King Arthur is alive and kicking.

Taylor is coming to get yer!

According to the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

King Arthur concept art (Wikimedia)
King Arthur concept art (Wikimedia)

One day King Arthur will return, so the prophecy says

The legend of King Arthur has endured for centuries and rightly so. The reason the legend has endured is because it’s actually true. Unlike the fables of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Abominable Snowman, the true story of King Arthur can be found written in the annuals of the Ancient Khumry manuscripts, better known as the ancient historical manuscripts of British history.

Rediscovered by the historical detectives Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, there have actually been five King Arthur’s throughout British history, of which the first two were the most famous.

King Arthur I, who lived from 355AD to 388AD fought the Romans, son of Magnus Maximus, who himself was son of Constantine the Great.

The second King Arthur was born in 503AD and died in 579AD, famed for fighting the Saxons, son of King Maurice, who himself was the son of King Theoderic.

Separating fact from #Fiction, no sword was ever pulled from a stone and Merlin wasn’t a wizard, but instead King Arthur II’s mentor and teacher. Both King’s I and II were directly related to each other, both in a long line of Kings reaching back to the first King of Britain, King Brutus and further back to the Holy Family, descended from Anne, sister of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ himself.

Written in the Coelbren language of the ancient British, (Welsh to be exact,) Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett contend that ancient British history is the most well recorded and chronicled history in the world. It would appear that throughout history the tales and deeds of both King Arthurs, first recounted by historian Geoffrey of Monmouth, had been rolled into one.

Boycott Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur films

A growing movement of historical enthusiasts are calling for the boycotting of Guy Ritchie’s new King Arthur movie set for release in 2017, criticising it for being based on the romantic rubbish of 15th Century French writer Chretien de Troyes, and peddled on behalf of a German royal dynasty. A growing band of patriotic Brits are claiming the real British history has been covered up since 1066, by a succession of foreign royal dynasties.

Richard Branson ‘vooms’ to the rescue

Just as there were two versions of the Robin Hood movies released at the same time, the ‘Boycott Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Movie’s community’ have turned to Richard Branson’s £1 Billion ‘Voom’ initiative to finance a new movie to rival Guy Ritchie’s. With a budget of two million, movie producers hope to convince Richard Branson to invest his money in three blockbuster movies which tell the real story and what really happened during the Dark Ages.

From King Arthur II’s birth in Wales, to his epic battles against the Picts and Saxons, which unified Britain, to his Summer Games, to the catastrophic asteroid debris which hit Britain in 562AD, to his escape to America in 575AD with a fleet of 700 ships, to his tragic assassination by a Red Indian in 579AD, it’s sure to be a fantastic trio of films which will rewrite history forever.


Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur film under threat of boycott.

Taylor is coming to get yer!

Calls to boycott Guy Ritchie’s new King Arthur movie are growing with each passing day

Permission given by Wildflower Graphics
Permission given by Wildflower Graphics

New film under fire

Guy Ritchie’s new Knight’s of the Round Table — King Arthur movie is facing being dumped on the cutting room’s floor following a Facebook revolt by history enthusiasts intent on boycotting the #Film. Originally planned for release in early 2016, the film was postponed until July 2016, but in light of the threat of a major boycott, has now been postponed further until February 2017. With fears of a stock exchange collapse to the value of their shares, Warner Bros film studios are running scared from a growing movement of people calling into question the fairy tale events of ancient British history which Guy Ritchie is peddling on behalf of a German royal dynasty.

Championed by historical detectives Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, the real story of King Arthur differs greatly from the romantic fiction which the 15th century French writer Chretien de Troys wrote. Blaming the 12th century historian Geoffrey of Monmouth for rolling two King Arthurs into one, the ancient Khumry manuscripts chronicle at least five King Arthurs throughout ancient British history, of which the first fought the Romans and the second fought the Saxons.

Labeled barbaric and uncivilized Celts by historians in allegiance with a succession of European royal dynasties, the ancient Khumry records paint a very different picture of British history than what is being taught in schools today. Starring Charlie Hunnam, Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Eric Bana and Jude Law, the fairy tale that a pauper from ancient Londinium pulled a sword from a stone to become King of all Britain couldn’t be further from the truth.

King Arthur I son of Magnus Maximus of the late 4th Century AD and King Arthur II of the late 6th Century AD, can both trace their family lines back to the British Emperor Constantine the Great and back further to the Holy family itself which entered Britain in AD 37.

Going where other historians fear to tread, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett claim to know the location of the Ark of the Covenant, King Arthur II’s grave and even where the body of Jesus Christ rests. Everything we know about our ancient history is wrong. The Roman’s never conquered Britain. The Khumry, (wrongly named as the Celts,) were a mighty civilization and the demise of the Arthurian Kingdom and the advent of the Dark Ages was due to asteroid debris hitting Britain around 562 AD.

With Guy Ritchie facing family problems outside of the Hollywood studios he directs for, his goal of making six King Arthur movies appears to be fading fast. With the rumour of a rival King Arthur movie, being made by independent British movie makers, and with the backing of billionaire Richard Branson, it would seem the fable of a King being crowned by pulling a sword from a stone will finally be laid to rest.

The ancient prophecy says that King Arthur will return in our nation’s darkest hour. That hour is fast approaching.