Matt Taylor Child Porn Trial Collapses

Accused of downloading child porn, controversial writer Matt Taylor has escaped a Crown Court trial after it’s collapse this week.


Set to commence on the week of 11 December 2017, Lewes Crown Court unexpectedly brought the trial forward to the 7 December, before withdrawing the trial completely for December.

Solicitor Mr. Steve Wedd from Bristow Wedd Solicitors warned Taylor following his fourth arrest of 2017, that “the Crown Court only fit in all the non-hopers into the week before Christmas.”

Equality lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis said, “The Crown Court have lost their confidence, with no more corrupt judges willing to service the fraud.”

£20 Million Story

With a bidding war between the leading newspapers The Mirror, Sun, Daily Mail and the Star erupting, no expense is being spared to secure the exclusive rights to what is being hailed as the biggest scandal in British history.

To secure a deal its rumoured Rupert Murdoch of the Sky Empire, has offered Taylor a £20 million four-year-deal, packaging a book deal, newspaper column and a TV show.

The State and Law Courts are unfit for purpose

Victim to Hampstead Heath trolls, Taylor has endured a year of harassment by the State and Law Courts, following a Harassment fraud against him by two particular Sussex based civil servants, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

With a Government D notice in place, these two particular individuals hit the headline this week.

Good verses Evil

In a year that saw Taylor accused of harassment, stalking, downloading child porn and maliciousness, he remains philosophical saying, “I feel honoured to have helped the Royal Commission end corruption and feel blessed to have gone through such an experience. I’ve been on the side of truth and truth has prevailed.”


Political satire plunges to new depths of malice.

Taylor is coming to get yer!

Never before in the history of British politics has political satire been filled with such vicious malice.

Political satire rules OK UK forever!
Political satire rules OK UK forever!

#Prime Minister #David Cameron, Royalty and other notable figures in the British Establishment are coming under a level of political satire unheard of in modern times. While political satire has been a stable diet of discontent since the times of ancient Rome and Greece, modern day satire is touching on libel and slander.

With the floodgates opened after Lord Ashford’s allegation that David Cameron inserted his penis into a dead pig’s head as an initiation to a secret elite club, further damaging allegations are coming to light that Cameron had sex with a dead child as an initiation to a secret elite club, which begs the question; when will be police be called to investigate these despicable claims?

Political satire historically flourishes as a subversive weapon used by disgruntled citizens living under a fascist and despotic regime.

With the Conservative Party now in its second term and free from the restraints of a coalition government, it would seem that the symptoms of a suppressed and austerity battered population are beginning to be felt.

Unable to rely on a free press to hold politicians to account, citizen journalism is coming to the surface as the only effective answer to the perceived corruption which has been allowed to fester and grow deep within the heart of power and royalty.

This is no more evident than the massive fraud being revealed in relation to the ‘Boiler Rooms’ at 788-790 Finchley Road, London.

Championed by citizen researcher Gordon Bowden and promoted as the biggest fraud in British history, over 250,000 fake companies have been linked to two addresses in London, with virtually every notable politician and Royal family member listed as a company director.

While political satire may be rife, the underlaying message is deadly serious and in effect accuses all the politicians we are meant to trust to be fraudulently stealing the nation’s wealth from under the citizens’ noses.

Alas there isn’t a politician or journalist brave enough in Britain to ask the serious questions, which makes political satire all the more necessary as a weapon against the alleged criminal leaders of Great Britain PLC.

The UK’s first step towards the Legalization of Cannabis.

Taylor is coming to get yer!

The prohibition of cannabis will surely be consigned to the history books, just like the prohibition of alcohol.

Permission from Rick Simpson - Run from the Cure
Permission from Rick Simpson – Run from the Cure

Tim Farron MP, the leader of the Liberal Democrats party is the first party political leader to publicly call for the legalisation of cannabis for recreational users.

“The War on Drugs is Over”

Following the example set by a growing number of States in America, the recreational use of cannabis is following on from the successful legalization of cannabis for medical use.

New findings suggest the link between the use of marijuana and mental illness may not be as prevalent as first thought.

Take for example a recent study published in the JAMA Psychiatry Journal by Dr. Mark Olfson of the Columbia University Medical Centre and New York State’s Psychiatric Institute, which found that rather than causing mental illnesses, marijuana users were more likely to drink more #Alcohol rather than develop mood or anxiety disorders.

Its good for the Economy too

Taking the money away from the Black Markets and putting it into the hands of the Treasury, the legalization of cannabis can play a major role in reducing the national debt.

According to the CIBC World Markets, Canada already benefits from a whooping $5 Billion a year injection of cash in tax revenues from the legal sale of marijuana.

Looking at the bigger picture, the legalization of cannabis can make a massive and positive impact on society. Freeing the police to concentrate on serious crimes other than the possession and supply of a naturally grown plant, revolutions are possible in the field of medicine and industry.

Run from the Cure

According to Rick Simpson, cannabis cures Cancer and the legalization of cannabis will free sufferers of many ailments to treat themselves without having to reply on a profit driven pharmaceutical industry to supply drugs with harmful side effects.

With a thousand and one uses, (fuel, rope, paper, clothing, paint, oil, ink) even the Hemp plant can be used to make a wealth of products which can revolutionize industry in the same manner it can revolutionize medicine and society.

All the indications now point to the inevitability of the legalization of cannabis. The scaremongering of the dangers of cannabis use has been proved wrong by any professional body who looks into the issue. The financial benefit to the economy is undeniable and the argument against recreational cannabis use is being lost. People have used cannabis both recreationally and as a medicine for millennium. The prohibition of cannabis will surely be consigned to the history books, just as the prohibition of alcohol has been.

Hampstead Heath Satanic cover-up‏.

Taylor is coming to get yer!

Children P and Q have been at the centre of an internet storm, but yet the truth has yet to be proven.

Copyright Matt Taylor - Interview with the Devil
Copyright Matt Taylor – Interview with the Devil


Great Britain is facing its biggest nightmare to date with the terrifying story of the UK’s youngest whistle blowerschildren P and Q. Having clocked up over 4 million views, #Children P and Q became over-night sensations in 2014, when they appeared in a number of youtube videoschronicling their personal experiences of being members of a satanic cultbased in the leafy and expensive borough of Hampstead Heath in London.

Deemed a hoax by Judge Justice Pauffley and having their statements retracted after being interviewed by #Police, the mother of children P and Q, Ella Draper has been crucified in both the mainstream and alternative media as evil, accused of coaching the children alongside her boyfriend Abraham Christie, to discredit the father of the children, actor Ricky Dearman as a satanic cult leader.

While millions have sighed a huge sigh of relief that what is said to have happened in Hampstead Heath is all make believe, millions more believe the children and view their story as vindication that the British establishment is run by Satanists and that the great and good of society are in fact monstrous and evil murderers behind closed doors.

More questions than answers

With the children in the hands of social services and the mother of the children hounded as an evil manipulative woman, Ricky Dearman has come out of the scandal with his reputation unscathed. Interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News, Ricky Dearman has since been accused of creating numerous YouTube accounts, in which he pretends to be other people to discredit the hundreds of videos which support the children.

Without a proper police investigation into the horrific claims made by the children, doubts will remain over whether the children were speaking the truth or lying.

One thing is for sure; if the children are telling the truth, it would plunge Britain into its worse nightmare since the start of the Second World War.

The inconvenient truth

Whether the country wants to address the horror or simply bury their heads in the sand, the inconvenient truth implies that the British Establishment is in fact a Free-masonic club of psychotic paedophile murders, in which the entire House of Commons, the judiciary, police and Royalty are nothing more than the managers of a vast organization, tasked with maintaining the status quo and the worship of Lucifer for their own evil and nefarious ends.

Alternatively, two young children, under the guidance of their mother and their mother’s boyfriend, have pulled off the most despicable and horrific hoax ever to be perpetrated in the 21st century.

Only time will tell and once the truth is revealed once and for all, nothing will be the same again.

Sussex Police ban Matt Taylor’s blog due to harassment plea by PCC.

Taylor is coming to get yer!

Sussex Police have banned a blog on grounds of harassment against Katy Bourne, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC).

Taylor is coming to get yer!
Taylor is coming to get yer!

Matt Taylor, the self-proclaimed Shadow Sussex #Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC) has had his popular blog removed from the Google Blogger platform following a complaint of harassment by Mark Streater, Bourne’s number one.

Regularly promoted on the “Andy Peacher’s Show” on the Freedom Talk Radio platform by ex-Crime Stopper Brian Setchfield and Peaceful Warrior John Paterson; Taylor has been a thorn in the side of Sussex Chief Constable Giles York and Commissioner Bourne since 2012, calling into question the Commissioner’s credibility in holding Sussex Police to account.

Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC)

An ex-Royal #Military Policeman, Taylor is responsible for initiating the on-going Independent Police Complaint’s Commission (IPCC) investigation into electoral fraud by Bourne, during the run up to the second PCC elections in 2016.

The SSPCC blog was originally removed in July 2016 following claims made by Taylor that Bourne is a liar. In light of the IPCC investigation Taylor successfully appealed the ban, and the blog was reinstated in September 2016. Buoyed by his victory, he published a further three articles calling into question the involvement of the police in the 2015Shoreham air-show crash and the 2016 Camber Sands tragedy, in which 17 people collectively lost their lives.

Freedom of Speech and Expression

Claiming Streater has denied him his Human Rights of expression and speech, Taylor believes his blog was removed because he was exposing elements of truth which Streater wants kept hidden from the public.

He said, “I have never harassed anyone. I’ve simply blogged my opinion based on research which anyone can do.

Katy Bourne took an oath which welcomed public scrutiny and that’s what I’m doing. I’m providing an extra layer of public scrutiny which they would rather do without. By banning my blog they’ve demonstrated they can’t be trusted. I’ve lost all trust in the police and call into question their ability to serve and protect the people of Sussex, and the Commissioner’s ability to hold the police to account.”

Friends in High Places

Under fire for cutting PCSO numbers, while promising to increase them during the run-up to the election, Emma Daniel, Brighton and Hove Elm Grove Councillor and member of the Police and Crime Panel, said, “I don’t think people would have voted for the Commissioner if they’d known what she was going to do.”

Tipped as a rising star in the Conservative party and a close friend to PM Theresa May, Bourne is facing the prospect of prison having been the first elected PCC to be investigated by the IPCC for a criminal offence.

Both Bourne and York have yet to publicly comment on the IPCC investigation, while Taylor has appealed to the Google Blogger Team to reinstate his blog for a second time.

Controversial writer Matt Taylor fervently denies he’s a paedophile.

Top Alternative Media writer Matt Taylor has denied claims made by Paul Miosage, that he is a paedophile.

Taylor is coming to get yer!
Taylor is coming to get yer!

Matt Taylor has denied claims made by Paul Miosage, that he is a paedophile.

Miosge wrote on the Google+ platform, “I put it to you Sir, that you are in fact the paedophile.”

Defiant in his defence, the father of two replied, “I have never had any sexual relations with a minor.”

Tit for Tat

Responsible for the blog “Russell Brand exposed as a Paedophile,” which has gone viral and read by over 1 million people; Taylor’s latest post, ‘A Picture Paints a Thousand Words,’ is equally controversy because it continues on the theme, implying veteran entertainers Tom Jones, Cliff Richards, and heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, are also paedophiles.

According to the writer, who is viewed as a ‘loose cannon’ within the Alternative Media, the world is run on shame in which Queen Elizabeth II intentionally chooses her PM’s on MI5’s advice, of how easy they are to blackmail.

Suppressed by Sussex Police and ignored by the mainstream press, the Ex Royal Military Policeman has been accredited with forcing an IPCC investigation into the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne for lying during the 2016 PCC election.

Freedom of Speech and Expression Denied

Complaining he’s a victim of government censorship, his blog Shadow Sussex Police Crime Commissioner, (in which he holds Sussex Police and Katy Bourne to account;) has been removed from the internet after he posted three blogs, calling into question the involvement of Sussex Police in the Shoreham Air-Show crash and the Camber Sands tragedy, which collectively killed 17 people.

An award winning #Film maker and a published author; the self-proclaimed “revolutionary,” has launched his latest campaign; “Let’s get it sorted by Christmas;” to finally rid the world of the Satanic scum who run it.

He said, “By my calculations the Windsor Royal dynasty is set to end in 2016; this means we need to get it sorted by Christmas. There has never been a better time in history to do it than now. All the players are in place. Moai King John Wanoa, crime stopper Brian Setchfield, peaceful warrior John Paterson, whistle blowers Gordon Bowden, Field McConnell, Bases Lectures organiser and researcher Miles Johnson and Richard D Hall; to name but a few. With the whole Alternative Media on side, we can turn this world around within 24 hours.”

Set to take Britain by storm, and heralding the return of King Arthur II; the maverick claims to only crave the simple things in life.

He said, “I’ll be happy when I have an Earth-ship, a Space Ship and Tesla electric car.”

A champion of the Hampstead Kids who claim to be victims of satanic ritual abuse and the Leader of the UK’s Moai King William IV Party; the Brighton based star is already being likened to the US Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Fulfilling a lifetime’s ambition, the 45-year-old risk taker stood in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown General Election, appearing at hustings alongside MP’s Simon Kirby, Caroline Lucas and Peter Kyle.

The Brightonian also stood in the 2012 and 2016 Police and Crime Commissioner elections, up against the rising star of the Conservative Party, Katy Bourne, before with-drawing at the eleventh hour.

Matt Taylor remains an enigma.

Matt Taylor, Leader of the Moai King William IV Party, is set to become the next PM.

Who is the best prime minister, jremy corbyn, theresa may, matt taylor

Matt Taylor, Leader of Britain’s newest political party, the Moai King William IV Party, has emerged as the leading candidate to take over from Theresa May as PM.

With the renewed resurgence of Jeremy Corbyn putting the spring back into Labour’s step and the demise of Theresa May in full public view, a recent survey has revealed Matt Taylor is the preferred choice of 33% of those questioned, to the best Prime Minister for Great Britain.

Who is the best prime minister, jremy corbyn, theresa may, matt taylor

An unknown personality within Westminster circles, who came last in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown General Election as an independent candidate, Taylor has built himself a reputation as a maverick politician, a political columnist and a campaigner against police corruption.

With the backing of Surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa from New Zealand, who himself has the backing of the Moai Paramount Chiefs; Taylor is set to bring about radical Moai change, which makes Labour’s radical policies seem tame in comparison.

Promising to inject the economy with £970 million trillion trillion, promoting tidal energy as the nation’s new power source and building new sustainable Earthships to address the nation’s shortage of homes; Taylor claims to have all the solutions to today’s problems.

A champion of King Arthur II, he says, “The hour has arrived for a new type of politician to make the change.”

A leading writer in the Alternative Media and a film-maker, Taylor is set to take the country by storm with his Moai type of radical and revolutionary politics.

He said, “The Corbyn cult has demonstrated the country’s appetite for a new type of Moai politics. Sadly Corbyn doesn’t go far enough and is perceived by two thirds of the voters to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The country is desperate for something new, something Moai and something unlike anything seen before. The Moai are coming. I am that something new. With the hand of King Arthur II of the ancient Britons on one shoulder, and the hand of Surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa from New Zealand on the other, I’m now favourite to take over from Theresa May as the next Prime Minister of Great Britain.”


jeremy corbyn, oris johnson brian setchfield vice cable, matt taylor

Meet the contenders

Jeremy Corbyn

Riding high on the end of the best ever Brighton Labour conference the party has ever had, there are still the Blairites lurking in the shadows, and some commentators loath him as much as the elderly die hard Conservatives, who fear those apocalyptic days of fuel shortages, 3 working days and 95% tax rates.

Boris Johnson

Collectively viewed as a buffoon by the world’s political elite, Boris has demonstrated his skill and experience of being nothing more than a pompous spoilt rich boy playing out his life-time fantasy of being Winston Churchill.

Brian Setchfield

Campaigning for a new contract between the public, Parliament and the Crown; Team Setchfield promise to deal with the immense corruption which is rampant at the heart of British politics, police and judiciary.

Vince Cable

The granddad of the line up, Vince is a well known and reassuring political personality, convenient to remind the public of their more liberal nature. While its unlikely Vince will become PM; in the event of a Hung Parliament, he may be the King Maker, as Nick Clegg was before him.

Matt Taylor

A talent about to be discovered, Taylor has been working hard for the last 20 years, standing up against war, poverty and child-abuse. Championing the memory of King Arthur II, and joining forces with the Moai Surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa; Taylor’s unexpected rise to power has taken everyone by surprise.