of Huntley, the paedophile killer of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

He had been moved to top security Full Sutton jail in York after 36-year-old Huntley’s throat was slashed with a razor blade stuck in a toothbrush at Franklin prison last March.

Hatch had been on parole for just 11 weeks for a child sex attack when he lured Sean to his tower block home in Norfolk Close, Finchley, north London, and killed him.

He had been jailed for three years for assaulting a boy of eight in almost identical circumstances.

A year before that, he abused a boy of 10, dragging him into the same lift where he would dump Sean’s body.

Hatch smirked as he was convicted of murder. The then 21-year-old, who had a string of convictions for assaulting young boys, was branded “highly dangerous” by the judge who jailed him for life at the Old Bailey.

Judge Nina Lowry said: “In my judgment, you should never be released back into the community while there remains the slightest danger you will reoffend.” Source

Thus creating joinder between Hatch’s old bollox & the Soham Shite.

PHOTO: Huntley being returned to prison having had two zillion billion stitches put in his carefully hidden throat.

Fowkes cut Huntley’s throat using a razor blade melted into a piece of plastic cutlery:

Damien Fowkes, 36, was ordered to serve a minimum of 20 years after he attacked Huntley with a weapon he made by melting a razor blade onto plastic cutlery, leaving the killer with a seven-inch gaping hole in his neck. (pictured below) Source

Hmmm… All that I can say is that the Prosecution must have done their usual trick of giving the murder weapon a damn good washing before exhibiting it!

More on Huntley later.

Course, the murder of Hatch – which according to the shit rags elevated Fowkes to hero status in the public’s eyes – prompted demands to know why nonce-hating Fowkes had been put in a cell with a… Errr… Well with a nonce:

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke ordered an urgent inquiry into the death on the vulnerable prisoners’ wing at Full Sutton prison near York on Tuesday night.

Fowkes, a convicted robber, was transferred there last year from Frankland jail in Durham, another of Britain’s most secure prisons.

The prison inquiry will focus on how Fowkes ended up on the same wing as another reviled paedophile.

One senior source said: ‘It beggars belief that someone who has a burning hatred of paedophiles could be housed in the same wing as someone like Hatch.’ Source

Good old Kenny – he’s not part of the problem at all is he? Of course he fucking is.

Yet 11 years previous to Fowkes killing Hatch, the very same questions were being asked as to why our old friend, the ardent racist, Rob Stewart had been put in a cell with an Asian lad named Zahid Mubarek – whom Stewart had then battered to death:

On 21 March 2000, Stewart battered Zahid, 20, with a table leg in the middle of the night.
Stewart, now 33, was jailed for life in November 2000 for Zahid’s murder and has been held in Woodhill Category A prison.

A public inquiry later said prison chiefs missed 14 chances to save Zahid and seemed ‘oblivious to the danger’ of placing psychopath Stewart, in the same cell as the 19-year-old.

According to the Commission for Racial Equality’s report on the murder, one prisoner said of Stewart: ‘I called him Madman. Other prisoners had names for him like Sicko.Source

They really do lack imagination do these scriptwriters.

PHOTO: Another snap of Robert Stewart.

And I would imagine that Stewart is also Ian Kay.

PHOTO: Ian Kay

Kay’s official story goes thus:

Ian Kay (born in 1967, UK), is a convicted murderer, known as the “Woolworths Killer”, and notable for committing an attack which cost the infamous serial killer Peter Sutcliffe the use of one eye.

Kay was sentenced, in 1995, for a minimum term of 22 years imprisonment for the murder of 21-year-old John Penfold, a Woolworth’s shop assistant stabbed to death in Teddington, Middlesex, in November 1994.

Kay was on leave from prison, almost eight years after nearly killing another shop worker in a similar attack, when he killed Penfold, whom he described as a “Have a go hero who got what he deserved”.

Kay was transferred to Broadmoor, a maximum secure psychiatric hospital, after showing signs of mental illness. On March 10 1997, while in Broadmoor, Kay attempted to kill Peter Sutcliffe, stabbing him six times in the left eye and four times in the right eye with a Parker Rollerball pen (used during the hospital’s drawing classes), blinding Sutcliffe in the left eye and severely damaging his right eye.

On trial on January 28th 1998, Kay admitted stabbing Sutcliffe, and told the court that he had intended to attack him with a razor embedded in a toothbrush handle. Kay said “I was going to … walk into the room and cut his jugular vein on both sides and wait there until he was dead. Killing has always been in my mind, ever since I’ve been here [at Broadmoor]. In hindsight, I should have straddled him and strangled him with my bare hands… He said God told him to kill thirteen women, and I say the devil told me to kill him because of that.”

Kay was sentenced to be detained in a secure mental hospital indefinitely. The recommended minimum term given at his trial would keep him behind bars until at least 2017 and the age of 50. Source

Okay, lets go compare the two.

Now as coincidence would have it there is a stuntman named Ian Kay… But what’s in a name right?

Well quite a lot as it happens when you check out the two Mr Kay’s seen side by side in the photos below.

And, as you have just read above (repeated below), Kay stabbed Sutcliffe in the eyes with a rollerball ink pen (IAN KAY = Inky):

Kay attempted to kill Peter Sutcliffe, stabbing him six times in the left eye and four times in the right eye with a Parker Rollerball pen (used during the hospital’s drawing classes), blinding Sutcliffe in the left eye and severely damaging his right eye.

Yet you have to wonder how you can stab someone 4 times in the eye with a pen (as in the case of Sutcliffe’s right eye) and not permanently blind them… Now look at the following photo complete with its original caption:

Quote: “He his (sic) blind in his left eye“. His he?

Those Monkey-Boyz really are on the ball aren’t they?

Course, those photos are photoshopped to fuck, I mean by way of just two examples look at Sutcliffe’s beard under his chin in the right hand photo and his nose in the photo on your left.

And fuck knows where all those stitches came from!

However, if you permanently blind someone by stabbing them six times in the eyeball with a pen then you would certainly expect to see a lot more damage than that – not just to the eyeball, but to the eyelid as well unless Sutcliffe obliged Inking-Ian by keeping open the eye in question.

Indeed it has been said that the attack on Sutcliffe had been arranged by Reggie Kray in revenge for an attack that the Ripper launched on Kray’s brother Ronnie… Thus creating another link to the Kray twins.

Yet there is no damage to Sutcliffe’s right eye whatsoever, in which Kay allegedly stabbed him four times.

And with that in mind, read the following snippet taken from an article about Sutcliffe’s recent visit to see an eye specialist:

He has been attacked at least three times behind bars. The second assault saw him lose his sight in his left eye after he was stabbed in the face with a pen by fellow inmate Ian Kay in 1997. 

Another prisoner then unsuccessfully attempted to do the same to his right eye.

Sutcliffe’s sight in that eye is now failing due to a condition linked to diabetes. Source

Course, the Peter Sutcliffe story is also total bollox in which the Powers-That-Be are now trying to implicate the Nonce, Jimmy Savile in order to shift the emphasis away from paedophillia where the Disc Knob Jockey, friend to the Royal Family is concerned:

A dentist made a cast of Jimmy Savile’s teeth to check against the bite-marks found on the bodies of the Yorkshire Ripper’s victims, it has emerged.

It is now clear that detectives went to some lengths to find out if Savile was connected to the shocking serial killing spree in the 1970s.

His teeth were examined in 1980, a year before Peter Sutcliffe, now 66, was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to kill seven others. Source

Indeed that fact was reaffirmed when the “actress” Amanda Holden played the part of Jill Bartlett who was alleged to have been raped by Savile sometime in the 1960’s when she was sixteen – over the age of consent – and left pregnant as a consequence.

PHOTO: Amanda Holden playing Jill Bartlett – photographed in B&W for added effect. 

It all gets embarrassingly easy, I must say.

Neither is that the first time that Holden has stepped in to clear Savile’s name (see HERE).

And that above newspaper claim also has the added effect of making it appear as though the Plod were actively investigating Savile whereas in reality the sick-fuck was given a free reign by the authorities to do whatever the fuck he wanted.

Indeed, that above snippet taken from a Chimp article carries an interesting couple of photos – one of Sutcliffe, one of Savile – which appeared side by side in the old fanny.

Now study closely the two faces together because I can assure you that those two people are the same person – see HERE.

And below are just some of the many faces of Sutcliffe.


As for his ‘victims’? Well did you ever ask yourself why the photos of them are so shite?

I mean the following photo is of the Queer’s Mother taken in 1907:

Yet 70 years later and the police are handing out photos of Sutcliffe’s victims such as Emily Jackson who look like this:

Although as you can see from the photos of Sutcliffe’s victims below, they later photoshopped a better quality one of Jackson – although the photo is akin to an e-fit.

Not that these type of photos have got any better in the 30-40 years since the above were supposedly taken.

However, the real reason that they are so crap is because they are photoshopped and the reason that they are photoshopped is because the same ‘victim’ has been used to create other ‘victims’.

Or put another way, the victims are each other… It has to be that way because they are not real people but to be convincing they need to have had a past life with families who have to be invented too which of course is no easy task.

For instance the Ripper victim number 9 murdered on the 16th May 1978 named as Vera Millward is also the Ripper victim number 13, named Jacqueline Hill who was supposedly murdered On 17 November 1980.

Want more proof?

Of course you fucking do.

So how about victim number 1, Wilma McCann (same names all the time see) who was murdered on the 30th of October 1975. Wilma is indeed also victim number 7, Yvonne Pearson, murdered On the 21st of January 1978

And together they are both Vera Millward and Jacqueline Hill.

I’ll betcha didn’t see that coming? Yet it is all there hidden in plain sight.

Indeed it is all a matter of adding smudged shadows.

Other duplicated victims include survivor Marilyn Moore and murdered Jayne McDonald – see what I mean about names?

Moreover, many of the victims appear to have been derived from photos of Sutcliffe’s wife Sonia.

PHOTO: Yvonne Pearson and Sonia Sutcliffe

I should point out that Sonia appears to have a fake chin in nearly all of her photos which surprisingly enough are nowhere near as many as her husbands.

PHOTO: Vera Millward & Sonia.

Sonia would also appear to be Sandra Lester – the former escort who Peter Sutcliffe allegedly proposed to whilst locked up in Broadmoor maximum security mental hospital.

Moreover, both would appear to be a woman calling herself SONIA Mikal on the social network website, My Space.

Mind you, the very fact that Sutcliffe is photographed shaking the former boxer, Frank Bruno’s hand whilst Jimmy Savile looks on should alert you to the fact that the story is bollocks.

Indeed Bruno now insists that Savile tricked him into the photo with Sutcliffe yet the fact remains that photography is still a no-no at Broadmoor today and indeed a documentary made there well over a decade after that Bruno/Sutcliffe photo was taken spoke of the trouble that the camera crew had faced getting permission to film inside the maximum security hospital – and even with permission granted, all inmates faces appearing on screen were obscured.

Course some will say that; the fact that the professionally taken photo was allowed to go ahead is a mark of the influence & clout Savile wielded, yet I say that the chances of that photo getting the go ahead came from higher up than Savile ever was and was taken to reinforce the Sutcliffe old bollox… A bit like the improbable photo taken of Brady & Hindley in the dock.

And to complete this section on the Yorkshire Ripper, I will tell you that I wouldn’t be surprised if the photos of him as a child are in fact photos of John Lennon – Lennon and the other Beatle members being a product of the Tavistock Institute.

Now that is not as far-out as it sounds because according to ‘history‘, the original Beatles consisted of 5 members – John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Pete Best and Lennon’s best friend Stuart SUTCLIFFE – everything has to connect for the Monsters to operate see?

Indeed you can find out more about the Beatles Satanic activities by clicking HERE

PHOTO: Stuart Sutcliffe. 

Look familiar?

A bit like Brian Jones – founder member of the Rolling Stones – for instance?

And if you doubt that facial comparison just check out the ears. You see ears are unique to a person and although they are routinely digitally altered these days, it was not done so often back in the day

Moreover, the conspiracy theories surrounding Jones’ death continue to this very day

And as far as I can see, Brian JONES is also David Bowie – whose name is really David JONES.

And all three are all quite a bit like Myra Hindley’s brother in law, David Smith – DAVID JONES/DAVID SMITH – Alias Smith & Jones perhaps?

You will notice that in all of Smith’s photos his ear is obscured.

Course, Smith also wrote a book.

Now as DAVID Smith, DAVID Astor and Bob Hinkley got older – Smith was definitely not the Jones boys by then but as you should know by now, there are always more than just one actor playing the part of someone – all three began to look like the Lancashire child killer, Anthony Entwistle.


Eintwistle is a paedophile murderer from Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire – a small, evil little place akin to the ‘village of the damned‘ and which I wrote about recently in regard to the ‘charity‘ scam involving child cancer sufferer, Jessica Whelan.

Indeed with a population of only ten and a half thousand you would be surprised at how many of Oswaldtwistle’s occupants have been locked up for noncing, rape & murder.

The following are but just a few of them:

PHOTO: Keith Royal received 6 years for sexual child-abuse in November 2013 & Kristian Kirk:

A SEX offender from East Lancashire with a fetish for boys in white socks is facing another date with a crown court judge after being caught in an online conversation with an under-age youngster.

Kristian Kirk, 26, was previously snared by online paedophile hunter after he became involved in a sexually-charged conversation with what he thought was a 14-year-old boy.

In the latest incident, Kirk was suspected of contacting a 15-year-old boy via the gay dating application Grindr and he was arrested by Lancashire Police at his home on Monday.

Kirk, formerly of Oswaldtwistle but now living in the Pendle area, appeared before Pennine magistrates the following day and pleaded guilty to breaching the conditions of a sexual harm prevention order and the commission of an offence during the operational period of a suspended sentence.

He was committed to Burnley Crown Court for sentencing, after a brief hearing, and will appear in the dock there on July 11.

An order was made by magistrates not to disclose his new address after his family home was targeted by right-wing vigilantes following previous court appearances.

Kirk, a former supermarket worker, must report to an East Lancashire police station twice a week before his crown court date.

The online paedophile hunter was criticised by a crown court judge for his initial involvement with Kirk, a former University of Central Lancashire policing student, for his supposed interference in the administration of justice.

Kirk was also involved in a second inquiry with North Wales Police last year though, where he had asked to join a teenage Snapchat conversation then asked a 15-year-old boy for nude pictures, including images of him wearing white socks.

Last November Judge Newell, after hearing how he had been on a sex offenders’ treatment programme, gave him a 26-week suspended prison sentence, which Kirk is now in breach of, alongside two years probation supervision, for an offence of inciting a boy aged under 16 to engage in sexual activity.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Part of his sexual harm prevention order was a condition not to contact children who he believed were aged under 16.

“He was arrested as he was believed to have engaged in a conversation with a 15-year-old boy on Grindr.”

June 2015

Kirk has now been handed a three-year community order with supervision, ordered to attend the sex offender group programme and made subject to police notification requirements for five years.

May 2015

Wannabe police officer with ‘sock fetish’ caught trying to meet fake 14-year-old boy for sex

A WANNABE police officer was caught out in a sting set up by the self-styled Paedophile Hunter.

Kristian Alexander Kirk, of Orchard Drive, Oswaldtwistle, admitted attempting to meet a fictitious 14-year-old boy for sex.

He sent a series of sexual text messages to filmmaker Stinson Hunter – known as ‘The Paedophile Hunter’.

The 25-year-old, who studied policing at the University of Central Lancashire’s Burnley and Preston campuses, could now face jail.

Kirk pleaded guilty to attempting to arrange or facilitate the commission of a child sex offence at Burnley Crown Court yesterday.

The messages, sent between August 1 and August 25 last year, included requests from Kirk for Mr Hunter, posing as a 14-year-old, to send him intimate pictures.

Judge Jonathan Gibson told the court that ‘all sentencing options remain available’ to him.

In the texts, seen by the Lancashire Telegraph, Kirk also attempted to arrange to meet Mr Hunter in Oswaldtwistle, before describing a number of lewd acts and a fetish for ‘lads in white socks’.

Mr Hunter stated that he was 14 at the start of the conversation on the mobile dating application Grindr, before Kirk requested his phone number and asked if he had other multimedia applications including Skype and WhatsApp.

When Kirk asked Mr Hunter if he had ever done anything ‘dirty’, Mr Hunter replied: “I’ve never done anything like that with anyone tbh [to be honest] x.”

Kirk then wrote: “Well you’re only 14 lol xxx.”

Kirk went on to explain that he had just finished his policing studies at university and hoped to join a force ‘when they start recruiting’.

When discussing where the two could potentially meet, Kirk said: “Bit awkward ain’t it being seen with you being 14 lol x,” and later described Mr Hunter as ‘sexy boy’.

Mr Hunter was previously involved in the conviction of Accrington schoolteacher David Simpson, who believed he was meeting a 15-year-old girl for sex.

He rose to fame after his self-financed vigilante documentary, The Paedophile Hunter, was screened in 2014.

It won the 33-year-old and its director, Dan Reed, the Best Single Documentary category at the Royal Television Programme Awards.

He has more than 570,000 Facebook followers and earlier this year scooped two BAFTAs.

He reported Kirk to Lancashire police on August 27 last year. Kirk was initially charged with one count of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming, but that count was deleted yesterday.

The indictment to which Kirk pleaded guilty to read: “You initiated attempts to arrange and facilitate the doing of acts you believed Stinson Hunter would do, believing Stinson Hunter was a 14-year-old boy, which, had the said Stinson Hunter been a 14-year-old boy, would have involved the commission of offences of sexual activity with a child contrary to the Sex Offences Act 2003.”

Kirk, who has no previous convictions and has not been accused of ever actually meeting an under-age person for sex, was supported by his family in the public gallery.

Daniel Prowse, defending, said the online and text conversations were the only evidence in the case.

Applying to change his client’s bail conditions, Mr Prowse said: “The defendant is 25-year-old and of previous good character.

“He is employed in a Spar shop and needs to begin at 6.30am on Sunday, currently the only day he works, but might wish to begin at 6am during the week.”

Judge Gibson allowed bail to be altered, meaning Kirk must stay at his given address between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Kirk is now due to be sentenced, pending a pre-sentence report, at the same court on June 26.

PHOTO: Robert McFarlaine, jailed for 4 yrs 8 months for sexually abusing a 14 year old girl and Ronald Boothby (Ronald Kray/Robert Boothby?), jailed indefinitely in March 2011:

Ronald Boothby, 59, abused five schoolgirls, two of them in playhouses outside Oswaldtwistle Mills.

He was spared jail in 2009, after admitting two counts of sexual assault against a girl with learning difficulties.

He was also convicted of indecently assaulting a five year old girl in 1980 and had been given a hospital order, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Boothby, described in court as a fantasist, preyed on his ‘vulnerable’ victims, took advantage of their naivety and scared them into complying with his perverted demands.

He kept a room full of toys at a house and set about a 10-year campaign of indecent behaviour, in which he simulated sex with victims, kissed them, put his hand down their knickers, fondled them, got them to commit sex acts on him and committed a sex act on one of them.

The defendant, described as having ‘very minor leaning difficulties’ and a limited IQ, was said by the probation service to pose a high risk of harm to children, but no work could be done with him because he denied sexual motivation.

Boothby, formerly of Apple Close, had admitted three charges of causing or inciting a female under 13 to engage in sexual activity, seven allegations of sexual activity with a child and one count of gross indecency. Source

Indeed Ronald Boothby is also likely to be the five time prostitute murdering, Steve Wright (namesakes: Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2 DJ, Steve Wright, Comedian).

Interestingly enough, Wright was said to have attacked Lindi St ClairMiss Whiplash to her clientele amongst whom were rumoured to be many British politicians, who at the time were said to be shitting themselves in case she named names – thus giving him (in their eyes) more credibility.

Course, nothing ever came of the threat – although I did hear somewhere that Norman Lamont was involved – just like it didn’t with her friend, the brothel owning Cynthia Payne.

However, St Clair did inform the press that Savile had paid her £3 to have sex with him when she was 15 years old (Source)

Both St Clair and Payne later made a bid to become politicians and both were involved with the would be parliamentarian, Screaming Lord Sutch – see HERE

And of course both St Clair and Payne both wrote books – two in Payne’s case as well as having two films made based on her life: ‘Wish You Were Here‘, staring Emily Lloyd and ‘Personal Services‘ staring Julie Walters… I may add to the Cynthia Payne story later if I have time.

However, for now I am not done with Boothby and Wright. You see they are both likely to be super-weirdo, Jorven Seren:

A middle-aged sex offender who believes he is a five-year-old girl was arrested after kissing a child outside a cafe – and brought his doll with him to court.

Creepy Jorven Seren, who is said to believe he is a five-year-old girl, was born a man but asked to be addressed as a woman throughout the hearing – while he sat in the dock hugging a large doll.

The 55-year-old was arrested after being seen kissing a child outside a cafe then cops found child sex images on his computer.

Members of a nearby church contacted police about Seren’s odd behaviour then spoke to the victim’s distressed mother about the incident in Thanet, Kent.

Police went to Seren’s home in Margate, Kent, where they discovered more than 460 disturbing images of child sex on his mobile phone. Source

It is also worth noting that Steve Wright was brought up by his father  – a Military Policeman stationed all over the world.

Right, back to the Village of the Damned:

PHOTO: Zaheer Khan jailed in April 2009 for 9 years after being convicted of child abduction and child rape and murdered rapist Alan Street:

The body of Alan Street, 26, was found in an underground drain weeks after he was subjected to a prolonged and sustained attack at a house in Padiham, Lancs, in December last year.

Mr Street of Oswaldtwistle, Lancs, was convicted of raping a woman but there was no evidence he had abused children, Preston Crown Court was told.

Kieron Davison, 21, of Lancaster Drive, Padiham; Ian Palmer, 45, of Whitegate Close, Padiham, and Peter Leonard, 52, of Trinity Street, Oswaldtwistle, all deny his murder.

Davison is alleged to have told several friends after the grisly assault that the victim had apparently touched a young girl.

He was “egged on” to assault him and later confessed to a girl that “I killed him, I got mad, he was a pervert”, the court heard.

He added that he and “his mates” battered a man and one of them stabbed him in his ear and eye with a pair of scissors Source

PHOTO: Chris Wright, convicted in January 2016 of downloading hundreds of pictures of young girls & Darren Cook convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for nonce offences:

An Oswaldtwistle man has been jailed for 13 years after a string of child sex offences.

Darren Cook, 26, of Saxon Close, Oswaldtwistle, was sentenced yesterday at Preston Crown Court after pleading guilty to 43 counts of sexual assault of a child, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and making and possessing indecent images of children. Source

PHOTO: Jason Limb convicted in September 2015 for possession of hundreds of photos & videos involving young girls and Alex Boulter, caught with over 1,500 images of young girls in June 2015:

A former RAF man who was found with more than 1,500 indecent images of children has avoided jail.

Alex Boulter, 20, was arrested at his place of work in Accrington last year and officers later found the images on a laptop and disk drive at his home in Oswaldtwistle. 

They also found he had been using an email address on his phone and iPad to speak to ‘other persons who were clearly interested’ in indecent images and had been sharing pictures.

Burnley Crown Court heard how he had downloaded 220 category A images – the most serious – 415 category B and 1,021 category C images as well as 45 movies including 15 of category A. Source

Not a great place to live then.

However, Boulter is probably also Michael Macrae (the Kray name easily springing to mind):

AN army cadet instructor who downloaded photographs of young boys in bondage situations has been banned from contacting children.

Michael Macrae kept indecent images of children being sadistically and sexually abused in a folder entitled ‘barefeet’ Source

Notice not only the similarity in charge but also the similarity in occupation.

And an acute lack of photos for both.

Scottish Mike Macrae is obviously nothing to do with the Scottish comedian, Mike Macrae.


However, both Nonce Macrae & Nonce McBoulter are probably a lot to do with murder victim Brendan Lowe.

Lowe was murdered by two so called friends which was pretty darn low of them, yet his resemblance to Macrae and Boulter goes beyond coincidence:

That is what you get when you have fairweather friends… Which brings me to James Fairweather.

Sixteen year old Fairweather has one of the most improbable stories that I have ever read which is all part of the government agenda to vilify boys of around 14 to 15 years old as potential murderers:

A KILLER teen shrugged his shoulders and mouthed “I don’t give a s***” as he was jailed for a minimum of 27 years for a brutal double murder.

James Fairweather was put behind bars for life for stabbing two people to death in a bid to be like his heroes – the Yorkshire Ripper and Ted Bundy.

Sentencing the teen at the Old Bailey, Mr Justice Spencer told him: “It is plain you were seeking to emulate other serial killers, such as Peter Sutcliffe.” Source

Plenty of joinder with the big-hitters there then.

And plenty of joinder with Macrae & Co too.

James Fairweather really looks capable of two brutal murders doesn’t he?

And whilst I think on, remember the surname ‘Boulter’ for future reference.

Now I will deal with Fairweather’s second “victim” first. She was a Saudi Arabian woman named Nahid Almanea whose body was flown home for ‘burial’ – an event which for some reason, thousands of Saudi Arabian men attended. Source

However, Nahid looks uncannily like a woman called shazia-arshad who appears to be some kind of activist.

But that is probably just a coincidence.

As is her likeness to Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

I did of course debunk Malala’s fanciful story in my follow up article to the Jo Cox fraud – Found HERE

Now what I have also noticed of late is that a lot of newspapers in these kind of cases are not putting names to the accompanying photographs thus leaving the reader to work out for themselves who is who in the snappy-snapz.

And indeed the articles on James Fairweather are a perfect example. The one found HERE for instance which carries the following photo.

Now as I say, we are just left to guess who this fella is although the implication is that it is JAMES Faiweather’s first victim, JAMES Attfield who “was brutally stabbed to death 102 times as he lay drunk and helpless in a park in the Essex town in March 2014”.

That takes an awful lot of strength and energy.

And “In a Park“?

Or perhaps put another way: ‘At a field‘ or Attfield? – just another coincidence… Probably.

Except when you look at Jimmy Attfield properly you realise that he could well indeed be Jimmy Fairweather.

I mean you only need look at Attfield’s bottom lip to see that something dodgy is taking place here, but why the caginess if all is above board?

And by the same token, Attfield could also be Matthew Rigby.

Matthew Rigby along with his bird Kathryn (another unusual spelling) Smith were convicted in 2014 of murdering Smith’s 21-month-old daughter, Ayeeshia Jane Smith:

A man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend’s baby daughter broke down in tears today as he told a court he ‘never laid a finger’ on her.

Matthew Rigby, 22, is accused of killing 21-month-old Ayeeshia Jane Smith with his former partner Kathryn Smith, 23.

Birmingham Crown Court heard Ayeeshia died from a rip to her heart that was caused by a powerful foot stamp or from being violently shaken, triggering a cardiac arrest.

Medical experts said the tot – who also bit through her own tongue – was so badly injured she resembled a car crash victim.

The pair deny murdering the girl at Smith’s home in Stretton, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, on May 1, 2014.

Rigby said he thought he might have killed her by performing CPR but doctors said the force would not have been hard enough to inflict the injuries tragic Ayeeshia sustained.

He told the court he hoped Ayeeshia would ‘look up to him’ and was ‘so emotional it was unbelievable’ as he watched her slip away in the ambulance on the way to hospital. Source

PHOTO: Smith & Rigby

Rigby, like many others who take part in these frauds appears in porn photos and videos.

Another example would be Zoe Turner and her sister whose improbable story was featured in my article about the Glasgow bin lorry bollox entitled ‘Behind The Flag‘.

Turner had supposedly been in a car accident and owed her life to the fact that her elasticated red dress was so tight.

The following is Zoe Turner’s ‘official’ story:

Zoe Turner, 21, splashed out £34.99 on her lifesaving garment said: “The thought of not having worn that dress makes me shudder”A party goer survived a horrific crash in her taxi thanks to her skin-tight bodycon dress – which stopped her bones piercing her internal organs.

University graduate Zoe Turner, 21, splashed out £34.99 on the little red dress from online retailer Missguided and squeezed into it for a festive bash.But disaster struck when her cab home was involved in a crash with a cement mixer truck which left Zoe and her three friends with life-threatening injuries.

Incredibly, doctors told Zoe that her bodycon dress was so tight it acted like an old-fashioned corset and stopped her bones popping out and perforating her vital organs.

They said she could have suffered fatal internal injuries if she wasn’t wearing such a tight garment.Zoe said: “I couldn’t believe my dress saved my life.

That’s the best £35 I’ve ever spent.“Although I didn’t come off lightly, the end result could have been a lot worse.“I was in unimaginable pain.

My body was aching and I just remember thinking – I have to get my belt off.“The pain and restriction my dress was causing was unbearable and I stumbled out of the car.

“The doctors told me that if I hadn’t worn such a tight dress which held in place my bones as the car impacted, I would have most definitely punctured vital organs as my bones went out of place.”Zoe had slipped on the figure-hugging midi dress to attend her 44-year-old mum’s work Christmas do at Leeds United’s Elland Road football ground on December 13.

She got a taxi with a group of pals at 2.55am on December 14 for the 35 minute journey home to Wakefield, West Yorks.But shortly into the ride a cement truck was involved in a crash with the vehicle while Zoe was in the front passenger’s seat wearing a seatbelt but her three friends in the back were not strapped in.

The driver’s head went through the front window and her three friends were left unconscious in the back seat.Firefighters arrived within five minutes and cut open the vehicle to free the injured passengers.

Zoe was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary where she was sent for a C.T. scan and given a brace to hold her pelvis together, along with morphine.

She had multiple injuries including a fractured pelvis, fractured vertebra and broke sternum. Continue Reading

Indeed a small fortune was made by the Chimp Shit-rag who along with the article on Turner, published a link to where you could buy one of these life saving dresses.

However, like I say, Zoe and her sister can be found on many pornography sites.

Turner is in all probability her own sister anyway:

As well as being a bird named ZOE Jarvis.

Not to mention the model Jasmine Andrews – another surname link with Tracie Andrews:

Both could easily be JASMINE Tridevil who made the national press because of her lovely black hair.

Least I think it was because of her lovely black hair.

And Turner is definitely Chloe Page (seen on the left in the photo below) and the improbably named Demi Boyss (seen on the right)

And together they are Irene Macaulay, one of the people injured in the Glasgow bin bollox – see the above linked article for details.

Course, for some the appearance in pornography is essential for the security services to ensure that no one breaks ranks and exposes the monsters for the sub-human waste that they really are. Indeed many of the useful idiots go along with the photo sessions willingly in exchange for money and power.

A good example of this can be seen in my article the ‘Who’s Who Of Satanic Child Abuse‘ which basically consisted of a list of famous names involved in Satanic Child Abuse… I am in particular referring to the disgraced former MP, Mark Oaten, whose inclusion on that list read thus:


 And indeed, Oaten’s Wikipedia page is pretty revealing:

On 21 January 2006, Oaten resigned from the Liberal Democrat front bench when it was revealed by the News of the World that he had hired a 23-year-old male prostitute between the summer of 2004 and February 2005. The newspaper also alleged that Oaten had engaged in ‘three-in-a-bed’ sex sessions with two male prostitutes. Further allegations surfaced in the media over the following days, including an accusation that he had asked one of the prostitutes to engage in an act of coprophilia.

Oaten gave an explanation for his actions in an essay in The Sunday Times in which he claimed a “mid-life crisis” was partly responsible for his actions. This was partially contradicted by a 2009 Press Gazette interview Oaten gave, in which he said “Journalists … had my story for three years I think, but hung on to it and never did anything with it. They could have made that public interest argument at any point in the three years. I had always been a Member of Parliament, but they waited until it could sell most newspapers, at the point at which I became well-known and at my most famous.”

A bit like the “innocent” Harvey Proctor then… Harvey Proctor – another disgraced MP took part in the Diana fraud – amongst others– as well as playing a huge part in getting the police investigation shut down into a VIP paedophile ring operating out of the Dolphin Square apartment complex.

Do you reckon that people are going to wake up to these perverted criminals any time soon?

Probably not.


PHOTO: Mark Oaten

So, returning to child murdering Matthew Rigby who looks very much like Dr Matthew Rigby from Bristol University – Bristol being extremely important to the monsters and Bristol University being a major recruitment center for MI5 & 6.

PHOTO: (Above) Dr Matthew Rigby (Below) The two Matt Rigbys in comparison

Indeed the two Matt Rigby’s have very similar ears and fake necks.

They are also the outspoken author and columnist, Owen Jones.

Owen Jones & Co are also Stephen BOULTER – a Technical FILM Assistant at the University of Surrey.

As well as being Zoe Turner’s fella.

As for Matthew Rigby’s partner in crime, Kathryn Smith? Well for starters she is three times murderer, Joanne Dennehy

And Kathryn is also Lisa Hoodless.

As 10 year olds, Lisa Hoodless and her friend, Charlene Lunnon were abducted by paedophile, Alan Hopkins who repeatedly raped them over a period of 3 days.

PHOTO: Lisa Hoodless & Charlene Lunnon not looking any worse for their ordeal.

The pair were certainly happy to relive their ordeal in the book that they wrote:

So let’s Go-Compare shall we?

Notice that Lisa Hoodless’ eye has been digitally messed around with.

And according to the press, Joanne Dennehy somewhat reveled in her role as a serial killer.

Yet Dennehy is almost certainly Victoria Cherry from Fulwood in Lancashire – twelve miles as the crow fly’s from the Village of the Damned, AKA Oswaldtwistle:

Now, getting back to Elisabeth Murdoch playing Kate McCann in some of her photos, which she appears to have done only on the earlier ones. I should also tell you that when it comes down to public appearances, Kate McCann is without a doubt in my mind Jessica Craig – allegedly Prince William’s ex bird… Prince William supposedly being the son of Diana… See, all the dots join no matter what direction you approach from.


And we all know that Kate wrote a book of course.

Mind you, a couple of days after the release of that Chimp article which I opened this exposé with, the Chimp ran with another big article in which the McCann’s warned Goncalo Amaral that their lawyers were “watching” him and that his new book must not be sold in Britain:

A retired police chief who won victory over Madeleine McCann’s parents in a bitter libel case will be warned a second book he is writing about her disappearance must not be published in Britain.

Kate and Gerry McCann will inform him: ‘Beware, our lawyers are watching!’ if he tries to sell his new novel or his first contentious one in the UK, family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said today.

Former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral accused Maddie’s parents of covering up their daughter’s death which they have always vehemently denied. Source

Which immediately brought the following to mind:

  • When did Amaral begin writing this new book since the McCann’s appeal has only just been thwarted.
  • It is not for the McCann’s to say what can be published in Britain and what can’t.
  • It is the books publishers who will decide on distribution not Amaral.

The pyramid and all seeing eye is interesting.

Course, the fact that the article only carries photos of the McCanns from 2011 and 2012 along with a video of an interview that they gave in 2014 is very telling.

As is the fact that the main photo of Amaral is circa 2009 along with a smaller photo circa 2014.

I mean you would have thought that there would be new photos available of the trio what with the Appeal verdict and all  – and in particular of Amaral being as the judges decision was in his favour… Very fucking strange.

Nevertheless, it is all just old fanny because what has just taken place is just the next scene in an elaborate play act.

Indeed, just like the McCanns, Goncalo Amaral is also just a glorified actor… The same actor in fact who in all probability played Asil Nadir on his ‘release’ from prison.

And of course Amaral likes to stick the word ‘Doctor‘ in front of his name… However, a possible source for both men (obviously) could well be the Brazilian lawyer, economist and politician,  Francisco Dornelles.

Dornelles certainly has all the right credentials to play a role or two in these government orchestrated frauds, that’s for sure.

And whilst we are on the subject of Policemen it is worth noting that DCI Andrew Redwood was the British Copper who bungled the Jill Dando murder inquiry and kept Operation Grange going for so long with his continuous albeit pointless and nonsensical “new leads“.

PHOTO: DCI Andrew Redwood.

And that just leaves Madeline to out in the fake story and who I am now certain never existed outside of undated photos and video.

You see, I mention ‘undated‘ for the fact that just because we are told that Madeleine was nigh on 4 years old when she disappeared doesn’t make it so.

However, before I talk more about Madeleine lets have a few more examples of similar cases involving children shall we?

James Bulger for instance.

And unsurprisingly, his dad, Ralph Bulger wrote a book.

Shamelessly Bulger wrote it with Rosie Dunn – a Sun newspaper shit rag journalist – who wouldn’t know fact from fiction if they slapped her hard round the face and introduced themselves.

Ralph Bulger isn’t who he is meant to be either although I know who he really is.

Nevertheless, I am not going to tell you who Ralph is for now because that information is better served in another exposé that I intend to do, so I will keep it to myself for now.

I will however tell you that James Bulger is also Ben Needham.

I mean haven’t you ever wondered why there are so few photos of both?

Well now you have the reason.

Kerry wrote a book of course.

Neither can there be any doubt that Kerry Needham is the [alleged] author, J K Rowling – someone that I have long suspected as being a crisis actor.

Shall we Go-Compare?

Of course we fucking shall.

And there can be little doubt that Kerry is also Magdalena Luczak.

*should read DP’s mum and Kerry Needham not DF’s mum and Kerry Needham – I am terrible with names.

Which should also make J K Rowling, Magdalena:

You really couldn’t make this shit up!

Magdalena Łuczak supposedly killed herself whilst serving a life sentence after she and her fella, Mariusz Krężołek murdered her 4 year old son Daniel Pelka:

The evil mother of murdered Daniel Pelka committed suicide in her cell on the eve of her lad’s birthday.

Prison guards found Magdalena Luczak’s body at HMP Foston Hall in Derbyshire at 7.15am and she was declared her dead at the scene.

A source said: “It appears she took her own life.”

Wednesday would have been Daniel’s eighth birthday.

He was four when he died, starved and beaten to death by Luczak, 29, and her lover Mariusz Krezolek.

Luczak was serving a 30-year sentence at Foston Hall women’s prison in Derbyshire for the horrific killing of her four-year-old son, who was starved and beaten to death. Source

PHOTO: Daniel Pelka complete with fake ear and Masonic hand signals.

Magdelena’s fella, Mariusz Krężołek – easy for you to say – who was also convicted of murdering Daniel Pelka hung himself in prison too:

The stepfather of Daniel Pelka – who murdered the tragic four-year-old in a case which shocked Britain – has been found dead in prison.

Mariusz Krezolek and his partner Magdalena Luczak systematically starved little Daniel and locked him in a box room, where he slept on a urine-soaked mattress.

The youngster died after he was dunked in a cold bath and hit over the head before being shut in his room. A judge found Krezolek delivered the fatal blow.

Krezolek was jailed for life for the killing of the youngster – who resembled a ‘famine victim’ at the time of his death and foraged for scraps of food from his school bin because he was so hungry.

The 36-year-old killer was found dead at Full Sutton prison in Yorkshire where he was serving his minimum 30-year sentence.

His death comes six months after his partner, Luczak, Daniel’s mother, was found hanging in her prison cell at HMP Foston Hall.

A Prisons Service spokesman said: ‘HMP Full Sutton prisoner Mariusz Krezolek was found unresponsive in his cell at 8.30am on Wednesday 28 January.

‘Staff immediately attempted resuscitation but he was pronounced dead shortly after. Continue Reading

However, Mariusz Unpronounceable is in all probability Joanne Dennehy’s other half too.

He is called Gary Stretch and is supposedly 6 foot 7 inches tall – hence the name ‘Stretch‘ I would imagine.

The photoshopping is quite, quite blatantly obvious I must say.

Stretch is also Anthony Hardy AKA The Camden Ripper

And indeed, young Daniel Pelka is also in all probability James Bulger and Ben Needham.

Fuck knows what has happened to Master Bulger’s left ear in that last photo… Perhaps he was stung by a wasp or something.

Nevertheless I would also imagine that Needham Bulger & Pelka are also Ayeeshia Smith who as you read earlier was murdered by her mother Kathryn Smith and her boyfriend, Matthew Rigby.

But all the same, since these children are nothing other than photographs they are also in all probability James Bulger’s killer, Robert Thompson.

You see, people just don’t look at what is right in front of their eyes.

Neither do they grasp just how easy it is for those working these frauds to create a life.

You see, if a national newspaper were to publish the following set of photos under the banner of  say:”Gerry McCann through the ages“, I would wager that were the first three people seen in the photo below not so renowned, not one viewer would dispute the shit-rags claim.

Yet apart from what the lying bastard newspapers tell us we have no way of knowing if those four people above are who they are meant to be or if indeed they really are all the persona called Gerry McCann.

And with that in mind take a look at the following four photos

Now these 3 boys and the girl, Kayley Desmond are allegedly all victims of the former nurse, Beverley Allitt who is allegedly currently residing in Rampton Maximum Security Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

In 1993 Allitt was convicted of murdering four children, attempting to murder three other children, and causing grievous bodily harm to a further six children… And Twenty Six years later, the Beverley Allitt hoax is still being used for government propaganda purposes – see HERE

Nevertheless, when you look at those 4 children in the photo above there is no denying that they could all be the same person – in particular Kayley, Bradley & Michael, despite Kayley supposedly being a girl.

Now I am assuming that Kayley Desmond (a very unusual spelling of the name Kayleigh) is now called Kayley Asher, since she is the subject of that government propaganda over 25 years on from Beverley Allitt’s crime-spree – despite the article not carrying the above photo of her.

However, the article does carry the following photo – to which I have added an inset of the above for comparison purposes.

So far so good then, despite the obvious fake ear tagged onto the side of Kayley’s head in the baby photo.

However, the news article also has an up-to-date photo of Kayley, clearly taken specifically for the article.

And to my eyes – although not totally out of the question – the Kayley seen in the photo above is not the same Kayley as the two seen in the photo above it.

Neither can I see kayley in the Allitt Survivors photo below.

Unless of course that is her in the wheelchair.

However, here is the thing. None of them appear particularly brain damaged.

Moreover, no mention is made on Allitt’s Wikipedia Page of Kayley being brain damaged as a result of the Bon-Bon nurse’s alleged actions.

Yet the Victims who were left with brain damage or long term disabilities as a direct result of Allitt’s attempted murder all have a description of what those disabilities entail… Very strange.

Especially so when you consider that the Daily Mirror Shit-rag specifically states that Kayley was left brain-damaged as a direct consequence of Allitt’s actions:

Kayley Asher, who suffered brain injuries when she was attacked by child killer Allitt as a baby, has spoken for the first time of how the horror still preys on her mind.

Kayley was 13 months old when she was left with brain damage after Allitt injected an oxygen bubble into her bloodstream.

As a child, she was paid £11,500 for the ­injuries she suffered, which grew to just over £16,000 with interest by her 18th birthday. Source

Yet tellingly, the Mirror article goes on to say:

Kayley suffers from a rare birth defect called Kabuki Syndrome, which can affect both a child’s physical and mental development.

So from that last paragraph we can conclude that Kayley was already mentally disabled before Alitt even set eyes on her then!

Stranger still is that Allitt’s Wikipedia page only lists 9 victims by name and detail, instead of all 13, with neither Michael Davidson or Patrick Elstone being given a mention either.

And of course the photos of the victims were all shown in the usual fraud-hoax technishite.

Now I have to tell you that I am already convinced that the Beverley Allitt case is bollox just on the little bit of research that I have done for this piece of work alone.

Indeed all of the usual signs of a government sponsored hoax are in play including the fanciful old bollox that is published in the MSM days, months and years after the event… Twenty Five years in this instance.

You see, that Mirror article on Kayley has the usual fear factor interwoven throughout:

In her first ever interview, Kayley, now 26, tells how she is haunted by the face of twisted nurse Allitt, who attacked 13 children on a hospital ward in 1991, killing four.

She said: “I can still see her face.

HUH? Kayley was 13 months old at the time and would not remember anything about it… Indeed she would not even have been aware that Allitt tried to kill her.

“I just want her to stay inside for ever, it’s a nightmare. Allitt is very evil, she’s a bad person.

Hmmm. That is fast becoming the standard narrative for victims:

Every day she must take psychiatric medication to calm delusions that Allitt will attack her again – costing up to £40 a month.

Delusions” is an excellent choice of word, meaning a belief in something that is not true… Carry on:

Each night Alan and wife Sharon have to empty every drawer and wardrobe in Kayley’s bedroom to reassure her that Allitt is not lying in wait.

Alan said: “We can be up until 2am or 3am checking the room. Kayley will look behind ever door and check under the bed, even 25 years on.

As if!

“She went through a phase where she just shouted in fear. We always try to reassure her.

“Kayley takes medicines for her digestion and needs psychiatric medicines to calm her delusions of Allitt.”

If there is any truth in that old fanny then someone must have really tried to spook her good and proper about Allitt at a much later date.

Kayley, who lives with her family in Grantham, only found out she was a victim of Allitt when a teacher let it slip at school.

Ohhhh… The teacher spooked her… Roger that:

She rushed home from her lesson and asked her parents: “Is it true a nurse tried to kill me?”

She has never before spoken about Allitt’s crimes – even in the monthly meetings she still has with a psychiatrist.

And she began sobbing as she contemplated the possibility of Allitt being released.

Kayley said: “She might come out one day. She might remember me – what happens if people tell her who I am?”

Alan, 59, went on: “Kayley has seen Allitt’s face many times over the years in papers and on the TV. She would recognise her instantly. Allitt’s face is very much in her mind.

“The dreams sometimes come every night, but usually every week at a minimum. Sometimes it can be a fortnight of constant dreams.”

And you thought that the Chimp was the king of crap!

Journalism at its absolute worst.

Especially when these newspapers shit-rags know that they are deliberately pushing disinformation.

After all, the editors MUST KNOW that Kayley’s ‘mum’, Sharon Asher is also Doreen James, the mother of Deepcut Barracks dead soldier, Cheryl James.

Hmmm… Now why would that be?

And knowing how the Monster-Minions like to take the piss I wouldn’t rule out Kayley being Allitt herself.

After all, there is at least 25 years between the above two photos and that the Monster-Minions do like to take the right fucking piss is beyond doubt.

I mean as another example you may be surprised to learn that Doreen James & Sharon Asher are both Lady Justice Hallett – Hallett-Allitt-Geddit?

One Hundred percent match on both James & Asher, no matter what photo I use of them to compare with Hallett and vice versa.

Moreover, Hallett is one of those who I suspect played the part of Princess Diana back in the day.

Again, hmmm.

However, I will return to the Deepcut Barracks bollocks shortly but for now, the more astute of you may have already noticed that Allitt ‘victim‘, Michael Davidson is also the second Bulger killer, Jon Venables.

And both are of course Kayley Asher.

And in case you haven’t noticed yet, Jon Venables is also Robert Thompson and James Bulger – hence I have never heard of anyone giving detailed accounts of having spent time with Thompson and/or Venables in secure child institutions.

Nevertheless, the proof is in the pudding so take a butchers at this next batch of photos coming up.

And in doing so, bear in mind that I have only used the basic versions of ‘Zoner‘ and ‘Paint‘ – as compared to the photo altering technology afforded to the security services – which along with constraints on my time meant that I haven’t spent anywhere near as long as I would have liked in preparing the pictures.


And Robert Thompson & Co were also – in all probability – murdered schoolgirl Genette Tate.

I would in fact imagine that the Gennette Tate photo was used as a template for many of the children that have gone missing or were murdered in this country over the years… Michelle Calvy who was allegedly murdered by our old aforementioned friend, Anthony Eintwistle.

Although when you bring kidnap & rape victim, Lisa Hoodless into the mix it could be a case of clones.

Now without wishing to keep banging on I will remind you that we are talking photos here of made up personas. We are not talking real people and for that very reason the photos of Lisa Hoodless were also used for the photos of a young Joanne Dennehy.

Robert Thompson is also Megan Russell – supposedly murdered along with her mother, DOCTOR Lin Russell in 1996 by Michael Stone.

Now for those who don’t know or haven’t read the synopsis of the Russell murders provided above, the story goes that on Tuesday 9th July 1996, Dr Lin Russell (unusual spelling of Lin & another Doctor to boot) was walking her two daughters, Josie  home from school – a 2 mile walk through the isolated Kent countryside (near the village of Chillenden) – with their dog Lucy in tow when they were all battered repeated around the head with a claw hammer.

Michael Stone was supposedly the assailant and on conviction was jailed for life for the Murder of 45 year old Lin Russell and six year old Megan… Although to this day he still maintains his innocence – at least he does according to the official story.

PHOTO: Michael Stone.

Stone was also jailed for life for the attempted murder of 9 year old Josie Russell who survived the attack albeit with appalling injuries and the dog Lucy was also battered to death.

However, despite Stone remaining in prison in January 2016 the press announced that the Plod were set to interview serial killer, Levi Bellfield about the Russell murders.

Now according to the Mirror shit-rag:

Levi Bellfield is one of the most dangerous serial killers Britain has known. He in currently in jail for the murders of schoolgirl Milly Dowler, Amelie Delagrange, 22, and Marsha McDonnell, 19, and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy, 18. At the time of his conviction in June 2011, detectives said they believed Bellfield may have been responsible for around 20 attacks on women which were never solved.  Source

PHOTO: Levi Bellfield

Now to avoid confusing things further I will deal with Bellfield a little later on in this exposé and for now just tell you that as far as I can see, Bellfield has only been brought into the mix to create joinder and in the minds of the Monster-Minion scriptwriters, add credibility to the story.

However, the facts surrounding the Russell Murders could be at best described as contradictory.

For instance the Mirror shit-rag describes the events thus:

The sun was shining and the only sound was that of bees and skylarks and then suddenly, from nowhere, a maniac with a hammer wreaks savage murder on them.

That’s what happened on July 9, 1996 near the village of Chillenden, Kent, the so called ‘Garden of England.’ 

Lin Russell had been taking a quiet stroll through the lanes and meadows with her little girls, Josie, aged 9, and Megan who was six.

If I can just butt in here, They would not have been taking a “quiet stroll through the lanes and meadows”. Not according to Dr Shaun Russell – husband & father to Lin, Josie and Megan – whose book I am reading at the moment:

They were accompanied by their small dog Lucy.

Then they were suddenly confronted by a man. No one can be absolutely sure what happened next. No one knows if he demanded money from Lin Russell or whether it was a random incident driven only by a boiling desire within to kill.

Me again! Now if “No one knows if he demanded money from Lin Russell”, why mention it? I mean why not say ‘no one knows if the attacker stopped Lin to ask her the time’ or for directions or any amount of other reasons that could have been used to engage Lin in conversation. Indeed, who is to say that the attacker engaged them in conversation at all?

Carry on:

The family were tied up with the killer’s own bootlaces and the dog lead.

Boot laces and a dog lead belonging to a tiny Jack Russell – Russell coincidentally being the family name… Roger that:

They were being controlled, whimpering with fear and pleading not to be hurt.

Did those pleas fall on deaf ears? Or did they just serve to inflame the killer’s evil nature?

It seems Lin Russell was the first to die, clubbed to the ground with a heavy hammer. Then little Megan was killed, her skull shattered by more vicious blows with the tool.

Then Josie was battered and left bleeding. Even their little dog had to die. Did she try and defend her family? The exact truth will never be known. 

The police done well to figure out in what order they died, didn’t they!

Whatever happened, her skull was stove in by another crushing hammer blow.

Then the killer, his clothes spattered with the blood of his victims, left the scene.

When a passer-by found the scene of carnage and called an ambulance, it seemed that all three victims were dead.

That fact again contradicts Shaun Russell’s version of events.

But Josie still had a pulse. At hospital neurosurgeons carried out a series of delicate operations, and gradually, over a period of a year or more, Josie pulled through and recovered. Continue Reading

And for the sake of balance and so as I can point out the contradictions the following is taken from the website

On 9 July 1996, three bodies were found in a little leafy copse beside a country lane in Chillenden, Kent. Mother, Dr Lin Russell, 45, and her two daughters, Megan, six and Josie, nine, had all suffered brutal head injuries caused by a blunt instrument.

They had been tied up and their family dog, Lucy, was also found dead nearby. The head injuries looked so bad that Lin’s husband and the girls’ father, Dr Shaun Russell, was initially told that they had all died.

Unbelievably, Josie was still alive, albeit barely. She was transferred immediately to King’s College hospital in London, where she was saved. In years to come, she made an even more miraculous recovery.

They always make “miraculous recovery’s” in these hoax dramas don’t cha know.

The three Russells had been returning on foot from a swimming gala at about 4:20 pm along the country lane, when a car passed them.

Indeed they had been swimming earlier in the day so you have to wonder why the Mirror shit-rag omitted the swimming towel strips used as restraints:

Josie even recalled waving to the driver in the car. As they walked further down the lane, the car was parked across the track, and its driver, a man, got out of the car with a hammer. He demanded money from them. Lin had left her money and purse at home but offered to go back to the house with him to get him the money, which he refused. Lin then told Josie to run to the nearest house to get help.

The man grabbed Josie and hit her on the head with a hammer but inflicted only a slight injury. He then walked the three of them and the dog off the track into a dense copse, where he tied them up with strips torn from Josie’s blue swimming towel, a bootlace and a pair of tights.

No dog lead then?

He then hit Lin on the head at least 15 times, causing severe head trauma and killing her. Josie’s skull was smashed; brain tissue was protruding from a wound behind her left ear and there were several lacerations to her skull. There was extensive tearing to the covering of her brain.

Take note of Josie’s injuries.

Megan had been hit at least seven times, suffering massive skull fractures with exposed brain tissue.

After the attack, the man got into his car and drove back along the way he had come. About half an hour after the murders had taken place, a man was spotted a mile away from the murder scene in an agitated state. The string bag containing bloodied towel strips was dropped in a hedgerow and the man then left the vicinity.

Why didn’t he take the bag of potential criminal evidence with him?

Also what constitutes an “agitated state“?

Moreover, would a person capable of such prolonged, unnecessary – some may even say gratuitous – violence appear agitated?

Nevertheless, they may well have been returning from swimming although it is hard to understand the time of the attack at 4:20PM since Tuesdays were always swimming days with the school for which the children were taken and returned by coach to their swimming lessons held in Canterbury.

Primary schools do not close that late.

And as for a “passer-by” finding “the scene of carnage” and calling “an ambulance“? Well unless Dr Shaun Russell is lying that has to be fantasy since according to his book he drove right passed his dead and dying family whilst out looking for them by which time the police were already involved and there is no mention of any discovery of the bodies made by a “passer-by”.

And as for Josie’s injuries which included some of her brain hanging out of the wounds, as well as Shaun Russell detailing in his book an emergency operation to remove part of her brain, compounded by the fact that at least 5 hours had past between attack and discovery yet no wild animal had moved in to try and eat the victims despite the bodies being in a pitch black, isolated area it is a wonder how Josie survived at all, never mind the surgeons prognosis just two days later.


Indeed Josie has grown into a multi talented, beautiful young woman.

Shaun must have lost a leg when that last photo was taken!

Nevertheless, Josie now has a boyfriend named Iwan (strange name) and they won an award for rescuing a cat from a quarry – Source

Like ya do.

Indeed Iwan reminds me of a fella named Thomas Orchard who was in today’s Chimp (14/03/17) after the coppers who arrested him were cleared of his manslaughter.

And in turn they look like our old friends Owen Jones, Alex Boulter & Co.

I am also leaning towards Josie being the actress Julia Goulding who plays Shona Someone-Orother on Coranation Street.

If you have been a reader of mine for awhile you will know that Coronation Street actors are particularly dodgy.

And meantime young Josie could well have been played by her sister Megan – or vice versa.

However, what is interesting is that Dr Shaun Russell spends the first third of his book entitled “Josie’s Journey” talking about his, his wife’s Lin and his daughter’s Josie & Megan’s lives in South Africa, where both of the girls were supposedly born.

And guess what? I found a young, inspirational, DOCTOR Megan Russell who would be around our Megan’s age – had she lived – living and working in South Africa.

Dr Megan Russell is using her engineering knowledge to find practical solutions to the problems of healthcare in poorer countries by helping develop medical technology appropriate for more primitive conditions.

This young South African’s enthusiasm for engineering earned her a place on this year’s Mail & Guardian newspaper list of 200 remarkable young South Africans, an annual campaign recognising people under the age of 35 who are doing extraordinary things.

Russell, an engineer, lectures in the faculty of engineering and the built environment at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). Here she has an opportunity to do what she enjoys most – rekindle a love for science through teaching and show how useful science can be.

Throughout her studies Russell has dipped into various forms of engineering. She studied electrical engineering and then she did an MSc in biomedical engineering at the University of Cape Town (UCT). In 2007 she moved her studies to Wits University, and last year completed her PhD, specialising in biomedical engineering. Continue Reading

Course, I am only speculating but when you compare Meghan with Meghan you get the following result:

And now look at this next photo:

PHOTO: Killer Mark Bridger and Vicky Fenner, the woman who allegedly dumped him on the day he killed April Jones.

Much more on April Jones shortly but when you compare Vicky Fenner with Dr Megan Russell you get the following result:

And our Megan Russell could very easily be Vicky Fenner.

Just sayin’.

Now unfortunately my Laptop has died a death and I say “unfortunately” because on it I have a photo that is about just as close as you will get to proving that Dr Lin Russell is still alive and well, yet until I can get someone to retrieve the data I cannot produce it.

Neither can I find it on the internet again.

I have however managed to find the following.

And in addition to those comparisons there are the following of Lin and Barbara Stone.

Barbara Stone is the sister of Michael Stone convicted of Murdering Lin & Megan Russell.

PHOTO: The ever changing face of Michael Stone.

Now I realise that I am banging on by what I am going to say but it is important and many of you cannot get your heads around it.

You see, what you have to remember is that these photos are crap for a reason.

I mean the fact is that photography has been around long before the mid 1800’s (remember the monsters have access to technology at least 25 years before the general public do) and when you see photos such as the two below you have to ask yourself why are the press foistering such poor quality photos on us a hundred and fifty years later.

Indeed there can be NO excuse for such shite photos and therefore there has to be a reason… And that reason is that the photos used are used that often and manipulated so much that to use them in their original form would give the game away.

I mean take Moors-Murder-Victim, Pauline Reade – another strangely spelled surname.

And let’s face it we have seen a lot worse already, but who would even bother keeping such a shite photo – even back in the early 1960’s?

Of course nobody would, yet we are supposed to accept that that photo is the best that the plod could come up with – sorry, I do not buy that old bollox for one minute.

Likewise, photos of Beryl Evans murdered by John Christie at 10 Rillington Place are equally crap.

The Rillington Place murders were and still are a real money spinner and a reminder of why the death penalty shouldn’t be brought back since Beryl’s husband Timothy Evan’s was hung for her murder before it became apparent that he was innocent.

Mind you, it would not surprise me in the slightest if the death penalty was brought back since it would do away with the Monsters need to pretend that all these serial killers are safely locked up in prison when they clearly are not… Course, on the other hand ‘hanging‘ them would put an end to future financially lucrative ‘scare‘ stories as well as the loss of revenue which has to be going into someones pocket.

For instance I believe that Ian Brady has been dead for at least 5 years yet the taxpayer is still forking out a minimum £300,000 per year to keep the persona in the style that ‘it‘ is accustomed to and indeed the estimated bill of his 50 year incarceration comes to over a staggering £15 Million Pounds (Source)… So someone has made a very nice living out of the creation and yet despite that huge sum of money we still cannot get a decent photo of him!

However, as I say, the reason for these crap photos is so as that they can be exploited and used to depict others, hence Beryl Evans is Pauline Reade.

Welcome to the land of make-believe.

Another example of these old time, fraud case histories is that of Derek Bentley whom was hanged for murder and has very few photographs on release – the vast majority of which are all total shite.

PHOTO: Derek Bentley

However, I think that the photos of Derek Bentley are of the same person as those of John Reginald Christie. I mean, Bentley was only 19 years old when he was well hung yet he looks at least 10 years older in his photos. Moreover, his hair is painted on!

Now look at these photos of Christie.

Yet when you compare the photoshopped snappy-snapz of Christie & Bentley you get the following.

Indeed both cases stink to high heaven, literally in Christie’s case since we are supposed to believe that he hid at least 4 bodies in his flat for at least 3 years and buried another two (unseen) in the tiny back garden!

The following is from Wikipedia:

He (Christie) murdered at least eight people – including his wife, Ethel – by strangling them in his flat at 10 Rillington Place, Notting Hill, London. Christie moved out of Rillington Place during March 1953, and soon afterwards the bodies of three of his victims were discovered hidden in an alcove in the kitchen. Two further bodies were discovered in the garden, and his wife’s body was found beneath the floorboards of the front room. Christie was arrested and convicted of his wife’s murder, for which he was hanged.

I mean, c’mon! The smell would have been fucking unbearable.

Doesn’t ring true does it?

Moreover, after Christie was arrested he was seen on many Pathé Newsreels except by then he had apparently become extremely camera shy.

Stranger still, despite there being nearly 4 years between the arrests of Timothy Evans (Arrested & hung for Christie’s crime) & Christie, it was the same officer who did so.

Course, Timothy Evans is also David Blakely .

Former public schoolboy and racing car driver, Blakely was shot dead by Ruth Ellis – the last woman to be hanged in this country. Indeed the fact that she was hanged caused a world outcry.

Moreover, Ellis – who had been physically, mentally & sexually abused all of her life – was extremely poorly represented in court by her Barrister, Melford Stevenson, who later went on to be the presiding Judge at the trial of the Kray Twins… Another saga which isn’t anything like people believe it to be.

The presiding Judge at Ellis’s trial who sentenced her to death was Cecil Havers – Grandfather to actor Nigel Havers and father to former chief judge, Elizabeth Butler Sloss who originally was in charge of the Diana Inquest… Furthermore, Ellis was rumoured to be one of Stephen Wards girls… Dot. Dot. Dot.

So we now have Timothy Evans who was wrongfully hanged and Ruth Ellis who should never have been hanged… Roger that.

And both Ellis’s daughter and sister later wrote books about Ruth.

It is also quite possible that Evans/Blakely was our old friend, the serial killer Peter Manuel – who was also well hung.

As well as them all being Henry John Burdett – the last fella to be hung in Scotland on 15th of August 1963.

Cracking photo of Burdett, isn’t it!

And since Derek Bentley was hung at 19 years old despite only having the mental age of a 10 year old an an IQ of 77 it is not hard to work out that the agenda of the day was to bring in the abolition of the death penalty.

Moreover, Bentley did not actually murder anyone. That [dis] honour went to his 16 year old accomplice, Christopher Craig who was too young to hang. The murder victim was allegedly a policeman named Sid Miles (S-miles).

Now, as I say, Bentley was in all probability also, John Reginald Christie although it is worth mentioning that the owner of the warehouse that Bentley & Craig were trying to rob when they were caught red handed by the plod is a fella named, Douglas Barlow.

PHOTO: (Main) Doug Barlow talking about Bentley in 1993. (Inset) Derek Bentley 

Indeed both Barlow & Bentley share the initials ‘D B‘.

Meantime, Christopher Craig was also convicted of the murder of PC Miles and “detained at her majesty’s pleasure” before being released in 1963, having served 10 years behind bars.

Christopher Craig is without doubt also the serial killer Robert Black.

Good that innit?

Mind you, the fact that Craig’s victim, PC Miles is a ringer for Harry Roberts victim, PC Fox is highly suspect.

One hundred percent, without a doubt.

Indeed Fox/Miles could possibly even be Derek Bentley’s old man.

Indeed it isn’t unfair to say that the Bentley clan look more like they are off to see a West-End show rather than learning that their son/brother had just lost his appeal against his death sentence.

Moreover, knowing what we do now, it isn’t too much of a leap of face to accept that Bentley’s old man could well be James Hanratty’s old man… Hanratty being another one of those hanged who are now presumed innocent.

Or perhaps that too is just a coincidence that they look so alike… In the same way that John Reginald Christie’s victims do.

Ever feel like you’ve been had?

But it doesn’t end there. You see, Derek Bentley’s sister, Iris Bentley is also various other people.

Frances Shand Kydd is of course Princess Diana’s mother and also played the part of Myra Hindley – see HERE – and when you know the full extent of her activities you will understand just how feasible it is that she was involved in the Roberts-Bentley-Christie hoaxes.

Indeed in that linked article above I also pointed out the anomalies with the Brady/Hindley victims.

And having looked at those, now think back to earlier on in this exposé in regard to Brian Jones.

Just sayin’… Again.

So, getting back on track and of course the photos used to depict Lin & Megan Russell murderer, Michael Stone have also been used time and time again to create other mad-men… William Horncy for example

Mass Murderer Horncy’s partner in crime was Ken Regan AKA Ken Avery.

Regan is almost certainly our old pal, the prostitute killing Steve Wright.

Wright is in fact very much like Tony Martin in the looks department. You may remember that Martin was the farmer jailed for shooting two burglars that he caught robbing his remote homestead.

If you are familiar with Tony Martin’s story you will know that he used one of those magical guns that shoot around corners.

Martin has of course written a book.

“As told by John McVicar”… You couldn’t make that shit up!

Martin did of course shoot dead the young gypsy, Fred Barrass… Who could possibly be the eldest of the Philpott Children

And that becomes more likely still when you consider that the second youngest Philpott child is also cancer sufferer Kian Musgrove – championed by Simon Cowell to the tune of £25,000.

And of course as I documented many months ago, Michael stone also plays the part of Kevin Wells – father to murder victim, Holly Wells who was killed along with her school pal, Jessica Chapman by school caretaker Ian Huntley.

Moreover, there is another Kevin Wells who was up to no good back in 2011:

A FORMER teacher has been sent to prison for a series of sex offences involving children including two rapes of a disabled 11-year-old boy.

Kevin Wells, aged 53, of Bishops Oak Ride, Tonbridge, was today jailed for nine years at Maidstone Crown Court.

Wells was the head of Year 7 at Ravens Wood School, Oakley Road, Bromley.

He pleaded guilty to a total of 14 offences including two rapes of a child.

The father of two was sentenced to nine years for each rape and jailed for between nine months and four years for each of the other 12 offences. Source

But what would the odds be of the two Kevin Wells looking extremely similar to each other?

Could be coincidence of course? … Nahhhh.

Michael Stone also has a namesake – the UDA terrorist, Michael Stone.

PHOTO: Michael Stone

The terrorist Michael Stone supposedly shot 2 or 3 IRA sympathisers dead at a funeral.

It would appear that he is ambidextrous!

He is however, also the serial killer, John Duffy.

Meantime Shaun Russell is the Barrister, Michael Mansfield who represented the fake persona, Mohammed Al Fayed at the Diana inquest.

Russell did a lot of that dry-cry nonsense at the time.

Back to Megan Russell and she is also Karen Hadaway – one of the two girls murdered in what became known as the “Babes In The Woods“killings.

Karen Hadaway is obviously a lot less photoshopped than Megan Russell.

Now according to the Babes In The Wood drama, originally a fella called Russell ‘whats in a name‘ Bishop was arrested and put on trial for the rape and murder of Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows.

Photo: Russell Bishop

However, he was acquitted only to later receive a life sentence for the kidnap and attempted murder of another 7 year old child.

And then in 2009, Barrie Fellows, father of Nicola Fellows – the other girl who was murdered alongside Karen – became the chief suspect and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of their murder. He too was later acquitted.

Photo: Barrie Fellows. 

So is it only me who thinks that the two fellas look the same?

Okay, moving on and we have already seen Doreen James from the Deepcut Barracks bollox and Sharon Asher from the Beverly Allitt bollox being played by the same woman, namely Lady Hallett, but what of their husbands?

Photo: Des & Doreen James with Deepcut Barracks victim, Cheryl James inset. 

Well I would imagine that our Des is also Dominic Peacock, the Conservative Yorkshire Councillor who was suspended for making “derogatory” remarks following the [faked] murder of Batley MP, Jo Cox.

So now we can definitly put the Deepcut Barracks Bollox down to being… Errr… Well bollox.

Indeed the scandal originally involved four soldiers deaths.

Photo: Deepcut Barrack victims – Clockwise from top left hand photo: James Collinson, Cheryl James, Geoff Gray and Sean Benton. 

Isn’t it interesting how close in looks Gray and Benton are don’t cha think?

Moreover I would say that Gray is also definitely the dead [hero] soldier, James Ashworth – if not Benton too.

However you only have compare Gray’s nose in the two photos above to see how different they are. Course, it is Grays [altered] nose in the upper of the two photos that makes him look different to Ashworth… Well that and the line drawn-in under Ashworth’s bottom lip… The same can be said for Ashworth in regard to his nose

Yet I have no doubts in my mind that they are the same fella. Indeed I could alter either of their photos to make them look identical in a matter of minutes.

Therefore just study the two carefully for a moment and you will see what I mean.

PHOTO: Ashworth & Gray

Ashworth has a very dodgy looking ear in that photo

And isn’t Ashworth the name of the secure mental hospital where Ian Brady supposedly hangs out?

Errrr, yes I do because yes they are.

Meantime Geoff Gray is possibly our old friend Robert Stewart.

And/or Dale Cregan.

Now of course, as I have just said, dead soldier Jimmy Ashworth is one of “our hero’s”.

After all, we collect heroes by the sackful.

Nevertheless there are surprisingly few photos of Ashworth on the net… The fella, not the nut-house… There are loads of fucking photos of that to be found.

And I have to say that the three photos that I did find of him which were clear enough to get a comparison on, he didn’t score all that great when compared to himself.

PHOTO: James Ashworth compared with himself

I mean you would expect to get at least one 100% result wouldn’t you?

And even then, in the very first of those photos above his head has been blatantly photoshopped onto the body.

PHOTO: James Ashworth – a blatant photoshop

Now why would that be?

And predictably, at least one of the Deepcut ‘victims‘ had to be a twin and that honour goes to Sean Benton who has a twin brother called Tony… Indeed it is fucking amazing how many ‘twins’ are killed in these government play-acts – for obvious reasons of course, which I am sure that you can figure out for yourself.

Just sayin’.

However, as always the Monsters couldn’t stop themselves from taking the story further by adding another death to the tally – a soldier named Michael Davidson (seen in the photo below).

And straight away I couldn’t help but notice the poor photoshopping at the top of Davidson’s right ear (your left, where ear meets beret).

Indeed, he looks like a hybrid of Gray and Benton.

And he also looks a lot like 19 year old Scott Williams – allegedly one of Mark Bridger’s sons.

Photo: Scot Williams & Michael Davidson

Indeed, I have my suspicions about 3 or 4 other people who could all easily be one or all of the trio but the suspect lack of photos of the three soldiers to be found on the internet makes it impossible for me to cross reference them and as such I will just keep the other suspects on file for now.

Course, Mark Bridger was credited with the murder of April Jones whose mother is called Coral.

Photo: April Jones with Coral Jones seen in the inset.

The Jones’ also wrote a book don’t cha know?

Maybe even two.

And indeed I strongly suspect Coral Jones of being Mae West, eldest surviving daughter of Fred & Rose West.

And in turn I believe West to be crime expert, DOCTOR Liz Yardley from Birmingham University.

Mae West has written a book.

Moreover, I believe them all to be Dominique Delagrange – the mother of murdered 22 year old Amelie Delagrange.

Meanwhile Coral Jones is good friends with Kate McCann – funny how people from high profile cases team up with each other isn’t it?

Even when their cases are totally different.

Fuck knows what gives with the crutches though, although they do seem very popular amongst the victim’s relatives.

Just Sayin’… Again.

Moreover, Diane Gray is the splitting image of Yvonne Collinson – the mother of Deepcut ‘victim’, James Collinson.

It is also worth noting out that Collinson is a 100% match for both Lady Hallett and Doreen Asher.

Yvonne has of course written a book:

Yet quite why she has added the surname ‘Heath ‘ after Collinson is anyone’s guess, although different surnames to other close family relatives is extremely common to these hoaxes – along with strangely spelled first names.

Now Yvonne is married to James Collinson… That is them in the photos below.

And when I look at old James he doesn’t… As in he doesn’t look old.

I mean their son was only supposedly 17 years old when he was killed in 2002.

PHOTO: Father & Son Collinson 

And the fact that James Sr has had his cheeks added to – hence the strange neck – does nothing to alleviate my suspicions… Especially since his mouth has been fucked about with too.

In fact to me, if James Sr didn’t have those fake cheeks he would look very much like a fella called Leslie Skinner.

So who is Leslie Skinner I don’t hear you ask. But if I did I would answer thus:

A TRAINING officer at a Deepcut barracks, who sexually assaulted a string of young recruits, was jailed for four-and-a-half years on Friday.

Leslie Skinner, 46, subjected the soldiers to sadomasochistic abuse and photographed them engaged in humiliating acts.

During the hearing it emerged that the former staff sergeant had been sent to look after recruits at the training barracks despite previously having been court martialled for exposing himself to a recruit in Northern Ireland. Source

Curiouser and curiouser.

Now Collinson Sr looks to me very like Claude Garrec… “Claude Who“? I hear you ask.

Claude Garrec, best friend of Henri Paul, the mush who allegedly drove Princess Diana to her death.

“But he’s French”! you then protest… To which I would reply that he isn’t necessarily. After all, the Diana drama was an English production and the Pap, Rat was an Englishman playing a Frenchman.

So let’s go compare.

Now I am not stating as fact that they are one and the same but the chances that they are increase tenfold when you see their likeness to Metropolitan Police, Detective Inspector, Peter Sparks who gave hearsay evidence at the 7/7 inquest and is well-in with the Royal Family.

Sparks was also involved in the whitewash investigation into the shooting of Jean Charles da Silva de Menezes and is an expert in “terrorism“, not to mention a load more information that I am gagged from telling you about.

And don’t be taken in by the difference in ears, because they change like the wind.

Now, when you look at Pvt James Collinson’s teeth, he could actually very well be Cheryl James in some photos… Not that there are many photos to be had.

PHOTO Pvt James & Pvt Collinson

In fact given the families of the victims huge involvement in the story you would have thought that they would have provided all manner of different and better quality photos instead of relying on the grainy few.

Nevertheless, Cheryl James had a “secret” boyfriend at the time who gave evidence at the Deepcut Barracks inquiry. His name was Private Paul Wilkinson.

PHOTO: Pvt Wilkinson after giving evidence.

Paul Wilkinson looks very much like drug dealing, Gary Wilkinson.

Ears anyone? But what’s in a name aye?

And the Wilkinsons bring me nicely to Kath Rathband – former wife of the “hero” policeman, David Rathband who committed suicide after being blinded by killer Raoul Moat.

Kath Rathband recently remarried a fella called John McGee

And I hardly need to tell you who John McGee looks like do I? … Do I?

He does of course look like the Wilkinsons.

Once again I will say ‘ears‘?

Course McGee is not the only connection between the Deepcut hoax and the Raoul Moat bollox – Deepcut – Moat?

You see, Diane Gray – the mother of Deepcut Barracks victim Geoff Gray – is also one of David Rathband’s sisters.

Kath Rathband also hit the national headlines two years ago in the guise of Moira Gemmill.

The following is from Gemmill’s Wikipedia page:

Moira Gemmill (18 September 1959 – 9 April 2015) was head of design and exhibitions at the Museum of London and director of design at the Victoria and Albert Museum from 2002 until early 2015. She had recently been appointed to the job of director of capital programmes at the Royal Collection Trust. Gemmill died after being in collision with a lorry at the Millbank roundabout, near Lambeth Bridge, while cycling from her home at Kennington to her job at St James’s Palace.

On 20 April 2015, pressure group Stop Killing Cyclists held a “die-in” at the site of Gemmill’s death to protest the number of cyclists dying on British roads

So, not hard to see the agenda there.

Kath Rathband is also her own sister-in-law, Debbie Rathband.

Very smug looking isn’t she?

Course she is also very involved in the Cancer Con – see HERE, HERE and HERE.

The following is what I wrote in the last of those three links albeit large chunks have been added:

Mind you, Lisa McCabe (Lisa McCabe is one of those taking part in the cancer con) appears to be played by at least two people. Nevertheless Lisa McCabe/Cathy Bennett are the ones who played the part of David Rathband’s Mrs – who is also called Cathy, cept hers is spelled with a ‘K’.

Now for those who don’t know, David Rathband was the copper allegedly shot by Raoul Moat, who had supposedly murdered his bird and her new boyfriend prior to that and which – as luck would have it – I already have the information ready to hand on the case being as the old fanny is to be included in the exposé that I am currently writing in regard to all the fake high profile crime cases that have taken place in Britain since the late 1950’s.

Yes, yes, of course I know you don’t believe it… You are not meant to!

Otherwise, if you did the Monsters would have been hung for crimes against humanity a long time ago!

In fact that is the main reason that I am currently working on the mammoth task of bringing together all of the high profile kidnappings, rapes & murders that have occurred in this country over the last 50 years under one roof, so as you can see how every single one of those crimes is linked – directly or indirectly – to every single one of the others.

And indeed, it isn’t until you do know how they all connect that only then can you fully appreciate how gullible you have been in believing that these events all really took place.

Nevertheless, Cathy being Kathy isn’t the only evidence of those in the Cancer Con taking part in the Raoul Moat Muppet-Madness.

However, before I go there I will also point out that Ckathy is also a ringer for Sam Grant, the sister of Maple Syrup, AKA Meghan Markle, the soon-to-be fictitious fiancee of Harry H Hewitt – despite the fact that the evidence points to the pair having never so much as even spoken.

Fuck me some people are gullible.

Nevertheless, back to the David Rathband Connection – Rat Co for short.

Now, I contend that Rathbands daughter Mia is played by a friend of Stephanie Sandwhitz* – or whatever her fucking name is – named Chloe Trumpton Plumptits Plumpton.

*Stephanie Jane Soloniewicz is a bird very much involved in the cancer con who messaged me to have a right pop and subsequently wished she hadn’t. All the details are in the cancer con articles linked above. 

Moreover, I contend that one of the people who played Rathband’s son, Ashley is also the son of Sean McCabe and the son of one of Raoul Moat’s friends… Raoul Moat allegedly the fella who shot Rathband in the face.

Mind you, I had to laugh when Ash Rathband told the Mirror Shit-Rag in June 2015 that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a Bacon Bugger:

The son of the late policeman David Rathband – who was blinded when shot in the face by killer Raoul Moat – has revealed he is to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

Ash Rathband, 22, says he wants to join the police, five years after his father killed himself.

His traffic officer father was blasted in the face with a shotgun by Moat, who had just shot his ex-girlfriend and murdered her new boyfriend after being released from prison.

“What happened to Dad means I know the risks more than anyone, but it means I also know how important police are in protecting people and helping others,” said Ash.

“I also know how important police are in protecting people and helping others” – ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… What a fucking joker.

Course, it isn’t hard to see the agenda at play here, is it?

Nevertheless, the old fanny continues:

“I think you need something special inside you to be a police officer. Dad had it and I think I have it too.”

Oh you need something special inside you to become a bacon bugger alright, that much is true… So, Roger that then, and please do carry on:

PC Rathband was left in a coma and, despite 18 hours of surgery on his shattered face, doctor’s could not save his eyesight. Source

Okay, just so as ya know, don’t cha know, here are a couple of recent photos of ‘Ashley’:

Definitely copper material.

Now as I say, Raoul Moat supposedly shot and badly wounded his girlfriend, Samantha Stobart (funny how the name Stobart continually crops up in these hoaxes), and her new boyfriend, Chris Brown – killing him – before moving on to shoot PC Rathband.

However, the part of Samantha Stobart is played by Lisa Wilson-McCabe.

And our old friend Stephanie Sandlewhitz – or whatever her fucking name is.

It is no wonder that Steph tried to get me to shut the fuck up is it?

Yet it is all total bollocks.

I mean lets have a look at her wounds. The following is from the Chimp published 2 weeks after Moat shot her and her new boyfriend Chris Brown:

Samantha Stobbart, who split up with Moat while he was behind bars, had pretended her boyfriend Chris Brown was a policeman in a bid to protect herself.

But, instead, the lie only inflamed the crazed killer’s hatred of the police and led to the shotgun rampage in which karate instructor Mr Brown, 29, paid with his life.

Mother-of-one Miss Stobart, 22, who was blasted in the stomach as a ‘souvenir’ wound, told relatives she was now racked with guilt.

According to The Sun, she said: ‘Oh God, why did I lie? I told him I was seeing a police officer because I was frightened. But that wasn’t true. Now I wish I hadn’t said it.’

Mr Brown was shot dead two weeks ago as he and Miss Stobbart prepared for a night out at a house in Gateshead.

Father-of-three Moat, 37, mercilessly fired a volley of blasts, firing two rounds into Mr Brown’s face at point-blank range and shooting Miss Stobbart twice in the stomach.

Pausing here and I maybe wrong but doesn’t a sawn-off shotgun only fire two cartridges before you have to reload it?

The next day the 17st bodybuilder, who had just been freed from Durham jail, Moat blasted Newcastle constable David Rathbone, 42, in the eyes, blinding him.

The murderer then spent a week on the run before killing himself near the village of Rothsbury, Northumberland, as police closed in on him and fired a Taser at him.

While a fugitive, Moat scrawled a rambling 49-page confession in which he revealed that shotgun cartridges earmarked for his ex had been specially doctored so she would survive – but live with memento scars.

Is it possible to doctor cartridges fired from a sawn off so as they only maim?

Moat also confirmed in his confession that he only killed Mr Brown because he thought he was a police officer.

He wrote: ‘Had he been an ordinary guy and not police, I wouldn’t have shot him.’

Miss Stobbart, who is recovering from wounds to her abdomen but may suffer permanent liver damage, said: ‘This is a living nightmare.Source

Now as I say, that report came two weeks after the shooting which is more than plenty enough time for the national press to establish the facts correctly in terms of the injured and deceased wounds.

Yet two years later – following Rathband’s suicide, the following report was published in the Mirror Shit-Rag:

RAOUL Moat’s ex-girlfriend has revealed she thought about killing herself just like PC David Rathband, but pulled back for her daughter’s sake.

Samantha Stobbart, 24, was left fighting for life after twisted Moat shot her in the gun rampage that left her boyfriend Chris Brown dead and PC Rathband blind.

And looking at the above photo Rathband would certainly appear to be blind, so Roger that – carry on:

And after the policeman’s tragic ­suicide this week, she broke her silence to express her condolences to his ­family, admitting: “Without my ­daughter, I wouldn’t have lasted this long.”

In an exclusive interview with The People, Samantha relived the awful moment in the early hours of Thursday when she was told of the ex-traffic cop’s death.

I wonder who informed her “in the early hours of Thursday” about Rathband’s suicide:

Samantha recalled: “I heard that PC Rathband had died when a policewoman rang me at 12.20am. I was asleep in bed, and my mum woke me up with the phone.

I call that absolute bullshit. I mean, as if the plod would ring her in the early hours of the morning to tell her that!

“But because I was half asleep, I couldn’t take in what she was saying at first. As soon as I did, it hit me like a hammer blow.

“The officer was really concerned and asked me if I was all right, but I wasn’t. It was horrible. I lay awake all night after that.

“I just kept thinking to myself – that’s another life that Raoul’s taken away. Even when he’s dead, he is still hurting people.

“When is it going to end? First Chris, then his accomplices Karl Ness and Qhuram Awan who were jailed for life, then PC Rathband. All their lives have been destroyed.

“I’m the only one left now. Sometimes I think this will only be finished when I die.”

PC Rathband, 44, hanged himself on Wednesday at his home in Blyth, Northumberland, after struggling to come to terms with his blindness.

And there we have yet another reference to Rathband being blind… Roger that:

Just weeks before his suicide, he revealed that what hurt most was no ­longer being able to see the faces of his estranged wife and two children.

Samantha, who has daughter Chanel, five, with Moat, said: “I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to lose your sight.

Totally blind then:

“If I had lost my eyesight and couldn’t see her, I don’t think I’d be here either.”

Yep, totally blind:

The shocking statement is easy to believe. Samantha seems far younger than her 24 years – and far more breakable.

Her handbag has a torch attached to it because she is now terrified of dark. And like her daughter, she won’t sleep without a night light.

This is partly because of crippling ­flashbacks and partly out of fear of attacks from those who blame her for Moat’s actions.

Samantha – who is wearing a blonde wig to disguise herself – gestures with her right hand, leaving her left resting on her lap.

This is where Moat’s shot went through her arm and ripped her stomach apart. Today, all three gunshot wounds are decorated in tattoos – a bright butterfly, an extract from the poem Footsteps and a cross dedicated to Chris.

“Went through her arm”? That is a new one.

But the scars on her memory are not so easily covered up. Karate instructor Chris and Samantha had been dating for a month when Moat shot them as they left Sam’s home in Birtley, Gateshead, for a night out.

Samantha says: “It all happened in a few seconds. Like I could have clicked my fingers and Chris was dead.

“I remember lying there and ­thinking, I’m going to die here. It was horrible.”

The next day, Moat blasted PC Rathband twice in the face as he sat in his police car next to the A1. He then spent a week on the run before killing himself in the village of Rothbury, Northumberland, as police closed in and fired a Taser at him.  Source

And there we have confirmation that Rathband was shot twice in the face with a sawn-off shotgun making you wonder how he survived at all and more importantly the report now states that Sam had been shot in the arm… Something that the press forgot to mention two years earlier.

And indeed that newly reported on arm injury is consistent with an EXIT wound from being shot with a sawn-off. However, Sammy does not show the entrance wound which you would have thought would have been visible in the bottom photo above and the shown injury is also at a different resolution to the rest of the photo… How bizarre!

Moreover the stomach injuries are far from consistent although the operation scar up the center of her belly is – albeit it looks very unconvincing. And since Sammy was only shot twice, I call definite bullshit at play.

As for Rathband? Well have a read of the following taken from the spy owned Telegraph:

Pc Rathband was shot twice by Moat, in the face and the shoulder, as he sat in his patrol car on the outskirts of Newcastle in July 2010.

He spent 17 days in hospital and despite several operations to restore his eyesight he was still classed as being “black blind”.

Samantha Stobbart, Moat’s former girlfriend, was also shot by the gunman, who killed her new boyfriend before shooting himself after a manhunt.

But despite becoming an author and setting up his own charity PC Rathband had struggled to come to terms with the shooting.

Last August he was arrested on suspicion of assault just hours after undergoing surgery to have pellets removed from his face


Pc Rathband was first shot through the window of his T5 Volvo while parked alone on the side of a roundabout on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne.

He was unarmed and became aware of the presence of someone outside the vehicle close to the junctions of the A1 and A69 last July.

At the trial into Moat’s accomplices he said: “I saw this figure appear from the edge of the concrete behind the car and he was in a crouched stance.”

The man then approached pointing a gun “no more than 18 inches from the passenger window”.

Pc Rathband was first shot through the window of his T5 Volvo while parked alone on the side of a roundabout on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne.

He was unarmed and became aware of the presence of someone outside the vehicle close to the junctions of the A1 and A69 last July.

At the trial into Moat’s accomplices he said: “I saw this figure appear from the edge of the concrete behind the car and he was in a crouched stance.”

The man then approached pointing a gun “no more than 18 inches from the passenger window”.

Moat’s photograph had been circulated to all officers after he shot his former girlfriend and killed Christopher Brown, 29, her new boyfriend, the previous night.

Pc Rathband told Newcastle Crown Court: “I realised it was Raoul Moat who had approached the car and I can remember saying to myself ‘Oh —-, it’s him’. Pennies started to drop very quickly.”

“Moat fired the gun and the shot was through the window. It felt like a circular saw which was ripping my face down to my throat open.

“As I laid in the side of the car I could then feel this fluid spraying from my face which I knew was blood.”

PC Rathband set up the Blue Lamp Foundation, an organisation offering help to injured members of the emergency services, following the attack and ran the London marathon to raise money to support it.

He had previously described how he struggled to cope with the loss of his sight.

In an interview with the BBC, he said: “I have spoken to quite a few people over the last few months and everybody tells me that you have got 10 years before you realise you can deal with being blind.

“At the moment I can’t even see the next 12 months.” Source

And here is the plod car that Rathband was sat in:

I am amazed that the window didn’t shatter!

However, the following is a Mirror Shit-Rag account of the improbable reason that Rathband survived:

PC Rathband said his life was saved because his skull is thickened thanks to a childhood injury.

The blinded officer released the picture to show the enduring legacy of maniac Moat.

He said: “The doctors cannot understand why I did not die. They said I must have suffered some sort of trauma as a child which has given me a stronger skull.

“I fell over and hit my head when I was 12. I was knocked out. Where my head hit was exactly where I got shot. If it had hit my brain it would have killed me.”

Pc Rathband said some pellets work their way out through his scalp. He added: “Each time it is like getting rid of a bit of Moat from my life.” But most will stay in his head for ever.

The officers was hit at point blank range by 37-year-old Moat as he sat in his patrol car in Newcastle on July 4. The gunman also shot ex-girlfriend Sam Stobbart, 22, and killed her new lover Chris Brown, 29.

Dad-of-two PC Rathband, now raising cash for emergency services charities, said he suffers headaches from a metal plate in his skull and has collapsed a number of times.

For charity information go to  Source

BINGO… We now have a ‘Charity’ link.

Nevertheless, the following are allegedly x-rays of Rathband’s head taken after the shooting:

The plod must be mistaken. Rathband must have been shot with a fucking blunder-bus not a sawn off shotgun.

PHOTO: A typical sawn-off shotgun

However, you will note that there is no data on those x-rays to link them to Rathband other than the newspapers word.

Rathband also stated – and note that these are direct quotes:

“I looked into his eyes and saw nothing — no emotion. Then I felt the pain full-on in my face”.

“I knew my right eye socket had just exploded and my eye had gone.” Source

Yet there are no broken bones in his face… Doesn’t make sense does it?

In fact it makes even less sense when you look at the following photos:

I knew my right eye socket had just exploded and my eye had gone.” Source

Yet there are no broken bones in his face… Doesn’t make sense does it?

In fact it makes even less sense when you look at the following photos:

All superficial wounds with very unrealistic looking blood. Indeed the following is what supposedly happens to your face when you take a shot gun bullet to the head.

Yet when Rathband’s face has been cleaned up, his injuries made even less sense.

Now as far as I can see, which to be fair is quite a long fucking way, DAVID Rathband could quite easily be DAVID Copeland.

In 1999 Copeland went on a 13 day nail bombing campaign that left three people dead and 139 injured, the most devastating taking place at the ‘Admiral Duncan’ – a gay bar in the heart of Soho.

There is of course nearly 15 years between photos and the ears are mighty similar.

Moreover, the old fanny involving the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last year (2016) was used as an excuse to revisit Copeland’s capers with our old friend, Owen Jones taking center stage.

The blonde bird with Owen Jones is Britain’s youngest MP, Mhairi Black… She is only around 21 years old. Mind you, she has worked hard for such a privileged position.

I mean she did in all probability play Sammy Stobbart.

And that probability increases ten-fold when you learn that Mhairi is me old friend Stephanie Unpronounceable. 

I will therefore repeat myself: It’s no wonder that Steph tried to get me to shut the fuck up… I mean Steph is involved in some serious high level, sick-minded fraud… Which is perfectly acceptable for an MP it would seem.

Indeed my regular readers will know that as far as I can tell, less than half of our 650 MP’s actually exist… And the ones that do play multiple roles.

Course, I have already documented who many of these MP’s are doubling up as in various other articles of mine such as “Lets Go Play With The Astors” and “Vagina v Thomas Mair”… With many more still to come in future articles.

However, by way of a couple of examples, the frighteningly strange looking Lichfield MP, Michael Fabricunt is the vile Nottingham North MP, Graham Allen.


And they in turn are the vile, corrupt, Craig Mackinlay.


Mind you, you need only look at the turnout in the Commons on the morning after the hoax Tewwowist Attack that was played out on Westmonster Bridge to get the gist of what I’m talking about.

I mean we are meant to have 650 MP’s yet the House of Conmans only seats 427 – if that.

Therefore on the morning of the 23rd March 2017 you would have expected to see at least a couple of hundred MP’s standing in the aisles wouldn’t you?

Indeed I doubt that you have more than 350 ponces there and knowing – as well as conclusively proven in the past – how Parliament TV uses CGI to make the Conmans look busier, the real number is probably nearer 250 maximum.

Mhairi/Steph/Sammy are also a bird named Lucy Brady.

Lucy is a friend of the cancer con family, the Whelans.

Lucy has a ‘son’.

Lucy’s son is also Tim Wotton’s son although they don’t supposedly know each other from Adam:

At 41, Tim Wotton has reached the median age of survival for a person with cystic fibrosis and intends to carry on keeping healthy for his now five year old son.

“Daddy better,” my little boy said as he patted my chest following one of my cataclysmic coughs. Little did he know that, rather than help my lungs, he’d slightly broken my heart.

At birth I was diagnosed with the life-threatening illness cystic fibrosis (CF) and not expected to live much past my teens. It clogs up my lungs and digestive system with a thick sticky mucus making it hard to breathe, exercise and digest food. There is no cure.

I undertake a strict daily regime to combat the condition. It consists of over 40 tablets, nebulisers, injections and physiotherapy just to stay as healthy as possible. I have recently also been diagnosed with diabetes.

I’ve never had any complacency about my length of life or taken anything for granted; I never thought I’d live long enough to have a wife or child.

Marriage to Katie in 2003 spurred me on to believe that my destiny might be different than I had originally thought. I did have serious concerns about starting a family when there’s no certainty of being alive for them, but I was feeling healthy enough, so it seemed a natural way to keep defying my illness. Continue Reading

You see, everything reported in the news is an act

PHOTO: Wotton & his son with Lucy’s son inset

And Steph, Sammy, Lucy & Mhairi are also a bird called Sarah Lamble.

Sarah Lamble has a daughter called Orla Barnes… Weird names being synonymous with frauds.

Now the thing is, Orla Barnes – Barnes spealt that way being a very common surname in these fraud events – is also Mitzi Steady, one hundred percent, without a shadow of fucking doubt.

Mitzi Steady is the little girl who was supposedly knocked over and killed by a runaway lorry in what became commonly known – albeit only by me – as the Bloody-Bloodless-Bath-bollox

Orla and Mitzi are also without doubt Madison Horn – a little girl allegedly murdered by her babysitter.

And of course for doing nothing more than being shot, Rathband was elevated to hero status:

The officer became a national hero after the shooting, setting the The Blue Lamp Foundation to help emergency service workers who have been injured while doing their jobs.

He was even honoured at the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards in November 2010 for his bravery and charity work. Source

And this from the BBC:

In 2010, he won the emergency services section of the Pride of Britain awards, in recognition of his courage in dealing with his injuries. Source

I wonder if he gets to keep that hero status now that he has topped himself?

Course, by 2012 that ‘charity’ of Rathband’s had reached well in excess of quarter of a million with very high hopes:

The Blue Lamp Foundation, which has already raised more than £280,000, provides financial support to emergency services staff who are criminally injured while on duty.

The foundation aims to raise £1m by 2013. The charity has created a page on its website for people to leave their condolences for the family of PC Rathband, who was found hanged at his home in Blyth, Northumberland, on Wednesday. Source

So it is a fucking good job that PC Dave had an identical twin brother to take over the running of that ‘charity’.

THE twin brother of PC David Rathband is asking for help to raise the profile of the police officer’s charity so it can support others in need.

Darren Rathband, 44, vowed to work with the Blue Lamp Foundation, set up by PC Rathband after he was shot and blinded by Raoul Moat in July 2010.

Mr Rathband, who flew to the UK from his home in Australia after the death of his brother last week, said he was “broken” and asked for the public’s support to boost the charity.

In a post on Twitter, Mr Rathband said: “Makes me weep reading all your messages, broken but determined to keep David’s foundation growing for others. Please help me.” Source: As above

And living in Australia meant no one would call foul of course… Do you now see why so many of these ‘victims’ have identical twins?

PHOTO: Darren Rathband and some bird with a runny nose.

And in that same article, Darren is calling for his dead brother Dave to be posthumously made a Police Sergeant – which kinda makes you wonder how Dave hadn’t already made that rank at his age.

Moreover, Darren also got the [very unusual] honour of driving the hearse carrying his ‘brothers’ coffin.

Indeed it is nice to see that Darren’s neck stayed at the correct length whilst driving unlike his brothers, whose neck turns to that akin to a Giraffe – even if he is only driving on the golf range.

Nicely pulled off Darren, cast a spell will ya?

Thank you.

Now as always is the case with these hoaxes, the script-writers couldn’t resist taking the old bollox to the extreme… Enter Gazza AKA ex footballer Paul Gascoine, who just so happened to be a mate of Raoul Moats:

Bizarrely Paul Gascoigne, on hearing the news had decided to get in a cab and visit the fugitive.

The former footballer took a fishing rod, lager and some chicken with him and went searching for him in Rothbury,.

Gascoigne said in a radio interview at the time: ‘He is willing to give in now. I just want to give him some therapy and say “come on Moaty, it’s Gazza.”Source

And Rathband had an affair with 7/7 survivor Lisa French who was on the bus that blew up in Russell Square – thus linking the two hoaxes:

Lisa French’s life was saved by her laptop bag, she told the inquest into the deaths of the 52 7/7 victims.

She had followed Hasib Hussain, 18, up the stairs of the bus he would later blow up in Tavistick Square, but Miss French could see his large rucksack and decided not to sit next to him.

The human resources manager, who was in London for a business meeting on July 7, 2005, had her laptop with her and didn’t think they could fit side by side with all their bags.

So Miss French sat four rows in front of him on the top deck – and as a result lost her two front teeth rather than her life.

Hussain detonated his home-made device, killing 13 people. Had she sat next to him, Miss French, 34, would not have lived to tell the tale.

Instead, she ended up being knocked unconscious in the blast but was able to walk away from the wreckage.

Miss French, a BT worker from Newcastle Upon Tyne, said: ‘I made the decision not to go and sit next to him because I was aware we both had very big bags and that he, we, you know, would be taking up a lot of room.’

She cannot recall the blast, but remembers waking up shortly after, ‘crumpled up’ in her seat in a brace position and spitting out part of a tooth.

She looked back and saw through the smoke that the rear of the bus was missing.

‘There were no seats left behind me attached to the bus,’ she said. ‘There was literally no bus left. It just dropped down behind our seats.’ Pictures of the aftermath show Miss French was inches away from the section of floor that collapsed. Source

And in between all of this bullshit, Dave did of course have time to write a book.


Kerching indeed. And as for Raoul Moat, well he – like others – is documented as being a strong armed,violent, fairy cake.

Do you think that they are trying to tell us something?

Nevertheless, in the event Moat is also in all probability his ‘victim‘, Chris Brown.

Once again, they didn’t change the ears.

And indeed, Moat could also possibly be Levi Bellend Bellfield.

Either way, the story of Raoul Moat is total bollox.

And talking of Moat looking rather thin, take a butchers at these next photos.

Yet I wasn’t joking about the plod calling in Ray Mears:

The 49-year-old presenter used his tracking skills to help police after the wanted killer went to ground in the woodland around Rothbury in Northumberland in July 2010.

Mears said that at one point he came within 20ft of Moat after spending eight hours moving stealthily through the dense forest.

The bush tracker became involved in the massive operation after contacting a police search adviser he had met years earlier to offer his services in finding the former bouncer.

He said the scene when he arrived in Rothbury was like something out of a “Hollywood film set”, with bright searchlights, police snipers and helicopters and an RAF Tornado flying overhead.

“It was such a unique set of circumstances. I have experience of tracking for 40 years. I can’t imagine there would be that many people in the country who would have been in a position to help the police find someone who had gone into hiding who needed to be found,” Mears told the Gloucestershire Echo. Source

I can’t stop fucking laughing… I mean I know that our Bacon-Buggers are hugely incompetent but Ray Mears? Really?

Fuck off witcha.

Unless of course…

Now while I am not saying that Moat is Mears, it certainly isn’t beyond the realms of credibility.

But anyway, getting back to Madeleine McCann for the moment and I will also point out that April Jones and Madeleine’s cousin, Fiona McCann also look a lot like each other, and although I am not totally convinced myself that the two girls are one and the same, it is worth bearing in mind that software is routinely used by the intelligence services to alter facial features – for obvious reasons.

And with that being the case, their likeness to one another certainly warrants a mention – especially when you take into account the friendly photos of Coral Jones and Kate McCann, along with what I have said about these hoaxes all having links to each other.

However, as I say, I am not altogether certain that April & Fiona are the same person although my gut feeling tends to tell me that they are.

Nevertheless that uncertainty is borne out of the fact that April Jones is almost definitely 10 year old, Jessica Chapman – whom along with her friend ‘Holly Wells’ was allegedly murdered in 2002 by Ian Huntley.

PHOTO: Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman

Now have a butchers at this next batch of photos.

Mind you, the computer comparison of Jessica Chapman and Fiona McCann – which compares by measurement rather than a human’s visual comparison – scored an awful lot higher than I thought it would.

Even more so when you take into account how photoshopped the two photographs are.

And another wrong-un from the Soham Saga was Maxine Carr’s mother, Shirley Capp – Maxine Carr obviously being the live-in girlfriend of killer, Ian Huntley.

Now quite why Shirley’s daughter, Maxine Carr has replaced the double ‘pp’ with double ‘rr’s at the end of her surname is anyone’s fucking guess.

Nevertheless, the following is taken from The Guardian newspaper:

The mother of Maxine Carr was today jailed for six months for intimidating a witness in the Soham murder trial.

Shirley Capp, of Grimsby, was last month found guilty of threatening her neighbour Marion Westerman.

At Sheffield crown court, Judge John Reddihough today said he had no choice but to jail 61-year-old Capp, because to do otherwise would be to “send out completely the wrong message”.

Capp showed no emotion as the judge read out his sentence, but her daughter, Hayley Hodgson, wept in the public gallery.

The jury was told how Capp had threatened Ms Westerman during an argument at her house, which began with a dispute over a cat.

Now I say that Shirley ‘andi’ Capp is a “wrong-un” because she also played the part of one of those who gave evidence at the 2011 inquiry into the 7/7 bummings – which was of course another blatant government sponsored hoax.


Now, I have loads of evidence in regard to crisis actors taking part in the 7/7 old fanny but I can’t show you the crucial bits because it would mean that I would be in breach of the draconian court order forced on me by a Kangaroo Court.

However, I can tell you that the old bird from 7/7 seen in the photo above also played Sally Adey and Lisa Wilkinson – both of whom played the part of ‘victims’ in the [fake] Tunisian terrorist attacks (one from each), which you can read about by clicking HERE & HERE

Family member leaves at the end of the final day of the inquest into the 7/7 London bombings at the High Court on May 6, 2011 in London, England. The coroner, Lady Justice Heather Hallett, formally ruled that the 52 people who died in the suicide bomb attacks in 2005 were unlawfully killed.

Sally Adey’s ‘husband’ – who supposedly survived the attack – is allegedly a solicitor, who also plays multiple roles in government sponsored hoaxes.

However, you can find out the details of those roles in the links above.

Course, to keep up the pretence that all these fake murders happened the Monster’s scriptwriters are forever coming up with new angles to get them back in the news.

For instance the “tell-all” book written by Wayne Huntley about his life growing up with his psycho brother, Ian received massive publicity.

However, here is a strange thing. From birth into adulthood Ian & Wayne Huntley were totally different looking individuals.

Although there is fuck all strange about that or the fact that Wayne’s 2nd wife is very much like Sean Jenkins 2nd wife.

And I am not even referring to the fact that Wayne married Ian’s first wife after they got divorced either.

You see, the strange bit comes courtesy of the way in which Wayne’s appearance has now changed so that he looks identical to the brother that he allegedly despises.

In fact Wayne now looks more like Ian than he does himself!

Very fucking strange indeed.

And like I say, the Monster-Minions have to keep inventing stories in order to keep these personas in the public’s minds.

Indeed two of the latest bits of old fanny involving Huntley are the story that he now wishes to become a woman – think Bridger & Moat:

CHILD murderer Ian Huntley apparently wants a “sex change” so he can spend life in a women’s prison , a former inmate has revealed.

The sick Soham murderer, who killed schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman 14 years ago when they were aged just 10, wants to escape the tough life he has in HMP Frankland in Durham.

He allegedly believes his only hope of a “cushy life” is to become a woman so he can transfer to a female prison facility, reports the Daily Star. Cuntinue Reading

And the story about how Huntley & Peter Sutcliffe have become good friends:

THE Yorkshire Ripper has a new best pal in jail — Soham killer Ian Huntley.

Peter Sutcliffe, 70, says he and the evil caretaker have become bosom buddies — over a shared love of BBC nat­ure show Planet Earth II.

Sutcliffe says he and his new best friend are huge fans of David Attenborough’s hit programme and have long chats about it — even though he is almost completely blind.

The 70-year-old serial killer became buddies with Soham murderer Huntley after being transferred to Frankland prison from Broadmoor during the summer.

And the ex-school caretaker is now said to be helping him find his way around the prison wing.
Sutcliffe told a source: “Ian’s really friendly and helpful.

“I wouldn’t go back to Broadmoor if they gave me a million pounds.“We’ve started watching a lot of documentaries together about ­animals in the wild.

“There’s 100 inmates on this wing, that’s where Ian Huntley is — and he’s friendly, you know.

“They’ve all been OK, pretty friendly and helpful.

“It’s fine here — you couldn’t pay me to go back to Broadmoor.” Cuntinue Reading

Thus creating joinder between Huntley & Sutcliffe.

Mind you, Sutcliffe doesn’t need Huntley to be involved in blatantly bollox news articles. For instance, take the recent one about him ringing a brothel from prison:

YORKSHIRE Ripper Peter Sutcliffe called a brothel from his new jail.

The serial killer — whose victims included sex workers — was trying to contact his niece using a number on an approved list.

Sutcliffe, 70, told a friend: “I kept getting this lady talking sexy. I realised it was a brothel.

“She told me, ‘This is our number, darling, and we accommodate anything you need’.’

“I said, ‘No, that’s my niece’s number and told the woman her name.

“She said, ‘Sorry, she’s not one of our girls,’ and I laughed and said, ‘I should flipping well hope not!’ ” Cuntinue Reading

As for Kate Middleton. Well as far as I can see she is – like her mother in law, Diana – a made up persona.

Now voicewise, as in giving the character a different voice to that of the actor for say “live” TV interviews etc is simple. Somebody else simply speaks for them.

This is called Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment and twenty years after Diana’s faked death this sinister technology was made public to us, which is a consistent timeline with what we know about the elites having access to modern gadgetry at least a quarter of a century before we get to know about it.


Now I call this mind-blowing technology, “sinister” because being a victim of police and security service harassment myself I was quick to latch onto how Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment could easily be used to stitch people up.

More alarmingly still, this wizardry which literally puts words into people’s mouths is at least 25 years old so I dread to think how advanced it has become now.


You can witness this jaw dropping feat of technology for yourself in a 7 minute Youtube video found HERE

And then you have clones.

Cloning has been possible for at least 50 years with scientists beginning to experiment with the possibility as far back as the nineteenth century when it was publicly reported in 1890 that: “A rabbit embryo was successfully transplanted to a foster mother rabbit’s uterus”.

As well as the clones you have the MK Ultra ‘birthing program’ in which multiple captive women are impregnated with the sperm of prominent members of bloodline families.

And I should also point out that despite what the MSM would have you believe, doppelgangers are extremely rare – we are estimated to have between one and six doubles in a world of over 7 billion people, with those from the Far-East boosting that average considerably.

Now I should point out that “a double” is only someone who on a quick once over looks to be exactly like someone else.

Yet the odds of finding two people in the world who match each other perfectly are ONE TRILLION TO ONE – a fact that is supposedly firmly established and reported on many scientific websites, but for no other reason than to show the daily mail up for the hypocrites that they really are I will quote from their article attesting to the fact:

Many of us have seen so-called doppelgangers of loved ones, family members and even ourselves, but researchers have learned that the chances of finding your real-life double are one in a trillion.

This evidence indicating that no two faces are the alike, is a finding that could also help convict criminals.

Indeed it is all to do with DNA according to who reported that Michael Sheehan, an assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University stated in interview with the journal, Nature Communications that:

Human faces differ in their dimensions more than, say, hands vary in their widths and lengths. In addition, the scientists found that more genes are known to be linked to looks than to other areas of human anatomy.  

“Human faces are more variable than we would expect them to be based on how variable other body parts are,” Sheehan said.

A plausible reason for the varied visages is that humans, just like other social animals, benefit from being able to distinguish individuals in their species. That way, those who serve as benefactors, or who act like jerks, can be approached or shunned accordingly. “You care who’s who,” Sheehan said. 

Which is why family members – whilst not doubles – tend to look alike… Alastair & David Cameron being the exception apparently – if you believe the official story.

Indeed, goes on to state the bleedin’ obvious by saying that the closer in looks two people are, then the closer related they are.

And of Course we know that the Monsters are all inbred and indeed the higher up the pyramid these perverted incestuous families are, the more they resemble each other – the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers for example, even when they don’t share the surname or are supposedly not related.



Deconstructing the Madeleine McCann Story by Peter James Cullen, foreword by Spivey.

Deconstructing the Madeleine McCann Story

My friend, the Author & Historian, John Hamer contacted me by Email yesterday in regard to an article that he thought I might be interested in publishing on here.

And having read the article – written by John’s friend, Peter James Cullen – I can tell you that I am very happy to do so.

You see, the title does what it says on the tin… It deconstructs the Madeleine McCann story and does so inline with what I have been telling you for this long time: Madeleine McCann never existed.

Now, after reading the article my initial idea was to publish it along with what I have written in my unreleased book length article: ‘Book-Ends Part 1‘, in which I tell you who I believe the McCann’s & the Tapas 7 to really be.

However, after mulling the idea over, I have decided not to since Peter’s article deserves to stand alone, especially since it also ties in with my belief that the New Testament of the Bible is a coded blueprint for the Monster-Elite along with the fact that it is also very much in keeping with what I am writing about in my unfinished ‘How The West Was Won‘, series of articles.

Just sayin’…

Deconstructing the Madeleine McCann Story

Peter James Cullen


This is the first in a planned series of articles that will deconstruct the Madeleine McCann story. The study of this story has traditionally been undertaken by those trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Madeleine? I am offering something different, a textual study that will investigate the story of Madeleine McCann as a work of allusion and intertext.

“Intertext – a text that is related to one or more other texts through the use of allusions to these texts.”

Too often individual allusions within the Madeleine McCann story have been considered in isolation and regularly dismissed as coincidence, but to understand the work correctly we must consider the bigger picture. Once exposed to the extravagance of these allusions, the reader is drawn away from the original story and towards the creativity of the writer.

Due to the sheer volume of these literary inventions one can only conclude that invention itself is central to the project. The discovery of these inventions, I believe, is the primary purpose for which the work was created; that is, to be admired by a small ‘in-the-know’ audience, yet to remain unseen by everyone else.

I will offer many examples of creative play that will serve as background to the arguments put forward. The writer of the Madeleine McCann story was not the victim of circumstance challenged with the manipulation of reality, he is the willing and extremely able creator of pure fiction.

To understand the story of ‘Madeleine’ we must not ignore these allusions as unwelcome intrusions into a factual story, but foreground them as central to the project of author and audience.

I will now reveal the original texts / source materials that the author draws upon to construct the Madeleine McCann story and demonstrate the ingenious allusions he has devised.

Thank you and please read on…

1. The Messianic Theme

“Rome is already preparing itself” – Kate McCann, May 2007

Possibly one of the most messianic statements you could create. We are told that Kate said those words prior to their audience with the Pope.

When I first read that quote it brought to mind the second coming of Christ, and who could blame me? I know that many other people thought exactly the same thing. Critics were aghast, asking ‘Who does she think she is?’ However, I didn’t really think about it too much and like many others, simply put it down to an odd choice of phrase, but as time went on I started to notice other quotes and statements with a similar theme.

This is Jon Corner (godfather to Madeleine’s sister Amelie) talking about Madeleine in an interview with Vanity Fair:

So beautiful, astonishingly bright, and I’d have to say very charismatic. She would shine out of a crowd,” family friend Jon Corner says of the child. “So – God forgive me – maybe that’s part of the problem. That special quality” Source

I only ever see this quote interpreted in one way – Jon Corner is being ‘creepy’ – but considering his choice of words, a religious / messianic interpretation would be more accurate. Also, in that very same article, we are provided with another religious / messianic allusion:

“Kate and Gerry are both Roman Catholic, the children of carpenters…”

In the Portuguese police files (the PJ files) the interview with David Payne has long been a source of some controversy. Critics often highlight the following passages as evidence of David also being ‘creepy,’ but as we have seen with Jon Corner and Kate McCann, his choice of words could also be interpreted as having a religious / messianic theme.

“They’d had a lot of trouble conceiving, you know with IVF and everything and you know Madeleine was their miracle…”

“The three children… they looked immaculate, you know they were just like angels… the children were wearing white… they were just all, just all at peace…”

“I just looked at the three of them and I couldn’t, you know they were just so well presented and so clean and immaculate”  Source

If you use word search in that interview you will see that David uses the words ‘very bright’ four times to describe Madeleine. Jon Corner takes the same adjective even further by describing Madeleine as being ‘astonishingly bright.’ It almost seems like Jon Corner is saying that Madeleine is so bright ‘she would shine out of a crowd.’

The common interpretation is that readers are disturbed by Jon and David’s descriptions, an interpretation influenced by external factors and one that fails to recognise the clear and consistent messianic theme to the language being used. We have also been alerted to further possible allusions with the information that both parents are ‘the children of carpenters’ and we know (or we have been told) that both of Madeleine’s parents are also healers / work as medical professionals.

1.1: A Messiah Story

If the messianic theme was intentional and those quotes are alluding to that, then the story must have been created by writers. This was a possibility I had not previously considered and having an interest in literary / textual analysis, I decided to investigate this further.

If this was an intentional messianic theme then a good writer would allude to ‘The Messiah Story’ and use that story to shape the story of Madeleine. It wouldn’t be much of a messianic theme without that kind of intertextuality and that is exactly what we find:

The Miracle Birth

As we have already seen, David describes the birth of Madeleine as a miracle.

“Madeleine was their miracle.”

David could have used any word to describe this event, but his chosen adjective was the word ‘miracle.’ David provides this information in his police interview and the name of the detective conducting David’s interview is ‘Ivor Messiah’ !!! How unbelievable is that?

David tells Ivor Messiah about the miracle birth of a child called Madeleine – never have three characters been so aptly named.

For those who don’t know why the name David is significant, the Messiah is the ‘Son of David’ born into the Davidic / messianic bloodline. In the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as ‘Son of David’ fourteen times.

The name ‘Madeleine’ is the French form of Magdalene, well-known because of Saint Mary Magdalene and the biblical character Mary Magdalene – if we look at modern conspiracy lore – is seen as the Holy Grail and the true messianic figure.

The Holy Spirit

The following is taken from an interview with the McCanns by Catholic magazine ‘The Tablet.’

“The parish priest also gave the McCanns the keys to the church so that they could pray there alone in the evenings. It was while they were doing this early in the first week that Mr. McCann had an extraordinary experience.

When I was praying I started thinking of all the things that were happening. There were lots and lots of ideas in my head and how we could make things better and I was really feeling very down and not sure which way to proceed. I had this mental image of being in

a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different directions. I talked to you [Kate] about it and said, ‘I am not prepared to pursue one path. We are going to do everything in our power to influence things.’

It was almost like something – I am not saying it was the Holy Spirit – came into me and gave me that image. That is when I really felt I had a clear path.

Was it a religious experience?

I can’t say it was a vision because I am not clear what a vision is but I had a mental image and it certainly helped me decide. I became a man possessed that night.”

Source (the original article in Catholic magazine ‘The Tablet’ has been deleted from the internet – as you will see via this link)

So, Gerry makes a connection between himself (the father) and the Holy Spirit. He does this by telling us how he became ‘possessed’ by something that could be the Holy Spirit.

Now, until Gerry mentioned it himself, I don’t think that anybody on earth would have thought it was the Holy Spirit, but that is how this allusion works.

“Jesus was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary through the Holy Spirit” Source

I should also point out that Kate McCann’s middle name is Marie, the French form of Mary.

“During this week, the parents of Madeleine, each day, came here to pray, to receive the Holy Spirit and ask the help of the Lord” – Father Pacheco Source

(It is also interesting that Kate’s passport is in the name Healy – Spiv)

Non-biological Father

The Portuguese newspaper ’24 Horas’ (24 Hours) printed a story about Gerry not being the biological father. The paper claimed it was an unknown donor and they were adamant their sources were reliable.


A link to demonstrate that this was an actual news story: Click HERE

Here we have another story that connects Gerry McCann (the father) to the story of biblical Joseph. Joseph was not really the biological father of Jesus. This story about Gerry completes the allusion to the Immaculate Conception / miracle birth.

That is three different allusions to the Immaculate Conception: The conversation between David and Ivor Messiah on Madeleine’s birth being a miracle, the father being possessed by the Holy Spirit and the claim that Gerry is not the biological father of Madeleine.

The Donkey

The Donkey is the animal most associated with the Messiah figure. You only have to look at Jesus to see that.

Wikipedia reference HERE

It is also the animal that was immediately associated with Madeleine. The pyjamas that Madeleine was wearing that evening:

“CLOTHING: T-shirt short sleeves with the drawing of a blue and grey donkey on the front, and the word EEYORE” Source

PHOTO: The McCanns hold up a set of pyjamas similar to those worn by Madeleine

Thought Dead, May Return

There are many people who follow the Madeleine McCann story that believe Madeleine is dead. There are many others who do not share this view, they believe Madeleine was taken, but hope that one day she is returned.

This is very similar to the Christian belief that Jesus was ‘taken’ and will one day be returned. Christians believe this for many reasons, but one of the main ones being that when Jesus died, his body mysteriously disappeared.

The Mysterious Disappearance

Wikipedia reference: Click HERE

When Jesus died on the cross, his body was moved to a tomb and a large stone was placed across the entrance. When Mary Magdalene arrived she found the large stone had been moved and the body had disappeared.

Whatever theory you consider regarding Madeleine, they all agree on one thing – that her body, whether that be dead or alive, completely disappeared.

Wikipedia reference: Click HERE

The Pope Blessed the Image of Madeleine

As we have already seen, the Pope blessed the image of Madeleine with the Sign of the Cross and like Kate said…

“Rome is already preparing itself”

Conclusion: The writer appears to have constructed a messiah story with Madeleine / Magdalene as the central character. In contemporary literature at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance this same story was already very well known thanks to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ – the story of the messianic Magdalene – more on that later.

1.2: Ivor Messiah

Can you imagine my reaction when I first discovered Ivor Messiah? The sheer audacity of this writer and until now, no-one has ever questioned it! I find that amazing, as the name is clearly an invention created to serve the overall theme. Upon the discovery of Ivor Messiah I went online to talk about this character and some people actually tried to argue for his existence, so let’s take a closer look at him.

We already know Ivor Messiah from his interview with David Payne, but separate from the McCann story, DC Ivor Messiah made his own headlines:


“The Leicestershire officer also allegedly made a ring with the fingers of one hand – which he then poked with the index finger of the other”

How crazy is that story? A police detective in the middle of a murder trial is reported to have made inappropriate sexual gestures to a female juror in full view of the room. Not very professional to say the least albeit not very realistic – and that is because it never happened. Here is why: Source

Whilst holidaying with the McCanns and their friends, David Payne made inappropriate sexual gestures in full view of the room.

”Dave was sucking on one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth”

So not only is the wonderfully named Ivor Messiah the detective who interviewed David Payne (where he was told of a miracle birth and immaculate children) but his actions in court clearly mimic the actions of David Payne as described in The Gaspar Statements.

Anyone who knows the McCann story and reads Ivor Messiah’s story could not fail to be reminded of David and the Gaspar Statements, but for any readers not aware of Ivor Messiah’s links to the McCann story, the Telegraph very kindly reminds us:

“DC Messiah interviewed members of the ‘Tapas Seven’ as part of the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance”

In conclusion, there is nothing about Ivor Messiah that is remotely believable. His name is an invention to serve the messianic theme and his very own news story is a blatant parallel to The Gaspar Statements.

1.3: Gaspar

“The name Caspar/Casper is derived from Gaspar” Source

The name ‘Gaspar’ was given to one of the three wise men. Gaspar is the wise man who brought the gift of Frankincense and he came from India. Therefore, the name ‘Gaspar’ is an allusion to the

Messiah story and the writer confirms this by creating the name ‘Arul Savio Gaspar.’

The Gaspar Statements consist of two separate statements: one by the wife, Katarina Zacharius Gaspar and the other by her husband, Arul Savio Gaspar. If you look up the meaning of the names Arul and Savio this is what you will find:

Arul – of Indian origin

Savio – clever / wise

In the messiah story, Gaspar was the wise man who hailed from India and the names Arul and Savio have the exact same meaning.

In conclusion, the name ‘Arul Savio Gaspar’ is a fictional construct invented to serve the messianic theme. It was created as a signifier to alert the audience to The Gaspar Statements themselves being an allusion – this will be explained in the final chapter.

2. Fatima

In May 2017 Portugal celebrated the 100th anniversary of the ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ incident. It is the story of three shepherd children who were allegedly visited by The Virgin Mary. Source

The 100th anniversary of Fatima’s Marian apparition was a major event with the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope himself attended the 100th anniversary to make Saints of the children.

May 2017 was also the 10th anniversary of the Madeleine McCann story. Here are Kate and Gerry McCann attending the Fatima 90th anniversary event in May 2007…

‘Our Lady of Fatima’ also adheres to the messianic theme as Mary told Lucia (one of the children) of the importance of devotion to her Immaculate Heart.

The events of Fatima are also pertaining to the Roman Catholic Church – another recurring theme of the Madeleine story.

Does this contemporary Portuguese anniversary explain the timing and location for the Madeleine McCann story? I think it does and the creator of the Madeleine McCann story confirms this in a number of different ways.

2.1: Fatima’s Witness Statement

You can view the full statement HERE

Here is the key paragraph taken from that statement when the cleaner at the apartments where the McCanns were staying, Fatima, describes her sighting of the McCann family.

“She states that this took place on Sunday 29th April, just before she finished her morning work shift (13.30) as she had the afternoon off that day. At about 13.15 she went to help her mother, who was cleaning apartment I of the same block (5) situated on the first floor. She clearly remembers seeing the girl accompanied by her siblings and mother leave their apartment (5 A) and walk to the stairs leading to the floor above.

She was very close to them at a distance of about 1 metre, observing their movements for a few moments because she was charmed by them. Madeleine led the way with a plate (perhaps plastic) in her hand bearing a piece of bread. As regards the clothes she was wearing she only remembers a skirt but cannot recall its description. She noted, because she thought them nice, the type of shoes she was wearing, tennis shoes, light in colour she thinks, which had little lights along the soles, which lit up each time she stepped on the ground.

Her siblings followed behind her, wearing the same king of shoes and each holding a piece of bread in their hands, their mother followed behind them without holding their hands. She seems to remember that the mother was also carrying a plate. Moments afterwards, perhaps the time it took to close the apartment door, the father came out and also headed to the apartment upstairs. When asked, she does not remember whether the father pulled the door closed or locked it with a key.”

In this statement we are told that Fatima “was charmed by” the sight of three children and their mother ‘Mary’ as they were leaving their apartment. As the three children walk they are lit up by lights.

The story of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ tells us that three children in the town of Fatima witnessed the mother Mary. They describe seeing a woman “shedding rays of light.”

These were the first connections that I identified, but when we look a bit closer we can see the allusions to this event are numerous.


This is the first section of the key paragraph:

“… (13.30) as she had the afternoon off that day. At about 13.15 she went to help her mother, who was cleaning apartment I of the same block (5) situated on the first floor. She clearly remembers seeing the girl accompanied by her siblings and mother leave their apartment (5 A)”

All of these numbers are bunched together within a short space, but can you see the pattern? There are three number ones, three number threes and three number fives.

To make this allusion easier to spot, the writer twice makes-up the number 13 for us.

The anniversary of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ is 13th May or 13/5.


In the statement, Fatima tells us the father was also with Kate ‘Marie’ and the three children, so how does he fit into all this? He doesn’t and this is signified by the carrying of the bread. The mother and three children are all carrying bread and Gerry is not. Bread has religious connotations and the writer uses the carrying of bread to highlight the characters he wants us to focus upon.

2.2: David’s Visit to the McCann’s Apartment

Angel of Peace

If you read the link about ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ you will have read about the Angel of Peace. The three children of Fatima later claimed that an angel came to them to prepare them for the arrival of Mary.

The Angel of Peace was “whiter than snow”.

If you recall David Payne’s interview with Ivor Messiah, David tells us that Gerry asked him to go to the McCann apartment to check on Kate. When David gets there he sees Kate and the three children and describes them as:

“…like angels, dressed in white, at peace”

David’s visit to the McCann apartment works alongside Fatima’s statement and completes the allusion to ‘Our Lady of Fatima.’ The writer has also found another way to remove Gerry from the scene. The writer again using the characters of David, and Ivor Messiah to convey this allusion.

The writer also draws the attention of the audience to David’s visit by having Kate and David contradict one another and themselves in a variety of ways. The most well known is that David says he was there for 3-5 minutes and he stepped into the apartment. Kate says he was there for 30 seconds and remained at the door. The writer creates a controversial moment to make audience aware there is an allusion taking place. It is a trick used throughout the Madeleine story.

The Immaculate Heart

We are told that the second appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary happened on the 13th June 1917. This time the lady told them that Lucia would live long in order to spread the message and devotion to the Immaculate Heart.

Here we can see various mirror images of the mother Kate Marie (Mary) that appear to be alluding to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Again we refer to David’s visit to the McCann apartment where he twice uses the word ‘Immaculate’ to describe the scene before him.

Additionally, the three Fatima children are two girls and one boy, the same as the three McCann children. That is not a coincidence – that is source material.

2.3: Praia Da Luz

I think it’s fair to conclude that the contemporary celebration of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ explains the timing and location for the Madeleine McCann story, but why Praia da Luz?

The name ‘Praia da Luz’ is simply translated as ‘Beach of Light’ and is an old fishing village located in the municipality of Lagos. An association with fishing / fishermen would be ideal for any messianic story and even though there are likely hundreds of old fishing villages along the Portuguese coastline, the fact that ‘Praia da Luz’ means ‘Beach of Light’ would make this an ideal choice.

Remember, if this is a game of allusion and intertext then the writer has complete creative control and will want to allude to theme and original texts at every possible opportunity.

3. The Roman Catholic Church

Throughout the narrative we are informed the McCanns are Roman Catholics. The audience are constantly reminded of the McCann’s Catholic faith by a variety of sources, but for the purpose of this article I have chosen the following three witness statements taken from the Portuguese Police files.

3.1: Paul Seddon

“I am a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church” Source

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to discover that Kate and Gerry McCann are very close friends with a Roman Catholic Priest. He tells us that they met in 1997, he carried out their wedding in 1998 and he also baptised Madeleine.

“…but more than being a priest, I consider myself above all to be their friend.

Now, I’m not saying people don’t become close friends with their priest. I’m sure many devoted Catholics are close to their priest, perhaps they even go on holiday with them.

“…I have spent other holiday periods with them including one occasion in Stratford upon Avon after the birth of the twins… I ended up becoming a very good friend of the whole family.”

Shakespeare was from Stratford upon Avon. The birth of the twins and Stratford upon Avon in the same sentence! Shakespeare may have been an ingenious fiction writer, but he was also the father of twins and he wrote about twins in his plays.

As we get to know the creativity of the author we can understand why he couldn’t resist alluding to Shakespeare.

“During my stay I helped conduct religious services in the Catholic Church as well as the Anglican church in Praia da Luz… Every time we spoke, they always asked me to pray for Madeleine.”

I was almost not going to include Paul Seddon, but he is a Roman Catholic Priest, he also claims to be one of the McCann’s closest friends, he conducts religious services for the McCanns, his name is ‘Paul’ and I quite like the Shakespeare link, so I decided to keep him in.

3.2: Father Pacheco

The name ‘Pacheco’ is a noble lineage of Portuguese origin that was bore by the descendants of converted Jew Ruy Capon, believed to belong to ‘The Tribe of Levi’ – one of the twelve tribes of Israel and the only tribe with the right to be priests. Source

It was the Levite Samuel (of whom we will hear more about, shortly) that anointed the first two kings of Israel – Saul and David. Other notable biblical figures like Moses and John the Baptist are also said to descend from the priestly ‘Tribe of Levi.’

If you were writing fiction and creating the character of a Portuguese priest then ‘Pacheco’ would be the perfect name. That is exactly the kind of research / creativity that goes into naming fictional characters. For example: In Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ – which in itself is a masterpiece of layered construct – Norman Bates is the character’s normal persona and this normal persona along with his normal looking motel are the bait that attracts potential victims = Normal Baits. As you can see, good fiction writers don’t just pull names out of a hat.

So then, Father Pacheco is a perfectly named Portuguese priest, but what is the significance of his role in the Madeleine McCann story?

The Keys to the Church

The role of Father Pacheco is well documented. He was the local priest who, after persuasion from a church member, gave the McCanns the key to the church so they could visit whenever they wanted without any media pressure. That was the church were Gerry claims he encountered The Holy Spirit. Source

The Deception

Aside from giving the McCanns the keys to the church, Father Pacheco made headlines with this story:

We never find out who deceived Father Pacheco or how he was deceived, just that he was deceived. This mysterious deception caused all kinds of speculation and people still speculate on what this was, but here is my interpretation:

In the McCann narrative the perfectly named Father Pacheco is known for the key to the church and the unknown deception. They are the two things that people associate with Father Pacheco. Are these two stories a cryptic message? Perhaps the key to discovering this deception lies with the church – and considering what we have looked at so far, I would say that is pretty accurate.

3.3: Peter Neil Patterson

The witness is being interviewed by DC Messiah and DC Ferguson. Does this mean there is a messianic connection and a Scottish connection? I’m not saying that’s how it works with every statement, but it seems to work here.

Peter went to Dundee University, the same University that Kate attended, but they didn’t know each other during their time there – the Scottish connection.

Witness statement: HERE

“Our youngest son was born nine months ago today”

What a odd thing to state. However, when we read his statement we discover that Peter’s relationship to the McCanns revolve around child birth, or to be more precise, the difficulties of child birth. That is the overall theme of the statement and of their relationship, which means Peter is alluding to the theme of his own witness statement!

“I offered Kate a bible… I have a particular interest in the bible and the form in which it was written… I have a tendency to mark pages and passages in the bible…there were many marked/tagged passages relevant to the both of us. This happened before Madeleine’s disappearance.”

So Peter is telling us that relevant pages and passages from the Bible were marked and tagged before Madeleine’s disappearance. That’s good to know.

“The passage which is marked in my wife’s bible I believe is Samuel 2:12. This passage is very significant for me and my wife, but likely has so significance for Kate.”

These marked pages were deemed significant to the Portuguese Police as they decided to photocopy them: See HERE

Samuel 2:12 (I told you Samuel would make an appearance) begins by talking about the death of a child, King David’s child. It then goes on to tell us about the birth of Solomon – the second anointed King in the Davidic bloodline – and there is the messianic connection.

“Kate asked me to pray at the Marina, which I did, a number of times during the week. I returned home on Sunday, 13th of May, 2007.”

Why does Kate ask Peter to pray at the marina? Is this an allusion to the biblical Peter being a fisherman? Does Kate ask anyone other than Peter to pray at the marina? No, she doesn’t. This was a specific job just for Peter, which he carried out a number of times during the week.

Also, why did Peter decide to go home on the day of the 90th anniversary of Fatima? You would think being a devout Roman

Catholic he could have delayed his return and taken the unique opportunity to attend this special event.

With Paul Seddon, Father Pacheco, Peter Neil Patterson, Fatima, the Pope and many other examples, I think it’s fair to say this is a wholly Catholic affair. Or to be more accurate, it’s a conspiracy story that includes the Roman Catholic Church.

In fact, not unlike…

4. The Da Vinci Code

According to McGill the standard technique for identifying allusion is “…to pursue readings that are plausible in terms of textual strategies of the work in question and the culture and moment in literary history that produced the text”

4.1: The Culture and Moment in Literary History

In 2003 the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was released. It is a detective / conspiracy story about the search for the hidden tomb of Mary Magdalene. The location and secret of the tomb was protected by the Knights Templar.

This book is still the best selling book of the 21st century and one of the best-selling books of all time.

In May 2006 the film ‘The Da Vinci Code’ starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou was released to great worldwide success. It was the second highest grossing film of the year and on the back of its success the author Dan Brown was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Wikipedia reference HERE

By May 2007 the story of the messianic Magdalene and all of its ideas had become firmly embedded in popular culture and a staple of modern conspiracy lore. Its popularity was peaking and then the Madeleine McCann story broke.

“Madeleine is the French form of Magdalene, which is well known as a name because of Saint Mary Magdalene.”

In May 2007 the Madeleine McCann story broke. It is a detective / conspiracy story about the search for the unknown location of

Madeleine. The news story was covered internationally and was one of the biggest news stories of the decade. Initial reports informed us that Madeleine was from Rothley – a town famous for Rothley Temple and its historical links to the Knights Templar. The Grand Priory of the Knights Templar even left a wreath at the memorial cross in Rothley with the words:

“For the McCann Family, our prayers are with you”

4.2: The Knights Templar

Wikipedia reference to the Knights Templars HERE

The fictional conspiracy ‘The Da Vinci Code’ took inspiration from books like ‘The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail’ and ‘The Templar Revelation’ in linking the Knights Templar with Mary Magdalene. The story informs us the Knights Templar had secret documents that proved the sacred bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Source

As you can read for yourself, this preceptory has links to the Knights Templar and the Freemasons. These links gave rise to many conspiracy theories – the most famous one being that Gerry McCann is a Freemason. A theory that cannot be true, surely it is just part of the story and the kind of theory that the writers would want people to believe.

It’s like this image of Gerry explaining the ‘wider agenda.’ As many observers have noticed, his diagram was shaped like the Masonic set & compass. I believe that has been deliberately set-up to fuel the theory that he is a Freemason.

The story is littered with these Knights Templar / Masonic conspiracy “clues” because that is the nature of the story. It is alluding to modern conspiracy lore and playing to the beliefs of conspiracy culture.

4.3: Scotland

In ‘The Da Vinci Code’ our two protagonists find their way to Scotland where they meet the guardian of Rosslyn Chapel. This guardian turns out to be the grandmother of Sophie Neveu, a woman who was long presumed dead due to a pact she agreed on to protect her grandchildren and the secret of their royal (Magdalene) bloodline. (source)

“Since the late 1980s, the chapel has featured in speculative theories concerning a connection of Freemasonry, the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail.”

Madeleine also has a Scottish grandmother Eileen McCann. Madeleine even went to stay with her one Christmas:

“When she was two, Madeleine spent Christmas at my house and it was lovely”

Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s father, is often portrayed as an archetypal kilt-wearing Scotsman. This would obviously make Madeleine half Scottish. So not only does Madeleine live in Rothley, a town well-known for its Templar links, she is also heavily linked with Scotland.

The reported involvement of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown caused all manner of speculation. We are told that Scotsman Gordon and Scotsman Gerry frequently spoke on the phone. We are also told that Gordon Brown spoke directly to former Portuguese PM José Sócrates about the Madeleine case.

All of this information fuelled speculation regarding Scottish Freemasons and their involvement in the cover-up conspiracy. Again, I don’t believe any of it as it all seems to be alluding to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and modern conspiracy lore.

4.4: Amelie

In the 2006 movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’ the main protagonists Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu are played by Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. 1. The character Sophie Neveu is from the sacred bloodline of Magdalene. 2. At the time of film’s release (contemporary culture) the actress Audrey Tautou was most well-known for her role as the title character in the film ‘Amelie.’

We are told that Madeleine McCann’s biological sister is named Amelie – a cleverly devised double allusion.

4.5: France

The fact that Madeleine’s sister is named Amelie means that all three McCann females have French names that can be connected to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ – Marie, Madeleine and Amelie.

The character Sophie Neveu (the descendant of Mary Magdalene) is French and the story begins in Paris, ends in Paris and half of the characters are French.

4.6: Pyramids

The French poster for ‘The Da Vinci Code’:

The story begins and ends at The Louvre. The male protagonist Robert Langdon kneels at ‘Le Pyramide Inversée’ – an implication that beneath this structure is the final resting place of Mary Magdalene. Source

‘The Da Vinci Code’ interprets ‘La Pyramide Inversée’ as symbolising the chalice and the blade. The inverted glass pyramid being the chalice and the stone pyramid underneath as the blade – a representation of the union of sexes.

Here is an image of Gerry and Kate McCann stood in front of a pyramid whilst holding hands:

Isn’t that something? If that isn’t an allusion to ‘La Pyramide Inversée’ then I don’t know what is.

Pyramid aside, there are hundreds of pictures of the McCanns holding hands and observers to this will assume that is normal / expected, but with regards to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ the V-shape is the symbol of the chalice / womb. The V-shape is the symbol of Magdalene… especially if you’re holding hands when stood in front of a pyramid.

Stating the obvious here, but Kate and Gerry are the parents of Madeleine. Their union of sexes produced a ‘Magdalene’ which makes that single image a multiple allusion. It also makes every image of them holding hands a multiple allusion.

Additionally, twice in Kate McCann’s book ‘Madeleine’ Kate refers to her children in terms of a pyramid.

p.142 “Obviously, as they got older they would ask more searching questions and, as we continued to respond, they would gradually build up a picture of the situation in their own heads – a kind of ‘pyramid’ of information.”

p.222 “It had recently emerged that they believed Madeleine was at our house in Rothley. Worried that the ‘pyramid of information’ they were building in their heads might not be structurally sound.”

4.7: Robert the Translator

At the beginning of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ we are introduced to Robert Langdon. He is called upon to assist the police translate a message. He is also the first person to be suspected of the crime.

At the beginning of the Madeleine McCann story we are introduced to Robert Murat. He is called upon to assist the police as a translator. He is also the first person to be suspected of the crime.

4.8: Numbers

The creator of this allusion likes to use numbers to confirm this is not coincidence. We have seen this practice already with Fatima’s witness statement and the writer performs the same trick with ‘The Da Vinci Code.’


Leonardo Da Vinci was born in 1452. There are 1452 days between Madeleine’s date of birth and her reported disappearance.

You can check that information for yourself if you like – Madeleine’s date of birth is given as 12th May 2003 and she disappeared on the 3rd May 2007.


Leonardo Da Vinci died in 1519.

The DNA results ‘15/19 markers’ convinced many people that Madeleine McCann is dead.

“Of those 19 components 15 are present…” Source

4.9: Transworld Publishers Inc.

Kate and Gerry McCann signed a deal to write a book about the disappearance of their daughter. Source

“Transworld, home to best-selling authors including Dan Brown and Frederick Forsyth, secured the rights to the couple’s story after a bidding war. The McCann’s are part-way through writing their account”

Transworld Publishers secured the rights to Kate’s book ‘Madeleine’ and also published Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ What a coincidence! And Dan Brown even gets a name-check in the article.

4.10: Conclusion

‘The Da Vinci Code’ fulfils the criteria of the allusion being aligned with contemporary literature. The interplay between the two texts is undeniable. The author of the Madeleine McCann story has woven theme and content using a wide range of allusions.

If you’re familiar with both stories then you will know there is much more I could add, but for the purpose of this article I am going to leave it there and move on to the final chapter.

5. The Story of David

Throughout the Madeleine McCann story we are bombarded with controversial stories about David Payne – his visit to the McCann apartment, his encounter with child protection worker Yvonne Martin, his ‘disturbing’ descriptions of Madeleine and his starring role in The Gaspar Statements. See HERE

As we have seen, the writer often creates controversial moments to alert the audience to the presence of an allusion. The fact that David is often at the centre of this controversy tells us that the character of David is an allusion.

Wikipedia reference HERE

We have all heard the story of David and Goliath, but what else do we know about the biblical character of David? According to the

Bible he was the first anointed king of Israel and Judah – anointed by Samuel. The Christian tradition (New Testament) traces the genealogy of both Joseph and Mary to the House of David. The writers of the New Testament show they are both descended from the Davidic Line to support the claim that Jesus is the true messiah. That is how important David is to the messianic tradition.

Wikipedia reference to the Davidic line HERE

Basically, when it comes to messianic bloodlines, all roads lead to David.

5.1: The Gaspar Statements

Reference source HERE

The central character of the Gaspar Statements is David Payne and the two key moments of these statements are:

1) Concern when David is overseeing the children bathing.

2) David’s inappropriate sexual act.

Both of these controversial stories combine to create an allusion to a very important messianic story.

Bathsheba reference HERE

If we read Samuel 2:11 we are told that David watched the young Bathsheba as she bathed. David watched her bathe and he lusted after her. David was unable to control his lust and acted on it, causing the young Bathsheba to become pregnant. This was highly inappropriate as Bathsheba was married to Uriah the Hittite. In an effort to conceal his actions, David urged Uriah to re-consummate his marriage so he would think the child was his, but Uriah would not. David then sent him to the front lines of battle where Uriah met his death.

1) David watched the young girl bathe.

2) David performed a sexually inappropriate act.

How can we be certain that The Gaspar Statements are an allusion to this story? Does the text support this interpretation in any other way?

5.2: Peter’s Bible

If you recall, the Portuguese police photocopied a page from the bible found in the McCann residence. This was the bible given to Kate by Peter Neil Patterson. The photocopied page was Samuel 2.12 – a direct continuation of Samuel 2.11 – the story of David and Bathsheba… Source

What are the chances of that? The Gaspar Statements appear to be an allusion to Samuel 2.11 and the Portuguese police just so happened to photocopy Samuel 2.12. The combination of which complete the story of David and Bathsheba.

The Lord punished David for his sins and Bathsheba’s child fell ill and died. After the death of the child David lay with Bathsheba once more and again she became pregnant, but this time the child survived and that child was the legendary Solomon.

This is why the writers of the Madeleine McCann story place David as one of the central characters in their story. They are alluding to the messianic theme and David is where it all began. This new understanding of the text confirms two previous allusions:

1: When Kate asked Peter to pray by the Marina it was an allusion to the biblical Peter being a fisherman. The writer did this to alert the reader to the importance of Peter’s statement and the marked pages Samuel 2.12.

2: The name Arul Savio Gaspar is an allusion to the messianic theme. Gaspar is a signifier to alert the audience that The Gaspar Statements are an allusion. One identified as alluding to the story of David and Bathsheba as told in Samuel 2.11.

The three most important characters in the messianic tradition are Jesus / Magdalene, the Immaculate Mary and King David. This explains why the writer of the Madeleine McCann story continuously alludes to these three characters via their intertextual counter-parts – Madeleine, Kate ‘Marie’ and David.

Overall Conclusion

The story of Madeleine McCann is not based on reality. It is a story that has been shaped using other texts. This kind of work can only be explained by the presence of a highly creative author, one with

the freedom to choose locations, create names and invent situations that perfectly match his creative intentions.

This kind of event must have been pre-planned and meticulously engineered. In other words, the story of Madeleine McCann has been a performance, a work of fiction that was presented to the public under the guise of a real news story.

One can only conclude, due to the perfect alignment between texts, that no child was harmed during this production. Why would there be? It makes no sense whatsoever to actually harm a child as it would immeasurably complicate the execution of the story. It would make the compliance and performance of every individual involved virtually impossible.

Also, the sheer volume of invented material forces us to conclude that invention itself was central to the project – to be admired by a small knowing audience and unseen by everyone else – exactly the same as the Historia Augusta:

Wikipedia reference HERE

“Major problems include the nature of the sources it used, and how much of the content is pure fiction.”

For 1500 years the Augustan History was thought to be a factual historical document. This view began to change during the late 19th century and was completely changed by the renowned 20th century Roman historian Sir Ronald Syme who comprehensively pulled it to pieces. The author of the Augustan History remains unknown (same as the Madeleine McCann story) and the discovery of its numerous literary inventions is now considered to have been the primary purpose for the work itself.

I realise this interpretation of the Madeleine McCann story will generate many more questions and many of these questions will hopefully be answered in future articles. For example, the next article in this planned series will focus on the fascinating character of Goncalo Amaral under the general theme of police organisations.

I hope you have found this study of the Madeleine McCann story to be interesting and informative. Perhaps some informed readers will take this interpretation of the story and begin to look at the narrative in a different light and maybe discover things that I have not.

Thanks for reading. Peter James Cullen

More Shit by Christopher D Spivey.

More Shit

Well, after sitting here looking at the screen for ten minutes trying to work out how to put a positive spin on this post I have had to admit defeat, because I can’t.

You see, after agreeing a deal with the site hosts (Orange), which involved moving the site off its own server on to a shared one, in a bid to avoid – or at least lessen – the crippling £270 a month site fees, the move proved unworkable… The site simply wouldn’t load on a shared server due to its size and the volume of traffic.

So with that being the case, Orange agreed to moved the site back to its own server until the 23rd of January, at which point I will have to pay them some money or the site will once again be suspended… And having already paid them well over £400 this month, I certainly have none to give them.

What price free speech aye!

However, on a brighter note, Part 1 of “A Bridge Too Far” – my epic exposé of the Westminster Bridge fake terrorist attack – is now available on Amazon.

UK Customers click HERE

US Customers click HERE 

Interestingly enough I put the links up on my own Facebook and the Facebook linked to this site last night and I am receiving messages telling me that there is no means of sharing the post although there is on my Facebook profile:

And as my site-hosts – Orange – pointed out when I was looking for a better deal: The site is constantly under attack:

Which all leaves me confused as to why all this time and effort is put into silencing me since I am forever being told that I talk shit… Very fucking strange indeed

So, with such an uncertain future, it is a bit pointless working on the solid shit in progress at the moment since I won’t be able to get to it if the site is suspended.

And with that being the case, let me tell you shit about the two biggest stories doing the rounds at the moment in the upstanding national newspapers shit-rags.

Now the first fairy-tale is about the rapist John Worboys:

Black cab rapist John Worboys was denied a move to a lower security open prison two years before he was deemed safe to be released.

The 60-year-old was jailed indefinitely in 2009 and ordered to serve at least eight years for drugging and sexually assaulting a string of women, one of whom he raped.

He was convicted of 19 offences relating to 12 victims – but police said they believe he could have attacked up to 102 people and lawyers believe the total was 105. Source

Indeed, I find it very fucking strange that I have never heard of the cunt before now.

PHOTO: John Worboys… Apparently

And I also have to point out that Worboys is wearing a sweatshirt with a mighty queer neck… Then again, that queer opening has an extremely scrawny neck poking through it… Very thin indeed.

Moreover, with such a dangerous fella you would have thought that the photographer would have ensured that his camera lens was clean before taking the mug shot… Least I presume that flaw travelling up his boat-race is down to a dirty camera lens and nothing to do with disguising the fact that Worboyz has had a lump added to his cheek… Making his neck too thin to support his head.

In fact I am surprised that the purveyors of bull-crap didn’t go the whole hog and have Warboys down as one of those taxi drivers with Uberculosis.

Nevertheless, the second fairy-tale being done to death by the lame excuse for journalists in this Cuntrty is the story about the Turnip family in America.

You see, it would seem that Mr & Mrs Turnip have just been arrested for torturing and keeping prisoner their 13 children… The oldest of whom is a TWENTY FUCKING NINE year-old male.

Indeed, contrary to the narrative the Turnip children were all healthy looking and smartly turned out (albeit in a Von-Trap-family-kind-of-way) whilst on their regular holidays to Disneyland, but once they got home to their average sized bungalow in the middle of suburbia, the unlucky 13 were all beaten, starved and shackled to their beds.

You really do have to giggle. I mean Thirteen fucking kids and the Monkey-Arsewipz reckon that is a scruffy back yard! Fuck me they ought to see the state of mine with three dogs!

Yet despite their healthy, clean appearances in the family holiday snapz, we are supposed to believe that the heroes police were only alerted to the “House of Horrors” after the 17 year old Turnip daughter escaped through the square window and run, run, as fast as she can to the nearest police station where the heroes in blue mistook her for a 10-year-old – such was the emaciated state of the teenager.

PHOTO: Mr Turnip… Boooo…. Hisssss

Yet as far as I can see, the Rapist cabbie and the Turnip are the same fella.

PHOTO: Straight overlay, no angles changed

But then again, I do chat shit.

Just sayin’.

How The West Was Won Part 4 by Christopher D Spivey.

How The West Was Won Part 4

Oh good, you made it then.

And with that being the case I shall get straight on with it…

Huh? What do you mean ‘that will make a change‘?

Cheeky sods!

Now in this installment I shall mainly be looking at the Manchester fake bomb attack but first here are some more stories that are in all probability passing off ‘Baby Reborns‘ as being real toddlers in order to obtain money by deception and push their sick agendas… The first of which was published in the Chimp on the 7th of December:

Do you seriously think that those babies are real, because if I was paranoid & egotistical I would take the Chimp’s piss taking personal.

And it isn’t just the fake babies either. I mean ‘Virginia’ (talk about being mugged off) cannot possibly be female.

Not with a cock that big, that is for sure.

Although it is nowhere as big as mine:

Nuff said on Virgil:

More photos please Mr Photo Manager… Who is really me:

And just returning briefly to that photo of Harmonie with the girl who I have insinuated looks like Mia Rathband. You see, she may well be the actor who plays Mia but she is definitely part of the Jessica Whelan Cancer-Con-Crew:

Now you will like this next bit. You see, as I write (29/10/2017) there is still an article on the Chimp’s news-feed that was published yesterday… Long after I had been writing about Harmonie I hasten to add:

Honest to Cheeses in Evan, you couldn’t make it up… And obviously Kia’s Gott’s story (the little girl in question) is nigh on identical to Harmonie Allen’s (see Part 2), cept Kia has Meningitis C and Harmony had Meningitis B, which as far as I can see are the same thing… But there ya go.

And of course there is the usual Go-Fucking-Fund-me page with the money supposedly going towards giving Kia’s two siblings a nice Christmas because the dad is “self employed“… Wasn’t that what Andrew Whelan  – Cancer Condad to Jessica Whelan” – claimed he needed the money for?

Now when I first read the story around 6-7 hours ago, one of the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me pages stood around the £9,600 mark. However, I have just had a quick butchers at the page and the total now stands at £12,363… And no doubt rising.

And having finally got back to finishing this segment (over three weeks later on the 23rd of November), the total now stands at £35,406… With the page still open despite only originally looking to have £1000 donated.

Yet this Kia Gott story is a bit different to the rest in so much as there are no photos of the parents… But then again, who knows, perhaps Whelan is too busy to knock some up what with him now being Harmonie’s dad, Ross Allen too… That is to say, Whelan is now Harmonie’s dad if he actually exists at all.

I should also point out that Hodgson is also part of the Cancer-Con.

Course, that ‘no-photos-of-Kia’s-parents‘ situation changed later on in the day and the Chimp came up with the following:

Hmmm, you would kinda think that people who are set to reap thousands upon thousands of pounds from public donations would at least provide decent photos of themselves so as people know exactly who their money is going to.

Nevertheless, when I saw those piss-poor photos I was reminded of the hoax story below.

That is to say that I was reminded of the participants in the made up old bollox.

Now I say “participants” (plural) because “Amy Robb” is actually two different people in the photos above. In fact the stupid, non-newsworthy old fanny was probably published to allow the government to see how observant the public are… Or aren’t.

You see the blonde bird in the first photo is the actress who plays “benefit scrounger”, Marie Buchanan:

PHOTO: Amy Robb & Marie Buchanan

And since neither really exist they are probably played by the actress Jennifer Murray:

Which just leaves the other Amy Robb in the purple who is in all probability a hybrid of  Kia’s ‘mother’.

Indeed it is surprising how many people you can get out of one:

The wife of a “hero” Top-Gun pilot for instance.

And true to form, the Chimp couldn’t just run one “Top-Gun” story, the fraud fucks had to run at least two. However, the second story had pilot Andy Edgell at front & center – who is just a hybrid of “Top-Gun“, Tom Cruise.

Course, exactly why people accept being so blatantly mugged off is beyond me.

Nevertheless, whilst I was looking at photos of ‘Baby Reborns’ that could possibly have been adapted to be passed off as Harmonie, it suddenly struck me that the Monster-Minions might have used photos of Thalidomide babies to pull off the fraud… Because a fraud is certainly what it is.

And guess what?

Bingo. In fact one of the first images that came up was the following:

You see, I had forgotten that Harmonie’s ‘mum’, Freya Hall had signed her extremely disabled daughter up to an acting agency. Yet when you think about it, it makes no sense to have a baby who has lost her limbs to meningitis play a Thalidomide victim – who do in fact usually have hands and feet.

I mean in this day and age it would have been so much easier to have an able bodied child actor play the role and just edit out their arms and legs. After all, Harmonie has no acting experience and I am surprised that she did not need an Equity Union Card to play the part… Strange.

And then there is 16 year old, Jo Yates described as: “A brilliant, talented artist, singer and musician” – aren’t they always – who died of Meningitis in February of last year:

Devastated friends have paid tribute to a “beautiful and talented’” 16-year-old schoolgirl after she died of meningitis .

Joanna Yates, from Salford, Greater Manchester, died in hospital just a day after contracting the aggressive virus this week.

fundraising page set up in her memory to raise money for charity Meningitis Now and has brought in more than £500 in just 24 hours.

Close pal Freya Jade Rushworth, who launched the appeal, wrote on the page: “A brilliant, talented artist, singer and musician. Most importantly, a blessing to many lives.

And typically:

Tributes have poured onto social media for Joanna, who the Manchester Evening News reports was a popular part of the church community in Monton, a village in Eccles, Greater Manchester. Source

PHOTO: Jo Yates

However, Jo looks exactly like the Jewish Girl in the Warsaw Ghetto that we saw in Part 3:

And Jo Yates is in all probability Georgina Callander:

Callander was supposedly a victim of the Manchester Arena bomb hoax-event.

The funeral is taking place this lunchtime for 18-year-old Georgina Callander from Tarleton.

The Runshaw College student was the first victim to be named following the suicide bombing after an Ariana Grande gig.

Mourners are being asked to wear something yellow, such as a ribbon or flower, to the service.

Her parents, Lesley and Simon, have said:

“On a night out with her friends enjoying a special occasion, she was brutally murdered and taken from us by such a cowardly act.”Georgina will be remembered with the utmost love and will be so sadly missed for the love and hugs she gave us during those special years. “

The celebration of her life will take place at Holy Trinity Church, Tarleton at 12pm. Source

Mind you, like most government sponsored hoaxes the crisis actors played multiple roles and Georgina Callander was no exception since she (they) also played 15 year old Manchester bomb victim Olivia Campbell:

Now have a read of this old bollox from the Chimp:

Hundreds of mourners have paid their respects to a teenager who was killed in the Manchester terrorist attack last month. 

Olivia Campbell-Hardy, 15, was killed when terrorist Salman Abedi bombed the Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert.

The schoolgirl, from Bury, was one of 22 people who lost their lives in the tragedy. 

Her mother Charlotte made a desperate TV appeal for information in the agonising hours after the outrage, only for step-father Paul Hodgson to receive the call her family had feared.  

Her loved ones asked mourners to wear blue or bright colours to celebrate her life. 

Hundreds of people were pictured arriving at The Parish Church of St Anne, in Tottington, including her friend Adam Lawler who went with Olivia to the gig and was left seriously injured.

The teenager, also 15, was making his first public appearance since the attack. He was pushed in a wheelchair and was wearing protective on both feet and gloves on both hands. Source

Okay, before I go any further I just want to make you aware of what is being said in that last sentence, despite the awful grammar… But then again, the Chimps are Minions not journalists.

You see the shit-rag states that young Adam was wearing “protective” – although I think they mean “protection” – on his hands & feet and indeed this is a case of the Chimp telling you what to see as opposed to what your eyes actually see since immediately following that sentence is a photo of Adam in a wheelchair.

PHOTO: No gloves, fuck all wrong with his hands… Fuck all wrong with him as it happens.

PHOTO: Gloves on, he now has a very deformed hand.

PHOTO: Deformed hand

I don’t buy it.

And then there was the last “heartbreaking” text message that Olivia sent to her boyfriend despite being at the concert with another fella.

THIS is the tragic last text message Olivia Campbell sent to her boyfriend just half an hour before she was killed in the Manchester Arena bombing.

The 15-year-old told her boyfriend Lewis Brierley that she was “having so much fun” at 9.53pm – the last message she sent before she was killed in the nail bomb massacre. Source

Fuck knows why it says 7:20PM but she didn’t have a lot of battery left, yet when I was a 15 year old lad, back in the day when everything was in black & white, if my bird had gone to a concert with another fella there would have been hell to pay… Especially if she rubbed it in by telling me how much fun she was having.

But then again, I suppose that they are more mature these days… As if!

Moreover, I am 99% sure that the bird who is supposed to be Olivia has had a tattoo on her tit blanked out in one of her photos… Being as 15 year old girls tend not to have big tattoos on their tits.

But what do I know… I was only a tattooist for 20 years.

Nevertheless, Olivia & Co are in turn Manchester bomb-hoax-victim Elidith Mcleod… Least I think that is how you spell her name. Although obviously weirdly spelled names are an indication of a hoax having taken place:

A YOUNG girl who lost her best friend in the Manchester terror attack is fighting for her life after the pals attended the doomed Ariana Grande concert together.

Laura MacIntyre, 15, and Eilidh MacLeod, 14, had travelled to the concert from the Outer Hebrides as part of a birthday treat but the night ended in tragedy when a suicide bomber struck, claiming the lives of 22 people, including that of Eilidh. Source

Traveled from the Outer-Fucking-Hebrides” indeed… As if!

I mean it is laughable that Ariana Grande could even fill the Manchester Arena let alone two teenage girls traveling down from the Out-Of-Herberts or wherever it was that they didn’t come from, just to watch the created-no-mark… That is about a 1000 mile, 24 hour round trip for fucks sake.

I mean fuck me, first we are supposed to believe that the talent-less, Eagles of Deaf Mental – from the French hoax terrapin attack – are the next best thing to U2 and now we are supposed to believe that the talent-less, Arry-Anus Grand is on a par with Beyonce… Fuck off witcha.

Not that Beyonce is all that.

And I ain’t heard much from the Eagles of Deaf mental since their 10 minutes of fame either… Just sayin’.

However, things get a bit complicated here, so if I go too fast just tell me to slow down or if you are confused about anything just ask, I don’t bite… Well I do sometimes, but you should be okay.

Right, first off this is 14 year old Eilidh Macleod.

PHOTO: The different faces of Eli

Or at least it is according to our National press.  However, as you can see Eli – or whatever her fucking name is or was – changes head shape and facial features like the weather… And I am in fact going to refer to her as Eli from now on.

I should also point out that the tall girl in the bottom photo with Eli is her 15 year old friend whom she went to the ‘concert‘ with. Her name is Laura McIntyre who was allegedly badly hurt… Hmmm, I shall deal with her later… If I remember to as she is relatively unimportant at the moment.

Now, in regard to those images above of Eli: If I said to you that those were comparison photos of Eli and a bird called Jane Smith – and who I think are one and the same, you would all collectively yell that Smith looks fuck all like her.

And rightly so. I mean she goes from a thin faced narrow nosed tall looking twenty something year old to a fat face, stub nosed 12 year old.

Yet the press have published ALL of those photos and I haven’t heard one of my fellow writers question the legitimacy of the fake images… Despite writing pages of easily explained away shite about the hoax… Wankers. All bought and paid for, the fucking lot of them.

This however is the first time that i have looked into the old Manchester bollox and all that I am going to point out about the hoax has taken me a couple of hours to uncover.

So to start with, the following birds are all called Eli… Eilidh Macleod, yet they are not our 14 year old Eli from the Outer Hebrides.

Now she has the same name as Eli and is a financial adviser from Aberdeen, although our Eli doesn’t have a fang trapping her bottom lip.

Aberdeen is a comparatively short 560 mile round trip from the Outer Hebrides. However, you are all no doubt now thinking “So fucking what, the bird who is clearly not 14 year old Eli shares the same name“.

To which I would answer, “let me fucking finish, before jumping in with both feet“.

You see, while Aberdeen Angus Eli is clearly not our Eli she is the double of a Polish National now living in York named, Angelika Klis… Least she allegedly was named that until she was [fake] killed along with her husband at the Manchester Arena bomb hoax

And the following is from the BBC:

A Polish couple living in York who had gone to Manchester Arena to pick up their daughters have been killed in the terror attack.

Angelika and Marcin Klis had not been seen since the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

The couple’s daughter Alex Klis, 20, a student at York College, had posted an appeal on Facebook for information about their whereabouts.

The Polish foreign ministry confirmed two Polish nationals had been killed.

It is understood Mr Klis, 42, worked at York Cars Taxi Service, a cab company in York. Source

You couldn’t make it up… Especially so when you look at the husband Marcin Klis… They do make me laugh with the silly names:

PHOTO: Marcin & Angelika Klis.

Marcin Klis is clearly Jermaine Van Dand who is closely associated with the Cancer-Con mob:

And as coincidence would have it, Marcin is a dead ringer – pun intended – for Manchester bomb-hoax-victim, Georgina Callander’s dad:

Yet the coincidences don’t end there. You see, the pair of lookalikes are doppelgangers for Manchester bomb-hoax-victim, John Atkinson:

The following is from the Manchester Evening News:

A man from Bury has been named among the victims of last night’s terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena.

Tributes to 28-year-old John Atkinson have been pouring in on social media.

It’s understood Mr Atkinson, from Radcliffe , had been leaving the Ariana Grande concert at the venue when it was targeted by the suicide bomber .

Friends and family have paid their respects online, describing him as an ‘amazing young man’.

A fundraising page has also been set up to help the family with the funeral.

It says: “John tragically lost his life last night in the Manchester bomb attack. We are trying to help his family in any way possible at this tragic time. Source

Well they have all started fund raising pages, that goes without saying!

However, that isn’t even the half of it because Angelika Klis & Aberdeen Angus also look like Manchester bomb-hoax-victim, Wendy Fawell:

PHOTO: Wendy Fawell & Angelika Klis

It is also worth mentioning that our Aberdeen Angus-Eli is an older version of our Outer Hebrides Eli:

Yet why would an above board financial adviser photoshop her ‘Linkedin’ profile photo… And badly at that?

Moreover, the fraud bird also has connections to the Meningitis agenda:

Indeed Aberdeen Eli is very much alike to Edward Bright’s mother seen in the photo above.

Edward Bright, Like Harmonie & Kia lost all four limbs to Meningitis:

THERE is only one thing that nine year old Edward Bright wants – to stand as tall as his twin brother William.

Plucky Edward lost all four of his limbs to the deadly brain bug meninigitis, and his wish is for a new pair of legs to walk tall by his twins’ side. Mum Clare has blasted the NHS for not giving Edward a proper level of care – which has seen her trying to mend an existing pair of prosthetic legs with masking tape and a pair of scissors in a desperate bid to help her son.

Now the family are trying to raise £30,000 to give Edward his festive wish – and get him back on his feet for Christmas. Source

Shall we go compare?

Of course we fucking shall:

And Edward’s mother could quite easily be Eli’s mother:

As well as Glasgow bin-lorry-bollox, hoax victim, Gillian Ewing.

And as I told you in my “Behind The Flag” series of articles, Ewing – allegedly from Scotland – was played by a woman from MANCHESTER… Where the bomb exploaded:

Now what would the chances be of such a coincidence occurring in reality?

Indeed if you think about it logically, all of the “coincidences” that I have shown you up to now (Part 1-4) accompanied by around 80,000 words with another 2 – probably 3 – parts still to come means that if I am only right about 10% of what I have shown you, that figure still goes way, way beyond acceptable… And fuck the 10% because I am right about at least 80-100 %.

Nevertheless, as is always the case, if you wait long enough the real reason for the fake news rears its ugly head, and in the case of the fraud Meningitis cash-cows we see the real reason emerging below:

PHOTO: Story released 23rd of November 2017

PHOTO: Story released 10th of December 2017

Go on, inject some more liquid poison into your child!

Course, by looks of things Oliver Hall, the 6 yr old above who supposedly died within 24 hours of being struck down by Meningitis, is in fact Jessica Whelan.

Just sayin’.

And whilst I am just sayin’, the hairy, long-armed, Baboon-arsed Chimp-Monkey’s released the following article today (12/12/17):

Meningitis W, no less!

Course you only need look at the following photo accompanying the old bollox to realise that the story is… Errr… Old bollox:

Indeed there is more photoshopping in that family snap than there are stars in the sky… Well maybe not that many but there is around a lot, not least the width of the chairs… Now why would they do that if all was above board?

And indeed there is a Satanic nod to the Jacintha Saldanha old fanny in that ‘family photo’… Saldanha allegedly being the Nurse who topped herself following a prank radio phone call, whilst looking after ‘pregnant’ Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff.

Now, getting back to Our Eli, and Aberdeen Angus isn’t the only bird who shares her full name and has covert connections with the dead schoolgirl.

I mean there is Eilidh Macleod from Stornaway in the Outer Hebrides – a mere storn-throw-away from our Eli.

Shall we have a butchers?

Of course we fucking shall.

Now the photo above was taken sometime before December 2015 when our Eli was 12 years old and I have to say that the Eli in the photo looks older than that.

Moreover, the photo was in the local rag at the time because the Eli above had just been made a “Young Ambassador“:

Eilidh MacLeod from The Nicolson Institute, Stornoway has been chosen as one of Scotland’s Young Ambassadors for Inclusion.

Eilidh was chosen to represent Western Isles as part of the new Scotland’s Young Ambassadors for Inclusion programme developed by Education Scotland.

Through the programme, young people who face barriers to education will be given a voice at a national level to help make a significant impact in raising awareness of the issues around additional support needs and inclusive education.

Eilidh met with her fellow Ambassadors for their first meeting on 8thDecember where they discussed their experiences of inclusive education and how they have benefited from having the right support in place. Source

And obviously those ‘institutes’ are breeding grounds for crisis actors and indeed I find it very strange that the article doesn’t give Eli’s age. Therefore I suppose in theory they could be one and the same although I am surprised that if they are, the press did not use the photo being as it is of much better quality than the shite that they have used.

Now apart from one or two minor issues it doesn’t get much more conclusive than that since there is no transparency on the overlay.

However, despite having the same source photo, those minor niggles such as the teeth cannot be ignored. And since the Eli above looks so much older and despite living in the Outer Hebrides is still a good distance away from where our Eli lives, I can only conclude that they are supposed to be different people… They just have the same source photo, thats all.

And neither can our Eli be this next Eli with the exact same name:

This Eilidh Macleod lives on the Isle of Skye so we are getting even closer to our Eli now:

And indeed she does also look an awful lot like our dead Eli:

However, before I go any further, I gotta tell ya that this new Eli couldn’t be our Eli anyway if the official version of events are to be believed since this new Eli is still alive.

In fact the photo is her Twitter profile photo and she last tweeted on the 13th of November in regard to “Children In Need” and as such it is safe to assume that she is alive and well.

Therefore, the fact that our new Eli looks very much like our Eli and indeed even comes from the same general location as our Eli must be a genuine coincidence and indeed that in turn would cast a shadow over the rest of my work… Wouldn’t it?

So I am fucked if I am going to leave it there and as such, let’s straighten the two Eli’s heads up:

I can almost taste the Paedo-Trolls anguish. I mean after initially thinking that they were going to get an early day with more time to molest their children, they are now faced with a coincidence that carry’s odds of Three Billion to One – at the very least.

Moreover, they are going to have to put in for overtime since I ain’t done by a long way… Ugh the stinking shit stain on humanity make my skin crawl.

Nevertheless, we now have a living Eli doppelganger who I will remind you has the following photo as her current Twitter profile picture

Got that? Of course you fucking have.

Now take a butchers-hook at this next photo:

She is 19 year old Courtney Boyle… Or at least she was until she too was killed in the Manchester bomb-hoax:

A teenager who was tragically killed in the Manchester terror attack has been laid to rest.

Courtney Boyle, 19, was one of 22 who lost their lives when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Ariana Grande concert in the city on May 22.

She had gone to the MEN arena with her stepfather Philip Tron, 32, to collect her sister Nicole, 14, who survived the attack.

Tragically Philip, a plumber, was also killed in the suicide bombing leaving

Courtney’s mum Deborah Hutchinson devastated.

Today, under intermittent sunshine, Courtney’s funeral took place at Saltwell Crematorium in her native Gateshead.

People arrived in droves to attend, with many wearing a splash of yellow as requested by her family.

Paying tribute to her daughter after her death mum Deborah said: ‘My stunning amazing beautiful daughter.

‘You were my rock, you made me so proud with all you had achieved and my gorgeous crazy Philip, you made my world a happy place and now you are both my angels flying high in the sky.’ Source

And when you realise that this was a fraud event, all that syrup becomes really cringy doesn’t it.

I mean, “You are both my angels flying high in the sky” for fucks sake. She could have at least added: “Dive bombing the Weirdy Beardy Man in the sky“.

Course, adding shit like that does not allow you to defraud the public of their hard earned money.

Nevertheless, Courtney Boyle is also new Eli from Skye… Although looking at our new Eli’s mouth she is a victim of the Ronnie Kray mouth widening party trick:

Or at least she would be a match for Caught-Me Boil if it wasn’t for the elongated chin… Although to be fair I think that it is quite obvious that Eli’s has been lengthened at the point where Caught-Me’s would have met.

Nevertheless, Caught-Me Boil is also our Eli:

Now obviously given the difference in pose, their noses were never going to match in. However, if you Google image these girls you will see that the majority of their photos are all taken on the piss, facing different ways and either smiling broadly or looking mean and moody so as it is practically impossible to get a decent comparison.

Yet they couldn’t resist taking the piss:

Same girl, different names.

There are however the next two photos to compare them by:

And take no notice of Eli’s conk in the photo… It is fake and as we have seen; it changes like the wind. Instead look at how well the two halves fit together.

Course this next one will take some explaining. You see, Our Eli posted on a forum that she was going to be going to ULB – a university in Belgium to study law – and that she was looking for someone to share a flat with – having so far been unsuccessful in finding someone or somewhere to stay… Indeed she was ‘now‘ getting worried.

But here is the thing, 14 year old girls do not go to University in England let alone Belgium, and since the message was posted 6 years ago Our Eli would only have been 8 years old:

Oh dear… Oh dear… Oh deary me.

And here is another that she posted:

Best we just ignore that eh?

Mind you, I think that the Monster-Minions must have got bored with all the photoshopping because going on this next photo of Courtney Boyle, they must have been proper fucking fed up:

PHOTO: Courtney Boyle’s head clearly photoshopped onto a body

So I will ask again: Why would there be a need to do that? As in why would they need to photoshop if all was above board.

I mean there can’t have been any shortage of photos of her, given the narcissistic nature of this current generation, yet all we get to see is the same old dross, despite Courtney’s “parents” willingly helping the press out… Which they would do since they are making thousands of pounds from a fraud.

In fact as I write this the Chimp Chumps – coincidence of coincidences – have come up with a new Manchester-Hoax-Bomb story themselves:

Well I don’t know about you but my heart is wrenching to fuck!

Nevertheless, the old fanny starts thus:

The grieving parents of a teenage girl killed in the Manchester terror attack played her rendition of a Les Miserables song during the wedding she planned for them before her death.

Got that? Olivia planned their wedding… Like 15 year olds do… Carry on Monkey-Kuntz:

Charlotte Campbell, the mother of Olivia Campbell-Hardy, married Paul Hodgson, 48, at Bury Town Hall six months after her daughter was killed at Manchester Arena with 22 others.

During the ceremony, the couple played her heart-wrenching rendition of On My Own before dancing to her singing John Legend’s version of All of Me at their reception at Blackley Football Club.

Well obviously Olivia was almost on the brink of stardom… Like them all:

Miss Campbell, from Manchester, wore a white strapless gown which showed off her worker bee tattoo she inked in May in memory of Olivia.

Before her tragic death, the 15-year-old planned the day down to the core details, including picking out bridesmaid dresses in blue, her favourite colour, after the couple got engaged at Christmas six years ago. Source

Cringe-worthy tosh… And I will bet that Olivia never planned who was going to give her “mother” away:

Miss Campbell, 37, was given away by Adam Lawler, who was with Olivia on the night of the Ariana Grande concert on May 22.

You will hopefully remember Adam from earlier… He was the one in the wheelchair with support boots & gloves… You know, the one who Olivia was two timing her fella with. Indeed it is no wonder that the little cunt looks so smug.

Here is a reminder:

Yet like always, the Minions have to go totally over the top:

The couple have revealed they finally decided to tie the knot three weeks after the terrorist attack and were aided by Ariana Grande’s manager.

“Three weeks”… Fuck me it didn’t take them long to gerrover’it :

Miss Campbell told the Daily Star: ‘We decided about three weeks after we were going to do it, we just didn’t know when.

‘We sat and thought about it. We spoke with Ariana Grande and her management team.

Why did they? As if Grande & her manager would even entertain them:

‘It was actually Ariana’s manager Scooter Braun who made us sit there and said ‘Right, let’s set a date for this wedding. It’s what Oli wanted. Let’s do it’.

‘It gave us a kick up the bum, and we chose this day because on Tuesday Olivia would have been 16.’

Absolutely totally pathetic and the FOUR comments on the article (which were moderated in advance) are testament to the fact that even the mushy-pea-brained Chimp readers don’t buy it.

Mind you, since Adam is also a fella called Reece Room, they would be wise not to:

Reece is a friend of (or summat to do with) the Cancer-Con-Crook, Peter Gill:

PHOTO: Reece Room & Peter Gill

And of course, as I think I told you earlier, Olivia is also Eli and Courtney – if only Satanically:

PHOTO: Olivia & Eli

PHOTO: Courtney & Olivia

And in turn they are all Manchester Bomb Hoax victim, Nell Jones.

Nell is on your left obviously:

Fourteen year old Nell is also a younger virgin of 29 yr old Leanna Shutt-It-Cunt who drove a Manchester-Hoax-Victim to hospital at 100 MPH (not 99 MPH or 101 MPH but 100 MPH exactly):

A hero mum saved a stranger with life-threatening injuries by bundling him into her own car and driving at 100mph to the nearest hospital.

Trained nurse Lianna Shutt, 29, was leaving Manchester Arena concert with her 10-year-old daughter Broganjean Taylor and husband Martin Shutt when they heard the explosion.

A “hero“… I hope she got the same 30 trillion bravery awards each and every Hoax-Hero is automatically entitled to.

Indeed especially in Lianna made up fuckin’ name Shutt-It-Cunt’s case since there are clearly no fucking fly’s on her:

She told the M.E.N (Manchester Evening News): “I knew he was bleeding to death. I thought it was a nail bomb just because of the nails and screws in his wounds.

Told ya.

Furthermore, Hero Shutt-It-Cunt is as pleased as punch with herself:

“I drove at 100mph to get them to hospital and I was weaving in and out of cars. The police have told me they will cancel all my speeding tickets as it was a matter of life and death to get him there as quickly as possible.

“I got him to North Manchester hospital and the surgeon came up to me outside and said I was the first person to arrive. Even the ambulances hasn’t got there with casualties. He said I had saved his life.”

And don’t even try to match her in the gracious stakes:

“I went back to hospital to see him on Thursday. His wife phoned and asked if I could. He’s doing well.

“He told me that he wasn’t going to say thank you because it would never be enough.

“He’s been trying to put the jigsaw of what happened back together. He said when he can find something to thank me he will do but I said it wasn’t necessary.”

Shutt-It-Cunt… You just have to aspire to be half the woman that she isn’t.

Yet if that was not bollox enough for anyone to stomach without starting to dribble, the Minions couldn’t just leave it there:

Lianna said her daughter Broganjean Taylor has been in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool for the last nine weeks with a ‘life-threatening’ sespsis infection and was only given the all-clear to go to the concert two hours before the start.

They just had to get Sepsis in there somewhere being as the Monkey-Muppets love a good old Sepsis fairy-fanny:

Broganjean was knocked out of her wheelchair at the Arena due to the force of the explosion, but thankfully didn’t suffer any injuries.

Lianna said: “She has been waiting 18 months to go to the concert since we realised Arianna was coming to the UK on tour.

“She has been in hospital for nine weeks. The doctors knew if she didn’t go she would be heartbroken.

Broganjean… ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha… What a name… Don’t cha just love em?

And you can just imagine Walter Minion feeling smug as a slug in a rug at working the scare-mongering Sepsis into the old bollox.

Yet we are supposed to believe that *aherm,aherm Barry Sheen Broganjean was close enough to the bomb – jam packed with jam nuts, bolts & nails – to blow her out of her poor-love-wheelchair… Yet she sustained no injuries? Fuck off witcha.

PHOTO: Shutt-It-Cunt & Nell Jones

Mind you, that Manchester Bomb was as choosy as the Boston Bomb, in terms of killing certain people whilst those right next to the deceased were unharmed:

PHOTO: The Manchester Arena after the bum had blown off… Total, total bollox. 

Nell Jones also has an American namesake – the NCIS: Los Angeles actor, Nell Jones (Renée Felice Smith) who looks very much like Manchester, Meningitis victim Jo Yates.

PHOTO: NCIS’s Nell Jones and Manchester Meningitis victim, Jo Yates… Because everything has to Satanically connect.

Yet it is the same old story with our Nell’s nose and whatnot’s changing like the wind, and photos that nobody – let alone a young girl – would keep.

All of them are overexposed and indeed I have wasted a lot of time enhancing them, although to be fair 14 year old Manchester Bomb-Hoax-Victim, Sorrel Leczkowski’s photo wasn’t too bad… Even though she is also our Eli and Co.

PHOTO: Sorrel & Eli

The Sorry actor also plays the youngest ‘victim’, 8 year old Demis Saffie Rose Roussos.

Saffie & Sorrel are also Georgina Callandar:

They both have that same banana shaped head that makes keeping proper-shite photos of themselves all the more worthwhile.

Now let’s think, who else haven’t we done who was pretend killed?

Oh I know, we haven’t done Kelly Brewster yet:

Kelly Brewster was killed in the explosion while shielding her niece from the blast, her family said.

She had attended the Ariana Grande concert with her sister Claire and niece, Hollie Booth. They were both injured in the attack and were being treated in hospital.

Kelly’s boyfriend, Ian Winslow, said on Facebook: “Not sure how this works but it isn’t good news. Kelly Brewster wasn’t one of the unidentified hospital patients. She has sadly passed away in the terror attack yesterday. Kelly really was the happiest she has ever been and we had so many things planned together. My daughter Phoebe will be absolutely devastated like we all are.”

Brewster had put down a deposit on a house with Winslow the day before the attack. Source

Now the fact that there has to be a story within the story is always a sure sign of a hoax.

I mean no one who is killed or maimed in this type of old bollox can ever just be ordinary, as in for example; it not being their last day of a dream holiday, or they have not just given birth or they are not about to sign a contract that will make them millions… There always has to be some-fucking-thing.

However, our Kel is just an older version of the teenagers.:

The same holds true for Michele Kiss… Not to be mistaken for Angelika Kliss… Who makes up these fucking names?

A devastated husband today paid a heartfelt tribute to his ‘beautiful’ wife after she was tragically killed in the Manchester terror attack

Michelle Kiss, 45, was one of the 22 innocent people who died when suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated an improvised explosive device inside Manchester Arena.

Her heartbroken husband Tony Kiss, also 45, said his wife had been on ‘cloud nine’ when she went to pick up her daughter Millie from the Ariana Grande concert.

Mrs Kiss, from Whalley, Lancashire, took her daughter and her friend Emily to Manchester Arena then went for drinks with a friend while they waited to pick them up. 

Photographs of Millie, 12, being hugged by a police officer in the immediate aftermath of the atrocity – which saw 22 people lose their lives – touched hearts around the globe.

Mr Kiss has now spoken for the first time since his wife was killed and said she had a ‘brilliant night’ before bomb was detonated. Source

Now the first thing that I noticed about Michelle is her resemblance to Firm Bottom Fearne cotton:

However, it is the similarity between the hoax victims that we are investigating at the moment so let’s see how Kiss matches up with Rooster Brewster:

You couldn’t make it up, don’t cha know.

And as for Kiss and the teens? Well there is only one way to find out:

Okay, now I had to bring Michelle’s eyeball over a little bit in order to avoid the muchly distracting cross-eye effect but apart from that it is just a straight overlay and pretty conclusive in my opinion.

Mind you, I had to girly-giggle at Michelle’s wedding photos. You see, her and her husband got married on a beach in a tropical paradise… Allegedly:

Well in a photo studio actually but the intent is there.

Course, with the Monsters so easily getting away with what should have been blatantly obvious to all, they simply carried on doing it to ramp the number of [non] victims up.

And Defective Cuntstable Elaine Mclver (what kind of fucking surname is that?) was no different… Well there had to be a Bacon bugger killed didn’t there:

The family of a ‘kind and wonderful’ policewoman killed in the Manchester Arena bombing are calling for tougher sentences for terror suspects as she is finally laid to rest.

Detective Constable Elaine McIver was one of 22 murdered when Salman Abedi, 23, fatally detonated a nail bomb in the foyer of the music venue on May 22.

She had been waiting with her partner Paul Price – who was seriously injured in the blast – for his 13-year-old daughter and her friend who attended an Ariana Grande concert. 

Today friends, family and colleagues from Chester Police gathered and lined the streets outside the city’s cathedral as a funeral for the popular detective took place. In a statement released by her family after the service, they described how the last six weeks had been a nightmare and called for harsher punishments on suspects. Source

Now first off I will point out that “Kind and wonderful” police officers no longer exist in this cuntry… They are ALL mindless thugs. Secondly I find the last sentence of that old fanny very disturbing: “called for harsher punishments on suspects“.

After all, a suspect is just that: A SUSPECT and should not be punished in any way until becoming a CONVICT… Just what the fuck is it with this Dog forsaken cuntry!

Nevertheless, let’s have a butchers at this latest “hero”:

Elaine also plays a bird called ELAINE Wilcox:

And she is in all likelihood the Huffington Post’s Editor-In-Chief, Lisa Wilkinson.

But then again I am not surprised since it would seem that all ‘journalists‘ who work for the national press also work for the Spooks.

What’s more, we can also include Manchester-Hoax-Victim, Allison Howe in that Lisa Wilkinson collection:

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Oldham today give their support to the families of Alison Howe and Lisa Lees who were killed during the Manchester attack.

Mrs Howe, 45, was waiting in the foyer of the Manchester Arena with friend Lisa Lees, 43, for their daughters India and Darcie, both 15, when the bomb went off at an Ariana Grande concert.

This morning, Mrs Howe’s black coffin was carried through the pair’s hometown of Oldham, Manchester, in a matching horse-drawn carriage towards St Anne’s Church as hundreds of mourners watched on.

A similar procession followed this afternoon for Mrs Lees’ funeral, which took place at the same church. 

Mrs Howe’s husband Steve was seen comforting the pair’s daughters Darcie and Sasha, 18, before they headed inside St Anne’s Church in Oldham.  Source 

Now, I should also point out that I came across the following advert for “Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Colour 45 Posessed Plum” on my travels:

And I think that you need only look at the aging model to know where I am going with this:

And then there is Allison’s similarity to the “Eastenders” actor, Lisa Faulkner:

And as for Allison’s mate, Lisa Lees? Well she is a joy to behold as a brilliant example of how these Satanists link worldwide.

But before I show you that, have a bit more background:

Thousands attended a memorial event for two mothers who died in the Manchester Arena attack.

Comic Jason Manford unveiled commemorative benches in memory of Lisa Lees and Alison Howe in Royton Park, Oldham. Source

I just wanted to get that in since the Chimp had the roads lined with “hundreds” not “thousands” and the Monkey-Boyz know how to proper exaggerate so the M.E.N – owned by the Daily Mirror – have gone OTT a million, zillion percent.

PHOTO: Lisa Lees… Fuck knows how she breathes as she hasn’t any nostrils.

You just know that she isn’t a real person don’t you?

I mean she doesn’t even look like herself half of the time:

PHOTO: Our Lisa Lees

Now all I can say to you right now is just keep up the best as you can.

You see our Lisa looks a lot like Eilidh Macleod.

Now don’t go getting the above Eli Macleod mixed up with our Eli Macleod. You see the Eli in the photo above attends or attended the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow – which is a 16 hour round trip from the Outer Hebrides where our Eli lived.

However, Glasgow Eli could in fact be Aberdeen Eli Macleod because the latter is listed as being an “Engineer at Atkins” whilst Glasgow Eli is listed as studying Civil-Engineering at Strathclyde University.

Nevertheless, Aberdeen Eli the engineer is not to be confused with our Aberdeen Eli the financial adviser… Despite the fact that they look exactly the same:

PHOTO: Aberdeen Eli Macleod the Financial Adviser & Aberdeen Eli Macleod the Engineer.

And that is despite the fact that they both look like older virgins of Our Eli… As we saw earlier. Oh, and whilst I am it I best tell you that Our Eli is not to be confused with Edinburgh Eli Macleod.

Despite the fact that they look the same… Moreover, the Outer Herberts are an 18 hour round trip from Edinburgh.

And neither should Our Eli be confused with Dundee Eli Macleod… Dundee Eli is “a game designer” for  “Folktales Entertainment” – A Small Scottish Indie Development Studio based in Dundee, Scotland.

PHOTO: Crocodile Dundee Eli 

Crocodile Dundee Eli kinda looks like Our Eli… Despite her deformed face:

And Courtney Boyle:

And Lisa Lees as it so happens:

Be it only Satanically.

And of course I am talking about Our Lisa Lees – not the Lisa Lees from Australia.

Not that you could get the pair mixed up obviously.

And neither am I talking about American Lisa Lees from, Vagina – or somewhere that sounds like that:

And having just checked my facts, I can tell you that American Lisa Lees is from Virginian.

I should also point out that Canada has a Lisa Lees too:

And just so as ya know, don’t cha know, Canada Lisa is a loan officer

Fuck me! I’m glad that is over… Sort of.

You see it is also important not to get Our Lisa Lees mixed up with Courtney Boyle.

Although you probably wouldn’t and I will take it as read that you know that I am referring to the ‘Model’, Courtney Boyle and not Our Courtney Boyle.

Mind you the Model Courtney Boyle is very similar looking to Cancer-Con bird Lisa Rachael Thompson who lives in the Village of the Damned.

And LISA Rachel Thompson also looks very much like our LISA Lees:

Moreover, if you have read my Cancer con trilogy you will know that Our Lisa’s similarity to their Lisa means that Our Lisa will also look like Laura Cougil:

PHOTO: Laura Cougil and Our Lisa Lees

As well as looking like the Cancer-Con’s Laura or Lisa Riding (I can’t remember which first name the fraud used).

PHOTO: Riding & Lees

And Natalie Hoyle of course, the daughter of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Lyndsey Hoyle MP:

PHOTO: Nat & Lisa

PHOTO: Natalie Hoyle & Lisa Riding

Now, here’s a thing; on the day that I released my article “Leave it to Lindsay” (Thursday 14th of December), in which Natalie’s dad, the MP and deputy Speaker of the House, Lindsay Hoyle features heavily , Natalie died in mysterious circumstances… So I will probably get the blame:

The deputy speaker of the House of Commons has paid tribute to his ‘beautiful daughter’ after she unexpectedly died aged 28 at a house on Friday morning.

Lindsay Hoyle, Labour MP for Chorley, tweeted: ‘I am truly devastated by the death of our beautiful daughter Natalie. 

‘Our family will never be the same without our loving granddaughter, sister & aunty.  Source

And indeed I wrote in that article how strange it was that Hoyle was acting as the Speaker of the House on the day before his daughter died, (Wednesday 13th of December) – rather than the Speaker himself, John ‘little legs’ Bercow – for the all important Brexshit vote that left Terry May humiliated.

Now because Lindsay Hoyle chaired the Wednesday vote, he was plastered all over the daily’s on Thursday… The day his daughter died.

Moreover, John Bercow was available for the all important Brex-Shit vote because he had been doing the job of Speaker that very afternoon… Which all kinda makes me suspicious of Hoyle’s ‘daughters‘ death, especially since there was no announcement about it until late Saturday evening… It was kinda like Hoyle was thrust into the spotlight in order to introduce him to the public (or at least introduce a man in a latex mask billed as being Hoyle) on Thursday and then hit them with the tragedy a few days later.

I mean it is strange that a prominent MP’s daughter dies under mysterious circumstances (meaning the police were involved) yet it took the Press over a day and a half to pick-up on the story!

Once again, I don’t buy it.

Okay, we are now going to get proper conspiratorial because you will remember that I told you in Part 1 that the Chimp news-feed HAS to connect from top to bottom for their Satanical ablutions – or whatever they do – to work.

And what now follows is a screenshot of the Chimps news-feed advertising the link to the Hoyle story:

Now personally, I thought that me discovering that the Chimp news-feed connects all the way down from the very top to the very bottom was a pretty fucking big deal!

Yet the fact that no one commented on the huge discovery would suggest that you either don’t believe it – which in turn would suggest that you do not grasp the concept – or you are all too used to reading about revelations much bigger… In which case, perhaps you could point me in the direction of these websites because all of the ones that I know are in the security services pockets.

Therefore I will take it that you don’t understand how the connections work, despite me talking you through it very slowly in Part 1. And as such, I will first use the Natalie Hoyle screenshot to give you a refresher course… So pay attention this time.

Now when I was explaining in Part 1 how the connecting works I did tell you that some of the connections are obvious-in-ya-fuckin’-face-take-that connections which should be quickly picked up on by even those of you who are thick-as-fuck.

However, other connections run very, very deep which I did also say that I wouldn’t expect you to pick up on unless you do what I do day in, day out.

So, let’s deal with the obvious connection first, namely the main photo connects to the link opposite about some bird called Camilla Thurlow… Whom I had never heard of until now, but one of her claims to fame is that she appeared in the TV show ‘Love Island‘… Apparently.

Now, personally I cannot see how anyone could not see the connection between Natalie Hoyle and Camilla Thurlow… They look exactly the fucking same – Satanically wise – whilst at the same time different.

And if you believe that the link to the Camilla article was there by chance then boy you dumb.

As for the other easy to spot connections:

In the top link you have Sarah Ferguson who is kinda a member of the Royal Parasites. Her Sister in Law is called Camilla, which links to the Camilla Thurlow bollox and below the Camilla link is a link to Amir Khan who is wearing a crown like what Kinks & Queers wear.

Moreover, Khan’s wife looks similar in the link photo to Camilla Thurlow and Natalie Hoyle. Meanwhile the Thurlow article references and shows a photo from an earlier article which was in regard to a fight that Camilla and her now ex-boyfriend Jamie Jewett (suspect name) had earlier in the week. And Amir Khan is a fighter who is at loggerheads with his wife. Meanwhile the circled photo of Khan in the link makes him look similar to Jewett in the circled photo in the Camilla link. A circle is of course a ring where boxers fight and indeed Jewett has his fist raised in a way that suggests he is about to punch Camilla.

Now, returning to the Fergie link which references her “slender frame“; also has a photo of her daughters, Beetroot & Eugenics – who are sisters obviously – walking somewhere together outdoors. In turn the link below it has Kerry Katona pictured with her daughter, Molly who looks a lot like Eugenics (or Beetroot, I can never remember which is which) and the wording references Kerry’s “trim figure“.

Molly is similar looking in the way that she is depicted in the photo (head turned to their right) as not only Prickcess Eugenics but also Natalie Hoyle, Camilla Thurlow and Amir Khan’s wife.

And in the same link is also a photo of Kerry walking somewhere outdoors with her daughters Molly and Lilly-Sue… Who are sisters obviously. So both the Fergie & Katona articles are about a mother and her two daughters and how the two mothers are looking trim & slender… Piece of piss that you should all have quickly picked up on.

Now, before I tell you about the very strong, much more covert links to be had from that screenshot, I need to elaborate on Natalie Hoyle, whom along with Daddy Lindsay is closely connected to the Cancer Con – and you can read how by clicking HERE

However, those of you who have already read that linked article, or are very observant may already be thinking that Natalie’s facial features in the said linked article and the comparison photos higher up look fuck all like those of Natalie in the screenshot photo… I certainly did anyway and the Cancer-Con article is only a year old.

PHOTO: Natalie now & Natalie then

That half & half comparison was the absolute best that I could get it, and believe I tried, I really did.

So, safe to say that Natalie now has a Mark II… Who died.

But here is the thing, up until nearly 12 hours after the story had been published there were only two photos of Natalie II on Google images and after that the floodgates opened and there is now around a dozen… All photoshopped – the bottom left photo in the above being an example.

Moreover, despite there never being loads of snappy-snapz to be had of Natalie the 1st, what few there were on Google have now disappeared… Predictably.

Yet that isn’t even half of the bloody fucking matter.

You see, the second of the two new photos that were all that were available for twelve hours or so accompanied a Facebook message from Natalie’s mother:

Now this is really confusing because when I wrote about Lindsay & Natalie in regard to the Cancer-Con, Natalie’s mother & Lindsay Hoyles wife was called Catherine Hoyle nee: Smedly.

Moreover, I caught Ma Hoyle out playing a bird called Linda Green – a victim of the Tunisian fake event:

Shhh… Listen… That soft “ahhhhhhing” noise that you may be able to hear is a hundred-plus paedo-trolls simultaneously coming in their undercrackers… In fact once they get their stale breath back they will start chanting “Spivey fucked up”, “Spivey fucked up”, “Spivey fucked up“, so before they start their accompanying jizz-dance I best tell them that I don’t fuck up and I’m not about to start now… There ya go, silence.

Now the following photo is of Lindsay and his Wife Catherine:

The inset photo is of bollock-type-neck, no-chin, Lindsay on Wednesday the 13th December announcing the Brexshit vote result… And funnily enough, he was also presiding over the Conmans when the fake Westminster Bridge/attack on Parliament took place.

Mind you, this new mother of Natalie’s even confused a Chimp commentor:

Well done sir – or bird – Lindsay Hoyles wife is indeed called Catherine and he does indeed have two daughters… Least he did in his made-up life up until early Friday morning. Therefore, I can’t understand why there are only 5 green arrows on the comment but 20 red… Very fucking strange.

And for the record, Natalie’s older sister is called Emma Hoyle.

PHOTO: Emma Hoyle.

Emma does in fact look like a kind of halfway stop gap between ‘sister’ Natalie MK I and ‘sister’ Natalie Mk II:

Indeed, some might say that Emma fits Natalie Mk II rather too well whereas her chinny-chin-chin is too long for Natalie MK I. Furthermore, Emma is also part of the Cancer-Con crew who seem to travel all over the country from their base in the Greater Manchester/Lancashire area.

Course Lindsay Hoyle is the MP for Chorley in Lancashire and the following is taken from his Wikipedia Page:

Now you would have thought that the date of Natalie’s death could have been more specific given that Wikipedia must have updated the page almost immediately.

However, I have a slight problem with that entry because the Hoyles wedding date is a year out to the information given on the posh Peerage website:

There ya go, Emma & Natalie are the daughters of Lindsay & Catherine Hoyle and with Emma’s name coming above Natalie’s, Emma must be the older of the two.

Yet I am nothing if not thorough, so I checked further. After all Natalie was 28 when she died and Lindsay and Catherine had only been married 23 years so maybe Emma & Nat were Catherine’s step children… Although if that were the case you would think that the information would make it clear.

So Hoyle was married before… But not to Miriam Lewis who is claiming to be the mother of Natalie… And only Natalie, rather than Natalie and her older sister, Emma.

Therefore, I had a look at Catherine Hoyle’s Peerage Page which had this to say:

So, someone has made an almighty fuck up and it ain’t me.

What’s more, Lindsay of Greedy-Bastard has a house in Chorley and a house – or flat – in London, whereas Miriam Lewis lives in Maldon, Essex and is the Conservative Councillor for Heybridge – which is also in my home county of Essex.

And for the record, Lindsey Hoyle is a Labour Party MP.

So let’s have another look at that Facebook post of hers which didn’t appear in the press until quite a while after the news had finally been announced – over two days later in fact.

Now since that post wasn’t released in the press until late on Saturday night, there must have been some agreement between Lindsay & Miriam not to go public with the news until at least 36 hours after the event… It gets stranger and stranger doesn’t it?

Moreover, Natalie has been given a new double-barrel surname making her, Natalie Lewis-Hoyle, which she certainly didn’t have a year ago (as also evidenced in the above) and prior to her death she was apparently living in Heybridge in Essex – again, something that she wasn’t doing a year ago.

Moreover, and by the same token, prior to Natalie’s ‘death‘, there was absolutely nothing to link either Dad Lindsay or herself with Mummy Lewis (not so much as a mention), despite there being quite a lot of stories ont’interwebb about her (Lewis)… The following for example:

A FORMER action group chairman has been forced to pay out £3,400 after Maldon District Council’s leader threatened legal action over anonymous slurs.

Miriam Lewis had threatened to take Don Benson, former chairman of the Heybridge Residents Association to court, following 18 months of disputes.

As a result, Mr Benson signed a statement confirming he distributed e-mails via an anonymous account to district and parish councillors, making accusations about Miss Lewis’ behaviour.

Miss Lewis, who represents Heybridge West ward, said: “It has been a very unpleasant interlude, but shows clearly that people do not have to be subjected to this level of spiteful, unsubstantiated personal abuse.”

Mr Benson undertook not to make unsubstantiated claims or statements about her in the future.

He said: “No comments at this time.” Source

And what follows is Hoyle’s tweet about Natalie:

Now, like I say, the photo in the above tweet and the one in Mummy Miriam’s Facebook post were the only two photos of Natalie to be found on Google Images for this long time, at first… Yet both are fake as fuck:

Mind you, perhaps now some of you will not be so dismissive when I match two supposedly different people up perfectly, although I don’t expect any concessions from the half witted trolls who will no doubt point out that they can match their own face perfectly with say a convicted predatory paedophile:

They both have that in-grained grime look about them don’t they? You know, the kind of people who aren’t big on personal hygiene and think cans of deodorant are either legal flame throwers or to spray up their bottoms as a substitute for soap and water… Silly aerosols.

But I digress.

Now to me, the Natalie Mk II in her new-mum’s photo looks exactly like Manchester hoax-bomb-victim, Olivia Campbell:

Fuck me backwards and call me Charles… Who in the world would have thought that the photos of two unconnected different people with a 13 year age gap between them would fit together a grazillion times better than two photos of themselves?

And whilst I really must stop exaggerating, I am sure you will agree that Nat & Liv fit together much better that Nat & Nat.

But it isn’t just two is it?

I mean there is also Manchester-hoax-victim, Georgina Callander:

And there is also Our Eli… She too fits in nicely with Hoyle when compared to her as per the photo below where Hoyle (the daughter of a Labour MP) is posing with Tory-Twat, Bo-Jo.

Indeed the photo is one of those that appeared with the influx of photos around 12 hours after the first two fake ones appeared:

But still Natalie just doesn’t match herself:

And of course to make her face fit by adding chunks to it would be cheating.

Now read the following from a Chimp article from the 21st of June 2017 which was then strangely updated on the 13th of the following month:

A schoolgirl died after taking an overdose of her mother’s prescription medication because she was struggling to cope after being sexually assaulted. 

Megan Hoyle, 14, sent a heartbreaking final text to a friend apologising before she took her own life at her home in Blackburn.

She said her ‘body, mind and soul’ had been ‘destroyed’ after she was molested at the age of 12 by a 17-year old boy.

The emotional coroner at Megan’s inquest said her death had touched him deeply, adding she was a ‘very intelligent and highly articulate girl’. Source

I mean why not write a new article instead of updating over 3 weeks later?

Nevertheless, this next photo is of Megan and a Blackburn Rover’s football player:

I also notice that the photo is courtesy of just Facebook whereas the photos of Natalie are Courtesy of Lindsay Hoyles Facebook.

Or put another way, there is no knowing whose Facebook Megan’s photo was taken from.

Nevertheless, I am sure you know where this is heading so I will just gerron wi’it:


Best we have a closer inspection of these two mother’s of our Nat-a-lie, don’t cha think?

Of course you fuckin’ do… Catherine is on your left, Miriam is on your right:

So to recap, we now have a scenario which has the MP, Lindsay Hoyle – who suspended Parliament when Mad Masood attacked it, killing a policeman in the process, as per the official instruction manual on hoax staging insists upon – surprisingly presiding over a crucial vote on Wednesday, December 13th, despite the publicity loving, main Speaker of the House, John ‘little legs-big pockets‘ Bercow being available to do so.

Course, it is perfectly fair to say that as a general rule the Midget Berk-Ow does like to oversea political matters that are going to be splashed all over the shit-rags.

And indeed the next day (Thursday the 14th of December), Lindsay Hoyle is seen splashed all over the newspapers – delivering the vote result, in much the same way that he had been splashed all over the newspapers when he had suspended Parliament during the fake Westminster terrapin attack.

Moreover, that very same day, his daughter, Natalie Hoyle dies in mysterious circumstance – although other reports have her death down as around 6:45 A.M Friday morning.

So our diligent reporters working for the National Press (and MI5), don’t even know what day of the fucking week it is now.

However, a year ago Natalie lived in Blackburn, had a mother called Catherine Hoyle and a sister called Emma Hoyle. She also just so happened to look exactly like a spook actor embroiled in the cancer-con.

Yet one year on and she now has a double barreled surname (Lewis-Hoyle), she lives in Essex and has a mother called Miriam Lewis, who matches her former Mother Catherine Hoyle to a tee in some photos.

And despite now having been an only child, Nat-A-Lie looks like her former sister Emma, as well as looking an awful lot like many of the pretend victims killed and maimed in the fake Manchester bumb-attack.

Moreover, Natalie is also the splitting image of a 14 year old girl who pretend killed herself in June 2017.

Nevertheless, despite being the daughter of a high-flying politician and dying under mysterious circumstances, Natalie’s death on the Thursday is not in the news until late on the Saturday.

And even then, the story spawns just the one article from the Chimp who usually string out a story equivalent to say a Hedgehog getting run over in misty circumstances, for at least a dozen articles.

But that is not all… Not by a long fucking whatsits.

So take a butchers at the bird below. She is called MIRIAM LEWIS and is Canadian born and bred:

And now without changing any angles at all, apart from having to flip one of their photos for obvious reasons, we shall compare the Canadian Miriam Lewis with our Miriam Lewis:

And now we shall do the same with Charlotte Hoyle:

Still, I don’t suppose that is anything to be too concerned about and indeed is probably just a great big fuck off coincidence.

Now, because the site was offline between December 19th & January 7th I had no choice except to start writing something new since I could not get on here to finish this latest installment. Therefore I began an article PROVING that Meghan Markle and her family of rednecks are as fake and invented as Princess Diana was.

However, originally my intention for that Markle article (before it became so vast) was to slot it into this series of articles once I was back online since it is highly relevant to what is occurring in the world… But it got too big and will now be released as a stand alone article.

Now the reason for telling you this is that the deeper connections that I talked about buried in that Chimp screenshot higher up lead back to Meghan Markle & Henry of Pubes-Ginger and as such I am now not going to go into them.

Instead, I am now going to continue talking about Lisa Lees and indeed it is no wonder that there are so few photos of her on’t interwebb.

I mean she can only spread herself so thin since all her other personas have to have photos to put a face to as well… Michelle Kiss for instance.

Photo: Michelle & Our Lisa

Now obviously I am not referring to Our Michelle Kiss from the Manchester bomb fraud – I am referring to the Michelle Kiss seen in the above… A different Michelle Kiss to Our Michelle Kiss… Who looks exactly like Our Lisa Lees… Or should that be Lisa LIES?

Mind you, Michelle ‘new‘ Kiss does also match in very nicely with our other impostors:

Spooky… Literally… And they are all very like the aforementioned mother of Meningitis victim, Kia Gott-Lotts-Of-Money-Now.

Just sayin’.

And we also have an American Courtney Boyle to boot… Who – would you Adam & Eve it – looks exactly like Our Courtney Boyle:

Interestingly enough Courtney Boyle USA is a policewoman from Cincinnati… And I am kinda beginning to think that Cincinnati is a very Satanic place.

Nevertheless, if you have followed the Manchester old bollox you will also know about the “true hero“, Chris Parker:

Chris Parker, was begging in the stadium foyer when he heard the explosion. He described in graphic detail cradling a young girl who had been separated from her parents and lost both her legs in the blast. 

True bollox then… Carry on ya lying long armed Monkey-Kunt:

Yesterday Mr Parker’s estranged mother has come forward to say she wants to be reunited with her hero son.

Mr Parker’s mother Jessica, 57, contacted the M.E.N. after spotting the story – and her son’s picture – on Facebook.

She said she had no idea he was homeless after losing contact with him a few years ago. She is now pleading for help to get back in touch with her son and is planning to travel to Manchester from her home in Norfolk to see him.

She used to live in Walkden in Salford with Chris and her other son before moving back to her home county of Norfolk.

Jessica lost touch with Chris some years ago – and had no idea he was sleeping rough on the streets of Manchester.

She told the M.E.N: ‘Chris sporadically gets in touch, but I haven’t heard from him for a while. When I saw the story about what he had done and how brave he had been, I was floored. I was so proud.

‘I thought ‘that’s my boy’. I just want to talk to him – and I want to meet up with him. I was totally shocked when I saw the stories about Chris, but I knew it was something he’d do.

‘He’s fallen on hard times, but he has a heart of gold. I’m so proud of how brave he was trying to help people.’ Source

And if you believe that utter tripe you will believe anything… Absolutely everything, except the truth that is.

Indeed, the fact that Nosey Parker is at least £60 Grand better off than he was on the day that the bomb went off is testament to how many dopey cunts believed the old fanny.

PHOTO: Chris Parker as a young lad

Now the Minions are proper taking the piss with that photo and if you look at it long enough I am sure you will figure out who it really is. In fact here have another of Parker’s alleged childhood photos:

Course you have to ask yourself quite why the press are so keen to show Nosey Parker as a child since doing so is irrelevant, yet by the stinking cunts doing so you have a perfect example of the contempt that they hold their readers in.

Nevertheless, here is Nosey Parker as a grown up:

And no one looks like that unless they have been hit with the back-arm bucket of a JCB…

You can see why he is called Nosey though can’t you? However, enough with the Chit-Chat as there is a lot to get through, so I will tell you straight away that the made-up persona, Nosey Parker is at the very least Satanically connected to the serial killer, “Night-Stalker”, Richard Ramirez.

So you now have to ask yourself whose pocket the £60 Grand donated by the gullible public went into:

Homeless hero Chris Parker who rushed to help those caught up in the Manchester Arena terror attack finally has a roof over his head, the M.E.N. can reveal.

Rumours about the 33-year-old have been rife on Facebook after more than £50,000 was raised to help him turn his life around following his brave actions in the wake of the bombing.

Scores of people have contacted the M.E.N. questioning why he is still seen on the streets considering the amount of cash raised to help him – and scores of offers to put him up.

Chris’ mum Jessica has now revealed her son has found a home after meeting with council officers.

She said she wanted to ‘put the rumours to bed’, insisting Chris has been spotted on the streets because ‘that’s where his friends are’. Source

And the same question can be asked of the other “true hero” tramp who got in on the act and had around the same amount of money donated to him:

A homeless man who rushed to help the injured and dying following the Manchester bomb blast says ‘I’m not a hero, just a person.’

Rough sleeper Stephen Jones revealed how he pulled nails out of a little girl’s face after terrorist Salman Abedi killed 22 people and injured 119 when he detonated a nail bomb at the end of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.

Mr Jones, who had been sleeping nearby, recalled watching in horror as children covered in blood began pouring out of the arena, leaving behind ‘lifeless’ bodies surrounded by ‘hysterical’ mothers. 

Mr Jones has now told MailOnline: ‘People are saying I’m a hero, but I’m not – I’m just a person. There were people in suits who are meant to be the pillars of society who were walking over dead children.

‘Us homeless guys, we get slagged off all the time over this, that and the other.  But we were the first ones in there to help.


Shall we have a look at Steve Jones?

Of course we fucking shall.

And although I haven’t checked I feel sure that Jones will match Ramirez just as well as Parker does.

Nevertheless, let’s get Ramirez out of the way first:

Course if you are a regular reader of mine you will know what I mean by “spell casting“, which was an opinion formed on nothing more than a hunch and the large number of photos that I was coming across showing a person doing it.  And it would appear that my hunch was indeed not far off the mark given the photo below that I came across last week.

Just sayin’.

Now as it happens there is also a 34 year old English actor called Chris Parker who played ‘Spencer Moon‘ in the long running soap-shite, ‘Eastenders‘.

PHOTO: Actor Chris Parker

He looks very Victor Rothschild/Aleister Crowley-ish does he not?

PHOTO: Chris Parker & Victor Rothschild

Indeed that is as good a match as you are ever likely to see… Although fuck knows why I showed you it twice – which I won’t do with the comparison between Parker & Crowley:

PHOTO: Chris Parker & Aleister Crowley

Course, Parker’s ‘Eastenders‘ character name, Spencer Moon has the Princess Diana connection; with the Spencer part being obvious and Diana being the Goddess of the Moon… Meanwhile tramp Parker also connects with Crowley:

And of course, what is in a name?

PHOTO: Tramp Chris Parker as a child & ‘Eastenders’ Chris Parker

PHOTO: New Zealand actor, Chris Parker & Our Chris Parker

PHOTO: Our Parker & American actor, Chris Parker, seen here in Jarmusch’s first feature film, Permanent Vacation (1980)

PHOTO: Chris Parker – trainee solicitor on secondment to a boutique law firm & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker, Bank of America, board of directors & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker. Bellisario College of Communications & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker, Penn State University assistant professor and AIS member & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker U.S singer songwriter & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker, University of Cincinnati & Our Parker – It’s that Cincinnati place again.

PHOTO: Chris Parker, Bling Digitals Owner & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker, specialist in international arbitration & Our Tramp Parker

Nevertheless, like all of their bullshit staged dramatics the Minions had to take it that bit further and it now turns out that Chris ‘the tramp‘ Parker wasn’t helping out with the victims after all – he was trying to rob them instead… Or so it is alleged:

A homeless man who was hailed a hero for helping the Manchester bombing victims has been arrested for stealing a woman’s credit cards as she lay injured after the devastating explosion.

Chris Parker, 33, nursed a young girl who lost both her legs and cradled a seriously hurt woman in his arms after Salman Abedi detonated a nail bomb, killing 22. 

Grateful well-wishes raised more than £50,000 to help Parker turn his life around as a thank you for his ‘heroic’ actions.

But Parker has now been charged with two counts of theft for stealing from Pauline Healey as she lay injured after the blast. Source

Still, it adds credibility to the story for the brain dead I suppose, yet the brain-dead public cannot see what is in front of their hooters, so it really doesn’t take much to make fantasy become reality.

You see, Parker turned up in another work of Chimp fiction on the 7th of December 2017, playing a mush named Lee Mapstone:

A brazen fugitive on the run since September has been arrested after taunting police with Christmas cards and pictures of his ‘holiday snaps’ in London tourist spots.

Lee Mapstone, 36, was detained days after he sent officers a personalised Christmas Card and posted photos of him opening an Advent Calendar on his Facebook page.

Mapstone appeared on national television and claimed he will spend Christmas ‘as a free man’ a day before he was arrested in his home town of Swindon, Wiltshire on Wednesday.

This came after Mapstone’s festive card made the front page of his local paper as he continued to goad cops with daily pictures of him opening an Advent Calendar.

The fugitive, who was wanted him over kidnap and robbery offences, sent his festive letter to the inspector who appealed for witnesses to help catch him saying he was ‘100 per cent confident’ he would spend Christmas on the run. SOURCE

Total, total bollox – here have a butchers at this:

Indeed I think that is pretty conclusive – and made all the more so by another Chimp article released a few days later, on the 10th of December:

And as you can hopefully see, Joshua Brock fits the Parker mould perfectly:

And we best do a quick cross check between Brock & Mapstone with the funny eye pupil:

And there ya go Bobs Parkers your Uncle

Now whilst struggling to keep my ego & paranoia in check, as well as releasing the Mapstone fairy story; a couple of days after I had started writing about Parker, would you Adam & Eve it, the Monkey-Kuntz only went and released a story about Kia Gott – the little girl with Meningitis whom I wrote about higher up!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha… As if the old bollox hadn’t been about poisoning your children with more vaccines all along.

In fact the new kia Gott article has almost the same wording as the Harmonie Allen articles:

Doctors told Harmonie’s parents Freya Hall and Ross Allen that their daughter had a 10 per cent chance of survival, and that the little girl’s case was one of the worst they had ever seen. Source

Course if Harmonie’s case was one of the worst that her doctors & nurses had ever seen and Kia’s the worst case her doctors & nurses had ever seen in quarter of a century, then their cases must be ultra rare.

However, to accompany the new article, Kia’s ‘parents‘ have now released a decent photo of themselves after initially not releasing any at all, followed by the released of two proper crap ones… Despite the fact that they were fraudulently asking for donations – which they still are as it happens.

However, I can’t help but think that they have changed in the looks department.

PHOTO: The original photos released by the Gott’s after initially not releasing any of themselves

PHOTO: The newly released photos of Ma Gott & her ‘husband’

See what I mean? However, if you are not very good at spotting altered images, those two new photos are ideal for improving your detection skills… To get you started check out Ma Gott’s legs.

Yet why on earth would they photoshop?

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but notice that Father Gott (let’s call him Fa-Gott for short) now also looks very much like the Parker Tramp:

And that is how to turn a Fa-Gott into a tramp or vice-versa.

Moreover, having now crossed referenced, I can tell you that Fa-Gott also matches in with Mapstone:

You only need look at how Mapstone’s hoody matches in with Fa-Gott’s hair to cotton on to the fact that the photos have the same source.

And enjoying his bumper pay days, Fa-Gott is in today’s Chimp (Mid-Dec 2017) playing the victim of male on male rape:

A typical Chimp link. I mean look at it and try make head-n-tail of the description used to describe the article: “Rape Victim Alex Morgan seen left and right, on the right“??? And to make matters even more confusing, the fella in the circle is called Neil… Or Fa-Gott by any other name.

Tellingly, Neil is from Manchester:

Neil, from Manchester (told’ja), who was raped by a man after a night out with friends, echoed Alex’s sentiments.  

‘I feel I didn’t go to the police at the time, mainly because I didn’t trust the police and never had much respect for them,’ he said. 

He added: ‘More so I didn’t want to go to the police because I didn’t want anyone to find out.’ Source

Photo: Neil apparently

Yet why would he be frightened of anyone finding out if he was – as he claims – openly gay?

And as for the made-up fella they call “Alex“; how the fuck do you get raped in a pub toilet? Think about it.

I mean I don’t think that I have ever been in a pub toilet where someone didn’t come in before I had finished having a piss.

Furthermore, at best the ‘rapist’ MUST HAVE expected to be caught because he must have been in the pub prior to the rape… Unless of course he was an intruder… As in he came intruder bathroom window.

And are pub toilets soundproof now, thus it was pointless “Alex” giving a manly scream for help? Total and utter nonsense.

Nevertheless, shall we go compare Fa-Gott to the summers gay? Fuck me I am on fire today.

And of course we fucking shall:

Now by rights they shouldn’t join given the different angles that their heads are yet even Fa-Gott’s shirt collar fits!

You will also find that he matches Parker & Co if you can be arsed to look – I can’t.

As for Kia’s mum, well her face is that photoshopped that she could be anybody.

PHOTO: Kia’s mum

I mean where do you start

  • Faked hair
  • Giraffe neck
  • Lump added to her left cheek
  • Michael Jackson’s nose
  • Faked eyes
  • Max Wall scalp and hair cap

In fact the only thing that I can say is that I am fairly sure that she isn’t me.

And to think, that the Criminal Scumbag Monkey-Kuntz report about the “fake news” being published on social media!

A new symbol to help people ensure what they are reading is not “fake news” has been launched by the press self-regulation body.

Newspapers, websites and magazines signed up to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) can, from Monday, use the mark carrying the tagline “For press freedom with responsibility”.

Ipso said the mark is particularly useful at a time when the “public’s trust in journalism has been undermined because of the rise of ‘fake news’”. Source

You couldn’t make it up… But the Monkey-Kuntz can… They are egg-spurts at it

However, much worse is the fact that the Monkey-Shite are playing with parents minds to manipulate them into poisoning their children with slow-death vacccines and for that alone, they should ALL, at the very least be given life sentences in prison… As for the pox-ridden cunt, Banana Dacre? Well he doesn’t deserve to breathe air.

I mean even their non-worthy news items are faked:

Thankfully not even the Chimp-Chumps who read the shit-rag are dozy enough to believe that old bollox. I mean a 3 day old pup doesn’t even have its eyes opened let alone walk and wear a collar. Yet 24 hours later, the fake story was still on the Chimp’s shit-feed… Cunts.

Now, returning to Courtney Boyle; and her photoshopped, banana-headed fella also certainly fits into the Chris Parker mould… And check out his arm in the main photo:

It is after all, at the very least a Satanical connection.

Moreover, he also favours Fake-It-Boy from earlier, Adam Lawler:

In turn, Lawler also matches up with the actor, Chris Parker… And without changing any angles either:

And of course, given Lawler’s lop-sided mouth pose he must surely also connect with the Tramp Parker:

Mind you, as we saw earlier, Lawler is a ringer for the Cancer-Con’s Reece Room and I would be very surprised indeed if Reece wasn’t the actor Chris Parker.

Remember, they are just photos, there is no real work involved.

Now, as you will all know by now the Chimp likes to take the piss by letting me know that they know what I am working on… Although they are a bit behind me on the Maple Syrup – Potty Middleton old fanny:

Nevertheless the Shit-Rag ran a story whilst I was sorting this hoax-bomb Shite out, about a young Manchester lad who had been bashed about a bit by the old Bacon-Buggers… Allegedly:

This is the moment a football fan was smashed into a car headfirst leaving him bloodied and bruised.

Fleetwood Town supporter Rob Lanyon had been in a pub ahead of a derby match against Blackpool on Saturday. 

The 18-year-old greenskeeper was among a crowd of fans given a police escort through the town centre when trouble flared.

Video taken from the scene shows Mr Lanyon being grabbed by at least four officers in hi-vis jackets before they slam him headfirst into the car the footage is being filmed from. Source

And this is a photo of the bashed about gob-shite:

Recognize him?

You should do since he is the Cancer-Con’s, Reece Room

And tiresome as it is, I suppose we best compare Battered-Boy with Blown-Up-Boy:

Battered-Boy & Co also look very much like Manchester-Bomb-Hoax victim, Chloe Rutherford’s Boyfriend, Liam Curry who was pretend ‘killed’ alongside her:

A joint funeral service for a “perfect” teenage couple killed in the Manchester terror attack has been held.

Chloe Rutherford, 17, and Liam Curry, 19, both from South Shields, were among 22 victims killed in the Manchester Arena explosion on 22 May.

In a joint tribute, their relatives said they both “adored each other” and wanted to be “together forever”.

The couple’s families and friends wore pink and blue for the funeral service at St Hilda’s Church. Source

PHOTO: Chloe Rutherford & her fella

Not brilliant examples granted but by the same token their faces have to be altered to a degree for obvious reasons and to me, the likenesses to each other, given the circumstances goes beyond coincidence.

Especially when you add dead-cop, Elaine Mclver’s husband – from how he looked back in the day – to the mix:

Mind you, Elaine’s ‘husband‘ is also very much like the mush that we saw from ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘, in Part 1 of this series of articles, who had been Satanically manipulated to look like Bruce Forsyth.

But like I keep telling you – everything has to connect to everything for the Satanic Monsters to function.

And with that in mind consider this:

Firstly, I pointed out to you that Harmonie Allen’s first name is spelled different to the norm, which is a common occurrence in government orchestrated hoaxes.

Secondly the Germans have a saying: Vorsprung Durch Technik” “Harmonie auf allen Ebenen”… Which translates as: ‘Harmony on all levels’.

Just sayin’

Nevertheless, that’s ya lot for now but the connecting will of course continue in Part 5 of “How The West Was Won”… Which you will be pleased to know is already 90% written.

Is Prime Minister Theresa May an imposter?


Prime Minister Theresa May is facing fresh controversy today following startling claims made by a Chris Spivey, prominent writer in the Alternative Media, that she’s an imposter, installed in Number 10 Downing Street for evil and nefarious ends.

Battered by claims of a shambolic and botched reshuffle, May finds herself at a centre of a new conspiracy theory that claims she does not exist, but is in fact a made up persona, played by at least four different people, one of which is Margaret Thatcher’s son, Dennis Thatcher.

Fake News

In a world of fake news and computer generated imagery (CGI), Spivey claims that the world’s ‘One Percent,’ controls the world’s population by stealth, fear, corruption, bribery and blackmail.

“Every single one of us could have a better life, if we but knew it. The reason we don’t is because we live in a world that is an illusion… An act.”

All the World’s a Stage

Biting at the heels of the world’s most famous conspiracy theorists such as David Icke and Alex Jones, Spivey has been at the centre of controversy himself when in 2015 he found himself in hot water for claiming the Lee Rigby Woolwich murder was a government sponsored hoax, orchestrated to foster anti-islamic feelings.

Labelled an ‘Internet Troll’ by the mainstream media, he was found guilty of harassing the Rigby family across an 11 month period, but has since continued to publish controversial articles on his blog which boasts an impressive readership in it’s millions.

Convinced the world is not what’s it’s advertised to be, he blames all the world’s ill’s on a secret criminal elite, hell bent on keeping the world’s population in servatitude and fear.

“Get rid of this 1% and we can all enjoy life as it should be. Without these evil parasites, living off our misery there would be no wars, no starving and no homelessness.”

While Theresa May may have more pressing things to address today, this conspiracy theory is set to run and run.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

With more and more people turning to conspiracy theories to explain the world around them, Spivey spearheads a growing number of writers and activists who are disputing the official story being feed to us by the established mainstream media.

Whether the world is flat or round, whether aliens are amongst us or whether man has really been to the moon, the fledgling Truth Movement continues to be lambasted and persecuted as a minority section of society, derided as ‘Tin Foil Hat Wearers’.

Could it really be true that the world’s populace have been lied to on an industrial scale? Only time will tell.

Further Reading:

You want the truth? No you don’t as it happens. Christopher D Spivey

Well, as you can see, the site is back after being offline since the 19th of December… Doesn’t time fly!

However, it would seem that the vast majority of you were under the impression that there was either a technical glitch or the site had been taken down by an attack.

And neither of those reasons are correct.

You see, the reason that the site has been offline is because I couldn’t afford to pay the site fees for December.

And of course, obviously I knew that the fees were due on the 9th and that I hadn’t paid them so I suppose it was fair play of Orange to let the site carry on for a further 10 days… Although on the flip side they have had well over £10 Grand out of me since I moved to the Icelandic hosts.

Nevertheless, although I am not really sure what I expected to happen, I did expect some sort of dialogue with my hosts to commence, yet Orange suspended the site without giving me prior notice – which put me in a bit of a Catch 22 position.

You see, had they said to me “Oi Baldy, you owe us money. If it ain’t paid in 5 days you can go and fuck yourself“, I could have given you notice that unless some donations were forthcoming within the next 5 days then the site would be suspended… Although to be fair, I have for the past 2 months repeatedly told you about the dire financial position.

Course, the fact that the rug was pulled from under me without warning mean’t that not only did nobody know the reason behind the site being offline; nobody could get on here to donate.

Moreover, if it had not been for the generosity of someone who contacted me via email (and whom wishes to remain anonymous but donated £400), inquiring where the site had fucked off to, then the site would still be offline now… Thank you sir, you are a gentleman.

And now that the arrears are paid (as well as a further £13 on top for the domain name renewal), Wolfie (who deals with Orange on my behalf because I know fuck all about the inner workings of computers) is going to continue to look into other options – which he inquired about last week.

Unfortunately, because of the aggravation involved in hosting my site, I would imagine that the following is the best that it is going to get:

And of course the problem there is the size of the site so I won’t know until later if that option is even possible.

Unfortunately, in the meantime the site fees are – in theory – due again on the 9th of January (4 days time) although I am not sure what’s what there because the site has been suspended for most of the month. However, If I am liable for them then I simply haven’t got the money, especially if I also have to pay the £88 to move to what Orange have proposed.

Now I have ALWAYS been honest with you and that is not about to change and as I say, I knew that there would be a consequence to pay for defaulting on last months site fees.

However, when the site was suspended I decided against putting a notice up on either one of my two Facebook accounts or on Twitter – which I am positive in doing so would have generated the donations needed to get the site back online a lot quicker.

Moreover, when asked via email by two of my readers if I minded them putting out an appeal for donations, I asked them not to.

And whilst I have told those who I know to be regular readers – who had emailed me – the reason that the site was offline, I tried to avoid sounding like I was trying to solicit any donations from them in my replies.

Those who messaged or emailed me who I didn’t know, I simply ignored.

Now the reason that I took that course of action is because I had already made you more than aware that I was out of money and since the response was only luke warm, then it became clear that the vast majority of the thousands who read this site do not care if it survives or not… And if you don’t care, then why should I.

Course, it has been pointed out by more than a few that I have lost the plot and that I should go back to writing about the things that I used to do… Which to be frank would be a piece of piss for me to do and would doubtlessly generate donations equal to what I was getting a year or two ago.

But that is not what I am about. I am not money orientated and I am not a fraud and as such, I will not write about stuff that I now know not to be true just to keep this site going.

Indeed, the vast majority of stuff that I wrote on here prior to 2015 is bollox – although I did not know it at the time. And indeed much of what I have written since is done so from a misguided perspective.

But as I just said, now that I do know, I refuse to write anymore. That fact alone should alert you to the counter fact that I am not doing this shit for financial gain or to be popular.

You see, because this website is my full time job – of which the writing part is probably no more than 25% – I know an awful lot more than you… That is not me feeling superior, that is just a fact.

Indeed, I work extremely hard with the other 75% of my time spent on research, gathering evidence and trying to figure out how the monsters do what they do.

And I can assure you that what they are doing is vast and very very frightening… Basically, we are fucked.

It is also extremely complicated and even harder for me to document especially as I know exactly what they are doing, but not exactly how they do it.

And with that being the case, you have only so far seen a fraction of the evidence that I hold needed for you to see the bigger picture… Yet it appears that despite me going to great lengths to explain as simply as I can what I know to be true, the vast majority of you are not ready for it.

Indeed, most cannot even be arsed to properly read what I write, leading to questions that had they been paying attention they would know the answers to.

Therefore, if you want to read bollox about the latest scandal involving the usual suspect ‘politician’ or whether Donny Fart was placed in the Amy Whitehouse to specifically spark a nuclear war you can read it over on David Icke’s website, along with how all the cctv cameras were not operational along the route Princess Diana took prior to the crash that killed her.

Because that is all it is… Distraction bollox.

Course, because I couldn’t get on the site I couldn’t continue with what I was writing – “How The West Was Won Part 4“.

However, I can assure you that Parts 1 – 3 are the most accurate things that I have ever written.

And as well as Part 4, there is going to be a Part 5 and a Part 6 at the very least… If the site continues. However, I haven’t been sat, moping around since the site went down.

You see, if the site fails I shall nevertheless continue writing as I have been since the 19th of December and the results either put on Amazon (the bigger book length articles) or the smaller ones sold as PDF’s.

Indeed I have high expectations for the forthcoming “A Bridge Too Far”, which has had another delay in being released due to Gary having some personal problems. But he assures me that it will be released on Amazon this month.

What I have been writing about is Meghan Markle… Who most definitely does not exist. Course disregarding that I can prove that fact, you have to ask yourself if she was real, why the fuck would they invent her family.

Now most of you will think that is just a coincidence instead of asking yourself “how the fuck did I find Tom Hollander out of seven and a half billion people in the world“.

And indeed you need to question  how far you can push coincidence as the reason when out of seven and a half billion people the fella that I have found has the same first name as a fella he matches perfectly, who just so happens to be Meghan markle’s brother – as well as having the exact same name as Meghan’s actor friend, who just so happens to be… Well you will have to wait for the report to be released to see where that is going.

Therefore, the fact that what is really going on is beyond your comprehension does not mean that I have lost the plot… Although the fact that I will not go down the easy route and write about things that make you believe that you have the world sussed, in return for popularity and financial gain, probably means that I have.

So, thank you very much once again to the Gentleman who made it possible for you to read this. How long you can continue to do so is a matter between you and your wallet.

Just sayin’.