Deconstructing the Madeleine McCann Story by Peter James Cullen, foreword by Spivey.

Deconstructing the Madeleine McCann Story

My friend, the Author & Historian, John Hamer contacted me by Email yesterday in regard to an article that he thought I might be interested in publishing on here.

And having read the article – written by John’s friend, Peter James Cullen – I can tell you that I am very happy to do so.

You see, the title does what it says on the tin… It deconstructs the Madeleine McCann story and does so inline with what I have been telling you for this long time: Madeleine McCann never existed.

Now, after reading the article my initial idea was to publish it along with what I have written in my unreleased book length article: ‘Book-Ends Part 1‘, in which I tell you who I believe the McCann’s & the Tapas 7 to really be.

However, after mulling the idea over, I have decided not to since Peter’s article deserves to stand alone, especially since it also ties in with my belief that the New Testament of the Bible is a coded blueprint for the Monster-Elite along with the fact that it is also very much in keeping with what I am writing about in my unfinished ‘How The West Was Won‘, series of articles.

Just sayin’…

Deconstructing the Madeleine McCann Story

Peter James Cullen


This is the first in a planned series of articles that will deconstruct the Madeleine McCann story. The study of this story has traditionally been undertaken by those trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Madeleine? I am offering something different, a textual study that will investigate the story of Madeleine McCann as a work of allusion and intertext.

“Intertext – a text that is related to one or more other texts through the use of allusions to these texts.”

Too often individual allusions within the Madeleine McCann story have been considered in isolation and regularly dismissed as coincidence, but to understand the work correctly we must consider the bigger picture. Once exposed to the extravagance of these allusions, the reader is drawn away from the original story and towards the creativity of the writer.

Due to the sheer volume of these literary inventions one can only conclude that invention itself is central to the project. The discovery of these inventions, I believe, is the primary purpose for which the work was created; that is, to be admired by a small ‘in-the-know’ audience, yet to remain unseen by everyone else.

I will offer many examples of creative play that will serve as background to the arguments put forward. The writer of the Madeleine McCann story was not the victim of circumstance challenged with the manipulation of reality, he is the willing and extremely able creator of pure fiction.

To understand the story of ‘Madeleine’ we must not ignore these allusions as unwelcome intrusions into a factual story, but foreground them as central to the project of author and audience.

I will now reveal the original texts / source materials that the author draws upon to construct the Madeleine McCann story and demonstrate the ingenious allusions he has devised.

Thank you and please read on…

1. The Messianic Theme

“Rome is already preparing itself” – Kate McCann, May 2007

Possibly one of the most messianic statements you could create. We are told that Kate said those words prior to their audience with the Pope.

When I first read that quote it brought to mind the second coming of Christ, and who could blame me? I know that many other people thought exactly the same thing. Critics were aghast, asking ‘Who does she think she is?’ However, I didn’t really think about it too much and like many others, simply put it down to an odd choice of phrase, but as time went on I started to notice other quotes and statements with a similar theme.

This is Jon Corner (godfather to Madeleine’s sister Amelie) talking about Madeleine in an interview with Vanity Fair:

So beautiful, astonishingly bright, and I’d have to say very charismatic. She would shine out of a crowd,” family friend Jon Corner says of the child. “So – God forgive me – maybe that’s part of the problem. That special quality” Source

I only ever see this quote interpreted in one way – Jon Corner is being ‘creepy’ – but considering his choice of words, a religious / messianic interpretation would be more accurate. Also, in that very same article, we are provided with another religious / messianic allusion:

“Kate and Gerry are both Roman Catholic, the children of carpenters…”

In the Portuguese police files (the PJ files) the interview with David Payne has long been a source of some controversy. Critics often highlight the following passages as evidence of David also being ‘creepy,’ but as we have seen with Jon Corner and Kate McCann, his choice of words could also be interpreted as having a religious / messianic theme.

“They’d had a lot of trouble conceiving, you know with IVF and everything and you know Madeleine was their miracle…”

“The three children… they looked immaculate, you know they were just like angels… the children were wearing white… they were just all, just all at peace…”

“I just looked at the three of them and I couldn’t, you know they were just so well presented and so clean and immaculate”  Source

If you use word search in that interview you will see that David uses the words ‘very bright’ four times to describe Madeleine. Jon Corner takes the same adjective even further by describing Madeleine as being ‘astonishingly bright.’ It almost seems like Jon Corner is saying that Madeleine is so bright ‘she would shine out of a crowd.’

The common interpretation is that readers are disturbed by Jon and David’s descriptions, an interpretation influenced by external factors and one that fails to recognise the clear and consistent messianic theme to the language being used. We have also been alerted to further possible allusions with the information that both parents are ‘the children of carpenters’ and we know (or we have been told) that both of Madeleine’s parents are also healers / work as medical professionals.

1.1: A Messiah Story

If the messianic theme was intentional and those quotes are alluding to that, then the story must have been created by writers. This was a possibility I had not previously considered and having an interest in literary / textual analysis, I decided to investigate this further.

If this was an intentional messianic theme then a good writer would allude to ‘The Messiah Story’ and use that story to shape the story of Madeleine. It wouldn’t be much of a messianic theme without that kind of intertextuality and that is exactly what we find:

The Miracle Birth

As we have already seen, David describes the birth of Madeleine as a miracle.

“Madeleine was their miracle.”

David could have used any word to describe this event, but his chosen adjective was the word ‘miracle.’ David provides this information in his police interview and the name of the detective conducting David’s interview is ‘Ivor Messiah’ !!! How unbelievable is that?

David tells Ivor Messiah about the miracle birth of a child called Madeleine – never have three characters been so aptly named.

For those who don’t know why the name David is significant, the Messiah is the ‘Son of David’ born into the Davidic / messianic bloodline. In the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as ‘Son of David’ fourteen times.

The name ‘Madeleine’ is the French form of Magdalene, well-known because of Saint Mary Magdalene and the biblical character Mary Magdalene – if we look at modern conspiracy lore – is seen as the Holy Grail and the true messianic figure.

The Holy Spirit

The following is taken from an interview with the McCanns by Catholic magazine ‘The Tablet.’

“The parish priest also gave the McCanns the keys to the church so that they could pray there alone in the evenings. It was while they were doing this early in the first week that Mr. McCann had an extraordinary experience.

When I was praying I started thinking of all the things that were happening. There were lots and lots of ideas in my head and how we could make things better and I was really feeling very down and not sure which way to proceed. I had this mental image of being in

a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different directions. I talked to you [Kate] about it and said, ‘I am not prepared to pursue one path. We are going to do everything in our power to influence things.’

It was almost like something – I am not saying it was the Holy Spirit – came into me and gave me that image. That is when I really felt I had a clear path.

Was it a religious experience?

I can’t say it was a vision because I am not clear what a vision is but I had a mental image and it certainly helped me decide. I became a man possessed that night.”

Source (the original article in Catholic magazine ‘The Tablet’ has been deleted from the internet – as you will see via this link)

So, Gerry makes a connection between himself (the father) and the Holy Spirit. He does this by telling us how he became ‘possessed’ by something that could be the Holy Spirit.

Now, until Gerry mentioned it himself, I don’t think that anybody on earth would have thought it was the Holy Spirit, but that is how this allusion works.

“Jesus was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary through the Holy Spirit” Source

I should also point out that Kate McCann’s middle name is Marie, the French form of Mary.

“During this week, the parents of Madeleine, each day, came here to pray, to receive the Holy Spirit and ask the help of the Lord” – Father Pacheco Source

(It is also interesting that Kate’s passport is in the name Healy – Spiv)

Non-biological Father

The Portuguese newspaper ’24 Horas’ (24 Hours) printed a story about Gerry not being the biological father. The paper claimed it was an unknown donor and they were adamant their sources were reliable.


A link to demonstrate that this was an actual news story: Click HERE

Here we have another story that connects Gerry McCann (the father) to the story of biblical Joseph. Joseph was not really the biological father of Jesus. This story about Gerry completes the allusion to the Immaculate Conception / miracle birth.

That is three different allusions to the Immaculate Conception: The conversation between David and Ivor Messiah on Madeleine’s birth being a miracle, the father being possessed by the Holy Spirit and the claim that Gerry is not the biological father of Madeleine.

The Donkey

The Donkey is the animal most associated with the Messiah figure. You only have to look at Jesus to see that.

Wikipedia reference HERE

It is also the animal that was immediately associated with Madeleine. The pyjamas that Madeleine was wearing that evening:

“CLOTHING: T-shirt short sleeves with the drawing of a blue and grey donkey on the front, and the word EEYORE” Source

PHOTO: The McCanns hold up a set of pyjamas similar to those worn by Madeleine

Thought Dead, May Return

There are many people who follow the Madeleine McCann story that believe Madeleine is dead. There are many others who do not share this view, they believe Madeleine was taken, but hope that one day she is returned.

This is very similar to the Christian belief that Jesus was ‘taken’ and will one day be returned. Christians believe this for many reasons, but one of the main ones being that when Jesus died, his body mysteriously disappeared.

The Mysterious Disappearance

Wikipedia reference: Click HERE

When Jesus died on the cross, his body was moved to a tomb and a large stone was placed across the entrance. When Mary Magdalene arrived she found the large stone had been moved and the body had disappeared.

Whatever theory you consider regarding Madeleine, they all agree on one thing – that her body, whether that be dead or alive, completely disappeared.

Wikipedia reference: Click HERE

The Pope Blessed the Image of Madeleine

As we have already seen, the Pope blessed the image of Madeleine with the Sign of the Cross and like Kate said…

“Rome is already preparing itself”

Conclusion: The writer appears to have constructed a messiah story with Madeleine / Magdalene as the central character. In contemporary literature at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance this same story was already very well known thanks to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ – the story of the messianic Magdalene – more on that later.

1.2: Ivor Messiah

Can you imagine my reaction when I first discovered Ivor Messiah? The sheer audacity of this writer and until now, no-one has ever questioned it! I find that amazing, as the name is clearly an invention created to serve the overall theme. Upon the discovery of Ivor Messiah I went online to talk about this character and some people actually tried to argue for his existence, so let’s take a closer look at him.

We already know Ivor Messiah from his interview with David Payne, but separate from the McCann story, DC Ivor Messiah made his own headlines:


“The Leicestershire officer also allegedly made a ring with the fingers of one hand – which he then poked with the index finger of the other”

How crazy is that story? A police detective in the middle of a murder trial is reported to have made inappropriate sexual gestures to a female juror in full view of the room. Not very professional to say the least albeit not very realistic – and that is because it never happened. Here is why: Source

Whilst holidaying with the McCanns and their friends, David Payne made inappropriate sexual gestures in full view of the room.

”Dave was sucking on one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth”

So not only is the wonderfully named Ivor Messiah the detective who interviewed David Payne (where he was told of a miracle birth and immaculate children) but his actions in court clearly mimic the actions of David Payne as described in The Gaspar Statements.

Anyone who knows the McCann story and reads Ivor Messiah’s story could not fail to be reminded of David and the Gaspar Statements, but for any readers not aware of Ivor Messiah’s links to the McCann story, the Telegraph very kindly reminds us:

“DC Messiah interviewed members of the ‘Tapas Seven’ as part of the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance”

In conclusion, there is nothing about Ivor Messiah that is remotely believable. His name is an invention to serve the messianic theme and his very own news story is a blatant parallel to The Gaspar Statements.

1.3: Gaspar

“The name Caspar/Casper is derived from Gaspar” Source

The name ‘Gaspar’ was given to one of the three wise men. Gaspar is the wise man who brought the gift of Frankincense and he came from India. Therefore, the name ‘Gaspar’ is an allusion to the

Messiah story and the writer confirms this by creating the name ‘Arul Savio Gaspar.’

The Gaspar Statements consist of two separate statements: one by the wife, Katarina Zacharius Gaspar and the other by her husband, Arul Savio Gaspar. If you look up the meaning of the names Arul and Savio this is what you will find:

Arul – of Indian origin

Savio – clever / wise

In the messiah story, Gaspar was the wise man who hailed from India and the names Arul and Savio have the exact same meaning.

In conclusion, the name ‘Arul Savio Gaspar’ is a fictional construct invented to serve the messianic theme. It was created as a signifier to alert the audience to The Gaspar Statements themselves being an allusion – this will be explained in the final chapter.

2. Fatima

In May 2017 Portugal celebrated the 100th anniversary of the ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ incident. It is the story of three shepherd children who were allegedly visited by The Virgin Mary. Source

The 100th anniversary of Fatima’s Marian apparition was a major event with the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope himself attended the 100th anniversary to make Saints of the children.

May 2017 was also the 10th anniversary of the Madeleine McCann story. Here are Kate and Gerry McCann attending the Fatima 90th anniversary event in May 2007…

‘Our Lady of Fatima’ also adheres to the messianic theme as Mary told Lucia (one of the children) of the importance of devotion to her Immaculate Heart.

The events of Fatima are also pertaining to the Roman Catholic Church – another recurring theme of the Madeleine story.

Does this contemporary Portuguese anniversary explain the timing and location for the Madeleine McCann story? I think it does and the creator of the Madeleine McCann story confirms this in a number of different ways.

2.1: Fatima’s Witness Statement

You can view the full statement HERE

Here is the key paragraph taken from that statement when the cleaner at the apartments where the McCanns were staying, Fatima, describes her sighting of the McCann family.

“She states that this took place on Sunday 29th April, just before she finished her morning work shift (13.30) as she had the afternoon off that day. At about 13.15 she went to help her mother, who was cleaning apartment I of the same block (5) situated on the first floor. She clearly remembers seeing the girl accompanied by her siblings and mother leave their apartment (5 A) and walk to the stairs leading to the floor above.

She was very close to them at a distance of about 1 metre, observing their movements for a few moments because she was charmed by them. Madeleine led the way with a plate (perhaps plastic) in her hand bearing a piece of bread. As regards the clothes she was wearing she only remembers a skirt but cannot recall its description. She noted, because she thought them nice, the type of shoes she was wearing, tennis shoes, light in colour she thinks, which had little lights along the soles, which lit up each time she stepped on the ground.

Her siblings followed behind her, wearing the same king of shoes and each holding a piece of bread in their hands, their mother followed behind them without holding their hands. She seems to remember that the mother was also carrying a plate. Moments afterwards, perhaps the time it took to close the apartment door, the father came out and also headed to the apartment upstairs. When asked, she does not remember whether the father pulled the door closed or locked it with a key.”

In this statement we are told that Fatima “was charmed by” the sight of three children and their mother ‘Mary’ as they were leaving their apartment. As the three children walk they are lit up by lights.

The story of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ tells us that three children in the town of Fatima witnessed the mother Mary. They describe seeing a woman “shedding rays of light.”

These were the first connections that I identified, but when we look a bit closer we can see the allusions to this event are numerous.


This is the first section of the key paragraph:

“… (13.30) as she had the afternoon off that day. At about 13.15 she went to help her mother, who was cleaning apartment I of the same block (5) situated on the first floor. She clearly remembers seeing the girl accompanied by her siblings and mother leave their apartment (5 A)”

All of these numbers are bunched together within a short space, but can you see the pattern? There are three number ones, three number threes and three number fives.

To make this allusion easier to spot, the writer twice makes-up the number 13 for us.

The anniversary of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ is 13th May or 13/5.


In the statement, Fatima tells us the father was also with Kate ‘Marie’ and the three children, so how does he fit into all this? He doesn’t and this is signified by the carrying of the bread. The mother and three children are all carrying bread and Gerry is not. Bread has religious connotations and the writer uses the carrying of bread to highlight the characters he wants us to focus upon.

2.2: David’s Visit to the McCann’s Apartment

Angel of Peace

If you read the link about ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ you will have read about the Angel of Peace. The three children of Fatima later claimed that an angel came to them to prepare them for the arrival of Mary.

The Angel of Peace was “whiter than snow”.

If you recall David Payne’s interview with Ivor Messiah, David tells us that Gerry asked him to go to the McCann apartment to check on Kate. When David gets there he sees Kate and the three children and describes them as:

“…like angels, dressed in white, at peace”

David’s visit to the McCann apartment works alongside Fatima’s statement and completes the allusion to ‘Our Lady of Fatima.’ The writer has also found another way to remove Gerry from the scene. The writer again using the characters of David, and Ivor Messiah to convey this allusion.

The writer also draws the attention of the audience to David’s visit by having Kate and David contradict one another and themselves in a variety of ways. The most well known is that David says he was there for 3-5 minutes and he stepped into the apartment. Kate says he was there for 30 seconds and remained at the door. The writer creates a controversial moment to make audience aware there is an allusion taking place. It is a trick used throughout the Madeleine story.

The Immaculate Heart

We are told that the second appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary happened on the 13th June 1917. This time the lady told them that Lucia would live long in order to spread the message and devotion to the Immaculate Heart.

Here we can see various mirror images of the mother Kate Marie (Mary) that appear to be alluding to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Again we refer to David’s visit to the McCann apartment where he twice uses the word ‘Immaculate’ to describe the scene before him.

Additionally, the three Fatima children are two girls and one boy, the same as the three McCann children. That is not a coincidence – that is source material.

2.3: Praia Da Luz

I think it’s fair to conclude that the contemporary celebration of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ explains the timing and location for the Madeleine McCann story, but why Praia da Luz?

The name ‘Praia da Luz’ is simply translated as ‘Beach of Light’ and is an old fishing village located in the municipality of Lagos. An association with fishing / fishermen would be ideal for any messianic story and even though there are likely hundreds of old fishing villages along the Portuguese coastline, the fact that ‘Praia da Luz’ means ‘Beach of Light’ would make this an ideal choice.

Remember, if this is a game of allusion and intertext then the writer has complete creative control and will want to allude to theme and original texts at every possible opportunity.

3. The Roman Catholic Church

Throughout the narrative we are informed the McCanns are Roman Catholics. The audience are constantly reminded of the McCann’s Catholic faith by a variety of sources, but for the purpose of this article I have chosen the following three witness statements taken from the Portuguese Police files.

3.1: Paul Seddon

“I am a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church” Source

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to discover that Kate and Gerry McCann are very close friends with a Roman Catholic Priest. He tells us that they met in 1997, he carried out their wedding in 1998 and he also baptised Madeleine.

“…but more than being a priest, I consider myself above all to be their friend.

Now, I’m not saying people don’t become close friends with their priest. I’m sure many devoted Catholics are close to their priest, perhaps they even go on holiday with them.

“…I have spent other holiday periods with them including one occasion in Stratford upon Avon after the birth of the twins… I ended up becoming a very good friend of the whole family.”

Shakespeare was from Stratford upon Avon. The birth of the twins and Stratford upon Avon in the same sentence! Shakespeare may have been an ingenious fiction writer, but he was also the father of twins and he wrote about twins in his plays.

As we get to know the creativity of the author we can understand why he couldn’t resist alluding to Shakespeare.

“During my stay I helped conduct religious services in the Catholic Church as well as the Anglican church in Praia da Luz… Every time we spoke, they always asked me to pray for Madeleine.”

I was almost not going to include Paul Seddon, but he is a Roman Catholic Priest, he also claims to be one of the McCann’s closest friends, he conducts religious services for the McCanns, his name is ‘Paul’ and I quite like the Shakespeare link, so I decided to keep him in.

3.2: Father Pacheco

The name ‘Pacheco’ is a noble lineage of Portuguese origin that was bore by the descendants of converted Jew Ruy Capon, believed to belong to ‘The Tribe of Levi’ – one of the twelve tribes of Israel and the only tribe with the right to be priests. Source

It was the Levite Samuel (of whom we will hear more about, shortly) that anointed the first two kings of Israel – Saul and David. Other notable biblical figures like Moses and John the Baptist are also said to descend from the priestly ‘Tribe of Levi.’

If you were writing fiction and creating the character of a Portuguese priest then ‘Pacheco’ would be the perfect name. That is exactly the kind of research / creativity that goes into naming fictional characters. For example: In Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ – which in itself is a masterpiece of layered construct – Norman Bates is the character’s normal persona and this normal persona along with his normal looking motel are the bait that attracts potential victims = Normal Baits. As you can see, good fiction writers don’t just pull names out of a hat.

So then, Father Pacheco is a perfectly named Portuguese priest, but what is the significance of his role in the Madeleine McCann story?

The Keys to the Church

The role of Father Pacheco is well documented. He was the local priest who, after persuasion from a church member, gave the McCanns the key to the church so they could visit whenever they wanted without any media pressure. That was the church were Gerry claims he encountered The Holy Spirit. Source

The Deception

Aside from giving the McCanns the keys to the church, Father Pacheco made headlines with this story:

We never find out who deceived Father Pacheco or how he was deceived, just that he was deceived. This mysterious deception caused all kinds of speculation and people still speculate on what this was, but here is my interpretation:

In the McCann narrative the perfectly named Father Pacheco is known for the key to the church and the unknown deception. They are the two things that people associate with Father Pacheco. Are these two stories a cryptic message? Perhaps the key to discovering this deception lies with the church – and considering what we have looked at so far, I would say that is pretty accurate.

3.3: Peter Neil Patterson

The witness is being interviewed by DC Messiah and DC Ferguson. Does this mean there is a messianic connection and a Scottish connection? I’m not saying that’s how it works with every statement, but it seems to work here.

Peter went to Dundee University, the same University that Kate attended, but they didn’t know each other during their time there – the Scottish connection.

Witness statement: HERE

“Our youngest son was born nine months ago today”

What a odd thing to state. However, when we read his statement we discover that Peter’s relationship to the McCanns revolve around child birth, or to be more precise, the difficulties of child birth. That is the overall theme of the statement and of their relationship, which means Peter is alluding to the theme of his own witness statement!

“I offered Kate a bible… I have a particular interest in the bible and the form in which it was written… I have a tendency to mark pages and passages in the bible…there were many marked/tagged passages relevant to the both of us. This happened before Madeleine’s disappearance.”

So Peter is telling us that relevant pages and passages from the Bible were marked and tagged before Madeleine’s disappearance. That’s good to know.

“The passage which is marked in my wife’s bible I believe is Samuel 2:12. This passage is very significant for me and my wife, but likely has so significance for Kate.”

These marked pages were deemed significant to the Portuguese Police as they decided to photocopy them: See HERE

Samuel 2:12 (I told you Samuel would make an appearance) begins by talking about the death of a child, King David’s child. It then goes on to tell us about the birth of Solomon – the second anointed King in the Davidic bloodline – and there is the messianic connection.

“Kate asked me to pray at the Marina, which I did, a number of times during the week. I returned home on Sunday, 13th of May, 2007.”

Why does Kate ask Peter to pray at the marina? Is this an allusion to the biblical Peter being a fisherman? Does Kate ask anyone other than Peter to pray at the marina? No, she doesn’t. This was a specific job just for Peter, which he carried out a number of times during the week.

Also, why did Peter decide to go home on the day of the 90th anniversary of Fatima? You would think being a devout Roman

Catholic he could have delayed his return and taken the unique opportunity to attend this special event.

With Paul Seddon, Father Pacheco, Peter Neil Patterson, Fatima, the Pope and many other examples, I think it’s fair to say this is a wholly Catholic affair. Or to be more accurate, it’s a conspiracy story that includes the Roman Catholic Church.

In fact, not unlike…

4. The Da Vinci Code

According to McGill the standard technique for identifying allusion is “…to pursue readings that are plausible in terms of textual strategies of the work in question and the culture and moment in literary history that produced the text”

4.1: The Culture and Moment in Literary History

In 2003 the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was released. It is a detective / conspiracy story about the search for the hidden tomb of Mary Magdalene. The location and secret of the tomb was protected by the Knights Templar.

This book is still the best selling book of the 21st century and one of the best-selling books of all time.

In May 2006 the film ‘The Da Vinci Code’ starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou was released to great worldwide success. It was the second highest grossing film of the year and on the back of its success the author Dan Brown was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Wikipedia reference HERE

By May 2007 the story of the messianic Magdalene and all of its ideas had become firmly embedded in popular culture and a staple of modern conspiracy lore. Its popularity was peaking and then the Madeleine McCann story broke.

“Madeleine is the French form of Magdalene, which is well known as a name because of Saint Mary Magdalene.”

In May 2007 the Madeleine McCann story broke. It is a detective / conspiracy story about the search for the unknown location of

Madeleine. The news story was covered internationally and was one of the biggest news stories of the decade. Initial reports informed us that Madeleine was from Rothley – a town famous for Rothley Temple and its historical links to the Knights Templar. The Grand Priory of the Knights Templar even left a wreath at the memorial cross in Rothley with the words:

“For the McCann Family, our prayers are with you”

4.2: The Knights Templar

Wikipedia reference to the Knights Templars HERE

The fictional conspiracy ‘The Da Vinci Code’ took inspiration from books like ‘The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail’ and ‘The Templar Revelation’ in linking the Knights Templar with Mary Magdalene. The story informs us the Knights Templar had secret documents that proved the sacred bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Source

As you can read for yourself, this preceptory has links to the Knights Templar and the Freemasons. These links gave rise to many conspiracy theories – the most famous one being that Gerry McCann is a Freemason. A theory that cannot be true, surely it is just part of the story and the kind of theory that the writers would want people to believe.

It’s like this image of Gerry explaining the ‘wider agenda.’ As many observers have noticed, his diagram was shaped like the Masonic set & compass. I believe that has been deliberately set-up to fuel the theory that he is a Freemason.

The story is littered with these Knights Templar / Masonic conspiracy “clues” because that is the nature of the story. It is alluding to modern conspiracy lore and playing to the beliefs of conspiracy culture.

4.3: Scotland

In ‘The Da Vinci Code’ our two protagonists find their way to Scotland where they meet the guardian of Rosslyn Chapel. This guardian turns out to be the grandmother of Sophie Neveu, a woman who was long presumed dead due to a pact she agreed on to protect her grandchildren and the secret of their royal (Magdalene) bloodline. (source)

“Since the late 1980s, the chapel has featured in speculative theories concerning a connection of Freemasonry, the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail.”

Madeleine also has a Scottish grandmother Eileen McCann. Madeleine even went to stay with her one Christmas:

“When she was two, Madeleine spent Christmas at my house and it was lovely”

Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s father, is often portrayed as an archetypal kilt-wearing Scotsman. This would obviously make Madeleine half Scottish. So not only does Madeleine live in Rothley, a town well-known for its Templar links, she is also heavily linked with Scotland.

The reported involvement of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown caused all manner of speculation. We are told that Scotsman Gordon and Scotsman Gerry frequently spoke on the phone. We are also told that Gordon Brown spoke directly to former Portuguese PM José Sócrates about the Madeleine case.

All of this information fuelled speculation regarding Scottish Freemasons and their involvement in the cover-up conspiracy. Again, I don’t believe any of it as it all seems to be alluding to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and modern conspiracy lore.

4.4: Amelie

In the 2006 movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’ the main protagonists Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu are played by Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. 1. The character Sophie Neveu is from the sacred bloodline of Magdalene. 2. At the time of film’s release (contemporary culture) the actress Audrey Tautou was most well-known for her role as the title character in the film ‘Amelie.’

We are told that Madeleine McCann’s biological sister is named Amelie – a cleverly devised double allusion.

4.5: France

The fact that Madeleine’s sister is named Amelie means that all three McCann females have French names that can be connected to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ – Marie, Madeleine and Amelie.

The character Sophie Neveu (the descendant of Mary Magdalene) is French and the story begins in Paris, ends in Paris and half of the characters are French.

4.6: Pyramids

The French poster for ‘The Da Vinci Code’:

The story begins and ends at The Louvre. The male protagonist Robert Langdon kneels at ‘Le Pyramide Inversée’ – an implication that beneath this structure is the final resting place of Mary Magdalene. Source

‘The Da Vinci Code’ interprets ‘La Pyramide Inversée’ as symbolising the chalice and the blade. The inverted glass pyramid being the chalice and the stone pyramid underneath as the blade – a representation of the union of sexes.

Here is an image of Gerry and Kate McCann stood in front of a pyramid whilst holding hands:

Isn’t that something? If that isn’t an allusion to ‘La Pyramide Inversée’ then I don’t know what is.

Pyramid aside, there are hundreds of pictures of the McCanns holding hands and observers to this will assume that is normal / expected, but with regards to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ the V-shape is the symbol of the chalice / womb. The V-shape is the symbol of Magdalene… especially if you’re holding hands when stood in front of a pyramid.

Stating the obvious here, but Kate and Gerry are the parents of Madeleine. Their union of sexes produced a ‘Magdalene’ which makes that single image a multiple allusion. It also makes every image of them holding hands a multiple allusion.

Additionally, twice in Kate McCann’s book ‘Madeleine’ Kate refers to her children in terms of a pyramid.

p.142 “Obviously, as they got older they would ask more searching questions and, as we continued to respond, they would gradually build up a picture of the situation in their own heads – a kind of ‘pyramid’ of information.”

p.222 “It had recently emerged that they believed Madeleine was at our house in Rothley. Worried that the ‘pyramid of information’ they were building in their heads might not be structurally sound.”

4.7: Robert the Translator

At the beginning of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ we are introduced to Robert Langdon. He is called upon to assist the police translate a message. He is also the first person to be suspected of the crime.

At the beginning of the Madeleine McCann story we are introduced to Robert Murat. He is called upon to assist the police as a translator. He is also the first person to be suspected of the crime.

4.8: Numbers

The creator of this allusion likes to use numbers to confirm this is not coincidence. We have seen this practice already with Fatima’s witness statement and the writer performs the same trick with ‘The Da Vinci Code.’


Leonardo Da Vinci was born in 1452. There are 1452 days between Madeleine’s date of birth and her reported disappearance.

You can check that information for yourself if you like – Madeleine’s date of birth is given as 12th May 2003 and she disappeared on the 3rd May 2007.


Leonardo Da Vinci died in 1519.

The DNA results ‘15/19 markers’ convinced many people that Madeleine McCann is dead.

“Of those 19 components 15 are present…” Source

4.9: Transworld Publishers Inc.

Kate and Gerry McCann signed a deal to write a book about the disappearance of their daughter. Source

“Transworld, home to best-selling authors including Dan Brown and Frederick Forsyth, secured the rights to the couple’s story after a bidding war. The McCann’s are part-way through writing their account”

Transworld Publishers secured the rights to Kate’s book ‘Madeleine’ and also published Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ What a coincidence! And Dan Brown even gets a name-check in the article.

4.10: Conclusion

‘The Da Vinci Code’ fulfils the criteria of the allusion being aligned with contemporary literature. The interplay between the two texts is undeniable. The author of the Madeleine McCann story has woven theme and content using a wide range of allusions.

If you’re familiar with both stories then you will know there is much more I could add, but for the purpose of this article I am going to leave it there and move on to the final chapter.

5. The Story of David

Throughout the Madeleine McCann story we are bombarded with controversial stories about David Payne – his visit to the McCann apartment, his encounter with child protection worker Yvonne Martin, his ‘disturbing’ descriptions of Madeleine and his starring role in The Gaspar Statements. See HERE

As we have seen, the writer often creates controversial moments to alert the audience to the presence of an allusion. The fact that David is often at the centre of this controversy tells us that the character of David is an allusion.

Wikipedia reference HERE

We have all heard the story of David and Goliath, but what else do we know about the biblical character of David? According to the

Bible he was the first anointed king of Israel and Judah – anointed by Samuel. The Christian tradition (New Testament) traces the genealogy of both Joseph and Mary to the House of David. The writers of the New Testament show they are both descended from the Davidic Line to support the claim that Jesus is the true messiah. That is how important David is to the messianic tradition.

Wikipedia reference to the Davidic line HERE

Basically, when it comes to messianic bloodlines, all roads lead to David.

5.1: The Gaspar Statements

Reference source HERE

The central character of the Gaspar Statements is David Payne and the two key moments of these statements are:

1) Concern when David is overseeing the children bathing.

2) David’s inappropriate sexual act.

Both of these controversial stories combine to create an allusion to a very important messianic story.

Bathsheba reference HERE

If we read Samuel 2:11 we are told that David watched the young Bathsheba as she bathed. David watched her bathe and he lusted after her. David was unable to control his lust and acted on it, causing the young Bathsheba to become pregnant. This was highly inappropriate as Bathsheba was married to Uriah the Hittite. In an effort to conceal his actions, David urged Uriah to re-consummate his marriage so he would think the child was his, but Uriah would not. David then sent him to the front lines of battle where Uriah met his death.

1) David watched the young girl bathe.

2) David performed a sexually inappropriate act.

How can we be certain that The Gaspar Statements are an allusion to this story? Does the text support this interpretation in any other way?

5.2: Peter’s Bible

If you recall, the Portuguese police photocopied a page from the bible found in the McCann residence. This was the bible given to Kate by Peter Neil Patterson. The photocopied page was Samuel 2.12 – a direct continuation of Samuel 2.11 – the story of David and Bathsheba… Source

What are the chances of that? The Gaspar Statements appear to be an allusion to Samuel 2.11 and the Portuguese police just so happened to photocopy Samuel 2.12. The combination of which complete the story of David and Bathsheba.

The Lord punished David for his sins and Bathsheba’s child fell ill and died. After the death of the child David lay with Bathsheba once more and again she became pregnant, but this time the child survived and that child was the legendary Solomon.

This is why the writers of the Madeleine McCann story place David as one of the central characters in their story. They are alluding to the messianic theme and David is where it all began. This new understanding of the text confirms two previous allusions:

1: When Kate asked Peter to pray by the Marina it was an allusion to the biblical Peter being a fisherman. The writer did this to alert the reader to the importance of Peter’s statement and the marked pages Samuel 2.12.

2: The name Arul Savio Gaspar is an allusion to the messianic theme. Gaspar is a signifier to alert the audience that The Gaspar Statements are an allusion. One identified as alluding to the story of David and Bathsheba as told in Samuel 2.11.

The three most important characters in the messianic tradition are Jesus / Magdalene, the Immaculate Mary and King David. This explains why the writer of the Madeleine McCann story continuously alludes to these three characters via their intertextual counter-parts – Madeleine, Kate ‘Marie’ and David.

Overall Conclusion

The story of Madeleine McCann is not based on reality. It is a story that has been shaped using other texts. This kind of work can only be explained by the presence of a highly creative author, one with

the freedom to choose locations, create names and invent situations that perfectly match his creative intentions.

This kind of event must have been pre-planned and meticulously engineered. In other words, the story of Madeleine McCann has been a performance, a work of fiction that was presented to the public under the guise of a real news story.

One can only conclude, due to the perfect alignment between texts, that no child was harmed during this production. Why would there be? It makes no sense whatsoever to actually harm a child as it would immeasurably complicate the execution of the story. It would make the compliance and performance of every individual involved virtually impossible.

Also, the sheer volume of invented material forces us to conclude that invention itself was central to the project – to be admired by a small knowing audience and unseen by everyone else – exactly the same as the Historia Augusta:

Wikipedia reference HERE

“Major problems include the nature of the sources it used, and how much of the content is pure fiction.”

For 1500 years the Augustan History was thought to be a factual historical document. This view began to change during the late 19th century and was completely changed by the renowned 20th century Roman historian Sir Ronald Syme who comprehensively pulled it to pieces. The author of the Augustan History remains unknown (same as the Madeleine McCann story) and the discovery of its numerous literary inventions is now considered to have been the primary purpose for the work itself.

I realise this interpretation of the Madeleine McCann story will generate many more questions and many of these questions will hopefully be answered in future articles. For example, the next article in this planned series will focus on the fascinating character of Goncalo Amaral under the general theme of police organisations.

I hope you have found this study of the Madeleine McCann story to be interesting and informative. Perhaps some informed readers will take this interpretation of the story and begin to look at the narrative in a different light and maybe discover things that I have not.

Thanks for reading. Peter James Cullen


More Shit by Christopher D Spivey.

More Shit

Well, after sitting here looking at the screen for ten minutes trying to work out how to put a positive spin on this post I have had to admit defeat, because I can’t.

You see, after agreeing a deal with the site hosts (Orange), which involved moving the site off its own server on to a shared one, in a bid to avoid – or at least lessen – the crippling £270 a month site fees, the move proved unworkable… The site simply wouldn’t load on a shared server due to its size and the volume of traffic.

So with that being the case, Orange agreed to moved the site back to its own server until the 23rd of January, at which point I will have to pay them some money or the site will once again be suspended… And having already paid them well over £400 this month, I certainly have none to give them.

What price free speech aye!

However, on a brighter note, Part 1 of “A Bridge Too Far” – my epic exposé of the Westminster Bridge fake terrorist attack – is now available on Amazon.

UK Customers click HERE

US Customers click HERE 

Interestingly enough I put the links up on my own Facebook and the Facebook linked to this site last night and I am receiving messages telling me that there is no means of sharing the post although there is on my Facebook profile:

And as my site-hosts – Orange – pointed out when I was looking for a better deal: The site is constantly under attack:

Which all leaves me confused as to why all this time and effort is put into silencing me since I am forever being told that I talk shit… Very fucking strange indeed

So, with such an uncertain future, it is a bit pointless working on the solid shit in progress at the moment since I won’t be able to get to it if the site is suspended.

And with that being the case, let me tell you shit about the two biggest stories doing the rounds at the moment in the upstanding national newspapers shit-rags.

Now the first fairy-tale is about the rapist John Worboys:

Black cab rapist John Worboys was denied a move to a lower security open prison two years before he was deemed safe to be released.

The 60-year-old was jailed indefinitely in 2009 and ordered to serve at least eight years for drugging and sexually assaulting a string of women, one of whom he raped.

He was convicted of 19 offences relating to 12 victims – but police said they believe he could have attacked up to 102 people and lawyers believe the total was 105. Source

Indeed, I find it very fucking strange that I have never heard of the cunt before now.

PHOTO: John Worboys… Apparently

And I also have to point out that Worboys is wearing a sweatshirt with a mighty queer neck… Then again, that queer opening has an extremely scrawny neck poking through it… Very thin indeed.

Moreover, with such a dangerous fella you would have thought that the photographer would have ensured that his camera lens was clean before taking the mug shot… Least I presume that flaw travelling up his boat-race is down to a dirty camera lens and nothing to do with disguising the fact that Worboyz has had a lump added to his cheek… Making his neck too thin to support his head.

In fact I am surprised that the purveyors of bull-crap didn’t go the whole hog and have Warboys down as one of those taxi drivers with Uberculosis.

Nevertheless, the second fairy-tale being done to death by the lame excuse for journalists in this Cuntrty is the story about the Turnip family in America.

You see, it would seem that Mr & Mrs Turnip have just been arrested for torturing and keeping prisoner their 13 children… The oldest of whom is a TWENTY FUCKING NINE year-old male.

Indeed, contrary to the narrative the Turnip children were all healthy looking and smartly turned out (albeit in a Von-Trap-family-kind-of-way) whilst on their regular holidays to Disneyland, but once they got home to their average sized bungalow in the middle of suburbia, the unlucky 13 were all beaten, starved and shackled to their beds.

You really do have to giggle. I mean Thirteen fucking kids and the Monkey-Arsewipz reckon that is a scruffy back yard! Fuck me they ought to see the state of mine with three dogs!

Yet despite their healthy, clean appearances in the family holiday snapz, we are supposed to believe that the heroes police were only alerted to the “House of Horrors” after the 17 year old Turnip daughter escaped through the square window and run, run, as fast as she can to the nearest police station where the heroes in blue mistook her for a 10-year-old – such was the emaciated state of the teenager.

PHOTO: Mr Turnip… Boooo…. Hisssss

Yet as far as I can see, the Rapist cabbie and the Turnip are the same fella.

PHOTO: Straight overlay, no angles changed

But then again, I do chat shit.

Just sayin’.

How The West Was Won Part 4 by Christopher D Spivey.

How The West Was Won Part 4

Oh good, you made it then.

And with that being the case I shall get straight on with it…

Huh? What do you mean ‘that will make a change‘?

Cheeky sods!

Now in this installment I shall mainly be looking at the Manchester fake bomb attack but first here are some more stories that are in all probability passing off ‘Baby Reborns‘ as being real toddlers in order to obtain money by deception and push their sick agendas… The first of which was published in the Chimp on the 7th of December:

Do you seriously think that those babies are real, because if I was paranoid & egotistical I would take the Chimp’s piss taking personal.

And it isn’t just the fake babies either. I mean ‘Virginia’ (talk about being mugged off) cannot possibly be female.

Not with a cock that big, that is for sure.

Although it is nowhere as big as mine:

Nuff said on Virgil:

More photos please Mr Photo Manager… Who is really me:

And just returning briefly to that photo of Harmonie with the girl who I have insinuated looks like Mia Rathband. You see, she may well be the actor who plays Mia but she is definitely part of the Jessica Whelan Cancer-Con-Crew:

Now you will like this next bit. You see, as I write (29/10/2017) there is still an article on the Chimp’s news-feed that was published yesterday… Long after I had been writing about Harmonie I hasten to add:

Honest to Cheeses in Evan, you couldn’t make it up… And obviously Kia’s Gott’s story (the little girl in question) is nigh on identical to Harmonie Allen’s (see Part 2), cept Kia has Meningitis C and Harmony had Meningitis B, which as far as I can see are the same thing… But there ya go.

And of course there is the usual Go-Fucking-Fund-me page with the money supposedly going towards giving Kia’s two siblings a nice Christmas because the dad is “self employed“… Wasn’t that what Andrew Whelan  – Cancer Condad to Jessica Whelan” – claimed he needed the money for?

Now when I first read the story around 6-7 hours ago, one of the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me pages stood around the £9,600 mark. However, I have just had a quick butchers at the page and the total now stands at £12,363… And no doubt rising.

And having finally got back to finishing this segment (over three weeks later on the 23rd of November), the total now stands at £35,406… With the page still open despite only originally looking to have £1000 donated.

Yet this Kia Gott story is a bit different to the rest in so much as there are no photos of the parents… But then again, who knows, perhaps Whelan is too busy to knock some up what with him now being Harmonie’s dad, Ross Allen too… That is to say, Whelan is now Harmonie’s dad if he actually exists at all.

I should also point out that Hodgson is also part of the Cancer-Con.

Course, that ‘no-photos-of-Kia’s-parents‘ situation changed later on in the day and the Chimp came up with the following:

Hmmm, you would kinda think that people who are set to reap thousands upon thousands of pounds from public donations would at least provide decent photos of themselves so as people know exactly who their money is going to.

Nevertheless, when I saw those piss-poor photos I was reminded of the hoax story below.

That is to say that I was reminded of the participants in the made up old bollox.

Now I say “participants” (plural) because “Amy Robb” is actually two different people in the photos above. In fact the stupid, non-newsworthy old fanny was probably published to allow the government to see how observant the public are… Or aren’t.

You see the blonde bird in the first photo is the actress who plays “benefit scrounger”, Marie Buchanan:

PHOTO: Amy Robb & Marie Buchanan

And since neither really exist they are probably played by the actress Jennifer Murray:

Which just leaves the other Amy Robb in the purple who is in all probability a hybrid of  Kia’s ‘mother’.

Indeed it is surprising how many people you can get out of one:

The wife of a “hero” Top-Gun pilot for instance.

And true to form, the Chimp couldn’t just run one “Top-Gun” story, the fraud fucks had to run at least two. However, the second story had pilot Andy Edgell at front & center – who is just a hybrid of “Top-Gun“, Tom Cruise.

Course, exactly why people accept being so blatantly mugged off is beyond me.

Nevertheless, whilst I was looking at photos of ‘Baby Reborns’ that could possibly have been adapted to be passed off as Harmonie, it suddenly struck me that the Monster-Minions might have used photos of Thalidomide babies to pull off the fraud… Because a fraud is certainly what it is.

And guess what?

Bingo. In fact one of the first images that came up was the following:

You see, I had forgotten that Harmonie’s ‘mum’, Freya Hall had signed her extremely disabled daughter up to an acting agency. Yet when you think about it, it makes no sense to have a baby who has lost her limbs to meningitis play a Thalidomide victim – who do in fact usually have hands and feet.

I mean in this day and age it would have been so much easier to have an able bodied child actor play the role and just edit out their arms and legs. After all, Harmonie has no acting experience and I am surprised that she did not need an Equity Union Card to play the part… Strange.

And then there is 16 year old, Jo Yates described as: “A brilliant, talented artist, singer and musician” – aren’t they always – who died of Meningitis in February of last year:

Devastated friends have paid tribute to a “beautiful and talented’” 16-year-old schoolgirl after she died of meningitis .

Joanna Yates, from Salford, Greater Manchester, died in hospital just a day after contracting the aggressive virus this week.

fundraising page set up in her memory to raise money for charity Meningitis Now and has brought in more than £500 in just 24 hours.

Close pal Freya Jade Rushworth, who launched the appeal, wrote on the page: “A brilliant, talented artist, singer and musician. Most importantly, a blessing to many lives.

And typically:

Tributes have poured onto social media for Joanna, who the Manchester Evening News reports was a popular part of the church community in Monton, a village in Eccles, Greater Manchester. Source

PHOTO: Jo Yates

However, Jo looks exactly like the Jewish Girl in the Warsaw Ghetto that we saw in Part 3:

And Jo Yates is in all probability Georgina Callander:

Callander was supposedly a victim of the Manchester Arena bomb hoax-event.

The funeral is taking place this lunchtime for 18-year-old Georgina Callander from Tarleton.

The Runshaw College student was the first victim to be named following the suicide bombing after an Ariana Grande gig.

Mourners are being asked to wear something yellow, such as a ribbon or flower, to the service.

Her parents, Lesley and Simon, have said:

“On a night out with her friends enjoying a special occasion, she was brutally murdered and taken from us by such a cowardly act.”Georgina will be remembered with the utmost love and will be so sadly missed for the love and hugs she gave us during those special years. “

The celebration of her life will take place at Holy Trinity Church, Tarleton at 12pm. Source

Mind you, like most government sponsored hoaxes the crisis actors played multiple roles and Georgina Callander was no exception since she (they) also played 15 year old Manchester bomb victim Olivia Campbell:

Now have a read of this old bollox from the Chimp:

Hundreds of mourners have paid their respects to a teenager who was killed in the Manchester terrorist attack last month. 

Olivia Campbell-Hardy, 15, was killed when terrorist Salman Abedi bombed the Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert.

The schoolgirl, from Bury, was one of 22 people who lost their lives in the tragedy. 

Her mother Charlotte made a desperate TV appeal for information in the agonising hours after the outrage, only for step-father Paul Hodgson to receive the call her family had feared.  

Her loved ones asked mourners to wear blue or bright colours to celebrate her life. 

Hundreds of people were pictured arriving at The Parish Church of St Anne, in Tottington, including her friend Adam Lawler who went with Olivia to the gig and was left seriously injured.

The teenager, also 15, was making his first public appearance since the attack. He was pushed in a wheelchair and was wearing protective on both feet and gloves on both hands. Source

Okay, before I go any further I just want to make you aware of what is being said in that last sentence, despite the awful grammar… But then again, the Chimps are Minions not journalists.

You see the shit-rag states that young Adam was wearing “protective” – although I think they mean “protection” – on his hands & feet and indeed this is a case of the Chimp telling you what to see as opposed to what your eyes actually see since immediately following that sentence is a photo of Adam in a wheelchair.

PHOTO: No gloves, fuck all wrong with his hands… Fuck all wrong with him as it happens.

PHOTO: Gloves on, he now has a very deformed hand.

PHOTO: Deformed hand

I don’t buy it.

And then there was the last “heartbreaking” text message that Olivia sent to her boyfriend despite being at the concert with another fella.

THIS is the tragic last text message Olivia Campbell sent to her boyfriend just half an hour before she was killed in the Manchester Arena bombing.

The 15-year-old told her boyfriend Lewis Brierley that she was “having so much fun” at 9.53pm – the last message she sent before she was killed in the nail bomb massacre. Source

Fuck knows why it says 7:20PM but she didn’t have a lot of battery left, yet when I was a 15 year old lad, back in the day when everything was in black & white, if my bird had gone to a concert with another fella there would have been hell to pay… Especially if she rubbed it in by telling me how much fun she was having.

But then again, I suppose that they are more mature these days… As if!

Moreover, I am 99% sure that the bird who is supposed to be Olivia has had a tattoo on her tit blanked out in one of her photos… Being as 15 year old girls tend not to have big tattoos on their tits.

But what do I know… I was only a tattooist for 20 years.

Nevertheless, Olivia & Co are in turn Manchester bomb-hoax-victim Elidith Mcleod… Least I think that is how you spell her name. Although obviously weirdly spelled names are an indication of a hoax having taken place:

A YOUNG girl who lost her best friend in the Manchester terror attack is fighting for her life after the pals attended the doomed Ariana Grande concert together.

Laura MacIntyre, 15, and Eilidh MacLeod, 14, had travelled to the concert from the Outer Hebrides as part of a birthday treat but the night ended in tragedy when a suicide bomber struck, claiming the lives of 22 people, including that of Eilidh. Source

Traveled from the Outer-Fucking-Hebrides” indeed… As if!

I mean it is laughable that Ariana Grande could even fill the Manchester Arena let alone two teenage girls traveling down from the Out-Of-Herberts or wherever it was that they didn’t come from, just to watch the created-no-mark… That is about a 1000 mile, 24 hour round trip for fucks sake.

I mean fuck me, first we are supposed to believe that the talent-less, Eagles of Deaf Mental – from the French hoax terrapin attack – are the next best thing to U2 and now we are supposed to believe that the talent-less, Arry-Anus Grand is on a par with Beyonce… Fuck off witcha.

Not that Beyonce is all that.

And I ain’t heard much from the Eagles of Deaf mental since their 10 minutes of fame either… Just sayin’.

However, things get a bit complicated here, so if I go too fast just tell me to slow down or if you are confused about anything just ask, I don’t bite… Well I do sometimes, but you should be okay.

Right, first off this is 14 year old Eilidh Macleod.

PHOTO: The different faces of Eli

Or at least it is according to our National press.  However, as you can see Eli – or whatever her fucking name is or was – changes head shape and facial features like the weather… And I am in fact going to refer to her as Eli from now on.

I should also point out that the tall girl in the bottom photo with Eli is her 15 year old friend whom she went to the ‘concert‘ with. Her name is Laura McIntyre who was allegedly badly hurt… Hmmm, I shall deal with her later… If I remember to as she is relatively unimportant at the moment.

Now, in regard to those images above of Eli: If I said to you that those were comparison photos of Eli and a bird called Jane Smith – and who I think are one and the same, you would all collectively yell that Smith looks fuck all like her.

And rightly so. I mean she goes from a thin faced narrow nosed tall looking twenty something year old to a fat face, stub nosed 12 year old.

Yet the press have published ALL of those photos and I haven’t heard one of my fellow writers question the legitimacy of the fake images… Despite writing pages of easily explained away shite about the hoax… Wankers. All bought and paid for, the fucking lot of them.

This however is the first time that i have looked into the old Manchester bollox and all that I am going to point out about the hoax has taken me a couple of hours to uncover.

So to start with, the following birds are all called Eli… Eilidh Macleod, yet they are not our 14 year old Eli from the Outer Hebrides.

Now she has the same name as Eli and is a financial adviser from Aberdeen, although our Eli doesn’t have a fang trapping her bottom lip.

Aberdeen is a comparatively short 560 mile round trip from the Outer Hebrides. However, you are all no doubt now thinking “So fucking what, the bird who is clearly not 14 year old Eli shares the same name“.

To which I would answer, “let me fucking finish, before jumping in with both feet“.

You see, while Aberdeen Angus Eli is clearly not our Eli she is the double of a Polish National now living in York named, Angelika Klis… Least she allegedly was named that until she was [fake] killed along with her husband at the Manchester Arena bomb hoax

And the following is from the BBC:

A Polish couple living in York who had gone to Manchester Arena to pick up their daughters have been killed in the terror attack.

Angelika and Marcin Klis had not been seen since the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

The couple’s daughter Alex Klis, 20, a student at York College, had posted an appeal on Facebook for information about their whereabouts.

The Polish foreign ministry confirmed two Polish nationals had been killed.

It is understood Mr Klis, 42, worked at York Cars Taxi Service, a cab company in York. Source

You couldn’t make it up… Especially so when you look at the husband Marcin Klis… They do make me laugh with the silly names:

PHOTO: Marcin & Angelika Klis.

Marcin Klis is clearly Jermaine Van Dand who is closely associated with the Cancer-Con mob:

And as coincidence would have it, Marcin is a dead ringer – pun intended – for Manchester bomb-hoax-victim, Georgina Callander’s dad:

Yet the coincidences don’t end there. You see, the pair of lookalikes are doppelgangers for Manchester bomb-hoax-victim, John Atkinson:

The following is from the Manchester Evening News:

A man from Bury has been named among the victims of last night’s terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena.

Tributes to 28-year-old John Atkinson have been pouring in on social media.

It’s understood Mr Atkinson, from Radcliffe , had been leaving the Ariana Grande concert at the venue when it was targeted by the suicide bomber .

Friends and family have paid their respects online, describing him as an ‘amazing young man’.

A fundraising page has also been set up to help the family with the funeral.

It says: “John tragically lost his life last night in the Manchester bomb attack. We are trying to help his family in any way possible at this tragic time. Source

Well they have all started fund raising pages, that goes without saying!

However, that isn’t even the half of it because Angelika Klis & Aberdeen Angus also look like Manchester bomb-hoax-victim, Wendy Fawell:

PHOTO: Wendy Fawell & Angelika Klis

It is also worth mentioning that our Aberdeen Angus-Eli is an older version of our Outer Hebrides Eli:

Yet why would an above board financial adviser photoshop her ‘Linkedin’ profile photo… And badly at that?

Moreover, the fraud bird also has connections to the Meningitis agenda:

Indeed Aberdeen Eli is very much alike to Edward Bright’s mother seen in the photo above.

Edward Bright, Like Harmonie & Kia lost all four limbs to Meningitis:

THERE is only one thing that nine year old Edward Bright wants – to stand as tall as his twin brother William.

Plucky Edward lost all four of his limbs to the deadly brain bug meninigitis, and his wish is for a new pair of legs to walk tall by his twins’ side. Mum Clare has blasted the NHS for not giving Edward a proper level of care – which has seen her trying to mend an existing pair of prosthetic legs with masking tape and a pair of scissors in a desperate bid to help her son.

Now the family are trying to raise £30,000 to give Edward his festive wish – and get him back on his feet for Christmas. Source

Shall we go compare?

Of course we fucking shall:

And Edward’s mother could quite easily be Eli’s mother:

As well as Glasgow bin-lorry-bollox, hoax victim, Gillian Ewing.

And as I told you in my “Behind The Flag” series of articles, Ewing – allegedly from Scotland – was played by a woman from MANCHESTER… Where the bomb exploaded:

Now what would the chances be of such a coincidence occurring in reality?

Indeed if you think about it logically, all of the “coincidences” that I have shown you up to now (Part 1-4) accompanied by around 80,000 words with another 2 – probably 3 – parts still to come means that if I am only right about 10% of what I have shown you, that figure still goes way, way beyond acceptable… And fuck the 10% because I am right about at least 80-100 %.

Nevertheless, as is always the case, if you wait long enough the real reason for the fake news rears its ugly head, and in the case of the fraud Meningitis cash-cows we see the real reason emerging below:

PHOTO: Story released 23rd of November 2017

PHOTO: Story released 10th of December 2017

Go on, inject some more liquid poison into your child!

Course, by looks of things Oliver Hall, the 6 yr old above who supposedly died within 24 hours of being struck down by Meningitis, is in fact Jessica Whelan.

Just sayin’.

And whilst I am just sayin’, the hairy, long-armed, Baboon-arsed Chimp-Monkey’s released the following article today (12/12/17):

Meningitis W, no less!

Course you only need look at the following photo accompanying the old bollox to realise that the story is… Errr… Old bollox:

Indeed there is more photoshopping in that family snap than there are stars in the sky… Well maybe not that many but there is around a lot, not least the width of the chairs… Now why would they do that if all was above board?

And indeed there is a Satanic nod to the Jacintha Saldanha old fanny in that ‘family photo’… Saldanha allegedly being the Nurse who topped herself following a prank radio phone call, whilst looking after ‘pregnant’ Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff.

Now, getting back to Our Eli, and Aberdeen Angus isn’t the only bird who shares her full name and has covert connections with the dead schoolgirl.

I mean there is Eilidh Macleod from Stornaway in the Outer Hebrides – a mere storn-throw-away from our Eli.

Shall we have a butchers?

Of course we fucking shall.

Now the photo above was taken sometime before December 2015 when our Eli was 12 years old and I have to say that the Eli in the photo looks older than that.

Moreover, the photo was in the local rag at the time because the Eli above had just been made a “Young Ambassador“:

Eilidh MacLeod from The Nicolson Institute, Stornoway has been chosen as one of Scotland’s Young Ambassadors for Inclusion.

Eilidh was chosen to represent Western Isles as part of the new Scotland’s Young Ambassadors for Inclusion programme developed by Education Scotland.

Through the programme, young people who face barriers to education will be given a voice at a national level to help make a significant impact in raising awareness of the issues around additional support needs and inclusive education.

Eilidh met with her fellow Ambassadors for their first meeting on 8thDecember where they discussed their experiences of inclusive education and how they have benefited from having the right support in place. Source

And obviously those ‘institutes’ are breeding grounds for crisis actors and indeed I find it very strange that the article doesn’t give Eli’s age. Therefore I suppose in theory they could be one and the same although I am surprised that if they are, the press did not use the photo being as it is of much better quality than the shite that they have used.

Now apart from one or two minor issues it doesn’t get much more conclusive than that since there is no transparency on the overlay.

However, despite having the same source photo, those minor niggles such as the teeth cannot be ignored. And since the Eli above looks so much older and despite living in the Outer Hebrides is still a good distance away from where our Eli lives, I can only conclude that they are supposed to be different people… They just have the same source photo, thats all.

And neither can our Eli be this next Eli with the exact same name:

This Eilidh Macleod lives on the Isle of Skye so we are getting even closer to our Eli now:

And indeed she does also look an awful lot like our dead Eli:

However, before I go any further, I gotta tell ya that this new Eli couldn’t be our Eli anyway if the official version of events are to be believed since this new Eli is still alive.

In fact the photo is her Twitter profile photo and she last tweeted on the 13th of November in regard to “Children In Need” and as such it is safe to assume that she is alive and well.

Therefore, the fact that our new Eli looks very much like our Eli and indeed even comes from the same general location as our Eli must be a genuine coincidence and indeed that in turn would cast a shadow over the rest of my work… Wouldn’t it?

So I am fucked if I am going to leave it there and as such, let’s straighten the two Eli’s heads up:

I can almost taste the Paedo-Trolls anguish. I mean after initially thinking that they were going to get an early day with more time to molest their children, they are now faced with a coincidence that carry’s odds of Three Billion to One – at the very least.

Moreover, they are going to have to put in for overtime since I ain’t done by a long way… Ugh the stinking shit stain on humanity make my skin crawl.

Nevertheless, we now have a living Eli doppelganger who I will remind you has the following photo as her current Twitter profile picture

Got that? Of course you fucking have.

Now take a butchers-hook at this next photo:

She is 19 year old Courtney Boyle… Or at least she was until she too was killed in the Manchester bomb-hoax:

A teenager who was tragically killed in the Manchester terror attack has been laid to rest.

Courtney Boyle, 19, was one of 22 who lost their lives when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Ariana Grande concert in the city on May 22.

She had gone to the MEN arena with her stepfather Philip Tron, 32, to collect her sister Nicole, 14, who survived the attack.

Tragically Philip, a plumber, was also killed in the suicide bombing leaving

Courtney’s mum Deborah Hutchinson devastated.

Today, under intermittent sunshine, Courtney’s funeral took place at Saltwell Crematorium in her native Gateshead.

People arrived in droves to attend, with many wearing a splash of yellow as requested by her family.

Paying tribute to her daughter after her death mum Deborah said: ‘My stunning amazing beautiful daughter.

‘You were my rock, you made me so proud with all you had achieved and my gorgeous crazy Philip, you made my world a happy place and now you are both my angels flying high in the sky.’ Source

And when you realise that this was a fraud event, all that syrup becomes really cringy doesn’t it.

I mean, “You are both my angels flying high in the sky” for fucks sake. She could have at least added: “Dive bombing the Weirdy Beardy Man in the sky“.

Course, adding shit like that does not allow you to defraud the public of their hard earned money.

Nevertheless, Courtney Boyle is also new Eli from Skye… Although looking at our new Eli’s mouth she is a victim of the Ronnie Kray mouth widening party trick:

Or at least she would be a match for Caught-Me Boil if it wasn’t for the elongated chin… Although to be fair I think that it is quite obvious that Eli’s has been lengthened at the point where Caught-Me’s would have met.

Nevertheless, Caught-Me Boil is also our Eli:

Now obviously given the difference in pose, their noses were never going to match in. However, if you Google image these girls you will see that the majority of their photos are all taken on the piss, facing different ways and either smiling broadly or looking mean and moody so as it is practically impossible to get a decent comparison.

Yet they couldn’t resist taking the piss:

Same girl, different names.

There are however the next two photos to compare them by:

And take no notice of Eli’s conk in the photo… It is fake and as we have seen; it changes like the wind. Instead look at how well the two halves fit together.

Course this next one will take some explaining. You see, Our Eli posted on a forum that she was going to be going to ULB – a university in Belgium to study law – and that she was looking for someone to share a flat with – having so far been unsuccessful in finding someone or somewhere to stay… Indeed she was ‘now‘ getting worried.

But here is the thing, 14 year old girls do not go to University in England let alone Belgium, and since the message was posted 6 years ago Our Eli would only have been 8 years old:

Oh dear… Oh dear… Oh deary me.

And here is another that she posted:

Best we just ignore that eh?

Mind you, I think that the Monster-Minions must have got bored with all the photoshopping because going on this next photo of Courtney Boyle, they must have been proper fucking fed up:

PHOTO: Courtney Boyle’s head clearly photoshopped onto a body

So I will ask again: Why would there be a need to do that? As in why would they need to photoshop if all was above board.

I mean there can’t have been any shortage of photos of her, given the narcissistic nature of this current generation, yet all we get to see is the same old dross, despite Courtney’s “parents” willingly helping the press out… Which they would do since they are making thousands of pounds from a fraud.

In fact as I write this the Chimp Chumps – coincidence of coincidences – have come up with a new Manchester-Hoax-Bomb story themselves:

Well I don’t know about you but my heart is wrenching to fuck!

Nevertheless, the old fanny starts thus:

The grieving parents of a teenage girl killed in the Manchester terror attack played her rendition of a Les Miserables song during the wedding she planned for them before her death.

Got that? Olivia planned their wedding… Like 15 year olds do… Carry on Monkey-Kuntz:

Charlotte Campbell, the mother of Olivia Campbell-Hardy, married Paul Hodgson, 48, at Bury Town Hall six months after her daughter was killed at Manchester Arena with 22 others.

During the ceremony, the couple played her heart-wrenching rendition of On My Own before dancing to her singing John Legend’s version of All of Me at their reception at Blackley Football Club.

Well obviously Olivia was almost on the brink of stardom… Like them all:

Miss Campbell, from Manchester, wore a white strapless gown which showed off her worker bee tattoo she inked in May in memory of Olivia.

Before her tragic death, the 15-year-old planned the day down to the core details, including picking out bridesmaid dresses in blue, her favourite colour, after the couple got engaged at Christmas six years ago. Source

Cringe-worthy tosh… And I will bet that Olivia never planned who was going to give her “mother” away:

Miss Campbell, 37, was given away by Adam Lawler, who was with Olivia on the night of the Ariana Grande concert on May 22.

You will hopefully remember Adam from earlier… He was the one in the wheelchair with support boots & gloves… You know, the one who Olivia was two timing her fella with. Indeed it is no wonder that the little cunt looks so smug.

Here is a reminder:

Yet like always, the Minions have to go totally over the top:

The couple have revealed they finally decided to tie the knot three weeks after the terrorist attack and were aided by Ariana Grande’s manager.

“Three weeks”… Fuck me it didn’t take them long to gerrover’it :

Miss Campbell told the Daily Star: ‘We decided about three weeks after we were going to do it, we just didn’t know when.

‘We sat and thought about it. We spoke with Ariana Grande and her management team.

Why did they? As if Grande & her manager would even entertain them:

‘It was actually Ariana’s manager Scooter Braun who made us sit there and said ‘Right, let’s set a date for this wedding. It’s what Oli wanted. Let’s do it’.

‘It gave us a kick up the bum, and we chose this day because on Tuesday Olivia would have been 16.’

Absolutely totally pathetic and the FOUR comments on the article (which were moderated in advance) are testament to the fact that even the mushy-pea-brained Chimp readers don’t buy it.

Mind you, since Adam is also a fella called Reece Room, they would be wise not to:

Reece is a friend of (or summat to do with) the Cancer-Con-Crook, Peter Gill:

PHOTO: Reece Room & Peter Gill

And of course, as I think I told you earlier, Olivia is also Eli and Courtney – if only Satanically:

PHOTO: Olivia & Eli

PHOTO: Courtney & Olivia

And in turn they are all Manchester Bomb Hoax victim, Nell Jones.

Nell is on your left obviously:

Fourteen year old Nell is also a younger virgin of 29 yr old Leanna Shutt-It-Cunt who drove a Manchester-Hoax-Victim to hospital at 100 MPH (not 99 MPH or 101 MPH but 100 MPH exactly):

A hero mum saved a stranger with life-threatening injuries by bundling him into her own car and driving at 100mph to the nearest hospital.

Trained nurse Lianna Shutt, 29, was leaving Manchester Arena concert with her 10-year-old daughter Broganjean Taylor and husband Martin Shutt when they heard the explosion.

A “hero“… I hope she got the same 30 trillion bravery awards each and every Hoax-Hero is automatically entitled to.

Indeed especially in Lianna made up fuckin’ name Shutt-It-Cunt’s case since there are clearly no fucking fly’s on her:

She told the M.E.N (Manchester Evening News): “I knew he was bleeding to death. I thought it was a nail bomb just because of the nails and screws in his wounds.

Told ya.

Furthermore, Hero Shutt-It-Cunt is as pleased as punch with herself:

“I drove at 100mph to get them to hospital and I was weaving in and out of cars. The police have told me they will cancel all my speeding tickets as it was a matter of life and death to get him there as quickly as possible.

“I got him to North Manchester hospital and the surgeon came up to me outside and said I was the first person to arrive. Even the ambulances hasn’t got there with casualties. He said I had saved his life.”

And don’t even try to match her in the gracious stakes:

“I went back to hospital to see him on Thursday. His wife phoned and asked if I could. He’s doing well.

“He told me that he wasn’t going to say thank you because it would never be enough.

“He’s been trying to put the jigsaw of what happened back together. He said when he can find something to thank me he will do but I said it wasn’t necessary.”

Shutt-It-Cunt… You just have to aspire to be half the woman that she isn’t.

Yet if that was not bollox enough for anyone to stomach without starting to dribble, the Minions couldn’t just leave it there:

Lianna said her daughter Broganjean Taylor has been in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool for the last nine weeks with a ‘life-threatening’ sespsis infection and was only given the all-clear to go to the concert two hours before the start.

They just had to get Sepsis in there somewhere being as the Monkey-Muppets love a good old Sepsis fairy-fanny:

Broganjean was knocked out of her wheelchair at the Arena due to the force of the explosion, but thankfully didn’t suffer any injuries.

Lianna said: “She has been waiting 18 months to go to the concert since we realised Arianna was coming to the UK on tour.

“She has been in hospital for nine weeks. The doctors knew if she didn’t go she would be heartbroken.

Broganjean… ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha… What a name… Don’t cha just love em?

And you can just imagine Walter Minion feeling smug as a slug in a rug at working the scare-mongering Sepsis into the old bollox.

Yet we are supposed to believe that *aherm,aherm Barry Sheen Broganjean was close enough to the bomb – jam packed with jam nuts, bolts & nails – to blow her out of her poor-love-wheelchair… Yet she sustained no injuries? Fuck off witcha.

PHOTO: Shutt-It-Cunt & Nell Jones

Mind you, that Manchester Bomb was as choosy as the Boston Bomb, in terms of killing certain people whilst those right next to the deceased were unharmed:

PHOTO: The Manchester Arena after the bum had blown off… Total, total bollox. 

Nell Jones also has an American namesake – the NCIS: Los Angeles actor, Nell Jones (Renée Felice Smith) who looks very much like Manchester, Meningitis victim Jo Yates.

PHOTO: NCIS’s Nell Jones and Manchester Meningitis victim, Jo Yates… Because everything has to Satanically connect.

Yet it is the same old story with our Nell’s nose and whatnot’s changing like the wind, and photos that nobody – let alone a young girl – would keep.

All of them are overexposed and indeed I have wasted a lot of time enhancing them, although to be fair 14 year old Manchester Bomb-Hoax-Victim, Sorrel Leczkowski’s photo wasn’t too bad… Even though she is also our Eli and Co.

PHOTO: Sorrel & Eli

The Sorry actor also plays the youngest ‘victim’, 8 year old Demis Saffie Rose Roussos.

Saffie & Sorrel are also Georgina Callandar:

They both have that same banana shaped head that makes keeping proper-shite photos of themselves all the more worthwhile.

Now let’s think, who else haven’t we done who was pretend killed?

Oh I know, we haven’t done Kelly Brewster yet:

Kelly Brewster was killed in the explosion while shielding her niece from the blast, her family said.

She had attended the Ariana Grande concert with her sister Claire and niece, Hollie Booth. They were both injured in the attack and were being treated in hospital.

Kelly’s boyfriend, Ian Winslow, said on Facebook: “Not sure how this works but it isn’t good news. Kelly Brewster wasn’t one of the unidentified hospital patients. She has sadly passed away in the terror attack yesterday. Kelly really was the happiest she has ever been and we had so many things planned together. My daughter Phoebe will be absolutely devastated like we all are.”

Brewster had put down a deposit on a house with Winslow the day before the attack. Source

Now the fact that there has to be a story within the story is always a sure sign of a hoax.

I mean no one who is killed or maimed in this type of old bollox can ever just be ordinary, as in for example; it not being their last day of a dream holiday, or they have not just given birth or they are not about to sign a contract that will make them millions… There always has to be some-fucking-thing.

However, our Kel is just an older version of the teenagers.:

The same holds true for Michele Kiss… Not to be mistaken for Angelika Kliss… Who makes up these fucking names?

A devastated husband today paid a heartfelt tribute to his ‘beautiful’ wife after she was tragically killed in the Manchester terror attack

Michelle Kiss, 45, was one of the 22 innocent people who died when suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated an improvised explosive device inside Manchester Arena.

Her heartbroken husband Tony Kiss, also 45, said his wife had been on ‘cloud nine’ when she went to pick up her daughter Millie from the Ariana Grande concert.

Mrs Kiss, from Whalley, Lancashire, took her daughter and her friend Emily to Manchester Arena then went for drinks with a friend while they waited to pick them up. 

Photographs of Millie, 12, being hugged by a police officer in the immediate aftermath of the atrocity – which saw 22 people lose their lives – touched hearts around the globe.

Mr Kiss has now spoken for the first time since his wife was killed and said she had a ‘brilliant night’ before bomb was detonated. Source

Now the first thing that I noticed about Michelle is her resemblance to Firm Bottom Fearne cotton:

However, it is the similarity between the hoax victims that we are investigating at the moment so let’s see how Kiss matches up with Rooster Brewster:

You couldn’t make it up, don’t cha know.

And as for Kiss and the teens? Well there is only one way to find out:

Okay, now I had to bring Michelle’s eyeball over a little bit in order to avoid the muchly distracting cross-eye effect but apart from that it is just a straight overlay and pretty conclusive in my opinion.

Mind you, I had to girly-giggle at Michelle’s wedding photos. You see, her and her husband got married on a beach in a tropical paradise… Allegedly:

Well in a photo studio actually but the intent is there.

Course, with the Monsters so easily getting away with what should have been blatantly obvious to all, they simply carried on doing it to ramp the number of [non] victims up.

And Defective Cuntstable Elaine Mclver (what kind of fucking surname is that?) was no different… Well there had to be a Bacon bugger killed didn’t there:

The family of a ‘kind and wonderful’ policewoman killed in the Manchester Arena bombing are calling for tougher sentences for terror suspects as she is finally laid to rest.

Detective Constable Elaine McIver was one of 22 murdered when Salman Abedi, 23, fatally detonated a nail bomb in the foyer of the music venue on May 22.

She had been waiting with her partner Paul Price – who was seriously injured in the blast – for his 13-year-old daughter and her friend who attended an Ariana Grande concert. 

Today friends, family and colleagues from Chester Police gathered and lined the streets outside the city’s cathedral as a funeral for the popular detective took place. In a statement released by her family after the service, they described how the last six weeks had been a nightmare and called for harsher punishments on suspects. Source

Now first off I will point out that “Kind and wonderful” police officers no longer exist in this cuntry… They are ALL mindless thugs. Secondly I find the last sentence of that old fanny very disturbing: “called for harsher punishments on suspects“.

After all, a suspect is just that: A SUSPECT and should not be punished in any way until becoming a CONVICT… Just what the fuck is it with this Dog forsaken cuntry!

Nevertheless, let’s have a butchers at this latest “hero”:

Elaine also plays a bird called ELAINE Wilcox:

And she is in all likelihood the Huffington Post’s Editor-In-Chief, Lisa Wilkinson.

But then again I am not surprised since it would seem that all ‘journalists‘ who work for the national press also work for the Spooks.

What’s more, we can also include Manchester-Hoax-Victim, Allison Howe in that Lisa Wilkinson collection:

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Oldham today give their support to the families of Alison Howe and Lisa Lees who were killed during the Manchester attack.

Mrs Howe, 45, was waiting in the foyer of the Manchester Arena with friend Lisa Lees, 43, for their daughters India and Darcie, both 15, when the bomb went off at an Ariana Grande concert.

This morning, Mrs Howe’s black coffin was carried through the pair’s hometown of Oldham, Manchester, in a matching horse-drawn carriage towards St Anne’s Church as hundreds of mourners watched on.

A similar procession followed this afternoon for Mrs Lees’ funeral, which took place at the same church. 

Mrs Howe’s husband Steve was seen comforting the pair’s daughters Darcie and Sasha, 18, before they headed inside St Anne’s Church in Oldham.  Source 

Now, I should also point out that I came across the following advert for “Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Colour 45 Posessed Plum” on my travels:

And I think that you need only look at the aging model to know where I am going with this:

And then there is Allison’s similarity to the “Eastenders” actor, Lisa Faulkner:

And as for Allison’s mate, Lisa Lees? Well she is a joy to behold as a brilliant example of how these Satanists link worldwide.

But before I show you that, have a bit more background:

Thousands attended a memorial event for two mothers who died in the Manchester Arena attack.

Comic Jason Manford unveiled commemorative benches in memory of Lisa Lees and Alison Howe in Royton Park, Oldham. Source

I just wanted to get that in since the Chimp had the roads lined with “hundreds” not “thousands” and the Monkey-Boyz know how to proper exaggerate so the M.E.N – owned by the Daily Mirror – have gone OTT a million, zillion percent.

PHOTO: Lisa Lees… Fuck knows how she breathes as she hasn’t any nostrils.

You just know that she isn’t a real person don’t you?

I mean she doesn’t even look like herself half of the time:

PHOTO: Our Lisa Lees

Now all I can say to you right now is just keep up the best as you can.

You see our Lisa looks a lot like Eilidh Macleod.

Now don’t go getting the above Eli Macleod mixed up with our Eli Macleod. You see the Eli in the photo above attends or attended the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow – which is a 16 hour round trip from the Outer Hebrides where our Eli lived.

However, Glasgow Eli could in fact be Aberdeen Eli Macleod because the latter is listed as being an “Engineer at Atkins” whilst Glasgow Eli is listed as studying Civil-Engineering at Strathclyde University.

Nevertheless, Aberdeen Eli the engineer is not to be confused with our Aberdeen Eli the financial adviser… Despite the fact that they look exactly the same:

PHOTO: Aberdeen Eli Macleod the Financial Adviser & Aberdeen Eli Macleod the Engineer.

And that is despite the fact that they both look like older virgins of Our Eli… As we saw earlier. Oh, and whilst I am it I best tell you that Our Eli is not to be confused with Edinburgh Eli Macleod.

Despite the fact that they look the same… Moreover, the Outer Herberts are an 18 hour round trip from Edinburgh.

And neither should Our Eli be confused with Dundee Eli Macleod… Dundee Eli is “a game designer” for  “Folktales Entertainment” – A Small Scottish Indie Development Studio based in Dundee, Scotland.

PHOTO: Crocodile Dundee Eli 

Crocodile Dundee Eli kinda looks like Our Eli… Despite her deformed face:

And Courtney Boyle:

And Lisa Lees as it so happens:

Be it only Satanically.

And of course I am talking about Our Lisa Lees – not the Lisa Lees from Australia.

Not that you could get the pair mixed up obviously.

And neither am I talking about American Lisa Lees from, Vagina – or somewhere that sounds like that:

And having just checked my facts, I can tell you that American Lisa Lees is from Virginian.

I should also point out that Canada has a Lisa Lees too:

And just so as ya know, don’t cha know, Canada Lisa is a loan officer

Fuck me! I’m glad that is over… Sort of.

You see it is also important not to get Our Lisa Lees mixed up with Courtney Boyle.

Although you probably wouldn’t and I will take it as read that you know that I am referring to the ‘Model’, Courtney Boyle and not Our Courtney Boyle.

Mind you the Model Courtney Boyle is very similar looking to Cancer-Con bird Lisa Rachael Thompson who lives in the Village of the Damned.

And LISA Rachel Thompson also looks very much like our LISA Lees:

Moreover, if you have read my Cancer con trilogy you will know that Our Lisa’s similarity to their Lisa means that Our Lisa will also look like Laura Cougil:

PHOTO: Laura Cougil and Our Lisa Lees

As well as looking like the Cancer-Con’s Laura or Lisa Riding (I can’t remember which first name the fraud used).

PHOTO: Riding & Lees

And Natalie Hoyle of course, the daughter of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Lyndsey Hoyle MP:

PHOTO: Nat & Lisa

PHOTO: Natalie Hoyle & Lisa Riding

Now, here’s a thing; on the day that I released my article “Leave it to Lindsay” (Thursday 14th of December), in which Natalie’s dad, the MP and deputy Speaker of the House, Lindsay Hoyle features heavily , Natalie died in mysterious circumstances… So I will probably get the blame:

The deputy speaker of the House of Commons has paid tribute to his ‘beautiful daughter’ after she unexpectedly died aged 28 at a house on Friday morning.

Lindsay Hoyle, Labour MP for Chorley, tweeted: ‘I am truly devastated by the death of our beautiful daughter Natalie. 

‘Our family will never be the same without our loving granddaughter, sister & aunty.  Source

And indeed I wrote in that article how strange it was that Hoyle was acting as the Speaker of the House on the day before his daughter died, (Wednesday 13th of December) – rather than the Speaker himself, John ‘little legs’ Bercow – for the all important Brexshit vote that left Terry May humiliated.

Now because Lindsay Hoyle chaired the Wednesday vote, he was plastered all over the daily’s on Thursday… The day his daughter died.

Moreover, John Bercow was available for the all important Brex-Shit vote because he had been doing the job of Speaker that very afternoon… Which all kinda makes me suspicious of Hoyle’s ‘daughters‘ death, especially since there was no announcement about it until late Saturday evening… It was kinda like Hoyle was thrust into the spotlight in order to introduce him to the public (or at least introduce a man in a latex mask billed as being Hoyle) on Thursday and then hit them with the tragedy a few days later.

I mean it is strange that a prominent MP’s daughter dies under mysterious circumstances (meaning the police were involved) yet it took the Press over a day and a half to pick-up on the story!

Once again, I don’t buy it.

Okay, we are now going to get proper conspiratorial because you will remember that I told you in Part 1 that the Chimp news-feed HAS to connect from top to bottom for their Satanical ablutions – or whatever they do – to work.

And what now follows is a screenshot of the Chimps news-feed advertising the link to the Hoyle story:

Now personally, I thought that me discovering that the Chimp news-feed connects all the way down from the very top to the very bottom was a pretty fucking big deal!

Yet the fact that no one commented on the huge discovery would suggest that you either don’t believe it – which in turn would suggest that you do not grasp the concept – or you are all too used to reading about revelations much bigger… In which case, perhaps you could point me in the direction of these websites because all of the ones that I know are in the security services pockets.

Therefore I will take it that you don’t understand how the connections work, despite me talking you through it very slowly in Part 1. And as such, I will first use the Natalie Hoyle screenshot to give you a refresher course… So pay attention this time.

Now when I was explaining in Part 1 how the connecting works I did tell you that some of the connections are obvious-in-ya-fuckin’-face-take-that connections which should be quickly picked up on by even those of you who are thick-as-fuck.

However, other connections run very, very deep which I did also say that I wouldn’t expect you to pick up on unless you do what I do day in, day out.

So, let’s deal with the obvious connection first, namely the main photo connects to the link opposite about some bird called Camilla Thurlow… Whom I had never heard of until now, but one of her claims to fame is that she appeared in the TV show ‘Love Island‘… Apparently.

Now, personally I cannot see how anyone could not see the connection between Natalie Hoyle and Camilla Thurlow… They look exactly the fucking same – Satanically wise – whilst at the same time different.

And if you believe that the link to the Camilla article was there by chance then boy you dumb.

As for the other easy to spot connections:

In the top link you have Sarah Ferguson who is kinda a member of the Royal Parasites. Her Sister in Law is called Camilla, which links to the Camilla Thurlow bollox and below the Camilla link is a link to Amir Khan who is wearing a crown like what Kinks & Queers wear.

Moreover, Khan’s wife looks similar in the link photo to Camilla Thurlow and Natalie Hoyle. Meanwhile the Thurlow article references and shows a photo from an earlier article which was in regard to a fight that Camilla and her now ex-boyfriend Jamie Jewett (suspect name) had earlier in the week. And Amir Khan is a fighter who is at loggerheads with his wife. Meanwhile the circled photo of Khan in the link makes him look similar to Jewett in the circled photo in the Camilla link. A circle is of course a ring where boxers fight and indeed Jewett has his fist raised in a way that suggests he is about to punch Camilla.

Now, returning to the Fergie link which references her “slender frame“; also has a photo of her daughters, Beetroot & Eugenics – who are sisters obviously – walking somewhere together outdoors. In turn the link below it has Kerry Katona pictured with her daughter, Molly who looks a lot like Eugenics (or Beetroot, I can never remember which is which) and the wording references Kerry’s “trim figure“.

Molly is similar looking in the way that she is depicted in the photo (head turned to their right) as not only Prickcess Eugenics but also Natalie Hoyle, Camilla Thurlow and Amir Khan’s wife.

And in the same link is also a photo of Kerry walking somewhere outdoors with her daughters Molly and Lilly-Sue… Who are sisters obviously. So both the Fergie & Katona articles are about a mother and her two daughters and how the two mothers are looking trim & slender… Piece of piss that you should all have quickly picked up on.

Now, before I tell you about the very strong, much more covert links to be had from that screenshot, I need to elaborate on Natalie Hoyle, whom along with Daddy Lindsay is closely connected to the Cancer Con – and you can read how by clicking HERE

However, those of you who have already read that linked article, or are very observant may already be thinking that Natalie’s facial features in the said linked article and the comparison photos higher up look fuck all like those of Natalie in the screenshot photo… I certainly did anyway and the Cancer-Con article is only a year old.

PHOTO: Natalie now & Natalie then

That half & half comparison was the absolute best that I could get it, and believe I tried, I really did.

So, safe to say that Natalie now has a Mark II… Who died.

But here is the thing, up until nearly 12 hours after the story had been published there were only two photos of Natalie II on Google images and after that the floodgates opened and there is now around a dozen… All photoshopped – the bottom left photo in the above being an example.

Moreover, despite there never being loads of snappy-snapz to be had of Natalie the 1st, what few there were on Google have now disappeared… Predictably.

Yet that isn’t even half of the bloody fucking matter.

You see, the second of the two new photos that were all that were available for twelve hours or so accompanied a Facebook message from Natalie’s mother:

Now this is really confusing because when I wrote about Lindsay & Natalie in regard to the Cancer-Con, Natalie’s mother & Lindsay Hoyles wife was called Catherine Hoyle nee: Smedly.

Moreover, I caught Ma Hoyle out playing a bird called Linda Green – a victim of the Tunisian fake event:

Shhh… Listen… That soft “ahhhhhhing” noise that you may be able to hear is a hundred-plus paedo-trolls simultaneously coming in their undercrackers… In fact once they get their stale breath back they will start chanting “Spivey fucked up”, “Spivey fucked up”, “Spivey fucked up“, so before they start their accompanying jizz-dance I best tell them that I don’t fuck up and I’m not about to start now… There ya go, silence.

Now the following photo is of Lindsay and his Wife Catherine:

The inset photo is of bollock-type-neck, no-chin, Lindsay on Wednesday the 13th December announcing the Brexshit vote result… And funnily enough, he was also presiding over the Conmans when the fake Westminster Bridge/attack on Parliament took place.

Mind you, this new mother of Natalie’s even confused a Chimp commentor:

Well done sir – or bird – Lindsay Hoyles wife is indeed called Catherine and he does indeed have two daughters… Least he did in his made-up life up until early Friday morning. Therefore, I can’t understand why there are only 5 green arrows on the comment but 20 red… Very fucking strange.

And for the record, Natalie’s older sister is called Emma Hoyle.

PHOTO: Emma Hoyle.

Emma does in fact look like a kind of halfway stop gap between ‘sister’ Natalie MK I and ‘sister’ Natalie Mk II:

Indeed, some might say that Emma fits Natalie Mk II rather too well whereas her chinny-chin-chin is too long for Natalie MK I. Furthermore, Emma is also part of the Cancer-Con crew who seem to travel all over the country from their base in the Greater Manchester/Lancashire area.

Course Lindsay Hoyle is the MP for Chorley in Lancashire and the following is taken from his Wikipedia Page:

Now you would have thought that the date of Natalie’s death could have been more specific given that Wikipedia must have updated the page almost immediately.

However, I have a slight problem with that entry because the Hoyles wedding date is a year out to the information given on the posh Peerage website:

There ya go, Emma & Natalie are the daughters of Lindsay & Catherine Hoyle and with Emma’s name coming above Natalie’s, Emma must be the older of the two.

Yet I am nothing if not thorough, so I checked further. After all Natalie was 28 when she died and Lindsay and Catherine had only been married 23 years so maybe Emma & Nat were Catherine’s step children… Although if that were the case you would think that the information would make it clear.

So Hoyle was married before… But not to Miriam Lewis who is claiming to be the mother of Natalie… And only Natalie, rather than Natalie and her older sister, Emma.

Therefore, I had a look at Catherine Hoyle’s Peerage Page which had this to say:

So, someone has made an almighty fuck up and it ain’t me.

What’s more, Lindsay of Greedy-Bastard has a house in Chorley and a house – or flat – in London, whereas Miriam Lewis lives in Maldon, Essex and is the Conservative Councillor for Heybridge – which is also in my home county of Essex.

And for the record, Lindsey Hoyle is a Labour Party MP.

So let’s have another look at that Facebook post of hers which didn’t appear in the press until quite a while after the news had finally been announced – over two days later in fact.

Now since that post wasn’t released in the press until late on Saturday night, there must have been some agreement between Lindsay & Miriam not to go public with the news until at least 36 hours after the event… It gets stranger and stranger doesn’t it?

Moreover, Natalie has been given a new double-barrel surname making her, Natalie Lewis-Hoyle, which she certainly didn’t have a year ago (as also evidenced in the above) and prior to her death she was apparently living in Heybridge in Essex – again, something that she wasn’t doing a year ago.

Moreover, and by the same token, prior to Natalie’s ‘death‘, there was absolutely nothing to link either Dad Lindsay or herself with Mummy Lewis (not so much as a mention), despite there being quite a lot of stories ont’interwebb about her (Lewis)… The following for example:

A FORMER action group chairman has been forced to pay out £3,400 after Maldon District Council’s leader threatened legal action over anonymous slurs.

Miriam Lewis had threatened to take Don Benson, former chairman of the Heybridge Residents Association to court, following 18 months of disputes.

As a result, Mr Benson signed a statement confirming he distributed e-mails via an anonymous account to district and parish councillors, making accusations about Miss Lewis’ behaviour.

Miss Lewis, who represents Heybridge West ward, said: “It has been a very unpleasant interlude, but shows clearly that people do not have to be subjected to this level of spiteful, unsubstantiated personal abuse.”

Mr Benson undertook not to make unsubstantiated claims or statements about her in the future.

He said: “No comments at this time.” Source

And what follows is Hoyle’s tweet about Natalie:

Now, like I say, the photo in the above tweet and the one in Mummy Miriam’s Facebook post were the only two photos of Natalie to be found on Google Images for this long time, at first… Yet both are fake as fuck:

Mind you, perhaps now some of you will not be so dismissive when I match two supposedly different people up perfectly, although I don’t expect any concessions from the half witted trolls who will no doubt point out that they can match their own face perfectly with say a convicted predatory paedophile:

They both have that in-grained grime look about them don’t they? You know, the kind of people who aren’t big on personal hygiene and think cans of deodorant are either legal flame throwers or to spray up their bottoms as a substitute for soap and water… Silly aerosols.

But I digress.

Now to me, the Natalie Mk II in her new-mum’s photo looks exactly like Manchester hoax-bomb-victim, Olivia Campbell:

Fuck me backwards and call me Charles… Who in the world would have thought that the photos of two unconnected different people with a 13 year age gap between them would fit together a grazillion times better than two photos of themselves?

And whilst I really must stop exaggerating, I am sure you will agree that Nat & Liv fit together much better that Nat & Nat.

But it isn’t just two is it?

I mean there is also Manchester-hoax-victim, Georgina Callander:

And there is also Our Eli… She too fits in nicely with Hoyle when compared to her as per the photo below where Hoyle (the daughter of a Labour MP) is posing with Tory-Twat, Bo-Jo.

Indeed the photo is one of those that appeared with the influx of photos around 12 hours after the first two fake ones appeared:

But still Natalie just doesn’t match herself:

And of course to make her face fit by adding chunks to it would be cheating.

Now read the following from a Chimp article from the 21st of June 2017 which was then strangely updated on the 13th of the following month:

A schoolgirl died after taking an overdose of her mother’s prescription medication because she was struggling to cope after being sexually assaulted. 

Megan Hoyle, 14, sent a heartbreaking final text to a friend apologising before she took her own life at her home in Blackburn.

She said her ‘body, mind and soul’ had been ‘destroyed’ after she was molested at the age of 12 by a 17-year old boy.

The emotional coroner at Megan’s inquest said her death had touched him deeply, adding she was a ‘very intelligent and highly articulate girl’. Source

I mean why not write a new article instead of updating over 3 weeks later?

Nevertheless, this next photo is of Megan and a Blackburn Rover’s football player:

I also notice that the photo is courtesy of just Facebook whereas the photos of Natalie are Courtesy of Lindsay Hoyles Facebook.

Or put another way, there is no knowing whose Facebook Megan’s photo was taken from.

Nevertheless, I am sure you know where this is heading so I will just gerron wi’it:


Best we have a closer inspection of these two mother’s of our Nat-a-lie, don’t cha think?

Of course you fuckin’ do… Catherine is on your left, Miriam is on your right:

So to recap, we now have a scenario which has the MP, Lindsay Hoyle – who suspended Parliament when Mad Masood attacked it, killing a policeman in the process, as per the official instruction manual on hoax staging insists upon – surprisingly presiding over a crucial vote on Wednesday, December 13th, despite the publicity loving, main Speaker of the House, John ‘little legs-big pockets‘ Bercow being available to do so.

Course, it is perfectly fair to say that as a general rule the Midget Berk-Ow does like to oversea political matters that are going to be splashed all over the shit-rags.

And indeed the next day (Thursday the 14th of December), Lindsay Hoyle is seen splashed all over the newspapers – delivering the vote result, in much the same way that he had been splashed all over the newspapers when he had suspended Parliament during the fake Westminster terrapin attack.

Moreover, that very same day, his daughter, Natalie Hoyle dies in mysterious circumstance – although other reports have her death down as around 6:45 A.M Friday morning.

So our diligent reporters working for the National Press (and MI5), don’t even know what day of the fucking week it is now.

However, a year ago Natalie lived in Blackburn, had a mother called Catherine Hoyle and a sister called Emma Hoyle. She also just so happened to look exactly like a spook actor embroiled in the cancer-con.

Yet one year on and she now has a double barreled surname (Lewis-Hoyle), she lives in Essex and has a mother called Miriam Lewis, who matches her former Mother Catherine Hoyle to a tee in some photos.

And despite now having been an only child, Nat-A-Lie looks like her former sister Emma, as well as looking an awful lot like many of the pretend victims killed and maimed in the fake Manchester bumb-attack.

Moreover, Natalie is also the splitting image of a 14 year old girl who pretend killed herself in June 2017.

Nevertheless, despite being the daughter of a high-flying politician and dying under mysterious circumstances, Natalie’s death on the Thursday is not in the news until late on the Saturday.

And even then, the story spawns just the one article from the Chimp who usually string out a story equivalent to say a Hedgehog getting run over in misty circumstances, for at least a dozen articles.

But that is not all… Not by a long fucking whatsits.

So take a butchers at the bird below. She is called MIRIAM LEWIS and is Canadian born and bred:

And now without changing any angles at all, apart from having to flip one of their photos for obvious reasons, we shall compare the Canadian Miriam Lewis with our Miriam Lewis:

And now we shall do the same with Charlotte Hoyle:

Still, I don’t suppose that is anything to be too concerned about and indeed is probably just a great big fuck off coincidence.

Now, because the site was offline between December 19th & January 7th I had no choice except to start writing something new since I could not get on here to finish this latest installment. Therefore I began an article PROVING that Meghan Markle and her family of rednecks are as fake and invented as Princess Diana was.

However, originally my intention for that Markle article (before it became so vast) was to slot it into this series of articles once I was back online since it is highly relevant to what is occurring in the world… But it got too big and will now be released as a stand alone article.

Now the reason for telling you this is that the deeper connections that I talked about buried in that Chimp screenshot higher up lead back to Meghan Markle & Henry of Pubes-Ginger and as such I am now not going to go into them.

Instead, I am now going to continue talking about Lisa Lees and indeed it is no wonder that there are so few photos of her on’t interwebb.

I mean she can only spread herself so thin since all her other personas have to have photos to put a face to as well… Michelle Kiss for instance.

Photo: Michelle & Our Lisa

Now obviously I am not referring to Our Michelle Kiss from the Manchester bomb fraud – I am referring to the Michelle Kiss seen in the above… A different Michelle Kiss to Our Michelle Kiss… Who looks exactly like Our Lisa Lees… Or should that be Lisa LIES?

Mind you, Michelle ‘new‘ Kiss does also match in very nicely with our other impostors:

Spooky… Literally… And they are all very like the aforementioned mother of Meningitis victim, Kia Gott-Lotts-Of-Money-Now.

Just sayin’.

And we also have an American Courtney Boyle to boot… Who – would you Adam & Eve it – looks exactly like Our Courtney Boyle:

Interestingly enough Courtney Boyle USA is a policewoman from Cincinnati… And I am kinda beginning to think that Cincinnati is a very Satanic place.

Nevertheless, if you have followed the Manchester old bollox you will also know about the “true hero“, Chris Parker:

Chris Parker, was begging in the stadium foyer when he heard the explosion. He described in graphic detail cradling a young girl who had been separated from her parents and lost both her legs in the blast. 

True bollox then… Carry on ya lying long armed Monkey-Kunt:

Yesterday Mr Parker’s estranged mother has come forward to say she wants to be reunited with her hero son.

Mr Parker’s mother Jessica, 57, contacted the M.E.N. after spotting the story – and her son’s picture – on Facebook.

She said she had no idea he was homeless after losing contact with him a few years ago. She is now pleading for help to get back in touch with her son and is planning to travel to Manchester from her home in Norfolk to see him.

She used to live in Walkden in Salford with Chris and her other son before moving back to her home county of Norfolk.

Jessica lost touch with Chris some years ago – and had no idea he was sleeping rough on the streets of Manchester.

She told the M.E.N: ‘Chris sporadically gets in touch, but I haven’t heard from him for a while. When I saw the story about what he had done and how brave he had been, I was floored. I was so proud.

‘I thought ‘that’s my boy’. I just want to talk to him – and I want to meet up with him. I was totally shocked when I saw the stories about Chris, but I knew it was something he’d do.

‘He’s fallen on hard times, but he has a heart of gold. I’m so proud of how brave he was trying to help people.’ Source

And if you believe that utter tripe you will believe anything… Absolutely everything, except the truth that is.

Indeed, the fact that Nosey Parker is at least £60 Grand better off than he was on the day that the bomb went off is testament to how many dopey cunts believed the old fanny.

PHOTO: Chris Parker as a young lad

Now the Minions are proper taking the piss with that photo and if you look at it long enough I am sure you will figure out who it really is. In fact here have another of Parker’s alleged childhood photos:

Course you have to ask yourself quite why the press are so keen to show Nosey Parker as a child since doing so is irrelevant, yet by the stinking cunts doing so you have a perfect example of the contempt that they hold their readers in.

Nevertheless, here is Nosey Parker as a grown up:

And no one looks like that unless they have been hit with the back-arm bucket of a JCB…

You can see why he is called Nosey though can’t you? However, enough with the Chit-Chat as there is a lot to get through, so I will tell you straight away that the made-up persona, Nosey Parker is at the very least Satanically connected to the serial killer, “Night-Stalker”, Richard Ramirez.

So you now have to ask yourself whose pocket the £60 Grand donated by the gullible public went into:

Homeless hero Chris Parker who rushed to help those caught up in the Manchester Arena terror attack finally has a roof over his head, the M.E.N. can reveal.

Rumours about the 33-year-old have been rife on Facebook after more than £50,000 was raised to help him turn his life around following his brave actions in the wake of the bombing.

Scores of people have contacted the M.E.N. questioning why he is still seen on the streets considering the amount of cash raised to help him – and scores of offers to put him up.

Chris’ mum Jessica has now revealed her son has found a home after meeting with council officers.

She said she wanted to ‘put the rumours to bed’, insisting Chris has been spotted on the streets because ‘that’s where his friends are’. Source

And the same question can be asked of the other “true hero” tramp who got in on the act and had around the same amount of money donated to him:

A homeless man who rushed to help the injured and dying following the Manchester bomb blast says ‘I’m not a hero, just a person.’

Rough sleeper Stephen Jones revealed how he pulled nails out of a little girl’s face after terrorist Salman Abedi killed 22 people and injured 119 when he detonated a nail bomb at the end of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.

Mr Jones, who had been sleeping nearby, recalled watching in horror as children covered in blood began pouring out of the arena, leaving behind ‘lifeless’ bodies surrounded by ‘hysterical’ mothers. 

Mr Jones has now told MailOnline: ‘People are saying I’m a hero, but I’m not – I’m just a person. There were people in suits who are meant to be the pillars of society who were walking over dead children.

‘Us homeless guys, we get slagged off all the time over this, that and the other.  But we were the first ones in there to help.


Shall we have a look at Steve Jones?

Of course we fucking shall.

And although I haven’t checked I feel sure that Jones will match Ramirez just as well as Parker does.

Nevertheless, let’s get Ramirez out of the way first:

Course if you are a regular reader of mine you will know what I mean by “spell casting“, which was an opinion formed on nothing more than a hunch and the large number of photos that I was coming across showing a person doing it.  And it would appear that my hunch was indeed not far off the mark given the photo below that I came across last week.

Just sayin’.

Now as it happens there is also a 34 year old English actor called Chris Parker who played ‘Spencer Moon‘ in the long running soap-shite, ‘Eastenders‘.

PHOTO: Actor Chris Parker

He looks very Victor Rothschild/Aleister Crowley-ish does he not?

PHOTO: Chris Parker & Victor Rothschild

Indeed that is as good a match as you are ever likely to see… Although fuck knows why I showed you it twice – which I won’t do with the comparison between Parker & Crowley:

PHOTO: Chris Parker & Aleister Crowley

Course, Parker’s ‘Eastenders‘ character name, Spencer Moon has the Princess Diana connection; with the Spencer part being obvious and Diana being the Goddess of the Moon… Meanwhile tramp Parker also connects with Crowley:

And of course, what is in a name?

PHOTO: Tramp Chris Parker as a child & ‘Eastenders’ Chris Parker

PHOTO: New Zealand actor, Chris Parker & Our Chris Parker

PHOTO: Our Parker & American actor, Chris Parker, seen here in Jarmusch’s first feature film, Permanent Vacation (1980)

PHOTO: Chris Parker – trainee solicitor on secondment to a boutique law firm & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker, Bank of America, board of directors & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker. Bellisario College of Communications & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker, Penn State University assistant professor and AIS member & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker U.S singer songwriter & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker, University of Cincinnati & Our Parker – It’s that Cincinnati place again.

PHOTO: Chris Parker, Bling Digitals Owner & Our Parker

PHOTO: Chris Parker, specialist in international arbitration & Our Tramp Parker

Nevertheless, like all of their bullshit staged dramatics the Minions had to take it that bit further and it now turns out that Chris ‘the tramp‘ Parker wasn’t helping out with the victims after all – he was trying to rob them instead… Or so it is alleged:

A homeless man who was hailed a hero for helping the Manchester bombing victims has been arrested for stealing a woman’s credit cards as she lay injured after the devastating explosion.

Chris Parker, 33, nursed a young girl who lost both her legs and cradled a seriously hurt woman in his arms after Salman Abedi detonated a nail bomb, killing 22. 

Grateful well-wishes raised more than £50,000 to help Parker turn his life around as a thank you for his ‘heroic’ actions.

But Parker has now been charged with two counts of theft for stealing from Pauline Healey as she lay injured after the blast. Source

Still, it adds credibility to the story for the brain dead I suppose, yet the brain-dead public cannot see what is in front of their hooters, so it really doesn’t take much to make fantasy become reality.

You see, Parker turned up in another work of Chimp fiction on the 7th of December 2017, playing a mush named Lee Mapstone:

A brazen fugitive on the run since September has been arrested after taunting police with Christmas cards and pictures of his ‘holiday snaps’ in London tourist spots.

Lee Mapstone, 36, was detained days after he sent officers a personalised Christmas Card and posted photos of him opening an Advent Calendar on his Facebook page.

Mapstone appeared on national television and claimed he will spend Christmas ‘as a free man’ a day before he was arrested in his home town of Swindon, Wiltshire on Wednesday.

This came after Mapstone’s festive card made the front page of his local paper as he continued to goad cops with daily pictures of him opening an Advent Calendar.

The fugitive, who was wanted him over kidnap and robbery offences, sent his festive letter to the inspector who appealed for witnesses to help catch him saying he was ‘100 per cent confident’ he would spend Christmas on the run. SOURCE

Total, total bollox – here have a butchers at this:

Indeed I think that is pretty conclusive – and made all the more so by another Chimp article released a few days later, on the 10th of December:

And as you can hopefully see, Joshua Brock fits the Parker mould perfectly:

And we best do a quick cross check between Brock & Mapstone with the funny eye pupil:

And there ya go Bobs Parkers your Uncle

Now whilst struggling to keep my ego & paranoia in check, as well as releasing the Mapstone fairy story; a couple of days after I had started writing about Parker, would you Adam & Eve it, the Monkey-Kuntz only went and released a story about Kia Gott – the little girl with Meningitis whom I wrote about higher up!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha… As if the old bollox hadn’t been about poisoning your children with more vaccines all along.

In fact the new kia Gott article has almost the same wording as the Harmonie Allen articles:

Doctors told Harmonie’s parents Freya Hall and Ross Allen that their daughter had a 10 per cent chance of survival, and that the little girl’s case was one of the worst they had ever seen. Source

Course if Harmonie’s case was one of the worst that her doctors & nurses had ever seen and Kia’s the worst case her doctors & nurses had ever seen in quarter of a century, then their cases must be ultra rare.

However, to accompany the new article, Kia’s ‘parents‘ have now released a decent photo of themselves after initially not releasing any at all, followed by the released of two proper crap ones… Despite the fact that they were fraudulently asking for donations – which they still are as it happens.

However, I can’t help but think that they have changed in the looks department.

PHOTO: The original photos released by the Gott’s after initially not releasing any of themselves

PHOTO: The newly released photos of Ma Gott & her ‘husband’

See what I mean? However, if you are not very good at spotting altered images, those two new photos are ideal for improving your detection skills… To get you started check out Ma Gott’s legs.

Yet why on earth would they photoshop?

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but notice that Father Gott (let’s call him Fa-Gott for short) now also looks very much like the Parker Tramp:

And that is how to turn a Fa-Gott into a tramp or vice-versa.

Moreover, having now crossed referenced, I can tell you that Fa-Gott also matches in with Mapstone:

You only need look at how Mapstone’s hoody matches in with Fa-Gott’s hair to cotton on to the fact that the photos have the same source.

And enjoying his bumper pay days, Fa-Gott is in today’s Chimp (Mid-Dec 2017) playing the victim of male on male rape:

A typical Chimp link. I mean look at it and try make head-n-tail of the description used to describe the article: “Rape Victim Alex Morgan seen left and right, on the right“??? And to make matters even more confusing, the fella in the circle is called Neil… Or Fa-Gott by any other name.

Tellingly, Neil is from Manchester:

Neil, from Manchester (told’ja), who was raped by a man after a night out with friends, echoed Alex’s sentiments.  

‘I feel I didn’t go to the police at the time, mainly because I didn’t trust the police and never had much respect for them,’ he said. 

He added: ‘More so I didn’t want to go to the police because I didn’t want anyone to find out.’ Source

Photo: Neil apparently

Yet why would he be frightened of anyone finding out if he was – as he claims – openly gay?

And as for the made-up fella they call “Alex“; how the fuck do you get raped in a pub toilet? Think about it.

I mean I don’t think that I have ever been in a pub toilet where someone didn’t come in before I had finished having a piss.

Furthermore, at best the ‘rapist’ MUST HAVE expected to be caught because he must have been in the pub prior to the rape… Unless of course he was an intruder… As in he came intruder bathroom window.

And are pub toilets soundproof now, thus it was pointless “Alex” giving a manly scream for help? Total and utter nonsense.

Nevertheless, shall we go compare Fa-Gott to the summers gay? Fuck me I am on fire today.

And of course we fucking shall:

Now by rights they shouldn’t join given the different angles that their heads are yet even Fa-Gott’s shirt collar fits!

You will also find that he matches Parker & Co if you can be arsed to look – I can’t.

As for Kia’s mum, well her face is that photoshopped that she could be anybody.

PHOTO: Kia’s mum

I mean where do you start

  • Faked hair
  • Giraffe neck
  • Lump added to her left cheek
  • Michael Jackson’s nose
  • Faked eyes
  • Max Wall scalp and hair cap

In fact the only thing that I can say is that I am fairly sure that she isn’t me.

And to think, that the Criminal Scumbag Monkey-Kuntz report about the “fake news” being published on social media!

A new symbol to help people ensure what they are reading is not “fake news” has been launched by the press self-regulation body.

Newspapers, websites and magazines signed up to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) can, from Monday, use the mark carrying the tagline “For press freedom with responsibility”.

Ipso said the mark is particularly useful at a time when the “public’s trust in journalism has been undermined because of the rise of ‘fake news’”. Source

You couldn’t make it up… But the Monkey-Kuntz can… They are egg-spurts at it

However, much worse is the fact that the Monkey-Shite are playing with parents minds to manipulate them into poisoning their children with slow-death vacccines and for that alone, they should ALL, at the very least be given life sentences in prison… As for the pox-ridden cunt, Banana Dacre? Well he doesn’t deserve to breathe air.

I mean even their non-worthy news items are faked:

Thankfully not even the Chimp-Chumps who read the shit-rag are dozy enough to believe that old bollox. I mean a 3 day old pup doesn’t even have its eyes opened let alone walk and wear a collar. Yet 24 hours later, the fake story was still on the Chimp’s shit-feed… Cunts.

Now, returning to Courtney Boyle; and her photoshopped, banana-headed fella also certainly fits into the Chris Parker mould… And check out his arm in the main photo:

It is after all, at the very least a Satanical connection.

Moreover, he also favours Fake-It-Boy from earlier, Adam Lawler:

In turn, Lawler also matches up with the actor, Chris Parker… And without changing any angles either:

And of course, given Lawler’s lop-sided mouth pose he must surely also connect with the Tramp Parker:

Mind you, as we saw earlier, Lawler is a ringer for the Cancer-Con’s Reece Room and I would be very surprised indeed if Reece wasn’t the actor Chris Parker.

Remember, they are just photos, there is no real work involved.

Now, as you will all know by now the Chimp likes to take the piss by letting me know that they know what I am working on… Although they are a bit behind me on the Maple Syrup – Potty Middleton old fanny:

Nevertheless the Shit-Rag ran a story whilst I was sorting this hoax-bomb Shite out, about a young Manchester lad who had been bashed about a bit by the old Bacon-Buggers… Allegedly:

This is the moment a football fan was smashed into a car headfirst leaving him bloodied and bruised.

Fleetwood Town supporter Rob Lanyon had been in a pub ahead of a derby match against Blackpool on Saturday. 

The 18-year-old greenskeeper was among a crowd of fans given a police escort through the town centre when trouble flared.

Video taken from the scene shows Mr Lanyon being grabbed by at least four officers in hi-vis jackets before they slam him headfirst into the car the footage is being filmed from. Source

And this is a photo of the bashed about gob-shite:

Recognize him?

You should do since he is the Cancer-Con’s, Reece Room

And tiresome as it is, I suppose we best compare Battered-Boy with Blown-Up-Boy:

Battered-Boy & Co also look very much like Manchester-Bomb-Hoax victim, Chloe Rutherford’s Boyfriend, Liam Curry who was pretend ‘killed’ alongside her:

A joint funeral service for a “perfect” teenage couple killed in the Manchester terror attack has been held.

Chloe Rutherford, 17, and Liam Curry, 19, both from South Shields, were among 22 victims killed in the Manchester Arena explosion on 22 May.

In a joint tribute, their relatives said they both “adored each other” and wanted to be “together forever”.

The couple’s families and friends wore pink and blue for the funeral service at St Hilda’s Church. Source

PHOTO: Chloe Rutherford & her fella

Not brilliant examples granted but by the same token their faces have to be altered to a degree for obvious reasons and to me, the likenesses to each other, given the circumstances goes beyond coincidence.

Especially when you add dead-cop, Elaine Mclver’s husband – from how he looked back in the day – to the mix:

Mind you, Elaine’s ‘husband‘ is also very much like the mush that we saw from ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘, in Part 1 of this series of articles, who had been Satanically manipulated to look like Bruce Forsyth.

But like I keep telling you – everything has to connect to everything for the Satanic Monsters to function.

And with that in mind consider this:

Firstly, I pointed out to you that Harmonie Allen’s first name is spelled different to the norm, which is a common occurrence in government orchestrated hoaxes.

Secondly the Germans have a saying: Vorsprung Durch Technik” “Harmonie auf allen Ebenen”… Which translates as: ‘Harmony on all levels’.

Just sayin’

Nevertheless, that’s ya lot for now but the connecting will of course continue in Part 5 of “How The West Was Won”… Which you will be pleased to know is already 90% written.

Is Prime Minister Theresa May an imposter?


Prime Minister Theresa May is facing fresh controversy today following startling claims made by a Chris Spivey, prominent writer in the Alternative Media, that she’s an imposter, installed in Number 10 Downing Street for evil and nefarious ends.

Battered by claims of a shambolic and botched reshuffle, May finds herself at a centre of a new conspiracy theory that claims she does not exist, but is in fact a made up persona, played by at least four different people, one of which is Margaret Thatcher’s son, Dennis Thatcher.

Fake News

In a world of fake news and computer generated imagery (CGI), Spivey claims that the world’s ‘One Percent,’ controls the world’s population by stealth, fear, corruption, bribery and blackmail.

“Every single one of us could have a better life, if we but knew it. The reason we don’t is because we live in a world that is an illusion… An act.”

All the World’s a Stage

Biting at the heels of the world’s most famous conspiracy theorists such as David Icke and Alex Jones, Spivey has been at the centre of controversy himself when in 2015 he found himself in hot water for claiming the Lee Rigby Woolwich murder was a government sponsored hoax, orchestrated to foster anti-islamic feelings.

Labelled an ‘Internet Troll’ by the mainstream media, he was found guilty of harassing the Rigby family across an 11 month period, but has since continued to publish controversial articles on his blog which boasts an impressive readership in it’s millions.

Convinced the world is not what’s it’s advertised to be, he blames all the world’s ill’s on a secret criminal elite, hell bent on keeping the world’s population in servatitude and fear.

“Get rid of this 1% and we can all enjoy life as it should be. Without these evil parasites, living off our misery there would be no wars, no starving and no homelessness.”

While Theresa May may have more pressing things to address today, this conspiracy theory is set to run and run.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

With more and more people turning to conspiracy theories to explain the world around them, Spivey spearheads a growing number of writers and activists who are disputing the official story being feed to us by the established mainstream media.

Whether the world is flat or round, whether aliens are amongst us or whether man has really been to the moon, the fledgling Truth Movement continues to be lambasted and persecuted as a minority section of society, derided as ‘Tin Foil Hat Wearers’.

Could it really be true that the world’s populace have been lied to on an industrial scale? Only time will tell.

Further Reading:

You want the truth? No you don’t as it happens. Christopher D Spivey

Well, as you can see, the site is back after being offline since the 19th of December… Doesn’t time fly!

However, it would seem that the vast majority of you were under the impression that there was either a technical glitch or the site had been taken down by an attack.

And neither of those reasons are correct.

You see, the reason that the site has been offline is because I couldn’t afford to pay the site fees for December.

And of course, obviously I knew that the fees were due on the 9th and that I hadn’t paid them so I suppose it was fair play of Orange to let the site carry on for a further 10 days… Although on the flip side they have had well over £10 Grand out of me since I moved to the Icelandic hosts.

Nevertheless, although I am not really sure what I expected to happen, I did expect some sort of dialogue with my hosts to commence, yet Orange suspended the site without giving me prior notice – which put me in a bit of a Catch 22 position.

You see, had they said to me “Oi Baldy, you owe us money. If it ain’t paid in 5 days you can go and fuck yourself“, I could have given you notice that unless some donations were forthcoming within the next 5 days then the site would be suspended… Although to be fair, I have for the past 2 months repeatedly told you about the dire financial position.

Course, the fact that the rug was pulled from under me without warning mean’t that not only did nobody know the reason behind the site being offline; nobody could get on here to donate.

Moreover, if it had not been for the generosity of someone who contacted me via email (and whom wishes to remain anonymous but donated £400), inquiring where the site had fucked off to, then the site would still be offline now… Thank you sir, you are a gentleman.

And now that the arrears are paid (as well as a further £13 on top for the domain name renewal), Wolfie (who deals with Orange on my behalf because I know fuck all about the inner workings of computers) is going to continue to look into other options – which he inquired about last week.

Unfortunately, because of the aggravation involved in hosting my site, I would imagine that the following is the best that it is going to get:

And of course the problem there is the size of the site so I won’t know until later if that option is even possible.

Unfortunately, in the meantime the site fees are – in theory – due again on the 9th of January (4 days time) although I am not sure what’s what there because the site has been suspended for most of the month. However, If I am liable for them then I simply haven’t got the money, especially if I also have to pay the £88 to move to what Orange have proposed.

Now I have ALWAYS been honest with you and that is not about to change and as I say, I knew that there would be a consequence to pay for defaulting on last months site fees.

However, when the site was suspended I decided against putting a notice up on either one of my two Facebook accounts or on Twitter – which I am positive in doing so would have generated the donations needed to get the site back online a lot quicker.

Moreover, when asked via email by two of my readers if I minded them putting out an appeal for donations, I asked them not to.

And whilst I have told those who I know to be regular readers – who had emailed me – the reason that the site was offline, I tried to avoid sounding like I was trying to solicit any donations from them in my replies.

Those who messaged or emailed me who I didn’t know, I simply ignored.

Now the reason that I took that course of action is because I had already made you more than aware that I was out of money and since the response was only luke warm, then it became clear that the vast majority of the thousands who read this site do not care if it survives or not… And if you don’t care, then why should I.

Course, it has been pointed out by more than a few that I have lost the plot and that I should go back to writing about the things that I used to do… Which to be frank would be a piece of piss for me to do and would doubtlessly generate donations equal to what I was getting a year or two ago.

But that is not what I am about. I am not money orientated and I am not a fraud and as such, I will not write about stuff that I now know not to be true just to keep this site going.

Indeed, the vast majority of stuff that I wrote on here prior to 2015 is bollox – although I did not know it at the time. And indeed much of what I have written since is done so from a misguided perspective.

But as I just said, now that I do know, I refuse to write anymore. That fact alone should alert you to the counter fact that I am not doing this shit for financial gain or to be popular.

You see, because this website is my full time job – of which the writing part is probably no more than 25% – I know an awful lot more than you… That is not me feeling superior, that is just a fact.

Indeed, I work extremely hard with the other 75% of my time spent on research, gathering evidence and trying to figure out how the monsters do what they do.

And I can assure you that what they are doing is vast and very very frightening… Basically, we are fucked.

It is also extremely complicated and even harder for me to document especially as I know exactly what they are doing, but not exactly how they do it.

And with that being the case, you have only so far seen a fraction of the evidence that I hold needed for you to see the bigger picture… Yet it appears that despite me going to great lengths to explain as simply as I can what I know to be true, the vast majority of you are not ready for it.

Indeed, most cannot even be arsed to properly read what I write, leading to questions that had they been paying attention they would know the answers to.

Therefore, if you want to read bollox about the latest scandal involving the usual suspect ‘politician’ or whether Donny Fart was placed in the Amy Whitehouse to specifically spark a nuclear war you can read it over on David Icke’s website, along with how all the cctv cameras were not operational along the route Princess Diana took prior to the crash that killed her.

Because that is all it is… Distraction bollox.

Course, because I couldn’t get on the site I couldn’t continue with what I was writing – “How The West Was Won Part 4“.

However, I can assure you that Parts 1 – 3 are the most accurate things that I have ever written.

And as well as Part 4, there is going to be a Part 5 and a Part 6 at the very least… If the site continues. However, I haven’t been sat, moping around since the site went down.

You see, if the site fails I shall nevertheless continue writing as I have been since the 19th of December and the results either put on Amazon (the bigger book length articles) or the smaller ones sold as PDF’s.

Indeed I have high expectations for the forthcoming “A Bridge Too Far”, which has had another delay in being released due to Gary having some personal problems. But he assures me that it will be released on Amazon this month.

What I have been writing about is Meghan Markle… Who most definitely does not exist. Course disregarding that I can prove that fact, you have to ask yourself if she was real, why the fuck would they invent her family.

Now most of you will think that is just a coincidence instead of asking yourself “how the fuck did I find Tom Hollander out of seven and a half billion people in the world“.

And indeed you need to question  how far you can push coincidence as the reason when out of seven and a half billion people the fella that I have found has the same first name as a fella he matches perfectly, who just so happens to be Meghan markle’s brother – as well as having the exact same name as Meghan’s actor friend, who just so happens to be… Well you will have to wait for the report to be released to see where that is going.

Therefore, the fact that what is really going on is beyond your comprehension does not mean that I have lost the plot… Although the fact that I will not go down the easy route and write about things that make you believe that you have the world sussed, in return for popularity and financial gain, probably means that I have.

So, thank you very much once again to the Gentleman who made it possible for you to read this. How long you can continue to do so is a matter between you and your wallet.

Just sayin’.

Liar Lair by Christopher D Spivey

Liar Liar

For quite a while now I have noticed articles in the Chimp reporting on the Queer of England being at such and such a place only to read a few hours later – in an unrelated article – that she is somewhere else on business.

And although I always think ‘bollocks was she’ I haven’t had the time to collect all of the necessary information needed to prove that the press are just putting out fake news to show Bizzy Lizzie in a good light.

Moreover, I have thought the same about Little Willie, Gold-Digger-Smiff, Henry of Ginger and Terry May.

And although it is hardly work that they do, I have the constant little voice in my head telling me that they cannot possibly fit in all that we are told they do.

However, yesterdays [unplanned] article “Leave it to Lindsay” meant that I was halfway there with the information needed to cast a massive doubt over these press claims where Terry May is concerned.

And so, with the opportunity too good to let pass, I have once again postponed putting the finishing touches to “How The West Was Won… Part 4” – which will be ready for release hopefully by Monday – to write this quick [unplanned] article about 61 year old, type 1 diabetic, Terrance May’s very busy week.

Now, having apparently recovered over the weekend from her long, intense day in Brussels on the 8th of December, Terry spent Monday morning hosting the Bulgarian leader at Number 10 for what can only be described as “difficult talks“.

That is to say that I assume that the talks took place in the morning since our Bizzy-Bee Prime Mincer spent Monday Afternoon being spit roasted grilled in the House of Conmans.

Mind you Terry did manage to fend off a lot of difficult questions as to how he-she had managed to get her hair twice as wide as her head.

And fuck knows where her left eye is off to, but it must have come back when it got bored.

Now, having finished being grilled by his-her fellow frauds, Terry Turbo must have jetted off to France… Fuck knows why but she did because she was pictured on Tuesday the 12th in the following article:

And here is the photo in question complete with caption:

There ya go complete with a reference to Monday’s stint in the Conmans, yet the article never once states why he-she was in Paris. And neither can it be a mistake by the sloppy photo editor as the same photo appeared in another article the following day:

And of course the caption is referring to the “Crucial” Brexit vote that took place in the House of Conmans at 7 P.M on the 13th of December 2017. I will also remind you once again that the Prime Mincer is 61 years old and a type 1 diabetic… Allegedly.

However, quite how he-she managed to be in France on the 12th of December is anyone’s guess because the press had made a big deal of this vote before it went ahead with stories that began in earnest – not France – on that very same day:

PHOTO: Article released 12/12/17 at 7:21 P.M telling how May was prepared to force a vote on the amendment.

That Press Association article (PA articles appear in the Chimp but are not written by their own Monkeys and do not appear on their news-feed) was followed 6 minutes later by one of their own:

And though not relevant to Brexshit the article is nevertheless important and relevant to the article as a whole.

You see, what we have here is part of a covert, sustained agenda to make it a crime to criticise our government… Which is in keeping with any totalitarian government worth its salt.

Indeed, if these “vile & shocking harassment attacks” really happened then it would be a piece of piss for the half-witted plod to bring these half-witted attackers to ‘justice‘.

After all, making ‘threats to kill’ is already a criminal offence:

One of the more serious violent offences is Making Threats to Kill, contrary to s.16 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. If you are accused of threatening to kill someone, the Prosecution must prove that:

  1. You have made a threat to kill (either spoken or by your actions), and
  2. You intended that the victim would fear the threat would be carried out

Often, the police will arrest you for threats to kill after an allegation of a heated argument. The phrase “I’ll kill you” is commonly used in the heat of the moment as an expression of anger, but it is very rare that someone says it with the necessary intention to commit the offence. However, these cases are often brought to Court and the consequences can be severe if you are convicted.

The offence of making a threat to kill is an either way offence, meaning it can be dealt with either in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court. The offence is so serious that most people found guilty would be at risk of a prison sentence. Source

As is threatening to rape or sexually assault someone – something that a significant number of female MP’s have alleged to be a victim of.

Moreover, the newish ‘Harassment Act‘ is so open to interpretation & abuse by the authorities that you do not in reality have to harass anyone to be convicted of the ‘crime‘.

Therefore, this called for ‘new protection‘ for MP’s is nothing more than an agenda to silence the likes of myself and everyone else who rightly criticises the perverted, crooked, deviants.

I mean I could show you plenty of real instances of where I have been subjected to “vile & shocking harassment” including death threats, yet it is water off a duck’s back and goes with the territory as far as I am concerned. Moreover, the vast majority of it comes from the government paid nonce trolls so how is that for hypocrisy?

And if proof were needed of that fact I can give you a good example. You see, as my regular readers will know, I have been gathering evidence for a few years now of how those more well known people in the Alternative Media are really government stooges, pushing misinformation so as the Monsters finally have excuse enough to shut us all down.

So with that being the case, I already have more than enough incriminating evidence on ALL of the ‘big names‘ in the Alt-Media  – and plenty on the lesser well known names too – to prove that they are all wrong-uns.

However, that evidence will form an entire book length article which will be called either Book-Ends 2 or Bookends 3, and as such I am not going to give too much away at this stage.

Nevertheless, I will give you the following which I was notified of on the 23rd of September 2017:

Now there is a clear cut case of Cock-Deady-Eddie from the Kunt-Fleabum-Bowel-Movementmaking a clear threat to kill me… I mean Fuck me, the weird-rubbery-looking gumster even tagged me in the Facebook post to make sure that I got the message.

And of course no sane person would do such a thing on Facebook given the present climate and press-alleged sustained pressure by the government on all social media sites to stamp out such behaviour… Unless of course the author knows that he is protected.

Not that Plug-Ed is sane of course:


Anyway, a good way to find out if these sewer-dwellers are on the NCA pay-role is to report their threats to Facebook and see what happens… Which I have done two or three times previously when the skin crawling-ugly farm-boy has been trying to get a posse together to come and beat me up… Not that the Shrek eared nasal scab has put any of these half baked threats into practice… Well he wouldn’t would he because I would batter him and he couldn’t batter cod.

Mind you, I don’t think that they let people ride Donkeys through the Dartford Tunnel… Luckily enough for him.

But anyway, the upshot was that the the threat to kill does not violate Facebook’s Community Standards:

There was nothing anonymous about it on my part but make of that admin decision what you will.

However the point is in regard to these panic-stricken fraud MP’s is that people who make threats on social media are not capable of carrying them out.

I mean if someone is going to do you, they certainly do not advertise the fact on Facebook. Likewise, pox infested reprobates who threaten to rape someone over social media are no threat. And as for general abuse, you can block the mental defectives quicker than they can call you a cunt.

And as such it should be water off a ducks back to our actors MP’s too. Therefore, it is quite obvious that meaningless old-bollox from a funny looking, deviant type, keyboard warrior is not the real reason behind the article.

Just Sayin’.

So, to get back on track it would seem that Terry got back from France in time to host a children’s Christmas party later on that day, which was also covered by the Chimp – after which the Shit-Rags first article of the 13th was published at two minutes past midnight:

The 13th being the day of the vote of course. I should also point out that Reuters articles are treated in the same way by the Chimp as Press Association articles are, i.e you have to search for them yourself.

And then at 8:30 A.M the Shit-Rag published another PA article.

Now how could the PA possibly know that Terry was going to lose the vote at 8:30 in the morning when the vote wasn’t held until 7:00 in the evening – with the result not being announced until 7:26 P.M – given the fact that we are talking about a total of 11 Tory ‘rebel’ MP’s from a possible 650 in total?

More sinister still, was the next article which appeared just over an hour later at 9:37 A.M and was courtesy of the Associated Press and carried a thumb-nail photo taken from Parliament TV’s footage of the vote result announcement… Which [supposedly] wasn’t filmed until 7:30 P.M that evening.

So I will ask again: How could they possibly know the result?

PHOTO: The vote announcement held at 7:26 PM 

Now let me be quite clear here, Reuters, the Press Association and the Associated Press have offices in the London, Brussels and various USA cities but they always quote local time.

Perhaps time travel is possible after all!

Especially since the Chimps released their own article at just gone 11:30 A.M reporting on the aftermath of that evenings vote:

Now how in the name of fuck could that be possible? Well let’s look at the article:

Ohhh, it was updated on the 14th… I knew there had to be an explanation… Except what else can an article written 8 hours before an event possibly be about when it carries the headline: Tory Vice-Chairman is sacked after siding with rebels?

And of course I have already pointed out in my article “Leave It To Lindsay” that it was impossible for Terry to have fired the Vice-Chairman since she was clearly not at the vote – despite what the slug press say – and indeed the lying arse-clinkers had also reported that Terry was on the red carpet at a Scum sponsered bash “minutes after the result“:

They really do have some fucking front.

However, let’s have a quick re-cap:

  • Our 61 year old Prime Mincer is a diabetic
  • On Monday the 11th she hosted Bulgaria’s, Boy Racer Bollockoff at number 10 before spending the afternoon being interrogated by her fellow criminals
  • Sometime after that grilling she flew to France and met up with the countrys President, Something Frenchname… You know the one I mean, the fella who has a thing for proper old ladies… Not the one who pretend killed Princess Diana
  • Later that day, he-she flew home and spent the evening and night hosting a children’s Christmas party, followed by taking care of some Brexshit business.
  • On the 13th he-she spent the day trying to bring the 11 Tory rebels into line before attending the evening vote
  • Following the vote he-she immediately left for an awards ceremony.

Fuck me he-she has some stamina.

Right, let’s get back to it.

And at 2:07 P.M the Chimp released another Reuters article stating that Terry had been defeated in the vote that took place 5 hours later:


Now just to prove that the times on these archived articles are correct, the Chimp released the following old fanny at 7:25 P.M on the 13th.

And that is the same Scum sponsored bash that Terry attended “minutes after” the vote result.

However, if you thought that El Tel would be proper fucked by then, think again because she flew to Brussels straight after the Scum bash, which I told you about in my article “Leave It to Lindsay“.

Moreover, I saw the headline on the Chimps news-feed with my very own eyes at around 4 A.M in the morning of the14th which was their top story and carried a photo of El Tel boarding a plane on her Jack-Jones in the dark.

And I certainly had no reason to make that up because I wasn’t planning to write this article and I don’t make-up news.

Yet that Chimp article has now completely disappeared from the Chimp archives although there are the following tell tale article links still available, the first of which was published just before half past Midnight on the 14th:

The second – an actual Chimp article – was published at just gone half past midnight on the 14th:

And I do indeed believe that is the article that originally had the photo of May boarding the plane.

Nevertheless, the third article was published at 4:30 in the morning on the 14th.

Course, all three articles were later updated that day so it is impossible for me to assess the actual time that she took off and landed.

However, I would imagine that the photo and references to Tel flying to Brussel Sprouts were removed because the Press later had Terry down as attending the Grenfell Tower memorial service at 11 A.M on the same day…. Which obviously Tel couldn’t have done had he-she been in Belgium.

Was he-she fuck there!

I mean for a start if you believe that they are really Terry’s legs in the photo then you need a check-up from the neck-up.

But then again you only need to read the original articles to know that he-she didn’t really attend… Or fly to Brussel Sprouts

No mention of Terry whatsoever until much further down the page of the – suspiciously later updated – article, where the following photo appears:

So, Terry snuck in the back entrance did he-she whilst everyone else made grand entrances in front of the press… Fuck me there are some gullible cunts around.

The updated version of events then has Terry flying to Brussels after the Grenfell old fanny had finished, followed by later articles reporting that she left Brussels for Blighty in the early hours of this morning (15/12/17)… What a fucking man she is.

Just sayin’.

Leave it to Lindsay by Christopher D Spivey

Leave it to Lindsay

I hold out little hope for our species to be honest, but it is true to say that in the end you get what you deserve.

And you will, but then again you have heard it all before so it is pointless me harping on and I will therefore get straight on with it.

Our government does not exist, yet we have all these millions of people, who believe that they are politically adept, whilst in reality they ain’t got a scooby-fucking-doo.

You see, as I type the dog-shit press are pumping out pure propaganda about an important government vote that never happened.

I hope the scumbags all die of syphilis.

However, there are a staggering 6200 comments left on that article from the deluded-dumbfucks all expressing a meaningless opinion on something that they have no idea about.

You see, Terry May suffered fuck all… Terry May is just a made up persona.

In fact the House of Conmans should be renamed the fiction factory because there was no vote and the nonce brigade were too fucking lazy and smug to even include the Prime Mincer in the VT of the theater.

And of course we know that he-she was there at the Brexit (I cringe using that word) vote because the Monkey-Kuntz told us he-she was:

Mrs May left Westminster and was on the red carpet at the Sun’s ‘Military Awards’ minutes after the humiliating defeat. Source

Mind you, the Chimps are not Journalists which is why you get piss poor quality writing like we see above. I mean if you open a bracket, shouldn’t there be a closed bracket somewhere further down the line? And why the single apostrophe tagged on the end of the word ‘defeat‘?

In fact the whole photo description appears to have been written by a 10 year old: Theresa May (pictured on the red carpet at the Sun Military Awards minutes after tonight’s defeat’ has vowed to press on with her Brexit legislation after tonight’s defeat

Nevertheless, it would only be right and proper that he-she would be there for the vote as well as the opposition leader and his fat-fuck side kick… But they weren’t there either.

After all, Conservative Ministers had been earlier briefed to vote in line with El Tel, so it was a pretty damn important vote… Least it would have been had it taken place but it didn’t because like I have been telling you for this long time:

  • Our MP’s do not exist, they are actors.
  • Parliament TV is all faked.
  • All policy is dictated by monsters

Mind you, if you were to believe the Monkey-Kuntz then you would think that he-she works fucking hard for the money it earns.

I mean the vote wasn’t until 7PM last night and then, “minutes” after her “humiliating defeat” he-she was(n’t) on the red carpet with its pretend husband, at the Scum Shit-Rags bash… After which it [pretend] boarded a plane to Brussel Sprouts to hold more [pretend] Brexit (cringe) talks with the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker… Who is in all likelihood really a Rockefeller:

Just sayin’… Although I am not just sayin’ that Junker is Jay Rockefeller… But he could well be Junker’s old man.

Nevertheless, let me take you through the video of last nights vote result.

Now the video starts with a look at a relatively busy House of Conmans – mostly all wearing the same coloured suits I hasten to add – just before the result of the vote was announced… However, there are plenty of empty fucking seats to be had.

And that is despite there only being 437 seats in the chamber in total. Therefore, since the vote result was 309-305 there should have been 613 MP’s present… But there wasn’t.

In fact I would estimate that there is only around 450 CGI actors present and since there are meant to be 650 MP’s that would mean there is around 200 bods missing and  what’s more, 37 MP’s didn’t vote at all.

And since the Tories have 318 MP’s, even if no other party sided with them; bearing in mind that 11 of El Tel’s MP’s voted against him/her that would suggest that at the very least, 2 Tory MP’s didn’t vote at all… Although I find it unthinkable that those 305 votes came exclusively from Tory MP’s

Furthermore, according to the Chimp:

One of the Tory rebels, ex minister Stephen Hammond, was immediately fired as a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party.

Sacked by who?

I mean shouldn’t Terry have made that decision and done the do? Yet he-she couldn’t have done either being as “minutes after the defeat [she] was on the red carpet” at the Scum’s old fanny bash.

And neither am I sure why the speaker isn’t sat in his chair or even why John ‘little legs‘ Bercow wasn’t chairing. Instead the speaker was the criminal deputy, Lindsay Hoyle – who can be seen in the Chimp photo below, stood at the desk in front of the speakers chair.

“Bunched the air”???

PHOTO: A close up taken from the first photo showing that El Tel is nowhere to be seen

PHOTO: Hoyle begins to speak

The camera then focuses on the Deputy Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle. However, there is something seriously remiss about Hoyle’s head.

And do bear in mind that Parliament TV does not use mobile phones, circa 2000 to film the events – although you wouldn’t know it to look.

There is not a single fold on Hoyle’s neck which appears to be larger than his head, despite him not being particularly overweight. Indeed some very weird things continued to happen to Hoyle’s head throughout… What follows are but a few:

The camera then changes once again allowing me to confirm that Terry, Jelly & Fatty are not present.

Now there has to be a reason for all that yet the only thing that I can come up with is deception.

Just thought that I would let you know.

Can an article bring down the British Royal Family?

Taylor is coming to get yer!

Chris Spivey is set to publish his most important article he’s ever written.

Love him or Hate him, Chris Spivey is here to stay
Love him or Hate him, Chris Spivey is here to stay

On-line journalist Chris Spivey boasts his next article has the potential to bring the British establishment crashing down and see the demise of the British Royal family.

This begs the question; can an article bring down the British Royal Family?

While a century ago it would have been the combined force of an invading army needed to bring down a royal dynasty, is it true that in the 21st Century the pen really is mightier than the sword, and that the words of Chris Spivey really have the potential of doing what a thousand men could do on a battlefield?

Convicted of harassing Lee Rigby’s family in 2015, Chris Spivey has written a number of ground-breaking articles which have exposed wrong-doing ignored by mainstream media.

Take for example his exposĕ of a convicted ANC terrorist working for the NSPCC, to alleging the Glasgow bin lorry crash was a false-flag-event, his hatred of David Cameronparliamentary paedophiles, and to his most infamous article which got him into so much trouble, his contention that the Woolwich Lee Rigby murder was a false-flag-event and that all the witnesses involved and even Lee Rigby’s family, are crisis actors working towards a secret agenda and nefarious ends.

Controversial as ever, Chris Spivey said in his latest article ‘Mick and the Elephants’, “I will prove to you all (as long as you have a functioning brain), beyond doubt that the official version surrounding Diana: Princess of Wales in a car crash is absolute bollocks.”

Set to bring a new dimension to the infamous Princess Diana crash, propelling the incident into the same realms of conspiracy theory as JFK’s assassination, Chris Spivey is a ‘love him’ or ‘hate him’ type of character who recently got LBC radio presenter Steve Allen into trouble with Ofcom.

Found in breach of Ofcom Rule 2.3 for potentially offensive material, Steve Allen is quoted to have called Spivey a “vile piece of filth,” a “stupid pathetic waste of space,” and “not only immensely stupid but thick at the same time.”

Found not guilty of inciting the commission of crime, by encouraging listeners to “thrown things” at him, Steve Allen is evidently in the ‘hate him’ category while millions of loyal and dedicated readers can’t get enough of Spivey’s unique style of journalism.

Banned from publishing anything to do with the Lee Rigby Woolwich incident, Chris Spivey is making the most of his creative freedom to take a critical look at the recent Paris terror attacks, which ultimately lead him onto the tangent of the Princess Diana’s crash, after he came across “a new piece of information that sent a fucking great shiver down his spine,” (as he wrote in his ‘I see dead people’ article.)

Whether his much anticipated article actually brings down the Windsor Royal family is yet to be seen…

How The West Was Won. Part 1 by Christopher Spivey.

How The West Was Won. Part 1

How The West Was Won. Part 1

Around a month ago, after I had finished editing “A Bridge Too Far” (which Gary is now formatting – a massive job in itself given the size) I decided to write a quick article on the Wayne Rooney bollox since the old fanny tied in with some other stuff that I had saved. 

And after that I was going to finish off “Book Ends, Part 1“.

However, the best laid plans and all that bollox swung into play and as per usual my carefully crafted plan of action went tits up.

You see, as is often the case when I put news items together, I am inevitably led elsewhere because in the Monster’s Satanic world EVERYTHING HAS TO CONNECT… And I mean everything – a fact that really became apparent to me whilst I was writing “Book Ends, Part 1“, which will connect EVERY major crime committed in this country over the past 60 or 70 years.

And when I say “major crime“, I am not talking about Organized-Crime (which will form Book Ends Part 2 or 3), I am talking about the likes of the ‘Moors Murders‘ and Madeleine McCann.

So anyway, when the Rooney article reached the 14,000 word mark with plenty more still to write I decided to split it into two totally separate articles – which wasn’t without its problems since the information already contained within those 14,000 words was all intertwined.

Or put another way, each section that was already written – with another estimated 10,000 words still to go at that stage – depended on various other sections explained earlier on in the article, in order for it all to make sense.

Therefore, the problem lay in separating the article into two, whilst avoiding having to repeat various large segments in both articles.

And after pondering a while and coming up with zilch, it suddenly struck me that the best way forward was to take the relevant information that formed the back bone of the [now] two [incomplete] articles and write a third (which is this article) so as I can just link to it where necessary.

Moreover, by doing so the contents of this article will – hopefully – make sense of quite a few other articles that I have written in the past… It certainly has done for me anyway.

And better still, this new information has proved a lot of what I have written in the past – ridiculed by some, doubted by others – to be spot on… Which is nice.

Yet even then things were not straight forward because this article grew out of all proportion once I got going and as such I have now decided to split this one into two albeit unlike the other [original] two – which are now separate, stand alone pieces – Part 2 of this article will be a straight continuation… As will part 3 since part 2 is already longer than this first one


Of course you fucking do… Least I hope you do because if you are confused now you have no hope of of getting it straight by the end.

But anywaty, with that in mind, let me start with a nod to the Rooney bollox… A [non] news item that inspired the Monkey Boys to write NINETY EIGHT articles directly about the sordid, drink-drive saga and reference the old fanny in a further ONE HUNDRED & THREE articles – bringing the total number to a staggering TWO HUNDRED & ONE Chimp articles overall since the story broke on September 1st 2017.

Yet apart from the drink drive charge the story and its off-shoots are just made-up old bollox and I am not entirely convinced that the D/D charge isn’t fake too!

Course the OTT reporting on what was basically a very common non-newsworthy event i.e. a married mush gets drunk while driving an old slapper home for a quick fuck, was all that was needed to alert me to a fraud taking place.

However, you will have to wait for the majority of that and the other related information since to tell you now would defeat the whole point of this article.

Mind you, I can tell you that you only needed to look at the next photo below (never mind the dozens of other tell tale fakes, most with hidden messages to boot) which was published within the first half dozen or so articles about the old bollox, to know that the scriptwriters were taking the right fucking piss.

You see, the old slapper that Rooney was supposedly driving home was the made up persona named Laura Simpson. And he was doing so after they had been flirting at the Symposium nightclub.

Which is next to a Laura Ashley shop.

Symposium-Laura. Laura-Simpson… Geddit?

In fact in many of the photos used of Simpson – although far from all – she is Coleen ‘the clown‘ Rooney, with barely applied photoshopping:

Indeed them Range Rover motors are fucking huge going by that last photo of Colin Coleen Rooney.

Unless of course the story could have been the result of just one huge mistake on Rooney’s part. I mean he isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier and could possibly just as easily have mistaken Simpson for his wife in his drunken stupor.

And indeed he would be justified in doing so. In fact I am surprised Coleen can keep track of herself after playing another totally unbelievable character just last week:

You see, very relevant to the fact that Coleen & the Simpson slapper look alike or are more specifically sometimes one and the same, is the fact that in the first dozen or so articles about the old bollox, Coleen the Clown was pictured in a bikini – specifically designed to show off her baby bump in an attempt by the press to trigger mass public outrage.

Let me explain. You see, the bikini pictures were made up photos:

You can in fact see where her legs have been put together and if you look closely there is another join at the top of her shin, just below her knee.

And of course the other give-the-game-away. is the white and brown lining added to her body edges to hide the fact that she has been added to the background.

Yet if it was all kosher there would be no need to go to such extremes.

Now at this point, we need to introduce the old whore, Helen Wood – a former prostitute (made-up person) whom Rooney had at one time supposedly had a threesome with.

Oh and by the way, Helen Wood is the fake kidnapped bird Chloe Ayling… Least she is in the following photo.

PHOTO: Left – Helen Wood. Right – Chloe Ayling

You see, if you take ‘baby-bump’ bikini photos of Coleen and put them next to the photos used in the Chimp article about Helen Wood you get the following:

So what“, you say.

So this“, says I.

Now what would the odds be of that happening naturally in any two people let alone two people who are part of the same story?

And those odds step beyond all credibility when it can be done twice with the only two photos used by the Chimp of Coleen in her bikini.

Not that this was the first time this one-body-fits-all photo trickery had been used by the Chimp… Not by a long fucking way.

I mean the mind-controlled puppet, Charlotte Crosby is an old hand at it.

But it gets better.

You see, if you take those two photos of Coleen in her bikini, which are – as I say – specifically designed to show off her baby bump, despite her not being pregnant (you will have to wait for that info) and compare them to the only two photos of Laura Symposium in today’s latest Chimp installment (19/09/17) on the old bollox, you find that not only do they look alike, they also… Well, see for yourselves what they also do.

And therein lies a perfect example of what I have uncovered about the Satanic Chimp, especially so with those four photos coming from the first & last (to date) articles on the Rooney shite.

Mind you, if Rooney did just accidentally mistake Marge Simpson for his ‘wife’ it would make sense going on the following photo that was also used in the first lot of installments written about the old bollox, since the Shrek lookalike was probably off his head on coke.

And silly old me always thought that product placement as covert advertising was illegal… And why have the Rooney’s got the same ears?

Not that the Monkey Boyz pay a lot of attention to detail of course:

Although there is still an awful, awful lot more to this old bollox that meets the eye.

I mean take that wedding photo for instance:

Nevertheless, having jumped on the Rooney bollox as it unfolded I noticed something extremely important about the Chimp’s news-feed which led me to discover the same thing about Google Images – albeit Google Images is harder to spot unless you really look.

In fact I was quite cross with myself for not noticing that ‘something‘ before since it constantly occurs unabated and I read the Chimp’s news-feed several times a day. Course like most things, once you do notice it – it is amazing at how in your face it is.

And that ‘something‘ is the fact that the Chimp’s news-feed HAS – for Satanic reasons – to connect from top to bottom, which is indeed a fair length scrolling wise.

Now by ‘connect‘ I mean that as you scroll down the Chimp’s news-feed, there never comes a time when you are not looking at the screen without one of their promoted stories connecting to another.

However, the type of connections do vary. For instance they could relate to how someone is posing in the same way as someone else is in another story. Or the connection could be what two people in two different articles are wearing e.g a Bowler hat or large sunglasses. On the other hand it could be two peoples faces in two different stories that have been manipulated to look like each other.

For instance, in the case of the latter there were FIVE articles that crossed paths with one another on the Chimps news-feed between the 2nd and 5th of September 2017 .

Of those articles, one carried the headline:

Young, highly educated and proud to be a housewife: The millennial mothers who are happy to put their family before their careers

And below is a photo from that article which also appeared as the link photo on the newsfeed.

The second carried the headline:

My (nerve-racking) date with Britain’s pickiest singleton: She’s had 77 first dates in two years – and rates them all on a spreadsheet. So how would our dashing HENRY DEEDES measure up?

And below is a screenshot of the article link.

The third article to connect was about the death of millionaire businessman Scott Young – whom I have had my eye on for over 2 years and do not believe a word of it since he has numerous identities.

The fourth was another load of old fanny non-news :

And the fifth and final article that all met on the Chimp’s news-feed was another of the many written about the Loony Rooney’s and the link to that article carried the ‘Coca Cola plugging‘ photo of Wayne & Coleen that I mentioned earlier:

Now the link to this article in connection to the other four is just the way that Coleen’s face is manipulated into the same poses as the women in the other articles, and as such I am not going to dwell on the fact because we have already seen enough of her.

And of course all of the relevant information is contained in the [now] split article which you can read when it is released.

However, what I will say is that of the thousands upon thousands of seemingly endless photos of – to my mind, a quite ordinary looking – Coleen; in reality they all stem from around a half dozen or so head-shots of the bird which are then transplanted onto bodies in photographs suitable for whatever story it is that the presstitutes are lying about.

I should also tell you that there was another article which didn’t cross paths with every one of the above articles on the Chimp newsfeed – since it wasn’t published until the 8th of September – but it did cross paths and connect with those of the above published on the 5th of September and is nevertheless, very relevant to ALL of the above.

That also non-newsworthy story carried the headline:

A very modern happy ever after: Gemma couldn’t find a man so had a baby on her own with an internet sperm donor… then met her Mr Right six months later

And below is a screenshot of one of the photos included in that article.

Now before I show you how these other five articles connect, I will stress that the connections that I am going to show you are much more covert than the [many] usual type of overt connections between articles found on the Monkey-Shite’s news-feed, and as such I wouldn’t expect you to notice the type that I am now going to show you straight away… Which in turn demonstrates just how we are being manipulated by the press on behalf of the Monsters.

However, having said that, I will obviously be dealing with the overt connections too, a bit later on. And those are the kind that you should all instantly clock from now on, having read this article.

Okay, lets start with the bird who is very choosy about the fellas she dates:

And without even having to turn the photo angle I can tell you that her face has been manipulated to fit the head & face of the bird who had a baby via a sperm donor before meeting Mr Right – although we will ignore the connection between similarity in the two story’s content.

Now the next connection is self explanatory.

Course, as you have probably guessed, the connections don’t end there with those two family snaps.

And I am not even talking about the fact that the ‘father’ of the ‘triplets‘ is also Dr Paul Monaghan who was an MP up until the 2017 election when he lost his seat.

Now it is so blatantly obvious that they are the same fella that I couldn’t be bothered to match the two halves in, so all that I have done is run a digital iron along the join. After all, anyone who cannot see that they are the same bloke really just doesn’t want to see it. In fact any silly sausage who claims not to, cannot even parrot that they have different ears given the state of Tri-Dad’s faked wingnuts.

Course, Monaghan probably got voted out at the last election because his cuntstituants never saw him, what with him being George Osborne as well.

Nevertheless, what I was referring to was the likeness of Tri-Dad to that of the fella who got conned into bringing up some old sorts mail-order little girl.

Okay, staying with the same three photos/stories I am now going to add the wholly corrupt, allegedly now deceased, Scott Young and his story into the mix.

PHOTO: The Young Ones bollox

And we will start with Young himself. You see his head pose is exactly the same as the other two fraud fellas – as are his features. In fact if you slotted him between the two you would almost have a three frame length of video tape showing a mush going from an open mouthed grin to a closed-mouth smile whilst wiggling his ears at the same time.

And as for the other fella?

Well have a butchers for yourselves…

Now you really couldn’t make it up. However, before I continue and at the risk of harping on; this is not a game. In fact the Monsters & their Minions could not be more serious in what they do… Although having said that, the Minions do like to mug us off.

Nevertheless, there is a reason behind all of this apart from having to have everything connect. Moreover, I now believe that I am a good way into having figured out why they do this bullshit which I will tell you about shortly.

However, first I need to finish telling you about this connecting bollox and showing you how vast it all is… Which brings me nicely to the bird stood with Young in the photo below:

PHOTO: The bird in question

They have got the same nose ya knows. But don’t worry about that, have a butchers at these.

And obviously the other couple of females fit the mold too. However, I haven’t time to show you as there is so much to get through and as such, you will either have to take my word for it or do it ya fuckin’ self… Just swearin’.

As for the Young, highly educated and proud to be a housewife story…

Well once again, you only need look to the photo above this one and the connection becomes obvious.

And of course she also matches the others although I don’t have time to match them all in like the above.

I will do just one more and the other bird you will have to do yourself although I can promise you that she fits the bill perfect.

And below I have stuck the bird in blues photo next to one from the fussy-bird’s article to show you the kind of similarities that the Chimp uses in it’s news-feed connections.

We also ought to have a look at the Monkey Boy – Henry Deedes (who went out on a date with Ms Picky-Urass) – next to some of these fellas.

Hmmm. Deedes is very suspect indeedes – see what I did there… Go me. Although they are not a great match and as such far from conclusive.

However I clocked something there so with the above in mind it is also worth having a gander at the husband of Mrs I-Love-Me-Who-Do-You-Love.

I mean for starters half of his head forms that of the fella who married the bird that had a baby courtesy of Amazon, after which hubby in the picture above then had his nose redesigned.

As the same goes for the Chimps very own Henry Deedes.

Oh the integrity of these people.

Mind you, Fatty – who is very, very photoshopped – also looks very much like the Parsons-Nose-Bollox-Bucket-Bomb-Bomber:

There ya go and I only have “Paint” and “Zoner Version 16” to work with, yet for all their sophisticated software when you look at posh guys eye in the middle photo where his head has been enlarged you can only conclude that them there Monster Minions ain’t all that at it are they?

And once again I will point out that I am not saying Posh Papa is Bucket Bomb Boy… He can’t be because neither of them really exist.

The reason behind it all is that everything has to connect.

Indeed if they did really exist Posh Papa’s photo wouldn’t have been so shite since it was taken by a professional press photographer especially for the article… And there is also plenty more to come later on in regard to the Parsons Nose Bucket Bodge.

However, for now we need to have a quick look at the “Wrigley Family’s” twenty million to one triplets, who are in all likelihood just the one baby repeated in the faked photos in three different poses – although looking at the photo below, the Minions lacked the usual imagination to even do that properly.

And that would account for why the photo is such shite quality. Although the first baby on the left appears to have had his foot drop off!

However, as you will find out shortly, Satanic-Symmetry also plays a huge part in ALL press photos and that too affects the photo quality.

But I will get around to explaining that fact shortly because for now here is yet another curious coincidence – this time involving the children used in the above fake stories.

Moreover, on the Chimp’s newsfeed today (06/10/17), as I write this segment (which is an addition now that I have split this article into two) there are FIVE stories lumped together in two batches (a batch of three and a batch of two) which connect to these six stories that I am writing about now.

The following are screenshots of those stories which come exactly a month after the stories above appeared together on the Chimps news-feed.

PHOTO: A screenshot of the batch of three

PHOTO: A screenshot of the batch of two

Now I would like to tell you that this is a fantastical coincidence. But it isn’t. You see although I loathe having to write this because it makes me sound paranoid or egotistical (of which I am neither), this is a common occurrence with the Chimp and what I am writing about, which happens on average two or three times a week… Fact.

They do it to let me know that they know.

And guess what else?

Now I am sure that this will please some of you, although fuck knows why it should, but around 4 days ago I went onto the website (for which I have a tab permanently open) to double check the likeness of someone but the photo I was trying to upload to compare kept coming up with the words “try another” instead of comparing with the person who was left over from the last comparison.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I refreshed the tab and all I get now is a message saying that “This site cannot be reached“, despite the site still being on-line.

Therefore I can only conclude that they have banned my IP address for no known reason… How bizarre.

But nevertheless, fuck-em, because like I have told you numerous times, I only use the site for confirmation, so now let me show you how those FIVE new articles connect to those that I’m writing about.

The first one is some old fanny about malicious texts.

And this connects to the Scott Young article.

Geddit? She is Scot Young’s ex.

And I should just point out that the first photo in this next batch is from the texting porn star article.

Young’s ex looks just like Constance Adams – the wife of notorious gangster Patsy Adams – to me… You do know that all organized crime is controlled by the Monsters I take it?

Of course you do. Silly of me to ask really.

PHOTO: Comparison with Constance Adams

Constance Adams should not of course be confused with the former Bond girl actress, Maud ADAMS.

After all, Maud Adams is around 10 or 15 years older than Connie Adams if I remember correctly.

Meantime the second article is total, total bollox and too stupid to even discuss:

And neither do you need to be too bright to realise the connection, especially to the bird who had a baby with an internet sperm donor before meeting “Mr Right”:

Still, I suppose I best do the comparison:

Unfortunately, that is the best that I can do given the opposing head angles and lack of other photos.

Now in regard to the third story I wasn’t highlighting it because of the fact that I can no longer access the comparison website. You see, the connection is in regard to the photo of the baby “twins” seen in the link.

Ahh yes I remember those cameras that always took photos with one half of the picture really, really crap quality and the other half a much better class of crap quality… Honest to fuckin’ Dog you would have to be a Welsh troll to try and claim that isn’t a photoshopped snappy snap.

And of course the other twin does the same.

The fourth article which is also about triplets is self explanatory.

And would you Adam & Eve it, on the 11th of October the Chimp did a follow up to the triplet heartbreak story – not to be confused with the triplet celebration story:

A father of two infant triplets who were found dead in their cots is claiming his ex-partner is keeping him from seeing his surviving son – and refused to speak to him at their funeral.

David Whitehouse, 36, from Skewen, near Port Talbot in Wales, is the father of five-month-old Noah and Charlie, who were found dead at their mother’s home in Bridgend, on September 23.

He claims his former partner, Sarah Owen, 29, has prevented him from seeing his children since their birth and is now not allowing him to see his surviving son Ethan – but the triplets’ godmother – a close friend of Owen’s – says Whitehouse rarely saw his sons and didn’t contribute to their upbringing, ‘never buying even a nappy.’ Source

And below is a photo of that Fatter who claims to be hard-done-by.

Course, you know who it is don’t cha?

And as for the final fifth article? Well this one is the most telling of all:

Now I say that because as well as the obvious connection to Coleen Rooney showing her “baby bump” in a bikini, there is also the fact that the Chimp have used the no-mark, Ferne McCann as their subject matter – whom to be honest I didn’t even know was pregnant.

You see, as I told you at the start of this article, I have split what was supposed to be a quick project on the Loony Rooney’s because the piece got too large.

And as you also know, I have included some of that information in this offshoot of that article, including the shite about Rooney’s dalliance with the former prostitute, Helen Woods.

PHOTO: Helen Woods and her connection to Coleen in a bikini with her baby bump deliberately on show

However, what I didn’t include in this article was what I then went on to write in the original in regard to Ferne McCann and Helen Woods (which also referenced Vicky Patterson seen in the photos below but just disregard her for this article) and which included the following photos:

Course Ferne McCann looks fuck all like the young Constance Maud Adams does she?

In fact I am fucked if I know why I even mentioned it… Oh hang on, I do know… There is a lot of that kind of weird shit going on with the ‘ elites’.

Coleen Looney and the 1960’s model Jean Shrimpton  for instance:

It must be something about footballers and their wives. In fact as coincidence would have it the following screenshot is taken from an article in today’s Chimp, as I type (15/10/17).

Wow! Cutting edge news or what? Although the soldier could just as easily be described as a Ross Kemp lookalike.

But then again, as per usual the Chimp ain’t as on the ball as me… Pun intended.

I mean I personally think that Rooney is the double of Former Leeds United player Billy Bremner.

However, I wouldn’t have even used that information had it not been for the Chimp article about Looney & the Soldier.

In fact if I was going to write about people from today doing the time travel malarkey – or whatever the fuck you wanna call it – I would have used something like the following.

PHOTO: Enzo Ferrari and Arsenal footballer Mesut Ozil.

I mean had the Chimp reported on those two they could have said summat like Ozil was born in 1988… The same year that Ferrari died. Just to make things a bit more conspiratorial for the reader you understand, rather than an article about a German Soldier seen from side profile only, looking like a footballer coming to the end of his career, who is that vacant in the skull that even his fake head of hair goes bald!

And just how many different pairs of ears does that cranky cunt have?

Yet I find myself pondering over whatever happened to the real men of football like Bobby Charlton, Ralph Coates & John Dempsey.

In fact I am quite surprised that Sir Bobby-C didn’t give young Looney a bit of advice on how he could still look good, young & trendy with no outlay or pain by opting for the old comb over, full head of hair look?

Sorry about that… I came over all queer.

Nevertheless, any Tom Dick or Monkey Dick can do Nazi soldiers & their lookalikes seen in a side profile pose.

I mean I might not have been so critical had the Monkey-Boyz come out with a photo of the Nazi Storm-trooper, Manfred Schönfelder and his doppelganger, the jailed footballer (as if he really is!), Adam Johnson.

Then there just might have been something worth reading.

Especially since they both have a dimple in the chin.

Indeed the Baboon Arse, Half Arsed Apemen at the Chimp – had they applied themselves as opposed to the usual ape lied their self – they could even have gone much higher wanking with a Joe & Henry conspiracy theory.

As in Josef ‘jingle’ Goebbels & ‘Our’ Enry Ford… That would have been good for propaganda… Although like our Royal Mobsters, the American Mobsters were all mates with the Nazi Mobsters.

Photo: Henry Ford receiving the Grand-Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials in 1938

In fact there is no end to how far the Chimp could have gone with the Nazi theme.

Like why do former US President, Harry S Truman and bloodline family members, Dale Carnegie & Laurance Rockefeller all look like Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann… As do the lead prosecutor in the Eichmann trial, Gideon Hausner, Playwright, Arthur Miller who was once married to Marilyn Monroe, the Oxford University professor of English, John Carey and Lord Kerr, the creator of Article 51

Bizarre… As is the fact that the Nazi war-criminal hunter & Mossad Agent, Rafi Eitan (born 23 November 1926)  who allegedly found & captured Eichmann – living in South America – is an exact double of David Rockefeller (June 12, 1915 – March 20, 2017).

Moreover, the Daily Chimpanzee certainly stays quiet when it comes to the “Angel of Death“, Josef Mengele (16 March 1911 – 7 February 1979) and traitor Spy, Guy Burgess (16 April 1911 – 30 August 1963):

And only one month difference – to the day – between their birth dates!

Mind you, you could never expect the Chimp to publish something like that since the Monkey-Kuntz are all traitors to a man ape.

Neither would they publish the following:

And for those who do not recognize the pair, they are Nazi war-criminal Rudolph Hess (26 April 1894 – 17 August 1987), and British killer Michael ‘hop-along’ Sams (born 11 August 1941).

However, giving mind to the above, it is rather worrying that the current head of MI6, Alex Younger…

Is the double of Reinhard Heydrich… The alleged architect of ‘The Final Solution’. 

Whoops, I have made him look a bit like Sir Bobby there… Although I can promise you that I am not obsessed with Bobby Charlton.

I always had a lot more time for Jack… Till I found out that he was a wrong-un too.

Carry on me:

Yet despite the possibilities and conspiracy to be had from that lot, the Chimp-Ape’s think they are doing great work giving us Rooney & a German soldier, sideways on.

I mean old Fritz could have had the biggest ears in the world and a cone-head under his helmet.


But all the same, I am getting way a fucking head of myself here, but there is plenty more of that kind of shit still to come… At least there is in Part 2.

So, to get back to those 5 articles that I was almost finished talking about, which were published in the Chimp on the very same day that I was writing about their 6 closely connected articles, which given the fact that this type of thing happens on a weekly basis, certainly goes well beyond coincidence as far as I am concerned… And of course made all the more telling by the fact that they were grouped together.

And with that in mind, now have a look at the following screenshot taken from the Chimp’s news-feed on the 10th of October 2017:

Which kinda has a mocking “you-can’t-stop-us” feel to it… And if you don’t see the connection then you haven’t been paying attention.

But either way here is your starter for ten:

Not convinced? No problem:

And if we go back to the dad of the 5 year old ‘going through the menopause seen in the above, we see that he is a seasoned actor having already appeared in the Cancer Con bollox and a fake story about a homeless family.

Indeed it is quite possible that the menopause girl is even the same little girl as used in the cancer con story. I mean dressed as Minnie Mouse she certainly reminds me of another cancer-con episode that I wrote about.

And whilst I haven’t looked to see if the Meno-Girl’s ‘family‘ is on the ponce-under-false-pretences – for which non of them ever get nicked obviously –  I do know that the triplets-minus-two fake story has a Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page attached.

You can read my articles on the sick-fuck’s cancer-con by clicking HERE HERE & HERE .

Now there is one more thing to do with the above stories… And that is the fact that I believe some of the children are Nazi Propaganda Minister, Josef Gobbels children – especially in the case of Meno Girl.

Course, bizarre as it may sound, there are some people who have put forward excellent evidence to suggest that the high-wanking Nazi government were actually Disney employee’s with Hitler really being Walt Disney himself.

And while I do not necessarily agree or disagree with the theory, certainly if that was the case then the Minnie Mouse costume worn by Meno-Girl & Cancer-Con-Girl would be an excellent connection wouldn’t it?

Moreover, whilst hunting for a suitable photo of a Disney/Hitler comparison – with the intent of using someone else’s to avoid getting sucked into deviating off topic – I was inadvertently led to some startling finds.

Far from conclusive I am sure you will agree.

However, because of my curious nature and given what I already knew along with the new bits of information that I had just uncovered, I couldn’t just leave it at that.

So I tried some comparisons of my own and the first problem I came across is that Walt Disney smiles a lot and Adolph Disney… Ha Ha Ha HA… Walt Disney smiles a lot and Adolph Disney… I really am funny as fuck.

Nevertheless, have a butchers at these:

Indeed I now certainly wouldn’t rule the possibility out. And remember, Disney was also meant to be an enormous anti-Semite and film production wise, he was ahead of his time… Not to mention very Satanic too.

Furthermore, and as I said earlier, whilst looking for a comparison photo, I made a startling discovery and as is usually the case when that happens, I am spurred on to dig deeper.

And here is what I found by doing so:

Photos of Walter Disney are very badly photoshopped.

Disney could also just as easily be Josef Gobbels as Adolf Hitler:

So, it is safe to say that Walt Disney is Adolf Hitler… And there you have a perfect example as to the type of thing that crop up every time I start writing an article with a plan in mind!

However, there is plenty more to come on this subject but I am going to weave that information in a bit further on, since it ties in nicely with something else that I talk about later in this rapidly expanding project… Besides, I now need to think things through a bit in regard to how WW2 was really played out – given what I have already written further on in conjunction with the new information that I have just uncovered.

And as such, I will now continue with how we are being lied to by the press.

Now if you are a regular reader of the Chimp, you will know that of late the Monkey-Kuntz have given the Muslims a week or so off and made the Gypsies their new whipping boys…  Via means of totally fabricated, derogatory story’s like the following:

The tactic is called ‘divide & conquer‘.

I should also point out that whilst the above headline doesn’t actually sound too derogatory, if you have been following the Chimps harassment campaign you will most certainly know that it is.

And if you haven’t, just type the word “Gypsies” into the Chimp search bar and you will see what I mean.

But nevertheless, the story is – as I just said – fake as fuck because the 16 year old girl in the screenshot is cancer-con-participant, 5 year old Jessica Whelan and her “mother’s” friend, Kirsty Saunders; who also supposedly died of cancer.

PHOTO: Allegedly deceased, Kirsty Saunders with the criminal Nicki Pendergrass – ‘mother’ to Jessica Whelan INSET: Jessica Whelan

Interchangeable heads… How very fucking novel.

Okay, I think now is a good time to show you an example of how the Chimp’s website news-feed, connects from top to bottom.

And to do so I will be using a series of screenshots taken on the day that I first noticed this bizarre practice.

However, before I begin I should say that once you get the general gist of how it works, you are better off having a butchers at the Chimp’s news-feed yourself because the size of the screenshots makes it hard to see exactly what I’m talking about (especially if you are reading this on a phone) and there is not much room on the screenshots for me to write an explanation about each and every connection – and as such I am only really able to circle the connections and join them with a line.

Mind you, the [satanic] need to make the connections in turn explains why the Chimp has all those totally pointless stories on the Kardashians and other nonentities on the far right of their news-feed since it is really only by publishing such total codswallop that the cunts are able to form the connections needed in order to make them continuous.

Okay, taking a quick pit-stop here, because as I just said, I can appreciate that this sample example may be hard for some of you to see, depending on how small your screen is – although you can blow the screenshot up quite a bit.

However for those of you who cannot be arsed to get over to the Chimp’s news-feed to figure the connections out for yourselves, or those of you who have done so but cannot see the connections – thick fucks – what follows are some close ups & explanations taken from today’s Chimp news-feed (19/09/17): .

However, there is yet another connection which is the same all the way down today’s Chimp news-feed and that connection is Gold. And indeed, the Snowdon link actually uses the word in the articles description.

So with that in mind, here are some more screenshots from today’s Chimp (19/09/17) which is constantly changing due to new bullshit being added, old bullshit being removed and the link boxes being moved around… Yet for every new article added or moved, there will still be a connection.

And the Diana Ross link (seen in the same screenshot as those birds above, top left side) is very suspect for a number of reasons:

  1. Diana Ross hasn’t been reported in the press for ages. Therefore, knowing more than most how the Chimp works, there are going to be quite a few articles coming up on the diva in the near future.
  2. The article is pointless – “woman carry’s her shopping home”, although it is another covert product placement ad.
  3. The article is a fraud since there is no way on earth that Ross looks so young although the article could be a [book ends] connection to the articles showing the convicted black bird as a young lady who has her head turned at the same angle as Ross in the 2nd smaller photo of the diva, whilst the old lady (the inner of the two photos) has her head turned in the same way as Ross in the bigger photo – and that photo of Ross being the inner of the two also.

Indeed it wouldn’t surprise me if the old bird is in fact Diana Ross since the young bird is in reality the vile, sewer-dwelling monster, Derek Laud’s mother‘.

Nevertheless, here are some of the photos used in that article about SEVENTY THREE year old Ross.

In fact those in league with the devil age, they don’t get younger.

Want more news-feed screenshot examples?

Of course you fucking do although I will speed things up a bit now that you have the gist of it. And then as I say, you are better taking yourself off to the Chimp website and looking for yourself.

Now this isn’t done just for fun and games – it is deadly serious and very well crafted – although they do take the right fucking piss out of us along the way. For example ALL of the following articles taking the piss are from today’s shit-rag (19/09/17).

Now I have added the inset which comes from the Kourtney Kardashian article that we saw earlier, for the obvious reason that she is posed in the same way as “Helen Smith” from the Ryan Air article as well as being visually similar to her.

The article also connects with the Ryan Air article higher up.

And as an aside, Helen Smiff forms the template for Meno-Girl’s-Mum – or vice versa.

As for “her husband” – “Stephen Smiff” – well he is without a doubt a reworked Ray Winstone.

Indeed you only need look at the size difference in made-up-matey’s eyes to see how much his face has been altered.

In fact I can go one step further. Take a look at the following photo taken from the first of my Cancer-Con articles.

And the very plastic looking bloke is called “Peter Sims” although that is in all probability a made-up name to go with his made-up face.

Sims is a big fan of ‘jailed’ paedo footballer, ADAM JOHNSON.

In turn, the blonde sort with Sims is supposedly his bird, called Vanessa Cornall – who is a journalist/news editor for the spook-owned, Lancashire Telegraph… Both of whom I wrote about in the first of my cancer-con articles, “Sick-Benefit“.

Indeed when I had a quick butchers at “Sick-Benefit” in order to get their names, I found the following photo:

Which obviously made up the Ryan Air old bollox:

Course, they won’t get nicked and neither will Banana Dacre who is taking millions of pounds in newspaper sales by means of fraud.

On the other hand I will probably get nicked for reporting on the fraud and make fuck all for doing so… That is how fucked up the world has become.

And then there was this piss take:

“Footsie” indeed… You gotta chuckle at their front since LEAH Gray is one legged, ‘Smiler‘ ride victim, LEAH Washington.

Mind you, Leah Washington has friends who all look the bleedin’ same – such as Sara Stuart seen below – so why not strangers aye?

Moreover, when I wrote an article on the fraud acid attacks a few weeks ago, I was reminded of Washington & her ‘fella‘ Joe Pugh whilst doing so because of their likeness to an acid attack ‘victim‘ and her ex-boyfriend who supposedly did the deed.

A bit like I was reminded of the other bird, Vicky Balch – who also allegedly lost a leg in that Smiler ride old fanny – when I added the Lisa Snowden link earlier.

Now remember, it is the way that everything has to connect that we are looking at and I am not saying Snowden is Balch.

Although you gotta wonder.

And then there is this link from what is now – as I write – yesterday’s Chimp (19/09/17):

Now as you all should know, ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ was hosted by Bruce Long-Chin who has just popped his clogs… And with that in mind, look at the fella in the white jacket.

Nice to see ya… Now fuck off.

And indeed the dance article includes some other ‘interesting‘ photos – of which the following is just one:

There is hours more of Satanic fun to be had there.

And if you don’t know what I am on about, you are just about to find out.

You see, it is of course very easy to say that nothing is real, but that is the truth… The Monsters have made it so.

I mean take Diana: Princess of Wales for instance. I now have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that she never actually existed other than via a long trail of paperwork and a series of actors playing the physical role as and when was needed.

Moreover, on the grand scale of things, Diana is far from the greatest coup that the Monsters have pulled off. And she was far from the first either.

Indeed I do now sometimes look back on things that I have written and think “fuck me, I was a gullible cunt“.

In fact you would not believe the number of historical and iconic people who did/do not really exist, yet there are statues every-fucking-where erected in their perceived images to honour the achievements that never were…  Now that is what you call fucked up.

Likewise I am one hundred percent certain that the majority of our MP’s don’t exist. They are just created persona’s – kinda like in the same way that ‘we’ are not our birth certificates, these artificially created people are the exact opposite… They are their birth certificate.

With a different name for each obviously… But they really are nothing more than paper.

And – as I have explained in past articles that I have written – you only need look at the seating capacity for the House of Commons (420 if I remember correctly for 650 MP’s), to know it is all an illusion.

I mean you hardly ever see more than a couple of dozen MP’s asleep in there at any one time and indeed the only way that they can fill the place is by faking the footage… As I have also proved in previous articles.

Yet even if the faked Parliament TV footage wasn’t faked (although it most certainly is) there would still be 230 MP’s (well over a third) unaccounted for in seating numbers.

And as for taking the piss? Well fuck me, they don’t even try to hide the fact that they are just actors, elected on the strength of far fetched stories.

I mean when that Coronation Street actor, Tracy Brabin was seen in photos with the created persona Joke Ox it should have been obvious that the plan was to get her into parliament.

PHOTO: Tracy Babble in pink with her friend, the ‘murdered MP‘, Joke Ox. INSET: Babble’s avin’ a baybee in Coronation Street

Indeed the plan was foolproof since she was elected to parliament by default. Yet now she is seen in staged photos with the likes of the Vile, Fat-Arsed, Tom ‘tit‘ Watson, pretending to be all worldly wise… Despite the fact that the most she probably ever reads is the TV Times.

In fact even when she is ACTING her role as an MP, narcissistic Fatty Watson can’t be arsed to do her the courtesy of even pretending to listen to what she isn’t really saying… It almost makes me cringe with embarrassment.

I mean what the fuck does she know about politics? Not that there is much to know since all the thinking is done for our MP’s by their handlers.

And I am sure that Brabbin learnt all that there is to know while she was playing Joke Ox… Yes you read that right:

As always, study the photos very carefully, especially the top two because there is certainly no mistake on my part… In fact have some more:

They even have matching cheek dimples… How quaint.

Course, Brabin cannot use the excuse that she didn’t know that her photo had been used to make up the Joke Ox persona – which in turn makes her a criminal of the most serious kind.

And especial so since she is also the MP Liz Truss:

PHOTO: Babble & Truss

That is to say; at least she is Bizzy-Lizzie sometime since – just like in the case of Joke Ox – there are multiple actors playing the role.

And did I tell you that she also plays the role of the former MP, Esther McVey?

PHOTO: Babble & McVey

Indeed it kinda makes you wonder why the Corrie Producers let her go doesn’t it?

Course, in turn Esther Mcvey plays Kate Mackinley, the wife of the crooked MP Craig Mackinley.


Hmmm… McVey from Liverpool is also a long time friend of fellow Liverpudlian puddled onion, Kate McCann – who doesn’t really exist.

Moreover, Oy Vey McVey is also a trustee of the Madeline McCann Fund – which she also helped to set up… And which very much really exists… Just sayin’.

However, just to complicate thing further, Katie Mackinlay is also Mid Bedfordshire MP, Nadine Dorries… Also from LIVERPOOL.


Dorries is the bird who was temporarily suspended from her aherm, aherm* Cabinet Duties due to her taking part in “I’m a Knob-Ed Celeb get me outta ere”, following a manufactured public outcry that she was doing so at the taxpayer’s expense… Oh dear, oh dear, if only the public really knew that being a highly paid MP is not a job at all.

Indeed it is a scam and one that includes most of their families in on the act:

Dorries’ daughter was among the highest earning family members employed by MPs with a salary of £40,000-45,000 as an office manager. This is despite the fact that her daughter lived 96 miles away from the office. Subsequently her sister was taken on as senior secretary with a salary of £30,000-35,000. Ben Glaze, a journalist with the Sunday Mirror, was threatened by Dorries on Twitter for asking questions about the MP’s employment practices: “Be seen within a mile of my daughters and I will nail your balls to the floor… using your own front teeth. Do you get that?” Source

Nice bird! Very honourable.

And curiously enough in this next comparison it is the photo of Dorries that is far more photoshopped than the one of Katie Mackinley, despite there being very little doubt that the two photos are the same one – with added jiggery pokery obviously.

You see, I am using the same Mackinley snappy-snap as I used to compare her with Esther McVey – the one where she has that blue hat on with netting covering her forehead, which is a nuisance as it distracts the eye, yet blending it in is a nightmare and the reason that the finished photo of Mackinley & McVey ain’t all that.

However, I have little choice but to use it as there are so few photos of Katie which are big enough to blow up … Then again, there wouldn’t be many of her for obvious reasons now would there.

Therefore, I am going to also overlay the top of Dorries head over the two half faces, which if anything proves even more that they are the same person or at least the same photo… Ere, ave a butchers.


And just so as you know that Dorries and Esther McVey are the same person (or photo), have these two offerings below and be aware that I can prove it time and again.


Dorries on the left, McVey on the right in the top comparison photo & obviously vice-versa in the one below… And compare her with Tracy Babble if you can be arsed… I can’t but i spend that long looking a faces in photos I can guarantee you a match.

She too used to be a TV presenter did McVey, don’t cha know… Almost the same as an actress in fact.

And although McVey was booted out of office at the last election, both her and Dorries were serving MP’s up until that point – which is a clear indication of my claim being correct that at least two thirds of our MP’s (at the very least) do not exist.

Course this also begs the question as to why is a serving MP (Nadine Dorries) playing the part of a former MP and an MP’s wife?

And of course, the answer to that is: She isn’t… She is playing far more roles than that… ‘Our Sal’ for instance, who has just been killed again – as in the far-fetched terrapin, Sally Jones:


Yet the stupid cunts over at the Chimp cannot even remember their own lies since they are calling Jones the “White Widow”.

The ‘White Widow’ was in fact the other made-up terrapin, Samantha Lewthwaite:

Samantha Louise Lewthwaite (born 5 December 1983), also known as Sherafiyah Lewthwaite or the White Widow, is a British woman who is one of the Western world’s most wanted terrorism suspects. Source

Lewthwaite was played by the singer Adele:

And Adele is now playing the role of at least 3 MP’s, including Kelly Tollhurst:

Course the photos used by the Monkey-Kuntz in that Sally Jones gets-killed-again article are all of Nadine Dorres except for the one where she is dressed as a nun and I am fucked if I am explaining the origins of that one again.

However, if you don’t know the story behind that photo, click HERE

Okay, lets’s have a quick butchers at the others.

And I have already shown you that the last photo above is Dorres, so there is no point in doing it again.

Therefore, you now have to ask yourself why the British government are continually scaremongering the public with warnings that we are going to be murdered by teen-wolf & his Mother, AKA ‘Our Sal’ and her radishilised ‘son‘ when ‘Our Sal’ is in fact a member of the British government?

However, all of our MP’s that do exist have their photos altered so as they all look a bit like each other… And this facial symmetry is crucial to form a Satanic connection.

Now as an example, Brabin – going on a computer generated comparison using measurement of facial features – scores 56% appearance likeness when compared with the Prime Mincer, Terry May… And of course that score is in the ballpark of what you would expect to see between siblings or parents & their children.

Course, I spend that long looking at photos that I can tell you without the need to even double check that Terry the Tranny has George Osborne/Gideon Bean’s eyes in that photo… Which the computer will record as a fail… However, the computer will rack up the points where their noses are concerned which is the distinguishing feature that gives the two tarts a similar appearance.

And of course, it is Satanic geometric’s, Satanic symmetry and Satanic connection forming that are all important to the Monsters… Along with Numerology & Symbolism of course.

The rest – actors playing multiple roles etc – is just a case of “Needs Must“.

And make no mistake about it, to be in that club of theirs you have to a Satanist. However, Satanism is actually quite a large umbrella term because there are different types with each type having a different set of beliefs.

Indeed that is in keeping with all religions. For example, there are four main branches of Islam – Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi and Sufi – with over 150 offshoots.

Jewish wise, the three main branches are Ashkenazi, Sephardic & Mizradi – which again all have their own countless offshoots.

Therefore, as far as the Monsters are concerned I would guess that they are ‘theistic‘, and to explain what that means and before I am accused of plagiarism, I will tell you that I have lifted a few segments of information here & there, from various Wikipedia pages and then used them in the following narrative – which for the purposes of ‘continuity’ ‘clarification’ and ‘expansion’ I have then bridged and greatly added too, using my own words.

Now Theistic Satanism or Spiritual Satanism is an umbrella term for religious beliefs that consider Satan as an objectively existing supernatural being – or force – worthy of supplication, with whom individuals may contact and convene.

The individual belief systems under this Theistic Satanism umbrella are practiced by loosely affiliated or independent groups and cabals which heavily rely on the use of ceremonial magic.

However Theistic Satanism is not to be confused with LaVeyan Satanism, founded by Anton LaVey in the 1960s, which is ‘supposedly’ an atheistic Satanism… Although it cannot be written off.

Now theistic Satanism as opposed to atheistic Satanism is what it says on the label: theistic i.e believing that Satan is a real entity, that can be contacted, convened or even praised, rather than him being just an archetype, symbol or idea.

Indeed many theistic Satanists base their religion on dark pagan, left hand path, black magic, and occult traditions.

In fact there was a small – now allegedly defunct – Satanist group called Children of the Black Rose who equated Satan with the pantheistic … The All.

However, Just because the group is said to be defunct doesn’t make it so. After all, the MK ultra program was meant to have ended – which most of us all know to be total bollox.

Now some describe pantheism as the polar opposite of atheism. From this standpoint, pantheism is the view that everything is part of an all-encompassing, immanent God. All forms of reality may then be considered either modes of that Being, or identical with it.

Indeed, pantheistic-tendencies existed in a number of early Gnostic groups, with pantheistic thought appearing throughout the Middle Ages… Gnosis is a feminine Greek noun which means “knowledge”.

Gnosticism originated in the late first century CE in non-rabbinical Jewish sects & early Christian sects and presents a distinction between the highest, unknowable God, and the demiurge “creator” of the material.

The Gnostics considered the most essential part of the process of salvation to be this personal knowledge, in contrast to faith as an outlook in their world view along with faith in the ecclesiastical authority. They were therefore regarded as heretics by the Fathers of the early church.

Alexandria – as in the place – was of central importance for the birth of Gnosticism. The Christian ecclesia (Priests etc) was of Jewish-Christian origin, but also attracted Greek members, and various strand of thought were available, such as “Judaic apocalypticism, speculation on divine wisdom, Greek philosophy, and Hellenistic mystery religions.”

A notable group that outwardly considers themselves to be traditional Satanists is the O9A (Order of Nine Angles). This group became controversial and was mentioned in the press and in books because of the fact that they promoted human sacrifice.

However, the O9A believes that Satan is one of only two ‘acausal’ (not governed or operating by the laws of cause and effect) eternal beings – the other one being Baphomet. Moreover they believe that Satan is male and Baphomet is female… Hence the pursuit of transgenderism.

One other group worth noting is the Temple of the Black Light, formerly known as the Misanthropic Luciferian Order prior to 2007. You see – and this is an important fact – this group espouses a philosophy known as “Chaosophy”.

“Chaosophy” asserts that the world we live in, and the universe that it lives in, all exists within the realm known as “Cosmos“.

“Cosmos” is made of three spatial dimensions and one linear time dimension. Cosmos rarely ever changes and is a materialistic realm… And of course we live in a very materialistic realm indeed.

However, this next bit is very telling and indicative of the state of the world today. You see, another realm that exists is known as Chaos.

Chaos” exists outside of the Cosmos and is made of infinite dimensions and unlike the Cosmos, it is always changing.

Furthermore, members of The Temple of the Black Light believe that the realm of Chaos is ruled over by 11 dark gods, the highest of them being Satan, and all of said gods are considered manifestations of a higher being.

This higher being is known as Azerate, the Dragon Mother, and is all of the 11 gods united as one… And how many depictions of Dragons do you see in places like the City of London?

Indeed, The Temple of the Black Light believes that Azerate will resurrect one day and “destroy the Cosmos and let Chaos consume everything”… And of course the Monsters are causing global chaos to bring about a New World Order.

Therefore and quite unsurprisingly ‘theistic Luciferian groups‘, such as the now allegedly defunct, Children of the Black Rose are particularly inspired by Lucifer, from the Latin for ‘bearer of light’ – think Paris, the City of Light – who they may or may not equate with Satan.

On the other hand some theologians believe that the Son of the Dawn, Lucifer and the other names were actually used to refer to contemporary political figures, such as a Babylonian King, rather than a single spiritual entity.

Which brings me to The Temple of Set.

Set was the Egyptian god of the underworld. There are many stories involving Set. Set was essentially, the embodiment of evil. In the ancient Egyptian Myth, Set killed his brother Osiris. He was the Prince of Darkness. Each evening Horus, the Sun or solar deity that ruled the day, would do battle with Set who ruled the night. Set would win this battle and send Horus into the underworld.

The two combatants would fight throughout the night and in the morning Horus would eventually overcome the powers of darkness to rise or ascend into heaven. The next SUN/SET that you see may now have a different meaning to you. Source

Now some writers equate the worship of Set by the Temple of Set to theistic Satanism; what with The Temple of Set being an occult initiatory order supposedly founded in 1975 – as if!

Nevertheless, the ‘Temple‘ espouses a religion known as Setianism, whose practitioners are called Setians. This is sometimes identified as a form of Satanism, although this term is not often embraced by Setians and is contested by some academics.

Now as has just been stated, the Temple Of Set was established in the United States in 1975 by Michael Aquino, but rather than being a new ‘religion‘ I would imagine that this is just one of the many offshoots prone to all religions with very little difference to the old beliefs.

Or put another way: Aquino’s Temple of Set is just another branch of the same theistic Satanism as say, the cosmology of Thelema, established by Aleister Crowley in the early twentieth century.

PHOTO: Jimmy Savile adopts the pose associated with Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley born Edward Alexander Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947 & Victor Rothschild born Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild; 31 October 1910 – 20 March 1990.

There is a lot more to Crowley & Rothschild but I will leave it there for now.

And I would also maintain that the Temple of Set is an extremely powerful branch of ‘Monsters Inc‘ and Michael Aquino definitely needs to be looked at closer too.

You see, according to the ‘official’ line, he is an American political scientist & military officer as well as once being a high wanking member of Anton LaVey’s, Church of Satan.

And according to Wikipenis, Aquino – who was allegedly born in 1946 – specialised in psychological warfare… Mind Control by any other name.

Aquino is asserted to have joined Anton LaVey’s, Church of Satan in 1969 where he rapidly rose through the wanks to become Number 2. However, I would take the latter with a pinch of salt.

PHOTO: Michael Aquino

And funnily enough, when I first clocked the photo above this one (the one showing one of Aquino’s books) I instantly thought of the old 1960’s comedy show, ‘The Munsters’.

PHOTO: The Munsters

Or more specifically, I instantly thought of Herman Munster’s son, Eddie.

However – and understand that I am not trivialising this very serious subject – I changed my mind when I saw the other photo of Aquino in comparison to Grandpa Munster:

PHOTO: Michael Aquino & Grandpa Munster

And no; I am not saying that they are one and the same either.

In fact what I am insinuating is that TV and Cinema often covertly let us know what is coming in the future and Grandpa’s big ear-lobes and strange eyebrows came at least 10 years prior to Aquino coming to prominence.

Nevertheless, by 1971 Aquino was ranked as a Magister Caverns of the IV° within LeVey’s Church of Satan’s hierarchy. He was also the editor of its publication The Cloven Hoof, and sat on its governingCouncil of Nine.

However – according to the official storyline – Aquino became dissatisfied with the direction in which LaVey was taking the Church and resigned… After which – according to his own claim – Aquino embarked on a ritual to invoke Satan, whom he claims revealed to him a sacred text called The Book of Coming Forth by Night.

Now according to Aquino, in this work Satan revealed his true name to be that of the deity Set, which had been the name used by his followers in ancient Egypt.

Aquino was then joined in establishing the Temple of Set by a number of other dissatisfied members of LaVey’s Church and soon various Setian groups were established across the United States.

PHOTO: Michael Aquino, Sammy Davies Junior & Anton LaVey

Now interestingly enough LeVey – whom I perceive as a bit of a joke figure – knew Susan Atkins and Bobby Beausoleil (both members of the Manson family) very well.

PHOTO: Susan Atkins at the Church of Satan.

Atkins had originally been sentenced to death following the rounding up of the Manson Family, but that sentence was commuted to life in prison where she died having served nearly 40 years… Allegedly.

Now I say ‘allegedly‘ because I do not believe the official Charles Manson story.

However, I do not want to go further off track than I already am so if you want to know why I don’t buy the Manson bollox you can click on the link above.

And at this juncture I should point out that I more than strongly suspect that Aquino is a member of the Rockefeller family.

And there are of course plenty of Rockefeller’s walking this earth irrespective of whether they carry the name or not. Indeed, there are more than a few very big names – past & present – who I suspect were/are really part of the Rockefeller clan.

I will however deal with those people and others as we go along, but in order for you to get a greater understanding of what is going on, you have to be aware of the Satanic practice behind what is in plain sight.

You see, Setians – as I have already stated – believe that Set is the one real god and that he has aided humanity by giving them a questioning intellect – know as the “Black Flame” – which distinguishes us from other animal species.

And according to Wikipedia:

Set is held in high esteem as a teacher whose example is to be emulated but he is not worshiped as a deity. Highly individualistic in basis, the Temple promotes the idea that practitioners should seek self-deification and thus attain an immortality of consciousness.

Setians believe in the existence of magic as a force which can be manipulated through ritual, however the nature of these rituals is not prescribed by the Temple. Specifically, Aquino described Setian practices as “black magic”, a term which he defines idiosyncratically.

Following initiation into the Temple, a Setian can proceed along a series of six degrees, each of which requires greater responsibilities to the group; as a result, most members remain in the first two degrees. Governed by a high priest or high priestess and a wider Council of Nine, the Temple is also divided into groups known as pylons, through which Setians can meet or correspond in order to advance their magical work in a particular area. Pylons of the Temple are now present in the United States, Australia, and Europe, with estimates placing the Temple’s membership between 200 and 500.

Indeed it would appear that The Temple of Set is allegedly far more esoteric in practice than the Church of Satan had ever been.

This practice is known as “Esoteric Satanism“, a term used to contrast it with the “Rational Satanism” taught by Anton LaVey, leading to the Temple of Set being labelled as the “intellectual wing of esoteric Satanism“. And indeed the Temple does present itself as an intellectual religion which draws broadly upon Western philosophy and science.

The following is from Wikipenis:

Seeking knowledge is seen by some theistic Satanists as being important to Satan, due to Satan being equated with the serpent in Genesis, which encouraged mankind to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Some perceive Satan as Eliphas Levi’s conception of Baphomet – a hermaphroditic bestower of knowledge (gnosis).

And there again is another link to transgenderism.

Photo: An old goat with tits… Not to be confused with Uncle Sam… An old goat who is just a tit.

Neither is the he-she to be confused with George Washington, the 1st President of the United States of America.

Just sayin’.

However, keep the above photos at the forefront of your mind for the moment because what I have coming up for you after I have finished documenting this Satanic shit, I believe you will find truly shocking… Albeit not too surprising.

Now from 1980 through to 1986, Aquino worked as a professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco where it was noticed that he was fascinated with the connections between occultism and Nazism… Both practices being extremely important to what is occurring in the world today… Some examples of which we saw earlier.

Indeed that fascination led to accusations that he was sympathetic to Nazi ideology… Which of course he was, although it goes much deeper than that and you need to bear in mind that the information put out by Wikipedia has obviously been greatly sanitized for public consumption… Thus the events involving the likes of Aquino are the ‘official’ version… And we all know how truthful the “official” versions are.

After all the Monsters are not going to detail the real truth as a whole now, are they!

Nevertheless, throughout this period Aquino – again, according to the “official” version – attracted greater publicity for his Temple through appearances on television, such as The Oprah Winfrey Show.

However, in 1987 Aquino was accused of sexually abusing the three-year-old daughter of a Christian clergyman during “Satanic rites” held at his Presidio home.

And of course the plod were forced to act on the allegations, leading to a raid of Aquino’s home.

however – as is the norm where the monsters are concerned – the plod found no evidence to substantiate the allegations and since Aquino alleged that he was living in Washington D.C. at the time of the abuse, he was not charged with committing any crime… In fact I feel sure that scenario rings a few bells for you.

Aquino then did a ‘Lord McAlpine‘ and attempted to bring formal charges against the chaplain and psychiatrist who had encouraged the girl’s claims, although he was more successful in bringing legal action against two books – Carl A. Raschke’s: ‘Painted Black’ and Linda Blood’s: ‘The New Satanists’– both of which had all but convicted Aquino of being guilty.

Nevertheless, the Army appeared to think it best if Aquino left Presidio and promptly transferred him to St. Louis where he remained until 1994, at which point he retired from active service… That is the ‘official version‘ remember?

Course, despite the Satanism and child abuse allegations Aquino was still honourably transferred to the Retired Reserve and awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

And while the Satanic ritual abuse hysteria died down for a while, Aquino continued to be a figure of prominence in “mind control” conspiracy theories, supposedly brought about by his career as a psychological warfare officer in the US Army… Although I should point out that most credible conspiracy theories are leaked into the public domain by the monster minions.

Wikipenis then had this to say:

In addition to Aquino Satanic literature effort: Book of Coming Forth by Night – in which Set himself is purported to speak – the Temple’s philosophy and teachings are revealed in a series of occult writings titled the Jeweled Tablets of Set.

Each tablet is keyed to a specific degree in the Temple hierarchy. Only the introduction to the first tablet (Crystal Tablet of Set), titled “Black Magic”, is available for non-members. The Ruby Tablet, which is available for second-degree members, is the lengthiest and most diverse of the tablets.

The private Temple literature is not regarded as secret per se, but is kept restricted because it contains materials which, according to the Temple, may be dangerous to the non-initiated.

The Temple places great emphasis on the development of the individual, postulating self-deification – in reference to Apotheosis – as the ultimate goal.

Apotheosis (from Greek ἀποθέωσις from ἀποθεοῦν, apotheoun “to deify”; in Latin deificatio “making divine”; also called divinization and deification) is the glorification of a subject to divine level. The term has meanings in theology, where it refers to a belief, and in art, where it refers to a genre.

In theology, apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike stature. In art, the term refers to the treatment of any subject (a figure, group, locale, motif, convention or melody) in a particularly grand or exalted manner.

And that would explain why shit-rags such as the Chimp continually elevate talentless non-entities such as the Kardashions – and many, many more equally undeserving slugs – to god like status.

Wikipenis continues:

The Temple teaches that the true self, or essence, is immortal, and Xeper is the ability to align consciousness with this essence. Aquino taught that there is an afterlife for those who have reached the necessary level of individual development. 

This afterlife could occur in the individual’s subjective universe. Those unable to reach this level dissolve into non-existence when the physical body dies. 

Self-initiation is knowledge understood as a conjunction of intellect and intuition. In keeping with its emphasis on the individual, the Temple encourages their members to celebrate their own birthday.

And Insignia wise, the Temple uses an inverted pentagram known as the “Pentagram of Set“.

Indeed the use of the [all important] geometric shape is derived from the “Sigil of Baphomet” which is actually used by La Vey’s Church of Satan, albeit stripped of its overtly “Satanic add-ons”.

And it is Geometric’s that are at the heart of the matter thus this next bit is extremely important.

You see, The Temple of Set explains the meaning and significance of the pentagram by referring to Pythagorean ideas and “mathematical perfection“.

And that fact is majorly important because “Pythagorean ideas” & “mathematical perfection” along with Numbers, Dates & Symbols applies to just about every aspect of the Monster’s lives… As I partly discovered whilst writing “The Night Of The Living Dead” – Part 2 of my Diana: Princess of Wales trilogy.

However before I elaborate on that, have a read of the following commentary from page 620 of Sir William Smith’s, ‘Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology‘, published in 1870:

Pythagoras resembled greatly the philosophers of what is termed the Ionic school, who undertook to solve by means of a single primordial principle the vague problem of the origin and constitution of the universe as a whole.

But, like Anaximander, he abandoned the physical hypotheses of Thales and Anaximenes, and passed from the province of physics to that of metaphysics, and his predilection for mathematical studies led him to trace the origin of all things to number, this theory being suggested, or at all events confirmed, by the observation of various numerical relations, or analogies to them, in the phenomena of the universe.

“Since of all things numbers are by nature the first, in numbers they (the Pythagoreans) thought they perceived many analogies to things that exist and are produced, more than in fire, and earth, and Avater; as that a certain affection of numbers was justice; a certain other affection, soul and intellect; another, opportunity; and of the rest, so to say, each in like manner; and moreover, seeing the affections and ratios of what pertains to harmony to consist in numbers, since other things seemed in their entire nature to be formed in the likeness of numbers, and in all nature numbers are the first, they supposed the elements of numbers to be the elements of all things”.

Brandis, who traces in the notices that remain more than one system, developed by different Pythagoreans, according as they recognised in numbers the inherent basis of things, or only the patterns of them, considers that all started from the common conviction that it was in numbers and their relations that they were to find the absolutely certain principles of knowledge, and of the objects of it, and accordingly regarded the principles of numbers as the absolute principles of things; keeping true to the common maxim of the ancient philosophy, that like takes cognisance of like. Aristotle states the fundamental maxim of the Pythagoreans in various forms.

According to Philolaus, number is the “dominant and self-produced bond of the eternal continuance of things.” But number has two forms, the even and the odd, and a third, resulting from the mixture of the two, the even-odd.

This third species is one itself, for it is both even and odd. One, or unity, is the essence of number, or absolute number, and so comprises these two opposite species.

And once again, relevant to the transgender agenda… Carry on:

As absolute number it is the origin of all numbers, and so of all things. (According to another passage of Aristotle, Met. xii. 6. p. 1080, b. 7. number is produced) This original unity they also termed God (Ritter, Gesch. der FML vol. i. p. 389). These propositions, however, would, taken alone, give but a very partial idea of the Pythagorean system.

A most important part is played in it by the ideas of limit, and the unlimited. They are, in fact, the fundamental ideas of the whole. One of the first declarations in the work of Philolaus was, that all things in the universe result from a combination of the unlimited and the limiting; for if all things had been unlimited, nothing could have been the object of cognizance.

From the unlimited were deduced immediately time, space, and motion (Stob. Eel. Phys. p. 380 ; Simplic. iii Arist. Phys. f. 98, b.; Brandis, I.e. p. 451). Then again, in some extraordinary manner they connected the ideas of odd and even with the contrasted notions of the limited and the unlimited, the odd being limited, the even unlimited.

Moreover, according to Sir William Smith, (1870).

The Orphic worshippers of Bacchus did not indulge in unrestrained pleasure and frantic enthusiasm, but rather aimed at an ascetic purity of life and manners.

And of course “ascetic purity” is brought about via geometric’s & symmetry.

Moreover, it appears to me from the extensive research that I have done that these ideals and Satanic worship started to become “all consuming” to the Monsters sometime around the  mid 18th century & early 19th century, although ‘they’ have been heavily involved in the occult since at least the13th century.

Now, Interestingly enough, Bacchus – mentioned in that last sentence attributed to Sir William Smith – is a Greco-Roman deity also known as “Dionysus” and “Dionysos”.

Bacchus is the god of the grape harvest, wine-making and wine as well as that of ritual madness & fertility… Thus it is no surprise that the Rothschild family own extensive, world famous Vineyards.

Moreover(and again crucial to what we are seeing today), the earliest images of Bacchus/Dionysus depict a mature bearded man dressed in robes and holding a fennel staff tipped with a pine-cone and known as a thyrsus.

However, later images depict Bacchus as being a “beardless, sensuous, naked or half-naked androgynous youth” and he is described as either “womanly” or “man-womanish”… Geddit?


And I also noticed that the statue has a face very like that of the Statue of Liberty… Which as most of you will know represents anything opposed to freedom & liberty.

And of course there is also the connection between Diana: Princess of Wales, Dionysus & the Statue of Liberty:

And especially so with the name ‘Dionysus‘ having connotations with the name ‘Diana‘. Indeed, some go further still and maintain that not only is the Statue of Liberty a man, but it is also a representation of Satan.

Now Baccus or Dionysus – whichever you prefer – had a thiasus” made up of wild female followers (maenads) and bearded satyrs with erect penises; some of who were armed with the “thyrsus” staff, while others dance or play music… And the music industry is of course dominated by Satanic paedophiles.

Meanwhile, Bacchus is drawn in a chariot, usually pulled by exotic beasts such as lions or tigers, and is sometimes attended by a bearded, drunken SilenusThis procession is presumed to be the cult model for the followers of his Dionysian Mysteries.

The following is once again from Wikipenis:

Dionysus is represented by city religions as the protector of those who do not belong to conventional society (transgender anyone?) and he thus symbolizes the chaotic, dangerous and unexpected, everything which escapes human reason and which can only be attributed to the unforeseeable action of the gods

The followers of Orpheus, when they had tasted the mystic sacrificial feast of raw flesh torn from the ox of Dionysus, partook of no other animal food. They wore white linen garments, like Oriental and Egyptian priests, from whom, as Herodotus remarks, much may have been borrowed in the ritual of the Orphic worship. 

Herodotus not only speaks of these rites as being Egyptian, but also Pythagorean in their character. The explanation of this is that the Pythagorean societies, after their expulsion from Magna Graecia, united themselves with the Orphic societies of the mother country, and of course greatly influenced their character.

And as we know – least you do now – the monster’s live their lives by symbols, numbers and geometry.

Now as I said earlier, I first became aware of this geometrical fixation when I was writing “Night of the Living Dead“.

You see, whilst researching the CCTV footage of the cars parked up outside the front of the Paris Ritz Hotel on the eve of the Diana persona’s ‘death‘, I noticed that everything static in the footage appeared to be at all times, in sync with the people milling around the area & the cars that were on the move.

I should also point out for those who haven’t read “Night of the Living Dead” that ALL of the CCTV footage is faked, along with the fact that all the faked footage is very ‘jerky’ because EVERY single frame is geometrically perfect… An amazing fete of technology – well beyond most peoples capabilities.

Now what I mean by the CCTV being “geometrically perfect” is that you can draw diagonal, vertical & horizontal lines from top to bottom or side to side on ANY screenshot that you take of the footage – using strategic points as placement for each line – and what you will eventually end up with is a screenshot of tiny, same-sized triangles (pyramids).

Here, let me show you:

Now I have chosen this screenshot because it is fairly uncluttered and as such easier to demonstrate what I mean. However, you can “pyramid up” (as I like to call it) any screenshot of the entire CCTV footage taken at the Paris Ritz in connection to Diana’s ‘death‘.

And this is how it works: Now you see that red line that I have drawn? Well it hits 15 strategic points along the way.

So, starting from the left of the photo those points are:

  1. The starting point being the corner of the car bumper and at the photo edge, which already forms a perfect triangle in its self.
  2. The top right hand corner of the registration plate, which the red line has also now formed another perfect triangle on the registration plate right of the line.
  3. The top left hand tip of the ‘number 1’ time stamp. (nothing in the photo is not part of the geometric process).
  4. The corner of the car roof at the point of the [added] sheen. These sheen’s and shadows are added to the background in order to aid the process.
  5. The top tip of the car’s back door frame. You will then notice that as the line continues it forms a number of other triangles on the car roof made possible by the white [purposely added] sheen
  6. The bottom edge of the next car’s back tyre.
  7. The bottom left hand corner of the front car door – which I forgot to white arrow.
  8. Is the top edge of the front car wheel.
  9. Is the tip of the sheen on bonnet front (which I again failed to white arrow…. My bad)
  10. The top tip of the road cone.
  11. The bottom left side of the bollard where it meets the pavement (whoops -not arrowed)
  12. The top left corner of the next bollard along
  13. The tip of the triangle formed by the gap at the top of the persons legs
  14. The bottom of the feet of the next person along, (you will need to look at the unmarked screenshot above this one to see).
  15. The bottom tip of the light grey shadow (not arrowed due to lack of room) formed by the darker grey structure, where it meets the tip of the screenshot. (again consult the unmarked screenshot to get a clearer view).

The next red line that I drew hits 7 strategic points which you can see for yourselves at the points I have red arrowed.

The third red line then incorporates another 15 [red arrowed] strategic points and allows for the formation of 4 big triangles.

And I have done the 4th line in green which you can follow it along for yourself to see where it hits, strategically.

The 5th line is in yellow and the 6th in in blue. And with those six lines alone you can see how many pyramids are being formed.

And from there you just keep going but follow any line and each one will hit at least half a dozen strategic points along the way.

Hours more fun to be had there yet. And as I say, you can do it with every single frame of the Ritz CCTV footage taken of Diana and her entourage.

However, it goes much further than that because you can also do the same thing with all press photography… Or put another way: Every press photo has been manipulated so as to be geometrically perfect… For example:

And still hours more fun to be had there too.

Now I specifically chose that photo from the hundreds of thousands available because it shows the two Prickses – Prick Willie & Prick Henry. You see, although the Windsors are one of the ‘elite bloodline families the are nothing more than glorified actors at the top of the tree… Course they too are all Satanists.

And here are some more cleverly worked out photos:

Voz Sprung Dork Whatsits… As they say in France.

Course, since Diana never existed neither of the two pricks were born by way of the ‘official’ story which is now part of history. In fact the ‘modern‘ Royals are impostor’s after the Saxa Coburg dynasty (later known by the surname Windsor) was all but hijacked by the Monster, Louie Mountbatten who maneuvered his nephew, Philip Mountbatten into position as the head of the household, with the aid of the monstrous Elizabeth Bowes Lyon – AKA The Queer Mother.

And at that stage the Saxa Coburgs were in an awful mess and decimated by centuries of inbreeding leading to the majority of the offspring being born with multiple mental & physical defects.


Indeed the evil-beyond-belief Queer Mother – allegedly the product of a liaison between her father and the family scullery maid – had been promised the hand in marriage of one of the ‘Princes’ sired by King Edward VII – who had been responsible for the change of surname to Windsor.

This bargain had been struck between the Earl of Strathmore (the Queer Mother’s old man) and Albert: Prince of Wales, who agreed to keep Albert’s mental defective son, Prince Edward – Queen Victoria’s grandson – locked up for life in Glamis Castle (the Strathmore family home) following a botched attempt to murder the imbecile.

The following was written by my friend the historian & author, John Hamer:

 Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence otherwise known by his colloquial name of ‘Prince Eddy was the eldest son of Albert Edward the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and Princess Alexandra (later Queen Alexandra), the grandson of the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria and older brother of the future king of England, King George V and as such would have been first in line to the throne.

Unfortunately, due to centuries of Royal in-breeding, Eddy was partially deaf and of well below average intelligence and was thus shunned by the majority of his cold-hearted family.

Queen Victoria, the reigning monarch at the time was a great supporter and patron of Freemasonry as were all the Royal males of the age (and as they still are today).  Indeed it was the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family (the current British royals) who had sponsored the rise of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, originally a Freemasonry offshoot, in Bavaria in the 18th century. Weishaupt was indeed born and raised in the Bavarian town of Gotha.

There are several Masonic lodges in the Royal palaces of Britain, the most significant one perhaps being the Royal Alpha Lodge in Kensington Palace (where Prince and Princess Mick live. I’m getting good at this history lark – Spivey).  In 1885 Prince Eddy was initiated into the Royal Alpha Lodge at the behest of his father.

As well as his membership of the lodge, Eddy was also a regular ‘customer’ at a homosexual-paedophile brothel in Cleveland Street, London and indiscreetly instigated a series of explicit love-letters with a young boy employed at these most vile of premises.

In the meantime, Prince Eddy, his mental health by now completely shattered, was given into the care of the Earl of Strathmore who owned Glamis Castle in Scotland.  The royal family then blatantly lied to the world and announced that Eddy had sadly passed away at the age of only 28, on the 14th January 1892 due to influenza, but of course Eddy was still alive and being held in Balmoral Castle having not yet made the final move to Glamis.

Balmoral is approximately 1000 feet (300 metres) above sea-level and as such is partly surrounded by steep cliffs.  This was the intended site for the planned murder of Eddy to be undertaken by Randolph Churchill and John Netley the coachman.   The prince was pushed from the cliff-top but somehow managed to survive his fall and after the passage of two days had endeavoured to crawl all the way back to Balmoral where he was found at the door by his disbelieving hosts.

It was decided after this that the best option would be to just incarcerate him at Glamis for the rest of his life and the Earl of Strathmore agreed to undertake this task on behalf of the royals in return for one simple favour.  The favour he stipulated was that one of his daughters be allowed to marry a future king of England.

Poor Eddy died in 1933, forty one years after his ‘official’ death date and during this time, his mother visited him only once, but took a photograph of him which she apparently sent to her cousin.  This photograph is still in existence and shows a much older Eddy thoughtfully painting a picture which would sadly never be seen by anyone outside the walls of Glamis Castle.

The pact between Strathmore and the royal family was eventually fulfilled in 1923 when Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (his daughter, b. 1900) married the future King George VI of England after originally being betrothed to his brother, the former King Edward VIII (he of abdication fame).

In 1936 George ascended the throne upon his elder brother’s abdication and Elizabeth became his queen consort.  Elizabeth of course was more commonly known as the Queen Mother and the mother of the current incumbent of the family firm, Queen Elizabeth the second.  She went to her grave in 2002 without ever revealing the secret and thus the world was never aware of this unholy pact. 

And then there is this written about the Queer Mother’s husband – QE2’s old man:

King George V, who was Russian and Danish, gave birth to the person who became King George VI. King George VI had an IQ of 67, which is one point above retarded. He had knocked knees, he had a terrible stutter and he didn’t have an attention span long enough to be photographed, he just wandered off . . . So there is a movie made about that recently called ‘The King’s Speech’ which is a bunch of propaganda how he was an E for ‘Achievement’ and an A for ‘Try Hard’. Source

And this:

George VI was the second child and he was born in 1895. His real first name was Albert but he was crowned George VI because Albert was “too German”. Bertie, as he was called, had a very nervous disposition and as a child he stuttered severely. He also had knock knees, forcing him to wear leg braces at night and he was sickly. All of this made his father wonder if he was fit enough to be the son of a king and George V often tortured his young son.

The stutter would disappear if he was comfortable in a situation but as soon as he became nervous the stutter returned; even while he was king. Fortunately he was able to take over the throne and he served as an able king despite his awful childhood experiences. Source

And indeed, Queer Sweaty Betty’s aunt and four uncles were all – to varying degrees – subject to disability and mental retardation brought about by inbreeding – Prince John the Bon-Bon being the most seriously affected.

Now the story goes that the pact between Mountbatten and the Queer Mother to install the Nazi, ‘Prince’ Philip at the head of the present Royal Family was brought about by blackmail on the part of Mountbatten – who allegedly threatened to expose the Queer Mother’s & her daughter Elizabeth’s true origins if the very young Sweaty Betty didn’t ‘marry’ Philip.

However, Mountbatten asserted that by agreeing to the marriage, young Elizabeth would be allowed to ascend the throne – albeit illegally – and to keep nosy-parkers away from the truth, the conspiracy theory was put out that the Queer Mother could not bear to be anywhere near the Nazi, Philip… Which probably is quite near to the truth to be honest.

Course as history has shown, Phil & Liz had a marriage in name only – hence Pricks Andrew & Edward are said to be the children of Lord Porchester and Baron Patrick Plunkett.

Course the thing is, there are that many layers of deceit involved where the Monsters are concerned that it is hard to know when to stop digging.

I mean for instance, Lord Porchester & Louie Mountbatten are very similar in looks.

But that could just be the manipulating of the faces done to bring about a Satanic connection.

Nevertheless, you may have noticed that a moment ago I wrote that Phil & Liz “HAD a marriage in name only“.

And the reason that I used the word “Had” as opposed to the grammatically correct “Have” is because I strongly suspect that they are both dead – or as near as damn it – hence the reason that all press photographs of the duo are faked.

Mind you, all the press photographs of the Royals as a whole are faked.

And indeed, had I the time I would prove to you that ALL of the photos recently in the Chimp showing Maple Syrup & Harry Hewitt at the Evict-Us Games are fake… Although there is no reason that you cannot look for yourselves, and indeed you can do so by clicking HERE.

However, I best do some of them and point one or two things out about the ‘Royal Visit‘ to Canada along the way, but I will tell you now that the bird ‘photographed‘ with Harry was Pippa Middleton – 100 % guaranteed, although Harry wasn’t really with her… Or even in Canada for that matter… And neither was Potty Pippa either.

Course, as the week wore on, Meghan wasn’t seen again until the closing night celebrations… And even then she wasn’t seen since she was in “a darkened box to avoid attention“… Honest to fucking Dog you would need a serious check-up from the neck-up to believe that shite.

However, on the flip side it gave the Chimp room to flog very overpriced replicas of what Maple & Co were supposedly wearing.

Prince Harry was pictured kissing and tenderly embracing his girlfriend Meghan Markle at the closing ceremony of his Invictus Games Saturday night – but hid her in a darkened VIP box. 

The 36-year-old actress arrived with her best friend, Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney, wearing a white coat over a black outfit and the two women took their places in the discreet box to the side of the stage. 

Meghan’s closest male friend, Markus Anderson, who introduced her to Harry last year, was by her side.

Miss Markle – who was wearing a $68 pair of Everlane jeans, a $178 Badgley Mischka jacket and Jimmy Choo shoes – was also accompanied by her mother, Doria Ragland, a therapist and yoga teacher from LA.

The fact that her mother had flown in from the US to spend time with her daughter and Harry emphasizes the seriousness of the romance. 

Doria could be seen dancing enthusiastically as one of the closing ceremony’s headline acts, Bruce Springsteen, played his hit Dancing In The Dark.  Source

PHOTO: Harry-H & Maple Syrup inside “the darkened box”. Inset: Potty Pippa

PHOTO: As above

PHOTO: As above

PHOTO: And again

Course, quite unsurprisingly the photos were a lot clearer and better quality when Ginger Pubes wasn’t present.

And being in a box was an improvement on their first “official joint engagement” at the games:

Prince Harry’s actress girlfriend Meghan Markle joined him at the opening of tonight’s Invictus Games, the first time she has attended an official engagement with the royal.

Although the couple were not seated together at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, she was sat just a few feet away from the Queen’s grandson, who was accompanied by US First Lady Melania Trump. Source

“A FEW FEET APART”! Try 18 seats across and 4 rows forward and you are in the right ball-park.

But if the flag waving cretins wanna believe that it was an ‘official joint engagement‘ then I can’t stop them.

Course, as well as being focused on Maple, the Chimp was also obsessed with amputees, especially those who had lost 3 limbs.

Evil fucker.

And old soldiers are another favourite.

And that old bollox had the following old bollox a couple of inches further down the Chimps newsfeed:

Lovely boys… A credit to their mother… Whoever the fuck she is.

However, remember that I told you that I believe the Monsters are going to [fake] murder William thus making Harry the Prince Regent? Well that prediction still stands true.

Mind you those Harry & Willie bollox stories appeared in the Chimp on the same day as the one below:

Just sayin’.

And don’t even try to work out the seating. In fact it seemed to me that the seating arrangements were a free for all.

I mean take those two birds sat in front of Maple although why the one in black is holding two phones in such a strange way is beyond me… And why is Meghan’s lanyard floating?

Yet on Meghan’s night, one minute they were there, the next they were gone.

Unless the drastically aged of course

In fact those two birds spent more time with Harry than Maple did.

She is wearing nearly the same dress too!

Mind you, that child in the photo above looks suspiciously like the child that the Chimp managed to get 2 or 3 articles out of:

Her cheeky smile put her centre stage at the Invictus Games yesterday when she helped herself to a few handfuls of Prince Harry’s popcorn.

But little Emily Henson’s family will not have been surprised that she stole the Prince’s heart – for the two-year-old has already been the inspiration behind her father’s incredible journey from tragedy in Afghanistan to Paralympic glory.

Emily is the daughter of David Henson, a former Royal Engineer who lost both of his legs in 2011 when he stood on an IED during an attempt to clear a building of mines in Afghanistan so locals could return. Source

Although it probably isn’t.

Still, there is no denying that Harry is wonderful with children despite not having any… Gayyyyy.

Likewise the bird inset in the photo above probably isn’t the bird sat in front of Harry in the main picture… Although she too was sat with Maple Syrup on that first night – right next to Maples boyfriend too… As was the bird seen top left in the above pic… Although she is meant to be younger! Confusing or what?

And another blatant-in-ya-face piece of fiction was the following.

Journalists? They are a fucking joke.

I mean to say; as if the Monkey-Kuntz didn’t know who she really was.

Nevertheless, the purpose of the many, many articles put out by the Chimp & other shit-rags appeared to be a PR exercise for Harry who – as I say – I doubt very much was really there.

PHOTO: Harry just doesn’t look quite right to me

Indeed I think that he looks more like former “Eastenders” actor, Joe Swash.

But all the same, Someones is certainly in line for a bumper payday as the British taxpayer will be picking up the tab for the trip that Harry probably didn’t even attend… In fact I would work along the lines of the story of the Canadian Prime Mincer playing a prank with a Harry lookalike has a lot more to it than meets the eye:

Canadian fans waiting to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry at an event he attended alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were fooled by the ‘sneaky’ politician.

Ever the joker, Mr Trudeau jumped at the chance to fool fans waiting for the royal by gesturing towards a redheaded man who was walking just ahead of him when people began to shout ‘Harry’.

A round of cheers then erupted as people mistakenly believed it was the Prince – only to realise it was Mr Trudeau’s personal photographer, Adam Scotti. Source

Just sayin’.

That is it for Part 1… Click HERE for Part 2, which will really shock you… Probably.



How The West Was Won: Part 2 by Christopher Spivey.

Taylor is coming to get yer!


  1. Margaret Stephens
    NOVEMBER 11, 2017 @ 10:26 PM

    Winston Churchill was female to male transgendered from birth as all the Satanic elite do in their families? Clementine Hozier, Churchill’s wife, also transgendered from birth by Satan serving elite families? See Mr E, Conspiracies by Hans and Mag Ugly Truth on YouTube for famous transgender ‘creatures’ among us ordinary humans and how to recognise them. These creatures live among us and appear like us but they are demonic Satan servers.


  2. Moonbeam
    NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 12:38 AM

    More can be seen of Lesley Seary on YouTube. When Jeremy Corbyn won the Islington North seat in June, Lesley Seary was the acting returning officer.


  3. Violin Accordion
    NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 12:47 AM

    Invaluable research and hard work but a bit dazed and confuzed about all this.
    I understand all the subversion in this world,
    But need to understand some reasons causes, major players desired outcomes in all this assumed kaleidoscope .
    Or is it just a big game. How does or could it affect us. What about AI artificial intelligence generated images. After reading lengthy articles we need some guidance to the reason and point please


    • Question Everything 1
      NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 5:06 PM

      violin accordion
      go to the top of this page and read about ‘new world order’ that should clear up anydoubt yo have……………………….


  4. Thea56
    NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 3:17 AM

    ht tps://

    htt p://

    ht tp://
    Even murkier still are the persistent rumors whispered by some conspiracy theorists speculating that the Nazis were even involved with reviving dead animals and even humans through unknown enigmatic means. One interesting tidbit related to this is the finding made on 28 April 1945, when Allied forces captured a munitions factory depot named Bernterode, located in the German region of Thuringia. As some American officers explored a tunnel within the factory, they discovered a brick wall disguised to look like part of the rock which was 5 feet thick. When the mysterious wall was broken down, a vast chamber was revealed containing a trove of an immense amount of stolen artwork and relics, as well as many Nazi banners and a large number of new uniforms. In one adjoining chamber there were found to be four enormous coffins, with three of them containing the remains of the 17th century Prussian king, Frederick the Great, as well as Field Marshall von Hindenburg and his wife. The fourth coffin was empty and held a plaque engraved with Adolph Hitler’s name. Although it is unknown for what reason these remains were being kept for, some have suggested that the Nazis, specifically the Ahnenerbe, had plans to somehow resurrect or clone them at a later time. An Aug 23, 2015 article by Noah Charney for Salon magazine entitled Did Nazis really try to make zombies? The real history behind one of our weirdest WWII obsessions, points to this speculation as being largely a literal interpretation of an article in Life magazine from the 50s, in which it is stated:
    The corpses were to be concealed until some future movement when their reappearance could be timed by resurgent Nazis to fire another German generation to rise and conquer again.


  5. Thea56
    NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 3:29 AM

    ht tp://
    interesting comments


  6. Thea56
    NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 3:42 AM

    clones, twins for generations

    The Anglo Alliance

    By the 19th century, Great Britain and Germany were recognized as the primary geographic areas of Illuminati control.

    It then should be of little surprise to know the first work in Behavioral Science research was established in England in 1882, while much of the early medical and psychiatric techniques involved in mind control were pioneered at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany.

    The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up in London in 1921 to study the “breaking point” of humans. Kurt Lewin, a German psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute in 1932, about the same time Nazi Germany was increasing its research into neuropsychology, parapsychology and multi-generational occultism.

    Interestingly, a progressive exchange of scientific ideas was taking place between England and Germany, most notably in the field of eugenics: the movement devoted to “improving” the human species through the control of hereditary factors in mating. The nefariously enigmatic union between the two countries was bonded, partly through the Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society which consisted of many high ranking officials in the Nazi party and British aristocracy.

    Top SS Nazi officer Heinrich Himmler, was in charge of a scientific project called Lebersborn, which included selective breeding and adoption of children, a peculiarly large number of twins among them.[2]

    ht tps://


    • Question Everything 1
      NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 5:15 PM

      Hi Thea, v. interesting comments, though I had read about the ‘twins’ before on the forum on here…..You know I despair at the ‘human race’ and what they are capable of. I sometimes wish a bloody great meteorite would hit us and be done with!. What does the future hold for our children and their children? The way I see it is not a lot! I hope you are well ? T C My friend always good to read your posts xxx


  7. kozmik
    NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 8:54 AM

    Thanks Chris. It helps that everyone looks the same these days. I’ve noticed pics in the local freesheet of various young ladies who’ve been murdered or gone missing are often used multiple times. They don’t try very hard do they, the shit-flingers?


  8. CuriousGirl
    NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 12:03 PM

    I used to visit one of my animal rights friends in Bronzefield Prison a few years ago, where West was also supposed to be, but there was never any talk of her being in any danger from any other prisoners. I doubt the article below is just coincidental.

    Serial killer Rose West ‘is very sick in prison with serious illness that could even be fatal’

    The 63-year-old serial killer has been struck down by a mystery disease in prison
    HMP Low Newton, in Durham, has to ‘lock down’ to stop her getting attacked
    West guilty of 10 murders and burying bodies at her home in Gloucester in 1995

    By Charlie Bayliss For Mailonline

    Published: 08:43, 12 November 2017 | Updated: 09:13, 12 November 2017



    • CuriousGirl
      NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 12:09 PM

      I started noticing lots of fake stories in the DiM a few years ago. I saw all the numbers adding up to 7, 8, 9, 11 and 13 in the time that they were said to be published and updated (as in the above article about Rosemary West), and that ages of the people involved etc also tended to add up to these numbers. I even commented on this site that I thought some of the stories were sending out messages, or even threats to the servants of the elite. However, I had no idea how much effort went into setting up the stories. Thanks very much, Chris, for explaining it. TPTB must so hate being exposed like this.


  9. warinthemind
    NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 3:29 PM

    Your need to see this Spivey, it’s a little youtube video called ‘they do not exist’ it’s in line with what you are saying and talks about the technology that’s used to mash faces up. Mad how they use so many ‘famous’ faces when they could harvest unknown faces off facebook. It also touches on the videoshopping techniques..interesting!


  10. John
    NOVEMBER 12, 2017 @ 3:54 PM

    Masterful stuff by the legend


  11. Question Everything 1
    NOVEMBER 13, 2017 @ 12:06 PM

    Chris you have done it again, such a great amount of work and your time has gone into this article and I would like to thank you for never giving up on us. You have such a sharp eye and intelligence, to be able to put all this together for us all to read.
    Now, being a female I know all the tricks of make up, different hair colour etc they all make us look so different. I have just used an autumn colour on my hair and I didnt recognise myself after I had put my make-up on as well, so to any doubting tom’s out there I can say that Chris is 100% on the ball with these face recognitions.
    Hello to all my friends here………
    Take care Chris and cant wait for part 3! xxx


  12. jimbo
    NOVEMBER 13, 2017 @ 1:18 PM

    Well spotted chris it really is amazing how u sussed out that yvonne fletcher is also the satanic rape victim also after i discovered all these conspiracies about 5 years ago ive often thought about how many more there was somehow i have been thinking about the fred and rose west murders especially when u discovered the moors murders scam, theres only one little thing i disagree with u on and that is in this latest article u stated that the father and son pair don’t look like satanists i agree that the old geezer doesn’t but i think that the sons eyes definitely show an evil soul ,i must admit that i had to skim a bit as ive got an appointment but am looking forward to reading it more slowly later today well done again my son laters jimbo