Elvis Aron Presley – Intelligence Project by Christopher D Spivey & Miles Mathis.

Elvis Aron Presley – Intelligence Project

I watched a BBC program last night about a team of builders remodeling the home of alleged Metropolitan Policeman, Kris Aves, who is now supposedly wheelchair bound after being hit whilst crossing the Westminster Bridge by the vehicle allegedly driven by the terrapin, Mad McMad Masood.

All very good for government propaganda but buttock clenching to watch for those aware that NO TERRAPIN ATTACK took place on the Westmonster Bridge.

Indeed it is simple to prove that if you buy into the official version of events then you are a mug-cunt. You see, the wholly corrupt Metropolitan Police Service claim that Mad McMad Masood drove over the Westminster Bridge at speeds up to 76 MPH taking 30 seconds to do so… That is not conspiracy or newspaper talk. That is solid fact as told by the MET.

Moreover, the MET (not the national press or conspiracy theorists) state as FACT that the whole incident from run-up to Westminster Bridge to Masood being shot dead inside the gates of Westminster Palace took just 82 seconds.

Yet not even the far-fetched Sun Newspaper (hence forth referred to as the Scum) was wearing the Metroplod’s claim that Terrapin, Khalid Masood was travelling across the bridge at anywhere up to 76 MPH, and instead attributed his speed to being 50 MPH on average.

Nevertheless, the Scum have still stuck by the Metroplod’s official timeline of 82 seconds – start to finish – allocating 30 seconds of those to the bridge crossing.

Likewise, the Spy owned Telegraph Newspaper amended the Metroplod’s 76 MPH to an average 40 MPH, whilst also allowing a 30 second bridge crossing, yet they too still stuck to the 82 second overall time of the “attack“:

It was just after 2.40pm that Ajao, in the grey Hyundai Tucson 4×4, appeared on the eastern approach to the bridge, two large kitchen knives by his side. He mounted the pavement, reaching more than 40mph, and would take 30 seconds to cross the 250-yard span of the bridge. Source

Mind you, the Shit-Rag is actually also wrong about the bridge span being “250 yards” long (228.6 Meters), since it is actually 252 Meters long – albeit Wikipedia has the length down at 250 Meters.

So – in order to be fair for the point that I am going to make which will prove the attack to be fraud – we will take Wiki’s 250 Meter guess as our benchmark, thus only making the Telegraph 70 ft out in their estimation.

Mind you, I must point out first that with the Met having Masood (named after the EastEnder’s postman so as the brain-drained public will remember him) doing 76 MPH across the bridge, the Scum having him doing 50 MPH and the Telegraph having him zooming at 40 MPH, I am not altogether sure how all three still managed to come up with an overall 82 second timeline, but there ya go.

Nevertheless, for Masood to have cleared the crowded bridge in 30 seconds – knocking over at least 50 Serfs Smurfs in the process, if ya buy into the official bollox – all 3 Bastions of the Truth must be miles (per-hour) out in their calculations… see what I did there?

Course, this would be a deliberate mistake on their part because to travel 820 feet (250 M) in 30 seconds, Mad Masood would have been roughly averaging a super-scary speed of 18 MPH.

Indeed, I arrived at that 18 MPH figure based on [the approximate] converting of MPH to FPS (feet per second), which is calculated by dividing the MPH by 2 and then multiplying by 3 Source.

Therefore 18 (MPH) ÷ 2 = 9, then multiplied by 3 = 27 (FPS). So, just to clarify for the thick-fucks: Someone travelling at 18 MPH will cover a distance of 27 feet every second.

And since – we are told –  it took Mad-Max 30 seconds to cross the bridge, we times 30 by the 27 (FPS) which gives us 810 feet (the bridge is 820 feet long according to Wikipedia and 827 feet long according to other sources), whereas 19 MPH would take the distance traveled over 30 seconds to 855 feet:

The new [Westminster] bridge that is still there today is 827 feet long, and built of iron. It has withstood everything the city has been able to throw at it, and shows few signs of aging. Source

Course, as I pointed out earlier getting hit by a two tonne motor at 76 MPH is certain fucking death, whereas on the other hand, getting hit at 18 MPH by a two tonne motor is going to give you a nasty bruise.

It is most certainly not going to put fraud copper Kris Aves in a wheelchair.

Fuck me, it’s no wonder that the Westminster Bridge is also known as the Bridge of Fools:

The new bridge at Westminster wasn’t funded in the typical way (with private enterprise and tolls); instead, money was raised via a then-fashionable ‘lottery’.

Lotteries at the time were subject to abuse and fraud: some even saw them as being immoral, and a threat to society.

This lottery funding led Henry Fielding to dub the new crossing ‘The Bridge of Fools’. The name stuck as the bridge’s construction dragged on much longer than planned.

Now all that is documented in my exposé of the fraud: A Bridge Too Far Part 1

Moreover, “A Bridge Too Far Part 2” has today been released as an Ebook, so if you do not want to make a site donation via Paypal, you can support the site by purchasing the Ebook:

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Part 3 – the final installment of A Bridge Too Far – will be released as an Ebook and on here in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

And in Part 3 I will leave you all in no doubt whatsoever that the fraud Plod, Kris Aves was not hurt at all – as was nobody else for that matter.

However, that cringe-worthy BBC program was interesting by the fact that Aves was now being touted as crossing the bridge with a single ‘colleague’ rather than the two reported ‘colleagues’ he was reported to be with at the time… Very strange.

Nevertheless, I will say no more on the matter except you will have to wait for Part 3 for the irrefutable evidence of the fact.

Okay, what follows now is an exposé of the life & times of Elvis Presley, brilliantly written by Miles Mathis.

The reason that I have published this long but compelling article is because it loosely ties in with what I wrote about Elvis when I unmasked the created persona of Mental Meghan Markle 

Again, just sayin’.

Elvis Aron Presley – Intelligence Project

by Miles Mathis

First published December 15, 2015

As usual, this is all just my opinion, arrived at by my own personal research. I don’t expect this paper to be very popular. After all, most people like Elvis—at least early Elvis. To take some of the sting out of it, let me say I like Elvis, too. By outing him, I am not implying he wasn’t
talented or fun to watch. He was. He was a good looking guy with a nice voice and a lot of charisma.

That is why he was chosen. That and other reasons.

To get started, we will once again go down the Wikipedia page, looking for red flags. I will show you how to read those markers and how to link out to more important information.

The first thing we find is that Elvis was a twin. We are told his twin died at birth, but not everything we are told is true. So we should put that on the shelf with a question mark by it.

People often write to me asking me if the spooks are using cloning, and this question ties into that. My short answer is that they don’t need to, since nature already does it. Intelligence looks for twins, which are already clones of a sort. We saw it in my last paper on David Irving, who is also a twin.

As I said there, the nice thing about twins is that they can be in two places at once.

And if you lose one, you always have a spare.

The next red flag is Elvis’ mother Gladys Love Smith. We are told that Gladys’ great-grandmother may have been a Cherokee, but that is misdirection. The truth is, Gladys’ great-grandmother was Jewish.

Gladys herself was Jewish, though she apparently did not practice due to disapproval by her husband. However, Elvis knew she was Jewish and considered himself to be Jewish as well (knowing the descent was matrilineal).

There is a Star of David on Gladys’ original tombstone, though it has been replaced.

Elvis was a life member of the Jewish Community Center in Memphis. He always wore a Chai pendant, which you can see in the photo below.

Chai means “life” in Hebrew, and indicates the lowest emanation of God.

Growing up, Elvis had been head of the Memphis Mafia, a group of boys known for their swagger. Other members included George Klein*, Marty Lacker, Larry Geller and Alan Fortas — all Jewish.

Alan Fortas was the nephew of a US Supreme Court Justice, so the story about Elvis being poor and with no connections was also false. His friends weren’t just Jews, they were prominent Jews.

The Supreme Court Justice was Abe Fortas, and we should take a moment to look him up. Fortas went to Yale Law School, where he was editor of the Law Review.

He graduated in 1933 (note the date). Fortas had close ties to Puerto Rico, through its first Governor Luis Munoz Marin. Marin became Governor in 1948, year two of the CIA, which gives us a clue here as well.

Marin’s father owned two newspapers in San Juan and became Commissioner of the island from 1911-1916. Remember, Puerto Rico was taken from Spain in 1898, and a military government was installed by the US.

Anyway, this leads us into Fortas’ middle bio, when he joined the army during WW2. Although he was Undersecretary of the Interior at the time and was no longer young, we are told he took a leave of absence to enlist. Right. Not believable.

Also not believable is what we are told next: after one month he was discharged for tuberculosis. Lucky for him, this tuberculosis didn’t prevent him from being appointed by Truman just a couple of months later as a UN advisor.

It also didn’t prevent him from living another 37 years, when he died of heart failure (nothing to do with his lungs). So what was Fortas really doing when he enlisted?

He was joining Intelligence. This is how they scrub that. In my paper on the Beat Poets, we saw both Kerouac and Burroughs supposedly discharged from the military after a few days for ridiculous reasons, including requesting an aspirin.

Fortas was basically an Intelligence attorney, which we see clearly in 1948 when Fortas helped Lyndon Johnson dodge vote tampering charges in his Senate race in Texas. Although Johnson stole the vote, Abe Fortas convinced Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black to order the federal court to stop investigating the case.

How does that work?

I thought the Supreme Court had to hear a case to make a decision on it, and that the Justices had to vote together. I was not aware that a single Justice could order a federal court to stop investigating vote fraud, were you? But that is what we are told, both on Fortas’ bio and the bio of Hugo Black.

We also see Fortas’ Intel connections in his clashes with Joe McCarthy in the 1950s, when he represented Owen Lattimore. Like many of the other trials we have studied, this one was manufactured as a show trial to keep your eyes off other things, and to sell you the fake Cold War.

The trial was all a diversion, since Lattimore was also an asset. He never got convicted of anything, of course, so the whole thing was just another hoax.

Want some evidence for that assertion?

Well, Lattimore was the editor of Pacific Affairs, the magazine of the Institute of Pacific Relations. The IPR was funded in large part by the Rockefeller Foundation, which is really all you need to know. If it is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, it is a CIA front.

We are told Lattimore got in trouble for publishing Marxist writers, but since Marxism itself was manufactured by European Intelligence, Lattimore’s magazine turns out to be just one more Intel front.

He was the controlled opposition. Remember, Karl Marx was a scion both of German Jews (father’s side) and of the billionaire Philips family in Holland (mother’s side).

Take note of that name Philips: it is about to come up again when we return to Elvis. We can finish off Fortas without speculating at all, because in 1969, after only four years on the Supreme Court, he was forced to resign. He had been caught in multiple scandals and should have been charged with major corruption.

Fortas was being paid by Louis Wolfson (Jewish) to intervene with LBJ and arrange his pardon. Wolfson, a corporate raider, was convicted of illegal stock sales, perjury and obstruction of justice, for which we are told he served only 9 months in a minimum security “camp” at an Air Force Base in Florida.


Why not just incarcerate him at Disneyworld?

Since when are non-military people held on military bases?

And why?

My guess is because they had a nice golf course. Wolfson probably worked on his game for 9 months in the Florida sunshine.

OK, so that is who Elvis’ Jewish pal Alan was related to. And it was close relation. Nephew is a very close relation.

By age eight, Elvis was already apprenticed to Mississippi Slim, a performer and radio personality at WELO in Tupelo. Elvis was eight in 1943, which was in the middle of WW2.

Mississippi Slim was 20 at the time. Why wasn’t he drafted? Being born in 1923, he should have been one of the first ones taken, since he wasn’t in school and was not a father.

To answer that, let us ask some more questions about Elvis.

We are told Slim worked with Elvis from a young age, and got him on the radio by the time he was 12. So we would expect Elvis to have been some sort of musical prodigy, right?

Nope, not according the mainstream history. We are told Slim said of Elvis, “The kid can’t keep time.” And according to Slim’s younger brother James, Elvis “listened attentively but just didn’t seem to learn, at least not quickly.”

They also admit that Elvis never learned to read music. Ever. According to Elvis’ own account, he failed music in high school.

So if Elvis was just a poor young hillbilly with no particular musical ability, how did he merit such attention?

It doesn’t add up.

To answer that, we have to look at who ran WELO at the time. We are told Ernest Bowen ran the station for a long time, but he was not there until later. However, it is interesting to discover Bowen had Navy connections. During the war, the station was run by Charlie Boren. That is a common Jewish surname, a shortening of Borenstein.

That’s Charlie Boren in the middle there, looking like a weird Asian man. Elvis is supposed to be on the far right.

What? Elvis is the little guy with glasses, suspenders, and a tie? Does that look anything like Elvis to you?

We are supposed to believe that little hillbillies dress like accountants’ sons?

C’mon, that isn’t Elvis. Not even close. This is another joke. You might as well tell me Elvis is the little girl with ringlets.

This is what Elvis looked like as a boy:

You immediately recognize those eyes and lips, as well as the slightly flattened nose.

You will say, “Well, maybe he’s the little blond boy on the other end. Maybe they meant ‘their right’ not ‘your right’”.

I doubt it, because this was 1945, when Elvis was supposed to be 10. That boy to the far left is not 10. He looks about 8.

And although Elvis had lighter hair as a boy, he wasn’t that blond at 10. The face shapes don’t match, either, or the ears.

That’s Boren with Elvis in 1956.

Boren looked a little like Milton Berle. Berle was Jewish. Boren looks very Jewish to me.

Also starting up WELO with Charlie Boren was Archie Mackey. His mother’s maiden name was Dickman, which is a common Jewish name, shortened from Dickmann, meaning “fat man.”

This indicates to me that Mississippi Slim was also Jewish. His last name was Ausborn, which may be Jewish.

So it looks like the radio station was a Jewish production, which would explain why Elvis was there from a young age despite having no extraordinary talents. It also indicates to me that Mississippi Slim was not in the military because he was being used by Intelligence for a domestic project.

Elvis was this project. Elvis was chosen from the cradle, first because he was a prominent local Jew, and second because he was a twin. It helped later that he became good looking and an expressive performer. Some are chosen, very few succeed like this.

As a teen, Elvis worked summers and weekends as an usher at Loew’s State Theater. Of course this was a string of theaters owned by Marcus Loew, a billionaire Jewish tycoon.  He also formed MGM, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Loew was a business partner with Adolph Zukor, another Jewish tycoon who founded Paramount Pictures. Note the name Adolph, which you wouldn’t think belonged to a Jew.

This fact will be important in an upcoming paper.

That photo is tagged Elvis with his parents, 1956.

Elvis is currently listed as being six feet tall. I guess we are supposed to believe his mother Gladys was 6’1”?

Elvis wasn’t anything like 6 feet tall.

My guess is 5’8” or 5’9”.

It doesn’t really matter, except that is another sign that everything we are told is false.

Does he look 6 feet tall here?


Next we are told that in his HS junior year, Elvis would go downtown to Beale street and look in the window at the flashy clothes at Lansky Brothers menswear. “By his senior year, he was wearing them.” Really?

And how did he afford that?

His dad was a deadbeat, in and out of jail and writing hot checks and so on.

Well, Lansky’s was owned by Bernard Lansky, another prominent Jew. So my assumption is Lansky was another backer of the Elvis project in Memphis.

It was at this time that B.B. King first ran into Elvis in Memphis.

King tells us he knew Elvis before he became famous. This is a red flag, though most won’t catch it. Like Elvis, King was “discovered” by
Sam Phillips.

We will get to Sam Phillips in a moment. But just remember the strange lines from the Beatles’ song Dig It:

Like the FBI and the CIA, and the BBC, B.B. King, and Doris Day, Matt Busby.


What do all those things have in common?

Well, the first three are pretty self-explanatory. Doris Day was outed in my paper on Sharon Tate, where we saw her son Terry Melcher neck-deep in the gigantic hoax. She was also Jewish, being originally Doris Kappelhoff.

We will skip Matt Busby for now, but just get the clue. That leaves B.B. King.

I’m not telling you B.B. King wasn’t a great guitarist, I am just telling you he was also a CIA asset.

In support of that, we find that King’s recent death is being called murder by his own daughters.

Why would King need to be murdered at age 89?

I suggest he was suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementia, and was starting to talk about classified projects, possibly including Martin Luther King.

To keep him from spilling the beans, he had to be silenced. So his old associates fed him dangerous drugs. That is what his own daughters are saying.

“But even if that is true, how would the Beatles know anything about it?” I will be asked.

For those who haven’t already done so, you should read my paper on John Lennon, which answers that question in full (see p. 30).

The Beatles were a British Intelligence Project run by the BSC and Major John Pepper. That is where they got the name Pepper: he was a real guy.

Everyone on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s is a famous spook.

The BSC was the American arm of MI6, and they now admit that. They also admit BSC was run out of Rockefeller Center, with its front the British Passport Control Office.

We are told that at age 18, Elvis suddenly walked into Sun Records and asked to record. It doesn’t work that way. Sun Records wasn’t open to the public in late 1953.

Phillips had opened Memphis Recording Service almost four years earlier, and by late 1953 he was working with dozens of name acts. You didn’t just walk in off the street and pay for studio time in the hopes you would be discovered. This story is told to make you think Elvis chose Sun Records, rather than the reverse.

As we have seen, Elvis had been groomed from an early age, from the time he was in Tupelo up to this moment in Memphis. And he didn’t just accidentally run into Sam Phillips, owner of Sun Records.

The bio and genealogy of Samuel Cornelius Phillips has been scrubbed. According to mainstream sources, his father and mother are not known, much less older relatives.

This is a red flag. However, there are some big clues staring us in the face. One, Philips Records out of Holland is one of the largest record labels in the world. It was a subsidiary of Philips Electronics. Both were founded in the 19th century by the Philips family. We have seen them before, since Karl Marx’s uncle was a Philips.

You will say the names are spelled differently, with Sam Phillips having two l’s. But they do these things to throw you off. It doesn’t mean anything. You will say, “Well, if they wished to throw us off, why not change the name completely? Why change just one letter?” Because they don’t want to change the name completely.

They like their own names and change them as little as possible. They also know their audience doesn’t notice things and can be fooled easily. So they don’t bother hiding themselves thoroughly.

They know they can hide behind a willow branch, so why bother planting a giant oak?

But there is another clue, that being the middle name Cornelius. That is a common Dutch name, although it is normally spelled Corneliis or Cornelis over there. It is a name often used in the Philips family (as is Samuel).

In fact, Gerard Philips, founder of Philips Records, had a nephew named Cornelis Philips. The name of this Cornelis Philips’ son has been scrubbed. I suggest he may be this same Samuel Cornelius Phillips who started Sun Records in Memphis.

It is also curious that Cornelis Philips has no date of birth, and we are given a wide estimate from 1875 to 1927. Samuel Cornelius Phillips was born in 1923.

Sam Phillips’ early life has almost no information, and what little we get is absurd. We are told that the “man who invented rock n’ roll” grew up in rural Alabama as a tenant farmer’s son, picking cotton in the field with his parents and the black laborers. Right!

Once again we are reminded of Steve Martin’s joke from The Jerk about being born a poor black child in rural Mississippi.

I have to think he was referencing these ridiculous bios of people like Sam Phillips.

Like Mississippi Slim who we saw above, Phillips was born in 1923, which made him 18 in 1941. Why wasn’t he drafted? He wasn’t in school and he wasn’t married. His bio skips right over that, pretending there was no war in the 1940s. We are only told he was a DJ and radio engineer in Alabama.

I suggest Sam Phillips was already OSS by that time, running domestic projects. Either that or he was Dutch Intelligence.

That’s a picture of Sam Phillips.

He looks very Dutch to me. To see what I mean, let’s look at Frans Cornelis, CMO of large Dutch company Randstad.

He also has a very standard Dutch look, with an extremely square face and wide-set eyes.

See how he resembles Sam Phillips, though a couple of decades older?

Phillips also looked very Dutch older in life, when he had a beard:

But let us return to Elvis.

Elvis’ first hit in Memphis was the 1954 remake of Arthur Crudup’s ‘That’s All Right‘. It became popular when local DJ Dewey Phillips played it nonstop on his radio program. Yet another Phillips.

Was this Phillips related to Sam? We aren’t told.

Dewey Phillips’ bio is even more truncated than Sam’s.

However, we are told he fought in WW2, being in the battle for Hurtgen Forest (Belgium). Here is a picture of him:

The second photo is Anton Philips, one of the founders of Philips Records in Amsterdam. See any resemblance? I do.

The face shape is nearly identical. Dewey Phillips also looks Dutch, though in an admittedly different way than Sam Phillips.

Sam and Dewey don’t look alike, but the Philips brothers Anton and Gerard didn’t look alike either. So it is possible Dewey was from the same family, just from a different line.

Dewey allegedly died at age 42 in 1968 from alcoholism. That is unlikely. Personally, I think Dewey Phillips was born before 1926. I say that because he looked older than 30 in pictures with Elvis in the mid-50s. He is supposed to be 31 in that pic above. He looks at least ten years older. So he would have been 52 in 1968, in which case death by alcoholism is more believable.

Or, maybe the project was over and he was ready to retire, or move to another project. Strange, though, that Dewey died at age 42, same as Elvis.

You will say, “If these guys really were from the Philips family, why would scions of a billionaire family bother with such projects?” Because these families like to keep their hand in, and Intel projects is the way they do it.

The younger sons of such families often don’t have much to do in running the family businesses, but they like to stay busy. We have seen in many previous papers that the ruling families do indeed remain busy in Intelligence.

Think of the Boston Brahmins who were involved in OSS and the founding of the CIA, including people like McGeorge Bundy. He wasn’t doing it for the money, obviously. These people already have all the money in the world… Or John Reed. He didn’t need the money.

That said, these projects do often lead to big money, as with Elvis. Sun Records made a lot of money, although I no longer believe that was the primary goal of the project.

The primary goal was to lead US and Western culture in a desired direction, and the career of Elvis was part of that. As they did later with Dylan and the Beatles, the CIA was promoting Elvis as part of a long-planned sexual revolution.

This decades-long revolution would break up the family, split the sexes, splinter the religions, and destabilize culture as a whole, creating huge new markets and allowing for new forms of control.

It was what we now call the New World Order, but they have been installing it for the past two centuries, and maybe longer. You can see them pushing far earlier. Think of the Roaring Twenties, when they were pushing sexual freedom almost as strongly as in the 1950s and 60s.

This is why they passed the 19th Amendment in 1920, giving women the vote. You can be sure the men in Congress didn’t give a flip for equality or fairness or any of that.

They knew the vote was already worthless and that they could steal it anytime they wanted, so extending suffrage meant nothing.

I have always been in favor of equal rights and fairness, so that isn’t easy for me to say. But given what I now know, I see no other way to explain it.

By the 1920s, any representative democracy we ever had (which wasn’t much) had been undermined by the Plutocrats, so giving women the vote was just another smokescreen. Since by that time the vote was already meaningless, we must assume the 19th Amendment was passed for another reason.

By looking at what happened to culture in the 1920s, we can see that they were already trying to split the sexes and break up the family, and we must imagine someone thought promoting the woman’s movement would help do that.

As it turns out, they were right.

They not only backed the woman’s movement, they infiltrated it and deflected it. They did not start doing that with Gloria Steinem in 60s,
they had been doing it all along, back to the beginning. (And there we have a mention of Gloria Steinman who also features in my Meghan Markle exposé – Spiv).

Again, I don’t want you to misunderstand me. I was for equal rights and still am. I am glad women have the vote. But this issue is just like the environmental movement and its infiltration and cooption.

I was an environmentalist and still am. For that very reason, I am all the more distressed that the movement has been diverted, making it into a wedge.

It was pushed off its natural path by the Plutocrats and their minions and purposely perverted into its exact opposite. In the same way, the
woman’s movement has been diverted from its natural path, used by the Plutocrats and their minions as a wedge to force between the sexes.

To be even more direct, giving women the vote in a real democracy should have made them more active and more powerful. But since our democracy was already defunct by 1920, the vote only made women more noisy and deluded.

They became just as noisy and deluded as men, but I don’t think that was the sort of equality they were seeking. In the fake democracy we had before 1920, men in the lower and middle classes had been noisily pressing their delusion—that what they thought mattered.

After 1920, both men and women were pressing their delusions of rights and powers, but those who really had power cleverly pointed the men and women at each other.

Men and women were encouraged to petition each other for mythical rights and privileges, saving the governors from having to listen to
the old rattle. We have been diverted ever since.

Elvis was another cog in this long program, another ring in the circus.

Like sport, sex and music were diversions from more important matters, and Elvis joined the last two in a brilliant manner.

He appealed to both men and women, diverting the eyes and ears of both. In small doses, such diversions are harmless and may even be salutary. We are told that Elvis helped loosen some hips in the 50s, and maybe he did. The sexual revolution hasn’t been all bad, and I am not here to put us all back in our pens. Just the opposite. [Remember, I paint nudes for a living.]

However, modern diversions are not delivered in small harmless doses. They are now delivered 24-7 in huge Big Gulp doses, our throats being massaged constantly to allow higher levels of ingestion.

And the acceleration into our current mess was started after WW2. It wasn’t an accident. It was planned, it was heavily funded, and from the point of view of the governors it has been a smashing success.

The stinking rich have become progressively stinkier, and the powerful have become progressively more powerful, all without completely killing the host.

That’s right. Although you may think things are bad, they don’t see it that way. They think you should be amazed you aren’t an actual slave, making two cents a day, eating bugs and feeling the daily lash.

They are proud they have achieved billionaire and trillionaire status for so many without having millions starving in the streets. They honestly see themselves as beneficent and progressive. I’m not kidding.

They see themselves like the Pharaohs, but far more lenient. They could have you hauling rocks all day and eating sand, but you are lucky. That’s the way they see it. You are just lucky credit card debt pays better for them than rock hauling.

If you don’t believe me, go read one of the Forbes articles on the richest people in the world, which they now print about every three days. Not only will you see that more billionaires are being created every week, you will see the writers at Forbes implicitly selling you this fact as an amazing product of a well functioning world economy.

Yes, we see wealth piling up at the top at an accelerating rate, during a time of general economic contraction, but rather than admit this is a sign of lawlessness and criminal looting of the public treasuries, these magazines like Forbes sell it to you as a great success of Capitalism.

Which it is, in a way: this is exactly what Capitalism and the New World Order was created to do.

But let us return to Elvis. You may think my linking of Sam Phillips to the Dutch Philips empire is a stretch, but we have yet more indication of it when we come to Elvis’ agent Colonel Tom Parker.

It was not known until recently—since Parker hid it very well—but Colonel Tom Parker was actually Dutch.

The mainstream sites now admit his real name was Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk. Note the middle name!

He lived in Breda and Rotterdam until he was 20, fleeing to the US possibly to avoid murder charges.

We are told he entered the US without a passport or a correct ID, though how he did that is unclear. He would have had to jump ship and swim aboard without being spotted.

Immediately we get another wild story about Parker signing up for the army. He enlisted in the United States Army, taking the name “Tom Parker” from the offcer who interviewed him, to disguise the fact he was an illegal immigrant.


So he told the interviewing officer Tom Parker that his own name was Tom Parker?

How does that work?

Clearly we are being fed another story here. How to unwind it? Well, they give us the necessary clue when they admit Parker had been in the US before. He came over briefly at age 17, working at a Chatauqua.

What was a Chatauqua? It was an adult education camp started in 1874 by billionaire Lewis Miller, who had invented the combine. A Chautauqua Assembly brought entertainment and culture for the whole community, with speakers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, preachers and specialists of the day.

Have you guessed what was really going on with these Chatauquas yet?

The dissemination of propaganda. The musicians, artists and entertainers were the diversions, while the speakers, teachers, and specialists were the deliverers of the blue pill.

It was like an early TED conference, but with tents and balloons. In other words, the Chatauquas were an early Intelligence project, along the lines of Theosophy but for a broader and easier consumption.

Remember, Theosophy popped up at precisely the same time, and was organized and promoted by the same people—the very wealthy.

These projects like the Chatauquas were sold as philanthropy and good fun, but they were really a way for the upper class to control the middle class.

So to see Parker involved early on with this is a huge red flag. It means he had already been recruited by US Intelligence at a very early age.

Here is a pic of Colonel Tom Parker:

Gosh, who does he look like? Anyone we have seen?

Although he was always fatter, Colonel Tom Parker just happens to have almost exactly the same eyes and eyebrows as Dewey Phillips. He has the same nose and head shape as Anton Philips. He has the same balding pattern as both Phillips and Philips.

Could he be another from this family?

I admit this is all inconclusive, but it is curious that once again we are denied any genealogy of Colonel Tom Parker. We aren’t told his parents, much less his older ancestors.

Plus, if these people have nothing to hide, why did Parker hide his Dutch birth his entire life?

Why is his Wikipedia page still misdirecting us with absurd stories about his arrival in the US and his signing up for the Army and so on?

Speaking of which, let us ask how he got that Colonel tag. It now looks like a big red flag, considering what we have learned of colonels in my papers on Charles Manson, the Zodiac, Theosophy and so on.

The founder of Theosophy was a colonel, Henry Steel Olcott. Sharon Tate’s father was a colonel in Intelligence. And we saw several colonels involved with the Zodiac hoax, including the father of one of the fake victims.

Since Parker was allegedly only in the Army for a couple of years, he didn’t have time to become a colonel. After two years Parker would have been lucky to have been a lieutenant.

To explain his rank as colonel, we are told that in 1948, at age 39, Parker was given the rank in the Louisiana State Militia by Governor Jimmie Davis, in return for work Parker did on Davis’ election campaign.

That looks like another cover story, since Jimmie Davis is also a shady character, and he was basically a front for the Longs. Although his birth-date is given as September 11, no documentation exists. Note the date.

The reason Parker’s story remains suspicious to this day is that they say he was given rank in the State Militia. But if the title was honorary as is implied, it wasn’t a rank in the militia. It wasn’t a real military rank at all, being a title, not a rank.

For this reason, I see the whole story as another cover.

What was it covering?

Well, since we are told Parker joined the military back in about 1930, I suggest he never actually left it. By 1948, he would have been in for 18 years, plenty of time to achieve the rank of colonel.

But it is probably deeper than that. Since we have seen he was probably recruited by international Intelligence by the time he was 17, he had actually been in the field for at least 21 years.

He was probably given US citizenship as part of his project, along with advanced language training. That is why no one ever spotted a Dutch accent on him, I suppose.

It would also explain how he was able to dodge the US Government all his life.

Remember, according the mainstream story, he allegedly joined the army, got married, became fabulously rich, was famous as the agent of Elvis, and then ran the huge Elvis estate, without the IRS or any other government agency catching onto the fact that he was an illegal alien.

Not believable.

They obviously knew who he was the entire time. This is confirmed at his death, when his death certificate listed his place of birth as Netherlands and his citizenship as US.

Also remember his place of birth is supposed to have been Breda. That is another clue, although they are sure you won’t be able to read it.

Breda is a very old, famous, and wealthy city, not the sort of place you expect an immigrant to come from. You may remember from your history lessons that when Oliver Cromwell killed Charles I, his son Charles II hid out in Breda.

Since it was full of palaces, it was just the sort of place for a King in exile. Charles was there because of his sister Mary, who was connected to William of Orange. William’s son became King of England somewhat later, and we have seen him come up in a couple of recent papers, including my paper on the Salem Witch Trials and my paper on the Kabbalah.

This last link is timely, since Elvis studied Kabbalah. Today, Breda continues to give you clues, since it is the Benelux center of operations for GE, General Motors, Scania, ExxonMobil, Texaco, Krohne, and Toshiba.

Even more to the point is the Netherlands Defense Academy in Breda, an arm of Dutch Intelligence. Also the Royal Netherlands Military Academy, Breda, ditto.

Most recently, this book** which you can read parts of at Google Books tells us that Al Qaeda operated out of Breda. That is another pointer to Intelligence, since of course Al Qaeda is a creation of Western Intel.

We have more confirmation Parker was Presley’s handler, not his agent, by the percentages reported. An agent normally makes less than his client, but Parker always made far more, even after Presley’s alleged death.

For instance, with Presley’s licensing company, Presley owned only 22%, while Parker owned 56% and unnamed partners owned the other 22%.

That’s right, Presley didn’t even own a third. They also admit that “due to an ill-advised agreement between Parker and Presley”, RCA owned all
royalties on songs released prior to 1973.

Come again?

How can that be based on an agreement between Parker and Presley?

Parker and Presley huddle and agree to give RCA 100% of royalties?

Does that sound rational?

Remember, we saw the same sort of thing with the Beatles, who mysteriously signed away or sold most of their publishing and royalty rights.

It is also worth noting that Parker wasn’t the only financial interest behind Presley in the early years.

In 1955, Parker was working with Jean and Julian Aberbach, two Austrian Jews who had founded the Hill and Range music publishing house.

His Wikipedia page admits that Julian Aberbach had worked as an instructor at “a military intelligence school in Maryland”.

Wow. Aberbach’s cousin Freddy Bienstock became the head of Elvis Presley Music in 1955. Presley could not record music that was not licensed through Hill and Range. I suggest Hill and Range was actually another CIA front, and Aberbach’s time in military intelligence tends to support that.

In October of 1954, Presley was booked on Louisiana Hayride, the Opry’ s chief, and more adventurous, rival.

The Shreveport-based show was broadcast to 198 radio stations in 28 states. Presley had another attack of nerves during the frst set, which drew a muted reaction. A more composed and energetic second set inspired an enthusiastic response.

We may have a big clue there.

Notice that Elvis did two sets, and was different in each set on the same day. I wonder if anyone saw both sets and said, “It was like there were two Elvises”.

Why do I wonder that?

Because maybe there were. He had a twin, remember. Are we sure the twin really died? Maybe the twins weren’t equally confident, especially early on.

We might expect one to discover and perfect the hip thing first. We will see more evidence for this idea later.

We are told that in 1955 Elvis renewed his contract with agent Bob Neal, but appointed Colonel Parker his special adviser. What is a special adviser? And why would Neal allow this relationship?

Was Parker taking a cut?

If so, Neal wouldn’t be happy. If not, why was Parker working for Elvis for free?

Only three months after making Parker his adviser, Presley signed with RCA for an unprecedented $40,000. This despite the fact that he was only 20, had been performing for only one year, and had failed at both the Grand Ole Opry and CBS. Arthur Godfrey’s talent scouts at CBS had failed him in his audition.

Nonetheless, before he was even known, contracts were set up for Presley stating Songwriters were obliged to forgo one third of their customary royalties in exchange for having him perform their compositions.


What songwriters would agree to that?

They might agree to it with someone like Sinatra, but again, Presley at that time was a complete unknown. Writing up contracts like that for him in 1955 made no sense.

It is also curious to be told that RCA signed him in November and had re-issued his Sun Record recordings before the end of the year.

Isn’t that kind of quick?

How could they do that so fast?

They would have outpaced their own promotion. You can’t come up with promotion that fast.

You would also have expected RCA to have re-recorded those songs themselves, which would have taken time.

You would have expected them to have brought in some better musicians and a real producer and so on. In fact, they did that, but they did it so fast it once again isn’t believable. They were recording by January 10, and Heartbreak Hotel was released January 27.

The only way this is believable is if RCA had been planning for this for many months.

They must have known they would get Elvis, and they were planning it from the time he first appeared on the radio in 1954. They may have been planning it before that, all the way back to his birth.

By March 2, Parker was Presley’s manager. They tell us Neal’s contract was “terminated”, but it doesn’t work that way. It was less than a year since the contract was renewed, and you don’t just unilaterally “terminate” a contract before it has expired.

Parker should have had to buy out Neal for a huge sum. Neal wasn’t just some small-time nobody. He also managed Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Sonny James, Conway Twitty, George Jones, Barbara Mandrell, and Tom T. Hall.

But we aren’t ever told why Neal just dropped out as manager of Elvis.

Strange that Neal just lay down for Colonel Parker. It is another sign of a controlled project.

Also strange is that Neal was born in the Belgian Congo.

His real last name was Hobgood. This is important because of course Belgium was a part of the Netherlands up until 1830. Even after that, Belgium was ruled by the Leopolds, who were SaxeCoburg Gothas like the Kings and Queens of England.

Prince Charles is not really a Windsor, he is a Saxe-Coburg Gotha. To this day, the Western half of Belgium speaks a dialect of Dutch called Vlaams, or Flemish.

I know: I lived there and studied it for a short time.

Breda is very near the border of Belgium, and I used to ride my bicycle from Bruges in Belgium to Breda in Holland. It didn’t take that long. So to find yet another person in the Elvis story connected to Belgium/Netherlands is quite informative.

We are told that Neal’s parents were missionaries in the Belgian Congo, but the reason white people were there was for economic exploitation, the taking of minerals and other resources like rubber.

We are told that missionaries and other religious people were there to civilize the natives, but we now know they were working hand-in-hand with the business people to exploit the locals to the fullest extent.

By March 23, 1956, Elvis’ first album was in stores. That’s right. I didn’t say it was in the can, I said it was in stores. That’s just three months after he signed with RCA. And I guess he was in the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame by April. No, that’s silly, right? But did you know that by April he had signed a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures?

What was that based on, we have to wonder?

Had he even done a screen test?

Had those people even met him?

He was bombing in Las Vegas at the time, both with audiences and with critics, so what was the rush to get him on film?

To answer that, you may want to remember we have already met the head of Paramount Pictures above, Adolph Zukor.

Zukor was still at Paramount until 1959. Zukor and Loew had apparently been in on the Elvis project since Elvis was born. Presley’s first major TV appearance was on the Milton Berle Show.

Presley was on the Milton Berle Show within ten days of the release of his first album. TEN DAYS!

Berle was a prominent Jewish comedian, of course; and, as we have learned, that is no longer beside the point. Presley was also
Jewish, and was known to be by the people that counted. Berle was also connected to Intelligence from way back.

In 1933, he was hired by producer Jack White to star in the theatrical featurette Poppin’ the Cork, a topical musical comedy concerning the repealing of Prohibition. Berle also co-wrote the score for this film, which was released by Educational Pictures.

Note the date.

Note this is a political film.

Note it was released by Educational Pictures.

Shirley Temple got her start at Educational Pictures, and she is on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s. Remember what
that means: she is a spook.

Educational Pictures was headed by producer E. W. Hammons, who produced 228 films in 17 years. That’s about 13 per year. This should remind you of Lookout Mountain Air Force Station in Laurel Canyon, which took up where Educational Pictures left off.

Also see my Tate/Manson paper for more on that.

In short, these were propaganda films. Educational Pictures are propaganda films. Jack White was really Jack Weiss, and was Jewish. He produced over 300 films, many of them for Intelligence.

Milton Berle’s Texaco Star Theater premiered on TV in 1948, year two of the CIA.

It was one of the very first popular TV shows.

Of course it was sponsored by Texaco, a huge oil producer. So we see again how the upper class controls the middle class, via pushed entertainment and constant propaganda.

Much of this entertainment was harmless or even salutary, but stirred into it was a large dose of misdirection which very few people could stir out or ignore.

Elvis made his second appearance on Berle’s show just two months after the first. This boy was being pushed. Pu-ushed. Less than one month after Berle’s two shows, Elvis appeared on the Steve Allen Show. Although Allen is sold as Irish through his mother’s side, he was Jewish on his father’s side. His dad was Carroll Abler.

That name has also been changed, because Carroll Abler was born Carroll Ebler. Ebler is a common Jewish surname. In fact, it is possible Steve Allen’s mother Isabelle was also Jewish or half-Jewish, despite being a Donohue, since her mother’s genealogy is scrubbed.

Her mother’s name was Scanlon, but her grandmother is not given, which is suspicious seeing that her grandfather is given. Anyway, we see Elvis on major TV programs three times in three months, at a time when TV was in its infancy.

We are told the ratings were very high for these shows, but we now know ratings are manufactured to suit the suits.

If they want the ratings to be high, they are high. This also applies to the record charts, which we are told Presley was ruling at the time.

Remember, these charts weren’t even based on sales. They were based on radio play. Billboard was always based on radio play, and of course that was determined by DJs.

Well, who determined what the DJs would play?

It is implied that this was determined by call-in requests, but that isn’t true. DJs don’t receive enough requests to base their overall playlists on that.

Do you think they have time to record every request and then make charts from them? Of course not. I have been a DJ and I can tell you it isn’t done.

Back in the day, they would certainly play some requests, but the day’s playlists were not based on them. Most DJs based their playlists on the charts, so we have already gone circular there.

You can’t base the lists on the charts and base the charts on the lists.

So, logically, the charts must have been determined in some other way. Like everything else, they just make them up. Who is “they”? People hired by the big record companies, with the input of Intelligence and various other agencies.

In other words, it is all top-down.

You are sold the idea it is bottom-up, with buyers determining popularity. But that isn’t the way it happens. Buyers are controlled from the top-down, told what to buy via these manufactured charts and sales figures.

People buy what they like to only a limited extent. In large part, people buy what they think their neighbors are buying, to look cool. So if the charts tell them their neighbors like Elvis, they will try to like him, too. This is Sales101, perfected by people like Edward Bernays.

Now, who wrote Elvis’ songs?

Well, we learn that Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Loving You, Don’t, and Love Me Tender were written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Both were Jewish. Both were born in 1933. Note the date.

Stoller was born 3/13/33. Odd. I suggest the date was made up.

Although Ed Sullivan had claimed Elvis was not fit for TV in June, by September 1956 he had booked him for three shows. I would bet Ed Sullivan was Jewish, although he is sold as Irish.

And we find very quickly he was married to a Jewish woman, Sylvia Weinstein. He grew up in a Jewish section of Harlem. Sullivan’s ancestry past his parents has been scrubbed at Geni. [Ed Sullivan had a twin brother who is said to have died young].

That’s curious, wouldn’t you say? So there may have also been two of him. Oi. One of Sullivan’s most frequently recurring acts was Rickie Layne, a ventriloquist with a little Yiddish dummy named Velvel.

Another often recurring guest was comedian Myron Cohen. In 1958, Sullivan introduced Israeli dancer Yonatan Karmon. Karmon did not audition for Sullivan in the US. Instead, Sullivan went to Israel looking for acts.

Why would he do that if he were not Jewish?

Not enough talent in the US?

Did Sullivan ever go to Ireland looking for acts? Not that we know of.

We are sold the idea Sullivan was an anti-Semite, calling Shecky Greene “a dirty Jew sonofabitch”, but that was just theater. If Sullivan had really been an anti-Semite, would he have married a Jewish woman?

Of course not.

Sullivan was involved with the United Jewish Appeal. If you take that link, notice who else was there in June of 1967: Bobby Kennedy.

There was a show up this summer at the Jewish Museum in New York City called Revolution of the Eye that gives you the clue about Sullivan.

Here is what it says at the website:

Revolution of the Eye: Modern Art and the Birth of American Television is the frst exhibition to explore how avant-garde art infuenced and shaped the look and content of network television in its formative years, from the late 1940s to the mid-1970s. During this period, the pioneers of American television—many of them young, Jewish, and aesthetically adventurous—had adopted modernism as a source of inspiration.

Revolution of the Eye looks at how the dynamic new medium, in its risk-taking and aesthetic experimentation, paralleled and embraced cutting-edge art and design.

Highlighting the visual revolution ushered in by American television and modernist art and design of the 1950s and 1960s, Revolution of the Eye features fne art and graphic design, including works by Saul Bass, Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Allan Kaprow, Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Eero Saarinen, Ben Shahn, and Andy Warhol, as well as ephemera, television memorabilia, and clips from flm and television, including Batman, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Ernie Kovacs Show, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, and The Twilight Zone.

Looks like we have found another propaganda museum, like the Newseum we looked at in my paper on the Unabomber.

And the Jewish Museum is pretty much admitting Sullivan was Jewish there. They are giving you an obvious clue. Elvis had a second album out by October of 1956, the second of that year.

His first motion picture was released in November: Love Me Tender. That’s right, I said released, not shot.

How did he have time to shoot it while touring all over the country and appearing on TV every week? There would have to be two of him, right? Yep, we are back to that.

In my opinion, Elvis’ schedule from November 1955, when he signed with RCA, to November 1956 is simply not credible for one human being. It is barely credible for two. That means we have to seriously consider a living twin.

But can we find direct evidence of that twin? Yep. We just go to the photos and look for signs.

Our first sign is that there are no easy signs. There are hundreds of photos of Elvis on the web, but if we are to believe them, he didn’t have one mark on his entire face or neck. Not one mole, not one pimple, not one freckle, not one scar.

The retouchers have been incredibly thorough, which leads us to believe they are hiding something. We’ll see how good they are. They have never beaten me. My eye is too good.

To start with, they missed this one:

See the two little freckles on the side of his nose? This is at least proof they have heavily retouched all the others.

And that is proof they are hiding something important. So they are forcing me to find something not as obvious as moles or scars.

It turns out the twins had slightly different noses. Only one of them had that flat nose. The other one had a slightly sharper nose.

In answer, you will tell me Presley had a nose job; so to prove this to you, I will have to find a sharp-nose picture that predates a flat-nose picture.

Try to follow me on this: if he had the sharp nose before the flat nose, it cannot be explained by a nose job.

It indicates twins.

That is an early sharp-nose Elvis. It has also not been well retouched, since we can see a couple of things. There is a mole below his mouth to your left, and a small scar above the eyebrow.

But it isn’t dated, so it isn’t of much use in that regard. Here is paydirt:

Younger Elvis, older Elvis. Sharp nose, flat nose. Do you really think he got a nose job to make his nose flatter?

A very early sharp-nose Elvis.

You see what it looked like from the side. And here is a slightly fat Elvis with the chin mole and the sharp nose.

Are you getting a feel for it?

Or I should say, them?

The sharp-nose Elvis with the mole and scar is the main Elvis. He is very slightly better looking and probably was the better performer as well. I will call him Elvis.

The twin is Aron, and I believe that was his real name. We are told it was Jesse Garon, but that is a fudge.

It may have been Jesse Aron, but he went by Aron. We aren’t dealing with Elvis Aron Presley. We are dealing with Elvis and Aron Presley. This is a famous picture of Aron:

The way to recognize Aron is the big Jay Leno chin when he smiles. Elvis had less of that going on. Aron is the one who married Priscilla. He also went into the Army, since Elvis had records to make.

His name is also more indication of the Jewish status of the twins. Jews sometimes spell the name Aron, but when it is used by Gentiles, it is almost always spelled Aaron.

Elvis or Aron? Flat nose, long chin, no mole: Aron.

The wedding photos are also a good place to go to see the difference. It is clear we are looking at Aron.
The older the twins get, the less they look alike.

Do you see how Aron is starting to look a little monstrous there, with his face getting bigger and more Jay Leno-ish?

You will say Elvis was just aging, and had gained a little weight, but the twins were only 32 in 1967. They shouldn’t have been aging much at that point. And Aron isn’t fat yet. He is just developing his own look, which isn’t exactly like Elvis.

That’s Elvis in 1973, at age 38, still thin and angular. He was taking pretty good care of himself. Only Aron was going downhill at that time. Elvis was not.

See, Elvis is no longer identical to Aron.

He has taken better care of himself, apparently.

Addendum, December 28, 2015: Surprisingly, this paper is turning out to be popular with a certain segment of Elvis fans, who don’t mind that he was used for a Intel project. They just like getting new, interesting information, whatever it is.

Well, these fans have pointed me to some other indications I am right about the twins. They reminded me Elvis did not one but two movies where we see indication of twins. First, Kissin’ Cousins, where one of the twins was blond. 

Then, Double Trouble, where we see two Elvises on the theatrical poster. 

I don’t offer that as proof of anything, but it is curious. I have looked at a few scenes from Kissin’ Cousins, and it appears they are using a split screen, but it is possible they used both twins nonetheless, using the apparent split screen to mask what they were doing. Someone needs to study the film closely, and I haven’t done that yet. I will have to get back to you.

But do we have any documentary evidence for the twins, beyond the allegedly dead twin Jesse Garon?

We do. There were actually two birth certificates issued for Elvis Presley, one dated January 10 and one dated January 12.

On one he is listed as Elvis Aaron Presley; on the other, Elvis Aron Presley. Even more curious, both certificates survived. In the 1992 Bill Bixby documentary The Elvis Files [See video below minute 12:50] they show photographs of both birth certificates.

This makes no sense. They tell us the parents realized Aron was spelled wrong on the first one and requested a correction, but if that had been true, the doctor would have destroyed the first one when he presented them with the second.

We could not have a picture of it. This is solid documentary evidence of a hoax, as well as of two surviving twins.

We can now take this discovery back to the Beatles, who my readers tell me had doubles.

Maybe they did. But I suggest we should ask first if they were twins.

Maybe Paul didn’t die and he wasn’t replaced. He simply had a twin we haven’t been told about. No one has thought of that, have they?

Or, maybe someone has, but it isn’t one of the primary alternative theories.

This discovery of twins may also help us unwind the death of Elvis Aron Presley.

Did one of them die in 1977?

Or both?

Or neither?

We will see when we get there. But first, let’s take a quick look at Priscilla Beaulieu.

We are told that her father, a USAF officer, was transferred to Wiesbaden, Germany in about 1957. However, we are then told the family stayed at the Helene Hotel for three months when they arrived.

What? The Army didn’t arrange a place for their officer and his family to live?

You would expect them to be living on base, or at an arranged site nearby. In no case would the Army expect an officer to live in a hotel for three months. So we are being fed another story.

To continue this ridiculous story, the family soon moved out of the hotel and into an apartment that they later found out was a brothel. But due to scarce housing they were forced to remain there.

Right. Not believable in the least.

Neither is the way they met.

We are told a 14-year-old Priscilla met Elvis at a party in his home in Bad Nauheim. But Wiesbaden was more than thirty miles away, on the other side of Frankfurt.

Priscilla was not old enough to drive and we are told she was unaccompanied by her parents. This was 1959, and officers were not accustomed to allowing their 14-year-old daughters to go unaccompanied to adult parties 30 miles away.

This whole thing stinks of another set-up. We are told Priscilla’s parents held her back from Elvis until she was 17, at which time they allowed her to travel to Graceland. Priscilla’s parents allowed her to go only if Elvis would pay for a first-class round trip, arrange for her to be chaperoned at all times, and that she write home every day.

The things they expect you to believe!

We are supposed to believe Priscilla’s parents were idiots, I guess. Why wouldn’t THEY arrange for her to be chaperoned at all times? An even better question is why her Mom didn’t just travel with her. That is what you would expect in such a situation. If Mom couldn’t go, they would get an aunt or an older cousin or something. But instead we are expected to believe Elvis is going to hire his own chaperone!

We are then told Priscilla was allowed to move to Graceland, but she couldn’t marry Elvis until she graduated from an all-girls Catholic school nearby.

She was supposed to live with Elvis’ dad and stepmom. Of course she spent all her time sleeping with Elvis, and nobody seemed to care. They admit that. I don’t know what the age of consent was in Tennessee at the time, but in many states that would be illegal.

Or, I should say, she spent her time with Aron. Elvis was in Hollywood sleeping with Ann Margret. Aron didn’t marry Priscilla until 1967, so they lived in sin for about five years.

We are told Priscilla’s dad threatened Elvis with the Mann Act—transporting underage persons across state lines for sexual purposes—but it didn’t require him to press charges.

The State or the Feds should have done it themselves as soon as Priscilla arrived from Germany. They were well aware it was happening. And this story itself implies the age of consent in Tennessee at the time must have been 18: otherwise the Mann Act could not have been in effect… Priscilla was 17.

Clearly, Priscilla was procured for Aron, although we can’t say precisely how. It looks like her entire early bio is a fabrication, since none of it makes a lick of sense.

Eventually he had to marry her, since she became pregnant. It is no coincidence that she got pregnant “right after” they got married.

I suggest that is why they got married. The mainstream bios admit Elvis didn’t want to get married but “didn’t have a choice”.

When Presley returned in 1960, Parker put him immediately into Hollywood, where he stayed for most of the decade. That makes no sense, given his alleged ability to make money with records.

He is supposed to have sold 75 million records by February of 1961. From 1964 to 1968 he had only one top-ten hit, and that is because he was spending all his time making lousy movies and lousier soundtracks.

Sounds like terrible promotion to me, if your primary goal is making money. But their primary goal was not making money. It was propaganda, and movies were a far better vehicle for propaganda than records.

Elvis movies were all about propaganda delivery.

We see that clearly from his first, Love Me Tender. It continually black-washes the Confederate Army, which wasn’t really necessary in 1956, seeing that the war had been over for about 90 years.

Jailhouse Rock” is another propaganda film, since it is full of pushed information. Elvis kills a man and only serves 18 months. Later he slaps a producer around violently but isn’t arrested for assault.

But the most amusing thing about the movie is the lyrics to the title song:

Number forty-seven said to number three
You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see
I sure would be delighted with your company
Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me.

Do you see the problem?

They don’t mix the sexes in a jail block, so #47 and #3 are both men.

Elvis is saying to another man: “you’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see”.

Also notice the numbers they chose there. 1947 is year one of the CIA. And they love the number 3, as we know.

Between late 1960 and early 1968, Elvis did not appear on TV once. This is strange, considering the blitz before he was drafted. I suggest it is because they no longer had two Elvises to work with.

Aron had apparently already retired to Graceland, where he spent all his time eating and playing with

Elvis spent all his time in Hollywood and in the studio.

There was no time left over for TV.

OK, I think that is enough from the bio. Now let’s look at the alleged death.

To read the clues, we have to go back to the photographic evidence of twins we saw above. We saw that Elvis looked great at least until about 1974. Well, if Elvis was still healthy in the mid-70s, why end the project? Even if Aron actually died in 1977, Elvis was still alive, so why end the project?

Because it was no longer going in the direction they wanted.

Elvis had turned himself into a straight performer, and he wasn’t willing to do the propaganda anymore. The silly movies were over, and the playing to teenage girls was over, and other younger performers were then far better at spreading sexual confusion and chaos.

In the mid-70s, even the Beatles were too straight and old-fashioned, and Intel had moved on to punk and metal and so on.

Remember, Lennon was also retired at age 40, at about the same time and for the same reasons. As we saw in my paper on Lennon, a second reason they retire these guys at around 40 is that they are a big expense.

Their upkeep is enormous, and if they aren’t bringing in huge receipts, it isn’t worth it. We must imagine the upkeep of the twins was twice as much, since Aron wasn’t making a dime.

As long as these guys were alive, they had to appear to live like the super-wealthy, to keep up the charade. Apparently Intelligence wasn’t willing to keep shoveling that money into the project.

With the twins legally dead, they could make money from the project without spending so much. The death would act as publicity, boosting the earnings, and costs would be at the same time cut drastically.

To achieve this, they brought Aron out of semi-retirement and told Elvis to make himself scarce. By then, Aron was fat and sick, though probably not from drugs. I think he may have had some sort of disease or temporary illness that caused the weight gain and so on, but we will probably never know.

Fat Elvis may even have been a third person. Intel also planted stories in the press about drug use, as cover. They had already planned this more than a year in advance.

Remember, Elvis’ bodyguards supposedly wrote a tell-all book about the drug use. That isn’t believable, since those guys had always been very loyal.

That book was obviously written by the spooks as cover for the upcoming death or faked death. Insiders had been saying for years that Elvis was a straight arrow, refusing all drugs (see the testimony of Elvira, for instance).

He wouldn’t even smoke pot. That’s probably why he still looked so good in 1973. You will ask me why I believe someone like Elvira, and that is why. I know how he looked, and you don’t look that good at 38 by doing piles of drugs.

I may be asked why Elvis went along with it.

He didn’t have any choice. He was the creation of higher powers and he lived and died at their discretion. If they were going to fake his death and retire him, there wasn’t much he could do about it.

They had control of the press, not him. If they now wanted 100% of receipts instead of 78%, there was nothing he could do about it. If they wanted to cut him out of future royalties and so on, there was nothing he could do about it.

The best he could hope to do is go quietly and hope they would continue to take care of him as an ex-asset. Which they did, I assume.

He didn’t continue to live at Graceland, of course, but there were other nearby ranches they admit to. At Wikipedia, they admit on Priscilla’s page that there was a Presley ranch just across the border into Mississippi.

Following the reception, Elvis and Priscilla boarded a private jet and enjoyed a short honeymoon in Palm Springs.[20] On May 4, they few back to Memphis and retreated to their private ranch, just over the Mississippi state line, for a three-week break. [24] [Guralnick, 1999, p. 261]

And there were many other ex-agent retreats for Elvis in the Yucatan, South America, Hawaii, etc. It wasn’t like he didn’t have anywhere to go.

So did anyone die on August 16?

Did Aron die?

I doubt it. The date looks like a choice of Intelligence, not an accidental date.

Here are a few things that happened on August 16:

  • 1886, Ramakrishna died.
  • 1888, Lawrence of Arabia born.
  • 1929, Palestine Riots, 133 Jews killed.
  • 1948, Babe Ruth died.

Note the number of Jews killed, which includes the number 33. This indicates a faked event.

If Aron didn’t get cured, he probably isn’t still alive, but Elvis may still be alive. In fact, I assume he is.

It looks like they even allowed Elvis to continue to perform occasionally, pretending he was an impersonator.

As we have seen, John Lennon did the same thing, actually appearing on TV as a John Lennon impersonator. See the 2007 ‘Next Best Thing‘, where Lennon got second impersonating himself.

With Elvis, it appears that he stood in occasionally for several of his best impersonators, including the infamous Orion. With that, notice the similarity between the words Orion and Aron. That’s how they came up with that. Orion may have been Aron, but I assume he was Elvis.

I will be told Orion didn’t look like Elvis, and on the covers of the albums that is true.

That obviously isn’t Elvis, since the mouth is wrong. Not even close. They hired some guy named Jimmy Ellis to be the front for Orion, and he probably performed as Orion most of the time.

So most people will see that and think Orion isn’t Elvis. However, since Orion performed in a mask, it was easy for Elvis to take over for Ellis whenever he wished, and few would be the wiser.

* What Miles would not have been aware of at the time of writing is how the Orion Belt is now being touted in the press and on TV at every available opportunity, indicating that it has great importance to the Monsters… Just sayin’ – Spiv

As Elvis got older and stopped looking so much like his younger self, it was even easier to take over for impersonators. The real Elvis could put on make-up and style his hair to look like the impersonator, rather than to look like himself, you see.

So I assume there were several impersonators that the real Elvis stood in for occasionally.

That said, most of the other alternate theories about Elvis are planted. Some of them give you a certain amount of truth, but then dump you off out in the bushes nonetheless.

Notice that none of them tell you about twins or the fact that Elvis was a project from the start. None of them give you the right reading of all the clues.

For instance, a prominent theory is that Elvis’ death had to be faked because he was working for the DEA.


You should know the story is false when they start talking about all the mobsters Elvis put in jail, working for his country. We know that is false because the mob doesn’t exist anymore.

Even in the 1970’s, the mob or mafia was a thing of the past. They made hundreds of mafia movies like The Godfather to convince you the mafia was still around, but it had been taken over by the government decades earlier. The last mop-up on the mob was done in the early 1960’s by the Kennedy’s.

After that, the mob was just a front for the CIA. Anytime after about 1963 that you see the word “mafia” or “mob”, you can substitute “Intelligence”.

All the top sites now pushing the Elvis is Alive theory are diversions. Thepresleyassignment.com is a diversion for the reason I just gave you. They are pushing the mob angle.

Also notice the title of the site, which includes “assignment”. This website is an Intel assignment, and its purpose is misdirection. They don’t care if you think Elvis is alive, but they don’t want you to unwind any of the rest of it.

The truth black-washes Intelligence, and these sites whitewash government agencies, you see.

The same is true of whatculture.com, which comes up first on my computer on the search “elvis is alive”. They claim to give you the 11 top pieces of evidence Elvis didn’t die in 1977, but all 11 are spun.

As we have seen, these aren’t the top 11 bits of evidence, even unspun.

Much better evidence exists, but this site doesn’t repeat any of it.

For instance, they lead with the photo of Elvis supposedly behind Muhammed Ali. But anyone can tell that doesn’t look like Elvis at all. The photo is an obvious paste-up, and the picture of Elvis has eyebrows that are way too full. It looks more like Jim Morrison than it does Elvis.

Then they give you the pool-house door photo, which is also purposely faked and bad. There are probably hundreds of suppressed photos of Elvis that people have taken over the years, but they give you this piece of crap over and over.

Their #1 bit of evidence is Jon Burrows allegedly taking a flight to Buenos Aires. Given the misdirection in the first 10 bits, I would look for Elvis anywhere except Buenos Aires.

The Bill Bixby documentary from 1992 is an earlier example of misdirection of the same sort.

All these newer sites sprang from the theory promoted there. Since Bixby is a mainstream actor, you can be sure this short film wasn’t made to tell you the truth. Notice that it is an LBS production.

What does LBS stand for? Langley Bull Shit? This film The Elvis Files is one of the earliest to sell the idea that Elvis was working for the FBI or DEA.

However, the documentary is worth watching nonetheless, since it can be unwound like anything else. In his opening introduction, Bixby says some very strange things. He starts off by quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald:

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in ones mind at the same time”.

He doesn’t tell you that after watching this film you will be convinced Elvis didn’t die that day; no, he says, “we think that by the end of our program you will be able to hold two opposing ideas in your mind”.

That’s curious, isn’t it?

They admit that the point of all this is not to tell you the truth, but to plant two opposing views in your mind.

You may be interested to know that Fitzgerald’s quote is truncated. The full quote is “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in ones mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function”.

However, most people do not have a first-rate intelligence, do they?

By definition, not everyone can be first-rate. Most people cannot hold two opposing ideas and retain the ability to function. Which is precisely why this film is giving them two opposing views and asking them to keep both: so that they will be unable to function as critical beings.

The controllers admit the point of their psy-op as they are psy-oping you. Bixby is actually hypnotizing his audience.

Here is a riddle that may be on the wall at Langley:

what hides the truth better than a false story?

The answer:

Two false stories.

What hides the truth better than two false stories? Two false stories that appear to oppose one another completely. Most people will see two opposing stories and think all possibilities have been covered.

That is because most people think in a linear fashion. On a line, you only have two opposing ends of the line. But if you think of ideas in a circle, you realize that two opposing points on the circle are just two points, one at 12 and one at 6, say.

The truth may be at 3 or 9 or 7 or 4.5.

That is what we have seen in all my papers. They sell you a mainstream story at 12, and then come back with an alternative story at 6; but you forget that the truth may be neither one.

I have shown the truth is always hiding at a third number.

In the documentary, Maria Columbus, allegedly the head of the oldest Presley fan club, tells us that she phoned Graceland right after the death asking to talk to Elvis’ father Vernon. She says that about 30 minutes later, Vernon called her back personally.

Right. Not believable. Vernon is going to take the time to call some nest of fans that day? No way.

She also says they got hold of the inventory of Elvis’ estate with a few months.

Why would the inventory of Elvis’ estate be made available to a fan club?

Gail Brewer-Giorgio also appears in the documentary. She is the one who tells us about Aron v. Aaron. She then gives another cloaked clue. She tells us Elvis was interested in numerology and that the name Aron added to 8 while Aaron added to 9.

This is a clue not for the reason she says, but because it is another pointer to Intelligence. Intelligence loves the number 8. We have seen that many times in recent papers, and I even told you why: it is the first Fibonacci number that is a perfect cube.

That is the mathematical reason, and there are others, but like the number 33, the number 8 is a well-known Intel number. They use it in the James Bond movies, as we just saw in my paper on Spectre (see OCTOpussy, for another example).

Next in the documentary, we hear from The Presley Arrangement author Monte Nicholson. He is introduced as an investigator with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. This should ring a bell in your head, since we have seen that title come up recently with the faked death of Kurt Cobain.

Tom Grant, also said to be an investigator with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept, has been a primary alternative theorist in the death of Cobain, selling the opposing view that Cobain was murdered.

He did with Cobain what Nicholson is doing with Presley: selling an opposing theory and thereby creating confusion.

You should find it strange to find the LA Sheriff’s Dept. involved in both of these similar stories. You will only make sense of it by reading my long paper on the Tate/Manson murder, where I show that all law enforcement in LA, and indeed the Western world, is under the thumb of the CIA.

Intelligence can plant stories from anywhere, but we have seen they like to plant stories from the LA Sheriff’s Department, since it sounds both official and impressive.

That photo is from my Tate paper, and it shows the Sheriff’s department at the Spahn Ranch.

Ed Sanders admitted in his 1971 book The Family that those Sheriff’s department uniforms were faked, since the tag was simply sewn on the back of the shirts.

Anyway, we are told that Monte Nicholson wrote his book based on one meeting with an unnamed source who provided him with no documentation.

This source showed him photos of a black helicopter, apparently, but we have no proof of that beyond Nicholson’s word. According to the Bixby documentary, both the man and the photos “have since disappeared”.

Despite that, somehow Nicholson found a mainstream publisher and his book was widely distributed through “a major bookstore chain”. The publisher was Vantage, indeed a major publisher.

It was also a CIA front, founded in 1949. It was called a vanity publisher, but its vanity clients were just fronts.

Most of its publications were CIA publications.

Want proof?

  • A View from the Trenches: Memoirs of a CIA Case Officer, Glenn M. Hunt, 2006.
  • I was an American Spy, Sidney Mashbir, 1953.
  • Peace Bridge, Werner Low, 1975 (novel about a CIA agent).
  • Cuba Betrayed, Fulgencio Batista, 1962.
  • Bighouse Banter, Lew York, 1953 (fake prison narratives).
  • We Can’t Run Away from Here, Robert Martin, 1958 (fake Ku Klux Klan murders).
  • With My Shoes Off, Katherine G. Howard, 1977 (Howard was the daughter of Joseph L. Graham, COB of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company: do you really think she needed a vanity publisher?).
  • Across the Pond, Michael McCormick, 1994 (about the Vietnam War).
  • Visitors from Lanulos, Woodrow Derenberger, 1971 (fake UFO sighting).
  • Such Things are Known, Dorothy Burdick, 1982 (claims the government is brainwashing ordinary citizens electronically in their homes:
    she claims she is the sister of an MIT researcher on the H-bomb; Alex Constantine has interviewed her).

Vantage was bought in 2009 by David Lamb and then shut down in 2012, allegedly due to lack of liquidity.

David Lamb is a big investment banker, now a partner at STM Advisers in NY. He is a Harvard man. In 2009 he was also involved with GSL Publishing Associates, which “oversaw the sale of Arcade Publishing that year (it became an imprint of Skyhorse).

Some of Arcade’s biggest titles include:

  • Templars: The History and the Myth: from Solomon’s Temple to the Freemasons (2008);
  • The Freemasons, A History of the World’s Most Secret Society (2001);
  • Secret Societies: Inside the World’s Most Notorious Organizations (2006);
  • Auschwitz, a Doctor’s Eyewitness Account (2011).

Curious, no?

Well, David Lamb was also a director of VSS Intelligence, which provides detailed historical data and estimates for more than 100 component businesses in the Information, Communications, Media, and Entertainment space.


But back to Monte Nicholson and Bill Bixby.

Monte tells us that his book and Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s book Orion were disappearing from bookstore shelves. He tells us the books were being suppressed (stolen).

Of course this is pretty hard to believe, since the major chain bookstores have tight security, with cameras and electronic door monitors.

If the government wished to suppress these books, it would do so at the publisher, not at the bookstore. When Brewer-Giorgio comes on for her interview, the story changes, since according to her men-in-suits were coming in and buying all stock.

That isn’t the same as “disappearing”.

The books simply weren’t being restocked. She implies this was on order of the same men-in-suits. But why would they have stocked the books in the first place?

If the publisher was being pressured not to restock, why not back up a step and simply order the publisher not to publish it in the first place?

Why this after-the-fact suppression when the government is perfectly capable of stopping any publication from the start?

The very fact that Brewer-Giorgio got a major publisher to start with and got on so many major TV shows means the government had no interest in suppressing her… It indicates they were promoting her.

She wasn’t on local cable access shows, she was on Nightline, Oprah, and Larry King, three top spook mouthpieces.

So we can be sure she is misdirecting. She is misdirecting exactly like the other alternative sources are misdirecting: she is telling you a lot of truth (including the fact that Elvis is alive) but then diverting you into all the wrong conclusions.

For instance, I think some of the things you learn on the Bill Bixby documentary are true.

Obviously, I am confirming that Elvis did not die on August 16, 1977. I also think it is possible the 1981 tape of Elvis is genuine. But right after we listen to the tape in the documentary, we fast-track immediately into the Elvis-as-FBI informer story.

Within the first few words, the hippies and black panthers are black-washed. This reminds us of the mainstream history, which tells us Elvis didn’t like the Beatles, the hippies, or the drug culture.

That’s pretty hard to believe, considering those things were just other creations of Intelligence, like Elvis.

He had to have known that, and his disagreements with the Beatles were just manufactured controversies, to help them both sell more records.

What that means is that the Bixby documentary and later FBI or DEA stories about Elvis were created to once again black-wash the left and any real progressives. Notice that in the letter Elvis allegedly sent to Nixon, he tells Nixon he admires him. They are turning Elvis into a conservative narc.

Even after his alleged death, he is being used for propaganda.

Well, since I have now exposed Elvis as an Intel project from the beginning, why am I denying that he would work for the fascists like this after 1977?

Well, he couldn’t become an FBI or DEA informer and spend a year on an island in a beard, could he? That’s one of the things we learn from the 1981 Elvis tape, remember?

In the documentary, we hear long excerpts from the tape, and Elvis tells us he was hiding out with a beard on an island for a year and in Europe for two years and so on.

He isn’t talking about becoming a narc. So the Bixby documentary contradicts itself in spectacular fashion. If the Elvis tape is genuine, then it blows their entire story.

If it isn’t, then they have just lost what they call their best bit of evidence.

Another problem is they show the memo to Nixon recommending he work with Elvis, and it says in part:

“PURPOSE: to thank Elvis Presley for his offer to help us in trying to stop the drug epidemic in this country and to ask him to work with us in bringing a more positive attitude to young people throughout the country.”

Nothing there about hiring Elvis as an FBI informant.

But clearly this memo is misdirection, since we now know the government never had any desire to stop the drug epidemic or to create a positive attitude in young people.

In fact, entire projects from those years have been partly declassified, including COINTELPRO and CHAOS, which promoted just the opposite.

The drug epidemic was created by the government in order to short-circuit any meaningful resistance, and all positive attitudes in the young have likewise been obliterated, since they were found to interfere with sales.

Unhappy people buy far more useless products.

So Elvis could not have been hired to do something they weren’t doing.

He might possibly have been hired after 1977 to infiltrate anti-war groups or anti-corporate groups or anti-CIA groups, but he couldn’t have been hired to infiltrate the mob, since it didn’t exist. And he couldn’t have been hired to
infiltrate drug pushers, since they were already working for the CIA and the DEA.

We are then told Elvis allowed a secret agent to infiltrate his road crew from 1974 to 1976. But you now see how ridiculous that sounds. Everyone around Elvis was a secret agent and always had been, back to his birth.

Then we get the absurd story of Frederick Peter Pro, supposedly the member of an organized crime unit called the Fraternity.

The Fraternity? The scriptwriters here are showing an obvious lack of imagination.

Nothing we are told about this alleged con makes any sense and we have no documentation that any of these meetings ever took place… It reads like a bad cover story.

Since Elvis had been his entire life under the protection of the US Government—the largest criminal organization in the world—he had absolutely nothing to fear from some two-bit made-up group of 30 con-men called the Fraternity.

Supposing such a group existed—which it didn’t—the CIA could have mopped them up in a matter of hours. Do you think small secret groups like this would dare to take out a hit on a CIA agent?

Well, think of Elvis as a top agent or asset, which is what he was from birth.

Although they were retiring him, he was still theirs. There is simply no way such a group would target someone like Elvis or his father, or that they would pose as a danger to him… Elvis was way too protected.

Bill Bixby ends the documentary by admitting exactly that: Elvis is incredibly well protected.

Well, why would he be more protected after 1977 than before?

Why better protected from the Fraternity on some island or in Europe than at Graceland?

Why better protected in a beard than not in a beard?

If these guys in the Fraternity are such smart conmen, and powerful enough to elude the US Government, don’t you think they could see through a faked death, spot Elvis in a beard, or find him on an island?

The whole story is ludicrously bad, and is a further clue of misdirection. The entire Fraternity story refutes itself and in refuting itself puts the lie to the whole documentary.

Elvis and Aron both lived on, but they did not live on as active agents, fighting the mob.

They also did not live on in a witness protection program, as such, since they weren’t witnesses to anything beyond their own project. They were protected, but no more and no less than they had always been protected.

They were simply retired, like thousands of other prominent assets, including:

  • John Lennon,
  • Marilyn Monroe,
  • Jim Morrison,
  • Janis Joplin,
  • Sharon Tate,
  • Jimi Hendrix,
  • John Reed,
  • Jack London,
  • River Phoenix,
  • Tupac Shakur,
  • BIG,
  • Kurt Cobain,
  • James Dean,
  • Paul Walker,
  • Robin Williams,
  • John Belushi,
  • Natalie Wood,
  • William Holden,
  • Chris Kyle,
  • George Reeves,
  • Nicole Simpson,
  • Brittany Murphy,
  • Bruce Lee,
  • Grace Kelly,
  • Princess Diana,
  • Michael Jackson,
  • Heath Ledger,

and many many others.

Every famous person I have researched so far has been part of some hoax, so my assumption now is that almost every famous person who died early or mysteriously has faked it for some reason.

That should also be your default assumption.

Rather than assume what you are being told by the mainstream is true, you should assume it is false. If they tell you it is day, assume it is night.

*In my paper on the Tate murders, I showed you that Manson was also Jewish, his grandmother being named Gladys Kline. Kline is just a variation of Klein.

** Gunaratna, Rohan. Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror.


A Bridge Too Far Part 1 by Christopher D Spivey

A Bridge Too Far Part 1

Now I wasn’t actually going to bother writing about the Westminster Bridge fake “terrorist” attack, since at first glance the event appeared to be the usual poorly-put-together staged production that anyone with a fully functioning mind and at least one seeing eye (watch the paedo-trolls pounce on those last 3 words –  the scabby arsed slugs) would be able to conclude for themselves that the “atrocity” was in fact all an act.

Moreover, since I could see at a quick glance that the “terrorist attack aimed at the very heart of all that is good and proper” was nothing more than an easily debunked, ill-conceived, comedy of errors, I [correctly] deduced that the bought-and-paid-for big named writers in the alternative-media would be all over the shite; exploiting the obvious failings in the poorly executed performance (albeit for the usual nefarious reasons), along with the lesser known wannabee journalists & Facebook Government Watchers – whom I also [correctly] figured would be eagerly clambering to be the first to ‘uncover & expose’ the blatantly obvious failings in the sham production – I therefore saw no reason for me to add my two cents worth.

And as such I would have been more than happy to let them get on with it, leaving me free to continue writing my forth coming exposé on how the British Government (past & present) has been behind every major crime committed since the 1950’s – especially since this Bridge Over Troubled Water Saga was literally becoming more and more ridiculous by the hour… And then I twigged what was really occurring here.

You see, the fraud event had by that point become so [seemingly] amateurish that I could no longer ignore it.

And by that I mean; just because I constantly refer to the British Security & Intelligence Services as being “totally incompetent” and their faked events being “amateur dramatics” it doesn’t make it so.

In fact nothing could be further from the truth given their vast experience – dating back well over 100 years – in staging hoax productions, using technology not readily available or even generally known to exist, financed by a multi-million pound tax funded budget and planned by the crème-de-la-crème of devious, deviant, razor sharp, evil minded Monsters that our world renown Universities have churned out.

Indeed, all that really lets them down is their inability to think and talk like the ordinary man on the street – hence the shit dialogue that is inevitably spouted by the bought & paid for ‘witnesses‘ to these hoaxes.

Moreover, these Monsters have infiltrated and do in fact infest – at the very highest level – EVERY single department that govern and shape our lives, thus by way of a few examples:

  • Gift them the ability to invent people who were never born, complete with the appropriate paperwork needed to give them life.
  • Indeed, arrests and charges can also be fabricated in order to give credibility to those alleged to be responsible for a staged crime.
  • After which the insidious, wholly corrupt judiciary can then imprison these non-persons for life.

But do bear in mind that sending a persona to prison for life is not the same as sending a person to prison for life.

Yet these fractured – yet none the less brilliant – minded Monsters are greatly handicapped by an almost inherent fear of discovery, whilst at the same time having to leave themselves vulnerable to exposure by having to invent huge, improbable fictions in order to be able to maintain control over us and stage these hoax productions in the first place… Think in terms of the non-existent, totally implausible, ISIS.

And obviously the only way that is possible is to have TOTAL control of the mainstream media who constantly drum these fictions into the minds of an unthinking, mentally dumbed-down, inwardly frightened population – hence all news is either invented or non-news.

Therefore, with that in mind I suddenly found myself asking; just why the fuck these hoax events have been getting steadily more amateurish in production to a point where we are now presented – nay bombarded – with this latest Westminster Bridge farce that if it were any more transparent, it would be glass!

In fact the hoax contains so many glaringly obvious anomalies in the story-line that I am left looking totally bemused at what I am seeing and reading on my computer screen.

Indeed it makes no sense. I mean why stage such an ambitious attempt at subterfuge – although it has fuck all on the Shoreham Shite – if it is going to be done so unnecessarily poorly?

Incidentally, you can read all about the Shoreham-Flight-Shite by clicking HERE for Part 1.

You can read Part 2 by clicking HERE.

And by clicking HERE for Part 3.

Part 4 is still to come some time in the future.

Okay, let’s get back on track.

Now, on top of all the gaffes in the London Bridge Pantomime, the government stooges were far too obvious and quick to reveal [some] of the intent behind the charade… Namely the arming of police in sensitive areas (despite the fact that they already are), thus paving the way for arming the police as standard:

Theresa May faced a call to arm all police officers at Parliament and other targets, as she confirmed a review to beef up security following the terror attack.

PC Keith Palmer, who was stabbed to death in the shadow of Big Ben, was not carrying a firearm – as is the case with many officers stationed around the Parliamentary estate.

Indeed if that was the true intent, no politician or senior figure would have so much hinted at the fact so soon afterwards, let alone voice the issue. Source

Course, quite obviously the Monsters have capitalized on their fairy-tale Terrapin attack by making their wish for the plod to be armed known… But that really wasn’t the main point of the exercise.

And then there was the despicable Homo-Secretary, the under achieving actress, Amber Fudd – sister of Elmer (possibly) – with her embarrassing call for a back door into encrypted messages sent on social media websites such as Whats App, from which the Security Services can gain access:

Amber Rudd has vowed to “call time” on internet firms who give terrorists “a place to hide” as it emerged security services are powerless to access Westminster attacker Adrian Ajao’s final WhatsApp message.

The Home Secretary said it was “completely unacceptable” that Whats App – which is owned by Facebook – was enabling terrorists to communicate “in secret”, knowing the police and security services will not be able to read their encrypted communications.

She has summoned WhatsApp, Facebook, Google and a host of other online firms to showdown talks at the Home Office on Thursday, where she says she will “call time” on extremists “using social media as their platform”. Source

Indeed, anyone dumb enough to think that the non-existent ISIS is a credible threat to us is Dumb with a capital ‘D’.

In fact anyone who thinks that the non-existent ISIS send each other ‘encrypted‘ messages over social media is Dumber still.

And anyone who thinks that the security services are unable to read any encrypted messages sent from a phone or computer is just plain conkers-bonkers pal.

Now obviously the real intent behind Dud-Rudd’s battle cry is obviously to give the security services even more sweeping powers, whilst at the same time stripping us of ours – not to mention more censoring of the internet. But even so, I still don’t believe that those reasons were the main intention behind the hoax either, albeit as far as the Monsters are concerned it is always a case of ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth‘.

Nevertheless, I should point out that the Monsters are much more subtle about things than the useful idiot actor, Dud Rudd’s hysterics would have you believe.

So with all that in mind, I will venture that the main reason for this latest, incredibly bad am-dram is that the Monsters were conducting an experiment.

Huh… Do fucking what Spiv“?

You heard… Or read as the case might be. And I will remind you of the quote attributed to former CIA director William Casey.

Now whether or not he really said that (the quotes authenticity has been questioned) is irrelevant because it is an accurate quote all the same.

And with that in mind, – albeit obviously replacing the American public with the British public –  I would wager that the reason the London Bridge story is falling down is because the Monsters want to know exactly how gullible we have become as a nation… A test – with added benefits – if ya like.

However, before I go any further I have to point out that the Westminster fraud continues to evolve – just like all of these government sponsored hoaxes. And as is the norm, the first year following any hoax is the time that the story evolves the most, with bits and pieces being made public which were not made public at the time of the drama happening.

Course, this is done as a kind of catch-up caper by the security services as they try to close the massive holes in the official narrative – usually unsuccessfully as it happens.

Nevertheless, when putting together a project as ambitious as this one in order to fully tear to pieces the officially story these later released snippets can play havoc with continuity and what have you, and whilst I have tried to make these updates in the story line fit in with the information released months earlier, you may still be able to detect the ‘joins’ here and there.

Okay, now that is out of the way let’s get back to that “gullibility test“.

And indeed, the ‘test‘ actually involves the British public being told what to believe over what their own eyes tell them… Pure and simple.

For example, take the following Chimp report interviewing Francisco Lopes – a Portuguese ‘victim‘ of the drama, which also carries a video of Lopes talking to the the articles author from his ‘hospital’ bed:

Got that? He only clocked the motor – which we have since learned from the POLICE was travelling at 76 MPH on the pavement – when it was 3 foot 3 inches away from him:

Terrorist Adrian Ajao reached speeds of 76 miles per hour as he drove across Westminster Bridge ploughing into pedestrians, police now believe.

Ajao, who changed his name to Khalid Masood, killed three people and injured more than 50 others on the bridge before he crashed his car and stabbed a policeman to death.

After entering the bridge from the southside, Ajao mounted the pavement accelerating to speeds in excess of the legal limit allowed on motorways,wreaking carnage as he went. Source

But the fact is that Lopes certainly wasn’t the first to be hit, yet he obviously didn’t hear any screaming or fuck all… Roger that.

Well he certainly looks healthy enough in the photos to me, although he has a very square head. Nevertheless, the Chimp caption tells us that Lopes is speaking from his hospital bed and indeed he is wearing a hospital gown so we can now take that as fact.

Carry on:

So we now have further confirmation that Lopes was speaking to the hack from his hospital bed.

And as you can see from the above screenshot, Lopes then tells him that after only seeing the 4×4 hurtling towards him at 70 MPH, from a distance of 3′ 3″, he put his arms out to save himself… Like ya do.

Therefore, we can only deduce from that old bollox that his quick thinking and lightning reflexes meant that the two tonne motor just ‘tumbled him over’.

Which certainly makes a mockery of the following:

If someone is hit by a car at 40 mph they are 90% likely to be killed.

If someone is hit by a car at 30 mph they are 50% likely to be killed.

If someone is hit by a car at 20 mph they are 10% likely to be killed. Source 

Nevertheless, the ‘fact‘ based article continues:

Impactful event” indeed… He’s a funny cunt is Franny Lopes… I like him.

Course, some might say that the article appears a bit repetitive but that is how the MSM hypnotises you… But fuck that shit, what about Franny Lopes? What a fucking trooper aye?

Did I just say “trooper” – sorry about that. I meant to say what a lying little shithead.

You see, with all that bullshit in mind, I then watched the accompanying video:

In which he is wearing a hospital gown – complete with blood stains – and there does seem to be something that looks like a bit of medical equipment that I have circled for you in the background… On the other hand, since when did hospitals start using quilts for their rather large looking beds?


Let’s have a closer look at those legs of his since he states that he had “surgery” on them – “Surgery” being defined by the Cambridge online dictionary as:

the treatment of injuries or diseases in people or animals by cutting open the body and removing or repairing the damaged part.

Hmmm, there doesn’t appear to have been much surgery done there… But at least he is in hospital, right?

Well no he isn’t as it happens.

Yet the cameraman deliberately pulled back so as to reveal Liar Lopes surroundings and bizarrely, no cunt seems to have notice the glaring contradiction – never mind the fact that had he been hit by such a large motor at 70 odd MPH, then the lying shit-head would just be coming into land about now.

In fact those errors are so in-ya-face that logically thinking, the only explanation for them is that they are meant to be that way. And as such, it isn’t unreasonable to assume it is all in-ya-face so as the Monsters can test public awareness and reaction to being mugged off.

Not that every aspect of the fraud was meant to be so transparent. After all, the Monsters needed to leave enough room for doubt in the public’s minds that the event was not a government play act, since not to do so could have had very dire consequences.

Yet to my horror no one appeared to pick up on the fucking ‘bleeding obvious‘!

I mean will ya just look at the comments on that article, which supposedly have not been moderated:

Unbe-fucking-leavable…  Especially so giving mind to the following press snippet:

Yet no mention whatsoever of any Portugeezers.

Although to be honest I do believe that Loopy Lopes is a copper… Or at least he played one.

Mind you, it’s okay if you don’t believe that the Plod is Lopes right now because you will do by the end… Just sayin’.

Course, if you don’t believe that Loopy-Lopes is that plod stretcher bearer then you won’t believe that the paramedic with him on stretcher bearer duty also turned up later as a witness…

I also strongly believe that the (inset photo) fella was involved in my [fraud] illegal court case but I will deal with that another time.

Okay, turning now to the speed which the plod claim that the “terrorist”, Mad Masood was allegedly travelling at when he was playing skittles, and let me tell you that I know this area of London very well having actually worked (as a builder) in the Cabinet Offices and the HM Customs & excise building – AKA The Treasury – in the past.

And as such I can tell you that travelling at 16 MPH around Westminster during working hours would be a result, never mind your 76 Miles-Per-Fucking-Hour bollox.

In fact I was listening to Radio Two the other week and the DeeJay gave the average speed in Central London over a 24 hour period as being just 7 MPH… Which in my experience rings true.

Nevertheless, there is quite an amusing anecdote connected to that government contract that I was working on back in the day which I will tell you about now, although I will end the true story in red font so as those of you who don’t want to read it know how far to fast forward… And it’s no skin of my nose if ya do or not.

Now, it is true to say that I did once have my own fairly successful building firm but in reality it was nowhere near big enough to be given a government contract in the very offices that the high-wanking Paedo-Monster-Minions hang out in.

However, the building firm owned by my very good friend, Tony Spicer fit the bill nicely – although I haven’t seen him for quite a few years now.

Now I did in fact know Tony from school – or more accurately, I knew who he was at school although being in the year above me (it may even have been two years, I can’t remember), he probably didn’t know me… Although in truth I was a proper little shit back then and very well known – for all the wrong reasons – so he may have heard the odd mention of my name a time or two.

Nevertheless, the reason that I knew who Tony was back then, before I had ever even spoken to him was because he was cool as fuck… And I mean cool as fuck… Still is, I would imagine since he was the last time that I spoke to him.

And of course everyone at school knew who the older cool dudes were.

But all the same, around 5 or 6 years after leaving school I did hear on the grapevine that Spicer had married a bird called Sally Paul – who was a proper looker from the school year below me and who I did in fact know well enough to talk to.

Anyway, we now fast forward to late 1994 by which time I’d had my own building firm for around 5 years, although I had also started Tattooing by then – something that I had always fancied doing although it was only a hobby at the time – when out of the blue I get a phone call from this bird who had been in my year at school called Tracey.

Unfortunately I cannot for the fucking life of me remember her surname, which is a bit naughty since we had actually had a bit of a romance for a week or two when we were around 14 or 15 years old… Never shagged her or nothing mind – although I am sure that I must have tried.

But then again, and in my defence, it is no secret that I am lousy at remembering names… And to be fairer still, the name “Tracey” is not what you would call a rarity in my neck of the woods.

So anyway, as I was saying; Tracey rings me up out of the blue as she had heard that I was doing a bit of tattooing and wondered if I would do her one – which I was of course happy to oblige.

Mind you, I had at that point in time come off a scaffolding a week or two earlier and broken my leg as well as doing a lot of nerve damage to my foot, so I was in a plaster cast when she came for the tattoo – which is why I am able to recall this part of the tale with such clarity.

And who brought her to mine? Why, none other than Tony Spicer.

You see, it turned out that Tony had just left Sally because of his affair with Tracey… Which surprised me a bit because despite being a long way off what you would call a Pig, Tracey had struck proper gold by landing Tony.

And I should tell you at this point that Tony did in fact – and probably still does for that matter – look quite a bit like Tony Hadley from the group Spandau Ballet (albeit maybe not quite as good looking).

PHOTO: TONY Hadley or TONY Spicer… It’s a bit hard to tell.

What’s more, just like Mr Hadley, Tony also had plenty of money, which he was never flash with – albeit not quite as much money as Tony Hadley.

Moreover Mr Spicer was a big, strong, likable fella and oozed charisma like no one else that I have ever met… And I’m not even gay or bicycle, honest.

So anyway, being a lot older by now than we were at school and both having building firms – although Tony employed anywhere up to a hundred people at a time whereas the most I ever employed at any one time was eight – we got on like a house on fire and gradually began to socialise more and more with each other.

However, to give you an idea of the kind of charisma Tony possessed we used to go to a club in Southend on a Friday night called Mr B’s which was also the night that the club would usually have a [fading] celebrity appear, such as Leo Sayer or Anita Baker… They even had Tony Blackburn & Diddy David Hamilton appear on one Friday… Betcha you’re impressed now?

No me neither.

But anyway, this one particular Friday night Gwen Dickey – formerly of Rose Royce – was appearing and I am telling you now, as soon as she clapped eyes on Tony, which was more or less straight away, she didn’t take her eyes off him for the whole 4 or 5 songs that she sung. Not that Tony was interested in her and indeed took it all in his laid-back stride.

Unfortunately, Gwen Dickey is crippled up these days.

However, back then at Mr B’s, Gwen was in full working order. Mind you, I probably wouldn’t have bothered either if Gwen had been making eyes at me since I was still in love with Lillian Lopez – lead singer with ‘Odyssey’ – at the time.

Unfortunately Lillian is now dead as fuck hence the video below is from back in the day:

I can also tell you that having just watched that video, I am still in love with Lillian… Here, have another:

Where did all those yesterdays go ♫

Where indeed Lillian, where indeed.

Thank you for the mamories.

Anyway, come mid 1997 and things had gone a bit Pete Tong for me financially being as I’d had to close down my building firm when my then baby daughter, Stacey had come to live with me in mid 1996.

You see, although tattooing was by then my main source of income, it was still early days in my new career and as such there were periods when bookings were a bit thin on the ground.

Moreover, to make matters worse my car had given up the ghost so getting any where with an 18 month old baby was missions – fuck the buses then, and fuck the buses now.

However, Tony also had a bit of a problem at this time because he was 4 or 5 months into a one year driving ban after being caught over the DD limit.

Well I say a problem but it was more of an irritation really because to give him his due, Tony still worked on building sites himself two or three days a week – albeit only on small jobs usually – for which his Foreman, Paul would take him to and from, whilst the other two or three days he would spend working in his office which required no transport.

Therefore the irritation only came about when either Paul couldn’t drive him – Tony had big jobs in Essex, London and Kent which Paul had to pay a daily visit to – or when he had a business meeting, which is why he let me have one of his Astra vans to use; the deal being that I could use the van as my own but I would have to drive him to these meetings as and when, for which I would also receive a “drink” obviously.

Course on the (few) occasions when Paul couldn’t pick Tony up and bring him home, I would have to do it – which usually meant that I would end up working with him for the day… For which I obviously got paid of course.

And that is how I ended up working in the Cabinet Offices for 3 or 4 days.

PHOTO: The Cabinet Office that I worked in for Tony (ringed in red) and its proximity to the Masood Mayhem

Now, this was right at the arse-end of the Cabinet Office job and just involved finishing off a bit of skirting board here and there, replacing the light switch & plug socket fascias and fitting any new door handles that hadn’t been done yet.

Course, although the building was still only partially occupied security was still tight – in case we decided to plant a bomb or something I suppose.

This meant that Tony had to be given security clearance, as was his foreman Paul.

Now the way it worked was there HAD to be someone there with security clearance (either Paul, Tony or another couple of Tony’s men who I never met) for as long as whoever else was working there was on the premises, which meant that they would all enter together in the morning and sign in.

However, as you can see from the above photo, the Cabinet Offices are not particularly big so there was never an army of us which meant that once we were signed in we could nip in and out to get a drink or whatever with just a nod to the downstairs security guards without having any drama getting back in.

Course, that was just as well since security was proper, proper tight on Whitehall way before 1997 because of the IRA *big yawn and all that nonsense. This meant that we couldn’t even park up outside the job to off load our tools without a squad car pulling up to see who we were going to bomb and as such everything had to be carried from the underground car park that we used, which was just up past the Houses of Parliament – £16 per day (8 hours): What a fuckin’ liberty and I hate to think what it would cost now to park there.

Nevertheless, the Cabinet Office is almost opposite the Treasury Building and whilst I was up there with Tony for those 3 or 4 days, he told me that he had a job to do over there, which was due to start sometime in the near future.

Moreover, he wasn’t best pleased about it because it was looking increasingly like he would have to be the one on site since Paul and the other two with security clearance had all the other jobs – far and wide – to visit.

Now, although the job in the Treasury Building was only scheduled to last around two weeks, the fact of the matter was that whilst Tony might well have been happy to muck in 2 or 3 times a week on the small local sites, the Traffic in London was an absolute fucking nightmare – and must be even worse now – so he didn’t want to do the 5.30 AM set offs from home and then be forced to stay there all day… And besides, he needed to be in the office at least a couple of times per week.

Furthermore, it wasn’t the nicest of jobs – in fact to a qualified 1st & 2nd fixer Carpenter like Tony, the job could have been described as mind numbingly boring.

You see, how the job had came about was; a few months previous there had either been a fire in the Treasury building or there had been a crane there for some reason  – I’m pretty sure it was the latter – and when the vehicle (which ever it was) had put it’s hydraulic stabilizers out, the ones that were sat on the pavement had started to disappear into the ground… Or to put it another way, the Treasury Building goes down below the ground for fuck knows how many levels whilst at the same time spreads out beyond the external walls of the building that you see above ground, thus the pavement in effect forms the basement roof.

Course, when the Treasury was built they didn’t have great big fuck-off fire engines or cranes that required hydraulic stilts to keep them from toppling over and as such, the weight on the stilts had started to collapse the basement ceiling.

Therefore, it became a concern that should there ever be a major fire or what not, requiring one of those big rescue fire engines to attend, they would be fucked because they wouldn’t be able to get close enough to the building for fear of ending up in the basement.

However, the saving grace was that the basement rooms around the perimeter were no longer used and none of the basements below that were used at all – as far as we knew anyway.

Therefore the plan was for a team of 4 or 5 men to pin half inch thick sheets of ply to the underside of the basement ceilings directly under the pavement using acroes (adjustable metal props), spaced a foot apart from each other… Mind you, fuck knows how they were going to get the acroes offloaded at the building with the over zealous plod…  I never asked.

So anyway, come the end of this conversation and Tony casually says – all innocent like, as if he had just thought about it “ere, if I get you security clearance, you could run the job for me couldn’t you”? 

To which I just as casually replied – all innocent like, having really just thought about it“What with my past! You got no chance of them giving me security clearance”… And that was the end of that, until one morning a month or so later I went to pick Tony up only to find a bright red MG Metro sat on his drive, which he beckons me over to have a look at and ask me what I think.

PHOTO: The Treasury Building (circled)

Now, although the car wasn’t in bad nick it was far too old and shabby for Tony to buy as a runaround for himself (He had a Cosworth sat in his garage doing nothing). And Tracey – by then his 2nd wife, hence I can only remember her as Tracey Spicer – would not have been seen dead in it.

So I asked him if he had gone bankrupt or something, to which he replies that he had bought it for ‘him and the lads to go up to London in for the job under the treasury building‘… Except Tony had no intention of going up to London to do the job and as such says to me that if I run the job for him he will make it financially very worth my while – also adding that when the job was completed I could keep the car… Whilst emphasizing to me that he only had a couple of months left on his driving ban and when that was up he would need his van back.

Well I would” I replied, “but I don’t have security clearance Tony, you know that“, which was genuinely the case since the only real draw back for me running the job would be that I would have to stay at my Mothers house for the 2-3 week job duration so as she could look after Stacey for me while I was up there.

To which Tony replied; “that’s not a problem Chrissie boy“, with the biggest Spicer grin possible.

You see, at that point Tony had never so much as stepped foot in the Treasury Building (as he had left that all to Paul to deal with), which unlike the Cabinet Office had multiple entrances, with a lot more security guards than the likes of old Horace & Maurice over the road in the Cabinet Offices, making things a lot more official like and the security guards much more stand-offish.

Moreover, the building (unlike the Cabinet Offices) was fully occupied with people coming and going all day long – not that we would see any of them from where we were going to be stationed.

Therefore Tony’s plan was for me and the two other fellas starting the job with me (later to become three) to meet Paul on the first morning up there in the underground car park located on the opposite side of the road to Westminster Palace, from where we would then all hike back to the Treasury Building to sign in.

Course, Paul having security clearance – which back then was just a document with a persons personal details on, along with the reason that they needed to be in the building and with which you might also be asked to provide your own proof of who the document said you were – was enough to get us all signed in, but this was to be the one and only time that he would be there apart from if I needed him to get me something for the job or if we hit up on any problems.

Therefore, as Paul explained at the security desk who we were and why we were there as he handed his security clearance to the guard, he added that although he was in overall charge of the job, he would only be there for an hour or so that day, whilst stressing to the fella in uniform; that by him (Paul) leaving us there alone, there wouldn’t be a security issue because “Tony here also has security clearance… At which point I was to also hand over my security clearance… Made out in my newly adopted name of Anthony J Spicer – which was all obviously done in order to test the water and to give the guard an opportunity to look me up and down.

PHOTO: The red line indicates roughly where the outer basement walls are and for some reason unbeknownst to me, we only had to shore up the the basement ceilings within the area of that red line.

And from that day to the last I never once had a single problem getting me and the lads signed in and indeed by the time we got round to shoring up the rooms under King Charles Street (the final week), we had started to use that exit at dinner time or when nipping out for a drink, because all the shops were up towards Trafalgar Square.

This in turn led us to becoming quite friendly with the security guards on that exit and when I told the chief that it was costing us £16 a day just to park, he was shocked that I hadn’t said so before and allowed us to park the bright red MG Metro in the circular, center car park for fuck all… Shame that there was only two days left on the job by then.

However, there was one sublime moment during the course of the Job when Tony dropped in with Paul to see how the job was going and had to sign in under an assumed name since I was already signed in as him… So he signed in as Christopher Spivey.

Now interestingly enough, although the basement appeared largely empty (least the rooms we had to be in were), we did find some printed pamphlets from WW2 (warning of the need to not have your car lights on when driving at night and shit like that).

And then there were all these staircases dotted about leading down to locked doors with signs on them stating that “Unauthorized Access Is Forbidden” and “Strictly no entry for unauthorized persons“… However there were other staircases with doors that were not locked which just had “No Entry” signs on them… Which with my naturally curious nature, obviously translated to me as; “oh alright then, go and have a quick butchers, but be swift about it“.

Now the thing is, these unlocked doors led into a big room like area with entrances to a number of seemingly endless passages which we gingerly edged our way down in the spooky pitch blackness, cept for the occasional flicking of our lighters just to make sure that there was no Monsters immediately ahead.

Mind you, it was impossible to keep track of which direction we were heading in and eventually every passage that we edged down ended up as a dead end with a brick wall blocking us going any further. However, it was quite obvious that these brick walls were an awful lot newer than the building was, so quite where these passages led to on the other side is anyone’s guess.

And there were also plenty of staircases dotted about leading to doors opening onto another staircase leading down to what I imagine would be another (lower) basement, to which all the doors were locked and adorned with the more serious type of no entry sign.

So, that means that there are at least 3 basement floors – some of which contain fuck knows what – under the Treasury building to my certain knowledge, with blocked off passages stretching way beyond the basement perimeter walls and leading to fuck knows where.

Now apart from me reminiscing, the point of that story was – as I mentioned earlier – to tell you that I know for a fact that driving anywhere around Westminster on a Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 7 PM is impossible to do at more than a stop-start-queue-snail-pace. And I will also point out that there are also multiple spy cameras literally everywhere your eyes look.

Moreover, the place is literally swarming with plod, many of whom carried firearms – even back in 1997 – especially at the gates of Downing Street and at the gates and entrances to the Houses of Parliament.

Course these days it’s all about making women macho whilst portraying fellas as Daisies… Which to be fair an awful lot of men are.

The bird on the right looks right at ease holding that machine gun… In fact I bet she could strip it down and put it back together in fuckin’ seconds… Although there would probably be bits & pieces going everywhere – sloppy seconds I suppose you could call it.

But even so, I can’t imagine many men wanting to go sloppy seconds with her.

Even if she does moonlight as an actress.

Also be aware that the bird in the tracksuit has a very, very photoshopped face.

And despite appearances the photo wasn’t taken on the day of Masood’s Mayhem… It was in fact taken on the 29th of March at a tribute to the Metropolitan Police for how well they handled Masood’s Mayhem… Nothing like blowing your own trumpet is there?

Yet a tribute to the wholly corrupt shower of shit is not a tribute… It is an absolute piss take.

Course, the question is: Are these real coppers out to deceive for gain or are they actors playing a part?

The same of which applies to the male plod:

You see, the Mush with the beard also plays the part of ‘Scaffolder, Danny Smith‘ – the fella who claims that Mad Masood sliced his nose in half and split his tongue back in the day:

Isn’t it strange how many photos there aren’t of Massood and the only decent one (seen above) has been taken with one of those ‘fish-eye‘ type camera lenses, thus horribly distorting his face?

Smith doesn’t look any the worse for his catastrophic injuries does he? Especially since he claims that he needed plastic surgery.

Nevertheless, when you put Smith side by side with the machine-gun toting Bacon-Bugger you get the following:

Check out the ear and take no notice of the tattoo on Smith’s neck as they are randomly added or if needs be easily hidden with photo paint – the case being in this instance is that Smith’s tattoo is fake hence the lack of any stubble on it.

As for Armed Police Orifficer Smith’s partner in crime, well it is interesting that on the 24th of March – two days after the shooting – Prince Buggerlugs AKA Prick Charles, affectionately known as Dobby by no one but me, visited some of the ‘victims’ (strangely not filmed on video) at Kings College Hospital… The hint from the press is in the hospital name of course.

The following is a screenshot of the [Spy controlled] Telegraph’s article reporting on that visit:

Okay, now I will admit that I may have accidentally altered some of Prick Charles’ features in the photo… But not by fucking much.

And of course Dobby had bodyguards present with him at the visit which I find strange given the fact that we all supposedly adore him (at least according to the press we do), and he is portrayed as a military man with a row of medals longer than your lower fucking arm.

Nevertheless, Dobby’s man looks very much like the other armed copper in the photo with Smith.

And once again, the copper has a very [badly] photoshopped nose… Now why would that be?

Course you also need to ask yourselves just why the video footage taken by an officially sanctioned film crew is of such shite quality.

Moreover, the fraud plodman is in all probability 44 year old Mark Haikin – one of the many fake witnesses to the hoax who appeared in the press and on the TV news and is seen here in the comparison photo below.

And now that the copper’s photo is enlarged it is easier to see where the slight alterations have been made to his boat-race.

Mind you, a couple of days earlier Big Ears had been in the newspaper reporting on some visit or other that he had made to somewhere of no interest to anybody. However the [hidden] purpose of the article was obviously to show what a great King he would make, as he cast aside royal protocol and let a couple of children (boys) give him a hug… Least that is how the Chimp described it.

Although looking at the photo you have to ask yourself who hugged who and who is enjoying it more… Just sayin’.

Course, those Bacon Buggers above are not the only ones doubling up in this fraud.

For example take a butchers at these four brave Trotters in the photo below, bravely crossing the Westminster Bridge on the day after the ‘atrocity‘ – in defiance of Terrapinism.

And in particular pay close attention to Sgt Porkchester Pigg (second left) because he too played a witness to the fraud.

Course, as is real life; one day you’re a Sargent the next you’re just a Cunt-Stable.

But I am getting ahead of myself so more on these actors later.

Now, not even the far-fetched Sun Newspaper (hence forth referred to as the Scum) was wearing the Metroplod’s claim that Terrapin, Khalid Masood was travelling across the bridge at anywhere up to 76 MPH, and instead attributed his speed to being 50 MPH on average.

Nevertheless, the Scum have still stuck by the Metroplod’s official timeline of 82 seconds – start to finish – allocating 30 seconds of those to the bridge crossing.

Likewise, the Spy owned Telegraph Newspaper amended the Metroplod’s 76 MPH to an average 40 MPH, whilst also allowing a 30 second bridge crossing, yet they too still stuck to the 82 second overall time of the “attack“:

It was just after 2.40pm that Ajao, in the grey Hyundai Tucson 4×4, appeared on the eastern approach to the bridge, two large kitchen knives by his side. He mounted the pavement, reaching more than 40mph, and would take 30 seconds to cross the 250-yard span of the bridge. Source

Mind you, the Shit-Rag is actually also wrong about the bridge span being “250 yards” long (228.6 Meters), since it is actually 252 Meters long – albeit Wikipedia has the length down at 250 Meters.

So – in order to be fair for the next point that I am going to make – we will take Wiki’s 250 Meter guess as our benchmark, thus only making the Telegraph 70 ft out in their estimation.

Mind you, I must point out first that with the Met having Masood (named after the EastEnder’s postman so as the brain-drained public will remember him) doing 76 MPH across the bridge, the Scum having him doing 50 MPH and the Telegraph having him zooming at 40 MPH, I am not altogether sure how all three still managed to come up with an overall 82 second timeline, but there ya go.

Nevertheless, for Masood to have cleared the crowded bridge in 30 seconds – knocking over at least 50 Serfs Smurfs in the process, if ya buy into the official bollox – all 3 Bastions of the Truth must be miles (per-hour) out in their calculations… see what I did there?

Course, this would be a deliberate mistake on their part because to travel 820 feet (250 M) in 30 seconds, Mad Masood would have been roughly averaging a super-scary speed of 18 MPH.

Indeed, I arrived at that 18 MPH figure based on [the approximate] converting of MPH to FPS (feet per second), which is calculated by dividing the MPH by 2 and then multiplying by 3 Source.

Therefore 18 (MPH) ÷ 2 = 9, then multiplied by 3 = 27 (FPS). So, just to clarify for the thick-fucks: Someone travelling at 18 MPH will cover a distance of 27 feet every second.

And since – we are told –  it took Mad-Max 30 seconds to cross the bridge, we times 30 by the 27 (FPS) which gives us 810 feet (the bridge is 820 feet long according to Wikipedia and 827 feet long according to other sources), whereas 19 MPH would take the distance traveled over 30 seconds to 855 feet:

The new [Westminster] bridge that is still there today is 827 feet long, and built of iron. It has withstood everything the city has been able to throw at it, and shows few signs of aging. Source

Course, as I pointed out earlier getting hit by a two tonne motor at 76 MPH is certain fucking death, whereas on the other hand, getting hit at 18 MPH by a two tonne motor is going to give you a nasty bruise.

Fuck me, it’s no wonder that the Westminster Bridge is also known as the Bridge of Fools:

The new bridge at Westminster wasn’t funded in the typical way (with private enterprise and tolls); instead, money was raised via a then-fashionable ‘lottery’.

Lotteries at the time were subject to abuse and fraud: some even saw them as being immoral, and a threat to society.

This lottery funding led Henry Fielding to dub the new crossing ‘The Bridge of Fools’. The name stuck as the bridge’s construction dragged on much longer than planned.

Mind you, if you ask me it ought to have been called the Cock Bridge. I mean have you seen what happens to the pavement when the sun shines?

You couldn’t make this shit up!

But anyway we now know that the speed Mad Masood was travelling at wasn’t fast enough to kill anyone, yet we are being told to believe that 4 people were killed on the bridge (or just after it at the point where Mad Masood crashed) and up to 50 people were injured – some critically.

The following is from the Daily Chimpanzee AKA the Daily Mail  and from this point forward referred to as the Chimp:

It is worth pointing out – since I am sure that there will be people reading this who don’t know – that all of the British news media is owned & tightly controlled by the elite who use it as a propaganda tool and for the manipulation of public opinion or the spreading of disinformation.

The two biggest selling British Newspapers are the Scum and the Chimp – in that order – and are known for their blatant lies… Dog knows, they have told some whoppers about me in their time.

However, before we look at the victims let’s have a look at the timeline of the attack which has now been officially clocked at a starting time of 2:40:08 PM:

You see, my problem with that timeline is that the Chimp Online PUBLISHED its first article on the event at 2:43:53.

Or put another way, The Chimp had written and released its first article about the unfolding drama just 2 minutes and 54 seconds after the 999 switchboard had put the first emergency call through to the police.

And although the article was updated at 5:37, it is safe to assume that by then (nearly 3 hours after the fact), the Monkey-Boyz would have been aware that there was only one “attacker“, not two – note “attackers” and not “terrorists“.

Therefore it is safe to assume that the headline is the original one published at 2:43 PM and was not amended when the article was updated at 5:37 PM, even though it was updated again the following day when the headline was most certainly changed:

I also noticed that despite amending the bullet points, they still had not altered Masood’s identity being as not only was he born in England – making him British – he was half-caste with a white mother and black father… Or put another way, there was nothing Asian about him at all.

Nevertheless, the time of the original article – especially given the headline – begs the question as to how in the name of fuck was it possible to come up with those details approximately 3 minutes after the attack began and a mere 2 minutes after it had ended?

Moreover, the Monkey-Boyz beat the Associated Press to it by 6 minutes, and the Press Association by 10 minutes – both of whom are usually the main source feeds of all news for all of the British newspapers.

Certainly smells a bit fishy doesn’t it?

There were also glaring anomalies posted on Twitter:

Now this is a screenshot that I took from footage of the ’live’ BBC news, who were covering the terrapin incident… Much quicker than you would have thought possible to be honest.

You see the time of that ‘live’ reporting would have been approximately 2:50 PM (22nd March 2017 obviously) – less than ten minutes after Masood had been shot dead.

The live stream was coming from a helicopter showing parliament and Westminster bridge from the air when the BBC posted the (above) tweet over the top of the footage.

And as you can see, the time that the tweet appears to have been originally posted by the BBC’s Political Editor was 7:44 AM that morning (22nd March), which in theory would be impossible since it would have been sent 7 hours prematurely of the attack taking place.

However, I do not understand the (apparently complicated) workings of Twitter timings – or so I’m told – with some ‘helpful‘ people telling me that the time shown on the tweet would be American time + 1 hr (Twitter is an American Corporation)… Which to me sounds like a proper crock of shit, but what do I know.

Well actually, I do know that when I post a Tweet or People Tweet me or I see Tweets that have recently been posted by others unconnected to me, the time on them is ALWAYS in Greenwich Mean Time without any + hrs added on.

Therefore, if the BBC’s Political Editor – Laura Kuenessberg – had just posted that Tweet – say at 2:44 PM – from LONDON, then surely it should have shown up on the BRITISH BROADCASTING Corporation’s ‘live’ film footage of the event in ENGLISH time?

Moreover, it is strange that Kuenessberg did not tag the BBC Newsroom in the Tweet yet the BBC had picked up on it 6 minutes after she had posted it, a mere 2 minutes after the event was over.

I should also point out that Portcullis House (Where Kuenssberg posted the tweet from) is directly opposite where Mad Masood crashed his Hyundai 4×4 into the Westminster Palace wall.  It is also the building in which most MP’s now have their offices – what with Portcullis House and the Palace apparently being connected by an underground pedestrian walkway.

But in any event, the Tweet certainly needs investigating especially given the lack of traffic in the area at 2:44 PM and which in fact was far more consistent with early morning traffic that you would expect to see at around or before 7:44 AM. (see photo below)

PHOTO: The traffic situation around 10 minutes after the Masood Mayhem had ended.

Nevertheless, returning to those extremely suspect early articles published by the Chimp and you have wonder what is the point of the Chimp having an archive if what is kept in the archive isn’t the original news?

And neither can the super-speed with which that first article was written & published be attributed to senior Monkey-Boy, Quentin Crisp Letts who alleges that he was in the Houses of Parliament at the time of the attack.

Indeed given mind to the content in the above screenshot it is not unfair to say that it is an atrocious retelling of the events, coming from an experienced journalist – or any journalist for that matter.

I mean: “We heard this sound that sounded like a car crash“… Huh? Who the fuck is “we“? And instead of “sound that sounded” he should have wrote something along the lines of: “We heard a loud noise that sounded like a car crash“. Just sayin’.

Letts then continues: “Then we saw a thick set man… “. Again, who the fuck is ‘we’?

And worse still: “This man had something in his hand. It looked like a stick. He was challenged by two policemen. The policeman fell down“… Which makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, did PC Twinkle-Toes trip? Did he faint? Was he ‘sticked’? And what was the other plod with him doing while all this was going on?

However, do keep in mind those ‘two challenging policemen‘ for later reference.

The hack then goes on to say: “We could see the man in black moving his arm in a way that suggested he was either striking or stabbing“… “We” again, yet Quentin doesn’t say if Masood was making stabbing motions through the air or into PC Sure-Foote’s body… Or even if he was stood over PC Twinkle-Toes stabbing him for that matter – the useless wanker. Although I strongly suspect that he was being deliberately evasive.

Yet Lett’s get no credit for writing the bullshit article which he would certainly have done so even if he had only dictated the events over the phone… In fact I did notice that Chief Monkey, Martin Robinson was given a writing credit on the third edition of that lightningly quick delivered article.

And besides, for Lett’s to say what “we saw” what took place he would still have been in no position to see what took place on the bridge and as such those details could not have come from him… Which is very fucking strange indeed, although he could have at least put his colleagues right on the number of attackers involved.

However, there are more clues to the action taking place sometime outside of the official time-line. For instance the following report on one of the obligatory vigils that have to be held after each one of these government hoaxes:

2:15 pm ???

The action didn’t start at 2:15 pm… Did it?

And on the 22nd of March at 3:18 PM – thirty eight minutes after the ‘attack’ had commenced –  Chief Reporting Monkey-Boy, MARTIN ROBINSON released his own article for the Chimp.

Now why on earth would our (at the time) unelected, transvestite, Prime Mincer have been “bundled into the back seat” of her car at 2:30 PM if the attack didn’t commence until 10 minutes later?

I mean at some point someone must have relayed that 2:30 pm time to Robinson – a traitor to his country & fellow man – for him to include it in his article… Chief Reporters do not make schoolboy fuck-ups like that.

And how the fuck does the Shit-Stain know that it was a “terrorist attack“? I mean fuck me, not even the corrupt Met had declared it such at 3:18 pm.

Rumbled Robinson then revises his estimated time for May’s evacuation to fall in line with the official narrative, namely 2:45 PM – although that revision almost doubtlessly came when the article was “updated” at 7:06 PM that same day.

However, that wasn’t enough for Robinson because he updated the article again at 11:33 pm THE NEXT DAY!

In fact why update at all? I mean why not just write a whole new article? After all, the Monkey-Boyz have been known to publish up to 700 articles in a month about an event, if they feel the need to push the subject.

But then again, to do so would leave their opening lies and bullshit open to scrutiny.

Indeed the first two must not have been exciting enough to Robinson’s way of thinking so he changed the headline and added to the detail. Yet strangely he didn’t feel the need to change the 2:30 PM time of action:

Course, this new melodrama wasn’t added until nearly 32 hours later… Unless of course he made another alteration along the way.

Yet even if the Yobbo-Robo did add the made-up old bollox in between the 2nd and final update he was still hopelessly wrong according to the now ‘official‘ timeline.

The “333” number obviously being significant… Yet by that time the action had allegedly been over for the best part of an hour.

But even so, you still have to wonder how Robbo and the rest of the Presstitutes got it so wrong? In fact the pond life had got it that wrong that they reported on Un-El-Tel’s departure before it had even fucking happened!

Course you only have to read the old bollox below to realise that the Monsters are pushing the agenda to make our MP’s  – of who only half of them actually exist – inaccessible to the public.

The article begins:

Which simply isn’t true:

PHOTO: Seconds after the attack the police are seen shutting the Palace gates.

The bullshit article then continues:

Now I will deal with the “unchallenged Courier” shortly but for the moment I want to get back to the point that I was making about the Monster’s not wanting the public to get too close to our MP’s.

You see, when the evil-parasites are sufficiently far enough away from us it will of course be impossible to tell our Michael Fabricunts from our Graham Allens:


And unsurprisingly Micky Fabricunt MP did his part to further the fiction:

I mean, as if there is ever a crowd of MP’s in Westmonster! They are all too busy lining their pockets elsewhere.

And although Fabricunt is obviously gay he certainly doesn’t believe in human rights for the masses.

After all, if he almost always voted for equal gay rights but generally voted against laws to promote equality and human rights, it stands to reason that he voted for the laws on equality but against the laws for human rights.

In fact Fabricunt’s voting history makes for good reading what with the war mongering, poor people hating, little turd obviously holding on to the belief that only the elite should be able to attend university. (see HERE)

However, in reality Terry May – who believe it or not, like Princess Diana, does not in all probability exist – was never in any danger.

Huh? You what Spiv? … You believe that Un-El-Tel doesn’t really exist”?

Yes I do and if you don’t I suggest that you read my article about Good Old Tel (found HERE)


PHOTO: The Mind Controlled, Actor/Prime Mincer, Terry May and the French Prime Mincer, Bernard French-Name, formally known as Henri Paul… Chauffeur to Princess Diana.

Henri Paul is of course a perfect example of the heights you can rise to if you give your all to the Monsters… Even though he is almost short enough to be classed as a midget.

Nevertheless and as I say, Un-El-Tel was never in any danger… Despite in theory she could have been in the line of fire… Had the modern day Terrapins been supplied with guns instead of knives.

Yet even if she was in the potential firing line, by the time she now ‘officially‘ left the premises he/she couldn’t have been in any danger anyway since the terrapin had been brown-bread for the best part of an hour. Not that the chemically-coshed-actor knew which car was hers in the first place… But I will deal with that later on.

Nevertheless, in that screenshot a little way up (and republished below for your convenience – don’t thank me) there is an accusation that the Palace gates were left open, unattended and vulnerable, whilst using the motorbike courier who turned up “three minutes after the shooting” to drive home the point – the inference being that the courier could have been a terrapin too for all that the gate-plod knew.

So for now, let’s fuck the official version off and pretend that Un-El-Tel was whisked away at 2:45 PM, whilst obviously ignoring that original, repeated departure time of 2:30PM.

Now wouldn’t the wheels be blurred if the car was “racing away“… Mind you, to be fair the press done fucking well to be all set up and ready to take the photo three and a half fucking minutes after the 82 second drama had ended.

Indeed they must be telepathic is all that I can say.

Nevertheless, according to the above screenshot the gates had only been opened to let an “official vehicle out“, after which they were left unmanned whilst those plods on guard-duty nipped off to help their dying mate – Who was the gate-guard-plod on duty… But ignore that.

And indeed, the Chimp snippet/screenshot feigns outrage that a motorbike courier turns up 3 minutes later and is left to enter the Palace Estate unchallenged.

Ohhh, but I can see all of this leading too much unnecessary spending of taxpayers money… There also appears to be an awful lack of activity going on outside the gates considering the alleged time and the fact that this is one of the main tourist heartlands in the world.

However, since we are told that the courier arrived 3 minutes after the shooting there must indeed have been a lot of faffing about since there are no armed plod to be seen in the photo above apart from the shooter and his two mates who appear to be stood admiring their kill.

Certainly there doesn’t look to be many people attending to “our hero” plod, Keith Palmer who was stabbed to death by Mad Masood.

Indeed if that was the crime scene 3 minutes after Masood had been shot that we see in the above photo perhaps the Metroplod bosses ought to liaise with the press who can apparently receive a report of an incident, grab the necessary equipment, make their way over to the scene of the crime and have their cameras set up and ready all within three and a half minutes… Fucking marvelous.

Nevertheless, to be fair the courier didn’t just actually ride through the gates like he owned the place and is in fact stationary in the photo… Although obviously that doesn’t alter the fact that the gates were [apparently] left vulnerable to attack in that period… Or could be misinterpreted as being “unattended” thus making them vulnerable.

Mind you, given the scene that greeted the courier, I too would be a bit reluctant to enter if I saw 3 mushes with guns stood over a dead body.

Moreover, we can see a plod closing the other gate in the photo… Which considering that they were only open to let an “official Vehicle out” – or at least they were according to the press –  it isn’t bad going considering what PC Gatekeeper has just had to witness… But once again, the point being made is that the gates were still left unattended and vulnerable to attack, prompting many calls for greater protection for our selfless, hard-working MP’s.

And then there is this none-too-subtle piece written by the Monkey Boyz.

Which is exactly the kind of exploitation that the Monster Minions would use when deliberately trying to start conspiracy theories.

Course, unlike 9/11 of which – according to George Wanker Bush – no one could have predicted terrorists hijacking airplanes to fly into tall buildings – cunt– the same cannot be said for the Westminster Palace gates:

What an amazing coincidence!

Now, before I go any further let me show you how those TWO sets of gates work.

I don’t half look after you lot.

Course, what the Chimp didn’t mention was the fact that the reason for the ‘In gate – correctly used by the courier – also being open had fuck all to do with the police-guard getting sidetracked after letting a car out… Of the wrong gate, I hasten to add… Now that may sound cryptic but all will be revealed shortly.

Yet the fact of the matter is that the gates are always open.

In fact I can honestly say that to the best of my recollection, I never once saw the gates which Mad Masood supposedly entered the Palace grounds through, closed when I was working up there or on any of the occasions that I have been up there since.

You see, in my experience there would more often than not be a car going in or coming out of the gates by the time that they were out of my view… And yes, I did take note because every time a car went in or out, I would look to see if it was one of the big-knobs.

However, in the whole 4 weeks or so that I was up there working in the Cabinet Offices and the Treasury Building I only ever saw one MP that I knew – although to be fair, most of my time up there was spent underground – and that was Margaret Beckett who I clocked in the back seat of a dark green Jag as it pulled out of Downing Street.

And I should also point out that the gates to Downing Street were always firmly closed as far as I could see – except for that one occasion of course.

Mind you, since at least half of our 650 MP’s do not exist – as I have just said – and those that do are all busy working a fiddle elsewhere, looking back on it now I am really not surprised that I only saw the one MP.

And indeed it is fair to say that it is easier to find photos with the Palace gates opened rather than them closed… Which you will also notice that portable railings are more often than not, used to stop people trying to walk through the gates, willy-nilly.

Indeed if the Westminster Palace gates were normally closed then the gate house a bit further in – which has those big solid metal barriers that are lowered into the ground to let cars drive over them – and the two lane barrier checkpoint would be pointless.

The two men-who-point-a-lot seen in the above photo look radioactive don’t they?

Indeed why the Monster-Minions insist on having these Men-Who-Point-A-Lot cretins present and repeatedly photographed at these fake events is beyond me… It really is.

I mean to my mind having them present at the crime-scene, pointing in every direction possible or having them filmed in a row down on their hands and knees takes away the little credibility that these hoaxes have… The Men-Who-Point-A-Lot certainly do not add any, that is for sure.

I mean take the mush in the above photo… Not withstanding that he must make the category of ‘Midget‘ he is wearing a space-suit, gloves, face mask and disposable boots on a crime scene that is more contaminated than Chernobyl.

Course, the rows and rows of crime-scene tape are another giveaway to a fraud and indeed haven’t been seen as being so randomly pointless and in such quantity since the Jo Cox fraud.

PHOTO: The Jo Cox Fraud

So no surprise when the useful idiot Brendan Cox was one of the first to tweet on the Westminster Bollox:

Mrs Cox wasn’t shot or stabbed any fucking times because she didn’t exist… Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, someone has to pay for the pointless chumps in the photos below:

I mean what in the name of fuck are they hoping to find? Masood was never on the Parliament Square green!

A complete fucking joke used to make the hard-of-thinking believe that the old bollox really took place.

I am literally cringing as I add these photos and if you cannot see the pointlessness of what the plankton are doing there then you are too in that hard-of-thinking group… And the answer to who is paying for these human Slugs to mug you off is: YOU ARE.

But I digress. So if I am wrong about the gates always being open (at least during the day) – perish the thought – and the truth is actually as the press claim i.e that the exit gate was only left opened because the Parli-Plod had just let an “official vehicle” out (of the wrong gate), then that would indicate that the car pulled out of the Palace as Masood ran in wouldn’t it?

And do also think on that despite the recent press claims, most of the plod around Westminster do actually carry firearms as a matter of routine… Especially with the fact that we are constantly being told that the chances of an imminent Terrapin attack are at critical level.

So, with all that in mind and not losing track of the Terry May emergency evacuation timeline either, have a butchers at the following screenshots taken from a video of the amateur dramatics, that I have compiled and which given the way that the video starts, you would be entitled to conclude must have been the precise moment that Mad Masood left his crashed 4×4.

Now who would that be because like I say; the car would have had to run over Masood’s body to get passed him, because at 19 seconds after the last shot was fired, Masood must have surely been on the deck.

And quite clearly the car leaving is not one of those things that you are supposed to pick up on as it is serious shit. Worse still – at least for the Monsters at any rate – if the car didn’t somehow maneuver around Masood’s downed body, then the car MUST have been waiting in front of the exit barrier when Masood ran onto the estate with all guns knives blazing.

Or put another way, Masood must have squeezed his fat arsed body around the motor… Although it is possible that the fat-cunt could have leaned on the bonnet whilst catching his breath, because despite the press trying to portray him as a super-fit bodybuilder, Mad Masood clearly was not.

Would’ja just look at the big fat guts on him!

Although as another aside, in the above report we have a clear example of what the Monsters are trying to achieve i.e get you to believe something that is the total opposite of what your eyes can see. And in this case it is the press telling you that Masood was a bodybuilder accompanied by a photo which proves that he clearly was not.

Therefore, for the 53 year old pot-bellied traitor-to-his-own-people to have sprinted from his motor to where the stabbing took place (around 265 foot), the eater of all the pies must have been fucking knackered… Especially since he ran that fucking fast that he wasn’t picked up on the film footage that the screenshots I have used came from.

However, there is a point that I need to clarify before I go on any further in order to put a stop to any arsehole troll-nonces desperately trying to discredit my work. You see, what you might not have noticed (although I dropped enough hints about it) is that the car comes out of the ‘Entrance‘ Gate as opposed to the ‘Exit‘ Gate that it should have used… Why would that be?

I mean the exit gate was open and nearer to the car than the entrance gate that the car came out of… In fact the car had to drive passed the OPEN exit gate to drive out of the Entrance gate.

But even so, there can be no doubt that the car came from the crime scene area – as any vehicle leaving the premises would have had to have done.

Now it is clear that after the fuck-up was noticed by the Minions, a damage limitation exercise was launched which saw an article written by a very senior Momkey-Boy released by the Chimp at 11:23 PM on the 23rd of March – the day after the attack.

The article itself asks questions as to why the Acting (literally) Metroplod Commissioner, Craig Mackey – who as coincidence would have it, just so happened to be on site at the time of the event – immediately left the Palace after the attack had taken place (82 seconds start to finish).

The article then goes on to speculate that Mackey actually witnessed the shooting himself – which given the location of the car and the timing means that he would most definitely have done so.

Also take note that no mention was made of the car being caught on camera leaving – despite the film footage appearing in the press long before that old bollox about Mackey was published… Which is as follows:

As with all police officers, I therefore had a duty to secure my evidence”… Are you getting that despicable old nonsense?

I mean, if what the fat arsed, fatter jowled Donkey is saying is true then all of those other plod who witnessed the ‘killing’ should have immediately withdrawn from the scene.

And with that in mind it is little wonder that the ultra vain, Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police,  Mark Rowley subsequently took the leading role in the Westminster Am-Drams over Acting Met Commissioner, Craig Mackey… Acting being the operative word to describe the pair of criminals… Although you have to wonder if any of these senior-rwankers have permanent positions.

Nevertheless to be fair Mark Rowley did appear to do a Stirling job whilst posing model-like to deliver his updates on the Westminster nonsense.

He is in his fucking element look, standing there with one outstretched leg forward of the other… Yet in reality, Skid-Mark is anything but the cool, calm & authoritative police spokesman that he would have us believe.

You see, Rotten Rowley hadn’t even read the Westmonster script properly before facing the world’s press and made one almighty fuck up when asked by a reporter if [allegedly] un-armed PC Palmer (supposedly stabbed to death by terrorist, Mad Masood) was in fact armed at the time of his murder. And when Rattled Rowley confirmed that Palmer was indeed carrying a firearm, before almost immediately realizing his fuck up, his reaction is a sight to behold.

Now obviously the footage of this almighty fuck up wasn’t shown over here, but I still anticipate the video that I saw of Rampant-Rowley making a proper cunt of himself will disappear in the near future – if it hasn’t done so already.

Therefore I videoed the video for posterity… Watch and listen carefully

I can’t stop watching that… I fucking love it when the mugs trying to mug us mug themselves off.

And then there is this taken from a ‘live’ news-feed on The Journal website:

6:05PM · 22 MAR 17

Assistant Commissioner Rowley added:

“A crime scene will remain in place, and a painstaking investigation is taking place to collect all possible evidence.”

“Our strength as a city depends on our ability to stand together”.

“We have lost one of our own as he acted to protect the public and his colleagues.”

The officer shot was an armed officer tasked with protecting parliament, he said.

He said commuters should remain vigilant on their way home.

Now let’s just ponder on that sentence: “The officer shot was an armed officer tasked with protecting parliament”

I mean we all know that the press make things up but surely The Journal wouldn’t make that up? And then when you take into regard what Rowley says in the above video you can only conclude that somebody neglected to inform the second most senior policeman in the country that the script had now changed.

I mean if no one had informed Skid-Mark that the plod Palmer was neither shot nor armed a whole 3 hours & 24 Minutes after the event had finished, then it shows you that Rowley is nothing more than “a face“… A front man.

And as for the mug cunt trying to insult my intelligence – and anyone else’s in possession of at least half a brain – with his bollox propaganda “We have lost one of our own as he acted to protect the public and his colleagues.” Repugnant-Rowley can go and fuck himself because even if the actor Palmer had been real he wasn’t trying to protect the public… In fact as you will find out later; going on the video evidence Palmer was running for his life – and he lost.

Cheeky cunt! … Rowley, not Palmer obviously.

What’s more – as most of you already know –  in order to be in the ‘club‘ you have to compromise yourself. And as such I wasn’t surprised when Rowley turned up as an “Australian” tourist, recounting to the press the horrors that he saw on the 22nd of March 2017.

And that should be a matter of grave concern to everyone… And I am not even joking.


Honest to fucking Dog you people must love being taken for cunts.

Course all these criminal acts are why these Monster Minions are given medals that they haven’t earned and don’t deserve?

What truly great role models they aren’t!

Nevertheless, to re-cap we have here a scenario that sees Britain’s most senior police orrificer miraculously being at a place other than his office, at the exact time a terrorist attack takes place there.

More coincidentally still, the Top-Knob-Plod just so happened to be leaving the place of attack at the time that it happened, putting him right at the center of the action! Yet no one thought to mention the fact until a day and a half later.

That fact then becomes more curious still because the “witness” photographs taken of the actual shooting from the Palace windows – which were subsequently used by the press – had in them what must surely have been Mackey’s car leaving the Palace gates.

Yet instead of highlighting the issue they kept schtum about it and even cropped the photos in order to hide the fact before publication.

PHOTO: The car leaving the gates is not one of those used by the press… I wonder why?

Moreover, despite one of his orifficers being stabbed to death and another one of them shooting the attacker three times, Mackey thought that there was no point in getting out of the car to at least have a butchers, let alone take charge… Which would not have compromised his evidence in any way shape or form.

However, instead he bizarrely told his Chauffeur to “drive on my good man“, a mere 15-19 seconds after the 3rd shot had been fired and his fatally injured orifficer, Keith Palmer was still staggering around upright like a dying Swan… Are you having that old bollox, because I am fucked if I am!

I mean not withstanding the fact that he is fleeing the scene of the crime, he didn’t so much as even get out of the bleedin’ car.

Now take note that the following photos that you are about to see are screenshots taken from film footage of the attack, which I have had to go through frame by frame to obtain in order to show you the cars movement – which certainly would not have been picked up on by the viewer unless they were specifically looking for it.

I should also point out that I am going to deal with the actual stabbing of PC Palmer – who looks like he is on an invisible pogo stick – a bit later on, so for now all you need to know is that Masood is running forward at this point (proving that he ran past the car which was waiting to go) and is just about to get shot.

Therefore, with Palmer being where he is in the photo and just a second away from collapsing, whilst Masood is still running forward (as you will see when I talk about the stabbing) then fuck knows how PC Jumping Jack Flash had been stabbed in the first place!

Yet the fact remains that he must have been running away from the terrorist, which far from making him a hero, actually makes him a chicken-shit coward (something else that I will deal with further on).

Now the screenshot states: Sky News HD although they too must be having a fucking laugh. Especially since I have enhanced the screenshot as best as I can – which is certainly a lot clearer than it was.

Nevertheless, the photo shows the exact moment that Masood is stopped in his tracks by the bullets.

Now I’m not quite sure why, but we don’t see the second fella (red arrowed) – who is obviously aiming a gun at Masood in the above photo – in the photo below, but there ya go.

Must be a ‘hit n run‘ type of thing.

But then again don’t be expecting to see Fearless Fred Mackey mounting a challenge from the rear either because you will be very disappointed if you are.

However, from this point on the car will remain where it is for at least 15 more seconds… Which is a long time to spend twiddling your trotters in this kind of situation.

And down Palmer goes. Therefore the next screenshot must have come a second or two later.

Which makes it hard to understand why the copper seen putting his jacket on or tucking his shirt in or whatever he is doing, in the photo above this one, then goes to try and hide behind the outside intercom instead of going to PC Palmer’s aid… Who is most definitely not in capable hands in the above photo… As you shall also find out later.

Furthermore, it is strange that there is someone seen running over to the car in the top of the above photo… Not to mention damn lucky for him that he didn’t do that a second or two earlier as he might have found himself either knifed to death or shot dead by the fellas doing the shooting… Although the mere presence of that fella further goes to prove that the gates were not left unattended.

Mind you, I can’t understand why Masood didn’t attack that copper or the car occupants instead of carrying on chasing Palmer.

Although you do have to ask how the shooter-plods and the copper with them arrived so quickly.

Course the shooters are still stood with their guns trained on Masood in case he gets up after being shot three fucking times – that is to say that three bullets were fired anyway – although the copper next to them appears to be stood with his hands on his lard-arse hips talking to someone.

But then again the screenshot is hardly conclusive proof of course – given the [purposely] shite quality.

And the following is the screenshot in full.

Who knows, perhaps the coppers think that Masood is one of those British holidaymakers on holiday in Tunisia who can withstand being shot too many times to count… But I am just being sarcastic now.

Oh, and by the way the group filming in the lower left hand corner are supposedly boxers, but I will come to them when I tell you about the witnesses.

Nevertheless, the press were given an absolute cracker of a story to work with in regard to the fella who supposedly shot Mad Masood

And indeed that honour – at the time – went to MP Michael Fallon’s bodyguard… Although that old bollox now appears to have been quietly dropped.

And below is a photo of the Right Dishonourable MP Mary Mary Quite Contrary giving one of the many interviews that she gave calling for tighter security for herself and her fellow no-mark MP’s… Despite the fact that they apparently already have armed bodyguards.

Although fuck knows why she is giving the interview in front of a totally made up background… Or why she was standing around pretending to be with a film crew as seen in the photos below – although I must stress that I am not 100 percent certain that it is Bloody-Mary in which case we will blitz Creagh… Ha ha, blitz Creagh – bitzkrieg… I do make myself fucking chuckle. Although ‘only myself‘ apparently so here are the photos:

And to be fair, Bloody Mary wouldn’t be the first or last MP to be involved in this criminal caper.

I will also tell you that the RT reporter seen in the photos is Eisa Ali and he most definitely is in the proper thick of things.

Indeed, the fella that Ali is just about to interview – seen in the screenshot above this one – is also in on the fraud.

You see he is an RT colleague of Ali’s who was supposedly making a program at the time of the attack and as such is pretending to be an eye-witness to the attack… It’s just a shame that no one told him that he is at the wrong end of the set… Not that I knew that information at the time, you understand.

But anyway, I think that the pair were having some kind of laugh at our expense because every time that Ali began the interview he would grab hold of the fellas arm to shut him up, before turning to the camera whilst making out that he was taking instructions from a voice in his earpiece.

He would then nod his head silently every few seconds with a quizzical look on his face as he totally ignored the fella that he was about to interview.

Course I found that rather amusing although as I say, I wasn’t going to include it in this exposé.

However, since then I have come to realize that they are both in on the fraud, as you will see from the photos below taken sometime prior to the above interview… And as such, I wish I had paid closer attention to the footage now.

And even more so when I discovered that Eisa Ali took part in the Belgian International Airport fraud which [only pretend] happened exactly a year to the day prior to this Westminster nonsense.

Would ya look at the fucking ears!

And believe it or not, Ali just so happened to be in France when the November 2016 Terrapin Attack took place.

However, for now let’s get back to that car seen leaving the Palace gates seconds after Mad Masood had been gunned down – albeit not by the corrupt MP, Micky Fellon’s bodyguard… Probably.

The fella seen running to the car in our previous screenshots is obviously from the ‘land of the giants‘ and now appears to be holding out his arm for some reason… And why does the car boot look fake?

And this is the screenshot in full. Doesn’t knifed PC Palmer appear to have covered a lot of distance considering that he was supposedly stabbed at the gates. And of course Mad Masood was quite a good way behind him when he was shot?

There ya go, the ‘Giant’ opens the car door… Must be something to do with that “dynamic” decision.

Note that the car could have driven out of the [nearer] correct, opened exit gate but instead opted to drive past that in favour of using the incorrect, opened entrance gate.

However it has to be said that he looks like very poor quality CGI as does the car door given the apparent thickness of it.

Course, the reason for that CGI might be so as the scriptwriters can use it to help explain away why the motor drove off – if indeed it was the criminal copper, Craig Mackey’s  car… Although how the fuck they can realistically explain it away is beyond me.

Nevertheless, Mackey did have a fucking good go at it:

To date there has been no plausible excuse for Mackey’s actions – who MUST HAVE witnessed the WHOLE event – forthcoming.

Yet according to what “hero” MP Toby Elmer-Fudd – or whatever the fuck the criminal MP, Tobias Ellwood is called – told the press; he too was a vital witness… Although he managed to refrain from calling himself a fucking hero, but he did have plenty to fucking say – which kinda makes a mockery of Mackey’s claim does it not?

Really Toby Elmer Fudd?

Because I don’t believe a fucking word you say… And not just because our greedy, psychopathic, criminal MP’s do fuck all to help anyone.

I mean for starters the lying arse-wipe says that he tried to stem the flow of blood but declines to say exactly how he did that… Neither is there much blood around and you need to lose a hell of a lot before it becomes “too much“.

But what convinces me that he is a lying slug most of all is that the armed plod are all medically trained:

Authorised Firearms Officer are trained in all weapons issued to his or her police force as well as battlefield medicine, which includes the treatment of gunshot wounds. Source: Wikipedia.

Yet Elmer-Fudd is seen in [posed & faked] photos giving medical assistance to fellow “hero“, PC Keith Palmer whilst specialist paramedics stand around having a chat!

I mean here is Elmer trying to stop Palmer from floating away… I say that because if you look at the coppers shoes by the PARAMEDICS bag towards the bottom left side of the photo, it is quite clear that Palmer must not be on the ground.

I would also like to know how Tony Red-Trainers got his left foot between the copper kneeling on Palmer’s head and the kerb stone!

However, the scenario just carried on getting more and more ridiculous. Here, have a butchers:

I will show you close ups of this photo next but it is quite obvious that they are preparing to move the body away from the steps, presumably because Tony Red-Trainers – another “hero” who I will deal with later – has had to move after an epic battle to free his left foot.

The evidence to suggest that the group are about to move more into the open so as the Monster Minions can crowd more people around the non-existent body lays with the fact that the ginger haired suited fella is now moving the PARAMEDICS yellow bag out of the way – although fuck knows where the PARAMEDIC himself has fucked off to!

Mind you, fair play to the Minions, the copper about to shoot the hedge is a nice touch.

I mean c’mon! Look closely and tell me how there is a body under that lot?

In fact what are they even doing; as in what procedure are they carrying out to help save Palmer’s life?

That is your starter for ten and I want you to list the task each of the SEVEN actors around the body are performing… Although we already know that Elmer Fudd is stopping Palmer from floating away.

I will then be giving out bonus points to the first one who can tell me how in the name of fuck the fat bastard below is a real copper:

And looking at the trigger finger of the copper about to shoot the hedge, it was lucky that there were no more terrapins following Mad Masood because the cunt would never have got that elongated digit in place in time to fire the gun before the invading jihadists cut off his head.

I like the way that Tony Red-Trainers is reaching for the dirty old bandage that rolled over to him from the PARAMEDICS little yellow bag. I mean just what in the name of fuck is he going to do with it?

Mind you, Dead-Eye-Long-Finger has fuck all on his mate over the way who is making sure that Mad Masood doesn’t try any funny stuff after being shot dead.

Now that is what you call a finger.

Nevertheless there are still a few other issues I have with MP Elmer Fudd’s photo shoot. For instance, what happened to all the medical equipment already laid out on the ground for Palmer when the PARAMEDIC arrived with his little yellow bag… Or box… Or whatever the fuck it was:

I mean will ya just look at it all… Indeed they are only a defibrillator short of a hospital!

Yet when Ginger Pubes kindly comes to move the PARAMEDICS little yellow box, bag, whatever, while the medic is off on his lunch break, the other equipment is all gone… Loud Gasps please.

I mean it isn’t as if Mad Masood’s Mob over the way have nicked it… They have their own shit.

Which they used to amputate Mad Masoods legs with.

Mind you the ambulances haven’t even arrived yet so fuck knows where all the medical equipment came from… But that fact still doesn’t solve the mystery of who nicked all the medical equipment… If only there was a policeman around!

Course, I suppose that the air ambulance crew could have nicked it… After all they will nick anything if it’s not nailed down.

And while I don’t want to point the finger at anyone (as the two armed plods would put my finger to shame), the equipment was certainly still there when they arrived. But nevertheless, can someone tell me what is going on with the geezers arm that I have enlarged in the inset photo?

Mind you, you couldn’t blame the flying doctors if they did nick the medical equipment since the London Air Ambulance is a charity… Which of course like all big charities is operated by the elite, hence the Masons moniker on the Helicopter and the fact that they are happy to take part in this criminal enterprise.

Nevertheless, with the Paramedic popping off for a cheese & pickle sandwich and a couple of pints of lager, I would imagine that the air ambulance crew will take over from Elmer Fudd in trying to save old PC Palmer’s life.

After all, Toby Fudd did say that he only gave Palmer mouth to mouth and tried to stem the flow of blood – blow flow in other words –  until the medics arrived.

And to be fair those Air-Heads don’t fuck about:

The crew usually consists of one advanced trauma doctor, one advanced trauma paramedic and two pilots. There is occasionally an observer, who is a doctor or paramedic in training.

The team can provide advanced life-saving medical interventions, including open heart surgery, blood transfusion and anesthesia, at the scene.

London’s Air Ambulance was the first service in the world to perform open heart surgery (thoracotomy) at the roadside. The service has the world’s highest survival rates from this procedure in pre-hospital environment, with patient’s chances of survival rising from zero to 18%.

London’s Air Ambulance was the first service in the UK to carry a senior doctor in addition to a paramedic at all times, provide a 24/7 advanced trauma care outside of hospital, provide general anaesthetics on scene, and carry blood on board and administer blood transfusion on the roadside.

Key treatments further include surgical chest draining (thoracostomy), surgical and non-surgical Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI), pelvic splinting (crucial to prevent blood loss in high impact crashes and crush injuries), advanced pain relief and sedation. Source: Wikipedia.

In fact I bet that the fly-boy is saying to Toby & his Mugs in the photo below: “C’mon lads, push the victim over here and let the dog see the rabbit“.

And of course the Fly-By-Nights leapt straight into action.

After they had a cup of tea and what not… So, total, total bollox then.

Nevertheless Elmer Fudd was quickly rewarded for being a “hero”

And the cretin appears to have no shame whatsoever as he basked in the applause from other nonce MP’s.

In fact according to the Scum, Elmer fought back tears as Tranny May heaped praise upon him the very next day in the House of Conmans.

The following is from the Spy owned Telegraph newspaper.

They really are sick in the fucking head!

And neither was it just our nonce MP’s heaping praise upon the fraud cunt.

And there were many more like that, although these slug-mugs are awarded medals and what have you for fuck all – making them worthless.

I mean fake PC Dead Palmer got an award for running away:

The heroic police officer killed after confronting the Westminster terror attacker outside Parliament and the heroic passer-by stabbed trying to protect MP Jo Cox have been awarded medals for their bravery.

Their recognition came in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

Police Constable Keith Palmer, who was stabbed to death by attacker Khalid Masood in March on the forecourt of the Palace of Westminster, has been posthumously awarded the George Medal for confronting an armed terrorist to protect others and Parliament.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said she and her colleagues were ‘immensely proud’ of Pc Palmer’s bravery.

Paying tribute, she said: ‘Keith acted that day with no thought for his own safety, intent simply on doing his job and protecting members of the public and Parliament. He paid the ultimate price for his selfless actions.’ Source

However unlike our perverted MP’s, at least those thick fucks who tweeted about Toby Jugg’s heroics have the excuse of not knowing any better.

And then there is the matter of Toby’s “brother Jon” who coincidence of coincidences was killed in 2002 by a terrapin bomb in Bali… Balicks more like.

In fact I would imagine that brother Jon and brother Elmer are the same person.

Certainly Elmer hasn’t aged over much when you look at the photo below..

Indeed I will go further still and suggest that Elmer Fudd – the MP for Bournemouth – is also the disgraced leader of Bournemouth Council, Cllr Stephen MacLoughlin who to his shame was caught with porn on his Council laptop computer… Not that these cunts have fuck all else to do.

Regular readers of mine will of course recognize the clues such as enlarged ears and shortened noses.

And they do in fact both look incredibly like one of the last “tourists” to have their photo taken with the now deceased, “hero“, Keith Palmer.

Furthermore I would imagine that the fraudster, Fudd is also shop-keeper, “Nigel” –  brought into the play act to give Mad Masood a past life.

And neither would I discount Elmer Fudd being PC Keith Palmer himself. Although I must stress that I am also not 100 percent sure about this one… It’s just something about the smile which makes it worth a mention.

And the above photo of Palmer is supposedly the last one of him ever taken… In fact the bird in the photo with him is allegedly an American tourist named Staci Martin.

Course strangely spelled names are common to fraud events and whilst I have seen the name Stacey spelled ‘Stacey’, ‘Stacy’ and even ‘Stacie’, I have never ever seen it spelled, ‘Staci’.

Nevertheless, our ‘Staci’ looks very much like Mad Masood’s ex-wife, Jane Harvey.

But I will deal with Ms Martin/Mrs Harvey later on.

Now obviously Elmer was also the darling of the Met after all that he did for PC Palmer… At least he was if the faked photos are to be believed anyway.

What a smug-mug-fucking-tosser!

And if the following photo is the best that the press can come up with for Elmer’s army career then his army career is as fake as what he fucking is.

And finally – at least where Elmer is concerned anyway – I feel that I should just point out to you, the Chimps gross hypocrisy.

You see, whilst the Monkey-Kuntz have been championing Elmer Fudd they have at the same time been busy scaremongering their readers about some bollox “legal high” named ‘Spice‘ that supposedly turns users into Zombies:

Shocking footage shows homeless people being turned into the ‘walking dead’ after taking the drug Spice.

The video, shot in Manchester city centre, captures disturbing scenes of people frozen like statues as the substance takes hold of their whole body.

The city has experienced a surge in ambulance call outs after users have fallen victim to the drug’s lethal side effects, with some left keeling over and smashing up their faces.

Meanwhile in Wrexham, north Wales, pictures have emerged of bloody needles and other drug paraphernalia discarded on a bus station floor, alongside images of people ‘slumped’ against walls and even a flower pot.  Source

Yet when it comes to Elmer Fudd tripping out on ‘Spice’…

The Monkey-Boyz turn a totally blind eye to it… Just sayin’.

But forget about shit like that because at this point I was going to try to squeeze in the bit about how the Paramedics first put Mad Masood into the ambulance feet first.

Before realising that the patient doesn’t go into an ambulance that way… And as such, they had to take Mad Masood off of the lift and turn him around (see photos below).

But then I thought that I best not tell you about that fuck up as we need to get back to the car drama.

Although the ambulance demonstrates how it would have been impossible for Acting Chief Cunt, Mackey’s car to have driven passed Masood’s body, and as such you now have proof that Masood MUST HAVE ran past Mackey’s car to have been shot where he was… Hence Mackey was present before, during and after the “attack” yet never once so much as got out of his motor!

And with that being the case, I best remind you that we were up to the part seen in the screen shot below.

However, the smudging around the edges of those people present in some of the screenshots that we have seen so far, indicates to me that they have been added to the photos. Therefore it is quite possible that no real acting out of the drama took place anyway.

See it? The smudging I mean.

Nevertheless, at this point the camera then goes haywire in the footage of the car leaving the Palace, almost as if the person holding it chucks the camera into the air and then catches it again.

Course, that sort of thing is common to hoaxes in order to hide something that you are not meant to see, which in this case is probably PC Palmer stand up and take his fluorescent coat off.

But obviously it takes a split second or two for the camera to refocus and as such the screen-grab above is the first one that I could take where it is possible of sorts to make out what is what.

There was also a lot more people running around once the camera had refocused albeit it went haywire and returned to the action a lot, lot quicker that PC Dead could possibly have taken his coat off… Which incidentally was never seen again and given the fact that they are fluorescent, cumbersome and dead easy to spot, makes that fact quite bizarre.

Worse still, by the time the gatehouse came back on the screen, the car had gone… As had all those legs that you can see at the top of the screenshot above this one.

And the barrier was now down.

Course, given the location of PC Palmer and his close proximity to the kerb/steps, the fella in the white shirt must be stood on him!

We also appear to be missing one of the fluorescent-coat-wearing Blobby-Bobbies… Quite fucking amazing the changes that can occur in a couple of seconds, don’t cha think?

Furthermore, what the fuck is that plod-twat doing walking along the barrier wall in the photo above? Indeed there is no reason whatsoever for him to do so! Wanker.

Mind you, I would imagine that the reason the mush is shutting the gate in the photo is obviously to try and convince us – should the need arise – that the car went out of that gate… Which obviously it should have done being as that is the exit gate.

However, keep all of that in mind too because I will be returning to the car and why I believe that it exited via the ‘entrance‘ gate shortly.

And at this point we need to return to the original footage of the car coming out of the Palace Estate that I showed you screenshots of earlier.

However – just so as you know don’t cha know – the bike courier rode up to the gate exactly 1 minute and 3 seconds after the shooting.

PHOTO: The last of the 3 shots fired was heard at 13 seconds in the continuous video that this screenshot was taken from.

Therefore it would be nice to know where the press got their THREE minutes after the shooting timeline for the courier’s arrival.

And with that being the case, along with the fella shutting the gate immediately after the car had left – thus, proof that the gates were notleft unattended – Despite the plod being short staffed at that point, it becomes increasingly obvious that the press are lying in order to further their Monster master’s agenda.

Nevertheless, when the car pulled out of the Palace grounds it swung a left which under normal circumstances the driver would have no choice but to do being as he would have been pulling out onto a one-way-street.

However, by turning left – if indeed Mackey was in the car – the driver would have been heading in the wrong direction to where the New Scotland Yard building is, albeit his intention would no doubt have been to go around Parliament Square after which the driver would have then gone down Whitehall in order to get back to the swanky new Met HQ.

Course, I say that the driver would have gone down Whitehall because of the traffic that would have been chaotic literally minutes after the fiasco had occurred – had the event been real. However, on any other day the driver might just as easily have gone down Victoria Embankment to get back to the Met HQ although he would still have had to turn left out of the Palace and go around Parliament Square..

Nevertheless, as I have already pointed out this area is an exceptionally busy one and traffic would have been chockablock within minutes were this a real situation… Which of course makes it harder to understand why so little traffic was passing the gates immediately following the shooting.

After all, despite us being told that there was quite a number of coppers patrolling the area as a matter of routine, they would not have reacted that fast as to close off all roads in the area a minute or so after the event had taken place… Coppers are mindless thugs and cannot think for themselves. They need to be told every little thing that needs doing.

And as we shall see shortly there was no traffic heading towards Parliament Square from the other way (the Abingdon Street end) either, immediately after the shooting – indeed if not before… Very, very fucking strange.

In fact there was that little traffic on the road outside the Houses of Parliament that people were just walking across Parliament Street without so much as even looking left or right.

Or even taking notice of where the action was at for that matter! Never mind the fact that a minute earlier people were seen running around screaming like Banshees.

Nevertheless, the Monster-Scriptwriters did have a half-hearted attempt at creating a traffic jam over on the other side of Parliament Square which in theory, around half of that traffic would have come down passed the Palace from Abingdon Street.

PHOTO: The half hearted attempt at creating a traffic jam on Parliament Square.

PHOTO: Half of the traffic around Parliament Square would have come via Abingdon Street.

But I will make mincemeat of that in due course.

So anyway, given the lack of flowing traffic and the obvious – albeit unexplained – need for Mackey to get away from the crime scene so quickly, you would have thought that his driver would have hung a cheeky right at the Palace Gates instead.

I mean by doing so it would have saved Mackey having to sit in the traffic queue that probably wasn’t even really there.

And indeed when you look at the photos of the car leaving the Palace grounds you would be forgiven for thinking that a cheeky right turn was indeed the plan which would also explain why the driver took the ‘entrance‘ gate out instead of the correct, nearer-to-him ‘exit‘ gate.

See what I mean? The car certainly looks as if it is going to hang a right turn.

Now at this juncture I will tell you that on my research-travels I came across a video uploaded to YouTube that was filmed from a dash-cam belonging to a motorist travelling around Parliament Square, allegedly around ONE hour before the Pantomime began.

However, I strongly suspect that all is not as it appears with the footage and as such I will point out the anomalies as we go through the screenshots of the journey.

Nevertheless, the footage starts halfway down Abingdon Street with his destination being Whitehall, and the film instantly makes a mockery of the lack of traffic that I pointed out to you three photos ago.

Now the screenshot above is where the video starts and as you can see the video counter is on 0.00. Moreover, the fella is stuck in a queue waiting for the traffic lights.

However the video counter is in fact conveniently hiding the time that the film was made, which after a bit of fucking about with the photo levels on my part now clearly shows the time as 14:32:11 (see photo below)

Which is just 8 minutes before the attack officially started and indeed if the early press reports were to be believed, 2 minutes after it had actually started.

Unfortunately I know fuck all about dash-cams so I suppose that his might not have updated from when the clocks last changed, which on the 22nd March 2017 would have been 30th October 2016 – making the real time of filming, 13:32:11.

However, the 22nd of March 2017 was just 4 days away from the clocks going forward so he – or she –  was a bit fucking tardy.

Nevertheless, lets have the next screen shot:

Now obviously I am not going to show you every single screenshot that I took but this one illustrates how conveniently Big Ben was nearly always just a tad away from revealing the time… Incidentally I take screenshots of film footage because it is easier to examine them and more often than not the films are removed at a later date.

And as the driver – we shall call him Frank – begins to move a police BMW 4×4 hacks past him with siren blazing. That Plod-Motor may or may not have been involved in the old bollox, but if it was I am fucked if I can find it… Yet.

And in the screenshot immediately above we see another Plod-Motor tucked away proving that they really are all over the shop in Westminster.

Twenty One seconds gone and it is very slow moving… I will now remind you of that traffic queue following the shooting.

But I think you will find that what we are witnessing in the above photos is just your normal EARLY morning traffic queue.

So back to Frank’s film and the next thing we know is, that Plod BMW that had been sitting in a forecourt on the left pulls out in front of him… Now interestingly this police motor, registration number: BX 66 HDK. with the 3 digit code: DNJ was very, very much involved in the later action. As you shall see.

Could that be why Frank let him out, so as eagle eyed researchers would clock it and as such there would be no shadow cast over the plod vehicles attending the attack?

Or could it be just a coincidence?

Nevertheless, we now see Big Ben properly for the first time. Do those hands look correct to you? I mean old Biggus Benus is not a fine, precision, Cartier watch with continually moving hands. Indeed its big hand only moves twice every minute (once on the 30 second mark and then again on the minute mark).

In fact the big hand is so big that you can actually see it clunk into place when it moves. And by the same token – although I do not know for sure – I would imagine that the little hand moves at a slower pace – probably once a minute.

Nevertheless, Big Ben is never wrong and as an instrument of time with set moves and the fact that the time is now 13:33:30 (or 14:33:30 according to his dash-cam), the little hand should look from this distance; half way between the one and the two… Just sayin’.

We are now 0:39 seconds into the footage and since we started at 0:00 when the time on Frank’s dash-cam was set at 14:32:11, the time on the dash-cam should now be 14:32:50 yes? Of course yes.

But it isn’t. In fact the time on Frank’s dash-cam is now 14:34:18… Not that he is cheating or fuck all. You see, every time Frank gets held up, the film fast forwards – which I suppose Frank has done to stop us getting bored to death.

What do you mean “you wish I’d do the same“?


Nevertheless, this means that in 2 minutes and 7 seconds Frank has moved the distance seen on the map below. However, I will also just draw your attention briefly to the tail-end of the passing van which is an ice water delivery van, which maybe something or maybe nothing… But worth keeping in mind.

And that distance should take no more than 10 seconds at an average 30MPH.

At least the time looks more correct now (see below).

The first photo of the clock face is taken at 14:33:34 whilst the other clock face on that 1st photo looks to have melted. The second photo of the clock face is taken at 14:35:09 (1 minute and 35 seconds later). Time must be going backwards if the little hand is anything to go by.

And as for the other face in the 2nd photo? Well that appears to read as a different time altogether, again going on the little hand.

Going round Parliament Square now and there is another stop for Traffic Lights. And there was me thinking that overall, it has been a nice clear, good quality picture when all of a sudden Frank starts fucking about with registration numbers and smudging faces out… Weird.

I mean take this photo for instance. Lets have a closer look to the right.

The pedestrians look like they are all on Spice! Although I can’t see if Tobias Fudd is there. Then again, it is clear that Frank has been doing a lot of playing about with the footage.

And when we look to our left:

We see this big long crowd of smudged up people.

Indeed they remind me quite a bit of the people in the following photo:

And if you look properly you will see that they are stood either side of the road… Like in Franks film in fact.

However, as the van next to Frank – from the boiling tap company – pulls away the ‘smudging‘ appears to decrease, yet in the Frank photos before this one, you could see writing on the van door.

Although it is hard to make out exactly what it says… “Miami” perhaps?

Yet in the photo after, it appears to have disappeared altogether… That registration plate looks a bit dodgy too.

And I will also point out that we have now seen Ice and boiling water vans – which still maybe something or nothing, but do keep them in mind since the Monsters live and breathe by numbers, logos and symbolism.

Course by the time that Frank gets round to the other  side, the cop car, red taxi and Boiling Tap van have left him standing. However, look how quiet the road is compared to all those people stood outside the Palace gates… Which you can’t see because they have been smudged to fuck.

Very strange when you consider how few people were stood outside the gates ‘an hour‘ later.

Must be the recession because it wasn’t like that two years ago… as you can see in the photo above.

Dead as a dickie bird for Frank though.

And as Frank turns into a curiously dead-quiet Whitehall (Downing Street is a maximum 2 minute walk away), the film ends.

However it has taken Frank just 5 seconds short of 4 minutes to get from Abingdon Street to where he is now and it has to be said that the traffic is a lot milder than it normally is. That fact in itself is very suspect and made even more so by the fact that the footage was [allegedly] taken an hour before Mad Masood did his thing.

Therefore I shall be returning to Frank’s video later on, but for now let’s pick up where we left off talking about whether or not Mackey’s car turned a cheeky (albeit illegal) right turn out of the entrance gate to Westminster Palace.

Now another reason for the car exiting via the entrance gate would be to avoid the action so to speak… Or put another way, to avoid getting in the way of Mad Masood and the Gate-Plod as they performed their amateur dramatics.

Mind you, it was handy for Masood that the barrier was raised making it one less obstacle to overcome. Yet with both gates open at the time you can’t help but wonder why Masood ran straight past the first one in favour of entering via the second… Weird.

Moreover, since this is undoubtedly a fake event it is indeed highly likely that the car driver did turn right at the gates in the safe knowledge that they were not going to have a head-on collision.

And as I say, by doing so Mackey wouldn’t have needed to sit in the traffic queue building up around Parliament Square, thus enabling him to go and check much quicker on how the actors on the bridge were fairing.

Course, whilst I am only speculating here the following photo taken on Westminster Bridge makes that scenario very plausible.

Although that motor looks to be covering another car next to it, or it is over-laid on top of another car to in order to hide something.

Or perhaps it is just the poor quality film and I am being overly suspicious.

And I will remind you once again that I am having to enhance – as best as I can – all of these screenshots of the early film footage, as quite obviously the Monster-Minions have deliberately filmed the scenes in Techni-Crap.

Now it goes without saying that the car in the above photo could be anyone’s but do bear in mind that if the event was real no traffic should have been able to access the bridge by the time that the film was made… Just sayin’.

Course, and as I have already shown you, the car did indeed turn left at the Palace gates… At least it did in the film footage.

However, I can also now tell you that the actual attack inside the Palace grounds was filmed at least three times (3 screen takes as opposed to 3 different cameras) – which I imagine some of you are by now already conscious of that fact being made obvious just by the photos that I have already shown you.

However, I will be proving that the grand finale was filmed 3 times beyond all doubt in due course – so if you hadn’t already cottoned on to the fact, then you will just have to trust my word for now.

And this is also where Terry May’s, ‘Escape to Witch Mountain‘ part of the play-act possibly comes in… And I stress the word “possibly” because it is nowhere near a given fact but cannot be ruled out at this stage.

Therefore you will hopefully remember from earlier that the first press reports had Un-El-Tel being hastily bundled away to safety at the impossible time of 2:30 PM.

That time was then [in part] amended to the very-highly improbable time of 2:45 PM – before the Metropolitan Police finally settled for the Satanic 333… Or as they put it 3:33 PM.

Now the following is a screenshot taken from a Chimp report in regard to the inquest held in the aftermath of the attack (29th March) and for the purposes of the timeline pay particular attention to the final paragraph.

Got that? The information is clearly expressed as direct quotes from a senior police orrificer and as such Terry May’s departure must also be subject to CCTV timings… Although all of the 75 CCTV cameras are switched off in Westminster:

A central London council has made the controversial decision to switch off its entire network of CCTV cameras.

Conservative-run Westminster City Council agreed the move at a cabinet meeting on Monday evening as part of an effort to cut costs.

It means all the local authority’s 75 cameras will be turned off on September 1 to save up to £1 million a year. Continue reading

But ignore that old fanny and instead I will remind you once again that 3.33 PM is now the official Met record of the Prime Mincer’s departure.

And of course, that fact makes those original 2:30 & 2:45 PM press reports pie-in-the-sky unless of course the attack took place around, say 2:15 – 2:25 PM.

Indeed the only other alternative – given mind to the quick release of the first article – is that the press had been tipped off before hand that the “terrorist attack” was going to happen which in turn proves that it was a government staged play act.

Yet by the same token the 3.33 PM timeline cannot possibly be correct either because it was reported in the press (with photos) that Terry May had left the building in an article released before 3:30 PM.

Unless of course – once again – the press were told beforehand that Un-El-Tel was to be bundled away from Parliament at that time… Again, information that unless the event was scripted (which it was of course) no one would have been in a position to forecast in the first place… Understand?

Of course you fucking do.

Now there is a video that at the time of writing can be found HERE, in which the Sky News reporter says the following:

Got that? Sky News reporter, Robert Nesbit stated that he had seen what he thought was the Prime Mincer leaving the Palace an estimated five minutes prior to mentioning it.

Yet the time of that live broadcast (14:52 in the screenshot) is just 11 minutes maximum after the shooting had ended! Which once again is fucking good going especially if he saw Un-El-Tel’s car leaving the Palace at the press-agreed time of 14:45 PM.

Course the wording that Nisbet uses gives SKY News a get-out clause, yet the article containing the video of May’s Jag leaving the Palace was published by the Daily Mirror at 3:26 PM on the 22nd of March. Or put another way, the article in regard to Terry May being evacuated from Parliament was published by the Daily Mirror 7 minutes before she officially left at 3:33 PM – as per according to the Met Police.

That Daily Mirror article states:

Theresa May was led out of the Commons chamber by the SAS and bundled into a waiting bulletproof car and sped away, after the Westminster terror shooting.

A British Special Forces team attached to the Police Counter Terrorist Command spearheaded the search of the House of Commons for any other killers and oversaw the Prime Minister’s removal.

The SAS team, based at New Scotland Yard, bundled her to safety, along with her usual security detail.

Okay, pausing briefly here before continuing with the article in order to raise an important point mentioned in the above:

How could the SAS – allegedly based at Scotland Yard – get to the Houses of Parliament and evacuate the Prime Mincer at 2:45 PM (let alone 2:30 PM), when the first 999 emergency call wasn’t made until [allegedly] nearly 2:41 PM… I mean, suppose that the SAS had been bumming each other or taking a dump or something?

Course by the same token, had Telli May been evacuated at 3:33 PM then there would have been no need whatsoever for the SAS to be involved.

Yet the fact also remains that we did not see any SAS enter the building to [presumably] evacuate Tranny May before 2:45 PM. Although I would imagine that this is them seen in the photo below.

In which case they are at least a minimum of 15 minutes too late.

And with that being the case you have to wonder why the supposedly ‘best of the best‘ would embarrass themselves by posing for photographs like they were on some kind of dangerous mission… I mean ‘Bold Finger‘ had already checked out the greenery seen above the pair in the photo, for any hiding terrapins fifteen minutes previously.

But Roger That – carry on the Daily Mirror:

Minutes after the attack a fast-travelling RAF Chinook helicopter crew at RAF Odiham in Hampshire was alerted ready to fly in and evacuate the PM from the capital in case of a second attack.

A government source confirmed the Prime Minister is “OK.”

I am fucking made up that ‘it‘ is okay… Sorry, don’t mind me. Although you will note that the press report states that the Chinook crew were alerted “Minutes after the attack“, which would be more in keeping with reality… Carry on:

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said Mrs May was marched out of the Chamber by: “the biggest plain clothes policeman I’ve ever seen”

The Prime Minister returned safely to Downing Street to chair an emergency meeting of the COBR committee later. Source

Errr, since it definitely wasn’t the SAS doing the ‘marching‘ then surely Mr May would have been “marched out of the Chamber” by her own appointed protection squad, who would be ever present with the Prime Mincer? I mean what would the point of them be if some other ‘elite’ protection squad took over at the first sign of trouble?

Now that may sound as if I am being pedantic but since the quote was attributed by the press to the serving MP, Andrew Bridgen, then it is safe to deduce from his words that he was either:

  1. Talking bollocks. In which case why would someone in his position resort to lying for headlines?
  2. Deliberately lying in an effort to add further credence & drama to an event that he knew was fake.
  3. He rarely – if ever – sees Un-El-Tel, adding more proof to my claim that our Prime Mincer is a non-entity played by a series of actors playing the role of a figurehead for a British Government dictated to by the shadow-figures who really run the country.

And as such far from me nitpicking, I personally find all three of those possibilities grossly unacceptable.

Mind you, unsurprisingly Bridgen (there is a clue in his name as to why he was chosen to further the old bollox) is up to his neck in sleaze, has ears that put Prince Dobby’s to shame and HD photos of the criminal politician are in the minority… You can draw your own conclusions from the latter two points although the following photos are interesting.

And they all have dimples in their chin… Remember, only between two thirds to a half of our 650 MP’s actually exist, with the rest being played by those that do. Just sayin’.

Now, with the attack in the Palace grounds being filmed at least three times, that fact adds to the possibility that the car we saw leaving could have been the Prime Mincers. Hence when we saw the rear view of the car leaving the gates it looked to be doing so as if the driver intended to do a cheeky right.

Yet when we saw the car leave from a front view it definitely hung a left.

Which if that were the case, then the car we saw appearing to be about to do a right turn would obviously have been Mackey’s leaving to check on the bridge action.

On the other hand, when we saw the car in photos taken from the opposite perspective, we know for a fact that the driver turns left which could possibly be May’s motor on its way up to the photo shoot that we saw in all the newspapers.

And as such, what we were actually seeing was two different film takes made to look as one.

So with that in mind, I will now show you the screenshots taken of Old Tel being hurriedly bundled into ‘her‘ car to escape the danger zone… Although I should point out that this footage could have been filmed at anytime since the car park where Tel’s car is parked is pretty much hidden well away from prying eyes.

Well if they can take the piss then so can I.

Mind you, I didn’t see any SAS there either. But then again that could be to do with the very fact that they are SAS and as such trained not to be seen… Indeed this whole fiasco gets sillier by the minute.

And as for the actor walking passed and away from its “officially car” despite the motor being impossible to miss… Well that is extremely bizarre and at best proves that Tel cracks up under pressure.

Yeah but TM the PM didn’t leave via those Palace gates Spiv“! I hear you cry in unison.

Which going on what we are being told would indeed be correct… Although fuck knows where in the world Unison is… Probably in America.

But all the same, this next lot of screenshots shows the escape route that the Prime Mincer’s driver would have taken to avoid the attack area.

Indeed, if these ISIS terrapins were more organised and had launched a simultaneous attack at both ends of the Estate with a dozen or so of their highly trained 12 year-olds – as opposed to one middle-aged fat cunt – Terry Turbo and her handlers would have been fucked!

You see, there were still major hurdles to get over having reached the House of Gay Lords car park.

The alleged journey then continued.

My bad, the Back-up Range Rover is actually a Back-Up Land Rover… Which makes no difference to what I am showing you anyway and I only mention it now before some prat pulls me up on it instead of concentrating on what is important.

Okay, we now need to go back in time to the Car Park where Tel’s Jag has just pulled off and is heading for the first exit… Exciting stuff or what!

Now why on earth would PC Pist be told to reverse away from the exit that we were told the driver took and turn the car wheels as if to head out in the direction of the shooting?

I mean the Monsters do like to deliberately add these kind of anomalies as a means of starting conspiracy theories, being as there are always going to be mistakes made in these fake dramas anyway. In turn these mistakes will inevitably be picked up on by someone or other and cause controversy.

Therefore the Monsters add their own conspiracy theories, as doing so stops researchers digging too deeply and diverts attention away from how the show is really being run. Moreover they like these conspiracies to flourish as it keeps the nation divided. For example, how many times have you heard people tut when anyone mentions conspiracy?

However, the explanation for the Jag reversing and turning towards the normal exit – which like most of the Monsters explanations for their homegrown conspiracy theories are out there but tucked away – just doesn’t hold water.

You see, it is claimed by a ‘security expert‘ that the driver reversed and turned the car’s wheels so as to give him the option of either escape route. However, the jag’s driver must have known by then that the normal exit was a no-no and that the Lord’s end was not under attack.

And even had the driver not known, then why would he move to take the exit that he would normally never take – as opposed to the normal one – and indeed have to be stopped from doing so by the driver of the back-up motor?

See? When you think things through logically it really isn’t hard to cast aside what is bollox and what isn’t.

Therefore could it in fact not be a case of what I said earlier which saw Take 1 of the shooting appear to have been Mackey’s car – or at least the car of the fella running the show – doing a Cheeky right turn at the gates and Take 2 being Old Tel’s motor which we then saw from the front view turning to the left?

Course, some will then say that the car that we saw leaving the Palace appeared to be black (as opposed to TM’s silver Jag) and didn’t have a Back-Up motor with it.

And to that I would say that the film quality of the car departing the gates is so poor that for the Monster-Minions, changing the vehicle’s colour from grey/silver to black would be a piece of piss and indeed could just have easily been changed by the lighting alone.

I mean even Masood’s grey Hyundai 4×4 has been described by the press as being Black a time or two.

Could that be the back-up motor… Just askin’.

But there is more… There is always more don’t cha know.

And for that we need to go back to where we saw the Prime Mincers driver turn into Great Peter Street – although I doubt very fucking much that Peter was!

Nevertheless, Great Peter Street is located off Millbank, the name of the road that evolves from Abingdon Street (see map below).

Here, have a little reminder of Tel’s driver making that turn (below):

And let me also remind you of that Sky News ‘live‘ broadcast that took place at 2:50 PM – an unbelievable 9 minutes after the shooting had stopped – in which Robert Nisbet stated that he was pretty certain that he had seen Terry May being whisked away 5 minutes earlier.

Indeed it would seem that Sky News even had time to interview “eyewitnesses” who said that they heard “sounds similar to gunfire” close to the Palace – which to me suggests that they weren’t “eyewitnesses” at all… But in the grand scheme of things I really am being a bit pedantic now.

Nevertheless, you see that car in the far left of the above pic, with the 3 blokes wearing fluorescent jackets (film set security disguised as builders) stood in front of it?

Well that is the exact same car as seen in the photo of Old Tel’s Jag turning into Great Peter Street – as in the car that was made to look as if it was crossing the carriageway in order to turn right but had stopped to let the Prime Mincer’s car and Back-Up motor make their turn.

Therefore by the time that Nisbet is seen reporting in the above screenshot, the car – which I think is a Ford Focus or a Hyundai – had been sat there in the middle of the road for at least 6 or 7 minutes.

Moreover, given the apparent traffic build up that the car is causing and the fact that the road was not closed off with police crime-scene tape strung across the road when Tel’s transport turned into Great Peter Street – because her car didn’t snap it – yet there is clearly police tape in place 5 or 6 minutes later because we can see it in the above screenshot of the Nisbet report; in theory it is safe to assume that the Focus had been blocking the road before the police even turned up.

And since we can see a Taxi pulling alongside the Focus in order to also turn right (presumably the cabbie must have got pissed off with waiting behind the car), you have to wonder how Tel’s transport was able to turn into Great Peter Street in the first place since the Taxi would most certainly have been blocking the Jags path – what with Great Peter Street only having the two opposing single lane carriageways

PHOTO: The junction at Great Peter Street looking out on to Abingdon St/Millbank. Great Peter Street – despite how it may appear in this photo – is not a one-way-street.

However the fact that the taxi (which must be in the left lane) is alongside the Ford Focus and the fact that Terry’s Jag can also [somehow] fit alongside the taxi, logically means that the bus at the head of the tailback must have stopped an awfully long way back to let the Focus driver pull out in preparation to make the turn in the first place… And anyone used to driving in London knows that you never leaves large gaps because some cheeky sod will always use it to jump in front of you.

Therefore the matter of the car blocking the road needs looking into much deeper. But first I want to give greater scrutiny to the ‘live’ Sky News Broadcast given the amazingly quick time that it was shown, what with our most Senior-Bacon-Buggers being adamant that the main event STARTED at 14:40:08.

Course the fella taking no notice of the police woman in those screenshots is our old mate Bob from earlier.

Now a bit later on I also found more footage of the same ‘live’ Sky News report but filmed before the broadcast switched over to Nisbet – from which the next batch of screenshots are taken from.

And although the time located on the bottom left of the screen which is usually on show for Sky News viewers had been covered in this newly discovered footage – probably because the footage was a repeat showing later on in the day – it is quite obvious that it had been filmed a maximum five minutes after the Masood Show had actually started.

So Sky News really were quick off the fucking mark weren’t they?

Nevertheless, take note of where the little hand is on Big Ben’s clock face in relation to the number 3 in the above screenshot and then think back to where the little hand was in Frank’s video in relation to the number two and hopefully you will get the point that I am making here.

What’s more, notice how much traffic there is to be seen in the screenshots which makes the fact that there was hardly any traffic going past the Palace Gates in the film footage of people running across the road following Masood crashing his 4 x 4, all the more suspect… Not to mention Frank’s [deserted-road] film footage allegedly taken an hour before kick-off.

Moreover – and as I noted in the first photo above – it is also clear that eight or nine minutes after the event had taken place that there was still traffic moving onto and across the bridge.

However, if you hadn’t clocked that fact, take a look at the screenshots below… And by this time I had managed to find the original footage that Sky News had broadcast ‘live’.

And more evidence of the police having a large presence on the scene 8 minutes after the shooting can be seen in the screenshots below – although how they managed to get past all the traffic coming the other way, not to mention the 50 odd victims scattered over the road is a bit of a mystery.

So we now know that Sky News had a ‘live’ feed to the action a mere 5 minutes maximum after the shooting had stopped (2:46 PM).

And as a quick aside, if you look at the screenshot where I have arrowed the time showing at 14:49 (the 2nd screenshot up), that Panoramic view that you see is what the Sky broadcast had on the screen for almost the entire duration of the three minutes that it was shown (14:46 – 14:49), at which point the broadcast switched to the split screen that you see in the photo above.

Now that is an extremely strange fact which cannot go unmentioned giving mind to what was also going on inside the Palace gates at the time – not to mention that crowd of panicked bystanders running around in unison like some kind of scene from the Benny Hill Show.

In fact it is almost like Sky News had been told what areas they couldn’t film until the show directors were ready for them to show other areas in the immediate vicinity.

You also have to ponder on how Sky News had their camera’s set up, presumably on the roof of a building opposite the Palace within 5 minutes of Masood being shot. I mean the above scenes cannot have been filmed from a helicopter as the camera never so much as blinks… Unless of course someone like Super Prince Little Willie was at the controls of the chopper.

Yet even then you would have to ask how Sky News had put a big chopper & little willie into the air so quickly.

Nevertheless, there was actually a quick break from that panoramic view shown between 2:46 and 2:50 PM when Sky News switched over ‘live’ to the House of Commons to hear Deputy Speaker, Lindsey Hoyle suspend the House.

However, according to the official story Hoyle suspended the Commons at 2:55 PM, not 2:47 PM and as such Sky News done brilliantly catching ‘live’ the exact moment that the House was suspended.

Mind you, Hoyle is a proper dodgy character as you will already know if you have read my eBook called “Sick Benefit“.

And I rather suspect him of also playing the role of Dr Alistair Chesser in this caper.

Cheeser is reportedly the Chief Medical Officer at Barts Health Trust and was being interviewed about the ‘victims’ being taken to his hospital.

Nevertheless, the fact that the traffic is still moving onto and across the bridge ten minutes after the action had finished is made more suspect still by the fact that the Old Bill are already on the scene and they have a legal duty to secure and preserve a crime scene… In other words there should have been nothing at all coming onto or off the bridge at that point… Especially with there being up to as many as 50 people injured on the crossing… Although how 10 people injured jumped to 50 people by the next day is beyond me!

Now as we know, the Sky News footage went over to Nisbet at 2:50 PM replacing the face of Big Ben with the face of Big Bob on the split screen.

However, just so as you know, don’t cha know, the following screenshot is taken at the exact moment that the GMT moved to 14:51.

And armed with that information I can now use the video counter to work out the time of all that goes on for the next nine minutes of the fraud since the broadcast is a 14.05 minute continual live feed… Allegedly

Furthermore, since I know that the actors posing as those caught up in the drama by the Gates started running across the road to Parliament Square at exactly 2 seconds into the video showing the bullshit in real time (from which I took the screenshots that I used earlier) – and the fact that the third and final shot rang out at  the 12/13 second mark into the same footage (making the time exactly: 14:41:30 at that 12 second mark), I can now use the video counter to work out the timing of other ‘happenings‘ in that footage and cross-reference them with the events happening up at the other end of the Palace Estate on Abingdon Street and Millbank as per the Sky News video.

PHOTO: The actors started running en-masse at 2 seconds into the video. The only realistic, possible reason for doing so is because Mad-Masood had got out of his crashed motor and started running towards them whilst brandishing his knife – or knives as we were later told.

Now as I say, Mad Masood charging with his knife – or knives – is the one and only possible reason for the panic run since there is no sound whatsoever to indicate Masood crashing his “hired” motor into the suspiciously undamaged Palace perimeter wall at that 2 second point on the video counter… A noise you most certainly would have heard since you can clearly hear all three gunshots being fired 10 seconds later.

And to further back that claim I will remind you that the reporters inside of the Palace were allegedly first alerted to the drama unfolding by the sound of Masood crashing into the Palace wall.

Therefore, giving mind to all of the other noises that we hear in the video it is inconceivable that the camera wouldn’t have picked up on the noise made by the car crash.

Are we agreed on that? Of course we fucking are… The time then of that mad panic run MUST have been 14:41:20.

And besides, a car crashing into a wall would not spark a mass panic run blindly across a busy road would it?

Yet the fact of the matter is that I have watched this film footage frame by frame, time and again and can only conclude that Mad-Masood is the invisible man… He doesn’t appear in it which he surely should have done.

Or are we supposed to believe that the crowd of spectators to the crash only ran in panic once Masood had charged passed them?

And indeed back up at the Robert Nisbet end of things, the fact that it is all amateur dramatics becomes more obvious still by the police crime-scene tape strung across the road at the junction of Great College Street because as we have already seen, the crowds are kept back by another line of police-tape strung across the road just after the junction at Great Peter Street… That is to say that the crowds are kept back by this line of tape except for the actors playing spectators who are milling around in between the two lines of tape – which we will call ‘no mans land’ – along with the traitorous journalists & their camera crews.

Moreover, Nisbet states in the following screenshot:

Which is fucking good going by anyone’s standards since that would put Nisbet and his film crew on site at around 2:46 PM at the latest. Which is of course the same time that Sky News started live streaming their broadcast on the incident from Parliament Square, which in turn was just 5 short minutes maximum after the event lasting 82 seconds had taken place.

And giving mind to Bob’s statement about seeing Terry May fuck off would indeed back the timeline up.

Mind you, Nisbet does say that Sky News offices are on Millbank but even so the timing is still far too quick for them not to have known that the fake event was going to take place

Moreover, Bobby Nisbet isn’t the only journalist spreading & filming the bullshit as you can see in the above screenshot and in some of those found below… And think on, even in this day and age camera crews still have a lot of equipment to lug about.

Now I know that I am being a bit long winded at this point but what goes on here is an important factor in this fraud because what I am going to show you will blow the official timeline out of the water and as such It is important not to cut corners and leave some readers scratching their fucking heads… Or their arses or whatever the fuck it is that they scratch when they are confused.

And trust me, it does get very complicated – as you would expect from the Monsters.

Therefore, just bear with me because you have to appreciate that the plot will be difficult to keep track of for some thick bastards… Only joking – Probably.

Now Abingdon Street was not taped off at all when Terry May’s car appeared at 2:45 PM (ignoring the 3:33 PM official timeline).

And that short journey from the top of Abingdon Street to Great Peter Street took just 10 seconds – at least it did according to the video counter.

Mind you, since that journey is only around a distance of 100 meters, the Jag’s driver – making a super speed dash to safety – would have been travelling at an average 22 MPH… Just saying.

And we also know – thanks to the Nisbet video – that both the Great College Street junction and Great Peter Street junction were taped off a maximum 6 minutes later by 2:51 PM.

Therefore we can hopefully use that six minute window to get a better indication of just how long those other reporters & film crews (of which there were plenty) had been at the scene of the crime, as well as the many other strange occurrences that took place within the same time frame.

After all the earlier that the film crews got there, the easier it is to prove that they knew the ‘attack’ was going to happen all along, albeit the fact that Sky News were live streaming at 2:46 PM and given the location that they were filming from, already all but proves the fact.

Or do Sky News just have camera crews & reporters sitting around waiting for events to happen? Indeed if that is the case, the likes of Robert Nisbet must have very boring albeit relaxing working days.

However, do bear in mind that I am going on the newspapers departure time of 2:45 PM for Terry May leaving the Palace. Now I say that because if the car that we saw leave the Palace gates via Parliament Square was in fact the Prime Mincer’s and not Craig Mackey’s, then the time of departure would have been 14:42:00 exactly.

Nevertheless there are also a couple of other things that I will now point out to you which occurred in that 5 or 6 minute window (2:45 – 2:51 PM) that you need to remember because we can also use them as a point of reference later.

So, the first of those two things is the fact that we see a Police BMW heading towards Parliament Square as Terry May allegedly leaves at 2:45 PM.

The Police BMW 4×4 carries the registration number: BX 66 HFD and has a 3 digit code number: HXW. And I will remind you that there is no police tape strung across the road at this time… This then is the first police motor we see heading to the Palace gates at a time of around 2:45 – 2:46 PM.

The second point of reference is another Police BMW 4×4 that we see in the screenshot below parked sideways across the road in the Nisbet video.

This BMW 4×4 carries the registration number: BX 66 HDK and has a 3 digit code of: DNJ. And as you can clearly see, there is now police tape strung up across the road.

This is also the Plod BMW that we saw in Frank’s video allegedly filmed an hour and fifteen minutes before the screenshot above was filmed.

And with all that in mind, take a butchers of the following screenshots.

Now, what we can ascertain from the above screenshots is that the Plod Ford Focus, registration number: BV 16 UWZ with a 3 digit code of: GFH and the Plod Transit Van, registration number: BV 16 UXW, with a 3 digit code of: CLL, must have gone passed before Robert Nisbet had begun his live broadcast at 2:50 PM.

Moreover, at this juncture there is now police tape strung across the road at the Great College Street junction (which the plodman had to stand on in order for the Plod-Focus to pass over), but there is still no tape strung across the road at the Great Peter Street junction as of yet… And neither has the BMW 4×4 – which was sat across the carriageway and which we saw in Frank’s video – arrived yet.

And I will also point out that whilst the barrier behind the coach appears closed in the screenshot above, the barrier wall that it attaches to appears to have disappeared!

Yet we know that the barrier was definitely open when Terry May’s motor stopped to pose for photos at 2:45 PM.

And as an aside, I hope you noticed what I had written on the screenshot of Nisbet 3 photos up and asked yourself why a copper would be telling him to ‘fuck off out of it‘ whilst ignoring the other camera crew behind him, as she stopped to pose for her photo to be taken by yet another photo-journalist.

Weird to say the least.

Now I can track the Plod-Focus & Van’s journey right back to when they exited Great Peter Street – because that is certainly where they came from.

Therefore, at the risk of stating the bleedin’ obvious, the two cop-motors had to have been heading towards Parliament Square between 2:46 PM and 2:49 PM at the very latest.

However, you may have noticed from the screenshots that I have already shown you that there appeared to be a lack of media-hacks milling about when Un-El-Tel’s Jag made the 10 second journey from the Lord’s car park barrier to where the motor turned into Great Peter Street… If indeed El-Tel did depart from there.

Very quiet… Apparently.

Yet there must have been some photo journalists already at the scene else we wouldn’t have that photo of Un-El-Tel’s [apparently stationary] car that appeared in all of the national newspapers would we?

On the other hand, by the time the Plod Focus came hacking down Millbank & Abingdon Street there was a big crowd building up at the junction of Great Peter Street & Millbank and plenty of reporters & camera crews milling about a little further up the road by Great College Street.

Yet minutes after that – by around 2:51 PM at the very latest – there was a bigger crowd still, stretching across the road at the Millbank/Great Peter Street junction… Not to mention an awful lot of journalists too.

Indeed those two last photos are taken seconds before the Plod Focus & Transit appeared.

And with so many reporters & camera crews stood in Great Collage Street with their backs to any oncoming traffic (as well as cameramen with cameras on tripods stood in the middle of Millbank); it is a good indication that Great College Street is indeed closed off at the far end.

However, we can now take a closer look at that Ford Focus (we will call it a Ford focus for reference purposes even if it isn’t) blocking the road as this anomaly also ties in with the Plod-Focus & Transit.

Now in the screenshot below we can see that black cab – that pulled alongside the Focus as Terry May’s Jag turned into Great Peter Street – pulling out to make its right turn into Millbank.

And as we know that Focus had been sat with its front end in the middle of the road for at least a minimum of 5 minutes by 2:50 PM.

And don’t forget that Great Peter Street is only a two carriage way road which makes it harder to understand how Tel’s transport managed to navigate round the obstructing black cab.

No room for tel’s motor to get passed see. And a Jag is a wide motor – I know, I drive one… On a Y Plate I hasten to add before anyone starts accusing me of having a few bob.

But even so, Jags hardly ever drastically change in shape & size and as such there would have been all manner of complications when Tel’s driver tried to turn into Great Peter Street.

However, having said that; things are never quite as they seem when dealing with Monsters… As you will see after viewing the following screenshots taken from yet another video of Terry Turbo’s escape, albeit one that is very rare now.

So rare in fact that I didn’t come across it in until very nearly 4 weeks into looking for evidence of a fraud taking place.

And even then I had to go to America to find it… Well an American media website anyway. But all the same, the following is the first of a series of screenshots taken from that rare footage:

And would ya just look at the huge crowd despite Terry Turbo having just finished the car’s photoshoot! Indeed we did not see anywhere near a crowd like that as the Jag made its way down Millbank towards Great Peter Street in the other footage.

Therefore we now have a case of either a different background had been given to the footage we saw screenshots taken from earlier or there were some very carefully worked out camera angles employed and equally careful herding of actors around whilst the filming took place.

Yet why on earth would they go to such extreme lengths if all was above board?

What’s more, quite obviously this footage had to have been filmed from the window that I have circled on the screenshot below.

The A3212 obviously being Millbank. And take note that the pavement is very wide at the part of the building where the window is located – due to the building’s entrance being built at an angle between the two exterior walls instead of being built with a square corner.

However, I would imagine that the window is double glazed and the cameraman is way up from where the shooting took place in Parliament Square so I doubt that he or she would have even heard much from where he or she is stationed.

And even if he or she heard 3 muffled bangs, they took place at least 5 minutes previous to when he or she started filming – we will say “he” since a fella who sounds black speaks throughout the footage.

Furthermore the siren from the Plod BMW 4×4 was hardly likely to send him scurrying to the window. It is London after all.

But even so, we shall still put it down to a lucky coincidence that he caught May’s Mayday on film.

More screenshots please Mr Screenshot-Man… Who is me obviously:

Wanna see those last two screenshots again but closer together this time? Thought so. Here ya go then:

Now why would they do that – as in cut & splice the film as well as change the background or at least make it look deserted when clearly it wasn’t?

I mean take the bird on the bike in the second to last screenshots. You see, you can get a clearer indication of how different these two pieces of footage are of Terry’s escape to safety in the two screenshots below.

Indeed this difference in films along with the obvious cut & splice at the 38 second mark destabilizes the entire time line that I am trying to establish, which at this stage in the proceedings the time should be around 2:46 PM… Although on the other hand it kinda proves that the British media do not want us to know that there was such a big build up of people so soon after the attack… And when I say the British Media I mean the Monsters because they own the British Media.

Which is funny that I should say that. You see the building that the ‘rare’ footage was filmed from is Number 4, Millbank.

And Number 4 Millbank is home to ‘Millbank Studios‘ who provide facilities for all the major news networks.

Which is probably the building that Nesbit was gesturing towards when he stated that: ‘Our offices are two minutes down the road’… Although he wasn’t being entirely honest since the Sky News offices are based across the road from the Shard building – across on the other side of the river, in the opposite direction to what Bob was gesturing.

Nevertheless, it makes you wonder why May’s Mayday Ejaculation was so poorly filmed doesn’t it?

You can read all about those studios HERE

Now did you notice how many of those people milling about were in fluorescent vests? Although to be fair there is a lorra, lorra building work going on in Millbank and the surrounding area yet the vast majority all looked far too clean in the close ups to be doing much building work.

Course you also have to ask why such a big crowd is milling around Great Peter Street in the first place when there is no plod tape preventing them from going nearer to have a butchers.

After all, those gawpers are still over a quarter of a mile away from where the shooting took place and well over half a mile from where the attack started.

Still, we have no choice but to carry on abiding to the first draft of the Minion’s script… More screenshots please Mr Screen Shot Man Me

Now I say that ‘certainly the cameraman doesn’t think the driver is going to make the turn‘ because at this point the fella doing the filming quickly turns the camera to his right in order to film out of the next window. Therefore Tel’s driver couldn’t have been indicating – which is very strange, not to mention dangerous, given the car and the taxi waiting to pull out – and he certainly didn’t move closer to the central white line to signal his intent to turn right… Perhaps at 22 mile per hour he thought such things unnecessary.

Moreover, you will remember that I pointed out that the part of the building where the window is situated has a very large frontage between the building and the road which means that the cameraman would only have to move to the next window along in order to film the Jag if it was to carry straight on down Millbank.

The time now would still be 2:46 PM in all likelihood.

And now it gets really, really confusing you will be pleased to know – although I will try and make things as painless as possible for you whilst at the same time hopefully unravel the fraud.

You see, immediately prior to the Plod Ford Focus & Tranny Van pulling out of Great Peter Street, the Plod Force Fuckers & Tranny Man had [probably] turned into that very same road after evacuating Westminster Palace… And the two driving maneuvers were executed just seconds apart.

Now I know that it was only seconds because of the screenshot below.

I have arrowed the Plod Focus for you in the above photo. Indeed the fact that the Focus is sat there – presumably with the Transit behind it – makes the fact that the Jag and Land Rover appeared to have no problems getting round the motors all the more suspicious.

Moreover, the fact that the Plod Focus hasn’t it’s blues ‘n’ twos going suggests that the plod-car-driver knew that Tel’s transport was on the way and the back-up Land Rover was their cue to hot-tail it down to Parliament Square.

So lets now have a closer look at the motor sat in the middle of the road:

And fuck knows where those two blokes that I pointed out in the rare video screenshots have got to (see screenshot below)

I mean if you look at the screenshot below it is clear that in a matter of seconds they have been replaced by birds… And the trees have also got a lot wider… And the railings now look dodgy as fuck.

Nevertheless,  I would imagine that the taxi was probably also just used as a decoy in order to add a bit of normality to the exceptionally quiet roads… They have a lot of London cabs do the spooks. As you will find out shortly.

But for now, let’s have some more screenshots.

So to recap we now know that a large crowd was there all the time – which is strange given the fact that the attack only happened 5 minutes prior – except they were made to deliberately move out of the way when the carefully filmed Terry May evacuation scene was taking place… Hence we don’t see them in the following picture:

But there is no hiding them in the rare film.


And a few minutes after that:

We also now know that the car in the middle of the road was used as a covert means to block it and should in theory of rendered Great Peter Street inaccessibly from Millbank, once the black cab pulled up alongside the car to make a right turn… But somehow it didn’t.

However, that fact becomes more bizarre still when you see how far over towards the center of Great Peter Street the decoy car actually was.

Indeed you could have almost driven the Jag through the gap between the kerb and the silver decoy car.

Nevertheless let’s get back to the Squad Car & Van and hopefully you will remember that I told you to keep in mind a car that I had circled a few photo batches up? Of course you do, it was in a photo showing the car in question coming up Abingdon Street just as the Plod Focus had passed the photographers in the opposite direction… However, don’t worry if you can’t because I have reproduced the photo below for you.

Now take note that this car is apparently the first motor to come up the road from Parliament Square since Terry May started her run from the Lords car park to Great Peter Street… And this is indeed a very important point which we know to be true because nothing was following Terry May’s jag apart from the Back-Up Land Rover and as soon as that turned into St Peter Street, the Plod Focus & Transit pulled out followed by a whole host of other motors which all turned right into Millbank (the opposite way to the crime scene) – proving that nothing was coming down the road towards them.

And since no motors were seen to pass in the opposite direction to the Plod Focus & Transit Van as they raced towards the Great College Street junction on Abingdon Street, we know that the fact is indisputable.

However, as the Plod-Focus & Transit continue on their journey towards the Palace gates the car coming towards them is overtaken by a squad car which appeared out of the blue. It then becomes obvious that the squad car is also overtaking the unmarked plod-car in order to act as an escort.

Now let me show you some of those screenshots again and you need to look very, very closely at them:

And if you have really studied them well you will now know that they are a split screen with the first photo using the right hand side of the Plod-Focus and the inverted corner of the Palace to hide the join.

As for the other two the van is obviously used to hide the join although look closely at the back of the van to your left where the back meets the side. Indeed it looks to me as if the back has been added to a totally different van. On top of that, there are also overlays (pieces of film laid over the top of an existing piece of film usually to hide something) all over the shop.

However, I have cropped those photos down too much to show you where the joins occur on them, but I can show you on one of the screenshots that I took at the same time.

Now I don’t know if this is some new kind of technology being tried out here or what but it is done very well, although the contrast in the road surfaces on either side of the motors give it away.

There are also a couple of angles wrong mainly in the last quarter splice on the right in as much as the plod glass-house is too sideways on. The road also bends too sharply but if you look at the traffic light that I have circled in black and the way that it runs up in line with the outer edge of the Palace wall and then compare the same area in the bottom Google Map photo you will see that I have got the exact same angle that the monsters screenshot is taken from.

However, I will say it again: The Monster Minions have done an excellent job of putting their film footage together. Course, the fact that so much work has gone into making the hybrid film footage (those who have read my “Night Of The Living Dead” think along the lines the Princess Diana CCTV, but much more advanced) proves that this film footage could not have been filmed on the 22nd of March because it would have taken too long to put together… Thus this terrapin attack was in production for many months before the day itself.

In fact it looks to me to be made up of a combination of CGI, real footage and green-screen all rolled into one.

Nevertheless, moving on and we now revert back to the original “Ruptley” film footage that I had been taking the screenshots from.

And the fella in the green is without doubt MI5 but I will deal with him and all the other agents present later, although the fact that he is being filmed in Techni-Shite by a professional camera crew should tell you all that you need to know.

But here is the thing: That grey/black car with the police escort can only have been the [Mackey] car that we saw pull out of the Palace gates more or less straight after the shooting had stopped… Indeed, logically it cannot possibly be any other car, taking into account all that I have just painstakingly showed you.

And besides, no other car with a police escort and it’s siren blaring with flashing blue lights coming from behind the radiator grill had any business departing the danger zone.

However, in theory we can also rule the car out as being that of the Prime Mincers since the Jag had already departed 30 Seconds to a minute prior to where we are now.

Yet that fact also makes no sense since Mackey’s car pulled out of the Palace gates 3 minutes before May’s Jag started its 10 second sprint down Millbank so how the fuck does that work, since it shouldn’t have taken Mackey’s car much more than 10-15 seconds to reach the point that Terry’s motor took off from!

And why on earth would Mackey’s driver go all the way up Abingdon Street anyway – as in; where the fuck would he have been heading for?

After all, if Parker didn’t take the earlier aforementioned cheeky right turn at the Palace gates, then he would have surely gone around Parliament Square to get back to Met HQ. Especially as traffic going up Whitehall was still running normally at that time.

And of course, if the intention was to go right around the fucking houses and come back down Whitehall via Trafalgar Square to reach the Met HQ the traffic would have been worse still that way.

However, as you know, the Mackey story was only invented to explain the car away if someone happened to pick up on the strange behaviour of the occupants and of course, in order to start the “official” conspiracy theories needed in all government dirty trick campaigns to prop up the official story.

Yet on the other hand, Terry May’s driver had every reason to go down Great Peter Street… Except most definitely not in a car leaving via the Palace Gates seconds after the shooting had occurred.

However, if May’s driver had indeed run the Palace gauntlet and exited via the Lords car park, then Great Peter Street would be the ideal road to use under the circumstances.

So at the risk of being boring lets have a revue of the times that we know to be correct… Trust me, you will be glad we did.

Now, since the helpful criminals running the Metropolitan Police Disservice have given us the time of the final shot being fired as 14:41:30 exactly, we now know for a fact that the mysterious posh-car pulled up to the Palace Gates at exactly 14:41:50 – departing 10 seconds later at 14:42:00 precisely.

And by the same token we also [sort of ] know that Terry May’s Jag pulled away from the top of Abingdon Street approximately 3 minutes later at 2:45 PM. That is to say that we sort of know that 2:45 pm is correct if we ignore the Met’s timeline of 3:33 pm and the original 2:30 pm press timeline.

Indeed, the 2:45 PM timeline has the backing of the later press reports and Sky-Reporter, Robert Nisbet with the claim he made at 2:51 PM stating that he saw the Prime Mincers car leave “4 or 5 minutes earlier”.

So why was Mackey’s car only halfway up Abingdon Street 4 or 5 minutes later at around 2:46 – 2:47 PM, when in theory the car should have been ahead of Un-El-Tel’s Jag by at least 3 minutes?

I mean it is after all only a very short distance between the Palace gates and the Lords car park – especially on a deserted straight-ish road in a powerful car racing away from danger. In fact at an average 60 MPH a car would cover the 300 meters in under 11 seconds.

So what was Mackey doing for 4 minutes after he left the Palace gates? Apart from braying like a Donkey of course.

Well there is only one way to find out. Now you have no doubt heard about the Men-Who-Count-Goats? Well we are going to be the men who count cars.

And by that I mean that I am going to attempt to plot the movements of all the cars that went up Abingdon Street from Parliament Square in the seconds before the shooting and the minutes after. Moreover, by doing so I am confident that there will be further anomalies crop up contrary to the official story which all go to prove that our government have knowingly committed a criminal act against the country.

So, follow me because we are back off down to Parliament Square.

Now despite the very poor quality of the above screenshot the actual footage was taken by a professional cameraman and as such it is made to look amateurish and shite on purpose.

Moreover we can see in the upper inset photo that they all started to run in unison despite the little red man on the traffic light telling them that it was unsafe to cross. Whats-more, despite the white van being the only motor visible, there are actually three motors abreast of each other.

That fact in turn makes the fact that those three motors aren’t moving even stranger unless by some freak coincidence the traffic lights turned red at the very same moment Masood caused the crowd to panic.

Nevertheless, we are not going to count the white van as our first motor because it doesn’t move from where it is sat straight away.

Therefore the honour of being our Number 1 goes to a black cab which was mysteriously sat in the middle of the road just after the crossing. Indeed quite why the cab was sat there is anyone’s guess since if we are going to accept that the traffic lights behind the cab have just turned red, then it must have been sat there for a few seconds at least and would not have been doing so because of the people running in panic.

But all the same, the cab then is our Number 1 car.

Course the traffic lights must then have changed back to green very quickly because just 8 seconds later the traffic began to flow again.

And two seconds after that, the first of the 3 gunshots is heard.

Which makes the two taxi vans in the above photo, Numbers 2 & 3 in our counting cars crusade.

Next up is Number 4 – the white van we saw sat at the traffic lights which belongs to Tandi Sprinklers apparently… So another motor with a water connection.

And very dodgy sign-writing to boot. However, there is a reason for that which I won’t go into right now as I don’t want you to lose count.

At 5 we have our second black-cab moving up on the outside-center at just 8 seconds (14:41:38) after the shooting, followed closely by the Specialists just four seconds later at Number 6.

I notice that the ‘Specialists‘ also favour crap sign writing… Must be the new ‘in thing‘… What can you tell us about that Posh Barry?

“Oh yaa, most definitely old boy. One is no one without frightfully shite sign writing, what, what, what”. 

Thanks for the heads-up Posh Barry, and at Number 7 we have a Right State – I do beg pardon, I meant White Estate.

And I think that I am right in saying that we have some earlier footage of number 7?

Yes, yes indeed we do. Here we see the White Estate – our Number 7 – looking like a Silver Estate. A perfect example then of how colours can be manipulated.

And I do believe that is the Specialists in front of him, Posh Barry?

Posh Barry? … Oh he’s nipped out for a fag. Never mind, here is some more footage of that magnificent motor.

Mind you, it is easy to see why the Specialists is so far in front of him as they get round the corner… Our number 7 obviously couldn’t stop fucking gawping.

Now the more astute of you may have noticed that the above screenshot is taken from “live” TV news footage also courtesy of Sky News… As is the one below.

And for you statisticians – easy for you to fucking say – you may be interested to learn that this “live” footage had a time stamp on it which was obviously removed before it was shown “live” on TV – a pretty damn fucking impressive thing to do when you think about it.

In fact if you look closely you can still see the remnants of the time stamp on the above screenshot but for those who can’t be arsed to look I have shown you where it is on the screen shot below.

Now far be it for me to state the “bleedin’ obvious”, but this means that Sky News – otherwise know as dirty stinking arseholes – had a “live” feed set up just 43 seconds after Mad Masood had developed Road Rage and 13 seconds after the fat-fuck had done a runner.

However – and just for the record, you understand – The Metroplod allocated 52 Seconds from the time that Mad Masood stacked his Hyundai 4 x 4 to the time that he was shot brown-bread… Which the traitors say that they calculated by using their CCTV evidence (that Westminster Council say wasn’t recording) and no doubt their fingers & toes – which would explain why their account does not tally with the available evidence that we have.

Nevertheless, the Met tell us that Masood crashed his rented motor at 14:40:38.

Moreover, we know from the available video footage that there was 10 seconds from when the crowd started running to when the 3rd shot was fired at Masood.

Therefore Mad Masood must have been sat in his wrecked car for 42 seconds before making his mad dash for the Palace gates which begs the question as to why we don’t see the terrapin still sat in the 4×4 in the above photo since it was apparently taken just 13 seconds after he’d pranged it?

Mind you, the fact that there is a large crowd building up to the left of Mad-Masood’s-Motor in that photo would back up my claim that the crowd we saw running across Parliament Square were doing so because the Terrapin got out of his motor brandishing a knife or knives – depending on whose version you believe – as opposed to them running away from the car crash itself… Absolutely fascinating stuff.

And as the White Estate pulls out of shot we see the Board-Man carrying his board down to the wreck in order to hide the fact that there is no fucking damage to the wall-pier whatsoever… What a Trooper.

I should also say for the benefit of our younger readers that no one was hurt during the making of this car crash… Not even the car… And Posh Barry isn’t really posh… Or real… That was just me pretending to be him… But Santa Clause is really real.

You see, as it happens the Hyundai 4×4 rented by Masood was mostly computer generated… Least the damaged bit was but I will elaborate on that fact later.

But in the interim, look very closely at it.

Nevertheless the White Estate (Number 7) passes the Palace gates 13 seconds after the final gunshot rang out meaning that the driver was there (at the gates) at 14:41:43 – if we accept the Met’s timeline that masood had hit the deck at 14:41:30.

Therefore, it logically took Number 7 fifty two seconds to get from where we see it at the Hyundai wreck to the Palace gates.

However, the Met’s timeline is a bit unclear here because the 14:40:38 timing is the 30 seconds that it took Masood to cross the bridge.

Therefore, if we look at the timeline republished below… See you at the bottom.

There is also the time of 14:40:59 which is confusing as it appears to relate to when the police received the first 999 call – which again I find it hard to believe that it took someone on the bridge 51 seconds to get on the blower to the emergency services, especially with there being over 1000 people on there… At least that is what the *aherm, aherm, top-plod Mark Rowley told the inquest on the 29th of March 2017.

Mind you, knowing my critics and the way that the government paedo-trolls like to try and dismiss the evidence that I put forward; in view of that hidden time stamp on the screenshot being barely visible, I thought that I best embark on a mission to find footage with the time stamp still in place… And I am nothing if not tenacious.

Although the footage that I found relates to the bridge.

Which means that the paramedics got there in proper superhero time too… Literally… Although according to the Ambulance service it took them 6 minutes to get there… But like a lot of other things so far; we will ignore that anomaly for now.

Okay, let’s get back over to the racing car action.

And at Number 8 we have a Bit Of A Beast passing the gates at dead on 31 seconds according to the video counter – 19 seconds after the final bullet had been fired for those of you who study form.

I should perhaps just add that it is best if you don’t look too closely at the Bit Of A Beast – especially at the wheels because the car is a ringer… So swiftly moving on and up to ninth position is the ‘Specialists’ twin brother, the Shit-Stain.

However, I would once again advise you not to look too closely, especially at the wheels.

Oh you already did! Well not to worry because I will divert your attention by showing you Top Knob Mackey’s car leaving the Palace grounds… Or is it Big Knob May’s car despite her leaving the Palace unofficially 3 minutes later… Who knows, I certainly don’t… Perhaps.

However, since the driver is cheating we won’t give this car a number and as such the Number 10 spot goes to a silver taxi.

There was in fact 13 seconds between that silver taxi appearing outside the Palace gates and the Number 9, Shit-Stain van doing the same before it. That 13 second lull in traffic was followed by another 20 second pause in passing motors – very fucking peculiar – which ended with the first Police motor to arrive on the scene.

This Copmobile did in fact arrive from the wrong direction at 14:42:26 (56 seconds after the shooting), which made the filth fucking lucky that there was a pause in traffic, else there could well have been a head on collision.

And of course that Police BMW could not possibly be the plod BMW that we see heading towards Parliament Square in the photo below, carrying the registration number BX 66 HFD with the 3 digit HXW code number, because there would be around 3 minutes difference in arrival times.

And that would also mean that it took Terry May’s minders around 45 seconds to react to the shooting, round her up – or him, it is fucking hard to tell – get him/her into the car, drive at break-neck snail pace through the Houses of Parliament, get out of the Gay-Lord’s car park and stop to pose for the photo that we see above… Therefore we can say that unless the timeline is bollox (it is) then the Plod BMW is definitely not the Plod BMW arriving at the gates at 42 minutes and 26 seconds after 2 pm.

Nevertheless, we won’t issue the bent-coppers with a number either since they came from the wrong direction and as such the BMW won’t be any use to us whatsoever in our quest for the truth… Probably.

Therefore, the motor seen in the following screenshot is our Number 11 – which didn’t drive passed the gates for a further 17 seconds (14:42:43) after the Plod had arrived… Again, an awful long time given the location.

Indeed if you disregard the plod BMW which didn’t actually drive passed the gates, there was a break in all traffic lasting 37 seconds between our Number 10 and Number 11 motors. Moreover, from the time that our Number 9 passed the gates to the time that our Number 11 did the same;  only one motor had driven passed (the silver taxi at Number 10) in 50 seconds – so something must have been happening off camera… I mean to say, ONE fucking motor driving passed Westminster Palace in a 50 second period? Impossible!

Nevertheless, we are 1 minute 13 seconds after the shooting now putting the time at 14:42:43.

So moving on swiftly and our Number 12 spot goes to a fella on a moped with a very dodgy looking top box on the back.

Now he becomes important later on but to tell you why now would only confuse the matter further and as such you will have to wait to find out why. So suffice to say for now that our Number 12 drives passed the Palace gates at 14:42:46.

Moving on and unfortunately I could only catch a fleeting glimpse of the van which is at Number 13 – lucky for some – although I am not sure whether the driver was issuing some kind of warning or not.

However, you will no doubt have noticed that the company van supplies water coolers – making the total number of vans that we have seen to do with water: four.

And don’t go and dismiss the possibility that these vans are some kind of hidden message because there were many messages being displayed on wagons & buses that day. The one below for instance.

We can make up words” obviously being a reference to making up the news.

Indeed, even the inevitable peace symbol that was supposedly adopted from a member of the public and which always appear after these fake acts, shows the true nature of the insidious Monster’s mentality and aim.

You know the symbols that I’m on about:

PHOTO: The French symbol of “hope” adopted following the November 2015 Paris Terrapin hoax

And below is the symbol adopted after this London bollox.

Yet as far as I can see there is fuck all peaceful to be seen in that symbol.

In fact what that symbol of “peace” screams at me is this:

Which given the current climate thanks to warmongering American President, Donny Fart, I found rather apt.

And that is exactly how the Monsters operate; they turn everything on it’s head.

Nevertheless, let’s crack on with car Number 14, else we will be here all fucking day.

Which is actually another shite-sign-written van… And once again, do not look too closely at the back wheel… Or the wheel arch for that matter.

Number 15 is a car roof thus the cameraman must be a giant… Is that Gordon Ramsey over by the gate? Has he been riding a horse? Is he John Gordon Wayne-Ramsey by any chance?

Number 16 is the CBBeeies taxi cab which has had all manner of joins and overlay’s added to it (see below).

Quite why it does is anybody’s guess.

And Number 17 is a Boy-Racer.

Although it is also another cut ‘n’ shut and whatever you do, do not look at the wheels.

Number 18 is another car roof filmed by our giant cameraman, followed a second later by another black cab at number 19, which appears to have a design of some sort on its back door.

It is now 1 minute & 25 seconds after the shooting making the time 14:42:55.

Another second passes and yet another strange van appears.

The advertised firm is called ‘Clearabee‘ yet appears to have no phone number on the side.

Nevertheless, at this point the camera starts to wobble whilst swinging to the left.

However, luckily – and you will find out just how lucky in a moment – I was just able to catch car Numbers 21 & 22 before the camera went totally haywire.

The video counter is at 1 minute and 38 seconds at this point – 1 minute 26 seconds after the shooting – making the time 14:42:56 .

However, as I am sure you can see for yourself, the taxi-van has a clear overlay on the driver’s door and does in fact appear to try and disguise the fact that the door is open and the driver (spook) is stepping out… Moreover, there appears to be someone stood on one of the seats with his head and shoulders poking out of the sun roof:

Why would they do that?

Nevertheless, the lucky part comes in because of the light blue bus behind the red bus in the background.

Now those two buses have to be the same red bus and light blue bus that I drew your attention to in the Sky News footage in order to prove that traffic was still driving onto Westminster Bridge 9 minutes after the event had kicked off:

Moreover, since those two buses then remained on the scene for hours afterwards I would imagine that they were ferrying actors, directors, camera crews & production staff onto the bridge.

Just sayin’ of course.

However, getting back to our car counting and at that point the cameraman must have fell off his fucking ladder because the camera picture went all over the place with no clear images at all to be had.

Course, and as I think I mentioned earlier, this kind of thing is very common in the filming of frauds and is done to not only hide something that they don’t want you to see, but also to add or take away extra footage.

Furthermore you need to bear in mind that this video is meant to be continuous, untampered-with footage, which obviously we know that it isn’t.

Nevertheless, four seconds later Alchie-Alan gets his act together and the picture resumes. However, the camera has now been turned about 270 degrees and shows the following:

Now obviously I am just guessing at those motor numbers and of course in theory it is possible that some of them we see could have arrived via Abingdon Street, since we cannot see what traffic is coming from there in the video.

However, having said that we have seen in the screenshots taken from footage of Abingdon Street that the only motors to head on down towards Parliament Square after 2:45 PM are police cars & a police van. And by that time we also know that the abandoned Ford Focus was blocking Millbank in the direction of the Palace.

Course, if I am right about the motors that I have identified then you have to question why it took so long for them to get there. For example, if the car that I have identified as number 2 is correct then it has taken the motor 1 minute 30 seconds to get from the Palace gates.

Nevertheless, at this point the camera is slowly moving full circle back around to where it started. And as such the next motors we see are the following.

We are now on 1:43 seconds as the camera continues to turn making the time 14:43:01.

And at that point we see our car number 21, yet fuck knows what that is to the right of the motor. It kinda looks like a bus but it appears to have entered Abingdon Street via the one way system designed for motors heading into Parliament Square.

But all the same, as the camera continued to turn we were once again treated to the view of numbers 20 & 22.

Course the fact that we see these two motors again means that they have only moved a matter of feet in 6 seconds and car number 21 has zoomed ahead despite the driver and his passenger – who seemed to think that he was on safari – holding the proceedings up.

Nevertheless, to complete our line up we have cars 23, 24 and 25.

That brings the time on the video counter to 1:46 making the time 14:43:04 – in theory, although it is quite obvious that the film has been tampered with… Now why would they do that if all was as meant to be?

And the answer to that is they wouldn’t, so it can’t be.

Course 25 passing motors in 1 minute 46 seconds must set an all time low record for cars on Parliament Square at 2:40 PM on a Wednesday afternoon… I mean that works out at one car every 4.24 seconds on a 5 lane carriageway!

However, luckily for us – and not for the first time either – we can [sort of] check if all is above board thanks to the Monster’s eagerness to convince us that this was a real event… In other words, the Monsters desire to con us via means of taking plenty of film footage means that we can cross reference the traffic flow using footage taken from inside the Palace, which was specifically taken to show us what took place inside the Palace gates following the shooting of Mad-Masood.

And in doing so, the cameraman inadvertently filmed the traffic passing outside the gates at the same time.

Here, have a butchers and straight away you will notice that the positioning of the motors on view does not tally with the one motor every 4.24 second lark. And neither does the traffic build up that we see to the left of the first screenshot:

So, safe to say that film footage is fake as fuck then.

But let’s try and make some sense of the nonsensical.

Now you may remember that mystery van that I pointed out to you apparently heading up Abingdon Street as the posh-car readied itself to pull out of the gates (as seen in the photo below).

And we know that this was taken at 14:41:48.

So grab your stuff because we’re off up to the other end again.

Now in the following screenshot taken from another (rather animated) video, we see the mystery van followed by what surely must be car number 2, which I will remind you had already started travelling up Abingdon Street whilst the Mackey Posh-Car was still on Parliament square.

And as the two motors made there way up the road a big mouthed copper began flapping his arms and bellowing at the actors to “run, run“ (circled in black)… How long is that fucking barrier?

However, the mystery-van had begun travelling up Abingdon Street whilst the posh motor was still inside the Palace gates at 14:41:48 meaning that it had a 12-15 second head start on the posh-car.

Now as I have already mention a couple of times this is only a short stretch of road which the mystery van would easily cover – top to bottom – in 21 seconds if driving at an average 30 MPH.

So starting with the mystery van, if we chart the motors coming up Abingdon Street we should be able to gain a better understanding of how the fraud worked.

But instead we get a London Taxi… However, before we go there I need to point out another little matter to you.

You see, as our number 2 taxi van began to go off camera it began to change… Fuck knows how it did that but it did:

Now why would they do that?

To which I would answer: ‘I think we all know why they would’… But anyway, what happened to our Plod BMW – as in why did we get a London Cab instead?

Another good question to which I would be inclined to say that we got both. But anyway, with the time now being at the very earliest 14:42:20 there can be little doubt that the taxi should have been the plod BMW.

So best we have a closer look at the taxi.

Now as the driver pulled into view PC Short-House Big-Mouth started going proper, proper hyper.

Course, that footage is fake as fuck too… Which is why the taxi appears to hit the barrier wall but continues as if nothing has happened.

And the reason for that is it is not real… It’s CGI:

And with that being the case it is also very possible that as this taxi was coming down the road it was in reality the Plod BMW that was the first to arrive at the Palace gates. That possibility increases with the fact that the taxi arrived in the footage at the exact same moment that the Plod BMW should have done.

Furthermore that would explain why the taxi looked a bit like a hot rod:

Am I speculating?

Of course I fucking am but it is without doubt that the official version of events are fake and my speculation is based on what my eyes can see not what my eyes are told to see.

Indeed, you haven’t seen nothing yet as to how fake and bizarre the official version actually gets.

Course, the plod BMW can – if ever the need arises –  be dismissed as arriving at the Palace gates having driven the wrong way around Parliament Square (see map below).

But the chances of the plod BMW coming via that route are extremely unlikely, yet can’t be proved beyond all doubt thus it becomes just another un-provable conspiracy theory which the Monsters love so much

And while I’m just sayin’, I will also just slip the following in:

Not that I am saying the Minions used the same CGI for both… I mean the pair could be from the Met’s Hoppy-Coppy Division.

Nevertheless, the next motor to grace us with its presence wasn’t Mackey’s posh-car, but our number 9, the Shit-Stain instead.

And as you can see by the 20 seconds on the video counter, the van is coming to a halt.

So at this point the time should be approximately 14:42:29. That fact in turn means that the ‘Shit Stain’ has taken well over double the time that it should have done to get to where it is now.

And before I forget I best point out that the strange shadow on the van has been touched up in the above photo to make it look more shadow-like, but it still shouldn’t be there. Indeed I would suggest the reason for it being there is either something to do with the CGI or it is covering something up.

You will also recall that ‘Shit Stain’ is the van that looks remarkably similar to the Specialists – our Number 6 motor – which drove by the Palace gates at just 12 seconds after the shooting – making the time 14:41:42 when it did – thus being ahead of our Number 9 by 11 seconds.

Number 9 was also the last motor to pass the gates before Mackey’s posh-car pulled into the road which in theory should have meant that the order of the motors that we are now seeing further up the road is correct.

However, I also told you that after the morph car, the next car up should have been Mackey’s posh car.

This is because when the posh car pulled out into the road behind our number 9, the van then came to a virtual stop (which is why it took so long to get up to where we now see it), while the posh car accelerated passed it as if the intention of the driver was to go around Parliament Square.

However, at the very last moment the posh car shot back over to the left and went up Abingdon Street instead… Which is what I showed you in the screenshot in which the posh car appeared to break in half.

Course, we were not meant to see that front bit of the car at all which should have been covered with an overlay, whilst the CGI model appeared to be going to bear right in order to follow Parliament Square round – which was then further hidden by the picture fading due to the footage ending… Understand?

Of course you fucking do.

However, don’t switch off because I’m not done yet. You see there were two motors seen passing the Palace gates in the 11 seconds between number 6 and number 9 passing them.

Those two motors were obviously numbers 7 & 8.

And if you look at the positioning of our number 6 (The Specialist) in the photos below I am sure that you will agree that it is indeed bearing right to go around Parliament Square, although in the above it appears to be bearing left to go up Abingdon Street.

Furthermore, given the lanes that cars 7 & 8 are in, they too appear to be going to do the same.

This would of course explain why we didn’t see number 6 up at the other end of Abingdon Street after the mystery (cheetah) van and our car number 2 had both sailed by – although the driver of number 2 is busy fucking chatting whilst impaled on the Palace wall in the last photo.

However, if you blow those photos up you will see that car number 8 is actually a Computer Generated Image (CGI) and as such it would make sense that our Morph car is indeed actually number 8 (as I suggested earlier was a possibility), hence the arrival of our car (van) number 9 appearing at the other end of Abingdon Street as the very next motor after Morph… Taking into account of course that our posh car – which looks extremely like a Jag in the first of the above 3 photos and does not look at all like the driver intends to hang a cheeky right – seemingly vanished into thin air.

Okay lets get back to where we were at the top of Abingdon Street with motor number 9.

Now two seconds after stopping to chat to the loud mouthed Parli-Plod, number 9 is on the move again and straight away we see a white van coming in the other direction. The time now is 14:42:30.

And for the record the van coming down Abingdon Street in the photo above is 15 seconds behind the brown & cream taxi heading the same way.

However, I do believe that this oncoming van is actually our motor number 6.

You see, as I will explain shortly, I believe that not only was this film footage shot last year (or at least most of it was), I also believe that Abingdon Street was closed off from Parliament Square (which may also have been closed off although not necessarily) right up to Great Peter Street – with the latter being closed to allow a constant flow of police & security service vehicles in and out.

But as I say, I will go into much more detail shortly but for now all you need to know is that number 6 – minus its shite sign writing that isn’t really there – took the following route, which due to road closures would have been pretty traffic free.

Or a route very similar possibly involving Tufton Street.

Nevertheless, the two van drivers stopped for a quick chat.

Now note the plod looking back down the road… Indicating that there is another motor about to arrive.

And with that in mind, that motor could be the Mackey posh-car which had to wait a few seconds or so for the police escort-BMW that we saw pulling in front of it in the screenshots up yonder.

After all, the posh-car of his didn’t have the plod escort with it when it left the Palace, but on the flip side, if that was the case then we should have seen the Escort-Car go past the Palace gates too… But we didn’t.

That fact in turn – in theory – means that the escort motor must have been parked ready and waiting at the bottom of Abingdon Street. But once again, had that been the case then that would strongly infer that Craig Mackey, who at the time of the event was the acting Head of the Metropolitan Police (making him the most senior policeman in the UK at the time) knew that the “terrorist attack” was going to take place.

And I also have to say how strange it is – not to mention fucking coincidental – that whenever these staged ‘attacks‘ take place, the Head of the Police Force with jurisdiction over the event is only acting as such in a temporary capacity.

For instance take Dee Collins, Temporary Head of the West Yorkshire Police who had jurisdiction over the fake Jo Cox ‘murder’:

 Having joined West Yorkshire Police as assistant chief constable last January, she was promoted to temporary chief constable in June when Mark Gilmore was suspended following the announcement of a probe into alleged criminal activity during his time in his native Northern Ireland. Source

Very convenient.

Now at this point I will tell you that when I was watching the “Ruptly” footage of the Plod Focus & Van tearing down the road towards Parliament Square; the posh-car coming up the other way appeared to be on its own before what looked to be, either a white or a silver London taxi appeared from out of nowhere.

That fact (in regard to the posh car originally being alone as it came up the road) also applied to the other [faked] footage that I found of the Plod Focus & Transit Van, except – as you have already seen – this second lot of footage was much better quality and shot from the other side of the road to the Ruptly footage.

However, you will see exactly what I mean about the car being on its lonesome in the photo batch below which starts with screenshots taken from the second – better quality albeit faked – lot of film footage, after which the images are taken from the Ruptly video where we see the posh-car overtaken by the Plod BMW which appears to be in reality; a disguised London taxi.

And what I think… No, hang on let me start that sentence again… And what I know for a fact is going on here is; not only was the Ruptly video footage filmed at a different time to the better quality one – given that the latter would have taken months to put together – but the posh car is in fact a different motor in each.

Indeed the poor quality Ruptly video would have been filmed at the same time as our counting cars video.

Moreover, I know for a fact that the car that we see in the better quality film is the one below.

Namely Terry May’s motor.

Now to add further credence to this scenario is the fact that in the counting cars video footage, the posh-car pulled out of the Palace gates straight after our Number 9 motor (the Shit-Stain van) had driven past, after which a further 7 seconds ticked away before the next motor happened along.

And of course that next motor was our Number 10: A silver taxi… Least it looked silver-ish although it also appeared to have been spray painted by a monkey and had a series of overlays plonked over it.

A ringer in other words.

Nevertheless. there was a total of 13 seconds in all between the Shit-Stain van (Number 9) and the ‘silver’ taxi (Number 10) passing the Palace gates.

And that 13 second window does indeed tie in with what we saw at the other end of Abingdon Street, because the very next motor to appear at that end of the road after the Shit-Stain van had paused to talk to the driver of the white van coming the other way was indeed the silver taxi… Twelve seconds later.

Therefore, if our Number 10 (the silver taxi) was the taxi we see disguised as the plod BMW that would make the running order all present and correct because – as we saw in the Ruptly video – the silver taxi come plod BMW had by that time overtaken the posh-car (which was then either parked up or hidden by overlays).

The time now would be approximately 14:42:39 – although that is going by the video counter and the footage has doubtlessly been cut & spliced in places and as such the actual time is in all likelihood a good few seconds later at the very least.

However, we have no choice but to go on what is shown as supposedly continuous footage and as such there is still a time difference at this point of around 3 minutes between the silver taxi in the above photo and the Plod Focus & Transit racing down the other way – given the fact that they did not start their run until Un-El-Tels jag had finished the 10 second snail-dash down to Great Peter Street.

Nevertheless, this turn of events means that the next motor to appear from Parliament Square HAS to be the posh-car itself… But life is never that simple where the Monsters are concerned.

You see, the posh car had to be hidden, hence the reason why it was made to appear to have gone around Parliament Square just as the original car counting footage ended. Course, hiding the posh-car would involve nothing more than diverting the camera away from the two motors, just like we did in fact see happen as the taxi (disguised as a plod BMW) and the posh car got too close to the cameras… Like thus:

And that is why the posh-car was made to appear as if it was following Parliament Square round when it pulled out of the Palace gates, so as anyone who was suspicious about the fraud – like my good self – and as such then decided to track the car movements (like we have) would not expect to see the posh car come up Abingdon Street after the silver taxi… Or even before it for that matter, had those suspiciously minded chaps like myself not clocked the silver taxi overtaking it.

Course, that then also goes a long way to explaining why the silver taxi was disguised as a plod BMW. However, that fact in turn throws up the anomaly of the Plod-Focus & Transit-Van bearing down on the posh-car and its escort from the opposite direction, since they shouldn’t be coming down the road for another 2 or 3 minutes.

However, I will address this matter in due course.

Now, as the taxi drove past the loud mouthed copper (or should I say “pretend copper“), he became really animated (pun intended), lost the plot completely and went proper bon-bons.

He then starts to run up the street:

And at this point we see the front of the white van again, which I believe to be our number 6.

Also take note that this is now a full 17 seconds after we saw the two white vans pull alongside each other and also be aware that the film footage at this point is made up of two halves with the lamp post being used as a divider – as you can see by the red line that I have added along the yellow stripe on the barrier wall which doesn’t correspond correctly at the middle join.

Therefore, to prevent people looking too closely at the film our CGI plod is loudly bellowing “Get Back. Get Back” whilst flapping his arms around like he is trying to take off – despite the fact that the van was already executing a U-turn… Thus there was absolutely no need for the shouting.

And in this screenshot the CGI copper has come to life whilst the footage on the left off the lamp post remains CGI, hence the difference in the road surface and kerb stones… I told you that the fraud was in reality very cleverly done didn’t I.

But anyway, the video counter is now at 39 seconds as the camera then begins to pan back down the road towards Parliament Square… Just as our Number 11 car appears.

The time on the counter is now at 42 seconds which is 11 seconds on from when the silver taxi (car Number 10, sometimes pretending to be a plod BMW) drove by at the same spot. Therefore the time now is: 14:42:50

Now that 11 second difference in time is an interesting fact because the silver taxi (Number 10) drove past the Palace gates 36 seconds after the final shot had been fired at Mad-Masood, making the time 14:42:06… Which means that it has taken the driver 33 seconds to get where he is now, thus he must have had “Miss Daisy” in the back since he was only doing a maximum 20MPH.

Yet our Number 11 car didn’t pass the gates for a further 37 seconds. Making the time 14:42:43 when it did.

Therefore, in the space of 300 meters (the distance between the Palace ‘exit’ gates and Great Collage Street) which is a 21-22 second journey to a car travelling at an average of 30 MPH or a 41 second journey to a car travelling at an average 16 MPH, car Number 11 made up 26 seconds on the taxi.

Yet somehow it has only taken our Number 11 car 7 seconds to travel that 300 meters. In other words he must have been doing 94 MPH!

In a 30 MPH zone! See, the timeline makes no sense what so fucking ever.

Moreover, in reality we know that our Number 10 – the silver taxi – was knocking it’s bollocks out in it’s disguise as a plod BMW in order to overtake the posh car in front of it so how could the taxi possibly have been only doing 18 MPH?

This then is further proof that the film footage was cut in order for the posh-car photo shoot to go ahead, but for the sake of continuity the cut footage also had to be taken into account at the Parliament Square end and that is where the Plod BMW pulling up at the Palace gates [presumably] having come down Abingdon Street comes into play.

You see by doing so, the 37 second gap between car Number 10 and car Number 11 – which has to be pie in the sky – went unnoticed.

Therefore if you take that plod BMW as being added footage, the time between Numbers 10 & 11 passing the Palace gates is reduced to somewhere around 15-18 seconds – after other time adjustments have been taken into account… It’s not rocket science… Although to be fair it isn’t far off it.

And that would explain why we didn’t see the Plod-BMW pass our motors on the way up Abingdon Street.

So with that now sorted out, lets get our arses back up to the other end, where the camera was slowly panning away from the white van doing a U-turn.

And at that point we saw the motor in the screenshot below come into view.

Time now: 14::42:53

Now this motor was trailing our car Number 11 by 3 seconds and those of you who are proper on the ball will know that we didn’t allocate this car a number in our car counting quest.

Course the reason for that is the fact that the motor wasn’t shown in our counting car video and has in all probability been added to the footage as a gap filler in order to distance the silver taxi from the posh car.

And looking at the motor there are some funny goings on with the body work. Indeed if the car has been added to the footage as a gap filler then it is likely to be a repeat of our car Number 23.

Indeed, further evidence to back that probability is that the camera took one of those convenient dips as the car passed.

Now there is quite a bit more to tell you about this car but to do so now would really leave you scratching your heads and as such I will come back to it in due course.

So moving on swiftly and as the camera continued to pan to the left our brightly coloured, Number 16 came into view, trailing that un-numbered car by 2 seconds.

Again this is all CGI.

The time now would be 14:42:55.

And behind our brightly coloured Number 16 is our boy-racer, Number 17, which looked to also have been used as the morph car when it was parked alongside the Palace railings.

Therefore we have lost Numbers 12-15… Which could have course gone around Parliament Square.

Nevertheless, behind our Number 17 is our Number 20 – the “Clearabee” van.

Also notice the photo journalist already on site and snapping away.

Number 20 is followed 1 second later by our Number 22 (another taxi) meaning that we have also lost our Numbers 18, 19 & 21.

And indeed if you look closely at the advert at the rear of the car you can see that it is clearly fake and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the same taxi that we saw earlier which the plod prevented coming down Abingdon Street in the opposite direction (the taxi seen in the photo below).

After all, to be one and the same all that the turned-away-cab would need to do was travel the same route as I believe that our Number 6 van did, except in reverse… That is to say the cab took the same journey as the Number 6 van but in the opposite direction, whereas he didn’t take the same route as the Number 6 van whilst driving backwards… That would just be silly.

Nevertheless, after the taxi (Number 22) came the real Number 23 followed by a black cab which is our Number 24.

Meaning all is [relatively] as it should be with those 2 motors despite being surrounded by CGI.

The time now is: 14:43:o6.

However, as the taxi passes we see another non-numbered motor coming up the rear… Coming up the rear is of course typical behaviour for the Monsters and their Minions.

So I best remind you that the last car we counted (our Number 25) on the counting cars video appeared to be a very slow moving black Merc – which the motor behind most definitely is not.

Moreover, if the black cab (Number 24) was travelling at an average 30 MPH the time now would be 14:42:24 yet according to the counters the time is 14:43:10 so fuck knows how you lose 46 seconds in a 20 second journey which has taken the driver One minute & Six seconds to complete!

Also bear in mind that Robert Nisbet started his live broadcast for Sky News at 14:50 pm by which time there was no traffic coming or going along Abingdon Street and a plod BMW was also parked sideways in the middle of the carriageway. And of course there was also police tape strung from one side of the road to the other… Just sayin’.

But anyway, best we have a look at what is coming up behind our Number 24.

And it’s another badly sign written van which appears to have a big erect dick as the company logo… How very queer.

The cameraman then charts the vans journey, panning back to the right as he does so. Which is where we see the scene in the above screenshot. This screenshot reveals that the footage is again made up of two different pieces of film with the road surface once again being the instant giveaway and the bus stop being used to try and disguise the fact.

However, there are other clues as to the footage being fake such as the midget stood in front of the gate barrier which is different on either side of him.

The camera then continues to pan right.

And it is just after the above screenshot when we get to see what is going on.

You see what the security guard is doing is waiting for the traffic to clear so as the white van that I believe to be our Number 6 can do its U-turn… Just as a black Audi Estate car pulls up…. With a very dodgy looking front end to boot.

So unless by some freak coincidence this is another white van; the driver has been waiting to make the turn for nearly half a minute…HUH? Half a minute! Yet the van had it’s nose across the other carriageway when we last saw it!

And here is a reminder.

Notice the 38 seconds on the counter.

And don’t forget that at the time the security guard whom I mistook for a plodman – my bad – had been screaming at the driver to fuck off.

Nevertheless, despite the black Audi Estate with the dodgy front end slowing right down, the security guard bizarrely waves the driver through before allowing the van to make its turn.

And the above screenshot tells us that half a minute has now gone by with the van still waiting.

Which is strange.

The time now is: 14:43:16.

So to have a recap, the traffic that we have seen go passed the white van whilst it was waiting to make its turn are as follows in order of appearance:

  • The silver car which was our Number 11
  • The blue/black Focus (?) car which we didn’t allocate a number
  • The brightly coloured taxi which was our Number 16
  • The white Audi boy-racer which was our Number 17
  • The Clearabee van which was our Number 20
  • The London Taxi with yellow side advert – our Number 22
  • The purple/blue Focus (?) which was our Number 23
  • The all black cab which we had at Number 24
  • The van with a big cock as its company logo
  • And finally the black Audi Estate.

That makes 10 motors in total that the white van had to wait for to pass before the driver could double back on himself, despite the animated, verbally abusive, loud mouthed security guard shouting at him to ‘fuck off’.

Personally I reckon than the van was either picking up the runners who we saw in the background fleeing up Abingdon Street in order to take them up to the bridge or dropping off Journalists…Whom appeared to have AAA.

But that is of course just a theory… Albeit a good one since the van was held up for a long time.

Indeed there were also some big motors go by as the van waited despite the front end of the vehicle appearing to be a good way over the center white line of the two lane carriageway.

I mean why [pretend to] shout at the driver to “GO. GO” and then hold him up for 30 seconds – as a potential road hazard – in order to let a further 10 fairly slow moving motors go passed?

Doesn’t make sense does it?

Neither does the fact that the cameraman panned away at that exact moment (38 seconds into the video) leaving the viewer with the impression that the turn would be made there & then. Or I should say that it was suspicious rather than not making sense?

After all, the camera only returned to the van – nigh on a full 30 seconds later – as the black Audi Estate drove up to it… In other words, it was almost as if the cameraman knew that the van would make its U-turn straight after the Audi had been let through.

I mean it isn’t as if the Audi was the last motor to come up Abingdon Street – as you shall shortly find out.

Nevertheless, since the security wannabee plod was directing the van driver on his U-turn, you have to wonder why the real plod – or real looking anyway – came and took over?

And all that I can come up with by way of an answer is that it was a carefully stage-managed-act played out in order to deceive.

However, I really think that this needs a little more investigation.

And to do that we need to look at another video of the operation taken from a slightly different angle, which means that there was more than just the one fella filming and once again proves that the press were present from the outset… Not to mention the Clown, PC Big Mouth putting on an act by telling people to fuck off.

Don’t they always.

Now once again I know that some of you will find this all a bit tedious but if I cut corners it will give the Monster Minions a chance to fill in the gaps with their own version and I do not intend to give the arseholes a chance to wriggle out of this fraud.

Therefore, just bear with me because it does have a damning conclusion.

Nevertheless, by the time that he recovers we have the following scene:

Now around about this time PC Big Gob blows a whistle whilst shouting at the imaginary people on Great College Street which was really strange because the place is eerily quiet and he has a big fucking mouth.

Moreover, this was the first time that Big Gob had used the whistle in all the time that he had been shouting… And that is what drew me to it in the first place. I mean do coppers still even have whistles?

Nevertheless, the reason for him blowing the ear splitting monstrosity was to give the runners waiting down the bottom of Abingdon Street their cue to start running.

I must say that I strongly suspect that we have seen that van before.

And the time now is 14:43:49… At least it is in theory.

Now these runners go on to form a large group of those people stood at the junction of Great Peter Street – as seen in that ‘rare’ video of Terry May’s evacuation yet suspiciously mostly all are concealed from view in the “official” press version of Terry A-Go-Go.

However, before I deal with the Monkees you probably won’t be surprised to learn that there was yet another “amateur” photographer filming the car action.

And whoever it was did us a favour because he/she caught on camera – albeit non to clearly – the white van as it completed the U-turn.

Course, just prior to the above photo, he/she too had an epileptic fit and as such this was the first clear-ish image that I could get, hence anyone not following the plot would be forgiven for thinking that the van had come straight up Abingdon Street.

I wonder where PC Big Gob is in this footage and why he didn’t tell the fella filming on the corner to fuck off?

Oh but hang on… I do know why he didn’t! The mush filming is our MI 5  operative.

Remember him? Of course you fucking do.

But anyway, lets do the runners.

However, I believe that there was another cut at the point where the presstitute went out of shot because for some unknown reason the camera inexplicably zoomed in on PC Big Gobs shoes.

Very strange.

The time now is 14:44:03

And when the camera zoomed out enough to see the road again the van was nowhere to be seen – so it must be a turbo charged van since it went from a standing start with a slow moving taxi in front of it to nowhere to be seen in less than 2 seconds.

Very strange.

Nevertheless, take a look at Red Riding Hood in that last photo. She has an umbrella in her right hand and a bag with an impossible white sheen on it. Now look at these next photos.

Beyond suspect aren’t they?

However, there is more. There is always more don’t cha know!

And at this point we see the female presstitute come back into the picture… Let’s call her Ethel.

Exciting isn’t it… I’m on tenterhooks.

How bizarre, how bizarre… Carry on:

Curiouser & Curiouser!

Time now: 14:44:16

And it’s only our last car from our counting car caper, the number 25 car (a Merc that appeared to not be moving).

Time now: 14:44:40. Which means that it is 3 minutes 10 seconds after the shooting and the Merc has taken 1 minute 4 seconds to do the 20 second journey… Don’t cha just love statistics?

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear… However, you can find him for the fourth time yourself… As well as all the other duplicates.

Nevertheless, it would still be pointless me telling you what’s going on here because what is going on here is a small part of a big thing that has to be seen as a whole to understand how the Monster Minions made this criminal fraud work. Therefore, just continue to bear with me and I will blow your socks off once we have got the car counting and runners out of the way.

Hoaxtead promoters crash Church of England CSA survivors’ protest.

On Saturday, 10 February, the Church of England’s 2018 General Synod in central London was attended by a group of survivors of sexual abuse within the Anglican Church. The protesters were joined by bishops, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of York, and the Bishop-Elect of London, who all paused outside Church House for two minutes to reflect on the issue of survivors within the Church.

Since Saturday, we’ve been contacted by several of the protestors, all of whom are angry that their peaceful demonstration was marred and co-opted by two people who were handing out leaflets regarding “baby-eating and Satanists and paedophiles” in Hampstead.

The interlopers were identified as Sabine McNeill—who was pressing her business card on all and sundry—and a young man with dark hair, who stood in the public gallery at one point during Synod and shouted at the bishops about “Satanic abuse”.

Both Sabine and the young man, who matches the description of Jake Clarke, were passing out leaflets to Synod attendees. Sabine and Jake were described as “loudly and aggressively” pushing the Hampstead hoax, which many of the protestors had never heard of. Those who contacted us were offended that their legitimate, peaceful event, which had been months in the planning, had been hijacked by the pair.

“Before we do a demonstration,” one protester said, “we always ring the place to make sure that we’re going to be welcomed….We’ve done this so often, and in such a way, that they bring us out tea and coffee. We’re probably the most civilised and polite protesters they’ve ever seen”.

By contrast, the Hoaxtead promoters’ confrontational approach, and the fact that they appeared to blend in with the legitimate group of protesters, showed the group in a bad light, our informants all said.

“Clearly, they came to disrupt us and put their own crazy message across”, said one. “We’ve been trying to meet Archbishop Welby for years, and he finally meets us…and he sees them instead”.

Of course we know that this is in keeping with the Hoaxtead mobsters’ tactics of disrupting and co-opting the work of genuine survivors in favour of their own conspiranoid beliefs, but for Saturday’s protesters it came as a most unwelcome surprise.

It also raises questions, of course, as to whether Sabine might have been violating either her bail terms or her lifetime restraining order, and if so, what consequences may occur as a result. Only time will tell on that front, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground.

Ricky Dearman Lowdown by Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike.

Okay, things are bubbling under with news from Angie that it was our newly appointed ‘X-Man’, Jake Clarke, who gave her the info which purportedly came from Sabine, but Ricky is trying to get Sabine silenced for good by having her locked away never to be seen again. Anyway, the mystery is that Angie’s not sure where Jake got the idea that the kids were with Ricky and Angie in this E-Mail only specifies America, but in her earlier E-Mail she states it was Los Angeles where Ricky had gone to with the kids. Anyway, Jake has not commented so far directly to me about this and neither has Sabine, so its all pretty hush hush and Angie was also afraid she herself may get locked up, but as she’s in Ireland south of the border I think she’s pretty safe, although IRA hit-men could still take her out as they’ve all been promoted now to MI5/MI6 ie. the Irish version thereof. In this respect, Hoaxtead appears to be an MI5 black ops to ridicule and defame all cases of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse, but not regular child abuse. Remember, the UK Govt is run by SATANISTS, which includes the dieu et mon droit crowd aka the deus meumque jus crowd which are both one and the same thing ie. Crown, Masons, Luciferians, Illuminati, Elders of Zion et al. In other words, the whole goddam demo(n)cratic capitalist UK Govt are all SATANISTS, period. So, all I can say is, God help us ALL!!
Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)

Cosmic Research Foundation

Markapur, A.P
. 523316, India
E-Mail  cosmicrf@hotmail.com

Tel  91-8596-224312/9959-684635

Date       16th Feb 2018

The Right Orrible, Terry May by Christopher D Spivey

The Right Orrible, Terry May

Well it is certainly going sweet & dandy for the Monsters when you consider that so many people think that they took a hiding on the vote to leave Europe.

I mean we now have a full unelected government with our new Prime Mincer, The Right Orrible Transvestite, Terry May declaring that there will not be an election until 2020.

Yet when David Cameron was fraudulently kept in charge after the last election the electorate knew who they were getting in the way of a Prime Mincer and Cabinet Ministers – in theory at least – and as such, if all was now above-board then Un-El Tel should have kept those same Cabinet Ministers in place at least until the next rigged voting was upon us.

Indeed, looking like a lanky half-starved She-Wolf about to be unleashed on a huge unsuspecting flock of Sheep, Un-El-Tel’s flat refusal to adhere to the principles of democracy are to me quite alarming and suggests that she has been deliberately maneuvered into the top job, with a specific mandate.


Moreover, her delight in landing the top job – despite having fuck all to crow about – and her obvious wish to stay there suggests that she is a power-craving egomaniac, with extremely worrying psychopathic traits to boot.

For example, her cringe-inducing, embarrassing penchant for copying whatever the model Cara Delevingne is photographed wearing for one, which dominated the newspaper headlines between September and November 2013, to such an extent that Cameron was forced to step in to defend Un-El-Tel – his Homo Secretary, at the time.


Moreover, the way that she appears chuffed to fuck when the newspapers brown-nose her is alarming, which even if it were to be dismissed as just being“newspaper talk”, the welly wearing weeble does nothing to put a stop to the old fanny – something that she could do with a few simple phone calls.

In fact to the contrary since – as I say – he/she appears to positively delight in the narcissistic nonsense giving the tightly controlled, brown-nosing, nonce-protecting, semi-literate presstitutes, carte blanche to churn out an endless stream of embarrassingly written diarrhea.

I mean take a look at the following (which includes a behaviour comparison with the Satanic Hillary Clinton), and then explain to me how Terry is the best that we can muster out of somewhere around 50 million people, over 18, who inhabit this green & pungent land.


And as an aside, if Clinton was really seriously – or even terminally – ill  would she really be standing for US President?… Not that it would matter to the Monsters as Ill-Hill – like Terry – is nothing more than a frontman, dancing to their tune and they will just replace her with a digitally enhanced lookalike if she pops her clogs.

Either that or they will use her death to their advantage whilst Vice President, Tim Kaine – probably much easier to control and less of a liability than Clinton – will take charge as resident puppet… He likes a freebie does Tim.

Nevertheless, there IS obviously something seriously wrong with Clinton, yet the American public seem unconcerned – even oblivious to the fact – that whatever is wrong with her makes voting her into office a serious no-no.


PHOTO: If Clinton needs the kind of physical support that she is receiving in this photo then she clearly is not fit enough to hold down the job of President of the United States of America.  

Not that she is fit to hold down the job of President of Legoland regardless of her elf.

Now, before I go any further, I should point out that I covered some of what follows in my article Agenda Bender, and a few other unconnected pieces that I have written in the past – along with plenty of new content of course.

Indeed, I considered it necessary to do so in order to bring certain factors together so as not to confuse any newbies who are maybe not too familiar with the evil intent and work practices of those degenerate criminals in high office, as well as allowing me to bring information about the mind-controlled puppet leader of ours all under one roof.

Mind you having said that, all the information that I have used from earlier articles has been reworked and mixed in with both the old and new.

You see, with Terry Tubthumper now becoming the cuntry’s unelected – and in my view, unelectable – Prime Mincer, I feel that it is important to document the reality of the actor(s) playing the fraud harriden who are all devoid of morals, honesty, integrity, loyalty & compassion… All of which makes Un-El-Tel a very, very dangerous persona to have in such high office since he/she/they will do whatever it is that they are told to do by those insidious, Satanic Monsters who are really in charge.

Mind you, it is a sham(e) that Terry has given Dave the Rave’s Chancellor, George Osborne AKA ‘Gideon Bean’ the old tin-tac because the equally moronic monster-minion was responsible for a lot of her unintentional, best cringe-worthy moments.

However, let me be equally clear about Mr Bean. He too is a right fucking mug and as Chancellor of the Exchequer – or even a politician for that matter – he was also totally unfit for purpose… That much is obvious just by the Tweets alone posted by former Dominatrix, Natalie Rowe (recently seen on Channel 5’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’), whom of course knows all of Pasty-Faced-Boy’s kinks first hand:


Indeed, both Osborne & May are actually more akin to immature nerds than powerful politicians.

For instance, not so long ago there was a buttock clenching fad that saw certain, easily influenced, emotionally immature men standing with their feet ridiculously wide apart and Mr Bean must have said to himself: “Hmmm, that’s a good look, I’m having me some of that”.


Talk about a monumental prized prat!

Indeed the cunt wants to try laying off the Charlie.

A quick Spiv on Sunday

Course, wanting the world to know that she has bigger bollocks than Bean, Terry the Twat thought: “Hmmm, that’s a good look, I’m having me some of that”.


Now how in the name of fuck is that a female?

So, for the MSM to even have suggested that during his budget speech Silly-Bollocks-Top was distracted by the he-she’s Silly-Top-Bollocks is just Top-Silly Bollocks… But they did.


As if!

Certainly not my idea of distraction cleavage that is for sure and totally photoshopped to boot.

Nevertheless she does wear them latex covered cheek implants… Which are – as regular readers will already know – used to change a person’s appearance.

Moreover, these implants covered by latex type skin worn by the Monster’s and their Minions is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy FACT which allows for all manner of skullduggery to be committed by the Monster-Minions.


Sadly, most people are SO blind to the possibility that they are victim to such a deception that the smug-mug, useful idiot, puppets (doing the elite monster’s bidding) will even happily wear these face changing masks despite them usually being so badly fitted that they become blatantly obvious, yet unfathomable remain unseen.

Indeed, so confident are these arsey wankers that people are blind to their deception, that when talking in interview about the Princess Diana fraud car crash, the fake advisor to the French Interior Minister, Sami Nair (Sam In Air i.e. non existent) used his fingers to trace the implants… Three fucking times to be exact… THREE FUCKING TIMES.


Can you see where the implants are? Can you see that his fingers are right on the joins?

No doubt you can now that I have pointed them out to you, but you wouldn’t have had I not done so… Which is why the fanny Sami points out in his very next movement that he thinks you are all a bunch of wankers.


Now I did ask in my article ‘Agenda Bender’ if you could work out who Sami the Snake really is which – as far as I know – didn’t yield a single guess, despite him not really being French and an outwardly respectable pillock of society.

Therefore, I’m still not going to tell you.

However, it is quite ironic that in his role back then, Sami Shithead was allegedly an advisor to the French Interior Minister, discussing the death of the Princess of Wales when the current French Interior Minister is Bernard French-Name AKA Henri Paul – the person whom if you believe the hype was responsible for Diana’s death.

Here, check out these comparisons between Henri and Bernie:


And do not believe for one second that our Un-El-Tel doesn’t know that Bernie French-Name is also Henri Paul.


Albeit why the Monster Minions would have reason to Photoshop the pair of degenerate sewer rats shaking hands is beyond me… Unless of course they never really actually met.

And for those who have trouble spotting Photoshop, ignore the fact that when two people shake hands they look at each other – as opposed to staring dream-like into space, in opposite directions – and instead look at the background in between the pair at around waist height.

Nevertheless, let’s get back to those implants sometimes worn by our unelected, unwanted Prime Mincer.


Can you see them?


And I say “some times worn by our unelected, unwanted Prime Mincer” because I am positive that Belle Tel is played by more than one person.

Here, have a butchers at the following:


Why the fuck am I reminded of Judy Finnigan in some of those photos?


Never mind, carry on!

Theresa-May (2)

The last photo on the left looks like Mark Thatcher to me… Just sayin’.


And they are very good scores especially when comparing a man to a woman.

Still, I imagine that it is pointless me pointing out that I am not saying that Skid Mark is Tel the Twat.

Mind you, to be fair, Mummy’s boy Mark appeared to feel the same towards his ‘Mumsy’ as what we did:


And doesn’t he look like Dennis… Les Dennis, not his old man.


Although to be fair Les Dennis looks more like Keith Chegwin.


In fact Kate Lawler said of the pair, and I quote: “To be fair they did come out of the same vagina“.

But I digress… Again… On purpose.

So let’s get back to Terry May.

Terry May, Ladies & Gentleman – part of the problem, not the solution… And clearly not the first time that she has worn that outfit.

Okay, now you may have noticed that it is not just Un-El-Tel’s outfit that is reminiscent of the Cox fraud – well at least not to the more observant of you anyway.

You see there is her necklace of which Cox’s *aherm, aherm, mother, Jean Leadbeater was sporting one almost identical to it.


And we all know about Jean Leadbeater now don’t we? … Well we do after I pointed the fraud out in my articles Seventeen and Must Hang Sally.

Yet still I have seen fuck all to make me change my mind about the “brexit” vote result – quite the opposite in fact.

I mean, if the Monsters wanted to stay in Europe they certainly had a golden opportunity with that [more than likely rigged] petition, calling for a second vote which has allegedly been signed by over 4 Million people… Yet the Monsters came over all demoncratic and vetoed the idea, thus giving the impression that we the people had spoken and so be it… Sick-Fucks.

Course, at the time the parasites were still going to debate a 2nd referectum in September (source) although fuck knows what happened to that.

Mind you, I bet that the new chancellor, Happy Hammond still went ahead and pushed the fraudulent national debt up even higher by borrowing the unnecessary BILLIONS he hinted that he would need to borrow (source), all with added interest that can never be paid back, in order to“stabilise the economy”…  Whilst by doing so, effectively destabilising the economy.

And whilst I hate to say I told ya so in regard to Nicola Sturgeon being mega important to the Monsters plans for the immediate future, the fact is that I did tell you so. Therefore it was no surprise to me that Terry Tubby’s first job was to fuck off up to Scotland to see the vile-evil harridan (Source)

stream_img (1)

The shit doesn’t go to the shovel, it is the other way around… True saying that, If you get my drift… Of course you fucking do.

Furthermore, I also said that B.O Johnson is far from finished.


And I was right there too.

But by far the most important thing that I have REPEATEDLY expressed concern about is one of the main reasons that the monsters wanted us out of Europe in the first place – namely so as they can do away with our human rights… And fuck me, ain’t the cunts been quick off the fucking block:

Back in April, when she was still in favour of Britain staying in the EU, Theresa May gave a speech in which she said even if we voted to Remain it wouldn’t prevent us pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Now that we’ve voted to Leave, what’s she waiting for?

If Mother Theresa really believes Brexit means Brexit, she should immediately instruct her new Justice Secretary Liz Truss to give notice that we intend to withdraw from the Convention and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. Source

Now I wonder how long it will take for the collective penny to drop amongst the mushy-pea-brained electorate?


However, the Monsters  piss taking doesn’t end there. I mean is it not a tad fucking strange that Un-El Tel’s husband was the mush chosen to [covertly] shadow Jo Cox’s parents & sister, the Happy Go Lucky Leadbeater’s – presumably in case they decided to treat us to a Rogers & Hammerstein medley?

After all, they certainly appeared happy enough to potentially do so in the days after the brutal murder of their much-loved daughter Jo.

But why did the chaperone task fall to Philip May?

What am I talking about?

Have a butchers at these photographs and all will be revealed.


Very fucking strange… Mind you, Phil & Tell are a very, very strange couple in general.


Mind you, to read the Times of Israel quoting Terry and singing her praises you would certainly think that she is of the faith:

In the aftermath of last year’s Paris Hyper Cacher and Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks, May was photographed holding a “Je Suis Juif” placard, and she has spoken since of the importance of Anglo Jewry to Britain. Addressing the Bnei Akiva youth movement’s Israel Independence Day event this year, for instance, May bewailed the “tragic fact of history that the Jewish people have had to protect themselves against repeated attempts to obliterate them.” SOURCE

And that isn’t even the brown-nosing part.

However, I thought that I would publish that section just so as you know that the following screenshots are taken from that talk and furthermore that you know that it took place earlier this year.


Very fucking strange indeed.

So, at this point I will come right out and say that just like David Cameron, I believe that Un-El Tel also has a made up past.

Indeed, if she didn’t have then there would be no need to Photoshop pictures of her childhood, teen years and her wedding would there?

For instance, the following photo carries the caption: “Theresa May won a scholarship to grammar school”.

Theresa May, future Home Secretary, aged 12. mos picdesk scan 31 08 2012

Yet the background has clearly been added to the photo and is just a mish-mash of different garden plants and stone walls. She is also supposedly sitting on a chair although fuck knows how.

Furthermore, the photo looks very much to me like an adaption of the profile picture belonging to the Huffington Post’s copywriter, Evelyn Rose Worman (Source).

Theresa May, future Home Secretary, aged 12. mos picdesk scan 31 08 2012

Moreover, anyone who bought into this next photo will be thought of as being a proper soft in the head, gullible twat by the Monsters.


Why will they?

Because that little girl is 100 percent not Un-El-Tel, that’s why.

Ere, take a butchers at the following  ya proper soft in the head, gullible twats.


Now take a close look at this next photo:


The eyes have been terribly fucked around with, the fringe is fake as fuck and the long hair isn’t hers, it has been overlaid onto the snappy-snap.

However, the Monsters must think very highly of our Prime Mincer, Childless Theresa of the Gutter because the photo is in fact an adaptation of a photo of Mother Theresa of Calcutta.


The Monsters do like to have their little laughs, don’t cha know.

However, I cannot be arsed to waste more time showing you exactly how Childless T was borne out of Mother T’s photo so if you doubt my word, you are quite capable of checking it out yourselves.

I mean fuck me, I have shown you how to do so enough times – just download Zoner 16 (it’s free & easy), although there are more recent versions but I can’t make head nor fucking tail of how to use them.

And Mother T wasn’t no saint either.

Now, that last photo of Un-El-Tel came from the photoshopped ‘family’ snap below.


Terry’s old fella is a scary looking chap isn’t he? Nevertheless, if you can’t work out where the photo doesn’t stand up to scrutiny I have marked the photo fails on the picture below, along with some other hastily put together fraud photos knocked up by the monster-minions.


Now below is a slightly better quality photo that I found after I had finished the above batch which shows the pairs false teeth and the fact that the old man is dressed for the wrong wedding… Either that or he is trying to upstage his ‘son’.


And in regard to the anomalies that I have just pointed out about the church doorway, I have just found the following photo.


There ya go, I told you that the doorway would be symmetrical, didn’t I?

And why else would the BBC have to ‘create’ footage of him (or her) when documenting ‘its’ life on video?


Now, anyone who pays for a TV license renewal after seeing that wants rogering with a red-hot poker… Although I may have been a bit judgemental about Un-El-Tel’s Massive-Fuck-Off-Hand.


Still, since being upgraded from the Homo Secretary to the Prime Mincer, the Monster-Minions have now had enough time to knock up some school photos of Un-El Tel – just like they did with David Cameron (see HERE).

Wanna have a butchers? Of course you fucking do.


Better still, since starting to write this article another ‘school’ photo has materialized.

Wanna see it?

Of course you fucking do.


Number six from the left is my favourite. She has the longest legs in the world she does.

Nevertheless, it’s not like the other school photo is it… I mean they are all dressed the same and look to be all female – cept maybe for Terry of course.

Terry is in the front row AGAIN (circled in yellow) and has the distinction of being the only one to have a clear cut bow tie on… Like men wear… Just sayin’.

Indeed, the photo is a bit of a hypnotic optical illusion because if you stare at the front row long enough it looks as though they are holding each others hands as they prepare to sing Old Land Zion… Or whatever it is that people sing on new years eve.

Let’s be brave and have a closer look shall we?

Theresa May University Group Graduation

Nuff said.

Course, even if I was barking up the wrong tree – which I most certainly am not – the fact that Un-El-Tel is unbelievably our Prime Minister is… Errr… Well, unbelievable… Go back over the photos and look at ‘it’… In fact scrub that, take a gander at the following.


I wouldn’t let it lead a conga let alone the country!

Mind you, for someone supposedly so fashion conscious she doesn’t care about being seen wearing the EXACT same clothing and accessories for both the 2015 & 2016 budgets… And I literally mean the exact same!


And I have many, many more of Tel in the same outfit but I am sure that you get the general idea.

Now, returning to that college/uni photo that we saw earlier and it can only realistically have been digitally created for one reason only, namely our transvestite Prime Mincer’s life has been invented for he/she.

And as I have already said, in the exact same way that David Cameron’s life was invented for him… As you will find out in what should be the next article release… It is a cracker, trust me.

You see, the pair are just actors, as are all of our Politicians.

It is not them running the country or setting policy… They do in fact actually do very little for their money, which is boosted further by backhanders and one person playing multiple roles… Indeed, with their allegedly being 650 British MP’s and only seating room for 427 (and I would question that figure as being high) in the house of commons – which is usually filled to less than 50% capacity – you have to ask why, having been rebuilt in 1941 it was only done so with room to accommodate two-thirds of the number of MP’s.

And please, don’t insult my intelligence with the Churchill explanation for this anomaly, although it is tantamount to an admission that our MP’s do fuck all for their money.

Now, as we have already seen, our newly unelected Prime Mincer, The Right Orrible Transvestite, Terence May – despite the MSM bollox about ‘it’ being a dedicated follower of fashion – doesn’t seem to have a very big wardrobe of outfits and as such has to resort to wearing the same old thing time and time again for at least 5 years in a row.

In fact Tel is very lucky that the MSM are discreet where the elite knob-heads are concerned and are at times even kind enough to digitally change the colour of  his/her clothes so as to avoid him/her being labelled a soap dodger.


Taking a break in the photos here because I think that those last two photos deserve more investigation.

The ‘official’ story of the photo on your right is that the Transvestite stood with the then Homo Secretary is meant to be a bird called Sue Leigh – a former cub leader – who has opened an art gallery in Terry’s constituency, Twyford:

Twyford MP Theresa May shared her delight at seeing another independent retailer set up shop in the village as she visited a new art gallery.

The Home Secretary attended the launch of ART for art’s sake in the village centre on Saturday, February 2.

“Shops such as these are the lifeblood of high streets all over the country,” she said. “They bring additional customers and business into villages and towns and it is vital that we support them.

“ART for art’s sake is a welcome addition to the eclectic mix of retailers that has enabled Twyford to thrive during tough times.

“There’s a thriving artistic community here and my husband and I are huge fans of supporting initiatives such as the local arts trail.”

The art gallery has been set up by former Wargrave Cub leader Sue Leigh and fills the former home of Aldenham Kitchens and Bedrooms in High Street, which had stood empty for more than a year. Source


I say hmmm for two reasons, the first being that the article proves that our MP’s do not really even do the most trivial jobs in their constituencies (the photo is not as it seems hence May is not working), let alone the important shit.

The second being that Sue Leigh – a play on the chinese cliché of women being called Su Li – is really Philip May in drag.


And their faces match perfectly right down to the teeth!

Indeed they love to take the fucking piss… I mean do you think that our unelected Prime Mincer didn’t know that was his husband dressed as a bird, being passed off as someone called Sue Leigh?

Of course he fucking did and for that alone the cunt should be on trial for treason, even if that had only been the extent of the fraud.

But it’s not.

I mean the Monsters would have you believe that Tel & Phil are god fearing people who religiously go to church every sunday… As-fucking-if.

Home Secretary Theresa May attends church with her husband Phillip near her maidenhead Constituency37a5aa0f00000578-3762235-image-a-48_1472389059026

Now why they want so many photos of Phil & ‘T’ leaving church other than to ram the message home that these people are divine, is beyond me… Yet they are anything but?

Indeed, portraying the Satanic pair as christians is just as sick as using Mother Teresa’s photo to con the nation in to believing that Terry Tubby is whom she is meant to be… He/She most certainly is not.

In fact it is as I say, blatantly obvious to me that Un-El-Tel is played by more than one person – that much is obvious from the nose alone:


Don’t forget that in reality the nose in the left hand photo ends at the arrow… It’s also strange that she hasn’t got that deep groove under her eye in the much more recent right hand side photo.

And a very strong contender for one of those playing the Prime Mincer’s role is the former head of MI5, Elizabeth Manningham Buller.


Manningham Buller (man in gingham bull shitter) – like Terry – has no children of her own, is a counter terrapin specialist, routinely ignored the human rights act when in charge at MI5 and was in favour of torture to extract information from terrapins.  She is also a staunch supporter of the [fraud] war on tewwor.

Just sayin’.

And another, even more powerful contender is the MP Margaret Hodge – albeit Hodge & Manningham Buller could well be one and the same.

Nevertheless, Hodge is a member of the Satanic bloodline, Oppenheimer family… One of the most evil monster families on earth.

Indeed, she has been at the centre of the most appalling child abuse scandals yet she appears untouchable and [abhorrently] above the law that the likes of her & her ilk have imposed upon us.

However, before we go compare take a look at these photos.


Quite a coincidence don’t cha think?

I mean I always thought that any self-respecting woman with cash to spare wouldn’t be seen dead wearing nigh on identical outfits to that of her well-to-do colleagues.

Indeed, in turn that rarity increased the ‘coincidence stakes’ ten-fold being as Terry and Leadsom-On were the only two candidates left in the race for the Prime Mincers job.

Now consider this: If the Monsters wanted one particular person as Prime-Mincer at all costs, yet democracy had to be seen to be done, how could they make sure that their ‘chosen one‘ would come in first?

Well, one way to do that would be to field the same person as the only two candidates. That way they really couldn’t fucking lose.

And with that in mind, have a butchers at the following.


These are extremely dangerous times for the human race that we alone can reverse.

Indeed this sleepwalking into oblivion has to stop people… Just sayin’.

The Shoreham Air Crash: Part 3 by Christopher D Spivey.

The Shoreham Air Crash: Part 3

If you have read my first two articles on the Shoreham Hawker Hunter Hoax – appropriately Shhh for short – then you should by now be in no doubt whatsoever that the airshow plane crash was exactly that – a hoax.

If on the other hand you have read those first two articles of mine and you still insist that the old fanny was a real event then I can only conclude one of three things about you:

  • You are a troll
  • You have not got the intellectual capacity to take on board the most basic of facts
  • You don’t want to step outside of your comfort zone

However, if you haven’t read those articles you can find Part 1 by clicking HITHER


And you can find part 2 by clicking YONDER

andy hil raf piolot

And Andy Hill, the pilot of the crashed plane certainly is fine.

After all, he was only in hospital for two weeks and was spotted out and about without so much as a limp just five short weeks after the old fanny had happened.


Course, if you want to believe that a jet plane can hit a tarmaced road at hundreds of miles per hour, missing dozens of traffic lights and sign posts, from two different directions…


Exploding into a massive fireball…


Causing  the following amount of damage to the road…


Before slamming into a load of trees…


That are not really there…

2 9 20

And yet the jet fighter pilot is out and about just five weeks later, walking with a gait in his step, having only spent two weeks in hospital…


Then that is absolutely fine with me… Just don’t come on my website telling me that the flight shite was a real tragic event because I have no interest whatsoever in listening to the opinion of dumb-fucks & nonce-protectors.

Indeed, I would wager that Andy Hill is also “hero” Virgin Atlantic pilot, David Williams, from Horsham in Sussex (22 miles away from Shoreham) who in December 2014 saved 447 lives after having to land his 747 on faulty landing gear at Gatwick Airport (see HERE).


Course, that is just my personal opinion to which the computer says no.


But then again, the computer says no to Williams being Williams and to a lot lesser extent in most cases than it does saying Williams is Hill.


So go and figure.

Now there were supposedly 11 people killed and 16 injured although those 16 remain a bit of an enigma since nobody seems to know much about them i.e their names and the extent of their injuries.


Yeah, she looks in a bad way doesn’t she in her clean white top and neatly combed hair.

Course, there has much been said of the dead – some more than others. For instance, Maurice Abrahams – now there is a good catholic name.

Abrahams is of course the ‘hero‘ wedding chauffeur and all round good guy… Too good to be true in fact.

Here, have a butchers at the following article allegedly written by a friend of Mo’s who just so happened to also be a real journalist:

ON SATURDAY at 1.18pm I was walking past the Saltdean Lido as the Hawker Hunter flew over.

My husband recognised the plane from his RAF days and remarked on its heritage. We stopped to watch it swoop and invert before it headed west towards Shoreham.

Coincidental, but plausible I suppose… Go on:

I thought his obsession with the crash that happened minutes later was because he had known the plane.

As the day progressed, my husband kept frantically checking for updates, his mood becoming ever more sombre. I was running round after the kids on the beach, distracted. I didn’t know the aircraft had crashed on the A27. I didn’t know anyone was hurt.

My dear husband let me enjoy my Saturday in the sun and my family meal out in the evening with my brother before showing me the photos of the crash. The reason he had kept them from me, and the reason he had been online all day, is because the burned out Daimler limo in the photos belonged to my friend Maurice.

Now that is coincidental. The husband knew the plane and he was agitated all day because he had a premonition that his wife’s friend’s car had been hit by the plane.

I mean, it must have been a premonition since the photo’s of the Jag didn’t appear until the 23rd of August.

However, note the wording: because the burned out Daimler limo in the photos belonged to my friend Maurice.

The Daimler BELONGED to Mo… Roger that, carry on real journalist woman.

More than this, he knew that Maurice had a wedding at 2pm in Lancing as we were talking about it the day before, because we spoke every day.

Roger that – the much younger married couple spoke to 72 year old Maurice EVERYDAY.

Maurice was a friend like no other. He came into my life as a handy-man, but he soon became my rock.

He visited every day. Though he had seven different cars, the dog knew the sound of them all and would wag his tail in delighted welcome.

My, he did have a lot of cars didn’t he? And the dog knew the engine sound of them all because Mo was a don and he visited this young married woman EVERYDAY… Roger that, carry on:

The noise would alert the children who would call out in chorus “Maurice is here” before turning back to their playing.

The noise of the dog wagging his tail would alert the kids who would get excited too and shout “Maurice is here”, although they obviously were not bothered about seeing him or fuck all since they just got on with whatever they were doing… Roger that, what’s next?

No need to let him in, he has his own key. “Hello old man,” I’d say, walking over to put the kettle on. “Hello lady,” he would reply and pull up a stool.

HE HAD HIS OWN KEY! So this bird could be walking about naked or whatever and she would just casually say “hello old man”, before wandering off to put her muff away… Roger that.

Our friendship flowed like water. There was nothing we didn’t talk about. He was my go-to for advice on everything from where to get my car towed to what flowers to plant in the garden.

He had so much patience. He’d explain the art of wallpapering to me when I wanted to rush through: “Put the bloody paste down!”

Can you explain how to wallpaper? I mean, if you don’t know the basics then you really are best not starting. But we will assume that this real journalist doesn’t have a computer and as such, no access to Google… But that was no problem because she had Mo… Roger that, c’mon, gerron wi’it:

He showed me how to use a Stanley knife properly seconds after I’d used it wrongly and sliced my hand open cutting off my stair carpets (on a whim).

Where abouts on your hand are your stair carpets then? Are they sure that this tart is a real journalist? I mean, she doesn’t know how to decorate, she doesn’t know how to use a Stanley knife – what the fuck does she know?

Mind you, I sliced my FINGER on a Stanley Knife once and had to go to hospital to have it stitched… Perhaps I have wimpy skin.

That’s what I loved about Maurice, he went along with my madness. He’d come and repaint walls he’d just painted, or hang up pictures, cheerily remarking: “I’ll be taking this to the dump next week when you change your mind.”

She must have a very lazy, understanding husband with a lot of money is all that I can say:

When my car (regularly) broke down on rainy school mornings, he’d come to my rescue, cramming me, the kids and the dog in the back of his Mini. He’d beep and wave the whole way, laughing at my fake embarrassment.

Okay, so we now have a journalist with a working husband who can afford to paint and then re-paint walls on a regular basis but can’t afford a car that is roadworthy. However, that is no problem because Super-Mo with his 7 cars would come to the rescue in the smallest one he had, make the bird sit in the back with the kids and the dog – who couldn’t stay at home – and then drive them all to school whilst making a proper cunt of himself… Roger that.

When I went away, he had milk and bread waiting for my return or strawberries and cream.

Went away where? It wasn’t with the fairies was it?

He delivered The Argus to me at 8am every Friday, having checked my column was in it. Often, he’d pick a flower from my own garden to hand over with it, and take another couple back for his beloved wife when he left.

So, the ex-para, come ex-copper, come ex-handyman, come chauffeur who was also a paperboy would read the newspaper she worked for – but which she had to buy like everyone else – which he would then deliver, picking a flower that she had spent time growing, on the way into her home and then stealing a load for his wife on the way out… Roger that, he sounds like a proper piss-taker to me.

There was nothing he liked more than creeping in and waking me up just to call me a lazy cow and brag about how he’d been up since 6am doing all sorts.

Anyone else find that totally creepy?

My dear old man saw me through an awful lot of pain and heartbreak.

Which to me sounds like he was the cause of to be honest:

My heavy troubles never fazed him. I’d sit and cry my eyes out, he’d tell me stories about his days in the Paras or the police until I stopped.

So instead of listening to her woes, he interrupted and started talking about himself… Cool

This would lead to her forcing herself to pretend that she was fine since it was the only way to shut him up – needs must I suppose.

On my birthday last year, when life was low, he turned up out the blue. I was wearing a filthy T-shirt and some ripped jogging bottoms. My children were naked and covered in ice-cream.

Did he phone the social services?

He was dressed in his chauffeur suit, looking a million dollars. “My lady, my little ladies, please come this way,” he gestured down the drive to where his Daimler was waiting, shining in the sun.

Not his mini then?

He poured me Prosecco and drove us round and round the block. He made me feel like a princess.

Are you sure that you are a real journalist and not a 10year old writing an essay about when you grow up?

On Sunday we painted my staircase grey and yellow. On Monday he cleaned my windows. On Tuesday he bought me some plant pots. On Wednesday he gave me a lift to Kemptown (and told me off for slamming the door of his precious Mini). On Thursday he came to see the house we are hoping to buy. On Friday he came round to tell us how much he thought of it and how he hoped it would be ours.

Piss off!

My dog has been looking at the patio door all day. I have checked my phone for a call that is never going to come, and I know I will continue to do so. I have lost a friend of the rarest kind.

A pervert in a suit?

I cannot even attempt to understand the grief his family must be feeling, based on this small grief of my own.

My only comfort each time I see his face on the news is that the world now knows the name of a truly amazing manSource


Are you having that, because I’m fucked if I am?

Course, if you have read my articles on the Alton Towers ‘Smiler’ hoax you will know that Mo is also John Wardley.


Nevertheless, never interrupt your enemy when they are making a cunt of themselves – or so the saying goes… At least it’s something like that anyway.

And as such, we will carry on with the pretence.

The following is from the Sun – Britain’s biggest selling newspaper shitrag:

A family statement released police paid tribute to the latest named victim Mr Abrahams.

It read: “Maurice is a well-respected and loved father and husband. He enjoyed his work chauffeuring his beloved Daimler car and he enjoyed gardening.

“He was proud to have served in the Grenadier Guards and the Parachute Regiment. He served in Cyprus and Bahrain with the UN. In his thirties he served as a police officer with Hampshire Police.” Source

Did you clock that? chauffeuring his beloved Daimler car.

I have underlined the all important word in that sentence for you.

And then there is this:

Neighbours who regularly watched Mr Abraham cleaning his car on the grass came out in their droves to pay their respects to his family.

Which car? He has 7 – allegedly.

Mrs Abraham said: ‘We thought it would be so busy in Shoreham so we wanted to do it here where everyone knows him.

‘The police said they would take us if we wanted to go, but we felt this was right for us and for him. The police and everyone have been fantastic.

My, my, the police are accommodating in these government orchestrated hoaxes aren’t they?

Whereas in real life they are nothing but a bunch of mug-thugs run by nonces… But there ya go.

Mr Abraham’s son Edward did not know about the crash until Thursday. He works in Thailand as an English teacher.

Huh-Huh… Roger that, you will like this next bit:

Eventually after desperate pleas by his sister through social media, the British Embassy were able to track him down.

So, this wonderful, close knit family hadn’t a scooby-fucking-doo where the son lives in Thailand… No phone number… They don’t know what school he works at… They don’t know if he has Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin… In fact the only way that they could try get hold of Abraham’s the Younger was by putting out a plea over social-media, which the British Foreign Orifice in Thailand picked up on and then tracked him down… Roger that – MI6 are as helpful as the British Cunstabulary in these Government Orchestrated Hoaxes.

He said: ‘I normally phone on a Friday, so I had no idea. It’s been difficult to come to terms with. It’s awful. We were very close. We went on a lot of his jobs together.’ Source

Huh! “We were very close. We went on a lot of his jobs together”?

Well, not that fucking close as it happens, but how does he mean “We went on a lot of his jobs together”? His old Pot & Pan had been a wedding chauffeur for the past 20 years for crying out loud!

The following is from the Sun again or as the shit-rags dopey-as-fuck readership like to call it “My Sun”:

Devastated Jay Sherwin, a colleague at wedding specialists Chariot Chauffeurs, said: “I can confirm that it is one of our cars but at this stage I do not know what happened to the driver.

Surely you mean HIS car Jason? He has SEVEN don’t cha know:

“I am waiting to hear from his wife and the police.

“All I will tell you is that he is a lovely guy and has worked for the company for 20 years. He was on his way to pick up a bride just along the road from Shoreham. Source

There ya go, twenty years – man and boy.

And according to Britain’s biggest newspaper, that is the car in question in the photo below.


Personalised registration and everything.

So I had a look at Chariots Chauffeurs and that car is still for hire as it happens.


Although the car only has that number plate in the one photo by looks of things. In the other photos it has the registration F627JHA.


Which does indeed tally with a photo that appeared in the Chimp, of a car that Mo Abrahams is stood next to.


The only thing is, the caption actually says that the car is Mo’s and it has part white wall tyres unlike the car in the photos above the one in the screenshot.

So why does the car have the number plate WED 1 on the website? And why is it still advertised as being for hire?


Different background to the WED 1 car but once again it is stated as being Mo’s motor… Remember the “Premier Carriage” for later on.

Moreover, that isn’t the car that is photographed in the aftermath of the accident.

2B979B8400000578-0-image-a-5_144045534725101_23002735_a13a43_2460005a (1)

Same tyres as the Jag on the website though.

Huls (1)


Mind you, you would have thought that there would have been a bit of a mention on the website about poor old Maurice since he had worked for the firm for 20 years… And especially so, since the firm itself is only twenty two and a half years old.

But then again, having said that the blog section on the car hire firm’s website never really got going and after a half-hearted test blog written in late 2014, that is basically as good as it gets – although the website wasn’t started until November 2012… Which is on a par with the firm’s facebook page which wasn’t started until April 2012 – with the phone number: 01273 468 134… So the Luxury Car Hire Firm appears to have been a bit slow on the uptake then.


Those links are dead by the way.

A bit short on ‘likes’ and comments too.


A bit careless on the old grammar there and notice that they call themselves Chariot Chauffeurs – no ‘S’. That is an important point as you will see shortly.


“Been in business for a number of years”!!! They had been in business over 19 years at that stage, but why so vague?

Also notice the lack of an ‘S’ at the end of ‘Chariot’ again. And still dead links.

Yet come the end of October 2012 the company apparently changed phone numbers.


Very strange for an established firm.

They then announced that they had a new website – which given that both the website and Facebook page were started in 2012 suggests to me that the company was started in 2012 and not June 1993.


And if you click on the ‘YELL’ link, it takes you to what you see in the screengrab below:



CHARIOT (no ‘S’) Chauffeurs is a Middlesex firm with a London phone number, although there is a firm called Chariots Wedding & Executive Cars, which has no reviews but shares the same address as Chariots Chauffeurs although it has a different phone number to the other two phone numbers that I have already listed.

And as for the company’s address, as you can see it is “Merlins”, Uckfield Road… And who owns Alton Towers where John Wardley AKA Mo Abrahams designed the ‘Smiler’ ride, which allegedly cost two young women a leg each?… MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS.

But that is probably just a coincidence… Again.

Nevertheless, onwards and upwards and November the 8th had the following on Chariots Chauffeurs Facebook:


Now the link is a 404 but if you are paying attention you will remember that Jay Sherwin is a colleague of Mo Abrahams… Although I suspect that Sherwin is the boss of Chariots, despite that mention above and the one below suggesting that he isn’t:

The boss of Ringmer-based Chariots Chauffeurs in East Sussex called Maurice “one of the most likeable people you could ever meet”.

Jay Sherwin added: “Always one with a joke to hand, he was not just a colleague but a friend too.” Source

And my suspicions arise from Sherwin’s Linkedin page…


… And the fact that Sherwin spent 7 years in the Royal Navy as Chief Petty Officer Marine Engineering Artificer.

You will also notice that the Facebook post is ‘liked’ by a Sara Page, who does not have Sherwin as a friend but does have a fiancee called “Nick”.


Don’t ask me what is going on with their skin.

Now, I definitely know Nick, I just don’t know where from at the moment… But it will come to me.

And then there is just one more interesting post on their Facebook which is the following:


And that is about it since the last post made on their Facebook was on the 9th of May 2013… Or put another way, the account is a spook’s account in my humble opinion.

Course, once again the MSM’s promotional overkill on Mo Abrahams is exactly what alerted my suspicious nature in the first place. I mean, have a gander at this:

Among the hundreds of messages pinned to the bridge was a note to chauffeur Maurice Abrahams, 76, a father-of-two, who was driving to pick up a bride-to-be when the jet hit his Daimler limousine. It read: ‘Our thoughts are with your family at this very sad time. A true hero in every sense of the word.’ Source

No he wasn’t a “true hero” in every sense of the word.

However, have you noticed how all these drivers in these hoaxes are old men. For instance, just off of the top of my head there is:

  • Harry Clarke aged 58/The Glasgow Bin Lorry Bollox.
  • Maurice Abrahams aged 76/The Shoreham Sham.
  • Kailash Chander aged 77/ The Coventry Cobblers

Yet the fact is, the Jag wasn’t even there in the immediate aftermath of the explosion.


And of course, there is then the question of how the Jag got there, facing the wrong way up the carriage way.

Now obviously, a good indication that a hoax has taken place is by how much muddying of the waters witnesses can stir up.

And this is what has happened with the Jag which had no business ending up where it did.

For starters we have the “bride’s tale” which sees old Mo heading towards the bridge on the way to collect Rebecca Sheen to take her to wed Rajendran Asekaran when the Hawker Hunter fighter jet plunged on to the A27:

The top half of the limousine was sheered off in the tragedy as Rebecca was waiting nervously at home.


Yeah, but how was it sheared off since the plane came down on the other side of the road… Allegedly:

“My thoughts are with the families and we want to know how the driver is,” Mrs Asekaran said as she arrived home yesterday at Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex.

He’s brown bread love… How did the press get your details?

“We’re fine. The wedding wasn’t ruined. It was beautiful; it was lovely.”

After failing to contact the driver, the bride and her bridesmaids were ferried to the ceremony by the photographer.

Later, Mrs Asekaran’s father read of the tragedy on his mobile phone during the ceremony at The Findon Manor.

“I looked on my iPhone and saw a picture of the carnage and could pick out the car that was meant to be here,” he said.

Sooo, not only did the bridegroom’s father know the make and model of car which was meant to pick up his future daughter in law to take her to the church… He saw a photo of it on his phone before the photos had even been released… Roger that

The limousine driver’s Daimler DS420 was heading from Brighton towards Worthing when the plane crashed on the other side of the road.

The aircraft first crushed a Vauxhall Corsa which was heading along the busy road past the airport.

And then did a 90° turn apparently before doing another 90° turn to head into the trees that are not really there… Roger, Roger:

The limousine was then engulfed in flames as the disintegrating jet sprayed burning aviation fuel across the carriageway.

Despite the council truck parked in the middle divide of the road somehow being exempted from being sprayed with jet fuel… Although that does not explain how the roof was sheared off… So c’mon, tell us all about how that happened:

The plane “broke up”, witnesses said, destroying other vehicles as debris flew across the road. Source

Ahhhh, so the Jag’s roof was sheared off by debris from the plane which broke up despite the official report saying that the plane came to a halt in 4 pieces in the trees that are not really there… Roger that, but where are these other destroyed cars that these ‘witnesses’ talk about?


Don’t cha just hate being taken for a cunt?

Mind you, I’m sure that there will obviously be a simple explanation that no cunt will be able to provide us with.

In fact I am pretty damn sure that Judge Andrew/John Woollard – as a man of fair mind & integrity – would be able to explain these anomalies… And how a single Tunisian terrorist can arrive at the back of a hotel via jet ski from the sea and from the front of the same hotel arriving in a white motor via the road – at the same time… And how Jet Fuel can melt fireproofed steel causing two skyscrapers to collapse at freefall speed, whilst another Skyscraper can do the same without being struck by fuck all… Yet should anyone ask for answers to those straightforward questions or repeat that President Franklin Roosevelt knew Pearl Harbour was going to be attacked by Japan but let it happen so as to gather public support to take America into WW2, then they are nothing other than sad conspiracy theorists sat in their bedrooms obsessing about ‘things’, despite the latter fact now being a matter of public record … And they certainly are not real journalists either… They are just very naughty boys… Pilchard.

However until Judge Woollard does offer up a plausible answer to those questions, he will remain as bent as fuck… And anyone else who trots out the same party line deserves treating with the same contempt… Just sayin’.

But anyway, we have had the wedding party’s version of events, now have a butchers at this report via “my” Sun *gag:

THE driver of a flaming 4X4 who was the last person to escape the Shoreham air crash fireball alive yesterday said: “It’s a miracle I survived.”

The grandad, 71, leapt to safety from his moving BMW X3 after its rear windows were blown out by the blast.

Now this is obviously the BMW that is seen in that last photo-batch hightailing it out of the engulfing inferno.

So first things first, he is remarkably agile for a 71 year old isn’t he. Nice motor too… Carry on real journalist at My Sun:

His motor was immediately in front of the doomed wedding limo which was destroyed in the disaster, killing 76-year-old chauffeur Maurice Abrahams.

“Immediately in front of the doomed wedding limo”, yep Roger tha… WHHAAATTTT?

So, we now have Mo on the other side of the road heading away from the bridge, engulfed in the fireball, behind the BMW… Two major newspaper reports which couldn’t contradict each other more if they tried.

So who is the fucking liar: Grandad or newly married Barry Becky Sheen?

Carry on for now, My Sun real thingy type person:

The BMW driver — who we are not naming because of his trauma — spoke yesterday as police said the death toll from Saturday’s tragedy was not likely to go above 11.

The Sun is not naming Grandad, but the Express is naming Ms Sheen… Roger that:

The survivor was on his way to a friend’s barbecue when the Hawker Hunter jet plunged on to the A27.

Our astonishing photo shows his silver car emerging from the towering fireball.

“Astonishing” being a vast fucking understatement.

Still dazed by his ordeal, he said: “I was driving along when I heard a deafening bang. Something went through the rear windscreen of my car, causing it all to cave in.

Did you not hear the deafening sound of the jet engines then?

“I then had flames engulfing the vehicle. I was panicking and frightened because I thought the car was going to blow up.

“I was jumping up and down in my seat and my hands were going.

Going where?

“My immediate thoughts were, ‘What the hell is going on? Get the hell out of here’, so I jumped out and rolled over.

Why the fuck did you just not stop the motor… A hell of a lot easier than jumping out whilst it’s moving, a hell of a lot safer than jumping out when its moving and very nominal in time saving terms… Why on earth did the real journalist not pull Grandad Colt Seavers on these glaring anomalies?

“The car is an automatic and it just kept rolling on for about 200 yards. I eventually got up, looked back at the carnage behind and thought, ‘My God’.

Yes, yes but why didn’t you stop the motor. There might have been a child in the road or something?

“It was awful. I couldn’t believe what I’d come through.”

Funnily enough, neither can I.

The driver said Maurice’s Daimler limo was “wiped away”.

He explained: “I was the last one to make it out of the inferno alive.

“Two seconds later and it would have been me in there.

So how the fuck did Mo’s motor end up on the opposite carriageway?

“As fast as all this happened, I was stood there looking to the sky, thanking God for being alive.”

Did he reply?

As well as suffering burns to his arms, the motorist is struggling to sleep and having flashbacks.

No burns to the back of his head then… And it sounds like he could do with a bit of counselling.

He said: “After I had rolled out and the car had moved forward, I went back, pulled out my mobile and keys and backed away.

How do you roll out of a moving motor?

“As I was walking I realised I was the only one there. No others were about and no other cars came through. I was there on my own and it was so eerie.

Grandad is the liar… Then again so is Barry Sheen or whatever her name is.

“I realised I was the last car to make it. There was a red car and a blue car next to me but I have no idea where the drivers were.


“I’m still in shock. But I came out of it very well, considering.”

Describing his sense of confusion immediately afterwards, he said: “One of the firemen came up and said, ‘Don’t go back there, it’s awful’.

Someones con-fucking-fused that is for sure. First he’s on his own, next he’s with a fireman and still we are none the wiser as to how the Jag came to end up on the opposite carriageway.

“He moved me to the other side of the road. I stood there but didn’t know what to do.

“My arms were burned. I wasn’t in pain, I didn’t even feel shock, I just didn’t know what was going on.”

I do, you are lying your fuckng arse off pal. And with that being the case, it is safe to assume what I have been saying all along namely; the photos of the cars emerging from the flames are bollox… Which in turn makes the whole affair bollox.

He went on: “I am devastated for those that didn’t make it. My heart goes out to all of their families.

Yes pal… There are a lot of people like yourself whose hearts have gone out to strangers over the past 15 years… Heartless, the fucking lot of ya.

“It’s just a miracle I survived it and I am so lucky to have made it when so many others didn’t.”

I wouldn’t describe it as a miracle.

The final pieces of the jet were removed from the scene yesterday. No further evidence of other victims was discovered.

What a surprise.

Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said: “It is 11 people that we are classifying as highly likely as being victims.

“It’s becoming increasingly likely that will be the final figure.”

Then again, Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry would know wouldn’t he, what with him being Adrian Evans, one of the Tunisian victims

SHOREHAM, ENGLAND - AUGUST 23: Royal Air Forces Association CEO Nick Bunting (not pictured) and Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry conduct a press conference after a Hawker Hunter fighter jet crashed, on August 23, 2015 in Shoreham, England. The aircraft came down while performing at the Shoreham Airshow yesterday, killing at least 11 people. The pilot is said to be in a critical condition in hospital. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Although the computer says no.


But then again they forgot to put Evans his ears on.

As they did the fella in the following photo who also looks like Evans.


But I will tell you who he is later.

And before anyone goes spouting that they are not the same fella and that they look totally different, think on, they don’t.

Course they don’t look identical but that is because… Now concentrate… They have been digitally altered and if a crisis actor did look identical to every part he/she played then the scriptwriters would never get away with it… It ain’t fucking rocket salad.

What you have to ask yourself is how come all of these false flags involve people who in any other scenario would at the very least be closely related… But I digress.

Now Barry the plod can spout his eleven dead bollocks all he wants but the original tally given over by the Ambulance service was seven dead:

But seven people died on the dual carriageway and a further 14 were injured, South East Ambulance Service announced. Source

And that to me sounds like a definitive figure.

However, the whole ludicrous scenario takes on an even more surreal quality when 3 days after the *aherm, aherm accident happened the bent-come-pretend-plod announced:

It comes as the final death toll from the tragic Shoreham Airshow crash could rise to 20, as rescuers begin to remove the strewn plane wreckage.

I mean, notwithstanding the fact that the trees in which the plane came to rest are not really there; yet even if they were are we really supposed to believe that it would take over THREE days before the rescue services could get to the wreckage in order to account for more bodies?

And are we also supposed to believe that a further 9 families were ringing up the plod squad in those 3 days reporting loved ones who attended the airshow having not returned home, to enable the god-playing-plod to come to that figure of 20?

After All, they allegedly found pilot Andy Hill “by the side of the wreckage” almost straight away and a burning plane heading into trees tends to leave a clearing behind it… People really need to wake up to these transparent frauds.

Yet even then – three days after the event, when the plod were warning that the death toll could reach twenty – they had the following to say:

Sussex Police yesterday confirmed 11 people were “highly likely” to have died when former RAF pilot Andy Hill’s Hawker Hunter jet failed to come up again after a loop-the-loop, crashing into the busy A27 dual carriageway in West Sussex.

Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry this morning warned that the death toll could rise to 20 as specialist teams scour the large crash area where they have begun to remove the bodies of those killed.

He said: “It’s too early to tell but I’d be surprised if [the death toll] doesn’t go above 11.

“To give people a sense of scale and also the number of people we are trying to work with in terms of the movements of their loved ones, then I would be really surprised if it would be more than 20.”

He said there had been cyclists and onlookers in the area at the time of the crash, adding: “It makes it very complicated to establish who was where and who we can actually confirm has been a victim of this crash.” Source

So, two days after the old fanny occurred the plod can only say that 11 people were “highly likely” to have died – fuck off witcha.

I mean, despite the MSM’s orders to portray the crash site as resembling a post-apocalyptic earth, the photos do not correspond and whilst I know that even the creme-de-la-creme of Britain’s bogies are not the sharpest tools in the box, do they really think that the likes of me & you are going to believe that they couldn’t have a definitive death & casualty toll two days following the hoax when at its worst the crash scene looked like what you see in the photos below:


I mean, there is taking someone for a muppet and then there is taking someone for a proper mug cunt.

Yet I am sure Dogman and the other mods will confirm the high number of comments that we have had on this Shoreham hoax, usually along the lines of: “You’re talking bollocks Spiv, I was there – my friend was there – my neighbour’s, brother’s daughter in law who shops at Tesco was there – and saw horrifying things that no one should see, blah, blah, blah, *white-noise”.

In fact if memory serves someone even claimed they knew the coroner/forensic eggspurt or someone like that, who attended and told them it was one of the worst disaster scenes they had ever witnessed… But I never take no notice of what Noddy writes about the goings on in Toy Town.

And neither is it any good just dismissing that old bollox above, reported in the Express newspaper, stating that there may be up to 20 dead, as just being newspaper talk – because they are direct quotes from a high-wanking copper, albeit no doubt a fake-un-bacon. And besides, the nonce protectors claiming that I talk bollox can’t have it both ways i.e one minute the MSM are full of shite, the next “if it’s in the papers then it’s true”.

Nevertheless, let’s continue from where we left off with that Sun Scum newspaper report published so as Grandad Colt Seavers – or whatever the made up anonymous monsters name is – can spread the government propaganda about an event that was nothing more than an illusion:

West Sussex coroner Penny Schofield has warned that identifying the victims will be a “slow operation”.

On account of they hadn’t at that point decided on how many there was going to be or who would play them.

Tributes continued to pour in for the four men confirmed dead.

Friends of bodybuilder Matt Jones, 23, have traced the owner of his first car for his funeral procession.

WHY! Were they pals or summat?

Ashlee Spooner posted a message on the Toyota Celica UK Facebook page which read: “My mate was killed in the Shoreham Air Show.

Ashlee – not to be confused with Ashley – Spooner is either a Grade A Cunt Crisis Actor, a Grade A Cunt Nonce Protector (albeit there is little difference between the two groups) or a Grade A Cunt Non-existent Person.

“This was his car a few years ago, we’d love to get it to his funeral.

WHY! He must have sold it because he didn’t want it anymore. In fact that is a bit like having your hated ex-wife as the chief mourner.

“If you’ve got the car or one that’s very similar let us know.”

So, any old motor that looks a bit like a celica will do then… Way to go Ashleeeeeee.

The message was shared more than 30,000 times before the owner was found and offered to help.

And there is the proof that there was at least 30,000 brain dead imbeciles who were gullible enough to believe the government orchestrated old shite, thus reinforcing the reason why you won’t find the word “Gullible” in any English language dictionary.

Builder Daniele Polito, 23, of Goring, West Sussex, is also feared to have died in Matt’s car.

Daniele Polito – not to be confused with Daniel, although Daniele was a fella apparently – being another made up name. Mind you, Daniele Polito is an anagram of ‘Aliened Loop It’ – the definition of “Aliened” according to thefreedictionary.com being: Owing political allegiance to another country or government. Just sayin’.

The parents and girlfriend of Jacob Schilt, 23, left moving messages for the Worthing Utd footballer close to the crash site.

Jacob died with team-mate Matthew Grimstone, also 23.

Now these two are the only ‘victims’ that I’m struggling with, being as they were both amateur footballers. Mind you, both appear to have joined Worthing United FC at the same time – 2014/15 season, with Grimshaw making 36 appearances that season and 4 this season.

Schilt made 29 appearances last season and 4 this season.

However, I doubt that they were really killed although the possibility cannot be totally dismissed.

And I haven’t come across a British false flag yet which doesn’t involve some connection or other with football.

Moreover, Worthing United is a small club with an average attendance of just 50, therefore 50 people crying “foul” to the newspapers or anyone else is not going to make so much a ripple if you understand what I mean.

Indeed, it seems to me that these two players have been hyped up to be better than what they are.

Certainly I would say that at the very least, the photos of the pair playing football are photoshopped.


Moreover, the WUFC coach named as being Matt Evans also plays for the team IN GOAL and is a dead ringer for Matt Jones, the fitness trainer/builder who was also allegedly killed alongside his workmate Daniele Polito in this old fanny.


Very, very coincidental don’t cha think?

PAY-Matt-Jones (1)amatevans

Talk about coincidence?

  • two Matts, both identical
  • both with Welsh surnames
  • one of them killed in the same incident as two footballers, whose team coach is the deceased’s doppelganger
  • both living in the same area

And of course Matt Jones’ face has been messed with, I mean just look at his chin for fucks sake:


And his skinny neck is also off centre.

Mind you, I doubt very much that this is Jonesy’s first appearance in a hoax and as such his participation in this old fanny obviously necessitates an altering of his features.

Now, anyone who has been following this site for any length of time will know that I am a bit lapsy daisy with my extensive photo collection.

You see, I never fail to come across a photo that will relate to something else that I’ve written whilst looking for a photo on whatever article that I writing at the time. And instead of filing the later photo properly, I will just save it in the folder that relates to it without changing the name of the photo so as I know who the person is, what its relevance is etc, etc.

This means that when I come to use the photo I haven’t a Scooby-Fucking-Doo who the person in that photo is – my bad – which is the situation that I find myself in now with the fella in the photo below.


Although I do know that he is a former paratrooper – that is to say that at least he is in the hoax he is taking part in which has something to do with one of the two Malaysian Airline frauds.

Nevertheless, I am fairly confident that he is also Matt Jones.


And the reason that I saved the photo of the former paratrooper was because I believed him to be Richard Mayne – and do in fact still believe that to be the case.


Richard Mayne (top left photo) who allegedly snuffed it in the Malaysian flight MH17 old bollox was your text-book false flag victim:

  • University Brainbox loved by all
  • Adventurer/Explorer – travelling the world helping impoverished children everywhere
  • Despite being a Type 1 diabetic from the age of 8, Mayne was an inspiration to all and refused to let his disability get in the way of his goals
  • Had a foundation set up in his name following his death

Blah! Blah! Fucking Blah… The cunts who write these scripts have about as much originality as a Royden Jones post… Then again they would have wouldn’t they?

Mind you, pointing out where the MIT give themselves away is probably the main reason that they haven’t bumped me off yet… So every cloud and all that bollocks.

The Mayne man also had his fair share of photoshopped happy snaps which have been altered to the usual standard and as such they are more than adequate enough to fool even the most astute of dumb-fucks.


Course, Maynes death was accompanied by the fake broken hearted girlfriend posting a heartbroken message to her lost love on Facebook… A dead give away to a hoax taking place, I hasten to add:

The girlfriend of flight MH17 victim Richard Mayne has paid a loving tribute to him.

Abby Clark, who lives in Desford, posted a touching tribute on Facebook to her boyfriend, who was one of 298 people killed in the Malayasian Airlines crash in Ukraine last Thursday.

Abby, 20, and Richard, also 20, were both pupils at Dixie Grammar School, in Market Bosworth, and the couple went on to study at Leeds University together.

In her Facebook tribute to Richard, who lived in Leicester, Abby wrote: “I honestly can’t believe what has happened and what I am writing. Sleep tight, Richard Mayne.

Note not: “Sleep tight Dick”, but “Sleep tight Richard Mayne”, for the benefit of all of her fake Facebook friends who don’t know who the fake victim is I suppose… Gerron wi’it:

“Not only were you my boyfriend for five years, you were just so much more!

“You are my best friend, my rock and I don’t know what to do without you now.

“Reading through everyone’s messages to you makes me feel so proud to have been in your life.

“You have so many people in awe of you, including myself.

“I just keep feeling like you’re going to walk in the kitchen and everything will just be back to normal. I need you so bad right now, baby.

“I have so many happy memories of us that will stay with me forever. I just wish more than anything there could be future ones, too. I love you, always will x.”

Abby, who is studying medical sciences at university, posted the words along with a montage of six pictures of herself with Richard.

One photograph is of the time they trekked to Everest base camp together, earlier this year.

Abby’s mother, Debbie Clark, said the whole family had grown fond of Richard.

“I know it sounds a cliche but Richard was genuinely the most lovely person you could ever meet,” she said.

“He came to see us two days before he left to get the flight.

“He was very excited about the trip. Abby was planning to fly out to see him at Christmas.

“Richard was part of our lives for five years and everyone loved him. He will be missed by all of us.”

Meanwhile, donations have continued to pour in to a JustGiving fund-raising site Richard set up for Kidasha – a charity which helps youngsters in Nepal.

Richard and Abby’s trek was to raise money for the organisation.

His original fund-raising goal of £680 has been surpassed since his death, with the total standing at more than £11,000 yesterday.

Richard and Loughborough University student Ben Pocock, along with eight other Britons, died when MH17 was apparently shot down by a surface-to-air missile en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Source

There ya go, that is what it is all about, raising money off the back of a made up mush… Fraud by any other fucking name.

His parents even got in on the act:

The parents of flight MH17 victim Richard Mayne say they hope to help a diabetes charity in his memory.

Simon and Elizabth Mayne, of Western Park, Leicester, say the Leicestershire Parents’ Support Group of Diabetes UK is a cause that Richard, who was diagnosed with the disease at the age of eight, supported for most of his life.

Following the 20-year-old student’s tragic death, more than £14,0000 has been donated to Kidasha, a charity set up to help children in Nepal, which Richard had been raising funds for earlier this year. Source

And of course the Shoreham flight shite is no different – same writers see.

I mean, lets return to Matt Jones as an example.

First off, all things being equal and if you have been paying attention, Jones should be a match for Mayne, shouldn’t he?


What about that aye? Even the deformed chin matches up.

And neither do Matt Jones’s family’s actions and reactions to his death ring true – cue the trolls: “Everyone reacts different to the death of a loved one Spiv – you cunt“.

Which is true, especially when it comes to government orchestrated hoaxes where EVERYONE involved reacts different to the norm… Probably because the psychopathic MIT scriptwriters can only mirror the grief of others, thus making it nigh on impossible for them to accurately portray grief in writing from the perspective of a sane person in a fictitious scenario.

The following is taken from the Monkey Express shit-rag:

Matt Jones, of Littlehampton, West Sussex, has been named locally as one of the victims of the crash on Friday.

Mr Jones, a 24-year-old personal trainer, left work at 1pm, 20 minutes before the crash, and was giving a friend a lift in his beloved silver BMW when it was hit by the 1950s vintage aircraft.

Mr Jones career as a personal trainer looks to me to be on a par with a bird who pays to pose for some professional photographs and from that point onwards calls herself a model.

You see, this “personal trainer” malarky later changed to Jones being a builder come “personal trainer”

His sister, Becky Jones, wrote on Facebook this morning she was “devastated” to announce he was one of the eleven confirmed dead.

She said she was desperately trying to call her brother after learning the plane had crashed into the dual carriageway, but he did not answer.

The 26-year-old thought he was safe when a friend claimed to have seen him on the beach, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

She wrote: “Thank you to everyone who has messaged me. We are devastated to say Matt Jones was one of the fatalities.”

There they go again! Why use his full name when she is writing on her own Facebook wall?

Carry on lying:

And a witness confirmed they had seen his burning car on the busy road near Lancing College.

Well if Matt and his mate Daniele were killed in the old fanny, then people are bound to have seen his car aren’t they?


Only thing is, I have looked and looked at the crash site and I am fucked if I can find Matt’s posh BMW.

I mean, I am not sure what that is on fire in the photo below but I am pretty sure it isn’t Matt’s BMW.


Far too small for a start.


So I best offer £100 reward money to anyone who can find it first.

Not that there isn’t plenty of money already being raised:

A Facebook group set up to raise money for family and friends of the victims has more than 1,000 members.  Source

And the following are just a few of the other fund-raising pages that I have come across:











And then there are £20 tattoo ribbons with all proceeds going to charity:



Hmmm… Not the greatest effort and I do know what I am talking about.



And I am sure there are plenty more but to be frank I find it all very cringey and bottom clenching.

Indeed, it smacks of “look at me, look at me”. I mean statistically, 9 people die every day in RTA’s in the UK so where is their fundraising? … Exactly!

I mean, do these fundraisers know for a fact that the families need financial help?

Answer: They don’t, because they do not know these made up people.

Indeed, all the fundraising is another sure sign of a false flag; which if you have reached this far after reading Parts 1 & 2 then you will hopefully be in no doubt whatsoever that the shoreham flight shite is exactly that – a false flag.

And being a false flag, all those who have read a newspaper report about the old fanny will now need counselling… At least that is how the script writers perceive tragedy:

Local NHS services in Sussex and Brighton & Hove have joined together to offer support to those affected psychologically or emotionally by the tragic events at the Shoreham airshow.

Many people may have witnessed or been affected by the events – some of them at very close quarters. It is understandable that this may cause significant psychological or emotional impact.

It is common to experience a range of reactions in response to traumatic events, including memories of what you saw, feelings of distress, nightmares, sleeping difficulties, jumpiness or feeling like you want to avoid all reminders of what happened. These experiences are normal reactions and usually reduce over a period of a few weeks without any professional help.

It may help to consider the following:

  • Keep life as normal as possible
  • Get back to your usual routine
  • Look after your physical health
  • Keep in contact with friends, family, or other people you trust and talk to them about what happened
  • Try not to get into the habit of avoiding situations or information that reminds you of the event
  • Be careful when doing any activity that requires concentration, such as driving, as this can be affected 

However it is possible that for some people, the impact is more unsettling and distressing and the local NHS is offering the opportunity to talk about the experience with a qualified NHS wellbeing practitioner. Source

Absolutely fucking pathetic. Nevertheless, I will deal with the namby pamby brigade in part 4… Yes, there will be a part 4 as there has already been too much to deal with in this issue.

However, returning to Richard Mayne briefly.

Now Mr Payne not only looks very like Worthing United’s coach, Matt evans, he also looks very like WUFC midfielder Patrick Rose – What the fuck is going on at that tiny club?


And in turn Pat Rose looks very much like fellow team mate and aircrash victim, Jacob Schlit


Go on, tell me he doesn’t look the same!

Course, it is pointless running them through “Twins or Not” as they all have different ears… Not necessarily their own ears mind, but different nevertheless.

However, all that has been done to morph Pat into Jacob is that the crows feet around Pats eyes have been ironed out, the eyebrows have been thickened (blow up the photo and check Jacob’s out close up), the eyes have been blacked from the pupil to the outside corners, and he has been given new ears which are put on too low.


Mind you, to be fair, WUFC do look like a team of clones with 4 different prototypes. And as I say, football always plays a big part in false flags.

Right, that’s ya lot till Part 4… Byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

The Shoreham Air Crash: Part 2 by Christopher D Spivey.

The Shoreham Air Crash: Part 2

So, it would seem that 3 or 4 people were up in arms about my first installment of the Shoreham air crash report.

And naturally, all of those numpties knew someone involved and as such they all feel that I deserve to die whilst not even making a half hearted attempt to deny or refute the evidence that I put forward… Which convinces me all the more that the Hawker Hunter crash was a load of old fanny.

Not that I wasn’t convinced when I first started writing that first report.

So, let’s upset the useful idiots some more by getting straight on with it.

And I rather think that I will kick off round two by looking at the traffic situation on the day of the Flight Fright Shite… Photos please.


And like I stated in the above photo batch, neither does the lack of damage to the central reservation crash barrier make any sense… Or the lack of damage to the road for that matter.

In fact matey who shot the above footage also filmed the damage to the road, or at least he filmed the lack of it.


Indeed it is a fucking big jet, so how it managed to come down without taking out a single traffic light or sign post – and there are in fact untold at the two junctions – is beyond me.

Yet I am still getting people saying that they think the plane crash was genuine albeit the MSM has sexed up the event!

So let’s get this straight. Someone saying “you’re talking shit Spivey, I was there and saw it happen” does not constitute proof.

Someone even had the front to write something along the lines of: “My friends dad is a coroner and he said it was one of the worst scenes of devastation that he had ever seen”!

Course, I am not sure exactly which crash these cretins are referring to as being the one that “really happened”.

I mean, are they talking about the one where the plane came in from a south-east direction, having levelled out from the loop after which the plane dropped like a stone onto the tent/caravan thingy – which sustained no damage whatsoever – whereby the plane then inexplicably turned right and followed a path parallel to the A27?


Is that the real plane crash that those odd people who suffer from selective reading are referring too?

Or are they referring to the real crash where the cars are going backwards into the fireball as the plane wreck hurtles towards them – before the wreck presumably does a 45° turn up the A27?


Or would it be the real plane crash where the jet follows a route in line with the A27, overshoots the crash spot, reverses and then drops to the ground trailing a line of fire along the A27 which continues as the wreckage rams itself into the dense, undamaged trees that suddenly disappear four days after the wreckage has been cleared by 3 different cranes, to reveal a crater where the plane impossibly buried itself, despite the photographic evidence saying different?

PAY-The-Hawker-Hunter (2)01_24191057_c9db04_2461313a

Questions? Questions?

I mean was the real crash the one with just the one explosion? Or was it the one with two?


And don’t think that my curiosity ends there… Ohhhh Noooo.

I wanna know if the real crash was on the S-bend A27 or the straight road A27?

Shoreham (2)

Do you see the dilemma that these people cause when telling me that I’m wrong and the crash really happened when conveniently neglecting to tell me which crash they are talking about?

I mean what good is it to me, them saying that the crash was real when they don’t even tell me if they are referring to the one close to the bridge or the one quite a way away from it?


Moreover, are those who are telling me that “not everything is a government hoax, ya mental cunt”, going to tell me if the real crash happened on the short length of road leading up to the Coombes Road traffic lights or the long stretch of road?


Its a fuckng good job that I’m not sarcastic.

I mean, there was me thinking that there was no plane hitting the deck – like many claim there were no planes hitting the towers on 9/11 – and the tent/caravan that the CGI, Hawker Hunter landed on top of was where some mush triggered a controlled explosion from, leading to all of the spectators at the airshow hearing a loud bang and seeing a big ball of fire appear above the tree tops… Kinda like the Boston Bombs

Meantime, the MIT would have had the traffic control in order by creating a bottleneck under the guise of roadworks, with cars backed right up to the bridge, travelling at 5-10MPH, and no doubt with around a dozen or so MIT men timed to be driving the cars at the front of the queue.

And don’t forget that there were also a number of other planes in the air which is obvious from the way that the explosion and the (decoy) Hawker Hunter were filmed from above – think 9/11 pentagon where the low flying Jumbo was seen leaving the area as the Cruise Missile did its damage.

The decoy Jet would then fly away very fast, flying very low hence the reason that there was no build up of traffic on the other side of the [closed off] road… that is to say there was no build up of traffic until they came to do the ground shots anyway… And remember, all eyes would be looking at the fireball.


That MIT wagon comes into play shortly.

Meanwhile the other planes would have added further confusion amidst the chaos to the minds of the spectators… And besides, no one pays that much attention at airshows anyway.

But sadly my take on things is apparently well wide of the mark since those experts now tell me that the crash was “real” with their opinion largely based on a quick misread of my report, which took me weeks to research… Ho-Fucking-Hum.

And another thing – I love saying that – it should be taken as read that I know that not everything is a hoax, hence I only report on the stories that are.

In fact it seems to me that “not everything is a false flag”, is fast becoming a buzz line in keeping with “keep wearing the tinfoil hat mate”. Then again, “not everyone is a troll”… See what I did there – that is not a question either.

Nevertheless, there is no point in me quitting now else the clever cunts will have nothing to shout at me about will they.

So lets have a look at some more video evidence, starting with that mysterious caravan that the [CGI] jet landed on. You see it would appear that after the explosion whoever was in the caravan began to signal to the fella shooting the film – who is supposedly an amateur photographer.


I think you get the idea, although the signaling goes on for quite a while longer until he gets out of the caravan and fucks off.


Course, those screen grabs then beg the question: Where is the burnt out Jaguar?


The Jag – a wedding car driven by Maurice Abrahams – isn’t there is it?

Mind you, that isn’t surprising because you would then have to ask yourself how it got to where it ended up in the first place.

I mean it is absolutely ludicrous to have us believe that the Jag was knocked right across the road on to the opposite carriageway, but that is nevertheless what the scriptwriters are asking us to do:

Michael Sturgess told how Abrahams, who had been on his way to pick up a bride for her wedding ceremony, let him on to the busy road. He told the BBC: “I had come on to the A27, and then he let me in because the traffic was so bad. We went through the traffic lights, the traffic lights went red and that’s when he got hit.”

Sturgess said his eight-year-old son, Louis, watched as the plane crashed on to the busy road and exploded into flames. He said: “My little boy saw it all happen … as I went around the bend the plane came down and he saw everything” Source


There is no traffic build up on the right hand side carriageway so Abrahams must have let Sturgess in on the bridge.


Course, if Abrahams was stuck at the traffic lights you have to ask yourself: Given the state of the Jag, why were only four cars damaged (including the Jag), one of which was on Old Shoreham Road at the time?

Moreover, why is the damage to the vehicles inconsistent with being hit by a Jet Plane?

And of course, how the fuck did the Jag end up on the right hand side carriageway?


So, an impossibility then!

Nevertheless, lets have a look at some more – alleged – amateur video, this time from the other side of the accident, heading towards the bridge.

And of course, the big white van in the top photo would never, ever, ever be a MIT wagon would it… Would it?


Very Strange!

And neither does it end there.

Now, remember those two white vans (MIT wagons) that I told you to keep in mind at the beginning of the above photo batch?

You do? Good show because the owner of the bigger one of the two vans – allegedly an amateur film maker, in tights – also made a Youtube video.


Now whilst that last batch of photos isn’t the most compelling of the evidence that I have put forward so far, with a lot more still to come in Part 3, there is certainly a lot of strange behaviour going on so I thought it definitely worth including.

Likewise, neither is the photo of the little red car and silver flat back motor conclusive of a hoax taking place.


But then again, little red cars and silver estate cars do seem to feature an awful lot in these hoaxes… Just sayin’.

The Shoreham Plane Crash: Part 1 by Christopher D Spivey.

The Shoreham plane crash is without doubt the most easily pulled apart government hoax that I have investigated to date.

Indeed, it would seem that the more ambitious the hoaxes get, the more the script writers have to try and shore the old fanny up with the usual tell tale signs that point to a fraud having been committed – which is a bit of a Catch 22 situation for them really.

Mind you, it is no exaggeration to say that the Shoreham Flight Shite needed a lot of shoring up and as such every single indicator of a government hoax had to be brought into play… Or at least it did in their minds.

But all the same, having said that I also have to say that the hoax was a mighty ambitious project by anyones standards – especially going on their past Am-Dram efforts – and indeed, it must doubtlessly have taken an awful lot of planning as well as having been a logistical nightmare to set up.

Unfortunately, I have not got the answer as to why this shit was staged, although as I reported a few months ago, not a day goes by where the Chimp doesn’t carry a story about a near aeroplane disaster which quite often rises to as many as 3 or 4 – whereas a couple of years ago, there were hardly ever any.

And as such, I cottoned on to the fact that TPTB were deliberately ramping up the terror factor of flying… But as I say, I haven’t a Scooby Doo why.

Moreover, because the Shoreham Flight Shite is so easy to pull apart, I am not even going to bother playing along with the official story like I usually do, whilst pointing out the anomalies along the way.

Instead I will just give you a quick synopsis of the MSM narrative and then I will just get on with demolishing the old bollox.

Now, the story goes that:

On the 22nd of August 2015, whilst attempting to perform a loop the loop air stunt in a vintage Hawker Hunter Jet at the Shoreham airshow, pilot, Andy Hill got into trouble and his plane crash landed on the A27 road, killing 11 people on the ground and injuring 16 others. 

Preliminary reports suggest that Hill – who remains critically ill in hospital – hadn’t gained enough altitude needed to pull the stunt off successfully

Indeed it is as simple as that on the face of things, yet contained within that brief synopsis is a mountain of controversy, deceit and conspiracy.

So let’s start with pilot, Andy Hill whose story is in fact straight from the land of Make Believe, where the script writers spend their working hours.

You see, according to those script writers it was only by a twist of fate that Hill came to be flying the vintage jet that day because a pilot named Chris Heames had been scheduled to do so. However, having committed himself to the event Heames then went and booked a family holiday – in true dishonourable style for a professional aviator:

Chris Heames, the pilot originally listed in the airshow’s programme before being replaced last month by Andy Hill, has said he was alerted to the crash by worried friends while holidaying with his family in Cambodia. Heames told the Daily Mirror he is now praying that his “best pal” recovers from his injuries.

I was originally pencilled in to the fly the jet at Shoreham. But after organising it I booked a three-week holiday to Cambodia, so Andy did the show. Both of us are equally qualified and experienced to fly the aircraft and each do half of the displays each year.

[My friends] saw it on the news and knew it was the plane I usually fly. They thought it was me. I watched the footage, of course I have, but I’m not going to speculate on what might have gone wrong. The Air Accident Investigation Branch are looking into it and will publish a report in due course. It would be entirely wrong to speculate.

If I may just interrupt you for a moment Mr Real Journalist.

Those “friends” that you speak of must be very close to Heames in order to know the exact plane that he flies: “[My friends] saw it on the news and knew it was the plane I usually fly. They thought it was me”.

Yet here you are telling us that despite these pals being close enough to know Heames’s plane, they were not close enough to him to know that he was on holiday?

However, despite not knowing that Heames was on holiday, these friends you mention still knew exactly where to find him… On holiday: “he was alerted to the crash by worried friends while holidaying with his family in Cambodia”.

Moreover, with Heames describing Hill as his “best pal”, does it not follow that Hill would also be included in Heames’s list of close friends and as such those friends would know that it had been Hill who was flying the plane?

Just sayin’.

C’mon gerron wi’it, I haven’t got all day:

Heames described Hill as an “exceptional pilot” who used to fly Harriers for the RAF.

“That shows how well respected he is. Only the best pilots were trusted to fly the Harriers.

He is a great friend and an exceptional pilot. I haven’t spoken to his wife, I’m leaving her to be with Andy”.

Not that fucking close to him then… Sorry, pray do continue Mr Real Journalist:

“I’m just hoping he pulls through. Right now he’s still in a critical condition”.

Asked what his friend would think about the loss of life, Heame replied: “He’ll be devastated, obviously.” Source


Now it is interesting to note that “best pal” Heames says – in so many words – that him and Hill were all but partners in this stunt flying malarky: “Both of us are equally qualified and experienced to fly the aircraft and each do half of the displays each year”.

You see according to his employers, Andy hill was already partnering another pilot named Alister Kay:

Hill also works as a pilot offering flight experiences to the public for the company Ultimate High, according to its website. He has years of flying experience, having worked as a light aircraft test pilot, an RAF Harrier GR7 instructor, a commercial pilot captaining Airbus planes and as a stunt and aerobatic display pilot.

According to Ultimate High, he began his career flying Bulldogs on a university air squadron and, after excelling in fast-jet training, he was picked to go straight into instructing on the BAC Jet Provost, a jet-powered trainer aircraft used by the RAF. He then operated the Harrier GR5 and GR7 jets in Germany and has flown Airbus A340 and Boeing 757 and 767 airliners, working as a captain for Airbus.

The company’s website said: “He is a very experienced formation instructor and display pilot, and regularly displays the RV-8, Jet Provost and Hunter.”

Hill works as an aerobatic stunt pilot as part of the flying duo the RV8tors, which perform close formation aerobatic displays at speeds of up to 230mph. The RV8tors –Hill and fellow display pilot Alister Kay – perform at events, private functions and weddings in RV-8 aircraft – small two-seat, home-built planes.

A profile of Hill on the company’s website said: “In 2011, as well as displaying with the RV8tors, Andy flew formation displays in the Hunter and Bulldog, and solo aerobatic displays in the Jet Provost.

“Andy and his wife Ellie took two years to build their RV-8, both are airline captains with over 12,000 hours each,’’ it said, adding that they were also building an RV-3. Source

He builds aeroplanes too!

And he is an “Airline Captain”!

Does the man ever sleep?

You mark my words, next the newspapers will be telling us that he is an “airline captain” for British Airways:

The pilot of the Hawker Hunter jet, who also flies for British Airways, remains in a critical condition after being pulled from the wreckage and airlifted to Royal Sussex hospital. Andy Hill, a 51-year-old former RAF instructor with more than 12,000 hours of flying experience, is a skilled aerobatic flyer and a regular at airshows, said fellow pilot, who flew earlier in the show.

“Andy Hill was a British Airways captain and very well thought of,” David Wildridge told the Chichester Observer. “He is a highly experienced pilot, well-known and well-loved. He is highly professional and it is totally unusual for this to happen. He was a Harrier pilot in the air force. They are the top RAF pilots – the best of the best.” Source

Told ya.

However, it is interesting that David Wildridge – one of Hill’s fellow pilots – states that: He was a Harrier pilot in the air force. They are the top RAF pilots – the best of the best.”

Now I say “interesting” because Hill’s ‘best pal’ Heames also described Hill as an: “exceptional pilot” who used to fly Harriers for the RAF. That shows how well respected he is. Only the best pilots were trusted to fly the Harriers.

Both very close in narrative.


Yet try and find out the nature of Hill’s injuries and you meet a brick wall.

Not that I have a Scooby-Fucking-Doo how he survived in the first place.


Shirley Hills would have had no chance of survival?

“He did Spiv and don’t call him Shirley”.

Fair do’s, but look at those people in the right hand corner of the photo happily chatting away… You would have thought that they would have moved 6 or 7 ft over just to be on the safe side!

However, in the photo you can clearly see that the canopy has come off.

Moreover, from that point the plane travelled another 243 metres:

The aircraft broke into four main pieces which came to rest close together approximately 243m from the initial ground contact, in a shallow overgrown depression to the south of the A27.

The report goes on to say that investigators are not sure whether Mr Hill attempted to eject from the craft or was forcibly removed due to the significant impact.

Investigators wrote: ‘During the initial part of the impact sequence the jettisonable aircraft canopy was released, landing in a tree close to the main aircraft wreckage. During the latter part of the impact sequence, both the pilot and his seat were thrown clear from the cockpit.

‘The pilot sustained serious injuries.

‘The investigation continues to determine if the pilot attempted to initiate ejection or if the canopy and pilot’s seat were liberated as a result of impact damage to the cockpit.’Source

So fuck knows how the canopy could have landed in a tree close to the main wreckage, since the main wreckage was an eighth of a mile away.

And stranger still, the plane is heading in the totally wrong direction in that photo to where the Real Journalist’s tell us the wreckage ended up… But more on that later.

Course, that 243 metre distance was only one newspaper’s estimate.

Another shit-rag did in fact have the distance from impact to where the main wreckage came to rest as being 360 metres:

A crane is expected to lift the wreckage of the aircraft today, when police fear more bodies may be discovered. The site of the crash stretches for more than 360 metres, and has been described as hazardous because of the amount of fuel still on the plane. Source

Do fucking what! “hazardous because of the amount of fuel still on the plane” !!!


How could there be any fuel left on the plane?

As for the contradiction in the distance that the plane travelled after impact? Well what is 117 meters between friends aye… Apart from over a sixteenth of a mile obviously, but close enough all the same.

The only thing is, not only is the distance in dispute; but so is where Andy Hill actually came out of the plane wreckage. For instance, the above report states:

‘The investigation continues to determine if the pilot attempted to initiate ejection or if the canopy and pilot’s seat were liberated as a result of impact damage to the cockpit.’

And to be fair, that would tie in to the above photo where we see the canopy in free flight, although we don’t see Hill.

Moreover, that report ties nicely in with the following:

The AAIB found that the pilot and his seat were thrown from the cockpit as the plane hit the ground. The investigation has not yet determined whether this was caused by an attempted ejection or the impact of the crash. Source

Although with the huge volume of photos available you would have thought that someone would have caught Hill in mid-flight… Whilst independent of an aeroplane.

And then comes the muddying of the waters, which – like I said earlier – is of course vital to hoaxes of this magnitude:

The interim report said the cockpit canopy was open and that pilot Andy Hill along with his ejector seat was thrown clear of the aircraft during the later part of the crash on 22 August.
The AAIB said it was not clear whether Mr Hill initiated his ejection, although the safety bolts had been removed and stowed  and the pilot ejection seat properly primed for use before take off  by an engineer at the jets home base. Source

So not the initial impact then?

Yet if the following photos are to be believed, then once again I cannot see how Hill could have possibly survived:


Unless of course he had the radio on when the plane hit the deck in which case the Hill is alive with the sound of music… Sorry, I’ll just carry on like I never wrote that.

Now I say that “if the photos are to be believed” because other photos tell a different story altogether. For instance, in the photo above you can clearly see the planes tail on the far left of the picture but since the plane supposedly hit the ground tail first, would it not have snapped off on impact?

And whilst I am showing you the anomalies surrounding the different explosions caught on camera, we may as well look at the loop the loop maneuver that led to the crash since this is also crucial to the explosion and final resting place of the wreckage.

flightnum2m_85136796_map_shorehamCrash-involving-a-plane-near-Shoreham-Airshow-in-West-Sussex (2)2f

And now here is the thing… Although I have to say that it is a fucking big thing.

You see, the plane hit the road in the exact same place as where that caravan, or tent, or whatever the fuck it is, was sitting.


I suppose I will be accused of harassing someone now?

Nevertheless, I shall carry on and as we now know the explosions differed greatly depending on which side of the road you were sat.

Now, you can see the direction that the plane came in from the photos above and by doing so it should have carried on into the airport. Yet as we know the plane defied the law of physics by changing direction and following the road.

However, there are photos that show the plane coming down in line with the road.


Don’t cha just love being lied to by your government?

Mind you, they didn’t lie about the plane coming down tail first… Apparently:

“The ground marks and photographic evidence show that the aircraft struck the road in a nose-high attitude on a magnetic heading of approximately 230 degrees. The first ground contact was made by the lower portion of the jetpipe faring, approximately 50 m east of the road junction.

During the impact sequence fuel and fuel vapour from the [recently filled underslung wing] tanks was released and then ignited. The aircraft broke into four main pieces which came to rest close together approximately 243m from the initial ground contact, in a shallow overgrown depression to the south of the A27.”

AAIB Special Bulletin S3/2015  Source

And then there are those photos that look as though they have been lifted straight out of a James Bond movie.


And just to insult our intelligence a huge dose more, the Chimp came out with the following old bollox – which I have taken a screenshot of, so as that there can be no making their claim disappear later on in the future.


Yet look at the photo below and tell me that a burning jet plane has ploughed through the trees to where that crater is.


Very strange, don’t cha think?

Lets have a look at some more.


Indeed, not only did 11 people on the ground die, 16 more were supposedly injured.

Moreover, we are supposed to believe that there was an awful job identifying the 11 victims:

West Sussex County Council’s senior coroner Penny Schofield said the formal identification of the victims has begun.

But the plane crashed with such force that specialists – including forensic archaeologists, anthropologists, odontologists and pathologists – are having to examine the DNA, teeth and human remains to discover who was killed in the disaster.

Ms Schofield said: ‘Recovery of all the remains from the scene is almost complete due to the extremely hard work and dedication of police teams and archaeologists, who have been working in extremely difficult conditions.’

‘We will now begin the formal process of identifying all the victims of this horrific tragedySource

Now I find that report to be total bollocks. I mean, we have seen the photos of the people stood looking unconcerned by the fireball.

And then when you look at stills taken straight after the plane crashed you immediately realise that the very quick fireball couldn’t have been that hot at all.


So why did they make out that they had to re-tarmac the road surface?

2 9 21

And I think that will do for Part 1.

I will of course start work immediately on Part 2, in which there will be just as much government old fanny evidenced as there is in this report… How much fucking longer people?